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  • What is J&T Packing Company, Inc. (Clinton Foundation Related; Vanity)

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    TigerClaws to exnavy; All

    This guy laid all this stuff out. Was not my work, but looks like there are some rocks to look under.

    Seems like something may a real journalist should look into...


    From the above link (and it has NOTHING to do with ‘pizza’... just grew out of that investigation):

    registiered agent of many of the CLinton foundation addresses, through out various states... In 4 states, Andrew kessel and the C foundation Shared for addresses with David Franjoine, (and a bunch more only blocks away)

    David Franjoine owns a a laundry list of companies, Ranging from Mining, Demolition, Real Estate, Construction, Steel manufacturing etc...INCLUDING the building that caught fire hours after the election.

    Please take the 10 minutes to Check out that post, as it has a lot of though provoking information, you might have never considered. I’m certain it’s extremely relevant.

    OR Take the 10 minutes to check out the post, and take another 5 telling me why it’s retarded, and has zero lead potential. Any feed back is much appreciated.


    Here is the Company Contacts For “J & T Packing company inc”(One of two search results)

    CFO: andrew Kessel


    FRANK GIUSTRA (Clinton foundation, radcliff foundation with pedo mining mogul,) Director

    LISA JACKSON; AKA (Richard WIndsor, David flintstone connect) Director


    CHERYL MILLS; Director

    CHERYL SABAN; Director

    DONNA SHALALA; president

    ERIC GOOSBY Director:

    HADEEL IBRAHIM; Director

    KEVIN THURM; Chief Operating Officer

    RICARDO CASTRO;Assistant Sec.




    FIrst, Here Is New information In regards to [David Flintstone, And the Hawaii Connection Post.(

    Company Name: MR STONES INC. Mailing Address: 3200 Wailea Alanui Dr Ste 501 Kihei, HI 96753

    DAVE FLINTSTONE President, Secretary, Treasurer,

    Director ** JACK PATTERSON**

    Vice-President, Director DENNI PAULL

    Island distillers

    If you Look at 577 Pakala Street Honolulu, HI on google maps, You’ll notice all the buildings next to this address, Are Named after HENRY J KAISER

    In fact, He was the one who founded this area of hawaii or something? I’m having trouble finding where I saw that... But don’t worry about that specifically. All of the buildings next to 577 Pakala Street Honolulu, HI. are named after him Henry Kaiser. ** who is HENRY KASIER, and how does he relate to CLINTON FOUNDATION?**

    He established the KAISER SHIPYARDSwhich built Liberty ships during World War II (Bethlem steel subsidary company, Bethelehm Shipping Corporation, More on Bethelem bellow)after which he formed KAISER ALUMINUM(have not researched) and KAISER STEEL(have not researched)

    Kaiser organized Kaiser Permanente health care for his workers and their families. KAISER PERMANENTE IN HAWAII Also KAISER HEALTH HAWAII Have not researched

    KAISER FOUNDATION, NEXT TO CLINTON FOUNDATION, D.C. KASIER FAMILY FOUNDATION (Have not looked at buisness filings for kasier in different states yet..)
    Kaiser foundation focuses on major health care issues facing the nation.
    U.S. role in global health policy.
    The Foundation states that it is a non-partisan source of facts and analysis,
    polling and journalism for policymakers, the media, the health care community, and the general public
    ACCORDING TO THE WASHINGTON POST, is known for having the “most up-to-date and accurate information on health policy[2]” and as a “must-read for healthcare devotees.” mmhm I’m sure, just like I’m known to cure cancer with my cock.

    KAISER FOUNDATION AID/HIV (remember Clinton Aid/hiv foundation)


    CLinton HIV/AIDS, Kasier connect


    More Kaiser Clinton[here(



    Here is video of fire YouTube another hereYouTube

    This fire was actually at the Site of the old Bethlehem steel factory.
    Bethlehem steel was one time the Second biggest Steel manufacture in the country...
    As Well as America’s second-largest shipbuilder... Guess As to who number one was? “KAISER PERHAPS? HE WAS THE FATHER OF SHIPBUILDING”

    Long story short, Bethlehem steel was bought up awhile ago, and has a long history;
    Involving International Steel Group in 2003.
    In 2005, ISG merged with Mittal Steel, ending American ownership of the assets of Bethlehem Steel.
    That latter went on to be Arcelarmittal. After Acrel Steel Bought Mittal Steel


    The company that now owns the building itself, In lackawanna, is GREAT LAKES INDUSTRIAL, and the owner has some facts about him, that correlate with facts about the Clinton foundation... Which I’ll Clearly show, after the remaining facts about the fire itself...

    .THE OLD Bethlehem steel plant in NY, caught fire HOURS after the election was called for Trump. I am not making this a a political issue, These are simply facts.

    burned for 5 days, requiring 100 Fire fighters, and multiple Precincts from around the state.

    I Think it was the mayor, If not, it was Governor Cuomo Declared a State of Emergency for Lackawana New york

    Mandatory Evacuation Was ordered for the surrounding neighborhoods. should be noted that there was zero chance of the fire spreading past the property it was on. Fire was not a risk for the houses.

    The never worked to extinguish the fire, but rather “Contain It”. Even Though it was producing MASSIVE amounts of TOXIC fumes. I’d imagine this was their excuse for the mandatory Evacuation for the 300 Homes...( I am know Health, or fire expert, but it seemed strange to me that homes would be evacuted because of this. The smoke was not settling in the slightest, and In fact is was blowing away from the neighborhood, as seen in the fires. I’m confused as to how evacuating people down the street would be effective. Perhaps someone has a logical answer for this.)


    “It’s been standing there for 80 years, haven’t had any issues with any of these buildings so far... and then this happened this morning” - Mayor of Lackawana when asked about sprinklers being installed, and recent fire inspections.

    The mayor spoke to the news the day of the fire, but not until being pulled aside and directed what to say, by the city’s building developerYouTube

    The Governor of new york, Came and gave a press conferenceYouTube

    The Go between fire deputy also stated they were demolishing immediately after, actually it was still burning In some places.YouTube

    The also said that it was inspected 2 months agoYouTube, and two days later it was they said that it was actually two years ago.YouTube

    The day of the fire, The Deputy Fire liaison (Person communitcating what’s happening to the press) said they were already starting demolition, and would continue as soon as fire was extinguished. this seemed strange to me, as I heard the day it happened, Because I couldn’t understand how they would rationalize demolition so soon, when they didn’t even know for sure, what started it.. (Working on finding link)
    Two days later they “clarified” YouTube Saying that that the were only doing demolition that was needed to help extinguish the fire... But remember they said the day before, they were only attempting to contain it... Change of plans?

    So What caused this fire? Almost immediately after the fire started, All news outlets said A F**KING LIGHT BULB HEATED UP SOME FUCKING CARDBOARD remember the Mayors quote at the start of this?

    They said this is what was conveyed by THE(singular) employee in the building,
    Remember, originally they also said they were demolishing...

    The next day they said they didn’t know the cause and needed to investigate.

    but if they don’t know what caused it, and they are demolishing already, how will they ever know?

    The answer is, they wouldn’t.. But don’t worry, the Next Day they revised their comments, so that the new story made sense.


    This was the third Fire in lackawana in the last year... The part I can’t confirm as fact, but will look for the link, all the fires happened in the same industrial park, specifcally the buildings owned by Great Lakes Industrial (The same owners as the fire we just talked about)

    Dr. bob’s storage was destroyed, burning luxury cars and boats. something that I can not confirm as fact, is that some planes were also in the storage unit... When asked about cars and boats being in the storage, the MAYOR didn’t hesitate to say yes, But when asked about planes, Said he couldn’t comment on that.
    Even though this fire burned for 5 days, and everything was basically destroyed... DR. BOB’s customer insurance paper work, was left unscathed.YouTube

    OK, On to PART 2

    Great lakes Industrial Owns the building that caught fire hours after the election... It is owned by David Franjoine


    It should also be noted that These are not the only companies linked to david FRANJOINE. Many of this companies have subsidaries, Ranging from, STEEL PRODUCTION, MINING, DEMOLISHING, CONSTRUCTION, and REAL ESTATE... I Have yet to research the Environmental companies he’s linked to.

    The address for Great Lakes Industrial, 1330 Niagara Falls Boulevard Suite 207 Tonawanda, NY 14150 United States, Is the same Address listed as Several Other companies Belonging to David Franjoine.

    Frontier Industrial Corporation

    There are 5 different addresses David Franjoine, uses in new york.

    26 Mississippi Street Suite 400 Buffalo, NY 14203

    500 Seneca St Suite 504 Buffalo, NY 14204

    277 Hickory Buffalo, NY 14204

    2989 Daniels Rd Wilson, NY 14172

    1330 Niagra Falls Blvd. Ste 207 Tonawanda, NY 14150

    Po Box 154 Lewiston, NY 14092


    1200 President Clinton Ave. Little Rock, AR 77201

    610 President Clinton Avenue Little Rock, AR 72201

    They have multiple addresses in various states, but One of the two clinton addresses are linked to everything I’m about to post, as well as one of the 5 david franjoine.

    Frontier Industrial Crop shares the same registered address IN California as the william J clinton foundation in california

    Franjoine address 26 Mississippi Street Suite 400 Buffalo, NY 14203

    The officer Maura Pally Lives in New york.

    1271 Avenue Of The Americas New York, NY 10019 Clinton Address

    2. Frontier Industrial Corp Filing state In Illionis, shares the same address as BIll Chelsea and hillary foundation in Illinois

    Franjoine address for illinois filling is listed as 2989 Daniels Rd, Wilson, NY 14172

    3. FLORIDA

    FRONTIER INDUSTRIAL CORP. Filing state In flordia, Shares an address with William J Clinton Foundation

    Principal/mailing address for FIC 26 Mississippi Street Suite 400 Buffalo, NY 14203


    610 President Clinton Avenue Little Rock, AR 72201

    4. TEXAS

    FIC EQUIPMENT CORP In texas Is the building Next to William J clinton Foundation

    david Franjoine has a po box address as Po Box 154 *Lewiston, NY 14092

    5. NEVADA

    FRONTIER INDUSTRIAL CORP. Carson city nevada, Is 2 miles from William J clinton Foundation Treasurer Attn Andrew Kessle.

    Clinton 610 President Clinton Avenue Little Rock, AR 72201


    1330 Niagra Falls Blvd. Ste 207 Tonawanda, NY 14150 That Link Is to Curtis Investments which has an address In new york, And in Arkansas, .5 miles from 3 different Clinton Foundation Addresses. Multiple Filings connected to the three.

    being Bill HIllary and Chelsea Foundation THe filing state is Arkansas, Registered Agent here Is Attn Andrew Kessel

    There is also Bill Hill, Chel foundation With filing state of MA, Registered Agent Toby Douthwright. Andrew Kessel Is listed as CFO of this filing.

    In massachusettes The clinton foundation hiv/aids initiative inc, had an Involuntary Revocation

    The registered Agent Was Ira C. Magazine.

    Principal address was 1200 president clinton Ave, Little Rock. HALF MILE From Cutris investments location.(David Franjoine)

    The William J Clinton Foundation filing state Vermont, Has Andrew Kessele listed as treasurer. Principal Address is the same as listed above.

    This is not a complete list of all the Clinton and Franjoine Buisness Connections if you go to Type in Clinton foundation, you’ll get the full list

    If you type in David Franjoine you’ll get the full list of david Franjoine.

    THIS IS THE FULL LIST VIA BIZAPEDIA, BUT NOT THE FULL LIST. As you can see... Great lakes industiral Is NOT listed there, Even though we connect the address of GLI to many addresses of david franjoine on that list... So we know it is the same person. so this is not THE COMPLETE list, of all companies he’s involved with.

  • What is J&T Packing Company, Inc. (Clinton Foundation Related; Vanity)

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    TigerClaws to exnavy

    J.I.T. Packaging, Inc. is a full service custom Industrial Packaging company that was started in 1994 with the premise to supply our customers with the highest quality custom packaging solutions and the best customer service possible.

    Whether you need a Plastic Tray for your high volume long term returnable program or a quick, short-term Expendable solution, our wide range of products and services have you covered. J.I.T. Packaging has the ability to manufacture solutions in a variety of materials. We supply plastic, steel, urethane, rubber, corrugated, wood, foam, and plastic bags. We have a material that will solve your problem.

    We start each program with a comprehensive understanding of your projects manufacturing process and your part packaging requirements. We can recommend the most cost effective packaging that best fits your specific application.

  • What is J&T Packing Company, Inc. (Clinton Foundation Related; Vanity)

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    12/06/2016 8:31:37 PM PST · 2 of 13
    TigerClaws to DIRTYSECRET


    What a great time to be in Washington, D.C.

    The end of the Obama Error.... start of MAGA!

  • Sheriff's PASSIONATE Rant Defending Officials in Joe McKnight Investigation (EXPLICIT) N-Bomb

    12/06/2016 8:18:31 PM PST · 5 of 14
    TigerClaws to Timpanagos1

    That ran live on national TV.

    Good for him! Call out these thugs.

    Seems like self defense will be used by accused. Riots if he gets off, no doubt.

  • New pro-Trump group takes form, with Kellyanne Conway possibly at the helm

    12/06/2016 6:58:30 PM PST · 11 of 12
    TigerClaws to ThePatriotsFlag

    She’s razor sharp and it would be a joy to watch her destroy leftists in the press room.

    Also need to purge the press room of fake news sources (NYT, WaPo) and replace them with Breitbart, Drudge, and a rep from Reddit/r/the_donald.

    AND FR!

  • Pizzagate: From rumor, to hashtag, to gunfire in D.C.

    12/06/2016 6:29:07 PM PST · 21 of 59
    TigerClaws to CondorFlight

    Comet and its owner were featured in a D.C. gay magazine. Brock, his ex-bf, is the head of ‘Correct the Record’ the leftist disinformation group who paid shills millions to troll the internet and Media Matters.

    The author was probably in their social circle.

  • 65 Million Americans Should Threaten to Not Pay Taxes Until democracy is restored

    12/06/2016 6:27:14 PM PST · 3 of 70
    TigerClaws to 2ndDivisionVet

    We’re a Republic, not a democracy.

  • Child porn on government devices: A hidden security threat (NOT stupid pizzagate)

    12/06/2016 6:26:47 PM PST · 10 of 16
    TigerClaws to All

    The fact that officials within government agencies are involved in creating and viewing child porn IS Pizzagate.

    That is what we are talking about.

    The fact that CNN/WaPo/etc are all fighting not to cover the story is the problem.

    You say “real source.” What’s a real source these days? The ones that tell us Trump is a Nazi or government officials that tell us Gulf of Tonkin was the North Vietnamese or ...




    If we don’t investigate, the powerful won’t be accountable.

    Trump was just elected POTUS in large part because of our work with Wikileaks.

    If you aren’t part of the fight, you’re helping the enemy.

  • New pro-Trump group takes form, with Kellyanne Conway possibly at the helm

    12/06/2016 6:21:20 PM PST · 3 of 12
    TigerClaws to bobk3

    I love this. Great move to keep the pressure on.

    Laura Ingraham for the Press Secretary. Please God!

  • Trey Gowdy Finds Out DOJ Spent $10,000 on Pizza Parties & He's (mad)

    12/06/2016 3:57:02 PM PST · 11 of 25
    TigerClaws to All

    Child sex abuse is a 9.8 billion dollar a year industry - bigger than drugs.

  • Obama Aide Insults WWII Vets on Pearl Harbor: GET OVER IT!

    12/06/2016 3:55:47 PM PST · 45 of 48
    TigerClaws to All

    Obama also apologized for our winning the war:

  • Trey Gowdy Finds Out DOJ Spent $10,000 on Pizza Parties & He's (mad)

    12/06/2016 3:52:04 PM PST · 7 of 25
    TigerClaws to All
  • BUSTED! Texas Rogue Electoral Delegate Chris Suprun Is Linked to far left Van Jones, Think Progress

    12/06/2016 3:01:19 PM PST · 22 of 35
    TigerClaws to All

    Can he be sued and ordered by a Court to vote for Trump?


    He signed up to do just that and now is waffling.

    Subpoena his emails and bank records. Find out who is paying him for this.

  • Southern Poverty Law Center omits Trump-related Ďhate crimesí against white children

    12/06/2016 2:58:41 PM PST · 9 of 12
    TigerClaws to artichokegrower

    Remember the Obama morons at the WH said it’s all about the “narrative.’

    There is no objective reality to Leftists. It’s all about spin and if you’re a white/male you’re a racist and evil.

    Leftists can’t report on whites being beaten or raped by blacks or Hispanics because it doesn’t fit the narrative (lie they are spinning on America).

    That’s why crimes against whites by minorities are “local news only” events. Whereas crimes by whites against blacks (man bites dog stories in terms of their rarity) are national news.

  • Time Urges 65 Million Americans Who Voted For Hillary Not To Pay Taxes

    12/06/2016 1:18:01 PM PST · 40 of 76
    TigerClaws to gspurlock

    That is an interesting point. The Republic was structured with certain anti-democratic safeguards, including the Electoral College.

  • NFL Road Rage Case: Witness Lied to Police Saying Shooter Claimed He Voted for Donald Trump (vanity)

    12/06/2016 1:16:33 PM PST · 24 of 31
    TigerClaws to Enlightened1

    You must have missed FAKE NEW 101:

    The actions of one Trump supporter are entirely the fault of Donald Trump and the blame deserves to be collectively shared by all Trump supporters.

    The actions of one Black Lives Matter / Islam are entirely the fault of that individual who was a lone wolf rogue individual and does not represent (liberal cause ) in any way. “This has nothing to do with Islam.”

  • Time Urges 65 Million Americans Who Voted For Hillary Not To Pay Taxes

    12/06/2016 1:12:25 PM PST · 32 of 76
    TigerClaws to catnipman

    Reddit/r/the_donald has a policy of using ARCHIVE so that they don’t send their readers to anti-Trump fake news sites.

    Might be an idea for FR!

  • NFL Road Rage Case: Witness Lied to Police Saying Shooter Claimed He Voted for Donald Trump (vanity)

    12/06/2016 1:11:36 PM PST · 21 of 31
    TigerClaws to VanShuyten

    Gasser shot from inside the car.

    McKnight had gotten out to confront him.

    If he was in ‘reasonable fear’ of his life or not... that’ll be the issue for manslaughter. Self defense will be Gasser’s claim.

    Riots, of course, if Gasser isn’t convicted.

  • Time Urges 65 Million Americans Who Voted For Hillary Not To Pay Taxes

    12/06/2016 1:07:53 PM PST · 25 of 76
    TigerClaws to LeonardFMason


    Those are known as being like ‘jobs created or saved.’

    Votes not cast are still votes for Trump, but 2.6 million didn’t show up to the polls knowing that their vote either wouldn’t count or Trump would win anyway.

  • Half of Detroitís votes may be ineligible for recount, because Ďproblems with ballotsí

    12/06/2016 1:05:44 PM PST · 53 of 56
    TigerClaws to roadcat

    Because Democrats are criminal evil baby killer bastards who are criminal by nature and serve Satan.

    I mean, you asked...

  • Washington Post Just Blew the Lid on #Pizzagate Big League

    12/06/2016 1:04:05 PM PST · 11 of 41
    TigerClaws to HarleyLady27

    They all voted for Hastert to be Speaker.

    So both parties are dirty.

    Wonder if the contents of Weiner’s laptop will be leaked?

  • Time Urges 65 Million Americans Who Voted For Hillary Not To Pay Taxes

    12/06/2016 1:01:37 PM PST · 16 of 76
    TigerClaws to ltc8k6

    Legal voters? No.

    2-3 million of her votes were from citizens of foreign countries not eligible to vote in the U.S.

    In fact, it’s a felony to do so.

    But did Obama encourage them to break the law? Yep. Go look on YouTube...

  • Time Urges 65 Million Americans Who Voted For Hillary Not To Pay Taxes

    12/06/2016 12:54:02 PM PST · 1 of 76
    Likely most of her voters weren't paying anyway.

    Will they stop sending back the child tax credit money to Mexico?

  • NFL Road Rage Case: Witness Lied to Police Saying Shooter Claimed He Voted for Donald Trump (vanity)

    12/06/2016 12:17:53 PM PST · 1 of 31
  • #Pizzagate, Clinton & Podesta: What is it & is it credible?

    12/06/2016 11:59:14 AM PST · 39 of 74
    TigerClaws to All

    This grew out of the bizarre art Tony Podesta and his wife collect (google ‘long pig art’ for example) and the Satanic rituals disguised as ‘performance art’ known as ... Spirit Cooking. Child sexual abuse is common in occultism.

    Email on Spirit Cooking:

    Marina on jimmycomet’s (James Alefantis’) Instagram:

    Marina at “artsy” event (2):

    Marina Abramovic Spirit Cooking:

    Screenshots from video:

    “Fresh morning urine sprinkled over nightmare dreams...”

    “Mix fresh breast milk with fresh sperm milk, drink on earthquake nights.”

    Painting with blood.

    “With a sharp knife cut deeply into the middle finger of your left hand. Eat the pain.”

    Symbology, shapes, numbers.

    Painting with blood, statue.


    Ted Talks:

    Social Media:

  • #Pizzagate, Clinton & Podesta: What is it & is it credible?

    12/06/2016 11:53:20 AM PST · 38 of 74
    TigerClaws to TigerClaws; All

    you have to visit VOAT for the above links to be active - cut and paste job. but that’s what’s at the site.

    I know it creates Cognitive Dissonance for people to find out child sex abuse can occur in any community. Some of these ‘red flags’ may be odd behavior or strange tastes. The NYT ran an article saying that pedophilia is not a crime, but a mental health condition.

    We’ve seen ‘transgeners’ become the latest normalized perversion.

    Pedophilia being legal is a specific goal of many homosexual groups.

    DON’T review the above material if you would prefer to remain happily ignorant to the evil in the world.

  • #Pizzagate, Clinton & Podesta: What is it & is it credible?

    12/06/2016 11:45:42 AM PST · 36 of 74
    TigerClaws to Duchess47

    Disclaimer: Information has been crowd sourced by the community (not myself) and I have just put it together for you to investigate and decide on your own. Remember people are innocent till proven guilty.

    Be prepared to go down the rabbit hole. Nothing alone may be convincing. And each little thing taken alone seems coincidental. It’s the entire package which makes it very eerie and quite terrifying. There seems to be overwhelming evidence that pedophilia rings are within the government as a means of blackmailing people as an initiation tool to preserve power, control, and wealth under the guise of satanic rituals/black magic into their secret cabal. Pizzagate is NOT simply about a pizzashop. It’s about a mass network of child trafficking through possible means of the Clinton Foundation involving many people regardless of political party association.

    Although there have been many accounts of this throughout the years, what ignited the investigation were the suspicious emails from John Podesta via Wikileaks. John Podesta is a former chairman of the Hillary Clinton campaign and a former Cheif of Staff to Bill Clinton. Wikileaks has a 100% accuracy record for revealing government corruption over 10 years. Please read in entirety before you make up your mind and be aware that propaganda programs have existed, like project mockingbird, and likely still do exist in order to control the people and prevent them from knowing what is truly going on. It is my hope that good honest professional law enforcement agents look into this to settle the alarming findings true or not once and for all and provide explanations:

    First, I would like to mention that there seems to be quite a few cases where criminal networks exist and provide access to children for the purposes of sexual exploitation and child pornography to elite clientele in the political and business worlds. Many people mysteriously die, such as those involved in the Franklin Credit union case . It’s an exhaustive list so I’ll let you go down the rabbit hole here. So it’s good to be aware when considering the absurdity of these out-there claims.

    There was actually a full 1994 Discovery Channel DocumentaryYouTube that covered pedophilia rampant in our government, but it was banned and never aired.

    The largest pedophile ring had been exposed (covered by nbc news) coincidentally after Anthony weiner’s laptop was taken.

    And another pedophile ring exposed in Norway.

    The Belgium pedophile/sex scandal.

    And the older Savile pedophilia scandal in the UK..

    Let us not forget about the American Financier/Co-founder of the Clinton Foundation and sex offender/pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein , his good relationship with Bill Clinton , along with various other high ups in the government and his Lolita express which he used to fly people to his private island home for pedophilia related vacation trips.

    A woman named Laura Silsby was caught trafficking children in Haiti, and Hillary was sent emails regarding her updates. Laura Silsby was let off the hook by a Clinton appointed convicted sex trafficker. She is now an associate to the amber alert system involved in finding missing children. A woman who was investigating these ties to the Clinton Foundation was just found dead recently. MT.

    Frank Giustra owner of Radcliff Foundation is a big donor to and board of directors for the Clinton Foundation. Elpida, which is a branch of the Radcliff foundation happens to have what looks like a blatant pedophile symbolJPG in their logo.JPG

    John Podesta is good friends with known and openly admitted pedophiliacs such as Dennis Hastert, Podesta recieved an email saying it’s time for Hastert to vanish to an undisclosed Japanese island after the news broke..

    John Podesta likes artwork portraying cannibalism, this one is in his officeImgur Album. John Podesta’s brother, Tony Podesta’s affinity for provacative art which includes Arch of Hysteria which represents pain and resembles Jeffery Dhamer’s victim’s pose. Tony Podesta is a lobbyist in Washington, and is an employee of the Saudis who also have issues with Child Trafficking. The Podestas seem to be a fan of Katy Grannan’s and biljana djurdjevic’s artwork which often portrays naked teenagers and child abuse

    There is an underground vault on the Podestas’ property which admittedly allows them to watch “very complicated video pieces”.

    References to Moloch ( the god of Children Sacrifices) and sacrifices of chickens were found in the Wikileak emails of the DNC staff to Hillary. Not surprising as Bill Clinton wrote how he was fascinated with voodoo magic in his book and that Hillary Clinton wrote her thesis on her hero, Saul Alinsky’s, book in which he has an acknowledgement for satan.

    Marina Abramovic is a must mention along with her spiritcookingYouTube which is satanic in nature involving blood, semen, & breast milk and John Podesta’s invite via email. Marina stated on an AMA that in private dinners, it’s NOT art.

    Marina Abromovic is often seen with many Hollywood actors, including Pamela Anderson, Will Farrell, Nicole Richi, Kirsten Dunst, and many many others as they enjoy their spirit cooking dinner cannibalizing a naked human shapedcake .

    Interesting that pedophilia seems to be commonly known by celebrities who speak out, such as Corey FeldmanYouTube and Elija Wood.

    References to pedophilia via known pedo codePNG like cheese pizza in the Podesta emails, such as the handkerchief pizza/map being left behind. Handkerchiefs are used as code for sexual preferences, , and victims of pedophilia express that it’s collected as a souvenir after being placed under the victimJPG. Other code words found in the emails like: playing dominos on cheese or pasta? and an email titled “Pizza.jpg” where the message is “doesn’t get any better than this” with an attachment of a little girl eating pizza with two femalesJPG who happen to be women captured investigating human trafficking in NK; Euna Lee and Laura Ling.YouTube

    A worthy leaked government email to check out where pizza is obviously a code word: “Who all is in the Austin office today who is going to want pizza? We only have one slice and we need to know how thinly to slice it.”

    ..Continued in comments..

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    Email from Tam Luzzatto saying how children of 11, 9, and 7 will be in the pool for further entertainment.. Her blog allows people to pay money to watch children on camera.

    Also, it’s very eerie how the Podesta brothers match the separate FBI sketches of the one man involved in abducting a little girl. The records show some unusual findings connecting them to the area of abduction..

    Andrew BreitbartYouTube seemed to think the Podestas were involved in sex trafficking back in 2011 when he tweeted about it before he died. The tweet is most likely in response the the ACORN scandal where Planned parenthood was found to be aiding in underage prostitution as found by an undercover investigator recordingYouTube. Podesta was conveniently appointed to investigate the scandal..
    David BrockPNG, the Chief of Media Matters , is in a relationship with James AlefantisJPG, deemed one of the 50 top powerful people of Washington D.C. He also owns a place called Comet Ping Pong.

    Comet Ping Pong in DC is not surprisingly is found in the Podesta emails. It is a restaurant that several high officials are tied with including HillaryJPG, along with a couple other restaurants nearby with possible connections and galleries where Hillary is seenPNG and that billionaire George Soros along with others donated over $20k to..

    WaPo reported that sex slavery is a big problem in D.C.

    Another worthy email from the Podesta leaks saying “do not forward” where it had Hillary’s Logo in the attachment with a pizza slice in it with Comet Ping Pong’s name. Here is the imagePNG

    “The family friendly” Restaurant, Comet Ping Pong, is owned by, James AlefantisJPG AKA Jimmy Comet. His instagram has unusual pictures such as a child taped to a ping pong tablePNG, Joking about a kill room, calling a baby a hotardPNG, a baby picture with chicken lover commentPNG, child with money in their mouthPNG , baby doll for sale with comments saying it’s overpricedPNG. And other images portraying pizza in a sexual way.

    Jimmy Comet also posted a picture on his instagram of Podesta’s Arch of hysteria sculpture on from when he visted his house, a picture of satan, and spiritcooking queen herself (marina abramovic)PNG.

    His instagram profile picture is a sculpture of Antinous, which resembles erotic love for adolescent boys.

    I feel it would be only fair to include Jimmy Comet’s defense and explanationYouTube for posting those images on his instagram.

    James Alefantis was accused of encouraging rape and murder back in 2008. archive

    Comet ping pong using disturbing artwork with paintings of children with their heads cut offJPG. And more Artwork in their restaurant of heads cut off. And in their washroom, they have a painting of a guy playing ping while ejaculating on the table.PNG

    Comet Ping pong’s friend for entertainment, Majestic Ape (of Heavy Breathing), which is an artist that has provocative music with artwork that involves both children and sex (words “All the Chidlren” with babies crawling, and a child with a phallic toy in its mouth, joking of pedophilia in captions on their music videos, cartoons of sex artwork). It’s also listed on Comet Pingpong’s friends list.. When giving a talk to her audience about preferences of an employee, someone shouts “children and little boys” in which she responds “I think that was the manager, we all have our preferences, hee hee hee”. (2:30)YouTube

    Here is a video where Majestic ape jokes about killing babiesYouTube, it’s also a good 3 minute summary.

    Comet Ping Pong and neighboring restaurantsPNG having a pedophilia symbolJPG in their logos (the triangular spiral in the neighboring Besta PizzaJPG, the butterflyJPG , the heartPNG ).

    A government official, Arun RaoJPG “liking” children pictures on the instagram of comet pizza happens to be involved in convicting pedophiles.

    A noteworthy case is Ricky Dearman’s Children talking about their papa cutting babies heads off and drinking blood for satanic rituals in a UK pedophilia scandalYouTube. Official claimsYouTube. Medical records showed signs of abuse.. He denied doing what his children said,YouTube but it is of note that he made promotional videos for his Haiti orphanage enterprises.YouTube And that he also might have connections to scandals found here

    All of this taken together, it’s probably a good idea to revisit some really old claims, once deemed ridiculous, by those who claimed they knew it was going on or were victims of this. Like this old claim of a retired FBI head in saying that children are flown to the White House for secret pedophile sex parties (time stamp 13:30)YouTube and that the suspicious email regarding $65,000 of tax payers money spent on flying “hot dogs” for a private party at the white house just may in fact not be hot dogs being flown.

    Or Like this woman on Oprah who claims her family took part in human sacrifice ritualsYouTube. Or this girl discussing the elite occult’s ritualsYouTube

    And even the one that spoke out long ago regarding being a sex slave for the elite as an MK ultra victim.YouTube

    MK Ultra by the way, turns out to be real and was declassified by the CIA.

    Interesting that as this is becoming more mainstream and blowing up, pedophilia is being pushed as normal as by the psychological association.

    And also interesting is how a twitter user was able to find a massive porno ring within twitter and when they and other whistleblowers tried bringing attention to it to get it shut down, they were banned while the pedo ring remained. Not soon after, pizzagate investigations on reddit were shut down as they banned the pizzagate sub.

    Disclaimer: Information has been crowd sourced by the community (not myself) and I have just put it together for you to investigate and decide on your own. Remember that people are innocent until proven guilty.

    Don’t forget the THREE THINGS that can ABSOLUTELY NOT BE DEBUNKED.

    1) Washington Post says SEX SLAVERY is a BIG PROBLEM right there IN DC.


    3) Tony Podesta likes Jeffrey Dahmer Pedo Cannibalism and Beheadings artwork more than artwork of Rembrandt and Michelangelo!!!!

    Why can’t it be debunked?


    [–] newsbuster 0 points (+0|-0) 5 hours ago (edited 5 hours ago)

    A simple way (perhaps) to convince people pizzagate is real.

    go to the website of Comet Ping Pong

    click on “friends” and then on “heavy breathing”
    enter the website and go to page 6.

    If that’s not a red flag, then I don’t know what is. If people still dismiss it, than point to the fact that this restaurant is supposed to be a family ‘child-friendly’ kind of place.

  • Pizza-Pulling Reindeer Didnít Work Out for Dominoís (Watch)

    12/05/2016 7:51:23 PM PST · 2 of 11
    TigerClaws to nickcarraway


  • PizzaGate-Washington D.C. police arrest man with a rifle-Edgar Maddison Welch-at Comet Ping Pong

    12/05/2016 7:43:36 PM PST · 63 of 68
    TigerClaws to Bunyan
  • The Dead Girl and the Sick Country

    12/05/2016 7:03:48 PM PST · 4 of 17
    TigerClaws to MtnClimber

    From the Comments:

    As the great commentator and radio host Dennis Prager once noted, the German people learned the wrong lessons from the Second World War. Today’s Germans have been taught – and many believe – that the use of force is always morally wrong and unethical, even in self-defense. The lesson they should have learned is that force, when it is used to stop evil or protect the innocent, is both moral and righteous.

  • LeBron won't stay at Trump hotel with team

    12/05/2016 6:40:32 PM PST · 3 of 96
    TigerClaws to entropy12

    I’m boycotting the NFL.

    Guess I have to add the NBA...

    Kelloggs. Grub Hub. Pepsi.

    The “avoid” list gets longer every day...

  • Ivy League colleges are turning into ruthless PC prisons

    12/05/2016 6:39:46 PM PST · 9 of 19
    TigerClaws to WENDLE



    We need to purge media and academia of the political left. That’s where they brainwash the youth and clueless.

  • Cops: Muslim worker pushed down stairs and called terrorist [Grand Central, NYC]

    12/05/2016 6:27:57 PM PST · 32 of 44
    TigerClaws to All

    Had this been a white cop pushed by a black man... national news?

    When it comes out this is a fake ‘hate crime’ .... national news?

    NO and NO.

  • The Philly recount is done, and it didnít help Hillary much at all

    12/05/2016 5:45:44 PM PST · 43 of 69
    TigerClaws to Seeing More Clearly Now

    It’s a federal felony for a non-citizen to vote in a federal election.

    Issue warrants for ALL of them. They can self deport or get arrested.

  • The Philly recount is done, and it didnít help Hillary much at all

    12/05/2016 5:12:07 PM PST · 11 of 69
    TigerClaws to All

    Follow up:

    Hillary and the Dems have opened the door to Trump having a review of ALL voting in federal elections by AG Sessions.

    Do an audit of, say, California and determine how many illegal votes were cast.

    MAJOR screw up by Dems to open this door as they are the ones cheating and will be outed once a real investigation is done.

  • The Philly recount is done, and it didnít help Hillary much at all

    12/05/2016 5:06:34 PM PST · 1 of 69
    Big money burn by leftists. Gotta love it!
  • Mobsters ran a fake U.S. Embassy in Ghana for 10 years, flying the flag and issuing visas for $6,

    12/05/2016 4:29:42 PM PST · 12 of 25
    TigerClaws to All

    Africans faking being Americans so they can hand out Visas for cash.

    A microcosm of President Obama’s 8 year reign.

  • Why I Will Not Cast My Electoral Vote for Donald Trump

    12/05/2016 4:28:49 PM PST · 3 of 11
    TigerClaws to kerry431

    Resign then.

    Supplanting personal whims rather than fulfilling his duty to the millions of people who voted for Trump = traitor.

  • Muslim NYPD officer threatened, told 'go back to your country'

    12/05/2016 4:15:09 PM PST · 2 of 41
    TigerClaws to Extremely Extreme Extremist

    Where’s the video?

  • MILO at Miami University: PIZZAGATE - The Deep Dish On Liberalism & Pedophilia (Live in 35 minutes)

    12/05/2016 4:14:41 PM PST · 25 of 40
    TigerClaws to Stalwart

    Is he moving the event?

    Story I posted said they’d cancelled it.

  • MILO at Miami University: PIZZAGATE - The Deep Dish On Liberalism & Pedophilia (Live in 35 minutes)

    12/05/2016 4:00:17 PM PST · 18 of 40
    TigerClaws to All

    Event cancelled!

    Faculty said there were ‘security concerns.’

  • MILO at Miami University: PIZZAGATE - The Deep Dish On Liberalism & Pedophilia (Live in 35 minutes)

    12/05/2016 3:23:39 PM PST · 1 of 40
    Will he be for it or agin' it?
  • Gunman fires shots inside store at centre of fake Clinton paedophile ring story

    12/05/2016 11:41:39 AM PST · 31 of 54
    TigerClaws to All

    Milo is doing a speech tonight on Pizzagate.

  • House Quietly Passes Bill Targeting "Russian Propaganda" Websites

    12/05/2016 9:42:13 AM PST · 11 of 28
    TigerClaws to circlecity

    They are creating a narrative.

    That’s what they do: Make shite up.

    The NARRATIVE: Americans are nice folks but a bit dull and gullible. We have to protect the public from ‘fake news’ which is creating a crisis.


    Their justification is that this is Russian manipulation of our political process.

  • House Quietly Passes Bill Targeting "Russian Propaganda" Websites

    12/05/2016 9:37:50 AM PST · 9 of 28
    TigerClaws to TigerClaws; All

    From the Bill:

    (1) ACTIVE MEASURES BY RUSSIA TO EXERT COVERT INFLUENCE.—The term “active measures by Russia to exert covert influence” means activities intended to influence a person or government that are carried out in coordination with, or at the behest of, political leaders or the security services of the Russian Federation and the role of the Russian Federation has been hidden or not acknowledged publicly, including the following:

    (A) Establishment or funding of a front group.

    (B) Covert broadcasting.

    (C) Media manipulation.

    (D) Disinformation and forgeries.

    (E) Funding agents of influence.

    (F) Incitement and offensive counterintelligence.

    (G) Assassinations.

    (H) Terrorist acts.

  • House Quietly Passes Bill Targeting "Russian Propaganda" Websites

    12/05/2016 9:36:16 AM PST · 7 of 28
    TigerClaws to MNDude; All

    You guys haven’t been following the leftist spin on the election, have you?

    They are so out of touch with reality they say the only reason Hillary lost was the ‘fake news’ pushed by Trump, but created by Russia to help Trump win.

    Wikileaks? That was all a Russian operation to make the DNC and Hillary look bad. FAKE NEWS.

    Rush, Hannity, Breitbart = FAKE NEWS. Spreading Russian propaganda in coordination of the neo-Nazi “alt-right.”

    THAT is their post election takeaway.

  • House Quietly Passes Bill Targeting "Russian Propaganda" Websites

    12/05/2016 9:30:42 AM PST · 2 of 28
    TigerClaws to TigerClaws

    Danger here, of course, is sites like Drudge, FR, etc. could be deemed “Russian fake news sites” and shut down.

  • House Quietly Passes Bill Targeting "Russian Propaganda" Websites

    12/05/2016 9:30:07 AM PST · 1 of 28
    Link to HB 6393:

  • PizzaGate-Washington D.C. police arrest man with a rifle-Edgar Maddison Welch-at Comet Ping Pong

    12/05/2016 6:40:07 AM PST · 56 of 68
    TigerClaws to All

    See the above!

    Milo is doing a PIZZAGATE lecture tonight!