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Posts by Thoro

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  • Why Nerds Are Unpopular

    06/02/2008 3:29:25 PM PDT · 66 of 141
    Thoro to Titus Quinctius Cincinnatus

    "Nobody's really free until nerd persecution ends."
  • Sale of Hybrids Gaining Traction

    06/01/2008 6:37:38 PM PDT · 21 of 76
    Thoro to Diana in Wisconsin

    Does a hybrid have a lower insurance cost because it’s a small economy car(like any economy car) or is it more than that because it’s a hybrid? If it’s because it’s a hybrid, why?

    Other question I always wondered about. What do they do with the batteries once they’re completely spent? (after that 6 to 10 year life) I’ve always been told that a battery in a dump is one of the worst forms of environmental pollution. Now they want us all to drive one? Something seems counterproductive there.

  • This Weeks Sci-Fi Thread (05/25/08)

    05/25/2008 9:25:35 AM PDT · 15 of 40
    Thoro to TexasBarak

    I find Donna refreshing after the smitten unrequitted love angles from the previous two companions. She’s there to be “fun”, and I think her character works more often than not. This last Agatha Christie episode was a great ride!

    And they actually went through with the Americanization of Life on Mars? Ouch. I have a bad feeling about this. The british version was AWESOME, and I heartily recommend it, especially if you have a love of cliche cop shows which it cleverly parodies. The sci-fi angle is just the cherry on the top.

  • Maxine Waters Calls for the Nationalization of US Oil Companies

    05/23/2008 1:45:28 PM PDT · 75 of 98
    Thoro to mondoreb

    Isn’t it this exact type of irresponsible rhetoric that sends the futures market into a steep climb for fear that government will actually carry through with the threat?

  • Pelosi Statement on President Bush’s Failure to Pressure Saudi Arabia to Increase Oil Production

    05/16/2008 2:07:49 PM PDT · 48 of 55
    Thoro to Sub-Driver
    "Next week, the House will also act on legislation that will extend and expand tax incentives to invest in renewable energy and create the green jobs of the future, as well as revised NOPEC legislation to crack down on OPEC-controlled entities and oil companies for oil price fixing.”

    Where is a genuine reporter to ask how any of that's going to lower the price of gas NOW especially since they've been "cracking down" on oil companies for as long as I can remember only to find absolutely nothing. Someone needs to push a time line any time one of these idiots like Pelosi talks this "green markets" and renewable energies nonsense, because John Q. Public is pretty blind to the fact that these are decades off at the earliest, if at all. She's talking decades to centuries in the future to people who are expecting her to be talking about the present. Of course, she probably doesn't even understand that. Frustrating.

    I think I can understand this futures market thing now. Maybe the price of oil went up because there was a future market for oil at this set price we see now for fear that the liberals would be doing the kind of anti-energy crap they are now or possibly much worse. "The liberals are going to be in power? Crap, that means more regulation and energy's going to be even more expensive to obtain for my company, better hedge my bets now."
  • Stuperdelegate Nagin endorses Obama for president

    05/13/2008 2:10:35 PM PDT · 28 of 31
    Thoro to evets

    Ok, there has to be a story behind that photo. I have to ask, is that stupid idiotic moron pointing that gun at the cop? And is that cop that effin retarded to not stop him and tell him that you NEVER joke around like that! You treat a gun like it’s loaded and that it can go off at ANY time. Sheesh....

  • McCain calls Obama insensitive to poor people

    04/27/2008 3:44:23 PM PDT · 16 of 56
    Thoro to The_Republican
    Obama said McCain "not only wants to continue some of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and corporations, he actually wants to extend them, and he hasn't told us really how he's going to pay for them."

    What the HELL does that even mean? Did he just say the government's going broke?
  • Green Politicization of Iwo Jima Photo Condemned by Black Veteran

    04/22/2008 1:35:48 PM PDT · 2 of 55
    Thoro to Trueblackman
    Reducing energy use by U.S. manufacturers will have a braking effect on jobs and income.

    And there's the dirty little secret that all politicians(R and especially D) go to great lengths to avoid saying.
  • Gas Prices Soar as Refiners Cut Production

    04/06/2008 8:54:56 PM PDT · 111 of 136
    Thoro to rb22982
    Declining dollar is one of the lesser factors involved. Even removing the weak dollar, oil went from $9 to $70/barrel in less than a decade. The biggest factors are huge increase in demand in China/India, burdensome regulations, and no drilling allowed in the US.

    Like I said, those are all factors. I think addressing any of them would definitely help, but I don't think all of what you mention together is going to fix the problem. I just can't discount the comodities futures especially because of the insane amount of money invested into *that* futures market during that same time frame. There's an artificial bubble here that can't sustain itself, and it needs to pop.
  • Gas Prices Soar as Refiners Cut Production

    04/06/2008 1:13:14 PM PDT · 58 of 136
    Thoro to rednesss
    All this talk of domestic drilling is slight of hand to misdirect our attention at what is truly causing the price of energy to skyrocket, the systematic dismantling of the value of our $$$$dollar, and rabid speculation on the commodities exchanges.

    That's pretty much the point of another article posted here. Although everything that's been mentioned so far in this thread(no more drilling, too many blends, regulations, etc) is a factor, imo; it's the declining dollar and more importantly the rabid speculation of commodities that are the big two factors.

    From the other article:

    "As for the speculators, in 2000 approximately $9 billion was invested in oil futures, while today that number has gone up to $250 billion. Now, if any publicly traded company had an additional $241 billion put into its stock in the same period, its stock would rise out of sight too—even if the company was not worth anywhere near that amount of market capitalization."

    I ask again like I asked in that other thread. What's going to be the catalyst to get this futures market bubble to burst? It's long overdue.
  • Do we care what they think of America?

    04/04/2008 9:06:50 PM PDT · 33 of 34
    Thoro to CarrotAndStick

    HA! Russia has better ratings than we do? HA! Makes the author’s point completely. How are you supposed to take an ignorant point of view seriously?

  • There Is No Gas Shortage

    04/02/2008 5:10:43 PM PDT · 8 of 8

    What’s the solution? Do we have to wait for the speculation bubble to burst on its own? What’s going to be the catalyst for that to happen?

    It has to correct itself eventually, and I’d prefer it did so without Washington getting involved. But reading an article like this, it sounds like the burst in the futures market is long overdue.

  • Wrongs and Wright

    03/18/2008 2:07:13 PM PDT · 7 of 7
    Thoro to TheBlueMax

    Once a pastor/reverend/rabbi starts talking politics from the pulpit, he loses said title. Nowhere in any of this political talk(and that’s exactly what it is, it is NOT a sermon) have I read anything remotely Christian. Where’s the golden rule, “love thy neighbor”, or H-E-double-hockeysticks, civil language?

  • South Park returns for its 12th season

    02/27/2008 4:46:44 PM PST · 41 of 52
    Thoro to Welsh Rabbit
    That particular episode just didn’t do it for me, but I really don’t have well thought out explanation, other than I generally prefer Kyle, Stan, Cartman, and company to play a bigger part in the episodes (although I loved the one where Butters parents tried to kill him), and I thought the novelty of the talking vagina wore thin after a bit.

    If you listen to the commentary by Matt and Trey for that episode, you'll find out they didn't much like it either. They described it as "putting a hat on a hat." Putting that hat on is funny (Towelie), but putting another hat on it(Mingy) is just too much.
  • Ivy League Populism

    02/21/2008 3:27:56 PM PST · 11 of 14
    Thoro to Kaslin
    To the extent that we have any social and legal problems from unchecked illegal immigration, it has nothing to do with the cynicism and corruption of the Mexican government that deliberately exports, exploits and profits off its own people. The problem is not the fondness for low-paid, off-the-books illegal labor among the upper-middle classes, nor the disdain for the law of illegal immigrants themselves, who crowd to the front of the immigration line. Instead, America’s xenophobia, blame-casting and insensitive government have made it needlessly rough on 11 million arrivals who otherwise did us a favor by coming.

    Yeowzer, talk about nailing it. Short, concise, and completely on point eloquence in satire. I really wish a *leader* would step forward and put forth the same sentiment and put the blame where it really belongs.
  • History of McCain "Grimace" photo

    02/04/2008 8:22:36 AM PST · 18 of 67
    Thoro to rightwingintelligentsia
    Gosh—I always thought that picture was photoshopped.

    I always thought it was a joke pose done by McCain himself just to be funny and lighten the mood. So I never really thought much of the picture.

    The truth is far worse.
  • US Qaeda strategy fatally flawed: analysts

    02/04/2008 8:09:11 AM PST · 63 of 84
    Thoro to Red Badger
    If it weren’t for PC, this war would have ended years and thousands of lives ago..........

    Bump for truth.
  • McCain reaches out to conservative base

    02/04/2008 7:51:17 AM PST · 49 of 58
    Thoro to 1Old Pro
    McCain is another Dole.

    Oh, how I wish that were true as it'd be much easier to tolerate the loss then.
  • SEN. MCCAIN "NEVER SUPPORTED AMNESTY"? (McCain's Claim from Sunday)

    12/31/2007 2:02:30 PM PST · 45 of 74
    Thoro to Reaganesque
    Sen. McCain Teamed Up With Sen. Ted Kennedy

    Is it really necessary to read any further?
  • As prime minister, Benazir Bhutto did little

    12/30/2007 9:05:11 AM PST · 6 of 11
    Thoro to Godwin1
    The “so-called war on terror.” Tells us all we need to know about this hack jihadist supporter.

    I don't know where the writer was going with this article, and now I don't care. I stopped reading at that exact point.
  • Texas: Forced DUI Blood Draws Expand

    12/28/2007 9:23:19 PM PST · 229 of 444
    Thoro to A_Tradition_Continues
    I thought we loved pro-drunk driving mooses here on FR.

    A moose once bit my sister.....

    sorry, thought it was a rule around here :)
  • Texas: Forced DUI Blood Draws Expand

    12/28/2007 9:19:06 PM PST · 224 of 444
    Thoro to elkfersupper
    So why is the nationwide standard .08, headed to .05, and effectively 0.00?

    Federal blackmail because of bowing to some lobby group doing it for the children.
  • Texas: Forced DUI Blood Draws Expand

    12/28/2007 7:57:25 PM PST · 72 of 444
    Thoro to elkfersupper
    With warrant in hand, a nurse whose salary is often paid by Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD)

    That strikes me as highly unethical and a conflict of interest.

    I still say that we should enforce DUT checkpoints. That's Driving Under Tiredness for you all not up on your acronyms. If you've not had enough sleep, or are just not well rested, or even stressed out, it's clear that you don't have the attention span required to drive a car and thus must be sent to jail for a period of no less than 3 months, or at least long enough to test the strength of your civil morals. This is of course, after you've paid all the prerequisite fines to all township entities that have their hands in the DUT till......errr, I mean checkpoint.
  • SMALL TOWN DEFENDERS - Hazelton, PA taking on the illegal aliens

    12/27/2007 7:14:41 PM PST · 17 of 33
    Thoro to olezip
    “Even if federal law did not conflict with Hazleton’s measures, the city could not enact an ordinance that violates rights the Constitution guarantees to every person in the United States, whether legal resident or not,” he said."

    IMO this judge is a moron and a Democrat with a disordered, warped and twisted mind. The Constitution was written for legal residents of this country; otherwise you have no country at all!

    I remember when this happened and that indeed was the money quote. With that line, this judge proved he was fully unqualified to practice law.
  • German man jailed for teaching his dog to perform Nazi salute

    12/23/2007 1:35:31 PM PST · 78 of 85
    Thoro to Diana in Wisconsin

    Holy cow! That’s a real web site! HA!

  • Peter Jackson to produce `The Hobbit'

    12/18/2007 8:14:31 PM PST · 78 of 84
    Thoro to Tired of Taxes
    Also almost ruining it was the actor who played Gandalf with his political cause. What a shame.

    I love Ian Mckellen in the LOTR, X-men and other movies. I know enough of his personal life to not read up too much on him outside his movie work. That was one thing I was happy about. Unlike Viggo, McKellen is(or was?) relatively low key. Whenever someone would ask McKellen about a project, or if he was involved in promoting a project, McKellen would try to stick strictly to the project, and steer all questions back into what related to the project. Viggo, on the other hand, would steer it into politics somehow and make some assinine statement.
  • Peter Jackson to produce `The Hobbit'

    12/18/2007 2:43:00 PM PST · 51 of 84
    Thoro to stripes1776; Tired of Taxes
    "But, skip forward about halfway in this Charlie Rose interview to see Viggo, with nods of agreement from Peter and Elijah, talk about the “War for Oil” and how the U.S. is the evil one"

    Viggo is a left-wing nut alright. But what do expect from a guy who grew up in Denmark and Argentina? A left-wing nut!

    I enjoyed Viggo far more when I didn't know his personal views. And it's not so much that I know them as it is that he spews them out forcibly, and often awkwardly, whenever he has the opportunity. It hasn't ruined Aragorn for me yet, but I do try to avoid any further interviews or behind the scenes clips with him in it to make sure that that stays the case. However since, when I see he's in an upcoming picture, "spoiled ignorant idiot" does come to mind, which I'm sure isn't the desired reaction by anyone involved in said promoted project. I was curious about Hildalgo, but some of that curiousity turned to apathy because of Viggo's nonsense at the time.
  • Friends of Hillary speak out

    12/17/2007 1:47:12 PM PST · 24 of 79
    Thoro to Zakeet
    The videos also include comments from the New York senator’s constituents, including a mother with a sick child who says Clinton “worked outside of the view of the media” when she helped her daughter get the medical attention she needed.

    Doesn't working this sound bite inside the view of the media now and with full knowledge/consent of Clinton Inc. pretty much negate the nobleness of the act?
  • Iran's nuke program is history — sure, and your check's in the mail

    12/15/2007 10:06:08 AM PST · 3 of 6
    Thoro to Excuse_My_Bellicosity

    I’m still waiting for Iran to play the green card by saying that their uranium enrichment is solely to avoid polluting the environment with evil carbon emissions.

    And there’ll be people that will eat that line up, hook, line, and sinker.

  • Pelosi hits bottom

    12/15/2007 8:08:57 AM PST · 52 of 59
    Thoro to mort56; Loud Mime
    "She’s an idiot. AND she’s in Congress"

    But wait...I thought you had to be an idiot to be in Congress. I thought both "jobs" were synonymous.

    "Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress; but I repeat myself." - Mark Twain
  • Ex-CIA Agent: Waterboarding Was Necessary, Torture(NOT!)

    12/11/2007 11:32:49 AM PST · 22 of 25
    Thoro to Slapshot68
    “As I stated on a previous thread I posted, waterboarding is NOT torture since there is no physical pain inflicted.”

    Considering that no one's being burned or crushed to death by an exploding jet plane or crumbling building, or having their head slowly sawed off, I tend to agree.
  • Isotope shortage almost 'catastrophic,' MD says

    12/06/2007 9:26:30 PM PST · 27 of 30
    Thoro to Bender2
    I had a nuclear stress test just last week... and nothing was said about the shortage.

    It just started becoming a problem last week. This week it's been getting progressively worse by day. The radiopharmacies want to help, but they only have so much Technicium to dole out to *all* their customers. Yesterday our one department was told they were only allowed two sets of low activity cardiac doses, which was insufficient for their schedule.
  • Isotope shortage almost 'catastrophic,' MD says

    12/06/2007 9:17:36 PM PST · 25 of 30
    Thoro to alnick
    Octreotide scans use indium, and are unaffected by the shortage. White blood cell labeled scans looking for infection or prosthetic loosening can use either indium or technicium, so there's an alternative for those.

    Let me retype that as I was a little unclear because an octreotide scan is not a white blood cell scan.

    Octreotide scans use indium, and are unaffected by the shortage. Also, white blood cell labeled scans looking for infection or prosthetic loosening can use either indium or technicium, so there's an alternative for those scans.
  • Isotope shortage almost 'catastrophic,' MD says

    12/06/2007 9:03:48 PM PST · 24 of 30
    Thoro to fanfan
    Is it true that a doctor can see more in a PET scan, than the other types?

    Without getting into too much information about how a positron and PET camera works, simply put, the gamma rays given off by F-18 are 511kev whereas the gamma rays given off by Tc99m are 140kev, so there's more definite gamma rays hitting the scintillating crystal without attenuation. Any scan using F-18 and a PET scanner will look more defined than a Tc99m scan simply because there's more counts to make the pixels in the picture. Nuclear medicine imaging is all about counts. As I usually tell the students "We send counts into the body, and we get counts back based on physiology."

    That said, PET scans are primarily for cancer diagnosis,staging during chemo/radiation therapy and brain imaging mostly because that's all the insurance companies cover at this point. F-18 is pretty much attached to a glucose molecule which is the basis for cellular metabolism, especially in the brain. Any cancer that may be in the body will take up far more glucose than any other cell. Although inflammation and any normally overactive cells(like the heart and brain) will also take it up. There are PET cardiac imaging centers, but it's pretty much niche at this point. Realize I'm generalizing a bit here. My point is that even though a PET scan looks really good, it's not necessarily the scan your doctor will order due to availability, camera time, insurance, and sometimes the organ being scanned is not an avid uptaker of glucose so a different isotope/molecule combo is needed.

    I expect we'll be seeing more and different type of scans done with a PET scanner in the future. I just read a journal article discussing a bone scanning agent that uses F-18, and the picture is much crisper and more clinically useful compared to the standard Tc99m bone scan. As a nuclear tech, it's a give and take. Sure the picture's better, but you're also exposing yourself to more radiation, which conversely is one of the nice things about the relatively low radioactivity of Technicium-99m.
  • Isotope shortage almost 'catastrophic,' MD says

    12/06/2007 8:10:36 PM PST · 23 of 30
    Thoro to alnick
    What about octreotide scans?

    Octreotide scans use indium, and are unaffected by the shortage. White blood cell labeled scans looking for infection or prosthetic loosening can use either indium or technicium, so there's an alternative for those.
  • Isotope shortage almost 'catastrophic,' MD says

    12/06/2007 3:08:10 PM PST · 7 of 30
    Thoro to fanfan

    I work in Nuclear Medicine/PET-CT. This shortage is really crippling our ability to do studies. No one’s happy, and unfortunately, this is just the beginning. Right now the priority is on in patient studies, as it should be. Each day we call and try to reschedule patients(but to when?)

    To avoid or lessen the effect of the shortage, some departments are changing their cardiac protocols to Thallium, which doesn’t yield as good of a picture, imo. Although some of the old school radiologists seem to love it.

    If you have a nuclear stress test, bone scan, gastric empty study, or parathyroid scan scheduled as an out patient, expect to be rescheduled. Fortunately, nuclear medicine doesn’t use one single isotope. PET scans(F-18) and Thyroid scans (I-131, I-123) remain unaffected.

  • 4th-graders losing ground on literacy

    11/28/2007 2:29:01 PM PST · 10 of 28
    Thoro to dinoparty
    I know that teachers will get blamed for this, perhaps with some justification. But increasing use of TVs and computers (and parental consent to such garbage) bears much of the blame.

    Whenever some school district bemoans that they don't have enough money for laptops, I remember my 8 years of catholic education that *always* re-used their text books, pinched every penny, and how far far ahead I was education-wise of every student in the public school when I transfered there for high school.

    Personally, I think we need more South Park "Sit Down and Study!" applied to more students at this age as seen here.
  • Founder's Quotes - Thomas Paine on Unnecessary War

    11/26/2007 2:58:39 PM PST · 18 of 29
    Thoro to Loud Mime
    “No good decision was ever made in a swivel chair.” General George S. Patton

    That one had me laugh out loud. :) Going to have to remember that.
  • South Park Theology

    11/26/2007 2:06:17 PM PST · 44 of 47
    Thoro to Mr. Blonde
    Seems to me this season they took their own advice and quit being so preachy and up their own ass with messages. None of the episodes this season seemed incredibly political to me. Even with Al Gore showing up a few times.

    They kind of talk about being preachy in the commentary for the new season out on DVD. At the time they were making these episodes, they were in the news, and being interviewed on tv, and in the news again. Being that they were in the media, they saw what was being said, and having a show with such a fast turn around time, able to counter what was being said.
  • South Park Theology

    11/26/2007 1:58:29 PM PST · 43 of 47
    Thoro to GregoTX

    There’s a key line from that episode that sums up the whole shebang:

    Kyle: If you don’t show Mohammed, then you’ve made a distinction what is okay to poke fun at, and what isn’t. Either it’s all okay, or none of it is.

    It was definitely one of South Park’s more offensive moments, but I don’t think the point would have been made quite as effectively if it hadn’t gone that route. Yeah, it probably put off a lot of viewers(you included). I think we need to view this in the big picture angle though. South Park is counter culture, and does a VERY effective job of getting people(especially younger people, their target audience) to think and question the absurdity of PC. I don’t think there’s any other popular television program that does this, let alone do it as well as South Park does.

  • Is Canada's heath system a cure for U.S.?

    11/04/2007 10:02:27 AM PST · 25 of 52
    Thoro to 1066AD

    Let’s see, the government’s in charge of the DMV, the IRS, and immigration, and they’re doing such a fantastic job in all three. You want to ship something and guarantee it gets there over night, what do you choose? The post office or UPS? These are the arguments and points our side need to make....repeatedly ad nauseum.

  • New South Park episode TONIGHT on Comedy Central - Imaginationland: Episode III - live thread!

    11/01/2007 5:05:25 PM PDT · 54 of 57
    Thoro to EveningStar

    Looks like this trilogy was the South Park Narnia movie. Yeowzer, I couldn’t even count the number of toy/cartoon/movie references.

  • Big Paychecks for U2 Millionaires (Bono Preaches High Taxes for World's Poor; Evades His Own Taxes)

    10/29/2007 2:48:49 PM PDT · 22 of 23
    Thoro to EveningStar
    No wonder no matter what “good” Bono does, he still seems like a huge piece of crap. :)

    Pinging the correct EveningStar this time. :)
  • Big Paychecks for U2 Millionaires (Bono Preaches High Taxes for World's Poor; Evades His Own Taxes)

    10/28/2007 3:35:26 PM PDT · 9 of 23
    Thoro to DogByte6RER; EveningStar

    No wonder no matter what “good” Bono does, he still seems like a huge piece of crap. :)

  • New South Park episode tonight on Comedy Central - Imaginationland: Episode II - live thread!

    10/27/2007 8:56:12 AM PDT · 105 of 105
    Thoro to murdoog
    It looks like I am in the minority, but I haven’t liked the last two episodes. They seem like a pointless mess. (And I have been an avid Southpark fan since it first aired.)

    I don't think they've been a complete mess, but yeah, the interconnecting theme just...isn't there yet. I'm hoping they resolve it with a proper punch line.
  • New South Park episode tonight on Comedy Central - Imaginationland - live thread!

    10/18/2007 5:40:03 PM PDT · 76 of 80
    Thoro to SlowBoat407; Philly Nomad
    I can't help but hope that the message here is, "You terrorists don't want to force us to open up the dark side of our imaginations, because it WILL get ugly for you." It's probably going to be completely out of left field, but that's where my mind went, anyway.

    That's where my mind went too. I bought the latest season of South Park and in the commentary on the Mohammed cartoon episodes, it's pretty clear they're still irked about that issue. Wouldn't surprise me if this is some residual frustration from that, especially since they did a pretty good job of showing what islamic terrorism would look like in imaginationland.
  • Senator Inhofe slams new global warming bill as all 'economic pain for no climate gain'

    10/18/2007 3:27:19 PM PDT · 4 of 11
    Thoro to EPW Comm Team
    MIT climate scientist Richard Lindzen correctly summed up these types of efforts in March when he said, ‘Controlling carbon is a bureaucrat's dream. If you control carbon, you control life.'

    Yeowzer. Talk about nailing it.
  • Bill to Condemn Genocide in Jeopardy (Pelosi ploy failing)

    10/17/2007 6:50:48 AM PDT · 48 of 110
    Thoro to teddyballgame
    A House vote to label the century-old deaths of Armenians as genocide was in jeopardy Tuesday after several Democrats withdrew their support and sounded alarms it could cripple U.S. relations with Turkey.

    Ok, that sentence implies that those several Democrats *were* on board from the get go and unable to see the obvious logical repercussion until *after* it was explained to them.

    That amount of idiocy and lack of common sense frightens me.
  • Nice Try Media Matters But Ann Coulter Is No Anti-Semite (Debbie Schlussel Defends Ann Alert)

    10/11/2007 4:18:46 PM PDT · 46 of 96
    Thoro to goldstategop

    Wow. If Media Matters is going to go through all the trouble of attacking someone, they could at least try and make the lie at least plausible.

  • Rice issues new rules for Blackwater USA (WARNING: Disturbing images)

    10/05/2007 8:10:14 PM PDT · 22 of 30
    Thoro to Virginia Ridgerunner

    Hey, let’s apply utopian western ideals to a real life situation in an anti-western environment where it’s guaranteed that such rules will only get more people killed and encourage more terrorism! It’s worked so great so far! So let’s keep at it!