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    03/03/2011 3:27:08 PM PST · 51 of 67 to lonevoice

    You “laugh” at me you say for starting a nonprofit organization that recruits 15,000 new people every week to the movement. We also have a member base over 300,000 that is growing every week by that 15,000. We also have hundreds of thousands of hits every day on our website. We are also on the Drudge Report front and center every week. Check the top space tomorrow Friday 3/4 and we will be there about every 10 clicks or so. While you are at it, check Newsmax every week. We are partners with them getting the word out in their headline news once every week. What is funny about that? Oops, didn’t do your research again did you before the blind smear? And your defense is referring to an organization run by someone other than yourself? Sounds like Mr. Robinson runs a great conservative organization and I commend him for it and helping the movement.

    The question is not what Mr. Robinson has done but what have you personally done to recruit people to the tea party or conservative movement other than attack some that are actually got off the sofa and doing so? Give us a number, how many have you recruited this week? 1000? 500? 10? 1? We will await anxiously for your response.


    03/03/2011 2:47:48 PM PST · 50 of 67 to Pan_Yan

    Hi Kelly, thank you for the honest investigation and posting of the actual facts you recovered. It is obvious here that some people on this thread have an agenda just to smear our tea party organization no matter what we have done or evidence we provide them. It is obvious no matter what is said they won’t accept it and try to continue to smear, using old liberal media attack stories on us and so on. Ok, we are adults and can take it. So be it.

    We were never appealing you to join or not join our tea party organization, but rather that we will provide you if you or anyone that wants it, lots of free tools you can use to advance the movement including event information, free websites, daily newsletter. The great thing about it is it is there for those that want to use it free of charge and those that do not do not have to. I wish you well on your tea party organization and nothing but the best success. Thank you again for your honest posting.

    This is the end of my comments on this thread. I think more than enough evidence has been given to show our organization is a top sincere part of tea party movement making a huge difference. Take care everyone and please stick together in supporting the tea party movement. Remember, the progressives are our opponents, not other conservatives trying to do their best to help.


    03/02/2011 4:30:44 PM PST · 44 of 67 to lonevoice

    What I say is it looks like your view of helping the tea party movement is shaking hands with Sarah Palin at a rally and getting your picture taken. Our solution is recruiting 15,000+ new people every week to the tea party movement and giving them unlimited free resources and information to advance the tea party movement aggressively to protect Americans freedoms and liberties.

    Have a great day.


    03/02/2011 11:48:45 AM PST · 41 of 67 to dirtboy



    03/02/2011 11:39:03 AM PST · 39 of 67 to dirtboy

    All you have to do to see what we use our donations for is go to our website of and click on the button on the right hand column labled “What donations are used for”. Yes, we have actually posted what we use our donations for on our website since nearly the beginning. I challenge you to go to most other nonprofit organizations and see a page like that offering the specific information to anyone who would like it. We have nothing to hide and are certainly not ashamed in asking for and receiving donations to help us advance the principles of the tea party movement. Our progressive opponents are well funded and it takes a great deal of funding to combat their power structure and attacks on our movement. Just because we are successful at getting donations because people see the value in what we are doing is not a reason to attack us. Again, people can join and use any service on the website absolutely free and the majority who do join, do so without donating a cent. In fact 90% of the people who join do so without donating. That is averaging about 15,000 new members every week that we are bringing in to the tea party movement. I challenge any individual or tea party organization out there that is even bringing in a fraction of new members of what we do into the movement. To do that we have to be aggressive in our marketing to bring people into the movement by appearing in Fox News, Newsmax, Drudge report to get out the word. Even though we are nonprofit, these organizations expect to be paid to get the word out for us. Backyard tea parties of 50 people are nice and needed in the movement but if we are going to succeed, our success will come from major promotion and recruiting campaigns which we do. Our success as a movement will come from our numbers, our growth and our resolve to recruit new people into the movement and educate and inform them and do it free for the people. Donations are purely voluntary.

    If anyone had really researched our organization completely by going to the website of as I have recommended several times, they would have seen where we offer on the site the information on how donations are spent. Approximately 70% of the donations we take in are spent on marketing and recruiting new people into the movement and then continuing to educating and informing them on a daily basis and live events and sponsorships we do like CPAC. About 30% go administrative costs in running the organization. We have a full time webmaster, event coordinator, treasurer, social media person, radio, newspaper and television media rep, radio show manager, secretary. Our website development alone has cost well over 6 figures. And again, all these services are given to anyone who wants them in the tea party movement, even if they are with other organizations. It takes money to provide all this free stuff to people who want it in the movement. But that is the only way this movement will grow to huge levels we need to achieve our objectives of preserving the constitution, limited government, free markets and individual responsibility. Your way of doing that may be holding a backyard tea party for 50 people. Our way is holding an internet tea party to 300 million people.

    You say our organization has a “higher standard” because we get donations. Yes I agree, to prospective members who join with or without donating we certainly do. People can go to the website and see what we have done and what we are doing for the tea party movement and all the free services and help we are offering anyone who wants to get involved seriously in the movement. If they don’t think we have value then they will not join or donate. That is how free market capitalism works and that is what we are all about. Well, 15,000 new people a week are judging us and joining and that is the proof in the pudding. I challenge you to find any tea party organization across the country that is adding that many new people to the movement every week. If you find another one then please let me know.

    Have a great week.


    03/02/2011 8:50:01 AM PST · 36 of 67 to Tijeras_Slim

    “CPAC isn’t the greatest selling point with us right now.”

    Wow, you are tough to please. We have many volunteers out there trying to promote the tea party movement and CPAC is a national event where we were able to have dialogue with conservatives that represent us in Congress. At the two banquets at CPAC, Speaker Boehner, Governor Mitch Daniels and others constantly thanked and praised the tea party movement and we and Freedomworks were the only two tea party groups there to represent the movement. I was also thanked personally several times by Col Allen West, Michele Bachman, David and Donna Keene and others for our efforts in support of conservative values and the tea party movement.

    What could you possibly see to criticize in that? I wonder if some on this blog aren’t actually progressives doing their best to tarnish anything positive in the tea party movement.

    To all the true conservative tea party movement people out there. We need to stand strong, stand together against our well funded progressive opponents. This is going to be a long difficult battle and an infighting in our movement only stands to benefit the progressives. Please don’t fall for the liberals and liberal media attacks. They will continue the more we are successful so we have to stick together.

    Stay strong all, thank you for supporting the movement and God Bless!


    03/01/2011 5:55:00 PM PST · 34 of 67 to Syncro

    One more thing. We were one of the major sponsors this year at the annual CPAC event in Washington DC Kelly. Funny but I didn’t see you there or your name sponsoring the most important conservative event of the year. Don’t worry though, I still believe you are sincere in the conservative movement. :)

    Here is a link to the CPAC website to show you sponsorship.

    Our logo even appeared on stage next to the speakers. Surf YouTube also for speakers at the 2011 CPAC conference and you will see our “” logo on the sign to the left and right of the stage.

    Thanks again Kelly and above all, thank you for supporting the movement! I hope everyone can learn to stick together in the tea party movement as it is so important we all do as we have a very well funded angry opponent in the progressives that we do have to fight.


    03/01/2011 5:47:41 PM PST · 33 of 67 to KellyTownsend

    Hi Kelly, well I have never heard of you either. It doesn’t make me question your motives as being sincere in the tea party movement or not, so I am curious why you immediately assume we are a “front” organization as you call it without any evidence of that whatsoever?

    Why don’t you contact Amy Kremer herself and ask her about me and our organization? I just met with her personally two weeks ago at CPAC in Washington DC discussing a town hall event we will likely be co hosting soon together and other future events. Also, Dustin Stockton who used to work for Tea Party Express works for our organization now as our event manager. In case you don’t know who Dustin Stockton is, he was the tea party express social media coordinator and tour coordinator. He was there all during the Searchlight Nevada Harry Reid bus tour. He is also the founder of Western Representation PAC which is a partner PAC we work with.

    Some other top tea party people you are free to call for references on our organization and myself are Beth Powers the founder of Liberty In America organization and Ryan Hecker the founder of the contract from America organization. We have done many events with both of their organizations as well.

    Thank you all and have a great week.


    03/01/2011 5:26:49 PM PST · 32 of 67 to Syncro

    The bus tour that started with Sharron Angle event and ended in DC for the 9/12 march was with the Liberty in America bus and founder Beth Powers and the Contract From America organization and the founder Ryan Hecker and not the tea party express organization (although we have attended tea party express events and are currently working with them on future events). We started with a campaign rally in Las Vegas with Sharron Angle speaking and did several tea party events across the country along the way and ended up in DC for the 9/12 march in 2010. We do know people in the tea party express organization and will be working with them on future events. Myself and my operations manager were also involved in the Tea Party Express event in Searchlight Nevada.

    The bus tour we did with Beth Powers organization “Liberty In America” bus again began in Las Vegas at the Sharron Angle campaign event we co did with her and we made stops in Kennesaw, Georgia, Harrison, PA to name a couple along the way. We carried a 10 foot version of the Contract From America from Ryan Hecker’s Contract From America organization and had Americans sign it along the way and delivered it in Washington DC for the 9/12 march. We had thousands of signatures on it and have it archieved now. You may contact both Beth Powers from the Liberty In America organization (go to their site and you will even see pictures of the tour) and Ryan Hecker from the contract from america organization for references on our organization and myself. Both are good friends and very involved as well in the tea party movement.

    Rusty Humphries the national conservative talk radio show host is also a good friend and was on the tour with us as well as the MC. He is also a reference for our organization. Here is a link referencing Rusty on our tour as well

    We also have a tea party radio show that I co host with Bill Thompson and many other things in the works.


    02/28/2011 2:26:02 PM PST · 26 of 67 to SWAMPSNIPER
    My name is Todd Cefaratti and I am the executive director of the national nonprofit organization Stop This Insanity Inc. We are a national tea party organization under the dba of and .

    It looks like this blog was started to look in to the validity of our organization. First of all I want to thank those that are skeptical when looking at organizations of the tea party movement. The more these things are checked on and verified, the better for the movement. We are a national nonprofit 501 c4 organization for the tea party movement. All our records are public and you can see that the majority of the donations taken in go right back out to promote and recruit for the tea party movement. Our opponents are set on destroying our movement because of the successes we have achieved at the ballot box and other efforts. In a nutshell, our movement is about limited government, free markets, following the original US Constitution as the founding fathers intended and individual responsibility. We welcome anyone in to our movement from all races, creeds, colors, backgrounds and political parties that support these same core American principles.

    When you are a conservative minded group, I have found that the liberal media views you as an enemy and will look to attack you without any basis if they think they can hurt you in any way. I am just an average middle America dad trying to do what I see best for my country and my family. I never thought the liberals and liberal media would go after a non celebrity like me, but they do. It will not stop us though. In fact it does the opposite and makes us even more determined to help save this country.

    To get more specifics on our organization and the tea party movement in general, go to our website of We have specific information on what donations are used for, what the tea party movement is about and much more. Every tool on the website is free to anyone that wants to get involved in the movement. Free tea party websites, free blog, free newsletter, free event information, free online register to vote, etc. We are funded 100% by voluntary donations from those willing to give to support the tea party movement. Moms, dads, grandma's, grandpa's donate. Our average donation amount is about $50. We invest the majority of our donations to recruit as many Americans to the tea party movement as possible and educate them on the movement and events. We aggressively market the movement in places such as Fox News, Drudge Report, Google, Newsmax and more. This helps us average about 15,000 new people every week that join the tea party movement through our website. We also provide some donors who donate $100 or more tea party items when they donate free of charge.

    We also have used donations for events like our bus tour for 9/12 last year that started with senate candidate in Nevada Sharron Angle and ended at the US Capitol on 9/12. We were also one of the largest sponsors at CPAC this year in Washington DC where we had a booth and lots of behind the scenes involvement with conservatives at the annual convention. We are currently planning more events including a town hall meeting with republicans prior to the Iowa caucus and even involvement in co sponsoring republican presidential debates.

    Anyway, I hope now you see that our organization and my personal motives are sincere to helping the tea party movement. I am a father of two little girls and felt compelled to start an organization to help my country and my girls in the process. I hope you will all be compelled to do the same as I did.

    I invite any of you still skeptical to visit our website of and sign up for the free newsletter, event calendar, websites and more. Remember, 90% who join, join without donating a cent and those 10% who are able to donate are very much appreciated. Our liberal opponents are well funded and we have to stay in the media as much as possible to combat their unfounded attacks on the tea party movement and liberty in general. I am confident when you get involved with us on a day to day basis that you will see that our motives are sincere in helping this country.

    Thank you all for inquiring and God Bless.

    Todd Cefaratti
    Executive Director