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  • Pelosi pushes gourmet menu

    01/15/2008 8:32:22 AM PST · 8 of 58
    texaslil to rightwingintelligentsia

    More fiddling while Rome burns!!!

  • Transit Panel Urges Gas Tax Increase

    01/15/2008 7:08:38 AM PST · 13 of 13
    texaslil to webschooner

    They’re not going to stop ‘til they destroy every business out here. What morons!!!

  • Says 'Palestinian right of return' must be discussed

    01/09/2008 1:33:58 PM PST · 20 of 40
    texaslil to Alouette

    Now I know Bush has gone nuts. If the palestinians are allowed to return to Israel, Israel won’t be Israel anymore. There won’t be enough Isralis to make it Israel any longer considering the hordes of Arabs claiming to be “Palistinian.”

    Now I’m wondering just when Bush is going to address the Mexican’s right to return to the US. Oh, wait he’s already decided that.

  • Thrice-convicted Washington rapist is 1st to complete rehab program to be totally free man

    01/09/2008 1:22:54 PM PST · 10 of 37
    texaslil to MovementConservative

    What ever happened to being punished for your crime???

  • Obama is the Most Pro-Abortion Candidate Ever

    01/09/2008 10:26:58 AM PST · 18 of 59
    texaslil to TruthShallSetYouFree

    these people are not only devoid of souls, they’re monsters. Diseased and orgasmic ghouls who think sex is only for recreation, and the miracles in life are someone else’s responsability and therefore a burden.

    God help us if these people ever get in office again.

  • Hillary's Solid State Society

    12/31/2007 10:01:48 AM PST · 11 of 12
    texaslil to stuartcr

    Don’t be so sure. Every town, county, and state is licking chops over all this. Starting tomorrow smoking will be outlawed in Fort Worth, TX., joining a long list of cities to do the same. Don’t plan to spend my money there anymore.

    One can still smoke in strip joints, bingo parlors, etc. Read: a concerted effort to make smokers part and parcel of some percieved sleeze class.

  • Girl, 10, Arrested for Using Knife to Cut Food at School

    12/18/2007 6:04:52 AM PST · 18 of 49
    texaslil to chatham

    “...public schools and the idiots who run them.”

    Precisely!!! I took my children out of public school after I realized just how ignorant the teachers were. What’s lacking in this story is the NAMES of these teachers who fit the discription: IDIOTS.

    In the school my daughters attended, they not only could use eating impliments, but were taught table manners, including how to properly use a KNIFE and fork and the proper way to set a table. Fork on the left of the plate, salad fork to the left of the dinner fork. KNIFE on the right of the plate, BLADE facing the plate, spoon to the right of the KNIFE. The school began this instruction at age FOUR GEESH!!!

  • Credit Card Bills Deliver a Shock

    12/10/2007 1:32:15 PM PST · 87 of 195
    texaslil to Gorzaloon

    “ I am hunting for another card.”

    Try a debit card. It’s amazing how much money one can “make” that way. I then can buy something of equal value and pocket the interest. When I wish to buy something, or need something, I save the money for it. After using the debit card, I figure what the interest would be had I charged it and pay myself payments over the length of time it would cost to pay off the charge. It’s amazing how rich one can become being one’s own banker.

  • Huckabee the candidate to move country forward

    12/09/2007 7:39:15 AM PST · 28 of 34
    texaslil to trisham

    Thanks for the compliment, Trisham. Also Catholic avid gardener, and Fredhead.

  • Credit card debt accelerates (substitute for home refinancing?)

    12/09/2007 7:13:23 AM PST · 13 of 25
    texaslil to DM1

    “ them off every month...”

    I think if you’ll read many of the finacial advisors, you’ll see that even if paying them off every month is admirable, people who use that method spend 15-18 percent more. then there are those who do that only to lose their jobs, or face an unexpected emergency and are tempted to “run them up.”

  • Huckabee the candidate to move country forward

    12/09/2007 6:51:54 AM PST · 22 of 34
    texaslil to dano1

    Let’s see. Huchabee will tax the hell out of us, educate all illegal aliens for free in order to level the playing field, (only Christian thing to do), make us all go on diets to lose weight, force us to be as compassionate as he, and endure a flood of more illegal imagration, Give away the entire store, AND make us all quit smoking!!! About the only thing positive is that he hasn’t proposed dress codes for the entire nation. Guess that’s next.

  • Immigration Issue Reveals Arrogance Of The 'Ruling Class'

    12/06/2007 9:17:14 AM PST · 16 of 26
    texaslil to AuntB

    Thanks for posting AuntB. Have often been puzzled by the arrogance of these elites. Aren’t they fellow Americans? After some thought, it occured to me that their day is so unlike ours they couln’t possibly understand. For fun, I decided to compare my morning with that of Hillery’s.

    MY AM—Lets see. Make coffee, prepare breakfast for hubby. Kiss hubby. Feed cat, let out—notice kitty litter needs replacing. (did I hear Hillery gave Socks away?) Dog out.(Buddy dead? Hit by car?) Mix waffles,(blueberry today? Orange/pecan?) Cook bacon, grate orange peel, chop pecans, fry eggs. Eggs? need to buy since hens are only laying one or two a day. Mix orange juice—remember to buy less next week since OJ has increased 30 percent. Cheaper juice just as good? Dog back in—for chasing the cat. Serve breakfast, Rescue empty bacon package from under dining table-—put back into trash-—scold dog, give him a treat instead. Sort laundry, Mend, start wash. Feed dog, feed and water chickens. Make out bills, figure checkbook, bills, balance checkbook, mail bills. Gather the eggs and try to look like Betty Crocker.

    Hillery’s AM. Order coffee—room service. Get breakfast in local restaurant—stiff watress for tip. Remember to yell at housekeeper about lingering Socks hair on suit. Smack Bill. Arrange possible photo op of flowers being placed on Buddy’s grave or write with ghost writer sacarine account of life with Socks and Buddy. Give clothes to charity—remember to get receipt for Bill’s old ragged underwear for tax purposes. Let Bill out from under table and/or dog house. Put Bill in trash? Make ten thousand calls begging for money to yellow dog Dem. At length, call China instead. Offer treats if necessary. Try to figure out identity of Bill’s latest bimbo. Bill back inside for “chasing.” Throw lamp if scolding doesn’t work. Figure Bill, balance “chickbook,” mail Bill off to UN. Try not to lay an egg, but look “presidental.”

  • My biggest fears may be realized. (Vanity)

    12/06/2007 7:30:43 AM PST · 39 of 115
    texaslil to Pistolshot

    The problem isn’t having a gun to defend ones self. The problem isn’t Paxil, and any of the other antidepressants. They are just symptoms of the real problem-— and that is: PARENTS.

    Iv’e seen many of these ticking itme bombs. Children raised to run wild, raise themselves, never asked to work, be responsible, or recieve punishment for missbehaving. When they finally start causing the parents grief, they are deemed depressed and drugged into submission.

    When I taught???, I only lasted one semester. My hardest job was to merely keep them from rutting in the isles. The next time everyone gets their nose out of joint over a “no hugging rule” think again.

    There are thousands of these children in the public schools. They have no respect for authority, much less respect for themselves, have no reason to learn anything since all is given to them,(hey, Mama gets a check and still gets to sleep ‘til noon), not to mention they display all the behavior of a pack of dogs in heat.

    School administrators do nothing either. Too often the offender is a star on the basketball team. My step sister had her arm broken not long ago when a student threw a chair across the room at her—this by a child in SECOND GRADE. I wonder if anyone has any idea of how much violence is going on in the schools??? Suffice it to say, I’d be willing to bet a teacher knew long ago this young man was a disaster waiting to happen.

  • National Organization for Women doesn't actually care about women

    12/01/2007 7:35:26 AM PST · 32 of 60
    texaslil to connell

    Nothing really new about this. The REAL women of this country have been dealing with these morons for years. They meet in small groups, bad mouth all men, whine about how they are victims. eschew having children unless they can be used as trophys, or have them via turkey baster.

    The real problem with these women is they’re not bright enough to understand that if one disparages men with every breath, one is not likely to ever get laid except by rapists or abusers of women. I think it’s part of the plan to remain victims. Masochists one and all.

  • Biden: Impeachment if Bush bombs Iran

    11/29/2007 6:32:11 PM PST · 28 of 120
    texaslil to HAL9000

    Right on! Get afer it before they get any more dangerous. Might makes right-—we’ll regret we waited so long.

  • A Hoax Turned Fatal Draws Anger but No Charges (Death by the Internet)

    11/29/2007 7:59:09 AM PST · 21 of 56
    texaslil to shrinkermd

    “...but it wasn’t illegal.”

    Nonsense!!! This woman is guilty of child abuse. Her entire plot was to cause pain to a child. I hope her life is ruined like she ruined the lives of this family.

  • Thompson: Reclaim greatness. Lower taxes. Enforce laws.(Fred Thompson)

    11/29/2007 7:54:29 AM PST · 14 of 28
    texaslil to dynachrome

    “These principles made America great...”

    America is still great. Always has been. Unfortunately we just let these crooks get in office and don’t seem to have the resolve to toss them out-—or better, jail them.

    They’ve all been lying for years, stealing from the public, wasting money on nonsense, and/or printing it, jailing the innocent and letting the drug runners run wild, making us endure an invasion of illegals who rob our tresure, destroy our culture, and unleash any number of diseases on the unsuspecting. Now they’re selling big chunks of America to the Arabs, Spaniards, etc.

    What’s wrong with polygraphs and drug tests for anyone who wants public office.? What’s good enough for us ought to be good enough for them.

  • Update: The plants keep sprouting like weeds (CNN debate)

    11/29/2007 7:39:18 AM PST · 10 of 28
    texaslil to chessplayer

    This is precisly why the American voter stays home. These people really think the American people are morons.

    Hasn’t anyone figured out that we’re sick of all the fakery, lying, and sham campaigning by now?

    What about a REAL debate? We’re smart enough to know that will never happen, but I’ve often wondered why the candidates don’t just take a bus and plop down unannounced in any number of towns across America-—decided by sticking a pin in a map. (blindfolded of course) Us rural rubes would be delighted and the questions would really be interesting, not to mention the electorate might just think those in Washingtom really cared about them.

    As a Freeper, I think we ought to make up our own lists of questions. Anyone game?

  • Moslem Group Attacks Michael Savage: The Battle Between Taquiya and Talk Radio

    11/28/2007 5:42:45 PM PST · 3 of 6
    texaslil to Son of Dis

    Iv’e heard that Office Mac and even J.C Penny’s has pulled advertizing from his show. anyone have the list of advertizers who have pulled their advertizing ???

  • 'Marlboro Marine' Struggling to Survive (Update w/pictures)

    11/27/2007 12:22:20 PM PST · 23 of 104
    texaslil to MotleyGirl70

    Hard to believe after all the publicity the media got our of him no one offered him a job and maybe a nice place to live. Or maybe they did.