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  • MILITARY: Marines lead opposition to repeal of 'don't ask, don't tell'

    11/30/2010 6:06:48 PM PST · 6 of 29
    TrailofTears to 444Flyer

    The concept of homosexuals in the military is a ruse. They are presently able to serve in any and all ways as is anyone else. What they want is a “special recognition” of thier sexual proclivities.

    They want the rest of the military to see them as “specifically homosexual” troops, in the same way that NY does it’s “gay” cops. They then will become a point of specific division in our military force.

    The military got rid of all such distinctions when it got rid of the laws separating blacks and whites in military. When they ceased to give distinction to female service members as WMs WACs, WAVs etc.

    Now all members of the military are equal. The homosexual is the same as anyone who is there to serve, unless he or she wants to make a specific issue of their sexual practices.

    There is no “gay” identity other than that based on what a person does with their sex organs. Say no to special rights and special exceptions for homosexuals.

  • (VA A/G) Cuccinelli: DMV does not have to accept work permit (Shades of AZ?)

    11/16/2010 10:19:57 AM PST · 8 of 14
    TrailofTears to markomalley

    They do not accept my Indian Card which is absolute proof of my being an American. It is the only ID that anyone in this country has that is absolute proof of being an American, both by birth and genealogy.

    To obtain one you have to be accepted by the tribe( based on your proven relationship with the tribe going back to the beginning of the 1900’s). And you have to prove to the Department of the INterior, Burea of Indian affairs your exact quantum blood of Indian blood.

    Once you do this you can take the CDIB (certificate of degree of Indian blood) to the tribe your blood is, and if you fit both the quantum blood level and the tribal regulations you will be allowed to be an enrolled member of that tribe.

    There is no way to fake this reality. You are given a number and a tribal card. That card is not allowed to operate as True ID under the government though it is harder to get than anything at all in the ID world.

  • Vatican: Burning Quran is outrageous, grave move

    09/08/2010 8:58:13 AM PDT · 45 of 348
    TrailofTears to Wiz

    burn baby burn. Tell those libtards that America is free and they will hate you. The libtards advocate burning the flag but fear burning the koran? They are morons. Burn them if for no other reason than to show the fanatics in the Islamic world that we do not fear them.

  • Obama as GOD to the Left

    06/09/2009 6:13:49 AM PDT · 7 of 9
    TrailofTears to NavyCanDo

    So true. This man is upheld as if he is a god in human form. This is the drama of the left. All their leaders have to be elevated to God-like status. They then worship them. This is so because they have forsaken the real God of heaven and now worship and serve the creature more than the creator.

  • Megan Fox: Another Nail in the ‘Movie Star’ Coffin (insults Middle Americans)

    06/09/2009 6:08:33 AM PDT · 10 of 60
    TrailofTears to Mr Rogers

    Another moron in Hollywood showing their depths of stupidity. What are we supposed to do with these idiots, other than boycott their movies??

    I never go to see them when they appear in other productions after they show how vapid they are, how biggoted they are and actually how they don’t have a clue.

    So what would I say, May you find the perfect vapid moron to spend the rest of your life with, maybe give Sean Penn a call and maybe he is available.

  • Dr. Alveda King -- Sorrow that Dr. Tiller Didn't Live to Repent

    06/02/2009 7:55:27 AM PDT · 54 of 55
    TrailofTears to Brookhaven

    Im wondering from your post under what kind of scenario you are imagining that we are going to win this struggle. It is obvious that we have lost and lost massively.

    As long as pro-life people don’t face reality and realize that we have had our heads handed to us then we will continue to count the weekly abortion numbers as if they are reality and when they seem to dip a couple we will jump up and down thinking we are winning.

    Take a breath and get a reality check. The abortion numbers are gathered yearly through self reporting. Does that not sound like a scenario frought with corruption? The abortionists self report so they can pay taxes on their profits, and abortion is a “cash” business. So when you hear the National Right to Life and others talk about victory on the horizon and how abortion is becoming more rare you are being decieved.

    They have willingly dilluded themselves into thinking that those abortion stats are reality. When in fact we have found that there are many times more abortions being done than are being reported, and there are many more abortionists than what we imagine, only they keep under the radar of most pro-life groups because it is only a part of their medical practice.

    We pro-lifers have no clue as to what the reality out here is. We are completely off base on what is happening in the real world. We lost this battle already, and every dead baby is proof of that loss. So we judge someone who tries to stop a mad-man from killing more babies and not because it immediately sent that man to hell, but because it “messed up” our feeling of how we are going to win this battle.\

    Did you sleep through this last election cycle? We lost by millions of votes. The nation voted in a man who is one hundred percent pro-abortion. No reservations no limits, even to the point that a baby born alive after an attempted abortion should be killed. How does that fit in your plan that we are going to win this battle and that the guy which shot tiller messed up that victory?

    The guy that killed tiller stopped that monster from killing another baby, and that is good enough for me. The movement be damned. Nothing the movement has done for the last forty years has made a whip of a difference, and we need to face that fact. This country has become a pro-abortion country and exports that belief to the world around us, including paying for many of the third world’s abortions.

    Don’t pontificate on this guy who decided tomorrow’s planned deaths weren’t going to happen. I am glad the murderer found his end. He lived by the act of taking innocent lives and i am glad that his NON INNOCENT life is now gone. At least we can say one thing about the incident, no more babies died in his clinic that day.

  • Anti-abortion and violence in the US

    06/01/2009 8:34:38 AM PDT · 12 of 14
    TrailofTears to pallis

    How does Tiller’s death fall into the category of being a murder? Was he an innocent man shot down in cold blood? It would be like saying that the death of Hitler, Moa, or Stalin would have been murder.

    When an individual plies his trade at the murder of the innocent then they have blood on their hands and anything that happens to them is merely an event of them reaping what they sowed, or as is commonly said today, karma.

    And the individual who shot the person is no more a nut than Bonnehoffer was in trying to kill Hitler by a bomb in his conference room. In fact, the person who killed Tiller might have done it for the most reasonable of all reasons, trying to stop him from going out and murdering more babies the next day.

    Tiller specialized in the murder of very late term babies, many of whom could have lived outside of their mother’s womb. He then would often have a memorial service as a minister to assist the parents who murdered their babies in feeling better about their decisions. He was a twisted and perverted man. Nothing about him is an object of sympathy other than the fact that he surely broke hell wide open at his death.

    Pro-lifers from around the world went to that man in a spirit of love and sorrow trying to turn him from his evil ways, yet he spit in the face of God’s gift all along. The fact that he was a registered minister and in good standing with the church at the moment of his death is only something to mourn about, and to shake your head over.

    The local church where he was recieved in good standing is an apostate church. The other churches in the city who didhn’t warn that church are near apostate. We live in an era where good moral people are confused about the objects of their sympathy. They should take more a scriptural view of these things.

    Tiller was a man who proclaimed the will and ways of hell while alive and was the perfect picture of a hell-bound religious wierdo. Surpassing Jim Jones, Koresh, and the rest of the wierdo’s. He made mad money murdering babies and chose to ply his false religion over their dead bodies as a further insult to his murdering them. The ironic thing is that in doing that he proved that he well knew what he was doing.

    I have to ask my fellow pro-lifers, “Who told you with assurance, and can you show me in the scripture, where it says a baby murdered in an abortion is going to heaven?” As far as what i can see that is an iffy area and the scripture tells us that if we are not born again we go to hell. It further tells us that the children of the righteous, not the unrighteous, are sanctified. So if we cannot, for sure, bear out in the scripture that these babies don’t go to hell upon their death, the how can we rest on the idea that they should be allowed to die till the conscience of their murderer is somehow effected.

    We do not approach dealing with any other person in this way. No one said let Hitler do what he is doing until he “feels bad about it” and repents. The argument that we are to be passive in the face of great evil is an argument only a coward would make. At the least we need to be at the doors of these death chambers crying out for the murder to end, and end now.

  • Dr. Alveda King -- Sorrow that Dr. Tiller Didn't Live to Repent

    06/01/2009 8:17:15 AM PDT · 25 of 55
    TrailofTears to victim soul

    By the way, any pro-lifer that is devestated by this killing is a moron and sure holds Tiller in higher regard than he/she does the babies he would have murdered today.

  • Dr. Alveda King -- Sorrow that Dr. Tiller Didn't Live to Repent

    06/01/2009 8:12:58 AM PDT · 23 of 55
    TrailofTears to pray4liberty

    Thanks for the reality check. This man was a disgusting monster. When he would murder one of these babies he would then often have a memorial service with the parents of the dead baby to “sooth” their conscience.

    I am glad he is gone, and as for feeling sorry for him having been cast into hell when he died? He was one of Hell’s leading advocates, a child of the devil, and a member in good standing in a church that was obviously oblivious to the truth.

    I will save my emotions for the kid shot down in the streets who never had the opportunities that this man threw away. Would I mourn the death of Hitler, Stalin, or Mao? I say, yes Jesus died for this man, but this man after thousands of warings about his specific form of evil spit in the face of Jesus and is now roasting in a hell he would have liked to drag the entire nation into with him.

    Misplaced sympathy is the undoing of many moral people. Don’t be decieved by the tugging at the heartstrings for those who crave the desire to wallow in the blood of the innocent. The scripture tells us that God HATES THE HANDS THAT SHED INNOCENT BLOOD. That is a big statement. This man specialized in murdering babies that were well past the age that they could live outside their mother.

  • Man Driving to Abortion Clinic Runs Over Pro-Lifer, then Persuaded by Victim's Wife Not to Abort

    03/10/2009 5:56:20 AM PDT · 25 of 25
    TrailofTears to metmom

    ??? of course people are charged with attempted murder every day for use of a vehicle to attempt to kill or injur a person.

    Just in the news the other day a guy was charged (ny) for attempted murder on a police officer when he tried to run from a traffic ticket and the cop grabbed his door handle and got his foot run over because he wouldn’t let go when the guy drove off.

    The man ran down a pro-lifer and was able to get away with it. Under FACE law, if a pro-lifer is protesting and an officer strains his back trying to move the protester from the spot then the pro-lifer faces federal felony charges of ten years in jail minimum because of the injury to the officer. The same applies to any and all clinic personel or any and all pro-aborts at the clinic.

    The presumption under the law is that you did what you intended to do. There are no accidents.

  • Man Driving to Abortion Clinic Runs Over Pro-Lifer, then Persuaded by Victim's Wife Not to Abort

    03/09/2009 6:27:20 AM PDT · 6 of 25
    TrailofTears to Dutchgirl

    Forgive him and then incarcerate his sorry aZZ. If it was a pro-lifer doing the running over he would have been charged under the FACE bill and be facing up to life in prison for the injuries.

    Because there is no equitability in the law he will get off with a slap on the wrist. The idea that they are not charging him or holding him at the present time tells it all.

  • Frank Schaeffer Calls Obama Election a Modern "Miracle" (video)

    03/09/2009 6:22:30 AM PDT · 7 of 14
    TrailofTears to Ghost of Philip Marlowe

    Amazing stuff coming from a man who rode his father’s coat tails to fame and fortune.

    I remember reading his book, “A Time for Anger.” This book was an angry tirade against the media that he now kisses the aZZ of for it’s choosing to pervert and twist news in the behalf of liberals.

    The only thing that has changed over the years is that rich guys like this guy were able to manipulate and scam other christians for years. Now he has finished his “dog and pony show” to the christian community and is now going out to the world stage and making a fool of himself.

    It is sad to see that a man of his father’s character has to look down from heaven and see this fool representing his name. This man is an idiot and an clever opportunist.

    Who does he think will buy his suck-up books? The left never gives their monies to the things they claim to hold to. I will be glad to see him fail in his direction, and retreat back to that dark circus he calls his life. What are we going to see come out of him next? He going to “come out of the closet” as a former conservative homo?

  • USA Today,Others Confirm Davis As Member Of Socialist New Party,Support Obama Socialist Documents

    10/14/2008 5:54:31 AM PDT · 2 of 3
    TrailofTears to Jabrown
    Once again we see a warning posted to the rest of us, "Beware of this man!"

    Will we listen to this warning?

    God help us if we don't. This man not only has a tremendous link to these terrorists, but also to his half brother Odingo who he campaigned for in Kenya, as a US Senator.

    Some have said that he did it because it was his brother, but philio love could only be argued if he at the same time helped his other impoverished brother in kenya.

    All these thing added together make for a seriously troublesome direction in this nation.

    If you combine with all this the reality of his votes to allow infanticide, and his being the ONLY US Senator to vote for PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTION, then you know we are facing deep trouble.

  • Obama and Infanticide

    10/06/2008 4:32:24 PM PDT · 6 of 8
    TrailofTears to MHGinTN
    Good points on the specifics of the technique. The reason I approached it like i did was because it was a general reality and that how we got to a live child who was to be murdered was less important than the fact that we got to that point.

    Perhaps you should address the issue specifically in a way for others to understand. Nevertheless the real important thing in all of this is that he voted three times for babies born alive to be allowed to be refused medical treatment.

    Without a doubt he is a ghoul and verges on madness as a human being. God save us from such wicked men being elected in our nation.

  • Obama and Infanticide

    10/06/2008 9:19:16 AM PDT · 1 of 8
    The Release of the Destruction of Life Devoid of Value: A Vote for Obama is a Vote for Infanticide.

    One of the things that has always surprised me is the lack of historical knowledge of how a country like Germany could come to the point that they voted in and supported the Jack-booted thug NAZI's that they did. I am a student of history. My studies have led me down the path of searching out this matter.

    I have read volumes of information concerning the events that led up to the advent of the NAZI killing machine. And in my reading I have very rarely found a single item that more clearly expresses the lead-up to the destruction that took place as does a small simple pamphlet published in pre-war Germany. (Pre-War of course referring to the times between WW1 and WW2.)

    This pamphlet was written by two German doctors, Dr. Karl Binding and Dr. Alfred Hoche in 1920. The title of the pamphlet was "THE RELEASE OF THE DESTRUCTION OF LIFE DEVOID OF VALUE" and was written to fortify the argument that there were types of life that were valueless. This was a pamphlet that proposed that there were some in our society, though human like the rest of us, that should be killed. They wanted the government of Germany to embrace the idea that there were people that were ‘life devoid of value.",/b> This included, but was not limited to retarded children and adults, the severely handicapped, and those who suffered incurable diseases such as epilepsy, and other disorders, including wounded WW1 vets.

    This pamphlet was written to the German people at large. In this pamphlet they argued that this should be allowed as a form of "mercy" to those who were so afflicted. This argument was coming from two very popular doctors whose standing in the world's medical community was impeccable. They argued at that time that nothing that was being proposed would get out of hand, and that only the ones they mentioned would be targeted by this killing, which they titled euthanasia.,/b>

    Because the Weimar Republic of Germany was the clearest most democratic of such bodies in the world they knew that if they could garner a majority of the German people's support for such a program, they would be able to enact it into law.

    This of course was argued with all emphasis being on how ‘merciful' an act the euthanasia would be, and how it would never get out of hand and be used on anyone who didn't fit the targeted group. This argument, of course, was accepted by the entire scientific community, and by the medical community. The concept which was proposed was that it could never get out of hand because it was not a program of the masses, but precisely because it was the offspring of a medical/scientific and enlightened community.

    While Adolph Hitler was nothing but a jailed prisoner and a former corporal in the German Army the German people were quickly embracing this doctrine of euthanasia as a form of enlightened mercy to the needy and incurable. The also portrayed it as an act of mercy to keep the rest of society from being inconvenienced by those who were so afflicted.

    Before the name of Adolph Hitler was known but to a few the German people were already embracing the ideas of ‘mercy killing.' They were being led to these conclusions by the "enlightened" medical and scientific community who were only proposing these things to assure that civilization could progress forward and act in the way an enlightened civilization should act.

    This was probably the first time that the scientific community weighed it's view heavily on the people of a nation. This was the time when the German people abandoned their ancient views and allegiance to the ministers and priests of their past and embraced a new priesthood, a priesthood of doctors, scientists, all backed up by lawyers who told them that they were on good legal grounds in doing what they were proposing.

    But even if the greatest minds of the day argued these things, it was still up to the German people to take this on themselves and to enact this into their lives. This was an act of the people, not just the leadership.

    The sad thing is that the German people were persuaded to adopt the ideology of the utilitarian view of human life. This view was then the springboard for the great darkness that was to descend upon the entire European Continent. It only took a mere 16 years from the date of the publishing of the pamphlet, till the date that the very ideas proposed in that pamphlet became enshrined into German law. These laws were adopted by the NAZI government at a city in Germany called Nuremberg, and were called the Nuremberg Laws.

    First the ideology, then the actuality. It doesn't take long for a society to adopt great darkness in a seed form that eventually will grow up into the monster that devours them and everything around them.

    We defeated the NAZI's in WW2. We vanquished the German hierarchy and brought them to trial for crimes against humanity at the very city where they adopted the Nuremberg Laws. In our innocense we thought in doing these things we had vanquished this great darkness from our earth. However, we did not vanquish the seed of destruction that lay within the monster. We allowed it's DNA to continue to prevail under the guise of eugenics and other things which turned into today's modern ‘abortion on demand' movement.

    Many people have felt that the writers of the pamphlet "THE RELEASE OF THE DESTRUCTION OF LIFE DEVOID OF VALUE" were not given a fair shake and were not ‘able' to see the effects of their beliefs on the German people at large. However, there is no doubt that these men wrote what they did hoping to enlist the power of the German people into their crusade to advance these new and "enlightened ideas" into the public arena.

    When Adolph Hitler took the reigns of control over the German people he came to the place where he saw the "reasonableness" of this argument for the euthanasia of the undesirables. However, the caveat in all this is that he allowed any and all German doctors who wanted to opt out to not be involved with any of the euthanasia that was to take place with the undesirables mentioned in the pamphlet to opt out of the program. However, there wasn't a single doctor, psychologist, nurse, or nurses aid who recused him/her self from the process. In other words everyone in the medical community not only remained silent, but actually took part in this program of death and destruction.

    This program against the helpless went on unchecked for years before Nuremberg and the advent of the ‘final solution' as it was called. There were thousands of helpless retarded, and handicapped people murdered before a single Jew was set on a train headed for the camps and for destruction.

    Nonetheless, once the stage was set for the destruction of life, and for the view of human life in utilitarian context, nothing more needed to be done to make the holocaust happen other than to aim it at any given group that was available and unable to defend itself. This is how we ended up with 10,000,000 people systematically murdered and cooked in ovens in a mere ten years from the time of the passing of the Nuremberg Laws and a mere twenty five years from the writing of that pamphlet.

    What does this all have to do with us? How do we fit in here?

    I have been deeply involved in the pro-life movement since the advent of the Supreme Court decisions Roe V Wade and Doe V Bolton. (Roe brought in abortion on demand in all the states, and Doe brought in abortion on demand up till the moment of birth in all states.) My brother Jim and I were sued way back in the seventies over our anti-abortion activities (preaching and protesting). (Crist V Henderson) Our case was John Whiteheads (Rutherford Institute) founding case. We were the first case to win in argument over the issue of using the word murder to describe abortion. Up until that time you were not allowed to use that word in description of abortion.

    We, my brother and myself, (he is chief counsel for the ACLJ in the Washington, DC, office) have been on the forefront of fighting for the witness of the gospel in the public arena since the early seventies. He has fought on the legal front and I have fought on the ground, in the streets, and in the public arena.

    One of the greatest woes that we have seen in our society was the devaluing of human life that has come through these sister cases Roe V Wade, and Doe V Bolton. At the moment that the US Supreme Court enshrined these two cases in law, personhood was removed from the unborn child and that child at that moment was then viewed in a utilitarian manner. If the life was valuable to the mother, then it was valuable; if the life was not valuable to the mother then it was of no value to the rest of society.

    Thus this nation began to view these babies with a utilitarian concept in mind, and they lost all legal personhood before our constitution, and all protection of the law. Whatever the mother decided was what ruled from that moment on till the very moment of birth. The moment of birth was always seen as the line of demarcation for these babies. It was viewed as the Mason Dixon Line of life. Make it past that moment and into this world and we will allow you to live. Make it past that line and we will give you the same treatment of any and all who are born as ‘wanted' children.

    This was a line drawn on paper only. And just like the line that was drawn for escaping slaves was no longer the Mason Dixon line after the Dred Scott case in the 1800s; the unborn are no longer secure when reaching birth.

    Utilitarianism rules today, just as it ruled in NAZI Germany. You are only a person, worthy of all Constitutional protection if you are considered useful, or wanted. Many people have argued back and forth over the viability of the child in the womb, but one thing is clear, there was no argument concerning the child once it was born. Because of the nature of the beast that desires to see life as utilitarian (satan) there is no doubt that there will be no satisfaction in this monster till it has total control over this society as it did in the death camps of NAZI Germany. The stage is set today for this monster to once again grab control over a society and completely bring in it's full destruction. We are that society.

    Today we have a candidate running for president representing one of our major parties that not only embraces abortion on demand until the very moment of birth, but has voted to extend that ‘right' to end up with a dead baby to those babies who survive the abortionists knives and are actually born alive.

    Barak Obama three times voted to stop the "Born Alive Infant Act" from becoming law in the state of Illinois. He stated on two of the occasions that he stopped the act that he was doing so because it wasn't written using the same language that the federal law used. The third time that it came before him it was with the exact same federal language and he killed it in committee. This man three times voted to allow infanticide of these most innocent, already born, babies.

    To what can we compare this man? Is he like these two German doctors? Not at all. He is far worse than these two German doctors. He is like the men that sat around the table in Nuremberg and crafted the ‘final solution' to the Jewish question. He legislated into existence the opportunity for thousands of children to be killed in the hospitals of Illinois via starving them to death, or otherwise killing them through neglect. Why? Because the mother came to the abortion wanting a dead baby, and she was entitled to ending up with a dead baby.

    To this wicked man the sacred (life) is the profane, and the profane (death) is sacred, all because a woman decides she will choose death over life. He, of course, having no ability to have a choice over whether or not he will kill one of his own children knows that there will be thousands of thousands of women who choose to do so. He is a believer in the idea that life is utilitarian. It is obvious that he doesn't believe in killing all babies because his own are still alive. However, im sure he sure appreciates the women's vote who believe in killing their babies.

    Maybe his view towards the rights of women to kill their babies is as utilitarian as his view that these babies have a right to life. But either way it doesn't matter. Three times he voted to kill living babies through neglect. He is vastly worse than the doctors or nurses who do the actual killing. He is equivalent to the party officials in Germany who voted the death camps into law. He is guilty of crimes against humanity in a way that even the guards at a death camp would not be.

    Where is justice in this matter?

    Now, as to the rest of his pro-abortion stance? He is the only member of the US Senate to vote for "partial birth abortion." In the hundred and fifty times he managed to only be able to vote ‘present' at bills that were offered, he did manage to stand alone as the only United States Senator to vote for partial birth abortion. He stated that partial birth abortion had to be upheld at all cost because to not do so would somehow take away a woman's right to end up with a dead baby.

    In other words he is for INFANTICIDE. He doesn't care if it is through pulling a baby partially out of a woman and scrambling it's brains in order to keep it's body alive so that the organs can be harvested like some horrible science fiction movie, or to just allow a baby to starve to death in a closet in a hospital, slowly and by itself.

    Where is God in all of this? Where are the Christian witnesses to God's word in all of this? Sadly, many Christian people are going to vote for this man to run our nation in this next election. Many Christian people are willing to allow the idea that life can be viewed in a utilitarian manner such as this and feel that it is all up to whether a woman decides to kill her child or let her child live. Many Christian people have no understanding of God's view towards the murder of the innocent. Many are going to put their hand to the lever and make themselves a partaker of the sins of those who believe that murder of the innocent is an right and good.

    The moment a believer puts his/her hands to the lever and votes in someone that they know promotes these great sins they will at that time become a partaker of that persons sins and will also become a partaker of their judgments. And we know for sure there will be great judgments over this sin of baby murder. God said that He hates the hands that shed innocent blood. How can we get around that?

    Germany, when they were passing the Nuremberg Laws, were years away from their judgments. They, at that time, hadn't even had the victories they were to enjoy over France, Poland, and the rest of Europe. They were a rising power. Many good Christian people thought that the abuses that were in the NAZI Party were only glitches in the picture of where Germany was going. They chose to ignore these great sins at a time when they could have prevented them from getting worse. They chose to ignore them at a time when they could have stopped them, and mainly over what they thought were ‘economic' reasons. They also chose to ignore the scripture which said, ‘whatsoever you do to the least of these my brothers, you do unto me."

    Every retarded child, handicapped person, ‘useless eater' was an opportunity to see and minister to Jesus, yet the German people chose to follow someone who saw them as nothing of value because they had not utilitarian value to the greater society. These were not people born with pitch fork tails and horns on their heads. These were hard working educated people, cosmopolitan people who had bred a society that contained the height of culture and science. The greatest minds came from that country, as did the greatest strike against humanity that has been seen in human history, the attempted systematic genocide of an entire people.

    Nothing was too extreme when it came to promotion of this great genocide, nothing. When the camp at Treblinka was liberated by the Allies they found an area 100X50 yards six foot deep full of ‘human grease' from the remains of burning human bodies. They found this pool of human melted fat, and it still was not a sign to the leaders that they had reached excess.

    Eventually the judge of the whole earth did right and brought great judgment on Germany. Their economy was dismantled, their women ravished and their children murdered in the streets by the Russian Armies as they took Berlin and other cities. Hardly a girl escaped the raping and pillaging mobs let loose on the German people. (The Russian Army policy was to allow rape and murder for three days in any area they had conquered.)

    Every German felt the judgment that came to them over the great evil they had unleashed first on themselves and then on the world.

    What more do we need for a warning? How much more can be said to us to tell us that we are on the verge of a great judgment? At what point will we stop the progression into the same mind-set that ruled the German people prior to the Nuremberg Laws?

    We too are submerged into a societal acceptance of the ‘utilitarian' view of life. We too follow the scholars, scientists, doctors, lawyers, who lead us down this path of destruction, all the while claiming to be a path of enlightenment and liberality, a path of freedom, not a path of death and great darkness.

    Simply put, " A vote for Obama is a vote for infanticide." A vote for Obama is also a vote to our own destruction. If we pull that lever for that man we will be pulling a lever of death and destruction on ourselves. God made life. Life is precious and valuable to Him. Even the tiniest baby in the womb has as much value as the greatest person in our human history. God hates the hands that shed innocent blood, and He will bring great judgment on us if we decide to lift our hands to help them shed more blood.

    It is not too late to reject this evil which has come upon us. Where are the honorable men and women who would go into these hospitals and snatch these babies out of the hands of these evil merchants of death? Are there any who work in this industry who are willing to lift the cover off this great evil and go to the public with what is going on right here and now in our hospitals? Are the medical personal silent participants, just as were the doctors, nurses, and medical assistants in that day?

    Where is the Church today in bringing testimony about this great day of evil? One of our great political parties has become the party of Infanticide. This truth should be shouted from every roof top till there isn't a Christian in the land who will dare touch the lever and vote this darkness upon our nation.

    Proverbs 24: 11 tells us to "Rescue those that are unjustly led to the slaughter and drawn to the death." It also says in the next verse that if we fail to do so then God will laugh at us in the day of our calamity. What are we going to do? The challenge lies up to us in this day to take the bull by the horns and to bring into our society a culture of life. A culture that exposes the great darkness of making life nothing more than an utilitarian experience.

    We are sitting on the verge of either great darkness or on the verge of great advancement as a people. We must not be lulled into thinking that temporary victories in our society are indicative of an overall victory for God's view of life. When the Nuremberg Laws were passed the German people had already set their course for death, destruction, and the eventual judgments that would follow. But before that happened Germany broke off it's neck the yoke of the Allied War Reparations and their economy was beginning to boom. They were about to consolidate a great amount of military victories, and were on the verge of many scientific discoveries that have effected the modern world since. However wonderful these might appear to the German people, they were also about to taste the great judgment of God for having embraced this culture of death. Great victory and prosperity immediately proceeded the great judgment of God on them.

    When that judgement came from God, that judgment was sure and it was final. When are we going to understand that the judgment came, not because of the jack-booted thugs and broken cross flag, but because of the societal acceptance of the culture of death that they had embraced as a result of a single small pamphlet that opened the doors of evil on them as sure as Pandora's Box.

    We stand at the same cross-roads that they stood at days before that conference in Nuremberg that set their doom. We have those in our midst that, though they do not march with the Waffen SS lightening bolts on their lapel, are just as deadly and evil as those who did. It is no mystery how a society could come to this evil that was done, it happens one decision at a time.

    First it is the retarded or handicapped child aborted because of the inconvenience of caring for such a child, then it is the elderly man/woman allowed to die because it is easier on them and the family than loving them would be. Now it is babies who survived the attempt to kill them who face the merciless death camp of some hospital closet where they will live out their last days without the touch of human kindness and mercy, all because they ‘serve no purpose' to those who want them dead..

    We need to ‘cast down these evil imaginations' in our minds, and in our society. And when we have become obedient to the truth we need to revenge all the disobedience we formerly walked in. We need to root out this great evil at every opportunity, be it through speech or actions. We need to hammer away at it like they did the Berlin Wall till it just simply falls apart. However, if we do not understand what it is that is at the root then we will never prevail over this darkness.

    We have history to remind us what happens if we fail to overcome this anti-life attitude, this attitude that says that life is only as valuable as I am willing to let it be. The economy of our nation is tied to the view of life that we embrace. If we think that we will get a solid economy while murdering the least among us, we are as mistaken as were the pre-war Germans. Our economy is only as strong as the protection we put around the least among us, and our willingness to fight to the finish this evil anti-life spirit that now rules in our society.

    When Roe V Wade and Doe V Bolton were ruled on by the Supreme Court (1973) over 75% of the people of the United States were against abortion under any circumstances. In a mere 35 years of this anti-life mind-set ruling in our society we now have almost 75% of our nation for abortion under any and all circumstances.

    When we first engaged this battle way back in the early days we warned that after the baby in the womb is no longer protected and granted personhood, the baby out of the womb would be next. We almost didn't believe what we were saying ourselves, but felt compelled to say it.

    Now we have seen the fruit of a 35 year courtship with death.

    We now have babies born alive and silently killed through starvation and neglect. We now have a major party candidate who promotes, embraces, and votes for this to be the law of the land.

    The only question remaining for you Christian reader is, "Whose side are you on?" Are you on the side of the innocent? Are you on God's side? God hates those hands that shed this innocent blood! Or are you on the side of the devil who glories in and loves the opportunity to shed the blood of the innocent?

    Choose ye this day whom ye shall serve, as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.

    A vote for Obama is a vote for infanticide.

  • "MetroPresident: CARTOON featuring Barack Obama...

    10/06/2008 7:57:45 AM PDT · 13 of 20
    TrailofTears to Emperor Palpatine
    I was more reminded of the “youth soccer clubs” of Winnie Mandela who did the murders for the ANC and their crew by putting the tires on the necks of their perceived enemies and filled them full of fuel oil, and lit them.

    These kids are dealing with Obama more as a Messiah than as a candidate. The great dissapointment to them will be when Obama loses.

    We are not far from the revolution that Ayers and Dorn tried to bring to America. That is a communist revolution, and the kids who do this type “leader worship” will be those that lead the way in that revolution.

    Just as the Khemer Rouge used mainly children under 18 for their abuses, kids this age are the target of the leaders of the next revolution.

  • Gingrich "bitch-Slaps" MSNBC's Allen Over Palin

    09/03/2008 10:04:14 AM PDT · 41 of 54
    TrailofTears to NavyCanDo

    Of course the media elite isn’t going to “defend” obama. They are too busy out there trying to sink the conservatives.

    This allen guy was handed his head. He found someone who was an expert on history and could put things in perspective and he got slammmmmmo handed to him.

    These media pukes are only convincing the rest of us that they are all that we think them to be, biased and in the back pocket of the left.

  • Drill Here, Drill Now- (Live Thread, Day XXI)

    08/29/2008 6:11:00 AM PDT · 5 of 16
    TrailofTears to eeevil conservative

    Im 1000% for drilling here and now with only one condition that all of the oil we drill is used in our country only. None to go to the world market, to be used for our country’s benefit ONLY.

    If we put our nation’s resource of oil on the world market we will only effect 3% of the world market. We can achieve true energy independence if we will use our oil for us only.

  • President Bush Gave Iraq Freedom (braying)

    08/29/2008 6:05:49 AM PDT · 3 of 7
    TrailofTears to bray

    Great writeup. Soooooooooooo true.

  • Jennifer Lopez's Violent, Anti-Male Music Video 'Do It Well'

    03/03/2008 7:01:37 AM PST · 21 of 22
    TrailofTears to Dutch Boy

    Beautiful woman, with a sick mind.

  • Obama's Mysterious Black Value System (YES "WE" CAN)

    02/16/2008 10:35:05 AM PST · 4 of 7
    TrailofTears to Army Air Corps

    This is all liberation theology. There is no doubt that this individual is nothinig short of a marxist.

    Having worked as a bodyguard for several years for some african dignitaries i can tell you right now that the africans have no such illusion about being prosperous.

    This drivel is nothing but marxism disguised as black-self promotion.

  • Nurse says Obama supports infanticide

    02/16/2008 9:51:33 AM PST · 31 of 52
    TrailofTears to Morgana

    It is when the baby lives through the proceedure and doesn’t come out dead. Often the baby will live for as much as ten days, without food or water.

    These people are monsters. It is estimated that as many as 7-10 thousand babies are allowed to die this way a year in our hospitals.

  • There goes Rick Warren, again (Joseph Farah)

    02/07/2008 11:43:17 AM PST · 43 of 61
    TrailofTears to A2J

    It is obvious from your statements that you don’t have a clue about the primary duty of any person.

    The primary duty of each and every person is easily seen in the basic statement, “To know God, and to love Him and serve Him in this world.” After that we see that one of the great things that we are called to do to show our love for God is to lead others to God.

    It is the purpose of every christian, even if they don’t do it, to lead others to Jesus. For someone who “loves Jesus and hates church” you give the perfect church answer. No individual calling to spread the gospel, only a general commission to the original apostles.

  • There goes Rick Warren, again (Joseph Farah)

    02/07/2008 11:36:40 AM PST · 42 of 61
    TrailofTears to Jemian

    Rick Warren has stated that God is not interested in dogma (truth) or doctrine, but that He is interested in us being one with each other.

    He has long ago left the land of the reasoning man, and forsaken the truth that is in the Word. He is a compromised dis-believer. He now states that he thinks we can wipe out poverty?

    Government will never wipe out poverty no matter how much they collectivize the nations of the earth. Their “great society” has already failed here and other places that these people have tried it.

    In their minds it is always about not doing it right or enough, or well enough. They are always willing to force the rest of us into their utiopian vision of the future though to the inhabitants of such a world it is anything but a utopia, and in fact is nothing short of an anti-utopia.

    He is a “liberation theologian” and a socialists. It is time that he shuts up and listens to the Word and what it has to say about poverty, life, the poor, truth, doctrine and other important matters.

  • Hillary's illegals

    01/12/2008 5:18:51 AM PST · 17 of 20
    TrailofTears to Finalapproach29er

    She is your typical 1960’s feminazi. There is no room for any thing in her mind other than the feminst world. She has little or no respect for even civil rights or it’s leadership. (As can be seen from her MLK/Johnson remarks.)

    There is no doubt that she only cares about what has been defined as “woman’s” issues. She is probably a secret dyke, or at least leans in that direction.

    She is a phony, but the modern civil rights movement gave her a pass when it allowed her to get away with her charade at Selm last year. She came with her fake accent, and false civil rights credential. The reality is that she is of age that she could have been there at the civil rights movement if she had so desired.

    Nothing back then attracted her other than her own “self interest,” the feminist movement. And now all these years later she still sees all of life through those glasses. Instead of being in Selma where the real civil rigts movement was going on, she was making her mark as a pro-abortion feminist.

    She is incapable of enforcing the law of the USA when she refuses to see someone who has broken our laws as illegal. The whole democratic party is in collusion with the illegals in hope of gaining the illegal vote. The statements of clinton are just more pandering by the democrats.

  • Tyranny of the American Bar Association: law society for leading to downfall of legal system

    01/12/2008 5:08:14 AM PST · 3 of 7
    TrailofTears to flowerplough

    Just the typical norm for the ABA which officially supports all kinds of wacko stuff. They can be expected to always support the left of center issue, without regard to what that might be. Their aim is to bring us into a socialism with them as the arbitrators of all that becomes public policy.

  • She Killed His Son but He Must Pay Her Alimony

    11/27/2007 6:00:43 AM PST · 12 of 13
    TrailofTears to Hoodlum91

    Typical feminazi stuff. He should just stop paying, go to law suit. Have a local judge overview the case when she sues him.

  • Poster child for what is wrong with park - How is it a public nuisance manages to hold off...

    08/07/2007 8:12:33 AM PDT · 8 of 15
    TrailofTears to Carry_Okie

    I have been working with homeless for 20 years. He is a perfect example of what happens when a government program is operated trying to “help” these guys/gals.

    They never acknowledge that there is a such thing as spiritual problems leading a person to live this way. Thus at the heart of all their help is the idea that it is a matter of “human potential” and helping the guys find the “better angels of their nature” in order to recover.

    This is a waste of time. The best way to help this guy is to insist that he cannot live like this, and that if he cannot stay there and cannot help self he needs help from others who will help him.

    The others, of course, are not the government entities that have led us to such a massive amount of people on the streets. They only want to make his plight better, and never want to be “Judgmental” even about the lifestyle he/she has chosen. (Yes i said chosen.)

    I challenge them to show me where i am wrong here. I have been doing this work for years and years. The only people that i have seen helped are those that are taught that this is not the way that God would have them live. They have to be taught that it is not a godly thing to be homeless. It is funny how the social network run by our government hates any reference to God or spiritual things, except to somehow view the homeless “like Jesus” when they are on the streets in dire poverty.

    The approach of believing in the “goodness and godliness of man” is foolish at best, and extremely unproductive. You might “see” the face of Jesus in the poor, needy, homeless; but, you do not leave them in that position. You are called to bring them the reality of the Word of God, that all have sinned and come short of God’s glory, and that the redeemer (Jesus) can and will change the heart, which is the root of all these social ills.

    The answer is not further government socialism and communism. These are definite spiritual problems that are a result of the fall. Only reversing the effects of the fall will make any difference.

  • $100,000 Offered to Prove Global Warming: Can You Save Al Gore?

    08/07/2007 8:01:45 AM PDT · 2 of 48
    TrailofTears to IrishMike

    Can’t keep an idiot from looking like one.

  • Kids Taken On Controversial Field Trip (To Planned Parenthood)

    06/10/2007 3:51:59 PM PDT · 39 of 66
    TrailofTears to gas0linealley

    Unfortunately it has become the way the YMCA and organizations like it have functioned for over 30 years. They have lost their christian witness, their candle has been removed from it’s candlestick, and they are a reprobate, do-gooder organization.

  • 11-Year-Old Arrested For Using Rubber Band Gun

    06/07/2007 8:35:37 AM PDT · 55 of 130
    TrailofTears to badgerlandjim


  • Disharmony: The new tolerance

    06/07/2007 8:24:13 AM PDT · 11 of 34
    TrailofTears to GoBucks2002

    I hope they take this lawsuit and shove it down her throat.

  • What it's really like to be a woman in Saudi Arabia

    06/07/2007 8:17:15 AM PDT · 2 of 34
    TrailofTears to van_erwin

    So What. Still not enough to raise the ire of the woman’s movement.

  • Democratic earmark reforms lasted 100 days

    06/05/2007 5:59:02 AM PDT · 2 of 6
    TrailofTears to gpapa


  • 'Hate Crimes' and Double Standards

    06/03/2007 12:30:54 PM PDT · 13 of 14
    TrailofTears to diogenes ghost

    So you are all for it if it benefits you?

    No. Emphatic No. Read what I said before you run off at the mouth on what you think I said. I am against them because I don’t think that there will ever be a way that they can be equally adjudicated. Period. Not because they didn’t benefit me.

    The fact that they didn’t work to prosecute or indict someone clearly easily found who commited a “hate crime” against me for being a christian, showed me that these crimes were only going to be prosecuted if they were agaisnst those who had favored status in the usa.

    Next time, try reading before leaping.

  • Stantis Cartoon: Hugo Chavez Zapping With The Remote

    05/31/2007 9:00:44 PM PDT · 2 of 4
    TrailofTears to Kitten Festival

    he is a sicko

  • 'Hate Crimes' and Double Standards

    05/30/2007 9:10:24 PM PDT · 2 of 14
    TrailofTears to AmericanExceptionalist

    I have been the victim of several “hate crimes” against myself because of my van that says, “Jesus Loves You” on the side. Including one where they came to my house and burned the van in the driveway, and put pro-homosexual slogans in spray paint on all the available areas they could. (On stonewall jackson riot night to boot.)

    Accompanying these events were also death threats that were made about me and my family by these same individuals on the public airwaves. How did the police handle this? They tried to yell at me into not reporting it as “hate” crime. I didn’t want to anyway, but that it was one of the few “anti=christian” hate crimes in Fairfax Co. to that date and i wanted it to be registered as such.

    If it hadn’t been for the governor (Jim Gilmore’s) intervention the county would have let it go as a simple vandalism. He forced them to deal with it as it was, an anti-christian hate crime. However, they showed little desire to resolve it and did little to investigate other than to make me sound like an idiot for putting that on my van.

    Im against hate crime legislation completely because it will never be fairly adjudicated.

  • Awfully Wicked People

    05/30/2007 7:05:09 AM PDT · 2 of 14
    TrailofTears to kinsman redeemer

    Even a horse..... Horse sense?

  • Cindy Sheehan quits the anti-war life (But tells radio host Schultz she won't quit)

    05/30/2007 7:03:03 AM PDT · 3 of 22
    TrailofTears to tlb

    LOL, she uses them they use her. Kind of like hearing a prostitute yelling, “RAPE, I’ve Been RAPED!!!” when she goes to the bank and finds out that the hundred dollar bill she was given the night before is conterfeit.

  • New blog: The Global Warming Heretic

    05/26/2007 6:29:02 AM PDT · 5 of 5
    TrailofTears to Eric Blair 2084

    Can anyone get me a link showing american production of energy verses usage of energy? I need it for one of my sons classes.

  • Divisive bill stokes GOP anger; base rejects path to citizenship

    05/24/2007 7:14:12 AM PDT · 2 of 62
    TrailofTears to notes2005

    Just say no!!!

  • Need help with homeschooling

    05/21/2007 3:11:22 PM PDT · 20 of 89
    TrailofTears to tutstar

    There is a program that i do not remember the name of out of washington state. It emphasizes math and science. The person who put it together was a former UCLA science professor. It has K-12 on one CD and has been very successful from the folks i know that have used it.

  • 'Friends' Like These Help Candidates Woo the Young

    05/04/2007 4:26:11 AM PDT · 2 of 3
    TrailofTears to shrinkermd

    More wacky tobaccy smoking taking place.

  • The Problem With The Religious Right: A Zot Leaves a Mark

    05/03/2007 9:17:55 PM PDT · 67 of 84
    TrailofTears to DJ MacWoW

    Big BS alert. The rape stats according to CDC are more in the nature of 1 in 100,000 rapes not 4.7 in 100. Those factoids are only formatted to promote the idea that abortion is vital important right for the raped.

    They never can tell the truth. Ever. Nathanson (founder of NARAL) said they cooked the death by abortion stats before R V Wade from 400 women dying a year to 100,000 dying a year.

    These guys are all like Hillary. They lie to appeal to the emotions and to stir people up to be amazed at how bad it is.

  • Glen Beck Special

    05/01/2007 10:29:41 PM PDT · 1 of 2
    Anyone watching the anti-gore broadcast Wed evening at 7 and again at 9???
  • Hating Hate

    05/01/2007 10:23:16 PM PDT · 17 of 19
    TrailofTears to RichInOC

    I have been the victim of three “hate crimes” mainly because of the van I drive. This van has “Jesus Loves You” on the sides and back.

    Only one of these got the attention of the government in a way that it was investigated as a “hate crime.” I walked away from that experience saying to myself, “Why bother.”

    The state of VA was reluctant to deal with the crime in this way and did little to follow up on the events that took place. The events included the burning of the van in my driveway, anti-god graffitti on the non-burned parts of the van, and death threats against my family and myself.

    Needless to say, my view of the “selective” prosecutions of hate crimes has turned me completely against using that as a format to prosecute criminal activity. To make the long story short, anti-christian hate crimes will not ever be given the “policing” effort that might be used against those doing anti-jewish, or anti-black hate crimes.

    There are a myriad of reasonings for why they do not give it their all when prosecuting these attacks against christians. Mainly the basis is because there is no “sex appeal” in prosecuting them like there might be when you lead a news story with fears of the resurgance of the nazi party or klan using a nutcase who spraypainted someone’s house, or place of worship as proof.

    I found that the government gives absolutely no credibility to the idea that christians might even be the subject of targeting because of their public persona.

    Prosecute criminals that do crimes, not because of what was in their mind when they did it, but because what they did was evil and criminal in nature.

  • The Big White Lie

    04/24/2007 7:03:24 AM PDT · 6 of 16
    TrailofTears to sageb1

    I don’t have to pretend that “Factoids” are facts.

  • A boy dies, and a gun debate is reignited

    04/24/2007 6:57:14 AM PDT · 37 of 110
    TrailofTears to skepsel

    Singing: Mama, take this gun away from me..... I can’t use it anymore. Knock, knock, knocking on heavens door.

  • A boy dies, and a gun debate is reignited

    04/24/2007 6:56:01 AM PDT · 36 of 110
    TrailofTears to rottndog

    Good to see he won the “fast-draw” against that young punk. Fast draw shootouts have been a part of American History for as long as there have been guns.

    The duel took place, they young thug lost, end of story. The only difference is in the old days the old guy would not have to surrender his gun.

  • Sheryl Crow on hygiene ["One-Square Crow"]

    04/24/2007 4:54:53 AM PDT · 28 of 58
    TrailofTears to gridlock

    She deserves whatever folly that follows her from here on in. She is a liar and a fool. We will probably find out that she uses volumes of TP, but buys TP offsets.