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  • Have Lost Pyramids of Herodotus Been Found in Egypt with Google Earth?

    06/13/2013 9:51:33 PM PDT · 25 of 61
    too old to care to Bullish

    Well think about it....If you were 10 year old King Tut, with countless slaves, and growing up in the world’s biggest sandbox.....Wouldn’t you be entertained watching them heap huge piles of sand day in and day out?

    I watched my kid do the same on a beach one day...He spent the whole day piling sand trying to see how big a pile he could create :)

  • Freep this poll: What should happen to NSA leaker Edward Snowden?

    06/13/2013 9:21:59 PM PDT · 78 of 78
    too old to care to PrairieLady2

    Exactly! Well said, and all true.

    I had top secret access for years. I honored my sworn oath then and now....I could have at any time resigned and simply walked away if I didn’t agree with our policies or felt my Naval service was damaging my fellow Americans.

    One of my distant shipmates at the time, “John Walker” violated his oath and totally sold out the American people to the highest bidder...This guy will do the same.

    Snowden has revealed so far nothing more than we ALL were already aware of...BUT, he possibly holds very sensitive and potentially damaging information he can turn over to our enemies.

    Whatever his true reasons, his misguided efforts to “enlighten” us WILL harm eventually harm us.

  • Have Lost Pyramids of Herodotus Been Found in Egypt with Google Earth?

    06/13/2013 9:16:27 PM PDT · 21 of 61
    too old to care to editor-surveyor

    I agree....I’m thinking it’s where ancient Egypt stored their sand reserves...You can do stuff like that where you are the Pharaoh, yaknow

  • Have Lost Pyramids of Herodotus Been Found in Egypt with Google Earth?

    06/13/2013 8:59:30 PM PDT · 18 of 61
    too old to care to SunkenCiv

    I’m NOT believing a bit of this until Geraldo Rivera arrives and leads the effort ! :)

  • Have Lost Pyramids of Herodotus Been Found in Egypt with Google Earth?

    06/13/2013 8:49:36 PM PDT · 13 of 61
    too old to care to SunkenCiv


    You think maybe they will discover Jimmy Hoffa is buried there? :)

  • 27 Edward Snowden Quotes About U.S. Government Spying That Should Send A Chill Up Your Spine

    06/12/2013 1:17:42 AM PDT · 102 of 132
    too old to care to Vince Ferrer

    Here’s the deal.....If in fact WE here in America DO manage to gain the upper hand in intelligence gathering, and then lose that battle against the rest of the world for economic superiority and security, then damn us rightfully.

    Until then, cheer for our efforts and tech and determination toward the cause, and in that way support America fully....And from that perspective condemn the likes of all Snowdens that might sell out our intelligence tech advantage to our competitors.

    Snowden is not anti-American, he is just young and not willing to fight the long hard fight necessary to keep his concerns and info within America and seek a fix from with that both protects our tech ability secrets, and redirects them in a way designed to strengthen America and not tear her down.

    Let’s face it, Prism is here to’s a never to be ignore ability that WILL be exploited...Our mission as Americans is to use it properly.

    We owe Snowden only in that he revealed it’s potential. We fear what he might do with that knowledge.....Bring him home safe and assure him he will NOT be prosecuted, or he WILL sell us out to the highest bidder

    They call this the “Human Race”, and it has been an actual competitive race between all humankind since the Dawn of Time...Where at the moment, America leads the Race.

    IF YOU want to hobble the leader in the Race, then accept that other Racers will overcome and win....Then YOU will be subjected to their Rule as Winner

  • Edward Snowden: Russia considers offering whistleblower asylum

    06/12/2013 1:15:54 AM PDT · 11 of 23
    too old to care to montanajoe

    I think Snowden was sincere....I think Russia, or China, or any country that competes against us will attempt to exploit him for what he knows about NSA and out intelligence gathering operations.

    I think Snowden honesty tried to inform Americans, but he will forever be subjected to interrogation and mistrust no matter where he goes because he chose to abandon America and speak from outside thru outside paths.

    Sincere or not, he made a big mistake taking his concerns outside the chain of command and communicating them in that fashion.

    He is NOT a hero, but instead a sacrifice in a cause yet determined by history to be right or wrong....either way, he is a dead man with no future facing a life on the run and eventual capture or his corpse will decay in some remote spot.

    I sincerely respect his commitment, but I shun his methods.

    IF, what he had to reveal is VALID, then it should have been revealed secretly within these United States to those we elected in our government to pursue it fully....We sill have a two party electorate who remain at extreme odds with each other...all Snowden had to do was take his ‘evidence’ to any US Senator with valid standing in the GOP-NOT instead to China or Russia, or some other country that might offer him protection in exchange for information.

    His remaining choice was to simply quit his position as a contract spy and just move on with his life.