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  • Tiresome Drive-Bys All Cover Cohen Sentence the Same Way

    12/12/2018 4:18:33 PM PST · 4 of 10
    Tilted Irish Kilt to Kaslin
    It just make you wonder if the 'JOURNOlIST" is still active,
    but under a different name (?).
    Maybe it comes out of the old computers that were formerly in the White house,
    but are now relocated about 6 blocks away.
  • Holy See Pushes Urgent Action on Climate Change

    12/12/2018 3:55:54 PM PST · 11 of 42
    Tilted Irish Kilt to detective
    detective :".. encourages nations to listen attentively to the cry of the earth,
    which, as Pope Francis says, is groaning out in travail."

    The "cry of the earth" comes from the millions of souls buried under socialism,
    and dictatorial stupidity of religious organizations which imagine they have a right to a political voice.
    The last I remember, the Gospel says to:" render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's, and unto God that which is God's."

  • Pence Casts Tie-Breaking Vote After Outgoing Republican Tries to Block Trump Nominee

    12/12/2018 3:46:52 PM PST · 18 of 57
    Tilted Irish Kilt to kiryandil
    kiryandil :" He'll go far in national politics. "

    It'll be interesting to see where he ends up- which NGO,
    or corporation, and owned by whom ?

  • Profile of a Sinking Blue State, or Why Florida Dodged a Bullet in Election 2018

    12/12/2018 12:06:59 PM PST · 9 of 14
    Tilted Irish Kilt to The Sons of Liberty
    The Sons of Liberty :" Florida needs to take strong steps toward ensuring there is no election fraud
    - the dems will re-double their efforts in 2020."

    As I recall, didn't Florida find another 6000 votes that didn't get counted,
    after the final tabulation of votes ?
    Those votes may have changed the final scoreboard.

  • Ebola vaccine is having ‘major impact’ but worries about Congo outbreak growth

    12/11/2018 1:29:05 PM PST · 2 of 17
    Tilted Irish Kilt to 2ndreconmarine; Fitzcarraldo; Covenantor; Mother Abigail; EBH; Dog Gone; ...
    Infectious Disease ping

    Ebola update - Democratic Republic of the Congo

    The vaccine, while not yet 'proven' effective, seems to be working to contain the disease,
    where it can be administered, devoid of threats from 'civil war'.

  • Ebola vaccine is having ‘major impact’ but worries about Congo outbreak growth

    12/11/2018 1:23:48 PM PST · 1 of 17
    Tilted Irish Kilt
    ".. after 4 months, there’s a glimmer of hope: An experimental Ebola vaccine appears to be helping the communities it reaches.
    More than 40,000 people have received the vaccine, by far the largest use of it since a trial in 2015 showed it worked well.
    So far the outbreak has tallied some 500 cases, about half of whom have died, according to the DRC’s Ministry of Public Health.
  • Your Apps Know Where You Were Last Night, and They’re Not Keeping It Secret

    12/11/2018 11:38:07 AM PST · 7 of 23
    Tilted Irish Kilt to cuban leaf
    cuban leaf :" Pretty funny. I’m guessing it’s an infidelity thing."

    Not at all !
    Your privacy is now a commodity to be bought and sold, as is you coming and going; nothing to do with infidelity !
    Somebody is making money over knowing your travel activities; it is justified since you paid nothing for the software application
    so 'they' say...
    I say Bullocks !!!
    My privacy, my travels, my friends, my photos, my texts, my phone conversations belong to me
    .. but they are for sale on 'Giggle', because I have an android phone !
    I say F*** off !!
    You didn't offer me an "opt in" ,or, "opt off" !
    Screw your,.. AND YOUR ALLEGED 'UNIDENTIFIABLE' Surveillance !

  • Start prepping! Electric grid ‘prime target’ of terrorists, ‘profound threat,’ says DHS

    12/11/2018 11:02:50 AM PST · 85 of 110
    Tilted Irish Kilt to DuncanWaring
    DuncanWaring : " The nearest replacement was somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.
    To get it to Phoenix, it had to be transported by barge to Los Angeles, then by heavy-lift truck to Phoenix."

    Now imagine:
    #1 -no power for communication (landline/ cellphone) to determine that there is a need for a transformer.
    #2 -no gas or diesel since there was no power for the pumps for ships to load into bunker tanks.
    #3 - no power for gas or diesel pumps for trucking
    There you have it in a nutshell: No power = CHAOS !

  • Start prepping! Electric grid ‘prime target’ of terrorists, ‘profound threat,’ says DHS

    12/11/2018 10:37:00 AM PST · 81 of 110
    Tilted Irish Kilt to bgill; appalachian_dweller; OldPossum; DuncanWaring; VirginiaMom; CodeToad; goosie; kalee; ...
    bgill: "From what we learned is transformers are made in China (!) and electrical companies have them on back order if on order at all.
    They’re expensive and take a long time to manufacture. Bottom line, if/when the power goes,
    people will be hurting and there will be no one and no supplies to get it back up in short order."

    Thank you !
    That is exactly the point, although way-layed, through all the verbiage of the article.
    There is no "prepper" philosophy or practice throughout the corporate grid mentality; there is no back up, or hardware reserve.
    Every loss becomes an immediate crisis !
    PREPPER PHILOSOPHY : ' one is none,..two is one,..three is two, etc., etc.'
    Also Prepper's O.O.D.A. LOOP: Observe, Orient (use new information), Decide, Act !
    " Or put another way, the OODA Loop is an explicit representation of the process that human beings
    and organizations use to learn, grow, and thrive in a rapidly changing environment. "
    If you don't act and adapt, you become extinct; (like Kodak, or Xerox )
    OODA loop online source :

  • 86 exposed to measles at event as N.J. outbreak continues

    12/11/2018 5:56:03 AM PST · 43 of 55
    Tilted Irish Kilt to SMGFan; 2ndreconmarine; Fitzcarraldo; Covenantor; Mother Abigail; EBH; Dog Gone; ...
    Infectious Disease ping - Measles, NY & NJ , (Ocean County confirmed)

    "The Ocean County health department didn’t mention where or when the event took place,
    but said Friday 86 people might have been infected.
    There were already 18 confirmed and six suspected cases of measles in Ocean County.

    Measles is highly contagious as you are exposed, and can contaminate others, even before you exhibit illness symptoms.

  • Start prepping! Electric grid ‘prime target’ of terrorists, ‘profound threat,’ says DHS

    12/11/2018 5:38:26 AM PST · 54 of 110
    Tilted Irish Kilt to TADSLOS; metmom; appalachian_dweller; OldPossum; DuncanWaring; VirginiaMom; CodeToad; goosie; ...
    Prepper Ping - U.S. Electrical power grid at risk for terrorist attack

    "The President’s National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC) was tasked to examine the nation’s ability to respond to and recover
    from a catastrophic power outage of a magnitude beyond modern experience, exceeding prior events in severity,
    scale, duration, and consequence.
    Simply put, how can the nation best prepare for and recover from a catastrophic power outage, regardless of the cause?"

    “The power grid is a prime target for attack by nation states, and it is not fair for ratepayers to bear the full burden
    for this national security function,” said the report, which looked at the potential of a “catastrophic” half-year blackout that could impact 75 million."

    "The attack could also come with no notice and last half a year. "
    Long-duration, lasting several weeks to months (at least 2 months, but more likely 6 months or more)
    due to physical destruction to equipment, such as transformers or transmission lines;
    or the severity of the event resulting in limited work force to repair damage,
    or inability to create or transport replacement parts," said the report.

    The reality is that the power grid is at risk, and several attempts by terrorists have already occurred, most notably in California .
    Also, most of our power transformers are made in foreign countries (very few made in this country), assuming they have power,
    and we are dependent on a supply chain that relies on foreign transportation, and already delivery delays of as much as a year
    from time of ordering until delivery, even under current favorable conditions.

    See Post #33 if you wish to read the original government document
    from "The President’s National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC)".

    H/T to TADSLOS, metmom, and LucyT !

  • Southern Sleet, Snow and Ice--Live Thread

    12/09/2018 12:43:13 PM PST · 113 of 115
    Tilted Irish Kilt to Mears
    Sorry about the run on with the Italics.
    My bad !
    I forgot to close the italics; .. .
  • Southern Sleet, Snow and Ice--Live Thread

    12/09/2018 12:39:00 PM PST · 112 of 115
    Tilted Irish Kilt to Mears
    Mears :" I have lived in Massachusetts since the 30s
    -——I find this entire thread hysterical-—it IS December."

    Yes, it IS December in Taxachusettes.
    But I remember when in my mid-twenties, driving down to Florida after an overnight in Gathersburg Maryland
    where the Marylanders had 4 inches of snow at 8:30 AM, and our car was breaking new ground through the snow
    - there was absolutely no traffic(!)
    There were no snowplows on the road, the only plowing occurred at the local hospital "Emergency Department" driveway entrance,
    and all the locals were waiting for the snow to melt away (!), and that was only 4 inches.
    Not all of us have known the benefit of traffic circles, "Frost heaves", driving Route #2 on a holiday,
    driving behind a Conga-line of snowplows going 30 mph with no opportunity to pass, or enduring a "Nor'easter".
    It's all in what kinda of weather you are used to experiencing - for these 13 million folks, it's a catastrophe.

  • Southern Sleet, Snow and Ice--Live Thread

    12/08/2018 2:09:57 PM PST · 71 of 115
    Tilted Irish Kilt to metmom
    Prepper ping : "Southern Sleet, Snow and Ice--Live Thread"

    metmom :"Y’all really ought to prep for winter.
    Make sure you have a generator on hand and run it a few times a year to keep it in prime.
    Clean it in the fall and make sure you all have gas for it.
    ..Stock up on some essentials and don’t count on a trip to the store should bad weather happen."

    Another prepper item that many forget, even with a generator is to have "stabil" on hand for gas,
    otherwise your gasoline could go stale.( Also, there is stabil for diesel).
    Best advice is to dress in multiple layers of sweaters, coats , and woolen socks, and 'bundle up'.
    Warm up the house beyond your normal temperature while you still have heat and electricity; walls and furnishings will retain heat.
    Your best warmth friend in all seasons is a good quality sleeping bag.
    Multiple wicked candles can be used as an emergency heat source; if no candles, stick several cotton wicks into a can of Crisco.
    Remember when you were a child, and made a tent under a table covered with blankets ?
    Well, that same tent under the table can help retain body heat; if you can't heat the whole house, go small and stay under the blanket wrapped table.
    Kerosene heaters put out a lot of heat, but also a lot of moisture.
    When storing them for off-season, wrap in plastic or make sure they are totally dry, or put a desiccant in the storage bag.

    H/T to metmom !

  • Ebola Virus Outbreak Reaches City of 1 Million People in the Democratic Republic of Congo

    12/08/2018 8:23:58 AM PST · 11 of 37
    Tilted Irish Kilt to BenLurkin; 2ndreconmarine; Fitzcarraldo; Covenantor; Mother Abigail; EBH; Dog Gone; ...
    Infectious Disease ping (Ebola - Democratic Republic of the Congo)

    "This Ebola virus outbreak in the Congo is second only to the outbreak in West Africa in 2014, which killed over 11,000 people."
    Now, the virus has hit Butembo, a city of over 1 million, near the Ugandan border. (Emphasis mine)

    So far, there are over 470 confirmed cases and more than 270 deaths due to the viral hemorrhagic fever,
    which has an extremely high fatality rate.
    Another 100-plus cases are under investigation, and Congo’s health ministry confirmed an additional 13 cases on Thursday,
    the highest one-day total since this latest outbreak was declared in August.

    Medical containment is further hampered by rebel led civil war,
    as well as threats to medical personel, and kidnappings.

  • Prayer Request

    12/03/2018 12:49:41 PM PST · 10 of 15
    Tilted Irish Kilt to piytar

    Prayers already sent

  • 'It was anarchy. Everything that's not tied down is broke': State of emergency declared....

    12/01/2018 1:40:43 PM PST · 42 of 51
    Tilted Irish Kilt to TADSLOS; appalachian_dweller; OldPossum; DuncanWaring; VirginiaMom; CodeToad; goosie; kalee; ...
    "A 7.0 magnitude earthquake shook Anchorage, Alaska on Friday morning at 8.29am
    The center of the earthquake took place about seven miles from Anchorage, the largest city in the state"

    A wood stove, properly supplied and maintained can provide a sense of security and normalcy during troubled times,especially in cold climes.
    "Store what you eat,.. and eat what you store" (keep food in rotation, based on expiration dates).
    If your family won't eat 'brussel sprouts', don't store them !!
    If there is a chance you may have to 'bug out', have a ready supply of dehydrated foods,
    since they are nutritionally similar to canned goods, but take up less space, and are lighter in transport,
    but require a clean water source.
    Without potable water (water filtration), their benefit is moot; clean snow can be melted, or, used for temporary refridgeration
    Always include a first aid kit, and a supply of needed medications, spare glasses, etc., ..since accidents happen !

    H/T to Tadslos !

  • Military warns EMP attack could wipe out America, 'democracy, world order'

    12/01/2018 1:04:32 PM PST · 160 of 204
    Tilted Irish Kilt to hardspunned; appalachian_dweller; OldPossum; DuncanWaring; VirginiaMom; CodeToad; goosie; kalee; ...
    hardspunned:" I believe EMP is a more credible threat than the nuclear exchange we’ve all feared since the 50s."

    And so do I believe that an undetectable EMP (source unknown)is a likely scenario,
    rather than 'mutually agreed destruction' scenario.
    That is why we need to be prepared spiritually, physically, and emotionally.
    "If ye are prepared,.. ye shall not fear. "

    H/P to TADSLOS !

  • Marriott reveals data breach of 500 million Starwood guests

    11/30/2018 7:10:14 AM PST · 5 of 14
    Tilted Irish Kilt to EdnaMode
    (from the article):" For millions others, their credit card numbers and card expiration dates were potentially compromised."

    Interesting about Marriott, because for the last month I have been receiving spam calls from Marriott
    offering me a free overnight stay.
    Several decades ago, I used to work part-time for Marriott,
    and never knew them to offer anything for "Free".
    The timing of this acknowledgement of hacking is sure to reduce the number of customers over the Christmas holidays.

  • Celine Dion’s clothes for kids ‘definitely satanic,’ says renowned exorcist priest

    11/29/2018 12:57:23 PM PST · 43 of 56
    Tilted Irish Kilt to HiTech RedNeck
    HiTech RedNeck : "Spirituality is at the center of this all."

    I whole heartedly agree with your assessment.
    We are seeing numbers of Church goers declining,
    and many parishes and congregations being vacated.
    Satan is called "the great deceiver", rather than called "liar"
    The deception is done with just a little bit of truth,
    and then incremental dishonesty until it becomes blatant fraud.