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  • McCain meets Obama, gets no job offer...[NOTE: GOP Turnout numbers]

    11/17/2008 6:10:15 PM PST · 39 of 125
    Thomas W. to Old Sarge

    “I regret you having to see the true face of the American Sheep, JV.

    They have broken faith with their soldiers, and with their own laws and legacy. Willingly so.”

    The only truly evil people in this fiasco are conservatives who deliberately gave the country to Obama in the hopes he’d wreck it, which would in turn bring about the rise of the next Reagan.

    As you said, they betrayed the troops, the country, the PUMAs, their own children and grandchildren, and Sarah Palin, whose shocked, horrified face on election night I’ll never forget.

    Those petulant, unpatriotic conservatives should’ve told Palin up front that they they were going to shaft her, so she wouldn’t have bothered campaigning her heart out for ungrateful, self-centered, destructive fanatics.

    Our troops also deserved better, but you can’t reason with insane people.

    The hell of it is, we likely won’t see Palin as our candidate in 2012, derectly as a result of the creeps who satayed home or voted for Obama. The media successfully painted her as a lightweight, and the conservative base cemented the perception by not bothering to vote for her. The GOP will probably run Huckabee or Romney, which will make Obama a two termer.

    I know a top PUMA, and she said she’ll never again work with conservatives because they can’t be trusted. Way to go, losers. Brilliant.

    All in all, an ugly, shameful disaster. Despite the fact that the media was totally in the tank for Obama, the Republicans still could have won if the conservative base had had the intelligence, honor, and patriotism to show up.

    These people are no different from Code Pink and don’t deserve to be treated with even the tiniest amount of respect. They’re scum.

  • Victory in Iraq Day (November 22, 2008)

    11/17/2008 3:59:27 AM PST · 8 of 14
    Thomas W. to rfreedom4u

    “I am a supporter of total war in some cases. The crusades were a good cause.”

    Well, you’re there and I’m not, but I’d like you to consider the French experience in Algeria from 1954-1962.

    The French waged total war on the Algerians to put down the insurgency. They had 500,000 troops there and used collective punishment, calling in air strikes and artillery barrages on villages that harbored insurgents.

    The French tortured to death thousands, shot thousands in summary executions, and put 1.2 million (out of a population 9 million) in concentration camps.

    All in all, the French killed as many 1.5 million Algerians, but they still lost. Even more importantly, they lost 18,000 men in eight years, a KIA rate three and a half times ours.

    Total war doesn’t always work, and it’s not clear that it would’ve saved American lives, unless you’re talking carpet bombing Iraq with B-52s until nobody was left alive.

    We both know that this would never have happened, so it’s kind of a waste of time to contemplate it.

    I’ll leave you with this idea: The violence in Iraq got much worse after the destruction of the Golden Dome in Samarra. We’re told by a lot of “experts” that if we just hit these people hard enough and destroy the things they hold most dear, they’ll lose the will to fight.

    The strategic bombing of World War II never broke Germany’s will to fight. It took the invasion of Germany to end the war, at a huge cost to the Russians. We ourselves took most of our casualties in the final months of the war in the Pacific. Even after we nuked Japan, several factions wanted to fight on.

    In the end, I think we fought the Iraq war correctly, even though of course we made mistakes.

    Still, the mistakes we made in this war don’t even begin to compare to the massive mistakes we made in World War II, mistakes that cost many thousands of American lives and resulted in many officers being relieved of duty.

  • Smerconish(traitor) admited he Voted for Obama, he couldn't just vote Barr or write-in? Votes Obama?

    11/07/2008 6:08:25 PM PST · 13 of 44
    Thomas W. to plain talk

    Twenty percent of conservatives voted for Obama, and another however-million stayed home, as part of the effort to continue “teaching the Republican party a lesson.”

    Here’s part of an e-mail I got today from Move America Forward:

    “Our Troops Need a Morale Boost ASAP

    “Election Results Causing Concern that Americans Do Not Support our Troops

    “We are hearing from many of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan who are devastated at the results of the presidential balloting. Because President-Elect Barack Obama championed walking away from Iraq without victory, the troops overwhelmingly supported Senator John McCain.

    “With Obama’s election victory, they now are wondering whether Americans do not support them and their mission to rid the world of Islamic terrorism. We have to re-assure them that Americans do stand behind our troops and their heroic efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

    Twenty percent of conservatives and the millions who stayed home stabbed our troops and Sarah Palin in the back. They also sabotaged the entire country, if not the world, in their effort to gain political power.

    Those conservatives handed Obama an undeserved victory exactly the same way Obama wants to hand al Qaeda an undeserved victory in Iraq.

    If you want to know why our culture is in the rotten shape it’s in, look no further than people who claim to be patriotic, God fearing, and supportive of the troops, yet deliberately wreck everything that 4000 Americans have died for, all in the name of political gain.

    The conservatives who voted for Obama or stayed home are no different than Code Pink.

  • Dennis Prager reading his "hate mail" about yesterday's show - listen

    11/06/2008 10:05:11 AM PST · 41 of 75
    Thomas W. to beaversmom

    When conservatives congratulate Obama and praise him for his victory, his wonderful speech, his efforts at healing, etc., it makes all conservatives look like nitwits.

    Make no mistake: Obama is a genuine Manchurian candidate. He was groomed by the Weather Underground for twenty years. His career was started in the home of an unrepentant terrorist.

    Obama lied profusely about his relationship with terrorists. He knew them, worked with them, wrote policy with them, sat on boards with them, and blurbed their books.

    We don’t know how much of Ayers’s agenda Obama will be able to act on, but Obama is essentially a Weatherman himself.

    I’ve decided that to mainatin my sanity, I won’t listen to any of Obama’s speeches, press conferences, or interviews the entire time he’s in office. I’ll rely on transcripts.

    But I won’t legitimize him by listening to him. He’s my president, but only because Americans are now a nation of buffoons, including the idiot 20 percent of conservatives who voted for him to “teach the Republicans a lesson.”

    You bastards knifed Sarah Palin in the back. Did you like her shell-shocked look when she went back to Alaska? After she campaigned her heart out for you, you voted for Obama. Her son is in Iraq, fighting for you, and you voted in a Manchurian candidate to “teach the Republicans a lesson.”

    Well, screw you. The conservatives who voted for Obama are evil, selfish fanatics, no different from Code Pink, who also put politics ahead of our country.

    You don’t like my assessement?

    Too bad. How do you like the way McCain’s people are trashing Palin? You’re part of that filth. You’re responsible.

    Oh, and congratulations on the coming decades-long radical leftward tilt of the Supreme Court, you idiots.

    Mind you, I’m not trashing all conservatives, just the 20 percent who voted for Obama.

    Sick, deranged, evil people who care only about political power.

  • How Barack Knocked the Satire Out of Me (Christopher Buckley- Obama Beyond Criticism)

    11/05/2008 9:52:04 PM PST · 52 of 70
    Thomas W. to Infidel Puppy

    Infidel Puppy:

    I thought I was the only person in the world who’d seen “They Live.”

    That’s brilliant of you to make the connection.

    Obama left me cold the first time I heard him. Watching him become POTUS has been like living in a nightmare.

    Now that the worst has happened, I’m no longer afraid or even angry.

    More than half of my countrymen and -women are horrifying idiots, zombies, morons, mush-brained clowns who have as much respect for their country as they do for a wadded-up ball of tissue paper.

    But I see through the Messiah, and to keep my sanity I’ve vowed to never once listen to him speak as POTUS. I will skip all of his speeches, press conferences, and interviews. This is a first for me, but I’m excited to see if I can do it.

    McCain, too, was dazzled by Obama’s hip blackness and celebrity, so he couldn’t bring himself to actually defeat the guy. But there are a handful of us who were never impressed. We’re immune to the sleazy, sinister charm of this cheap, lying, thuggish, Marxist, racist Manchurian candidate.

    McCain’s next role will be Obama booster. He’ll be be the guy who stymies all Republican attempts to stop the new POTUS from trashing our way of life.

    Mark my words. McCain’s people are now trying to destroy Palin for the sin of believing him, so I must conclude that the man has no honor and in this election never once considered his country first.

    He’ll become Obama’s go-to guy to steamroller the Republicans.

  • Pitbull Turns on Maverick

    10/26/2008 5:30:34 AM PDT · 63 of 115
    Thomas W. to Dustoff45

    Obama’s people are predicting he’ll get 400 electoral votes.

    That, along with this story, is the proof that they know they’re going to lose.

    I’m actually looking forward to election night now.

    Has anybody besides me noticed how cheerful and relaxed McCain and Palin are, and how strained and miserable Obama and his whole stinking cult are?

    Anderson Cooper tells McCain the only honorable thing for him to do is drop out.

    Frum says McCain needs to announce that he’s doomed, and tell us to contribute to all the Republicans in Congress who brought us to the brink of economic collapse.

    Then there’s the story of McCain ripping all his demoralized staffers a new collective orifice, because they’re convinced he’s doomed, and only the madman Captain McQueeg still thinks he has a chance.

    All of this has convinced me that he and Palin are going to win big.

    Whatever you do, vote anyway, even if the press tells you on election day that exit polls show Obama winning all 50 states.

    I think we’ve been lied to all along, and Obama doesn’t have anywhere near the support we’ve been told.

  • Fire the Campaign

    10/13/2008 2:02:06 AM PDT · 10 of 173
    Thomas W. to nonkultur

    You got it.

    McCain is within the margin of error in plenty of polls, when Obama should be 30 points ahead.

    McCain can’t attack Obama the way some people want. If he does so, the media will spend the next three weeks accusing him of racism, hate, craziness, etc. They’re already doing that.

    Anyway, McCain doesn’t have to attack Obama anymore, because the ACORN fraud, Ayers, and Rezko will peel off enough voters that McCain will win by a couple of percentage points, and that’s all he needs.

    Kristol is dead wrong.

  • Report: McCain, Palin at odds over how hard to hit Obama

    10/11/2008 11:33:57 PM PDT · 15 of 46
    Thomas W. to Netizen

    This is absolute baloney.

    McCain is standing right there on the stage with Palin when she makes her most cutting remarks about Obama. They haven’t had a falling out. All you have to do is use your own eyes and ears and watch their rallies.

    Also, the McCain ads are now tying Obama to the ACORN voter fraud. The idea that McCain doesn’t want to win is ludicrous. He can’t “get angry,” because that’s what the press is waiting for.

    “Crazy Mac!” “Erratic!” “Racist!” “Driven nuts by the Vietnamese!”

    This is psy-ops meant to demoralize you.

    Don’t fall for it.

    As Tammy Bruce said today, Reagan vs. Carter was decided in the final 72 hours of the campaign.

    McCain will win this thing, as long as conservatives don’t let the enemy psyche them out.

  • Is This It?

    10/09/2008 5:43:57 AM PDT · 9 of 35
    Thomas W. to tentmaker

    “McCain is not the problem. The problem is that he has to sail into the face of a steady and fierce headwind created by the bias of the media.”

    And the refusal of President Bush to ever explain or defend himself, and the Republican Congress—to this day—refusing to take credit for its achievements.

    Why won’t the House Republicans publicize their stunning victory on drilling?

    Wouldn’t it be great if all Repubs were like Palin and McCotter?

    My dream ticket for 2012 or 2016.

  • David Brooks: Sarah Palin “represents a fatal cancer” to GOP

    10/08/2008 8:09:53 PM PDT · 24 of 69
    Thomas W. to pissant

    Palin is indeed a fatal cancer to the inside-the-beltway, cocktail-party, country-club GOP that thinks it’s just so grubby to defend yourself against the lies and insanity of the Democrats.

    I’ve figured it out, though. Krauthammer and Co. go to parties with their lib friends, who turn to them and say in their best Thurston Howell III voice, “Good Lord, can you possibly have a tackier candidate than Sarah Palin? I mean, really! There are limits, you know. Moose hunting? Speaking in tongues? Doesn’t read the Times? Oh, dear.”

    And Krauthammer and Co.’s faces burn, and they start to hate Palin for embarrassing them in front of their rich, cultured, suave, elitist pals.

    Well, they can cram it. To hell with them.

    Go out and vote for Sarah. Drag McCain along with her, but elect Sarah as a big “SCREW YOU” to the Dems and the elitist conservatives who basically want you to live in a kind of cultural slavery, ruled by your “betters.”

  • Dems hope Singlaub is McCain’s Ayers

    10/07/2008 1:33:35 AM PDT · 7 of 22
    Thomas W. to Darkwolf377

    Let’s see how far we can spread this genuine quote from Bill Ayers:

    “Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home, kill your parents—that’s where it’s really at.”

  • Gwen's comments right after the debate (Vanity)

    10/03/2008 1:35:12 AM PDT · 27 of 90
    Thomas W. to Darkwolf377

    “I thought Ifill was perfectly fair, as was Lehrer.”

    She asked almost no questions about any of Palin’s strong suits: drilling for oil, guns, and abortion.

    Funny, that.

  • One Point that Palin and McCain miss and need to hammer home

    10/02/2008 8:42:44 PM PDT · 30 of 50
    Thomas W. to Scutter

    From Ace:

    McCain Holding Back on Fannie and Freddie? Um... Wait For It

    No confirmation on this, no tip, no hint.

    But I know what he’s doing.

    John McCain is waiting until the bill passes.

    And then he will unleash the dogs of hell.

    And he will say, “I stayed away from making these partisan attacks, even though you lied ridiculously about me and your own attempts at ‘reform.’ I held back, because partisan attacks — even truthful ones — would harm our country and reduce the chances of getting a vital bill passed.

    “Well, the bill is now passed. I put country first. You didn’t, and you lied on top of that. And now — only now that this crisis has been dealt with, to the extent we can — I’m going to give you a bit of straight-talk about Fannie, Freddie, my attempts to reform it, and your attempts to block reform on behalf of your big donors and friends in ACORN.”

    Count on it.

  • I Fear for my Country

    10/01/2008 6:08:24 PM PDT · 36 of 107
    Thomas W. to dandiegirl

    If Obama is elected:

    a) the economy is so fragile he won’t be able to raise the money to do all the socialist things he says he wants to do, and:

    b) if the Dems increase their numbers of seats in both houses, they’ve shown they don’t have the spine to do anything controversial.

    Even as the majority party, they’ve given Bush almost everything he asked for, including funding the Iraq war until we won it, installing two very conservative Supreme Court Justices, and allowing the oil-drilling ban to expire.

    If Barry is elected, he’ll just bask in global praise for four years, and the Dems will say they can’t do anything because Bush ruined the economy and our global standing.

    Barry will be a caretaker president who was elected only to assuage the country’s lingering racial guilt. He won’t do anything to jeopardize his chances of a second term, which will mean he’ll be a one-term wonder.

    If McCain and Palin lose, she’ll be around, and now we have emerging stars like Rep. Thaddeus McCotter.

    We’ll survive President Obama, and the silver lining is that Sharpton, Jackson, and the rest of the racism pimps will not be able to say we’re a racist country, since we finally had the “good sense” (barf) to give power to a “real” (i.e. liberal) black and not another of those awful “sellouts” like Clarence Thomas, Condoleeza Rice, Michael Steele, and so on.

  • Democrats add billions to stopgap bill

    09/25/2008 10:39:31 PM PDT · 12 of 20
    Thomas W. to abigailsmybaby

    Fear not.

    It’s all a trap for the Dems.

  • Dems Blast McCain After Bailout Negotiations Go Sour (Go Mac Go Alert!)

    09/25/2008 7:59:13 PM PDT · 29 of 61
    Thomas W. to enough_idiocy

    Did anyone see Hannity and Colmes tonight?

    According to Gingrich and Dick Morris, McCain has killed the Paulson bailout and will present an alternate version, which will require the government to lend, not give the money, and regulations will be reformed and taxes will be loosened to help them pay us back.

    Both Gingrich and Morris were giddy. They both said McCain has shown that he will stand up to anyone—including the president—to fight for the country, and he’s changed the argument: Now, the Dems support giving a trillion dollars to the Wall Street “fat cats,” as they called them over and over, but McCain has refused, in the name of the taxpayer.

    McCain has used their own words against them! If they’re worthless fat cats, which do you want to give them a trillion dollars, eh? Eh?

    Both Gingrich and Morris said that McCain had utterly and totally pwned the Dems, who will be forced to support McCain’s plan.

    McCain will then go to the public and explain that Obama supported handing a trillion dollars of their hard-earned money over to crooks, but McCain supported an alternative, despite immense pressure from the president and the Department of the Treasury.

    As a bonus, McCain stood up for the conservative wing of the party, not the moderates, as everyone expected him to do. Both Gingrich and Morris said McCain has totally won the argument.

    Let’s hope it all pans out this way.

    Morris said that he’s never seen anything like this: McCain, the man of principle, united with the most effective campaigners in the history of American politics.

    He was as excited and happy as I’ve ever seen him.

    Both Gingrich and Morris predict total victory for McCain on this topic.

  • Obama and Ayers Pushed Radicalism On Schools (Kurtz returns)

    09/23/2008 4:54:26 AM PDT · 3 of 14
    Thomas W. to ButThreeLeftsDo

    “I did not have sex with that man, Mr. Ayers.”

    Liar, liar, Barry.

    Pants on fire.

  • A Call For Unity

    09/23/2008 1:26:25 AM PDT · 10 of 19
    Thomas W. to Marie2

    The thing to keep in mind is that President Bush—who I support—has created an almost insurmountable headwind for any Republican in this election season.

    He did so by refusing for his entire tenure to explain or defend himself, thus allowing his enemies to define him and his policies and, by extension, Republicans and conservatives.

    It continues to this day. The president supports the largest financial bailout in global history, but he refuses to go on TV and explain why he thinks it’s necessary. As a result we have panic, rumors, and misunderstandings flying everywhere. It’s just possible that this could cost the Republicans the election.

    But President Bush will give his standard cop-out of “We’ll let history decide,” which is another way of saying, “I can’t be bothered.”

    So McCain must walk an almost impossible line here. He has to appeal to the electorate, which has been hammered for eight years with lies that President Bush has refused to debunk. McCain has to present himself as “bipartisan,” or else the public will lump him in with President Bush and the GOP leadership.

    Just remember that Newt Gingrich and Fred Thompson are campaigning their hearts out for McCain. If McCain wins, he’ll owe them, and they won’t let him rule as a liberal.

    And McCain’s sense of honor and obligation won’t let him betray them.

    If McCain wins, I think we’ll be okay.

  • No Taxpayer Bailout

    09/22/2008 10:28:05 PM PDT · 25 of 72
    Thomas W. to Nathan Zachary

    My 80-year-old parents went through the Great Depression.

    Dad recently lost $150,000 when IndyMac collapsed.

    This is real, and it’s going to affect millions of people if it isn’t dealt with immediately.

    A lot of the people demanding that we not bail out the banks are already rich enough that it won’t affect them personally. They remind me of millionaire actors espousing communism, when they themselves will never be impacted by it.

    Why should my elderly parents and I be out on the street just to preserve some wealthy conservatives’ ideological purity?


    09/22/2008 9:30:03 PM PDT · 47 of 65
    Thomas W. to Freedom'sWorthIt

    “According to the ‘bad forecasts’ if this ‘bailout’ does not happen - EVERYTHING WILL CRASH - ECONOMICALLY. I just want to know if that is true....or not.”

    The answer is yes. Without the bailout, we’ll have a global economic crash and a depression, probably in only a few weeks.

    The problem is that the free market is run by humans. The humans lending the money and investing are too afraid to do so, because of the instability of the global financial system.

    Since banks are too afraid to loan and investors are too afraid to invest, the entire world’s financial markets are in danger of freezing up.

    Today we saw oil shoot up $25, which is the largest single-day increase ever. The Dow dropped almost 400 points.

    This is due to the fear that the bailout won’t work, because Congress is screwing with it, and people are starting to demand that we sit down and talk about it for a few weeks.

    We have two choices: bailout or depression. That’s reality.

    Don’t take my word for it; watch what happens to the price of oil, the dollar, and the stock market.

    This isn’t socialism, any more than Lincoln arresting treasonous congressmen was fascism. This is a real emergency.

    Most of the people demanding that we not have a bailout are already wealthy. Michelle Malkin can afford to stand on principle.

    I can’t. I don’t want to end up on the soup line at age 46.

    This bailout will stabilize the markets, and then we can reform them by electing McCain and Palin, who both support the bailout, although reluctantly, like me. We’re not bailing out private companies; we’re saving the whole economy.

    Just don’t kid yourself. Pence says we can pay for this with cuts in spending.

    Do you really think we can cut the federal budget by a trillion dollars, especially if the Dems still control both houses of Congress?

    It’s time to be brutally realistic. We’re up Crap Creek without a paddle. There’s no real alternative to the bailout.