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  • U.S. will reach 400 Million Private Firearms by end of Obama Presidency

    09/02/2015 6:16:24 AM PDT · 19 of 40
    ThunderSleeps to marktwain

    I think I need to add to that - help reach that 400 million mark. I’m thinking another handgun in 45 ACP. I have a classic full-size 1911. I’m thinking something slightly smaller and more easily concealed. Maybe one of the newer polymer 45s from Glock, S&W, Springfield...

  • Petraeus: Use Al Qaeda Fighters to Beat ISIS

    09/01/2015 6:44:24 AM PDT · 6 of 25
    ThunderSleeps to maggief
    Training and arming a bunch of radical Islamists with a history of attacking America. Do this just as the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world, Iran, is getting access to tens of billions of dollars to support worldwide terrorist operations. Hmm...

    Yeah, great idea. What could possibly go wrong? ;-/

  • Nobody Cares About the Clinton Email Scandal, Says Clinton Camp

    09/01/2015 6:40:08 AM PDT · 17 of 38
    ThunderSleeps to MarvinStinson
    Oh how she wishes she had the power to make it so... To enforce her will upon the peons, forbid any discussion of anything detrimental to her aspirations...

    You can hear it echoing faintly in everything she says. Feel it slithering between the lines of everything you read from their camp. Almost taste the venom in the air and feel the heat of her suppressed rage.

    Prediction: she either has to bow out of the race due to no-s**t legal troubles (like prison), or she loses. Either way I predict a melt-down of epic proportions. Epic proportions. I can't wait. I generally don't wish ill upon people, but she has it coming. Karma and the universe must be balanced, and she is way out of balance.

  • Obama Fixates On Climate, Ignores Faltering Economy

    09/01/2015 6:32:06 AM PDT · 9 of 15
    ThunderSleeps to SeekAndFind

    Of course he’s ignoring the economy. Economics is hard - it’s big, visible, complicated... Worst of all, it has now been (again) resoundingly demonstrated that the kind of economic policies favored by bammy simply do not work. No narcissist likes to admit failure, so in typical lib fashion he’s just ignoring it, going off in another direction.

  • Poll reveals huge majority support mandatory deporting of illegals

    09/01/2015 5:59:46 AM PDT · 5 of 21
    ThunderSleeps to RoosterRedux
    I don't know why they're shocked - well, I can guess. Every single person I have talked to in the last several years - even some people that lean towards the lib side - they have all said they want the illegals out of the Country.

    As for that guess... The liberal elite exist in this cloistered, fanciful, incestuous world. They really only accept ideas from each other that align with their own ideas and ideals. They've spun themselves so far away from reality that when something like this comes along that is obvious to you and me...they find it "shocking." {snort}

    Here's another shocker for you libtards and any lib lurkers out there. We routinely get great laughs at your idiocy. Not laughing with you, laughing at you. You are so amazingly out-of-touch in your self-aggrandizing, quasi-intellectual world you can't even comprehend how foolish you look/sound to the rest of us. Keep it up though, entertainment is where you find it.

  • Google's Android Wear gains compatibility with Apple's iPhone

    08/31/2015 8:20:57 PM PDT · 5 of 5
    ThunderSleeps to 109ACS; aimhigh; bajabaja; Bikkuri; Bobalu; Bookwoman; Bullish; DarthDilbert; dayglored; ...
    Google's Android Wear ... iPhone compatible?! — ANDROID PING!

    Android Ping!
    If you want on or off the Android Ping List, Freepmail me.
  • Climate change already happening in Florida, Nelson tells UF

    08/31/2015 7:42:43 PM PDT · 17 of 41
    ThunderSleeps to Brad from Tennessee
    “I walked to the edge of the glacier and saw that it’s really melting,” Nelson said of his mid-August visit...

    Two thoughts on this. First, someone should explain to this guy, maybe using crayons and small words, that glaciers have to melt. If they did not, they would have long ago over-run the earth. Oh, that's right, they have done that. We called it an ice age. In non-ice age times glaciers melt and calve. All perfectly natural Mr. Nelson. Second, maybe someone should remind Mr. Nelson that August is summer time in the northern hemisphere, and any melting would probably be at it's peak and very noticeable right about then.

    He also recalled how Alton Road in Miami Beach was flooded during high tide before million-dollar pumps were installed.

    Yeah, google it. Apparently it has long been prone to flooding from rains and tides because it is basically on a sand bar and...

    The neighborhood is often inundated by rain or even just high tides, as the southwest area is among the lowest-lying land in Miami Beach.

    Well friggin' duh! Climate change my lily white ...

  • Shock Poll: 59% Back Trump On Deportation of Illegals

    08/31/2015 6:57:39 PM PDT · 51 of 141
    ThunderSleeps to Red Steel
    "It's not conservative and it's not realistic and it does not embrace American values," said Jeb Bush.

    Wow, wrong three times in one sentence. Almost as good as a liberal, but Jeb, they can easily go four or five lies in one sentence with barely the need of a comma...

  • Illinois Says It Can’t Pay Big Lottery Winners

    08/30/2015 10:29:44 PM PDT · 24 of 64
    ThunderSleeps to PAR35

    That’s why anyone who wins a lottery and has an option of one lump sum vs an annuity would be a fool to take the annuity. You are relying on the trustworthiness and solvency of a government agency or government run enterprise. No way. Absolutely no way. Take the lump sum.

  • Kanye West: ‘I Have Decided in 2020 to Run for President’

    08/30/2015 9:59:48 PM PDT · 21 of 42
    ThunderSleeps to Enlightened1

    I think that is a wonderful idea and I genuinely hope he does run. We need someone to draw off the imbecile vote to an inconsequential candidate.

  • Illinois Says It Can’t Pay Big Lottery Winners

    08/30/2015 9:56:37 PM PDT · 18 of 64
    ThunderSleeps to sparklite2

    They (the lottery winners) won’t know they are truly screwed until Illinois eventually passes a budget and they try to collect. Bet you $5 some of them get told they didn’t claim their winnings within the specified time and are no-longer eligible. I would not put this past the crooked politicians...

  • How China used more cement in 3 years than the U.S. did in the entire 20th Century

    08/30/2015 9:14:54 PM PDT · 29 of 45
    ThunderSleeps to Graybeard58

    The volume of concrete in the Three Gorges would build just under 11 copies of the Hoover dam. (10.9 or so) That’s a lot of concrete...

  • What Is Wrong With This Image Taken in UAE?

    08/30/2015 5:57:18 PM PDT · 19 of 28
    ThunderSleeps to bolobaby

    Yeah, he’s pulled the wheel cover. I always break the lug nuts loose with the tire firmly on the ground. You don’t want to be applying a lot of force once it is up on the jack. Sure you *can* do it, but it is far safer to apply that torque on the ground. Same thing tightening. Good and snug on the jack, then really tight once the tire is back in contact with pavement.

  • [VANITY] Firearms advice needed

    08/30/2015 5:10:11 PM PDT · 101 of 118
    ThunderSleeps to PinkChampagneonIce
    How to pick a firearm for self defense.

    So you want a firearm for self defense. You specifically mentioned for concealed carry, so that rules out things like rifles and shotguns. Here's the bottom line up front – I'm not going to tell you “get X” or even “look at Y” firearms... What I am going to (try to) do is give you some food for thought. Because here's the dirty little secret of defensive firearms. There is no one “best” firearm style, caliber, manufacturer, size, capacity, finish, etc. It comes down to physiology of people (size/strength), personal preferences, and a bunch of factors that different people are going to prioritize differently. My best hope is to help you make an informed decision.

    Here is what you should look for in a concealed carry firearm IMHO:

    Get a weapon that fits your hand. It is surprising how different different firearms can feel in your hand. Even changing the thickness or shape of the grips by a few mm can make a difference. Try a dozen or two at a local gun shop, you'll see what I mean. Find several that feel good. If you live in a cold weather area, consider “trying them on” at the gun shop while wearing gloves.

    Get something that is comfortable to shoot, and that you can afford to shoot. Since you're asking this question, I'm assuming you are new to shooting or coming back to shooting after a significant break. No worries, but you are going to want to get in a fair amount of practice until you get good with your firearm. There's an old saying, armatures practice until they get it right, pros practice until they can't get it wrong. Most of us probably fall in the middle there somewhere. Starting out, try to get to the range at least once a month for 100 to 150 rounds each session. Some calibers that's $30/month, some others double or triple that.

    Don't be lured in by extremely small size lightweight firearms. They can actually be unpleasant to shoot. If it is no fun, human nature being what it is, you are not going to practice as much as you should. Small lightweight firearms lacking mass transmit most of the recoil to you. You'll hear them described as “snappy” etc. One bad side-effect of these – in semi-auto form – is they tend to be sensitive to limp-wrist holds which can cause jams (fail to extract, fail to feed, etc). Another less than stellar feature of some small semi-autos is that they have stiff recoil springs and small hard-to-grasp actions. If you can't reliably and comfortably operate the weapon (particularly to clear a jam) it is not a good choice. So even if you have to “step up” a bit on size you'll appreciate it on the range. You can always adjust your wardrobe a bit to offer concealment options. I'm an average size guy and even I can (and have) concealed a full sized 1911. One final thing to be aware of regarding very small firearms. They have a short “sight radius” (distance between front & rear sights) This can make them difficult to shoot accurately. This may be a problem in a defensive situation. Though most defensive shooting incidents occur at startlingly close ranges (I've heard roughly 3 yards – think, in your bedroom with you, or across one parking space – yeah, that close) Less than stellar sights and sight radius will also be discouraging at the range. Just realize it may not be (all) you, there are some fundamental limits based on physics and engineering.

    Don't be lured in by “stopping power” and the claims that “xxx is useless for self defense” or “anything but yyy is useless” etc. As I said before, you have to be comfortable shooting it. Monster “stopping power” isn't much use if you're so recoil-averse that you flinch or anticipate it and shoot poorly. Now, you can start religious wars and verbal fistfights virtually anywhere on the internet by opening up a discussion of what is the best, or even good, or merely “good enough” caliber for self defense. All I'll say on the subject is this, there's a reason this is 4th on my list. The weapon you have with you and have practiced enough with to be confident in and shoot well is the best weapon. With modern ammunition well-placed shots are going to generally get the job done. Less well-placed shots are not going to get the job done, regardless of what sized non-lethal hole/trench they make. When it comes to ammunition (in whatever caliber you end up with) look for what the pros use. From what I've been able to tell, law enforcement tends to go with Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP), typically Speer Gold Dot or Federal Hydra Shok.

    Consider taking a class from a professional firearms instructor to help you learn it right. It may even be required for a concealed carry permit in your state/area. Don't take advice on shooting (technique, drills, etc.) from gunshop personnel, other people at the range, even the internet (that includes me, take what I'm saying here with a grain of salt) Of the three groups, the people behind the counter at the gun shops are probably the most reliable for advice. However, every once in a while you run across someone who's only been there a week, or has some screwy ideas etc. So rely on multiple sources (to help weed out the oddballs) and a professional trainer.

    Get a quality holster. Pocket carry, waistband carry, gangsta carry... Just say no! A quality holster protects the firearm, makes it easy/comfortable to carry, keeps you safer from accidental discharge (AD) by protecting the trigger, makes it easier to draw safely and reliably. Don't skimp on the holster. You're probably going to find you want/need more than one style.

    Be aware of your surroundings. Start this, well, right now. Having a firearm isn't a magic talisman. It may get you out of a bad (ie. life/death) situation. Then again, it may not. It is far better to avoid situations where you might need your firearm than to put yourself and your weapon to that test. So pull out the ear buds. Put the phone away. Look around both near and far. Notice body language and eyes. This is people watching taken to the extreme, or at least with a specific purpose. The few seconds you gain could be all the difference. As one of my tactics instructors put it, we have all been checked out by criminals. If you're old enough to be here, reading this, you've probably been in a situation where a criminal has looked you over. If you've never been the victim of a crime great, that just means they decided not to pursue you – that time. That doesn't mean adopt a prey mentality of fear. Nor does it mean go all vigilante with your own predator instincts. Just know that they are out there. The more on the ball and aware you appear, the less likely they are to target you.

    Get familiar with cleaning and maintaining your firearm. A clean, well lubricated firearm is a reliable firearm. In fact that's a good point. Most any firearm from a major manufacturer is going to run reliably. (barring issues with magazines and ammunition types with semi-autos) Sure some manufacturers have slightly better or worse reputations depending on who you talk to. Take any brand and you can find some people that swear by them and some that swear at them. Get a good firearm from a decent manufacturer, keep it clean and well lubricated. There are numerous YouTube videos out there that can show you how to field strip and clean virtually anything you can buy.

    Carry with one in the chamber. (semi-automatics) Some people might say this is unsafe. BS. There are literally tens of thousands of people, law enforcement and civilians, walking around right now with semi-autos in XX+1 configuration. (full mag, round in the chamber) Sure, there's the “Israeli draw” technique that is basically as fast a regular draw of a weapon with one in the chamber. A big bravo and well done to all the people who practice and hone this skill. Me, I'm average. I know without nearly daily practice I'd never be that good. I tend to carry stuff in my off hand. I might be using my other hand to push-off an assailant or ward off the initial blows. I might be pushing my wife behind me out of the way. (actually I should probably step aside and clear her field of fire too – she also carries) Granted, many first-time carriers are uncomfortable carrying condition 1. Ok, still carry, even if it is condition 3 and work on handling your firearm (see below) until you get confident enough in it and yourself to carry condition 1.

    Even though you are no-doubt going to buy some relatively cheap FMJ ammunition to practice with, also buy and go through several boxes of whatever ammunition you are going to load when you are carrying the weapon for self defense. Often this ammunition will have a different recoil, different feel. If you end up with a semi-auto weapon, sometimes they (or their magazines) don't “like” a particular ammunition. So ensure that you and your firearm works well with the carry ammunition in all magazines.

    Get a set of “snap caps” (inert rounds) for your firearm. Practice loading/clearing/handling the weapon with these. This is a great way to run drills in complete safety (no live ammo) and become familiar with your weapon. Once you run through holstering/drawing, loading/unloading etc. until all the mystery and anxiety are gone you will become confident enough to carry at the ready.

    Super carry. This goes along with the practice and familiarity. As I have heard it and mean it “super carry” means carry your firearm around the house. Either wearing the holster, or simply carry it with you. Do both. This will help break-in the holster and the feel of it will become second nature. Same with having the weapon in your hand (yes, muzzle and trigger discipline are a must). This will make your grip perfectly natural on the weapon.

    Practice “clearing” your house. Have a plan. Say, oh, right now you heard a pounding at the front door, someone kicking it in. Or maybe the sliding glass door being broken in. What's your move? Where is your firearm? Where is your cell? Where are any other family members? Are you going to be able to hold-up in the bedroom until help arrives? Are you going to have to go confront the intruder(s) to protect other family members? Say you're in a parking lot and you hear a scream. Are you going to go over and insert yourself into that situation? Just having a firearm for defense isn't a magic bullet. You need to consider these things carefully before the adrenaline starts pumping. What are you willing to risk in various situations. If you think you may have to go on the offensive in your home, practice it in the dark, no lights. Learn where external illumination comes through windows etc. to possibly silhouette you or an intruder. You don't want to be making this up as you go along.

    Finally, learn the 4 rules of firearm safety. Learn them, live them, breath them:

    One. Treat every firearm as if it is loaded, period. Do not rely on memory, do not rely on anyone else's practices. When you pick up a firearm after it has been out of your immediate control you check it. You don't assume it is how you think you remember leaving it. You'll see people at the gun shop doing this. The sales rep will pick up a weapon, check it, hand it to the customer. The customer (should) similarly check it. After handing it back to the sales rep, the rep will check it one more time before putting it away. No, they don't think the weapon magically loaded itself passing over the counter. They aren't worried about that firearm. They are training themselves to just make it automatic that when you pick up a weapon, you ascertain it's loaded/unloaded status. It should be that automatic.

    Two. Never point a firearm at any one or any thing you are not willing to kill or destroy. These are not toys, we're not kids, this isn't cowboys and indians, this damn-sure ain't no Hollywood movie. Muzzle discipline, always have it pointed in a safe direction. A sidebar here. I'm actually a little concerned by this. I've been around firearms 40+ years and this is so ingrained in me that I am literally afraid that if I ever do need my firearm in a defensive situation I'm going to hesitate to point it at a person. Hopefully I'll never find out.

    Three. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot. That means off the trigger and out of the trigger guard. Trigger finger stretched out along the side of the weapon is the typical rest position. It is safe, secure, and a visible indicator to anyone looking at you that ok, maybe this person isn't a complete yahoo and knows what they are doing. By “ready to shoot” I mean you have your target, have your sight picture and the last two things you need to do are put your finger on the trigger and pull it.

    Four. Be aware of your target and surroundings. Evaluate what is behind your target in case you miss or the round over-penetrates. Know what is going on to either side of your sight/firing line. Is someone/something moving towards it, going to be in the way? Is someone/something dangerously close to the line of fire?

    Ok, so this morphed into a lot more than simple firearm advice. I hope this helps with your choice and provides some modest amount of guidance so that you can use it effectively, though again, I hope you never have to.

  • Can Trump Round Up 20 Million Illegals?

    08/28/2015 6:50:14 AM PDT · 39 of 92
    ThunderSleeps to SeekAndFind
    Enforce the laws regarding employing illegals. A few dozen good arrests and trials of business owners and no illegals will be able to find work, period.

    Add pressure by putting a bounty on them. We don't want to expand government with thousands of agents to hunt them down, so subcontract it out. Put a bounty of say $1000 a head on them. Yes, some unsavory characters will jump at the opportunity. Yes, people are going to get hurt. Yes, this along with the lack of work will provide tremendous incentive for the illegals to self-deport.

    It will also create an underground railroad business opportunity. Some people will go for the $1000 a head bounty. Some entrepreneur(s) will accept $200 a head from the illegals to get them to the border no questions asked. Sure, less money, but they don't have to go looking for them, the illegals will come to them to get out of here.

    I'd give it about a 2, maybe 3 year run. No, it won't cost tens of billions. We'd end up paying out the bounty on maybe a few hundred thousand of them. Most would quietly self-deport, possibly paying the underground railroad operations that would spring up.

  • ‘Dream ticket’ Trump, Cruz to announce ‘something very big over the next two weeks in Washington’

    08/28/2015 6:36:27 AM PDT · 14 of 109
    ThunderSleeps to angcat

    I’d rather it were Cruz/Trump ... but I’d take Trump/Cruz if that’s the way it shakes out.

  • More mass shootings occur in the U.S. than any other country (barf alert)

    08/28/2015 6:19:43 AM PDT · 10 of 17
    ThunderSleeps to Tax-chick
    Killing two people and injuring one is a “mass shooting”?

    Not according to the FBI. A 2005 report classified a "mass murderer" as someone who kills 4 or more people (not including himself/herself) in a single incident. Longer running killers (eg. multiple incidents at different locations & times) get labeled spree killers or serial killers (even longer term).

    But a few incidents are all it takes to grab headlines and try to push a disarming fascist agenda. Most (57% last I checked) of the roughly 30,000 deaths per year in the US by firearm are suicide. Also included in that number are accidental deaths and justifiable homicides (both by law enforcement and civilians). The actual number of homicides by firearms each year is considerably lower. Even smaller still is the average number of people killed in "mass shooting" incidents each year.

    But they need fear to stoke their agenda. Let's have some fun with numbers though to assuage those fears with facts. Each year in the US about 20 to 30 people are killed in "mass shooting" incidents (4+). How afraid should you be? Well, if someone wants to kill you, a mass shooting is not terribly likely to be the tool of choice.

    • Knives are used to kill almost 1700 people a year. Yikes! Better stay out of the kitchen.
    • Blunt objects nearly 500...
    • Explosives, 12 people... Odd choice, thought that only happened in the movies.
    • Fire (as a weapon) accounts for 75 a year.
    • Narcotics, 29, yet this is accounted separately from poisoning at just 5. Odd.
    • Drowning (again, as a weapon?) 15 times.
    • Strangulation, 85. Wow, up close and personal...
    • Asphyxiation, 15, hmm, yet different from strangulation...

    In other words, people are getting killed all kinds of crazy ways. Your chances of being killed in a "mass shooting" event are so far down the list it literally is not worth worrying about. You want to be concerned for your safety? Worry about your commute to/from work today. You are far more likely to be one of the roughly 30,000 traffic deaths this year than the 30 mass shooting deaths. Oh, that's right. The media can't use traffic deaths to push their disarmament agenda. The would-be fascist intelligentsia want obedient slaves that lack the means to revolt.

  • Editorial: Concealed gun law allowing questionable people to carry

    08/28/2015 5:49:09 AM PDT · 2 of 22
    ThunderSleeps to rellimpank

    The article is full of a lot of FUD but does not offer even one example of a CC permit holder then using a concealed firearm to commit a crime. Not one, much less compelling statistical evidence that the rules should be changed.

  • Kangaroo court in Waco: No reason needed to arrest packing pastor with CCL

    08/28/2015 1:48:07 AM PDT · 10 of 38
    ThunderSleeps to ExyZ

    So that whole concept of innocent until proven guilty is gone. Thanks judge, thanks jackboots. I hope and pray someday these people have to answer for what they’ve done. Whether that reckoning comes in front of the legal system or an angry armed mob...TBD

  • IAEA Says Iran May Have Built 'Extension' to Parchin

    08/28/2015 1:37:16 AM PDT · 5 of 7
    ThunderSleeps to rdcbn

    Don’t worry, we can always ask the Iranians to inspect themselves. I’m sure they’d be more than willing to - as long as we reimburse them the cost of self-inspection. I’ll bet I can even guess their findings: “nothing to worry about.”

  • Donald Trump told Dreamers They'd Convinced Him on Immigration, They Say

    08/27/2015 6:28:22 PM PDT · 66 of 71
    ThunderSleeps to editor-surveyor

    I have no idea why you’re posting this blather at me.

  • Yarmuth "unsure" if Joe Biden would be better for Democrats than Hillary Clinton in 2016

    08/27/2015 2:57:07 AM PDT · 6 of 7
    ThunderSleeps to Republican Wildcat

    How completely screwed up is the Clinton campaign when Biden starts to look like a viable contender? If Biden runs, then with Sanders there we’d have the three stooges.

  • 70% of North Korea’s Submarines have Left their Bases, Can’t be Located

    08/24/2015 7:02:24 AM PDT · 34 of 46
    ThunderSleeps to captain_dave
    Realize that if we have them located, we would still claim not to know where they are.

    Exactly. You never give away a capability, never give away any information to the enemy. You just don't want them to know. Do we know where you are, or not? Are you safe, or is there a sub trailing you with a targeting solution already set, just waiting...

    We never admit "we have you" 'cause we don't want the other guys to know if they need to try harder or not.

  • French train gunman says he found guns in children's playground [Psalms 2 - Importing Jihad]

    08/24/2015 6:58:31 AM PDT · 11 of 44
    ThunderSleeps to Jan_Sobieski

    Those lies are so transparent and obvious they are insulting. Execute him.

  • My Baby Screams in Restaurants and I am SO Sorry!

    08/22/2015 10:46:01 PM PDT · 56 of 115
    ThunderSleeps to ClearCase_guy

    I have done exactly that. Only had to do it once. “Settle down or we will go out to the car and wait for everyone else to finish. “ My child did not, so we left. Sat in the car with no toys no radio, no food. “Will mom bring my dinner home?” - “No. You don’t get dinner tonight. Neither do I, I’m sitting out here with you. “

  • 25 Quotes That Show You How Much Liberals Hate Soldiers Like Chris Kyle

    08/21/2015 7:28:55 PM PDT · 7 of 56
    ThunderSleeps to MarvinStinson

    Could these people be any more disconnected from reality? Stunning, just literally mouth agape stunning. The absolute, unequivocal ignorance of the nature of the real world. These people are so incredibly lucky that there are men and women like Mr. Kyle to keep the evil in the world away from them so they can live in their sheltered little bubbles. The sad thing is, the ingrates have no concept of just how beholden they are, or should be.

  • The Lowdown on Russia's Revolutionary New Tank Gun

    08/21/2015 6:07:57 AM PDT · 9 of 18
    ThunderSleeps to Marko413
    That's my understanding too: in the first gulf war the US tanks were able to shoot on the move at ranges beyond what the Iraqi tanks could hit even standing still. So unless a maneuvering US unit happened to come around a dune and run into an Iraqi unit at close range ... it was a very one-sided fight. (in other words a good fight)

    High rate of fire is good, and I guess needed by smaller caliber weapons. No doubt they could mess up tracks, optics, etc. But if your plan is to engage with lots of rounds... You need to be able to get lots of rounds forward to your combat units. That's a very active supply train full of volatile material - just the kind of thing "deep strike" is meant to take out. Just the kind of thing to be vulnerable to even a small munition fired from a drone. They may have some interesting capabilities, but in a war zone, moving tons of ammunition around in support is going to be problematic. Precision weapons reduce the logistics tail.

  • 'Born classified': Hillary Clinton's best argument in the email scandal just got destroyed

    08/21/2015 5:54:55 AM PDT · 18 of 74
    ThunderSleeps to rjsimmon
    Good point. Also, the Secretary of State has "original classification authority." Individuals with OCA are entrusted to determine when material should be considered and handled as classified. They do not need to "derive" classification because information comes from other classified sources.

    In other words, as SoS Hillary was supposed to know and recognize that information should be classified, even determine if new information coming in should be marked classified. She has no excuse, absolutely none. If she is incapable of making that determination as SoS then why in the {expletive} should anyone trust her to make such determinations at the head of the Executive Branch - where all classification authority comes from.

    In other words, by saying "It wasn't marked and I didn't know." is a confession by Hillary that she is unfit for the duties of the office of President. Thanks Hillary, you just disqualified yourself.

  • N. Korea shows signs of missile tests

    08/21/2015 5:33:35 AM PDT · 12 of 13
    ThunderSleeps to Politicalkiddo
    *Fizzle* *Plop*! Into the ocean like last time?

    Actually their shorter range stuff, their Scud knock-offs and the Rodong/Nodong series of MRBMs are not bad. Not something I'd want protecting my Country, but not something I'd appreciate threatening my Country either. All of South Korea and a pretty good swath of Japan are within a Rodong/Nodong's range while carrying a 1000 Kg payload.

    That 2200 lbs or so is enough for a big bang, a serious chemical attack, or probably enough for a first gen nuclear warhead and RV. Given it's 1 or 2 Km CEP it isn't accurate enough to take out specific military targets (without a nuc as a warhead), but no-doubt works just fine as a terror weapon.

    I think the other poster is right. They are seeing the sweet deal Iran wrangled and they want in on that. They'll make a lot of noise here and see if they can get Kerry to "negotiate" with them. :-/

    If I were Japan, I might consider making some noise of my own. Park one of their SM-3 equipped ABM cruisers (I think all 4 of their Kongo class have been converted/upgraded?) near NK's declared safety zone. If they fire out to sea, as soon as that thing crosses out of NK coastal waters...shoot it down. Demonstrate just how well ABM works. Not only would it be fun and a good test. But also to show NK "we don't have to negotiate with you, you are not as big of a threat as you think you are."

  • Joe Biden is suddenly polling a little better than Hillary. I didn’t see that coming.

    08/21/2015 5:20:04 AM PDT · 23 of 28
    ThunderSleeps to markomalley
    If that crazy {expletive} is polling better than you...that's when you know it is over. Sorry Hillary (well, not really) but it is over. You know it, I know it, Joe knows it (maybe, if he's really cognizant of anything not explicitly explained to him in grade-school terms).

    But Hillary, please do stay in the race. One, while your lies are insulting in their transparency, it is somewhat entertaining and instructive to see how low you'll go. You libs never cease to amaze me on that one. Two, you are doing tremendous damage to the 'rats and liberals everywhere - exposing just how morally, legally, even reality-challenged and bankrupt you all really are. You're making Independents even faster than the GOPe. Three, if you actually make it to the election, well, it'll take a miracle and lots of (additional) illegal activity. That'll just be more sauce for your cooked goose when you are eventually perp-walked to the waiting black SUV - all on live TV and internet streamed around the world. How many people around the world are going to breath a sigh of relief when that happens? How many are going to wonder "oh s**t, what's she going to give up to try to stay out of prison?" But I digress... Please stay in the race, it is becoming almost as morbidly fascinating as a Biden press conference when the teleprompter goes out 30 seconds in and Joe has to go unscripted.

  • Colorado’s ‘Hurt Feelings’ Exemption from the First Amendment [end of religious freedom?]

    08/21/2015 5:08:33 AM PDT · 11 of 22
    ThunderSleeps to Palio di Siena
    close down. form a new corporation. re open.

    Exactly. I would have never let it get this far. My Dad ran a small business. One of his employees - on company time, in a company truck - decided to have a couple on the way back to the shop. Ended up DUI and wrecking the truck. He wanted Dad to pay workers comp for his injuries. Dad managed enough self control not to put him back in the hospital. But he told him in no uncertain terms (as a kid I learned a few new words) that he'd rather close the business immediately, that day, than pay that {deleted} one more dime.

  • Killer electric fans - Is falling asleep next to an electric fan a potentially fatal mistake?

    08/20/2015 5:21:30 AM PDT · 25 of 83
    ThunderSleeps to rickmichaels
    So these guys are blaming fans for deaths and offer up several examples. Gee, you don't think maybe the one guy died of alcohol poisoning and there just happened to be a fan there? Or that people who died of dehydration in heat waves did that because the heat wave dehydrated them and they happened to be using a fan to try to cool down?

    The notion that closing a room and using AC could cause suffocation is silly. Do the math. Google volume of air per day - about 11,000 liters. Now convert that to cubic feet, about 388. Now realize that even a modest sized bedroom is say 10x10 ft with 7 ft ceilings. That's 700 cubic feet. Yes, subtract a little for furniture etc. You still have more than enough air in the room for an entire day, not just sleeping overnight. Also, the air you breath in is roughly 20% oxygen. The air you exhale back out is roughly 15%. You only get about 1/4 of the oxygen out of the air. (this is part of why CPR and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation works)

  • Hillary Clinton, Pressed on Race, Issues Her Own Challeng

    08/20/2015 4:55:50 AM PDT · 7 of 26
    ThunderSleeps to lbryce
    So Clinton uses a simple argument technique to evade the question and the NYT swoons. Yawn. Perhaps the most telling line is:

    ...activists must pave the way for those in office to act.

    With the NYT showing it's commie colors, again.

  • Unsecured Hillary Emails, Hackers Worry Senate Homeland Security Chairman

    08/19/2015 5:37:02 AM PDT · 22 of 24
    ThunderSleeps to PoloSec
    I have no doubt foreign gov’ts have had Hillary’s emails from the same day they were produced...

    I'd be willing to bet good money that foreign intelligence services have more of Hillary's emails than Congress will ever see. Hillary and her cohorts in crime had a chance to delete emails and wipe that server out of existence before turning it over. As you say, the intel guys have had them all along.

    I think it would be funny as h**l if a hard disk showed up in a plain UPS box at some FBI office full of *all* of Hillary's emails. Just a simple note "From your friends at REDACTED, this was just too good of an opportunity to pass up. We will enjoy the show..." Now that would be entertaining!

  • EDITORIAL: Grand jury process, trial jurors must look beyond mere symbols... [Waco]

    08/19/2015 5:19:56 AM PDT · 3 of 78
    ThunderSleeps to don-o

    I have an NRA sticker on my car - showing an affiliation with “a club.” I sometimes wear a hat with “NRA” on it. I almost always have a firearm with me. So does that mean if I happen to be in the parking lot of some strip mall when there is a shooting nearby the police will automatically assume I’m part of it? Great, just great. Used to be you needed this thing called evidence. Real evidence, not just circumstantial evidence. Where are the ballistics reports on the dead? Why is this taking so long?

  • Hillary face shrugs off suggestion she 'wiped' her server clean with the snarky response

    08/19/2015 5:13:13 AM PDT · 16 of 49
    ThunderSleeps to Cincinatus' Wife
    Hillary's lame-a** attempt to dismiss this situation as an amusing sidebar shows a shocking lack of appreciation of the seriousness of it. Classification exists for a reason Hillary. I know you don't care Hillary, that it is all about you, no matter what it costs the rest of us. The rest of us do care.

    When I see/read about her making jokes about what she's done I want to quite literally slap that ugly smug look off her pasty face. I hope and pray I see that face looking down at the ground as she is led off in handcuff some day. Please oh please God, just this once a little hint of justice...

  • State Dept.: Classified Emails on Hillary’s Server Aren’t All ‘Spy Thriller’ Caliber

    08/19/2015 4:55:43 AM PDT · 18 of 44
    ThunderSleeps to Sir Napsalot
    My initial analysis of the first reports estimated that 5% were classified in some way. Current expert estimates from the FBI put it at 5.1%. That is going to be roughly 1900+ emails with some form of classified information in them.

    Yes, classification levels range from confidential to secret to top secret - plus some additional caveats. Hillary cannot dismiss this as some kind of minor oversight. The whole reason for the various classification levels is to rate/estimate the damage done to the United States and our interests should the information be disclosed to the wrong parties. Let me repeat that - it is a rating of the damage done to the US if it is made public.

    Sure, Hillary, disclosing confidential isn't as bad as disclosing TS. But it still damages the US and hurts our interests. I realize to Hillary and her liberal fascist ilk hurting the US for their own personal gain is just another day at the office. However, some of us actually take pride in our Country, take our oaths seriously, and actually have this thing called integrity. You obviously don't Hillary, on all three counts.

    Hillary gets more disgusting and revolting with every passing day.

  • Hillary Clinton doubles down on email denials: Darcy cartoon

    08/18/2015 9:19:28 PM PDT · 13 of 19
    ThunderSleeps to Faith Presses On
    Hillary says she deleted yoga emails, not Benghazi emails.

    Ok, I realize I'm not a yoga person...but just how much is there to discuss about yoga? Tens of thousands of emails? I don't know about you, but I don't have that many family and friends I need to stay in touch with on any topic.

    No way all of those deleted emails were mere personal emails. Hillary, you're just not that interesting of a person to merit that much email traffic with family and friends. Her flimsy, transparent excuses and lies don't hold up to even the most cursory examination.

  • Clinton Refuses To Say Whether Or Not She Wiped The Server

    08/18/2015 8:41:24 PM PDT · 40 of 43
    ThunderSleeps to TigerClaws

    Of course she doesn’t want to admit she wiped it clean. There was already a Congressional order to preserve evidence in the Benghazi investigation. Admitting she wiped it is admitting to a crime. Yet the evidence that it has been wiped should be compelling. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3: prosecute, convict, imprison.

  • (Obama) Calling in the God squad (Sharpton) to save the Iran deal

    08/18/2015 6:08:19 AM PDT · 7 of 17
    ThunderSleeps to Zakeet
    You know you're desperate when you turn to a paid shill like Al.

    I've been against the Iran deal from the outset. Now seeing that Sharpton is going to be bloviating for it...just makes me that much more certain the Iran deal is a bad deal.

  • Hillary Clinton Would Make College Even More Expensive

    08/18/2015 6:01:30 AM PDT · 9 of 13
    ThunderSleeps to Kaslin
    When has a big-government socialist/fascist liberal ever made anything less expensive? Well, less expensive for you or me. They are real good about giving away free and reduced cost goods and services buying votes from others with hand outs. But they always seem to have their other hand in my pocket.
  • Hillary Clinton Would Make College Even More Expensive

    08/18/2015 5:59:30 AM PDT · 8 of 13
    ThunderSleeps to T-Bone Texan
    Why are we referencing Hillary? She is no longer relevant.

    She’s going to prison.

    Good point, I pray you are right. Ever since bammy took office, every year I hold back one day of vacation... Just in case a miracle happens, the Country wakes up, and he goes to prison. Sadly (at least in one way) I've always taken that day of vacation at the end of the year - as just another vacation day.

    Maybe it is time to hold on to a day for Hillary too. The day I see her being led to a black SUV, wearing handcuffs, escorted by several FBI agents... That'd be worth taking a day off to celebrate.

  • Alex Castellanos: After Trump Loses, "There Will Be A Cleansing" in GOP

    08/18/2015 5:55:37 AM PDT · 37 of 82
    ThunderSleeps to Timber Rattler
    So the GOP-E is going to purge it’s base?

    That's what I was thinking. Just who needs to be cleaned out of the GOP? These GOPe'ers are so far out of touch they don't even realize where we are, where they are any more.

  • Latest CNN Poll: Trump Still Leads, Christie Out of Top Ten

    08/18/2015 5:53:30 AM PDT · 10 of 33
    ThunderSleeps to wolfman23601
    I’ve noticed Cruz polls poorly in weekend polls. What gives?

    I've noticed that the more liberal the source, the better Jeb does and the worse Ted does... It can't be that they're biasing their polling...nah...'course not...

  • Android vulnerability allows hackers to install malware through MMS

    08/18/2015 5:42:13 AM PDT · 2 of 8
    ThunderSleeps to 109ACS; aimhigh; bajabaja; Bikkuri; Bobalu; Bookwoman; Bullish; dayglored; DigitalVideoDude; ...
    Vulnerability found in MMS — ANDROID PING!

    Android Ping!
    If you want on or off the Android Ping List, Freepmail me.
  • Android vulnerability allows hackers to install malware through MMS

    08/18/2015 5:41:08 AM PDT · 1 of 8
    The good news is, in order for this attack to work you have to be convinced to install a specially crafted app.

    Doesn't sound like much of a vulnerability to me. Heck, if I can convince you to install my app, sure I can own you - with or without a MMS attack.

  • TSA Spent $160 Mil For Scanners With A 96% Failure Rate

    08/18/2015 5:34:01 AM PDT · 13 of 27
    ThunderSleeps to IBD editorial writer
    A recent security audit found that TSA scanners failed to stop explosives and weapons 96% of the time.

    Yeah, but they tried really hard, and their intentions were good. To a liberal, that's all that really matters. A liberal would buy more scanners from the same company in the hopes that they would get it right, and so they could feel good about themselves and their support of a struggling underdog.

  • M is for Marshmallow: Google names its next Android update

    08/18/2015 5:17:27 AM PDT · 5 of 16
    ThunderSleeps to 109ACS; aimhigh; bajabaja; Bikkuri; Bobalu; Bookwoman; Bullish; dayglored; DigitalVideoDude; ...
    Next Android release named, some info leaking — ANDROID PING!

    Android Ping!
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  • Trump's immigration plan: Mass deportation

    08/17/2015 6:13:28 AM PDT · 36 of 71
    ThunderSleeps to skeeter
    Once the idea is on the table, though, people start asking 'why not?'

    I just looked it up, Greyhound Bus moves approximately 25 million people a year by themselves. One company. You'd think with the resources of the entire US we could move that many people in a month or two without even breaking a sweat.

    Mr. Trump's plan looks good to me. Couldn't have written better myself. Though I might have added - charge the illegals for the cost of throwing their diseased backsides out of our Country.

  • Trump's immigration plan: Mass deportation

    08/17/2015 6:13:27 AM PDT · 35 of 71
    ThunderSleeps to skeeter
    Once the idea is on the table, though, people start asking 'why not?'

    I just looked it up, Greyhound Bus moves approximately 25 million people a year by themselves. One company. You'd think with the resources of the entire US we could move that many people in a month or two without even breaking a sweat.

    Mr. Trump's plan looks good to me. Couldn't have written better myself. Though I might have added - charge the illegals for the cost of throwing their diseased backsides out of our Country.