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  • "The Dinner Table"

    10/06/2012 1:37:13 AM PDT · by torchthemummy · 4 replies
    YouTube ^ | 10/5/12 | Americans For Prosperity
    This is how you think outside of the box.
  • Family Moments! The Final Days Of Trayvon Martin

    03/29/2012 3:44:42 AM PDT · by torchthemummy · 18 replies ^ | 3/28/12 | Family
    From the website: "Continuing to stay strong in the face of intense pain, the Martin family reached out to us and shared some exclusive family photos taken 9 days before Trayvon’s death on February 17, 2012."
  • Trayvon Martin: Recent Family Pictures

    03/29/2012 3:17:20 AM PDT · by torchthemummy · 19 replies
    Global ^ | 3/28/12 | Global Grind Staff
    Site states: "Trayvon Martin's family shares personal pictures with GlobalGrind. Pictures courtesy of Martin/Fulton family."
  • Vanity: The New Self-Imposed "No Inflammatory Images" Liberal Rule (Yes To Abu Ghraib, No To Osama)

    05/04/2011 12:03:11 PM PDT · by torchthemummy · 6 replies
    Torch The Mummy | 05/04/11 | Torch The Mummy
    Sorry for the vanity: This new rule of "No Inflammatory Images" applies now not just to the Democrats but to every media outlet that supports the decision. The big question is how after ten years and countless operations in search for Osama we somehow didn't have a contingency plan that took into account how the release of such death photos would be done to mollify the Muslim world. Obviously we must not have had one since Obama & Co stated not only would photos and a video of the burial be forthcoming but in fact just yesterday Leon Panetta stated...
  • Drudge: BBC World Service to sign funding deal with US state department

    03/20/2011 5:07:21 PM PDT · by torchthemummy · 9 replies · 1+ views
    Guardian ^ | March 20, 2011 | Ben Dwoell
    The BBC World Service is to receive a "significant" sum of money from the US government to help combat the blocking of TV and internet services in countries including Iran and China. In what the BBC said is the first deal of its kind, an agreement is expected to be signed later this month that will see US state department money – understood to be a low six-figure sum – given to the World Service to invest in developing anti-jamming technology and software.

    03/19/2011 5:13:38 PM PDT · by torchthemummy · 9 replies
    FR Webgate ^ | October, 16, 2002 | 2002 Joint Resolution
    AUTHORIZATION FOR USE OF MILITARY FORCE AGAINST IRAQ RESOLUTION OF 2002 -------------------Snip----------------------------- SEC. 3. (title snip) (a) Authorization.--The President is authorized to use the Armed Forces of the United States as he determines to be necessary and appropriate in order to-- (1) defend the national security of the United States against the continuing threat posed by Iraq; and (2) enforce all relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions regarding Iraq. (b) Presidential Determination.--In connection with the exercise of the authority granted in subsection (a) to use force the President shall, prior to such exercise or as soon thereafter as may be...
  • Martha Coakley: "It's Not Illegal To Be Illegal In Massachusetts"

    05/17/2010 8:35:04 AM PDT · by torchthemummy · 15 replies · 682+ views
    Infidel Bloggers Alliance ^ | 5/14/10 | Pastorius
    I did a search and didn't seem to be able to find any posts on Coakley's latest idiocy.
  • Eleven Days To Peace (Nobel Peace Prize Nomination Deadline Was February 1)

    10/09/2009 8:36:45 AM PDT · by torchthemummy · 12 replies · 709+ views
    Vanity | 10/9/2009 | Torch The Mummy
    I'm feeling a little verklempt. Here's a topic: Obama was only in office 11 days before the deadline of the nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize. Discuss.
  • Drudge: Nuke Agency Says Iran Can Make Bomb

    09/17/2009 10:37:56 AM PDT · by torchthemummy · 19 replies · 963+ views
    Drudge Report ^ | 9/17/09 | Drudge Report
    Drudge Siren Up....
  • Final Congressional Support For "Stimulus": D-303 R-3 (Democrats Own This Porkulus)

    02/13/2009 10:02:36 PM PST · by torchthemummy · 19 replies · 622+ views
    Torchthemummy | 2/14/09 | Torchthemummy
    The Dems proposed it, the Dems wrote it, the Dems pushed it and the Dems are responsible for 99% of the affirmative votes. 303 and 3 - if that is proof of bipartisan support in the affirmative then, by definition, the Nay vote of 221(R) and 7(D) is a stronger bipartisan coalition in opposition.
  • Ted Kennedy's Health Care To Be Rationed? (Vanity)

    02/09/2009 1:06:26 PM PST · by torchthemummy · 34 replies · 1,993+ views
    Torch The Mummy | 2/9/09 | Torch The Mummy
    As discussed by Rush and others, embedded in the "stimulus" bill is a creation of the "Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research" which would essentially be empowered to ration treatments based on factors such as life expectancy and cost effectiveness which would result in medical dollars for older patients being denied and transferred for the use of younger, "still productive" patients. It would seem that an appropriate question would be whether Ted Kennedy's incurable brain malady would have been determined "a waste of resources" and thus rationed/denied services?
  • Drudge: Daschle Withdraws

    02/03/2009 10:00:23 AM PST · by torchthemummy · 55 replies · 1,490+ views
    Drudge Report ^ | 2/3/09 | Drudge
    WASHINGTON (AP) - Tom Daschle has withdrawn his nomination to be Health and Human Services secretary.
  • Stop Feeding The Beast (Vanity)

    01/05/2009 4:50:28 PM PST · by torchthemummy · 24 replies · 592+ views
    Vanity | 1/5/09 | Torchthemummy
    Feeling bummed, down, deflated etc? Feel that no matter whether the Republicans were to get their act together the Pro-Democrat Media (PDM) would never allow a cogent, honest assessment of anything from the Republicans? Angry that the PDM provides cover for all that Congressional (and soon executive) Dems do and all the Dem auxillaries from education to union to sciences etc. Tired of the emotionally-charged and intellectually-bankrupt PGM 24/7? Then dump 'em! That's right - stop feeding the beast. On Tuesday, January 20, cancel your cable or satellite subscription. In one fell swoop you will disempower CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC,...
  • Two Weeks To Freedom (Vanity)

    01/05/2009 4:42:21 PM PST · by torchthemummy · 2 replies · 287+ views
    Torchthemummy | 1/5/2009 | Torchthemummy
    Two Weeks To Freedom Feeling bummed, down, deflated etc? Feel that no matter whether the Republicans were to get their act together the Pro-Democrat Media (PDM) would never allow a cogent, honest assessment of anything from the Republicans? Angry that the PDM provides cover for all that Congressional (and soon executive) Dems do and all the Dem auxillaries from education to union to sciences etc. Tired of the emotionally-charged and intellectually-bankrupt PGM 24/7? Then dump 'em! That's right - stop feeding the beast. On Tuesday, January 20, cancel your cable or satellite subscription. In one fell swoop you will disempower...
  • Plungers For Joe (Support Joe The Plumber - Put Up A "Plunger Sign")

    10/17/2008 3:22:50 PM PDT · by torchthemummy · 42 replies · 1,236+ views
    Torchthemummy | 10/17/08 | Torchthemummy
    I propose that every American...
  • Fowler On Palin's Qualifications (Primary Qualification-She Hasn't Had An Abortion)

    09/10/2008 12:58:47 PM PDT · by torchthemummy · 37 replies · 278+ views
    Politico ^ | 9/10/08 | Ben Smith
    The South Carolina Democratic Chairwoman, Carol Fowler, offered the kind of shot at Sarah Palin that the Republicans have been complaining about, but which Democrats have largely avoided, in an interview with Politico today. Fowler said McCain had chosen a running mate " whose primary qualification seems to be that she hasn’t had an abortion.”
  • Palin On CSPAN Now

    09/07/2008 3:42:27 PM PDT · by torchthemummy · 116+ views
    CSPAN ^ | 9/7/08 | CSPAN
    Palin Preview on CSPAN now.
  • Drudge: "It's Biden"

    08/22/2008 10:02:09 PM PDT · by torchthemummy · 69 replies · 108+ views
    Drudge ^ | 08/23/08 | Drudge
    "It's Biden"
  • The Ghost Of 537

    03/06/2008 5:45:30 PM PST · by torchthemummy · 13 replies · 387+ views
    Vanity | 3/7/08 | Torchthemummy
    On Wikipedia's site in regards to the Florida legislatures overwhelming decision to buck the DNC and go with their own front-loading primary date, I noticed an amazing coincidence:The Florida legislature voted via House Bill 537 to move forward the date of their state's primary to January 29th, causing a chain reaction which moved many other states’ primaries and caucuses to much earlier dates. The vote passed with bipartisan support 118 to 0 in the House, 37 to 2 in the Senate.Now many of you may recall that after the tussle between the Florida Supreme Court and the US Supreme Court...
  • State Democrats say Clinton camp may sue

    02/29/2008 4:31:34 PM PST · by torchthemummy · 16 replies · 129+ views
    AUSTIN — The Texas Democratic Party warned Thursday that election night caucuses scheduled for Tuesday could be delayed or disrupted after aides to Hillary Rodham Clinton threatened to sue over the party's complicated delegate selection process. In a letter sent out late Thursday to both the Clinton and Barack Obama campaigns, Texas Democratic Party lawyer Chad Dunn warned a lawsuit could ruin the Democrats' effort to re-energize voters just as they are turning out in record numbers. Spokesmen for both campaigns said there were no plans to sue ahead of the March 4 election. "It has been brought to my...
  • Drudge: Huckabee-Deadlocked Convention Is The Goal

    02/22/2008 4:42:09 AM PST · by torchthemummy · 186 replies · 257+ views
    1200- WOAI ^ | 02/22/08 | Jeff Forsyth
    In an interview with 1200 WOAI news during his swing through Texas, longshot Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee outlined a strategy which has him not winning the GOP nomination outright, but pushing the nomination to the September Republican National Convention, which he says will turn to him as the most ‘conservative alternative.’
  • Found Objects: Katie's Big Night in New Hampshire (Must See)

    01/15/2008 6:24:44 PM PST · by torchthemummy · 46 replies · 188+ views
    MyDamnChannel ^ | 01/15/08 | Couric-CBS Raw Footage
    Drudge had this linked so I want to give him credit but the link is directly to the site with the clip. Must See TV!
  • Where Were You: Seventh Anniversary Of Gore's Concession

    12/12/2007 3:34:43 PM PST · by torchthemummy · 77 replies · 286+ views
    12/12/07 | Vanity
    OK folks. It was seven years ago tonight that Gore finally gave up his unethical bid to reverse a Presidential election. I thought it would be interesting to mosey down memory lane to recall not just the concession but the 36 days of rancor preceding. I'm hoping for the discussion to focus on the legal (and unethical) maneuvers by Gore and Co. during those 36 days as opposed to making judgements about Bush since the election. I'm confident that 99% of Freepers would still believe that Bush was better than any Gore Presidency.
  • It's A Google Thanksgiving (Vanity)

    11/21/2007 11:25:21 PM PST · by torchthemummy · 27 replies · 101+ views
    Google ^ | 11/22/2007 | Torchthemummy
    Take a look at Google's Thanksgiving cartooned logo. Sitting to the left of the table is a turkey dressed as an Indian and to the right a turkey dressed as a Pilgrim. Can anyone tell me what is actually on the table being served as the main dish? Looks like a cat but if you zoom the picture it becomes too pixelated to tell.

    07/20/2007 10:47:10 AM PDT · by torchthemummy · 92 replies · 2,209+ views
    Breitbart ^ | 7/20/07 | AP
    SUNAPEE,NH (AP)-Democrat presidential hopeful Barack Obama said Thursday that the United States cannot use it's military to solve humanitarian problems and that preventing a potential genocide in Iraq isn't a good enough reason to keep US forces there.
  • Mitt Romney: The Time Magazine Cover

    05/19/2007 10:47:56 AM PDT · by torchthemummy · 19 replies · 1,113+ views
    Time Magazine ^ | 5/19/07 | Torchthemummy
    You need to check this cover-Romney haters need not apply. "SURE HE LOOKS LIKE A PRESIDENT. BUT WHAT DOES MITT ROMNEY REALLY BELIEVE?" "PLUS: THE DEBATE OVER HIS MORMAN FAITH" The linked picture minimally portrays the clarity of the print on the actual magazine cover. The contrast is so high as to show the imperfections that most people have in regards to facial skin. Particuarly for a man that, like most, shaves every day. It seems clear that Time went with the choice that makes Romney look ten years older and somewhat creepy. Now I defy anyone to show me...
  • Democrats delay Gonzales testimony

    04/05/2007 7:54:32 PM PDT · by torchthemummy · 7 replies · 550+ views
    AP ^ | 04/05/07 | LARA JAKES JORDAN
    WASHINGTON - Senate Democrats postponed on Thursday Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' first chance to testify in his own defense over the firings of eight federal prosecutors. The decision to shelve next week's Senate Appropriations hearing frustrated the White House, which wants Gonzales to quickly give lawmakers his side of the story amid calls for his resignation. But Sen. Barbara Mikulski (news, bio, voting record), D-Md, said the political firestorm should be resolved before Gonzales talks about the Justice Department's spending plan for next year. "It would be very difficult in this environment to give the department's budget request the attention...
  • Echoes of '94 Case (Nifong)

    01/02/2007 7:16:47 PM PST · by torchthemummy · 27 replies · 711+ views
    The News and Observer ^ | Oct. 1, 2006 | Benjamin Niolet
    Echoes of '94 case Twelve years ago, Nifong prosecuted a man in a rape case that bore some similarity to the one he is focused on now. As in the Duke lacrosse case, Nifong had on his side the word of the woman. And the defense said it had plenty of evidence that no rape happened. Even before the case made it to trial, Nifong taunted the defense attorneys. "Poultry," Nifong said when a defense attorney asked a judge to delay the trial date. "They're a bunch of chickens," he told the Herald-Sun of Durham to explain his comment. "I...
  • "Kramer's" Racist Tirade -- Caught on Tape

    11/20/2006 7:03:27 AM PST · by torchthemummy · 609 replies · 21,204+ views
    TMZ ^ | 11/20/06 | TMZ Staff
    Michael Richards exploded in anger as he performed at a famous L.A. comedy club last Friday, hurling racial epithets that left the crowd gasping, and TMZ has obtained exclusive video of the ugly incident.
  • Commemorate The Heroes Of United 93 In Double Real Time (Vanity)

    09/10/2006 12:17:14 PM PDT · by torchthemummy · 10 replies · 444+ views
    Torchthemummy | 11/10/06 | Torchthemummy
    As we all know tomorrow is the fifth anniversary of the September 11th attacks. While there are many choices of what to view, including real time 9/11 rebroadcasts on certain networks, I would humbly suggest another choice. Other than the very beginning United 93 is filmed in a real time manner matching minute-for-minute what is believed to have occured on that fateful flight (buttressed by phone calls and cockpit recordings). Here's the plan: Since most video stores are not open at 8 in the morning rent United 93 tonight. Pop the movie into your dvd player around 8:15am and be...
  • Record-Breaking Heat Staggers East (What's Wrong With This Headline?)

    08/02/2006 6:43:38 PM PDT · by torchthemummy · 13 replies · 507+ views
    Breitbart ^ | 8/02/06 | Derril Holly-AP
    Record-breaking heat and oppressive humidity made people across the eastern half of the country miserable Wednesday and sent tourists in the nation's capital scrambling for relief in the cool marble halls of Capitol Hill.
  • Bolton Confirmation Replay (C-Span)

    07/27/2006 9:13:44 PM PDT · by torchthemummy · 8 replies · 610+ views
    C-Span ^ | 7/28/06 | US Senate-John Bolton
    I was reading the original thread and many were wondering when a replay would play. It is on now!
  • Charles Gibson Named Sole Anchor of 'World News Tonight'

    05/23/2006 10:15:16 AM PDT · by torchthemummy · 33 replies · 1,012+ views
    ABC News Web Site ^ | May 23, 2006 | ABC News
    May 23, 2006 — ABC News has named Charles Gibson to be sole anchor of "World News Tonight." "Charlie Gibson is one of the most distinguished journalists on television. He is a superb broadcaster, the consummate professional, and a very familiar presence to the audience and everyone at 'World News Tonight,'" said ABC News President David Westin, who announced the decision today.
  • Surveillance Photos Could Provide Players Alibi - Video

    05/02/2006 6:53:18 PM PDT · by torchthemummy · 8 replies · 426+ views
    Powerline News ^ | 5/2/06 | Powerline News
    Hit a link to see the time-stamped ATM video of what surely looks like Seligmanns. Appears to be one of the biggest stakes in Nifong's case to date.
  • Light Turnout Expected For Primary (Duke Prosecutor Sees It All Pays Off)

    05/02/2006 9:10:50 AM PDT · by torchthemummy · 6 replies · 390+ views
    The News and Observer ^ | May 2 2006 | From staff reports
    Turnout for today's primary elections is expected to be light across the state today, with at least one obvious exception in the Triangle: the race for Durham County District Attorney. Incumbent District Attorney Mike Nifong faces Freda Black and Keith Bishop in the Democratic Primary. Bishop and Black have criticized Nifong's handling of allegations that three members of the Duke University men's lacrosse team raped a woman at a party.
  • ABC News Multi-Choice: "Consumer Confidence Highest in 4 Years" or "Consumer Confidence Takes a Hit"

    04/25/2006 6:05:33 PM PDT · by torchthemummy · 7 replies · 458+ views
    ABC News ^ | 4/25/06 | torchthemummy
    Consumer Confidence Highest In 4 YearsNEW YORK Apr 25, 2006 (AP)— Consumers shrugged off higher gasoline prices in April and sent a widely watched barometer of consumer confidence to its highest level in almost four years, a private research group said Tuesday. Consumer Confidence Takes a Hit""April 25, 2006 — Spiking prices at the pump appear to be taking a toll on consumer confidence: The ABC News/Washington Post Consumer Comfort Index sustained an unusual drop this week, falling to its lowest level in two months.
  • Harry Smith - Cheney Lashing Out Because Of Weight Gain

    11/17/2005 6:10:51 PM PST · by torchthemummy · 58 replies · 1,666+ views
    CBS News ^ | 11/17/05 | Harry Smith
    "It's hard to stay chipper when you're heavy, and I'm thinking the vice president's anger isn't so much aimed at critics of the war as it is a result of the depression that often accompanies weight gain. You lash out at others, when in reality it is you yourself you are disappointed in."
  • "You Must Report To Work If Asked To" - Times-Picayune Memo

    09/28/2005 9:59:52 PM PDT · by torchthemummy · 13 replies · 644+ views
    Times-Picayune ^ | 9/28/05 | Times-Picayune
    "While most have performed outstanding work in extremely difficult conditions or contacted their managers with offers to report for work, some employees have failed to contact us since the storm and flood." "It is essential that those who have not contacted their department head (or section head in the newsroom) since Hurricane Katrina or who have changed their address since they first contacted their department head do so now. Your supervisory contact must have a current address and telephone number and e-mail address (if available)." "You must report to work if requested to do so."
  • C-SPAN - Suspicious Package In Hearing Hall(?)

    09/12/2005 1:01:25 PM PDT · by torchthemummy · 35 replies · 1,199+ views
    9/12/05 | Torchthemummy
    Just heard that there is a suspicious package in, I believe, the hall just used for the confirmation hearings. Anybody else?
  • F-Bomb For Sale

    09/09/2005 10:57:00 PM PDT · by torchthemummy · 18 replies · 532+ views
    E-Bay ^ | 9/10/05 | Ben Marble M.D.
    The guy that f-bombed Cheney in Mississippi has a real understanding of capitalism - sell a tape of yourself yelling profanities at a sitting Vice President. 'Course he has the moonbat consumer posse roped in with the current bid of $1,125.00. Now THAT is a liberal consumer.
  • Joint Resolution to Authorize the Use of United States Armed Forces Against Iraq

    07/04/2005 10:36:28 PM PDT · by torchthemummy · 9 replies · 851+ views
    White House ^ | October 11 2002 | White House
    October 2, 2002 Joint Resolution to Authorize the Use of United States Armed Forces Against Iraq Whereas in 1990 in response to Iraq's war of aggression against and illegal occupation of Kuwait, the United States forged a coalition of nations to liberate Kuwait and its people in order to defend the national security of the United States and enforce United Nations Security Council resolutions relating to Iraq; Whereas after the liberation of Kuwait in 1991, Iraq entered into a United Nations sponsored cease-fire agreement pursuant to which Iraq unequivocally agreed, among other things, to eliminate its nuclear, biological, and chemical...
  • Dean To Be On Daily Show

    06/23/2005 7:46:59 PM PDT · by torchthemummy · 24 replies · 537+ views
    Me | 06/23/05 | Me
    I was checking out DU about Rove/SCOTUS and saw a thread that mentioned that Dizzy Dean will be on The Daily Show. Set your vcr/dvrs to record; should be good.
  • Author Of Schiavo Memo Steps Forward

    04/06/2005 9:24:14 PM PDT · by torchthemummy · 9 replies · 755+ views
    Washington Post ^ | 4/06/05 | Mike Allen
    The legal counsel to Sen. Mel Martinez (R-Fla.) admitted yesterday that he was the author of a memo citing the political advantage to Republicans of intervening in the case of Terri Schiavo, the senator said in an interview last night.
  • The "Noble Test" (Vanity)

    10/20/2004 5:07:23 PM PDT · by torchthemummy · 57+ views
    torchthemummy | 10/20/04 | torchthemummy
    Much has been said about Kerry's "Global Test" comment in the first Presidential debate. If one is an "American Security First" person, aka. "Security Mom", then Kerry's Global Test works contrary to a Commander-In-Chief's most important duty of defending our country against external military threats. And if one comes to that conclusion then one would tend to vote for Bush. There is, though, I think a slogan that the Bush campaign could take to heart. A slogan that reminds people of Kerry's international-popularity contest-rhetoric while at the same time remind people of the inherent good of America's military pursuits, particuarly...
  • "And I will be heard!"

    08/06/2004 7:19:28 PM PDT · by torchthemummy · 6 replies · 309+ views
    Cranium | 8/6/2004 | Torchthemummy
    "I am aware that many object to the severity of my language, but is there not cause for severity? I will be harsh as truth, and as uncompromising as justice. On this subject, I do not with to think, or speak, or write, with moderation. No! No! Tell a man whose house is on fire to sound a moderate alarm...but urge me not to use moderation in a cause like the present... I am in earnest--I will not equivocate--I will not excuse--I will not retreat a single inch--AND I WILL BE HEARD." - William Lloyd Garrison (1805 - 1879)
  • VANITY - Alternative Conservative Bumper Sticker

    08/03/2004 6:52:00 PM PDT · by torchthemummy · 8 replies · 370+ views
    I, like others, have commented about having pro-Bush stickers on our cars and then getting keyed. I think that this image would serve as a good alternative.
  • Bill Moyers Heading To Cuba? (Barf Alert)

    04/05/2004 11:12:07 AM PDT · by torchthemummy · 23 replies · 35+ views
    “You’ve probably seen in the papers that I’ll be leaving my long career at PBS later this year. As I approach the age of 70, I’ve grown discouraged about the path America has taken, devolving from the New Deal and the Great Society into a debilitating dystopia of corporate greed, a blighted land of milked contributors and honeyed government favors for the very rich. We’ve declined from a President who came from a place called Hope, to an unsteady meat-headed martinet ruling his fraternity house based on fear. Defense contractors make their millions as our soldiers are chopped into chutney,...
  • John Kerry: Nice Piece Of Meat

    01/28/2004 2:12:32 PM PST · by torchthemummy · 87 replies · 236+ views
    01/28/04 | torchthemummy
    John Kerry: Nice Piece Of Meat I've been waiting to tell this story for sometime. I wanted to see whether John Kerry's campaign would go anywhere or not. Since he seems to be leading the pack it's time to tell a simple, yet telling, story of Kerry that I witnessed for myself. In 1998-1999 I was working at a small, highly-rated gourmet shop on Beacon Hill in Boston. It was at the height of the impeachment trial and Kerry had just flown back to Boston. Once he had gotten to his Beacon Hill home at 19 Louisburg Square (yes, the...