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  • A compromise on auditing the Fed?

    08/04/2009 12:59:22 AM PDT · 131 of 133
    Technogeeb to Toddsterpatriot
    It's complicated and I'm in over my head.

    No, I simply gave you the benefit of the doubt that your questions were genuine rather than an attempt at trolling. You asked some very ignorant questions, and any valid answers to those questions are more than can be covered in a short post.

    The sad thing is that you still don't grasp the connection between M3 and the Fed buying treasuries. Or perhaps that is just an attempt to continue your trolling.

  • A compromise on auditing the Fed?

    08/04/2009 12:46:14 AM PDT · 130 of 133
    Technogeeb to Toddsterpatriot
    The Fed doesn't buy Treasuries at auctions.

    You are wrong, and you missed the whole point of the original post and the reason for why it is important for the Fed to publish M3.

  • A compromise on auditing the Fed?

    07/30/2009 10:59:08 PM PDT · 124 of 133
    Technogeeb to 10Ring
    The first part was obviously false, since Bernanke was not Chairman

    You are mistaken.

    In the second part you commit a false dilemma by insisting there is no other possible cause except for the sinister.

    Sinister reason, not cause.

    Somehow you are still arguing that the reader should know which meaning you are using for "sinister". Why?

    Because words mean things. Just because some of you don't know what words mean doesn't mean the rest of us are no longer allowed to use those words.

    Do you really believe that the only "logical" reason to cease publishing M3 is "sinister"? That there is absolutely no other logical choice?

    Yes. All the logical reasons are sinister.

    If the only logical option is evil, why would this preclude a satanic quality? After all, Satan would have us choose evil over good 10 out of 10 times.

    Once again, I can't be held responsible for other people not knowing what words mean, especially when the definition has been provided. Some of you seem to be confusing the word sinister with diabolical. If I had meant diabolical, I would have used that word instead.

  • A compromise on auditing the Fed?

    07/29/2009 11:53:37 AM PDT · 112 of 133
    Technogeeb to expat_panama
    Actually, there are a number of meanings

    No doubt; people make up additional meanings to words all the time. My usage happens to be the meaning you'll find in a dictionary that the word has had for hundreds of years.

    Looking at what sinister and evil mean to others shows how that word may not have been what you meant.

    I used the word sinister because that is exactly the meaning I intended. From the first definition in your link "threatening or portending evil, harm, or trouble; ominous".

    Then again, my complaining about your ability to communicate opens the door to your complaints about my attempts at humor.

    When I use a word intending the meaning expressed in a dictionary, and you claim some other unrelated meaning ("satanic"), I would suggest to you that I am not the one lacking in communications skills. But perhaps I simply lack an appropriate appreciation of your non sequitur humor; if you or someone else found your post funny, then I suppose it served its purpose and I'm glad I could contribute to making your day a bit brighter.

  • A compromise on auditing the Fed?

    07/29/2009 11:39:41 AM PDT · 110 of 133
    Technogeeb to Toddsterpatriot
    Any luck proving your claim?

    There's no real point when all it takes to prove it is to go to google and type "Fed buying treasuries". You've already demonstrated that you're unwilling to educate yourself, so I see no point in feeding what is obviously a troll.

  • Hutchison says she will resign in October or Novemeber (special election in May 2010)

    07/29/2009 11:35:03 AM PDT · 14 of 107
    Technogeeb to basil
    Problem is, who do we have that we can get behind to be the governor of TX?

    Jerry Patterson would make an outstanding governor.

  • A compromise on auditing the Fed?

    07/28/2009 7:18:02 PM PDT · 88 of 133
    Technogeeb to expat_panama
    No, where we went wrong was your saying the Fed's logic was 'sinister' -- i.e., satanic. That's a bit of a hyperbole. I was poking fun at your blaming the devil.

    That's not what sinister means (the root is from the latin word for unlucky or ominous, and has nothing to do with "the devil").

  • A compromise on auditing the Fed?

    07/28/2009 12:12:24 AM PDT · 55 of 133
    Technogeeb to Toddsterpatriot
    The Fed doesn't buy Treasuries at auctions.

    You are wrong; you should try to educate yourself about how the Fed works. For example, they bought ~$122 billion in the late March auction alone.

    LOL! When was the last auction where the Fed participated? How much did they buy?

    So I guess that is an admission that you're not paying attention? Nice scam; hide the evidence (M3) and then claim that the since the easiest way to detect the crime is no longer available that the crime didn't happen.

    Not that it matters any more, since the Fed is doing it openly now.

  • A compromise on auditing the Fed?

    07/27/2009 9:24:23 PM PDT · 50 of 133
    Technogeeb to Toddsterpatriot
    The Fed doesn't buy Treasuries at auctions.

    You've apparently not been paying attention.

  • A compromise on auditing the Fed?

    07/27/2009 9:09:48 PM PDT · 48 of 133
    Technogeeb to Toddsterpatriot
    Please explain when it's not true.

    The simple answer is when the Fed buys them, but the issue is quite a bit more complex than that (as I've already mentioned before in this topic, I would suggest you search the web to find appropriate books and videos that describe the Fed's role, because it is more than can be adequately described in a short post).

  • A compromise on auditing the Fed?

    07/27/2009 8:44:54 PM PDT · 46 of 133
    Technogeeb to Toddsterpatriot
    Dollars are not created by Treasury auctions.

    This can be true. It could be that such auctions might be purchased by Britain, or the Chinese, or from some large institutional fund or account whose manager would prefer to hold the bonds instead of previously obtained dollars. In these cases there is no creation of new dollars, simply the transfer of existing dollars back to the US (at the price of additional US debt).

    One would hope that the need for M3 under such conditions would be even more obvious.

  • A compromise on auditing the Fed?

    07/27/2009 8:05:01 PM PDT · 40 of 133
    Technogeeb to Toddsterpatriot
    What is an "inconsistency between the real money supply and the auctions"?

    What auctions are you talking about?

    This is a subject that gets somewhat complex; I apologize for assuming a certain level of audience knowledge about how the Fed and the Treasury works, and how dollars are (supposed to be) created.

    I could attempt to explain, but in all honesty any short description would leave out important (relevant) details. I would suggest searching the web to find appropriate books and videos that describe the Fed's role in creating money in collaboration with the Treasury Department (or at least, how the process is supposed to work), which can no doubt do a better job at describing the process than any short post here could.

  • A compromise on auditing the Fed?

    07/27/2009 7:48:20 PM PDT · 38 of 133
    Technogeeb to expat_panama
    Hey, don't blame me, it was all Ben's doing.

    You misunderstand if you think I'm trying to lay the blame for the current economic house of cards on Bernanke. As much as the Fed claims to be an independent corporation, they still take their role in trying to manage the unmanageable seriously. They have no control over the real villain, which is excessive deficit spending by government which requires the creation of more money when government issues bonds to pay for that spending. I seriously doubt that anyone at the Fed has done what they have done because they thought it would be fun or might personally enrich themselves; they did it because they had to in order to keep a fiat currency afloat. But just because they did so for what they probably felt were noble reasons does not make it any less sinister. Ultimately, what they are doing is counterfeiting.

  • A compromise on auditing the Fed?

    07/27/2009 7:36:34 PM PDT · 32 of 133
    Technogeeb to Toddsterpatriot
    You can't get large denomination deposits and institutional money funds from somewhere else?

    Feel free to try. Some people do make the attempt, and the numbers look catastrophic if they are accurate. But that is part of the problem, since those numbers from other sources aren't "official" like Fed numbers would be.

    What is it about large denomination deposits and institutional money funds that allows the Fed to cook the books?

    A clear view of the real money supply (that M2 doesn't provide), which compared to auctions would allow the detection of inconsistencies.

  • A compromise on auditing the Fed?

    07/27/2009 7:23:18 PM PDT · 27 of 133
    Technogeeb to Toddsterpatriot
    What do you need from M3 that you can't get from M2?

    The Fed said the same thing, but it doesn't make any sense as a question. M2 doesn't include large denomination deposits, institutional money funds, etc. Saying M3 doesn't matter because we know M2 would be like saying we don't care about the Atlantic ocean because we have a good idea of what the Mississippi river is like.

    Hiding M3 lets them cook the books and get away with it much more easily than if they published the numbers.

  • A compromise on auditing the Fed?

    07/27/2009 7:08:19 PM PDT · 21 of 133
    Technogeeb to listenhillary
    I thought that pre-dated Bernanke?

    It was one of the first things he did, IIRC. He took the position in February and they stopped publishing M3 in March or April of 2006.

  • A compromise on auditing the Fed?

    07/27/2009 6:41:15 PM PDT · 9 of 133
    Technogeeb to expat_panama
    Long before he came to Washington, Mr. Bernanke argued for greater Fed transparency in the belief that it would help stabilize markets and that the public has a right to know. At the Fed, he

    At the Fed, he stopped publishing M3. The only logical reasons for doing that are all sinister.

  • SEC rule on 'naked' short-selling now permanent

    07/27/2009 5:47:02 PM PDT · 11 of 11
    Technogeeb to Flavius
    what is the new scam that we are going to read about in 10 yrs

    Carbon credits, if Congress passes the Waxman-Markey bill.

  • H.R. 45 (gun control is here)

    07/26/2009 5:22:30 PM PDT · 41 of 55
    Technogeeb to DariusBane
    because the intrastate and interstate trafficking of firearms are so commingled, full regulation of interstate commerce requires the incidental regulation of intrastate commerce;

    Death to tyrants.

  • Romney 2102? Two Words: Romney Care

    07/20/2009 8:51:02 PM PDT · 60 of 66
    Technogeeb to Peter Horry
    So why are you here wasting our time by telling us you won’t waste your time on us?

    Because I'm on strike, and this is my picket line.

    A terrible catastrophe is coming to what used to be the best medical system on the planet, all because of scheming greedy politicians who have convinced ignorant greedy leeches that they can have "free" medical care because it is their "right".

    Providing a real solution is irrelevant, because the people pushing this have no desire to see inexpensive health care, or even universal health care. The only "universal" thing they want is universal power of life and death over those subjects they've deceived into believing they can get something for nothing. Since this issue has nothing to do with health care (except as a vehicle to more government power), providing a health care solution is a waste of time.

  • Romney 2102? Two Words: Romney Care

    07/20/2009 3:48:24 PM PDT · 18 of 66
    Technogeeb to villagerjoel
    So what is the conservative solution?

    That's the funny thing; there is a perfectly simple solution to this problem that is both elegant and Constitutionally legal (unlike nearly all the other proposed plans).

    But no one wants to hear it, so I'm not going to bother wasting my time typing it up since no one would bother reading it anyway. Besides, their goals have little if anything to do with providing actual health care and everything to do with CONTROLLING access to health care.

  • Man gets shot trying to help cops [TX]

    07/19/2009 3:07:09 PM PDT · 2 of 15
    Technogeeb to smokingfrog
    Lee was listed in unknown but stable condition Friday night at University Medical Center.

    He'll live.

    You did the right thing, Mr. Lee; don't let anyone tell you different. Human civilization is a fragile thing, and without people like you we would soon descend into barbarity.

  • Mitt Romney is a flip-flopping socialist bum!

    07/17/2009 5:44:16 PM PDT · 120 of 164
    Technogeeb to sickoflibs
    Just another ‘constiutional purist” that only objects to actions that he dislikes (socialist stuff) that are not authorized in the written constitution but is happy with ones he likes.

    So you assert. I've never payed attention to what he writes or says so you'd have to cite specific examples before I would find your assertions valid (not to suggest they aren't, since I know quite a few "conservatives" who have little if any actual respect for the Constitution).

    Conservative violations of purity like Scalia (who is my favorite) ruling partial birth abortion federal law IS constitutional makes the purist position DOA even as a defendable concept.

    Nonsense. The only think that statement demonstrates is that your thought processes are completely irrational on the issue of Constitutional integrity. A mad-lib style random sentence generator could come up with a more legitimate argument. Such a statement is no more valid than insisting the 2nd amendment is a collective right because Ginsburg said it was.

    How about a law “If you dont get insurance the hospital doesnt have to treat you without valid credit or cash” ?

    If a state wants to pass a law like that, sure. But it would be just as illegal at the Federal level as any other health-care law.

    Unfortunately my first idea has a much better chance than this one which is why I wrote it.

    What you are advocating is a crime.

  • Mitt Romney is a flip-flopping socialist bum!

    07/17/2009 2:12:04 PM PDT · 112 of 164
    Technogeeb to sickoflibs
    What you are saying is that because of some idealistic sense

    You think it is idealistic to believe the Constitution means what it says? Or is it idealistic to believe that government shouldn't be composed of a bunch of criminal thugs that break the law with their every legislative act?

    of Levin type constitutional theory

    I'm not sure why you want to bring Levin into this conversation except to set up some kind of argumentum ad verecundiam fallacy. The Constitution speaks very clearly for itself; this sort of spending is illegal, and the people advocating it are criminals. Even if it were not so clear (which it is), the writings of the Founders make it painfully clear that the Federal government was to be one of limited, enumerated powers. If you disagree it doesn't mean there is any controversy regarding the issue; it simply means you are wrong.

    never to be the law again that hospitals (and us) must be raped by the uninsured forever, and we must give Obama that as an argument for free abortions (claiming emergency room costs).

    No, that would be a rather poor strawman argument. The solution is very simple. It solves all these problems at the federal level. Instead of building error on top of error, it solves the real problem.

    The solution is that the Federal government shouldn't be involved in health care in any way outside of that legally allowed under the Constitution (military/veterans).

    Problem is, conservatives want so called unconstitution decisions, ever hear Levin rail against the federal partial birth abortion law??

    I don't pay attention to media celebrities, but this Levin guy you keep talking about sounds pretty bright.

  • Mitt Romney is a flip-flopping socialist bum!

    07/17/2009 1:24:26 PM PDT · 107 of 164
    Technogeeb to sickoflibs
    So was a ban on partial birth abortions, and Bush vs Gore, so what? Completely irrelevent at this point.

    So you're saying the Constitution is irrelevant?

    I suppose that explains the authoritarian attitude. Certainly, I would agree that much of the Constitution has been ignored (by both parties), but that doesn't make those illegal actions any less illegal. Just because someone might get away with sexual assault because a woman doesn't report the crime doesn't mean that rape is now legal.

  • Mitt Romney is a flip-flopping socialist bum!

    07/17/2009 1:13:58 PM PDT · 104 of 164
    Technogeeb to sickoflibs
    The way you cut my quote indicates you anly see half sentences.

    No, you advocated something that was illegal, and I called you on it. You justified your illegal proposal based on the consequences of something else that was illegal. Rather than correct the illegal behavior, you simply built upon it. You are an example of the reason why the government is dysfunctional.

    Given that congress and president mandates emergency rooms treat patients

    They have no legal power to do that.

    AND that no elected ‘conservative’ has ever proposed eliminating this requirement


    it only makes sense that you be forced to have coverage to protect the hospital from YOU walking in there getting free treatment.

    No, it doesn't make sense. It is simply an example of extending the crime into another crime.

    Beck did a story of homeless walking into emergency room daily at 2K per for free meals. Now given that THAT was ruled constitutional


    in fact how does MA get away with their mandate.

    A variety of things are legal at the state level but not at the Federal level. That's the whole point behind Federalism, and the basis of US government.

    Just because Levin claims something is un-constitutional doesnt make all laws he doesnt like go away.

    It is unconstitutional not because someone says it is, but simply because it is from a clear reading of the Constitution itself. The powers granted to the Federal government are enumerated in Article 1, Section 8. Spending money on health care is not among them.

  • Zelaya 'To Make Fresh Return Bid' [Chavez To Launch Him from Venezuela]

    07/17/2009 12:48:06 PM PDT · 9 of 25
    Technogeeb to Steelfish
    On Friday Mr Chavez said: "Zelaya is going back to Honduras. Let's see what the [coup leaders] will do."

    Chavez must be getting Alzheimer's; he just said what the coup leader was going to do in the previous sentence.

  • Mitt Romney is a flip-flopping socialist bum!

    07/17/2009 12:38:51 PM PDT · 95 of 164
    Technogeeb to sickoflibs
    It make sense to force everyone to have emergency room coverage

    The Federal government has no such power legally under the Constitution. It "makes sense" only in the mind of some twisted authoritarian.

  • Mitt Romney is a flip-flopping socialist bum!

    07/17/2009 12:36:42 PM PDT · 94 of 164
    Technogeeb to Gay State Conservative
    And please,please,*PLEASE* don't say you'll stay home or go third party

    You had better hope that those disenfranchised people "stay home or go third party".

    Because if they don't, they're going to be voting with a rifle from the rooftops.

  • Senator Boxer raises big money for battle with Fiorina

    07/17/2009 11:32:36 AM PDT · 11 of 29
    Technogeeb to johnthebaptistmoore
    Fiorina also has plenty of screw-ups at Hewlett-Packard when she was their CEO,and she’s a RINO instead of a conservative. No more RINOs, ever, win or lose!

    It's a shame they both can't lose.

  • Chavez threatens to invade Honduras, Obama says Honduras is on its own

    07/17/2009 10:13:47 AM PDT · 85 of 85
    Technogeeb to merena
    I do techno...I am a military brat..I know them when I see very well could have been American..

    The US Navy stopped using them in October of 2006. The only ones still in active service are in the Iranian air force.

    All the USN ones are supposed to be at the Boneyard at Davis-Monthan in Arizona, where they were being shredded the last I heard. If someone has managed to smuggle even one out I would be amazed (and pleased, for that matter. I would even rather the Iranians have them than they be destroyed).

  • Chavez threatens to invade Honduras, Obama says Honduras is on its own

    07/17/2009 9:11:25 AM PDT · 77 of 85
    Technogeeb to merena
    Wanna bet?

    Yeah, I do. The only two countries that ever had F-14s were the United States and Iran (sold to the Shah before the Islamic revolution).

    I just saw one flying high earlier today...and it had a Honduran flag on it...saw two chanook choppers in the air too...I am in San Pedro Sula and I am an American and certainly know an F 14 when I see it.

    Apparently not.

  • Lou Dobbs Just Reported: Fed. Election Commission doesn't require any proof to run for Presidency!

    07/15/2009 5:49:00 PM PDT · 58 of 220
    Technogeeb to Westbrook
    The states can’t enact Jim Crow laws, either.

    A lot of Jim Crow laws are still in effect in several states; that's the origin of most gun control laws that are still on the books.

    Such laws have been passed as late as the 1960s (GCA'68, passed to keep blacks from having easy access to inexpensive surplus rifles and "Saturday night special" handguns) and almost none of them have been declared unconstitutional (even though they all probably are).

  • Voters want Britain to scrap all nuclear weapons, ICM poll shows

    07/15/2009 10:19:50 AM PDT · 43 of 49
    Technogeeb to FreedomPoster
    Tell us more about that. Links?

    To my knowledge, there are no such links. Contrary to popular belief, there is quite a bit of human knowledge that is simply not available on the web, and much nuclear related technology is among that.

    Whether this is an artifact of government suppression or simply a tacit agreement among those with the appropriate skill sets is indeterminate. Some of the alternatives are so obvious that it difficult to conceive that government researchers haven't thought of them, but it seems reasonable to assume that governments would collectively want to maintain their monopoly on power of that magnitude.

    That both Russia and the United States are allowing their fission based arsenals to decay (no pun intended) may be an indication that both are aware of the alternatives and covertly working on devices to exploit those techniques. Since such devices would be tunable to very low yields (possibly even less than some conventional weapons), testing the more critical technologies could be done covertly.

  • Voters want Britain to scrap all nuclear weapons, ICM poll shows

    07/15/2009 12:10:35 AM PDT · 8 of 49
    Technogeeb to myknowledge
    Mankind's sinful attitude keeps the nuclear weapons and the knowledge alive.

    What do you think?

    I think nuclear devices are clever, and that it is silly (if not literally animist) to call them sinful. There are a great number of ways to use them to dramatically improve the human condition, and I think getting the genie out of the bottle and outside of state control is a good thing, even if humanity is still so barbaric that the only ways they can conceive to use them are destructive.

    And I think the world is going to dramatically change the moment people get a clue and realize that:

    1. there are quite a few ways to start a fusion reaction that do not involve a fission reaction or the need for expensive heavy elements.

    2. Nuclear devices are designed backwards, and there is an almost trivial way to make them much smaller, cleaner, and more efficient.

    It's going to be an interesting century...

  • Space Station Is Near Completion, Maybe the End

    07/14/2009 11:49:19 PM PDT · 21 of 25
    Technogeeb to haroldeveryman
    Why do people who want the U.S. to de-industrialize because they can’t bear the risk of greenhouse gases melting glaciers so anxious to de-orbit our huge spaceship?

    Because when humanity finally establishes itself outside of Earth's gravity well in a self-sufficient fashion, the game is up for every little tyrant and leech on the planet.

    Unfortunately, it is pretty clear at this point that those humans aren't going to be Americans. We sold that birthright for a bowl of socialist porridge.

  • Saddam Hussein's gun to go on display at Bush library

    07/14/2009 9:03:02 PM PDT · 14 of 18
    Technogeeb to Last Dakotan
    Why would the EPA need guns??

    They can seize property and levy fines now (based on regulations that they themselves write), so they probably need them to keep from being shot by business and other property owners when they're engaged in enforcement activities.

  • Space Station Is Near Completion, Maybe the End

    07/14/2009 8:52:54 PM PDT · 17 of 25
    Technogeeb to Arkinsaw
    I don't understand de-orbiting at all. Send up some rockets to push it out to the L-5 point and leave it there.

    We don't have that capability, it would probably be too fragile to move even if we did, and it is designed for LEO (for example, it would have inadequate shielding for operation anywhere else so people couldn't live there).

    Hopefully the Indians or the Chinese will have the capability to operate it and be willing to do so. It would be useful for the Chinese as a stepping stone to their moon base.

    We've got more important things to spend money on, like health care, arts funding, and government web sites.

  • Saddam Hussein's gun to go on display at Bush library

    07/14/2009 8:37:13 PM PDT · 12 of 18
    Technogeeb to bobby.223
    any idea if that specific glock model is manufactured by them in quantity for various military forces around the world or is it just something built as a custom in small numbers?

    They are a regular production item, although produced in far fewer numbers than other Glock models. A few police forces have purchased them, but I'm not aware of any military that has adopted them except in limited numbers for special roles (Portugal bought quite a few, but for what purpose I don't know).

    Those in the US have come from the IRS, DEA, and EPA purchases, as well as a few major police departments (LA and NYC).

  • Saddam Hussein's gun to go on display at Bush library

    07/14/2009 7:12:04 PM PDT · 4 of 18
    Technogeeb to bobby.223
    maybe an auction of this weapon with proceeds going to our brave wounded warriors

    Unfortunately, private "civilians" aren't allowed to own Glock model 18s in the United States (since they are post 1986, the BATFE refuses to accept the tax for them).

  • Honduran coup general says army "saved democracy"

    07/10/2009 8:03:24 PM PDT · 15 of 22
    Technogeeb to Radix
    It was a change by force and therefore a “coup.”

    Technically, it was a coup, by the same definition of coup (sudden appropriation of leadership or power) that the Democrat takeover of Congress in 2006 was a coup.

    It was NOT, however, a coup d'etat, because there was no force applied to change the government. The former president simply lost his position (automatically, according to the Honduran Constitution) due to his actions. That loss of position happened before the military acted.

    There was no use of force against the former President, because at the time of the arrest he was no longer President. Even though both the Court and the Legislature supported the action of the military, that military action was not used to overthrow the government; it was simply following government orders, and was acting against a criminal who just coincidentally happened to be the former president before his own crimes voided any claim he might have to the office he formerly held.

  • Romney Gives Mass. Health Reform An 'A' [praises Romney Care, says it's time to go nationwide]

    07/10/2009 5:10:27 PM PDT · 229 of 253
    Technogeeb to ChessExpert
    It seems that in Massachusetts, health insurance is truly mandatory; you are fined if you don't have it. That is wrong. Do you know if it was this way from the start? Or, is this a change that took place under Deval Patrick?

    That was a key component of the Romney plan. It was really just a very clever stealth tax. The whole system did nothing to improve health care or lower health care costs (in fact, the exact opposite in both cases), it just created more bureaucracy.

  • Romney Gives Mass. Health Reform An 'A' [praises Romney Care, says it's time to go nationwide]

    07/10/2009 12:16:33 PM PDT · 204 of 253
    Technogeeb to ChessExpert
    I heard that under Romneycare you have to have insurance, or you have to be willing to pay with your own money, or you won't receive medical service. Duh. That's how it's supposed to work.

    That system would be ideal; but that isn't Romneycare. Under the Romney model, you can either "voluntarily" choose to buy insurance, or be forced to pay a fine roughly equivalent to the insurance premium when you do your state taxes. The option of "going without" in exchange for not getting care isn't available.

    The bigger issue with Romney's assertion that the Mass. system would be valid nationwide is that a state (depending upon the laws and Constitution of the state) might legally be able to do something like this. The Federal government, however, does not legally have this power under the Constitution.

    Romney is advocating an illegal scheme. He is not qualified to be President.

  • Charlie Bolden's vision for NASA - July 08, 2009

    07/08/2009 6:32:32 PM PDT · 9 of 12
    Technogeeb to KevinDavis
    Third, Bolden said that NASA had to make space exploration more entrepreneurial. He cited the example of a friend who was using venture capital to pursue a rocket engine that could take people to Mars in "39 days instead of 8 to 11 months." "The government cannot fund everything we need to do," he said.

    Space travel would be cheap today if not for the government stranglehold on nuclear power. Even the most trivial designs (pump hydrogen or some inert gas through an essentially indestructible ceramic sealed pile) would be about 7 times as efficient as a chemical rocket.

  • Today's Über-Catholic Open Question?

    07/08/2009 4:38:06 PM PDT · 6 of 22
    Technogeeb to NYer
    A) The Literal and Historical Interpretation. Yup that is how long they lived.

    Access to food plants (not as common after the flood) genetically related to tree-of-life with similar life-extending compounds?

    Presence of some symbiotic organism with life-extending function (possibly bacterial or nematode) which became extinct after the flood?

    Some mutation in Noah that resulted in his offspring having shorter lives?

    Some toxin or agent of decay that is now present in the environment that was much more rare in the past?

    Wages of sin are death and they were simply less sinful so it took longer?

    None of these possibilities are particularly unique to Catholicism. Most cultures have similar tales of long-lived ancestors. Perhaps most interesting is that nearly all of them suggest 10 generations (10 Pitris in Hindu, 10 great Babylonian kings, 10 ancestors of Odin, etc.) of extraordinary lifespans.

  • Olbermann: We Have To 'Legally Stop' Glenn Beck

    07/07/2009 9:16:54 PM PDT · 17 of 83
    Technogeeb to governsleastgovernsbest

    Is that barney frank? I didn’t know he had his own tv show now...

  • Big Banks Don't Want California's IOUs

    07/07/2009 8:45:23 PM PDT · 13 of 28
    Technogeeb to Frantzie
    The IOUs are trading in an aftermarket and no one wants them.

    Awesome. Credit default swaps on California IOUs, here we come!

  • Liberal's claim of "science" being restored to "reproductive health" is exposed.

    07/07/2009 7:41:11 PM PDT · 5 of 7
    Technogeeb to aaronopine
    Conversely, I am an advocate for the health of the unborn and question what “science” has to do with abortion on demand

    Leftists don't mean the same thing everyone else does when they use that word. To them, it is sort of like "gay" after the sodomites took it over.

    On the bright side, they don't have "science pride" parades where people who were too bad at math to get real degrees throw sociology pamphlets and carbon credit indulgence tokens at people along the sidewalks yet.

  • CBO: Obama stimulus harmful over long haul (Liberals Knew This Would Happen)

    07/07/2009 7:01:08 PM PDT · 10 of 13
    Technogeeb to Recovering_Democrat
    President Obama's economic recovery package will actually hurt the economy more in the long run than if he were to do nothing, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said Wednesday.

    Long run? It hurt it more even in the short run. Anyone who still believes in Keynesian theory after the 1970s would be intellectually outclassed by a box of rocks.

    The engines of free enterprise need capital. By tying it up in centralized planning, optimal allocation can't occur. It would literally be better if they had just burned the money so that the remaining money in circulation would be worth more.

    Even now, it would be trivial to "fix" the economy. All it would take would be to reduce spending and reduce taxes so that people (the market) would have more capital to consume and invest. But that answer doesn't provide for what they really want, which is power. They would rather drag the world to hell as long as they can still rule it there.

  • Ousted Honduran President Expected In Washington (Hillary met w/Zelaya today)

    07/07/2009 6:33:13 PM PDT · 26 of 57
    Technogeeb to popdonnelly
    Why is our government so anxious to install a Marxist dictator?

    Because he's the primary channel for cocaine from South America and the president is a coke-head.