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  • Donald Trump Is Weighing Newt Gingrich for Vice President

    05/12/2016 11:31:43 PM PDT · 49 of 150
    TheWriterTX to Reno89519

    Christie for VP? Please tell me you are joking. Everyone else is perfectly placed.

  • Why the GOP Doesn't Care About The White House

    05/10/2016 6:03:25 AM PDT · 24 of 36
    TheWriterTX to Hardastarboard
    Actually, don't buy gold. It will probably creep back up to about $1,800, and then tank again.

    When the rest of the deleveraging cycle hits, you are going to want fluid assets.

    Not hawking anything here.

  • Why the GOP Doesn't Care About The White House

    05/09/2016 11:25:00 PM PDT · 1 of 36
  • News of FReeper Basil founding member of Heart of Texas Chapter

    05/09/2016 10:52:33 PM PDT · 17 of 20
    TheWriterTX to The Bat Lady
    Dear Bat Lady,

    I was off of FR for several years, battling a health challenge myself, but I remember Basil well and had the pleasure of meeting her personally. We were good FReeper friends back in the day.

    Please let her family know I am keeping her in my prayers. She is a great lady and a true blessing to everyone who knows her.

  • Robert Downey Jr.: ‘Budding Feminist’ Iron Man Would Vote for Hillary Clinton

    05/09/2016 10:47:46 PM PDT · 55 of 67
    TheWriterTX to Califreak

    Excellent catch, my fashion-savvy friend. Definitely, the pink of the Hello Kitty umbrella will complement those shoes nicely.

  • Jesse Kaplan: Boy with Asperger's Syndrom commits suicide after being forcibly sterilized

    05/05/2016 11:40:22 PM PDT · 37 of 40
    TheWriterTX to Toad of Toad Hall
    Yes, it is too bad. Too bad that she didn't trust her gut enough or believe in herself enough to do tell the school officials to kiss her @%% and homeschool!

    When my son was 6, the school wanted him tested for ADHD. I didn't just say, "No," I said, "Hell, no! You are not doping up my son."

    I pulled him out and homeschooled him. It meant that I had to give up my career and work part-time. It meant we did without a lot of things. None of the material stuff mattered; God gave me my son, and it was MY job as HIS parent to give him the best life possible. A life all doped out on some crap the schools were pushing was NOT the life God intended for him.

    A few years later, he returned to public school (his choice) a super-smart badass with loads of confidence. No more bullying, school was super easy, and he excelled at everything (including taking bullies down). He's a true Renaissance child; he's in Show Choir, Chorale, chess club, debate team, and, until he was sidelined with a major injury, a defensive lineman. He's got trophies and academic medals to spare.

    And the ADHD? Nothing but bullshit. It was food allergies!

    Did the same thing for my daughter, during times when she was having trouble in school; she's now a straight-A honor student, accomplished artist, talented singer, with a group of close friends.

    Do I feel bad for this woman? Of course I do. But I feel worse for her son! Like the mom who lets the abusive boyfriend beat on her kids, she is just as much to blame for her son's fate. She could have stopped it at any time by being what she needed to be: selfless and fearless. Change schools, move, homeschool, do SOMETHING instead of sitting there watching your son die a slow death.

    That would only happen to my kids over my dead body.

  • The Trump nightmare is real. Clinton could lose this

    05/05/2016 10:40:09 PM PDT · 101 of 101
    TheWriterTX to nopardons

    Grew up in Merrick. Had family in Glen Cove and Roslyn. Husband is from Oceanside. Small world!

  • The Trump nightmare is real. Clinton could lose this

    05/05/2016 12:37:50 AM PDT · 95 of 101
    TheWriterTX to nopardons
    Yes. I lived on LI for the first 30 years of my life; moved to Texas in 1996. Used to listen to Grant during my rush-hour ride home on the Southern State.
  • The Trump nightmare is real. Clinton could lose this

    05/05/2016 12:07:57 AM PDT · 90 of 101
    TheWriterTX to nopardons

    I've got the words going through my head, in singsong fashion. Sung it once to Bob when I called into his show years ago.

  • As Trump Nears Nomination, China Urges 'Reasonable' View to Relations

    05/04/2016 10:21:46 PM PDT · 7 of 40
    TheWriterTX to Trumpinator
    China got into a currency war with the US, and didn't hide their intentions. They gobbled up plenty of raw materials building their empty cities, and are more than happy to put toxins in the cheap crap they are selling us. Anyone ever follow the product recalls? Baby bids containing lead, faulty devices, you name it.

    They warned us in the early 90's that they would take us down. It's about time that we have a President with the brains to recognize the threat and the testosterone to do something about it.

  • Ex-McCain Aide Schmidt Blames Mark Levin for ‘The Demise of the Conservative Movement’

    05/04/2016 10:16:42 PM PDT · 28 of 34
    TheWriterTX to KentTrappedInLiberalSeattle


  • Bill de Blasio tells New Yorkers not to eat at ‘anti-LGBT’ Chick-fil-A

    05/04/2016 10:10:40 PM PDT · 12 of 71
    TheWriterTX to 2ndDivisionVet
    I remember the last time someone called for a Chick-Fil-A boycott. Their business jumped by 12% that year, and a lot of those customers continued coming back. CFA was doing $4B in 2012, and did $5.7B in 2015.

    Definitely, it will help them...

  • FR is dead to me

    05/03/2016 7:43:36 PM PDT · 175 of 482
    TheWriterTX to Yaelle

    Very true. It was quite brutal around here the last few weeks.

  • Current Desperation – There are Trillions of Dollars At Stake…

    05/01/2016 12:20:19 AM PDT · 41 of 43
    TheWriterTX to nfldgirl
    You do realize that Prince was an anti-government uber conservative Christian, yes? That he believed all would be answerable to God?

    A lot of folks think he was murdered because he was encouraging people to question the government and this administration.

  • Is There Not Cause to Fight for Conservatism?

    04/20/2016 9:24:53 PM PDT · 49 of 91
    TheWriterTX to montanajoe
    Dear MontanaJoe,

    What you are seeing is the extreme frustration on the part of many conservatives who, for years, faithfully voted, walked precincts, donated, made phone calls, and more, to elect candidates that claimed to be conservative, only to have them unabashedly cave in to the Left.

    We know Trump is not a rock-ribbed Conservative, but he is the only candidate with the strength to tell the truth lately about the state of our country, and the only one who recognizes the disaster that both parties have created.

    The future is going to get much worse, not better, and the "same old same old" won't cut it.

  • African American businessman: ‘Donald Trump is not a racist, guys’

    04/17/2016 1:50:42 AM PDT · 6 of 13
    TheWriterTX to Rufus Shinra
    I'm personally sick and tired of reading about how unpopular Trump is, according to the latest poll. This man has been attacked unmercifully, not only from a biased media (which attacks anyone who isn't a flaming liberal) but from members of his own party! They savage him daily for months on end and are suddenly complaining that his negatives are high? Instead of standing with him and defending him, they crawl to the back like the cowards they are and lob bombs at him.

    My son is only 15, but he's already astute enough to recognize that our country is going to hell in a hand-basket. He would never consider serving our country under Obama, but he was willing to fight for President Trump (he's in NY on a trip right now and posted pictures he took of Trump Towers). My son already told me that if Hillary or Bernie win, he will leave our country at 18 years old and go to Israel. He has no compunction about serving in their military, if needed.

    Honestly, I don't blame him.

  • Consensus on consensus: Expertise matters in agreement over human-caused climate change

    04/13/2016 10:48:15 PM PDT · 25 of 31
    TheWriterTX to reg45
    Absolutely! Any theories on what's causing climate variations which do not include the solar minimum/maximum impacts, the Milankovitch Cycles, or the fact that the Moon is moving further away from the Earth every year, are NOT based in science.

    Their theories are based solely on a desire to earn more research dollars, because only GOD, Himself, can have any effect on the three real causes noted above.

    They are looking at correlation and claiming causation. Flawed logic, at best.

  • How Donald Trump could shut down an open convention

    04/11/2016 9:56:17 PM PDT · 45 of 55
    TheWriterTX to JediJones
    Texas is listed as competitive? On the contrary...
  • Ted Cruz risks primary disqualification in N.J. resulting from charges of ballot access fraud

    04/10/2016 10:02:06 PM PDT · 370 of 734
    TheWriterTX to Lurkinanloomin

    McCain’s father, I believe, was serving in the military at the time. It was a law passed to ensure that the children of Americans (particularly those in service to the country) were not erroneously denied citizenship because they happened to be born outside of America’s shores.

  • ‘You dirty SOB!’ Spluttering Geraldo calls Ted Cruz’s ‘New York values’ comment ‘anti-Semitic’

    04/08/2016 8:42:12 PM PDT · 103 of 112
    TheWriterTX to McGruff
    I'm a Trump supporter, but Geraldo needs to get over himself!

    Everyone outside of New York (I was born in NY and spent the first 30 years of my life there, moved to Texas as fast a I could) understands perfectly well what Cruz meant by his "New York values" comment. New York is rightfully perceived as a state overrun with government nannies and gimme-thats, snobby, uber-liberals, and gun-grabbing, big-brother types. Their philosophy plays well in other liberal states, but in conservative country it's a rallying cry to fight.

    Funny, I don't see people getting their panties in a bunch when folks mock Texas (our drawl, our way of life, our values); that may be because we are slightly laughing at the Yankees and praying they never come here.

  • Love is in the armpit at New York's Smell Dating

    04/05/2016 10:28:11 PM PDT · 15 of 15
    TheWriterTX to EveningStar
    Not something I would consider, but there is an underlying science to it.

    The most comforting scents to a woman are the scent of clean babies and a man's sweat. Why? We've been engrained to recognize them as signs of love, family, life, on a subconscious level. When does a woman usually inhale a man's scent the most? When she's in his arms. A baby? In her arms.

    I must say, I love my husband's scent. Shower, no shower, aftershave, no aftershave, doesn't matter. When I travel, I bring his t-shirts with me to sleep in because I find the aroma very comforting. I know certain perfumes I wear start his engines, too.

    Like the scent of certain foods can cause your mouth to water, the scent of certain people can also elicit a physical response (hopefully, not a negative one!).

  • The Walking Dead Discussion Thread: Season 6 Episode 16 [90 min. Season Finale]

    04/04/2016 10:06:00 PM PDT · 334 of 355
    TheWriterTX to Irishguy
    Dear IrishGuy,

    All is well. Three of our children survived, two fine, strapping boys and a beautiful girl. All 3 are bright, good looking, healthy, devout, and truly well behaved kids.

    My husband and I are richly blessed. Moreover, I know that in our Father's world, I will get to see the babies I didn't get to hold in this world.

    Love your screen name! Miss Irish America of Nassau Suffolk and Queens 1990 here.

    Rath De' ort :)

  • The Walking Dead Discussion Thread: Season 6 Episode 16 [90 min. Season Finale]

    04/03/2016 10:29:03 PM PDT · 287 of 355
    TheWriterTX to tbw2
    As someone who has miscarried two children, be assured that a child passing in the womb is extremely dangerous even under normal conditions. After the loss of my second child, my bleeding was so heavy and the process so protracted I risked infection and passed out from blood loss.

    Hollywood doesn't have to make losing a child "scary." Real life is scary enough.

  • Trump plans to choose experienced politician for VP

    04/03/2016 1:39:49 PM PDT · 148 of 242
    TheWriterTX to lilypad

    No beating here, would love it!

  • Trump plans to choose experienced politician for VP

    04/03/2016 1:37:29 PM PDT · 145 of 242
    TheWriterTX to COUNTrecount

    Inhofe from Oklahoma?

  • The Case for Sarah Palin as Trump's Running Mate

    04/03/2016 1:27:20 PM PDT · 74 of 132
    TheWriterTX to Brices Crossroads
    He'd be better picking a favored conservative Governor.

    I'd love to see Greg Abbott.

  • An argument against the ‘magical realism’ of the #neverTrump crowd

    04/03/2016 1:20:20 PM PDT · 24 of 33
    TheWriterTX to Flick Lives

    Understood. Very frustrating to see how hard the GOPe is fighting against one of their own, instead of working hard to destroy the Dems.

  • Poll: Republicans Boost Opposition To Fracking

    04/03/2016 1:19:06 PM PDT · 24 of 24
    TheWriterTX to wardaddy
    You are right, even the pros get into bad deals. Invest heavy into a well that in the end doesn't produce; miss a small clause in a big contract that ends up costing them a bunch of money.

    Most of the big producers honor their deals; it's the landmen who do a lot of damage with false claims. Some are pure pros and are upright and forthcoming; some are just sleazy liars. During the Shale boom, there were too many of the latter and not enough of the former.

  • An argument against the ‘magical realism’ of the #neverTrump crowd

    04/03/2016 12:41:23 PM PDT · 17 of 33
    TheWriterTX to Flick Lives
    Not true. The majority are volunteers who pay their own way. Lots of precincts beg people to serve as delegates at some point or another. If you want to be one, all you have to do is step up, go to the state convention, and sign your name on the line.

    I'm a Trump 2016 supporter. Do I like the rumors about what the RNC intends to do? No, not at all. But don't presume everyone who goes to the convention is in bed with the GOPe or is part of some secret cabal to stop him. They aren't.

  • The Case for Sarah Palin as Trump's Running Mate

    04/03/2016 12:32:33 PM PDT · 25 of 132
    TheWriterTX to Caipirabob

    Agree 100%.

  • Trump: Republican Party Bosses Want "To Knock Out The Outsider - To Keep Their Little Party Going"

    04/03/2016 12:27:59 PM PDT · 7 of 27
    TheWriterTX to MichaelCorleone
    I just contacted my State Senator, my Governor, and my Congressman. I made them aware that if the RNC pulls some stunt at the national convention and the nominee is not Trump or Cruz, I will not vote for any R on the federal level. I don't want a down-slate bloodbath, since my local Reps are wonderful (it's Texas, after all, the greatest state in the Union).

    But Congressman and Senators, my friends, you are fair game. You think Hillary would be a better President? You don't deserve my vote.

  • Poll: Republicans Boost Opposition To Fracking

    04/03/2016 12:23:54 PM PDT · 20 of 24
    TheWriterTX to ronnietherocket3
    Understood. Most reasonable people have figured out that the environmentalist crowd no longer really cares about the environment, it's all about wealth redistribution. When they are wrapping their arms around kooks like Van Jones, or engage in domestic terrorism, they've lost any credibility they had.

    Clean energy, while great in theory, is not a realistic alternative and won't be for many years. This administration has tossed ungodly amounts of money into "green" programs, most of which went nowhere fast except to line their cronies' pockets.

    They've also gone after the coal industry in the hopes of destroying it completely. A lot of good people are being put out of jobs thanks to President Zero and his merry band of enviro-extremists.

    I don't think money is at the core of it from our side; it's the realization that enviro-extremists really want to weaken our country, whereas energy independence makes us stronger and less reliant on terrorist-sponsoring freedom-hating despots; therefore, anything that remotely smacks of it evokes a powerful, negative response on our side.

    Hopefully, though, some folks will recognize that this issue is a little more complex than the typical zealot enviro-sloganeering; for me, it has to do with property rights, quality of life, water rights, and ethical business practices, things Conservatives should care about.

  • Poll: Republicans Boost Opposition To Fracking

    04/03/2016 10:49:35 AM PDT · 18 of 24
    TheWriterTX to ronnietherocket3
    Others are well spills, pipeline explosions, nasty odors, or for those close to a major compression station, the non-stop noise.

    And yes, the "we don't care."

    When they decide on an area, they usually meet with the town council and schools first, since they have large open spaces. They'll toss some big money in that direction, and then move into neighborhoods one by one.

    A shame.

    If they were upfront with people and made a decent offer with a decent lease, most folks are like me, they want America to be energy independent. Instead, you have untrained rubes using strong arm tactics to compel people to sign.

    The snot-nosed idiot who landed, unbidden, on my doorstep and insisted that if I didn't sign his bird-cage liner Producer 88 lease he would "take my minerals anyway", made a huge mistake. First, you don't shove a piece of paper in front of me, expecting me to sign away rights to my property, without giving me a copy and a chance to have an attorney review it. Second, you don't mess with my family, property, home, or pets without my permission, or I will make you pay dearly.

    I helped organize my entire neighborhood and shut them down until they signed our 18-page monster lease and paid everyone a real signing bonus, instead of the pittance they were offering.

    When we sold that home, we made sure that the new owners got the minerals along with it. We believed it was the honorable thing that they had the right to control and benefit from anything impacting their property. Kind of surprising that fellow conservatives don't see it the same way.

  • Poll: Republicans Boost Opposition To Fracking

    04/03/2016 9:34:14 AM PDT · 7 of 24
    TheWriterTX to rktman
    Actually, no. I live dead-center in the Barnett Shale. If you've never seen the tactics employed by some landmen hawking leases, my friend, you would be quite surprised.

    I was a drill-baby-drill person before, and I still am, but the boots on the ground have left a very bad taste in people's mouths around here. In Fort Worth, the courts turned 150 years of property rights law on it's head, effectively giving the oil and gas company your rights if you refuse to sign their toilet-paper Producer 88 leases slanted in their favor (even though it's impacting your home). I know folks in west Texas that are really getting screwed; their lease grants them royalties after expenses. The O&G company was drilling on their property for several years and they never saw a dime. Apparently, any expense for the producer, including trips to Hawaii, are deducted against their royalties.

    Not everyone in the industry is a bad actor (I know some who are good), but recognize that the bad actors are doing serious damage to the industry because they are not only screwing people out of money, they are also messing up their land (spoiling the water, tapping the well tables dry, etc.).

    Don't presume that everyone who is against something speaks from a place of ignorance. There are plenty who have lots of experience...all of which, unfortunately, is bad.

  • 'Madmen' must not be allowed to get nuclear material: Obama

    04/02/2016 10:59:16 PM PDT · 29 of 34
    TheWriterTX to Olog-hai
    I was shocked to find this wasn't from The Onion!

    But then again, this is the perpetual lying machine we're talking about.

  • Trump leaves the conservative establishment arrogant and unmoored (they always were)

    04/02/2016 10:50:14 PM PDT · 19 of 55
    TheWriterTX to Trumpinator
    These are the same tactics they used to smear the Tea Party. I wasn't phased then, I won't be phased now.

    Trump 2016

  • Great Question.Anyone Planning To Sell Home Or Real Estate Soon In Case Hillary Wins?

    03/30/2016 8:56:37 PM PDT · 72 of 72
    TheWriterTX to huldah1776
    Thanks for the vote of confidence.

    I was asked to run for a local office under the Tea Party banner. Strongly considered it, but my health was not the best.

    I wouldn't make it to the Oval Office. I don't play nice in the sandbox. If someone proposes an idiotic idea, I tell them so, and I do so fearlessly. They think Cruz is an extremist...I would make their heads explode.

  • Great Question.Anyone Planning To Sell Home Or Real Estate Soon In Case Hillary Wins?

    03/29/2016 10:39:20 PM PDT · 70 of 72
    TheWriterTX to huldah1776
    Part of the challenge for any new business (or existing business) is the cost of regulatory overhead. Start by removing those barriers.

    Obamacare made it less affordable (not more affordable) for companies to provide healthcare to their staff. Kill that monster and free up some money.

    The EPA purposefully has tried to destroy the coal industry (putting thousands out of work), implemented ridiculous regulations that forced manufacturing plants overseas in order to continue production, and has hammered the oil and gas industry. Take the legs out from under that behemouth, too, and offer tax breaks to bring these companies back.

    Our trade agreements are definitely lopsided; renegotiate them. China's economy is contracting as well; they aren't ready for a currency war like they were a few years ago.

    Cut benefits to anyone who isn't a legal citizen or proven resident of the US. Start kicking people out who aren't here legally; they are sucking off the system and taking funds from Americans who need them.

    Stop dumping $40 billion into foreign aid and start working on our infrastructure.

    Cut the budgets of every government branch by 10% and put it towards reducing our debt burden.

    Stop giving "free" education to every moron who barely passed high school and doesn't want to be a responsible adult yet.

    Stop importing people; we have enough already and not enough of them are employed.

    Recognize that even if we tax the entire country 100% of their income, and took 100% of their wealth, we won't have enough money to pay off our unfunded liabilities. Break all those bloated promises so that states will be in the black again and can move forward and hire people to get stuff done instead of having huge chunks of their budgets going to pay for inflated pensions.

    Enact tort reform, like Texas, that limits damages to actual and caps "pain and suffering." Doctors and scientists will no longer have to carry ridiculously high insurance premiums on their practices.

    Stop funding the arts. If they were any good, patrons would support them.

    Crack down on "fakery." Fake shoes, fake handbags, fake clothes, all sold under the table, undercutting legitimate businesses.

    We need more Sheriff Joe Arpaio-style prisons, particularly for illegals running amok in our prison system. It will save us a ton of money.

    Be honest with the American people, and stop claiming that the "great recession" is over, when clearly a segment of the population instinctively senses that it's not. Make people aware of how dangerous it is for our country not to support American-made products. Stick a big, fat finger in the eye of the leftists who had America by starting an America-first campaign. social pressure can be a very powerful thing. Use the bully pulpit to spotlight American companies that produce 100% here in the US.

    There are just some of the things we can do to make America hospitable to businesses again.

  • Confusing ramps lead Fort Worth drivers onto toll lanes

    03/28/2016 10:34:08 PM PDT · 7 of 13
    TheWriterTX to fella
    Not true. The Texas state constitution requires that the state never carry more than 5% of it's bi-annual budget in debt payments. Anything above that must be a "self-satisfying" bond, meaning that a funding mechanism must exist inside the bond process that allows it to be paid by someone OTHER than the taxpayers of Texas.

    Texas has seen considerable growth over the last few years, with thousands of new residents coming in DAILY. This pushed roads to capacity. Now, if the state needs to add more roads, they have to be toll-roads, because issuing a bond without a toll would be unconstitutional.

  • Great Question.Anyone Planning To Sell Home Or Real Estate Soon In Case Hillary Wins?

    03/28/2016 10:29:46 PM PDT · 67 of 72
    TheWriterTX to huldah1776
    We're already in the collapse. Starting in 2008, over 300 banks went belly up and by 2011, Americans had lost $3 Trillion in wealth just in the homes (that figure continued to increase over the next few years as our fellow citizens depleted their savings and subsequently lost their homes). Across the globe, trillions more were lost. Our TCMDO reached over 360% of GDP and all hell broke loose (as it subsequently would in the PIIGS later on).

    The Fed has been sloshing bad debt through their balance sheets for years, while the EU and FedGov have been deficit spending like crazy to create a "soft" landing instead of a hard crash. As Americans tighten their belts to make ends meet, the FedGov fills in the gaps with deficit spending. People move from productive citizens to economic wards of the state just to stay alive. That is one of the reasons we won't get off the ZIRP/QE merry-go-round any time soon; we can't!

    Moreover, we are going to continue the "soft landing" approach, instead of adapting to the new economic model, because that is all the clowns in DC know to do. We need to inflate the GDP (even artificially) to stay away from the 360% ratio, otherwise the house of cards comes down again.

    As a result, their policy is pump and pray...indefinitely.

    I don't think Trump will recall the dollar or default (pure suicide). The reason our money has any perceived value is because it stands as the world's currency. Recall/default would destroy our standing in the world and tank a lot of other economies with us. Yes, that would definitely start a war or turn us into a 3rd world mess almost overnight. I can't see DT wanting to give up that much power in the world markets.

    I do think there will be lot of economic blood shed in DC, though. The USA we grew up with controlled approximately 80% of the World's power and wealth. Technology, supply chain processing, lower transportation costs, and economic development in other parts of the globe mean more competition and broader markets for goods and services. By the time this all plays out, we will control 60% of the World's power and wealth; unfortunately, all our social programs are based on the false notion that we can corner world markets or that companies have to adapt to us. Now, you can set up a company headquartered anywhere in the world, distribute to anywhere, and do it cheaper than being bled dry by the tools in Washington. The idea that we can spend exorbitant amounts of money on social programs, or corporate subsidies, needs to die a quick death. The truth is, we can't anymore. We no longer have the resources to do so; that light has gone out and it's not coming back. Too many other countries have a share of our wealth/power and they aren't going to give it up anytime soon.

  • Kasich calls on Trump, Cruz to 'consolidate behind' him

    03/27/2016 9:13:54 PM PDT · 17 of 73
    TheWriterTX to UsernameObsolete

    Now that’s funny...

  • Great Question.Anyone Planning To Sell Home Or Real Estate Soon In Case Hillary Wins?

    03/27/2016 8:54:02 PM PDT · 56 of 72
    TheWriterTX to Cruz_West_Paul2016
    The second wave of the deleveraging cycle was merely stalled with various rounds of QE. Our TCMDO factor is still inching up while the velocity of money is slowing down.

    We merely delayed the inevitable. Even Bernake admitted as such a few weeks ago.

    The folks in Congress know this, which is why they weren't going to make any substantive changes. Kyle Bass, in his keynote speech at Americatalyst in 2010, I believe, spoke about how he talked to reps from both sides of the aisle, and how they chose to ignore the debt issue because they believed they could keep the merry-go-round going for at least another 8 years. He was shocked. Ray Dalio, in an interview with Charlie Rose several years ago, warned that the Fed had "no more weapons in their arsenal."

    It makes me laugh when folks gripe about the "Obama Economy" or when the left whine about "Reaganomics" because they are virtually IDENTICAL. Low interest rates, deficit spending, and loose monetary policy were EXACTLY the same levels Reagan pulled to get us out of the Carter slump. It worked because prior interest rates were ridiculously high, the velocity of money was stagnant, and O&G prices were off the charts. Why didn't it work for Obama? Because we aren't in a "recession." We're in a global depression; instead of soup lines we have bloated disability enrollments and a massive influx of those requiring social assistance.

    Just like GW didn't start it, and Obama couldn't fix it, the next President (regardless of who they are) won't be able to get us out of it, either. It will require a systemic change in how first-world countries approach their lives, debt, and expectations.

    If you do want to do something, deleverage; reduce your debt and live within your means. Then hang on, because it will continue to be a bumpy ride.

  • Screaming to sleep, Part One: The moral imperative to end 'cry it out'

    03/26/2016 12:17:46 AM PDT · 72 of 90
    TheWriterTX to Celerity
    Please take a look at your daughter's diet. I was chronically ill for 9 years and suffered from acute insomnia (so I can definitely relate to the effects of sleep depravation that you are suffering, as well).

    The culprit turned out to be food allergies. Once I stripped the triggers out of my diet and cleansed my system, I started sleeping through the night again. The change took all of 3 days for my life to return to normal.

    You might want to put her on the candida diet, which contains a whole host of foods you would by at any supermarket. No milk, no bread, no cheese, nothing that contains yeast, sugar, or converts to sugar as it's broken down. It will help shift her engine into a lower gear and allow her to reach deep REM cycles (and you, too!).

    For any naysayers out there, if you have never suffered from protracted episodes of insomnia, you would not understand how it damages your health, impacts your ability to function on a daily basis, and wreaks havoc on your cognition. This Dad is hanging on by his fingernails and needs compassion and prayers.

    I'm praying for you, Celerity, you and your family.

  • New York Times/CBS Poll: 74% of Republicans Don’t Support Cruz, 80% Don’t Support Kasich…

    03/21/2016 10:32:22 PM PDT · 44 of 55
    TheWriterTX to Awgie
    Not all NYers are rabidly liberal. There are lots of conservatives, but their voices hardly ever get heard over the din of liberal dreck pumped out by the LSM.

    Born and raised in NY, until my fortuitous escape to Texas..!

  • Could a Trump Nomination Make Arizona a Swing State?

    03/21/2016 10:17:41 PM PDT · 30 of 38
    TheWriterTX to Innovative
    Remember all the articles that claimed Texas was turning "purple"? Never happened.

    Neither will this.

  • BREAKING – Trump Ohio Attacker, Tommy DiMassimo, Connected To ISIS

    03/12/2016 11:34:33 PM PST · 209 of 246
    TheWriterTX to EnquiringMind
    Same here!

    I was on the fence for most of this election cycle, recognizing that I would eventually vote for whoever won the nomination (only because the media sidelined Perry with bogus charges that were subsequently dropped). I didn't follow the campaign with the typical fervor of your average FReeper; I was simply too disgusted with the GOPe.

    Trump got me interested again. I always liked Cruz's positions on the issues. I cheered when Jeb went down in flames, and can't wait for Rubio to hit the road, too.

    The venom with which the GOPe has attacked Trump is, quite frankly, beyond anything I can recall in recent memory. Hypocrites, all of them! They were happy to pick his pockets and sing his praises when he was donating to their campaigns, but now that he might have a place at the head of the table, they are panic-stricken.

    For them to NOT support him against the thuggery of MoveOn and their ilk, for them to not present a united front and destroy Sanders, Hillary, and their violent crowd of misfits daring to subvert an election, for them to actually blame Trump for the evil deeds of others, just proves they don't have a clue. It also explains why they are utter failures in stopping Obama; no spines, no guts, and not brains. If the MoveOn thugs succeed in taking down Trump, guess who is going to be next, morons?

  • Michelle Obama Remembers Nancy Reagan as a Mentor, 'She Warmly and Willingly Offered Advice to Me'

    03/08/2016 9:05:36 PM PST · 16 of 25
    TheWriterTX to KittenClaws

    My thoughts exactly!

  • An establishment in panic

    03/03/2016 10:36:45 PM PST · 15 of 27
    TheWriterTX to bigbob

    Seems more and more like it.

  • An establishment in panic

    03/03/2016 10:36:25 PM PST · 14 of 27
    TheWriterTX to Rebelbase

    Make mine a double!

  • What happened to Donald Trump's donations to veterans?

    03/03/2016 10:33:53 PM PST · 7 of 42
    TheWriterTX to elhombrelibre
    A chunk of the money was in the form of pledges. You can't hand a charity an IOU pledge; the money actually has to come in before it can go back out.

    They already disbursed $2.9 Million. No follow through? What an odd observation.