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  • Terri was aware, says brain doc

    06/20/2005 1:20:28 PM PDT · 66 of 89
    Trinity_Tx to yellowdoghunter

    No, YellowDog. I did not support the way the whole thing went down. I have always expressed concerns about certain critical elements that went into the decision.

    But I think credibility counts, so in my world, facts *do* matter and lies *should* be exposed, no matter whose side they purport to support.

    I find it shameful that so many facts were treated with scorn - why feel threatened by the whole truth? Shouldn't we realize the threat of having our overall message's credibility damaged by needless lies?

    Anyway, I was asked by someone in the media to do the research and report. What you see, I put up as a balance, to counter the lies that were being spread here and by gullible conservative leaders. Most didn't know they were lies. They heard Nobel Prize Nominee, and claims that they wanted to believe, and ran with it.

    Many freepers wanted the information handy, and I was burned out, so I put it up for everyone's reference ...unpolished as it is...and left y'all to it.

    FWIW, I think Hammesfahr's lack of credibility made the 2002 trial impossible for the Schindlers to win. Had the doctor who submitted the affidavit that provoked the Fla 2DCA to order that trial not backed out of testifying, there may have been a very good chance. IMO

  • Terri was aware, says brain doc

    06/20/2005 12:16:57 PM PDT · 63 of 89
    Trinity_Tx to Peach; Annie03

    I started saving stuff months ago when I saw they were removing it, or replacing it with unofficial "summaries" - so did AnnieO7... We might get it all up on my site today or tomorrow... just be a bit before I get all the links written. ; )

    I'm also going to add to and organize the Hammesfahr stuff - he should have stayed under his rock. lol

    Thanks for the awesome job you've done!

  • Doctor: Schiavo Autopsy Conclusions Flawed

    06/20/2005 9:10:13 AM PDT · 187 of 908
    Trinity_Tx to Diva Betsy Ross

    Actually, Frist and Delay, et al, started off this whole mess after consulting with Hammesfahr himself, quoting him in their speeches and referring to the info he was pushing. They were outraged based mostly on what he was telling them, and believing he was credible.

    But, it wasn't long before they found out he was a fraud and started backpedaling on the medical aspects in a big way.

    Off to the pool. : )

  • Doctor: Schiavo Autopsy Conclusions Flawed

    06/20/2005 8:58:50 AM PDT · 185 of 908
    Trinity_Tx to Smartaleck

    Yup. She had numerous bouts of pneumonia over the years because of it.

    But hey... Hammesfahr also said he would be able to get her well enough to go out to eat and to the movies! And that she was doing the parallel bars! And he's a Nobel Prize nominee, who's never even been peer-reviewed or published in a real journal!!!

    Amazing. All the borderline/minimally conscious/PVS patients out there, and he has yet to actually perform any of these miracles he claims he could. lol

    Nor would he or the Schindlers' atty submit his ever-so popular report to the court, it was so full of BS - the BS that gets repeated here as though it were worth more than ...BS. lol

    What a quack.

    National Enquirer, World Nut Daily, and Newsmax... FR's new media source, huh? ; )

  • Doctor: Schiavo Autopsy Conclusions Flawed

    06/20/2005 8:48:16 AM PDT · 183 of 908
    Trinity_Tx to Just Kimberly
    "After over 10 years in the medical field,
    If she were swallowing saliva - then clearly her swallowing was not impaired."

    Yes, that is what Hammesfahr tried to tell everyone, too. lol

    But if you believe it, you need to spend more time learning about basic nursing and physiology. ; )

    Because, if you act on it, in whatever your 10 yr capacity in "the medical field", you might easily choke someone to death, or give them aspiration pneumonia.
  • Terri was aware, says brain doc

    06/20/2005 8:30:50 AM PDT · 56 of 89
    Trinity_Tx to Peach; .38sw; Smartaleck; MACVSOG68
  • Doctor: Schiavo Autopsy Conclusions Flawed

    06/19/2005 9:12:18 PM PDT · 68 of 908

    Forget "Facts Don't Matter". That was always only half the story, revised as it was.

    Truth is, it was *lies* that didn't matter, and obviously still don't.

    Not as long as they're the lies of the right "side", anyway.

    Any other subject, and Hammesfahr and these lies would be rightly reviled by freepers. Such hypocrisy is disgusting to those of us who used to expect credibility to count here.

    Oh well... World Nut Daily has an even more absurd article out. I came here to see if it was posted, and how y'all who remain here were doing. I'm impressed, as usual. :)

  • Terri Schiavo Autopsy: Manner of Death 'Undetermined'

    06/17/2005 11:52:58 AM PDT · 859 of 879
    Trinity_Tx to the OlLine Rebel

    I don't mean to single you out, Oilreb. If I'd read that in isolation, it wouldn't bother me so much.

    I understand if *you* didn't mean it the way it came out, but that kind of thinking is far too common, and was what I was condemning her parents for.

    WRT the earlier poster, there's a big difference between asking someone to carry out your wishes, and asking them not to fight your wishes.

  • Terri Schiavo Autopsy: Manner of Death 'Undetermined'

    06/17/2005 8:34:08 AM PDT · 854 of 879
    Trinity_Tx to the OlLine Rebel
    Now, see? It always comes out... and it is *exactly* the attitude I see here and from them that I'm talking about:

    "it is not "her" right to force her family to go along w/her wishes when it is against their beliefs and feelings."

    That is such absolute... nerve... it makes it hard for me to breathe.

    They have no right to step in and impose their "beliefs and feelings" on others' most profound personal decisions.

    I'll just quote CS Lewis, and avoid further comment.

    "Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.
    It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies.
    The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience."
    -C. S. Lewis
  • Terri Schiavo Autopsy: Manner of Death 'Undetermined'

    06/17/2005 7:27:26 AM PDT · 850 of 879
    Trinity_Tx to the OlLine Rebel

    No, I don't. I'm on record here with doubts about his claims of what she said. (and how all this came down)

    My point about the Schindlers remains, as their determination remained, whether she did wish to die, or did not.

    They actually petitioned the court not to *allow her* to "put her immortal soul in danger" by making the choice. Many freepers have taken that position, too. That's what I despise.

  • Schiavo autopsy shows no sign of trauma, brain half normal size

    06/16/2005 5:09:22 PM PDT · 365 of 400
    Trinity_Tx to Peach

    Hang in there, girl. : )

    Your class and IQ are so much higher than theirs, it's a handicap in these threads, that's all. ; )

  • Terri Schiavo Autopsy: Manner of Death 'Undetermined'

    06/16/2005 2:39:41 PM PDT · 831 of 879
    Trinity_Tx to the OlLine Rebel
    "That's ludicrous. They're so contemptible cuz they prefer LIFE, and want to take CARE of her? Big deal. Lots of people want to talk others out of wanting to die, be it plain suicide or medical situations like this. What is so damn terrible about not liking her (alleged only) choice and wanting to keep her alive? Oh the absurdity. At least have the decency to be ambivalent about the family. Not hateful."

    You are skirting the point. To be willing to force it on her against her stated will, when she was defenseless to control her own destiny, is what I said is contemptible, IMO.

    If anyone forced me to live in a condition like hers, whatever the technical definition, not to mention flaunting me in the media like they did, I'd despise them forever.
  • Terri Schiavo Autopsy: Manner of Death 'Undetermined'

    06/16/2005 12:35:45 PM PDT · 822 of 879
    Trinity_Tx to Smartaleck

    LOL How ever did ya guess? ; )

    Sheesh, this heat and ozone are sappin' me enough, as it is... and it isn't even summer, yet. Time to cruise on to cooler things. ; )

    'Later, you. : )

  • Terri Schiavo Autopsy: Manner of Death 'Undetermined'

    06/16/2005 11:28:06 AM PDT · 806 of 879
    Trinity_Tx to Saundra Duffy
    "They killed her and no manner of shouting, discussing, arguing, yelling, can change that fact. Terri was alive and healthy and 13 days later she was dead. Cause of death: Michael Schiavo and the two George's, not to mention a bunch of disgusting politicians."

    Yes, Saundra, we all know very well that that's how you feel. It just isn't that simplistic to all of us. Whether we agreed with the ultimate conclusion, or not, some of us actually care a lot about honesty and hate disinformation from any source.

    Too many here don't give a flying fig about credibility or integrity anymore. The popular new phrase is "they killed her and that's all that matters", and that's a pretty sad position, IMO.
  • Terri Schiavo Autopsy: Manner of Death 'Undetermined'

    06/16/2005 10:27:10 AM PDT · 769 of 879
    Trinity_Tx to ClancyJ; Malachi
    That all sounds so touching, doesn't it?

    But, parents who make no bones about the fact that they still would have fought it, even if she had told them herself she wanted the tube pulled, deserve nothing but contempt, IMO.

    Not only does it disgust me that they would impose that "life" upon her against her will, but it (along with all the other lies and liars they used to push their personal agenda) makes me doubt their honesty about what she ever told them on the subject.
  • Terri Schiavo Autopsy: Manner of Death 'Undetermined'

    06/16/2005 10:04:38 AM PDT · 756 of 879
    Trinity_Tx to eagle mama

    Yes, really.

    And if you think showing that previously explained bone scan, with words of the obnoxious, lying quack Hammesfahr (including a pretense that a heart must totally "stop" to be in cardiac arrest), means a thing, then you're too far out of your league for me to bother even playing catch with.

    Enjoy yourself. lol

  • Terri Schiavo Autopsy: Manner of Death 'Undetermined'

    06/16/2005 9:55:55 AM PDT · 753 of 879
    Trinity_Tx to eagle mama

    What on earth are you talking about? lol And you call me confused?

    Geez. Even the ME yesterday tried to clarify it for you people yesterday. I could have told him it was an insurmountable task.

    In the simplest terms possible:
    She most definitely had cardiac arrest.
    She did not have myocardial infarction (MI).

    To say that, because she had no "heart attack" (MI), she did not have *cardiac arrest*, they way they do, is wrong. Period.

    They are not the same things, no matter what you try to spin with your cheap, elementary definitions.

  • Terri Schiavo Autopsy: Manner of Death 'Undetermined'

    06/15/2005 1:34:56 PM PDT · 66 of 879
    Trinity_Tx to Sioux-san

    "The doc wanted to take out the electrodes when it was obviously not helping. Michael refused to let him do it. "

    Please cite your source on that. Thank you. : )

  • Terri Schiavo Autopsy: Manner of Death 'Undetermined'

    06/15/2005 1:33:24 PM PDT · 61 of 879
    Trinity_Tx to the OlLine Rebel

    Michael Schiavo wasn't "claiming" she did, hon. There was *no need* for him to.

    A few people in the media, ignorant of terminology, used the term Heart Attack, and her parents' Dr hammesfahr and other of their spokesmen jumped on it - used it as a straw man - "oooh... we discovered she didn't have a Heart Attack, like we were told, now we don't know why she collapsed".

    Hammesfahr and her siblings were saying that, even in March. It was so dishonest, it was the first hint to me that these people had no integrity, regardless of what we think of MS.

    Cardiac arrest is written on her chart for any fool to see who cares about the facts as much as do the conspiracies.

    Off to the movies.

  • Terri Schiavo Autopsy: Manner of Death 'Undetermined'

    06/15/2005 1:20:12 PM PDT · 49 of 879
    Trinity_Tx to the OlLine Rebel
    "While the Terri nay-sayers love to state that this report shows Michael did nothing wrong, they conveniently ignored this heart-attack part which he claimed. Or was MS just assuming it was a HR?"

    Just another pesky fact some of us tried to tell y'all a zillion times. lol

    One more time...

    She never had, was said to have had by her doctors, or needed to have, a Heart Attack (MI).

    She undoubtedly had a Cardiac Arrest, as her chart states, and the MI explained today.

    Her parents' people played on people's ignorance of the difference to make it look like her diagnosis was wrong.

    My freeper page and links give more detail, if that isn't clear enough. I'm outta here. ; )

  • Terri Schiavo Autopsy: Manner of Death 'Undetermined'

    06/15/2005 1:01:53 PM PDT · 36 of 879
    Trinity_Tx to conservative blonde
    "Where did those xrays of broken bones we were told about go to?"

    They did not exist. What was flaunted so obscenely here was a bone *scan* (showing what the MI told y'all today) and an edited deposition by one of the radiologists.

    We'd been trying to tell y'all these things for months, but we were shunned for bringing up those supposedly irrelevant (but actually just pesky) *facts*, so they could feed you blatant lies without contradiction.

    Speaks volumes about the integrity of the bone scammers, IMO.
  • Schiavo autopsy shows no sign of trauma, brain half normal size

    06/15/2005 12:01:02 PM PDT · 199 of 400
    Trinity_Tx to george wythe

    The ME said that he would like to clarify the often confused terms, heart attack and cardiac arrest.

    If by heart attack is meant myocardial infarction, then Terri Schiavo did not suffer a heart attack.

    Instead, Terri's heart stopped. A cardiac arrest would be a better description, since it simply means that the heart stopped.

    Golly, that clarification sounds sooo familiar. ; )

    Between that and the debunking of "alll those broken bones" BS, it looks like the facts should have mattered, considering that they clearly refuted all the lies and hysteria propagated here.

    'cause I'd be embarrassed if I'd been one of the masses here who were dismissing the facts to more easily push or swallow those lies... so much egg on the face must feel icky.

    Then again, I'm not into the tinfoil defense. ; )

    (BTW, good seeing some of y'all again, just had to drop by here for this one, tiny little "I told ya so." *g* )
  • Man Freed After Driving Into Minuteman Protesters

    05/29/2005 11:29:47 PM PDT · 171 of 205
    Trinity_Tx to veronica

    I'm a mainstream conservative who has been very active in politics for years. I'm nobody special, but I sat right next to Tom Delay at a dinner for hours, and had a great time. Agreed on everything. Still do, mostly.

    And he would be among the first to say that conservatives should hold their leaders accountable, and speak up when they are disappointed.

    I know you and Mojo think Ann should be held above criticism, but a lot of good conservatives don't. I agree with Ann's politics, but when I don't, or when she annoys me, I'll say so freely in forums like this.

    If you think that makes me a kook, that's your prerogative, though. *shrug*

    (I certainly saw nothing Kooky about CPers doing the same on those threads. And only one thread about her shoes. ;) )

  • Man Freed After Driving Into Minuteman Protesters

    05/29/2005 11:04:43 PM PDT · 170 of 205
    Trinity_Tx to EveningStar
    Very well said, ES. : )

    It's funny...being a part of the WPPFF*, and supportive of the MMP (though I support Bush on almost everything else) left me pretty much an enemy of management and ~95% of the people here.

    I love a good debate, but fighting just stresses me out. Get enough stress in RL. ; )

    At CP and my other forums, the conflicting positions are still there, but aren't as nearly as brutal to deal with. For one thing, they're not usually radical about things, and they're (mostly) types who know good people, even friends, can honestly and politely disagree.

    But also, I think there's more personal accountability by both members and leadership, due to their smaller size. So, the inevitable jerk here and there usually doesn't last too long. Everyone knows well and considers each "source". ; )

    I never paid enough attention to FR business history, or particular personalities here, to make big public judgments about the other stuff. I assume if there are defenses to be made about anyone or anything, they can and should be made to those threads by those who do.

    Anyway, that's my 2 cents, FWIW...

    *obligatory caveat: I didn't want her tube pulled. I had very serious problems with the way it was handled. I just wanted the vitriol and lies to stop.
  • Nursing mom gets unwelcome reception

    04/30/2005 12:08:19 PM PDT · 197 of 487
    Trinity_Tx to tuffydoodle
    I gotta say, I am stunned and amazed at some of the replies here. I was against the other woman who did it at the board meeting, but this?

    Geeez. Comparing a mother discretely nursing a child to gross things that should be hidden, is just...

    No one is less of a feminazi than I, and I am *very* modest.

    But done like this mother and I did, no one sees anything they shouldn't see unless they are going out of their way to stare for the slightest accidental glimpse.

    And I gotta say - if catchin a glimpse of a possible pink somethin harms your psyche or even as some are saying here, to my shock, just the thought of "what's goin on under that blanket?" grosses you out - that's your issue to deal with.

    Anyway, I did what she did, and I'd do it again today - with my husband's full permission.
  • DCF: Schiavo Not Abused Or Exploited

    04/17/2005 1:44:14 PM PDT · 341 of 376
    Trinity_Tx to Cboldt

    I gotcha cboldt. ; ) Just wanted to make sure everyone knew that Walker did say about the consistency of the cpr/fall and HO, and that others had even more complete answers. : )

  • DCF: Schiavo Not Abused Or Exploited

    04/17/2005 12:22:13 PM PDT · 338 of 376
    Trinity_Tx to Trinity_Tx
    Two of the latest physicians interpretations I just grabbed real quick - just 2 of the many, and they agree with the 3 other physicians I had look at my page and the full deposition:

    I think it's better to go to the horse's mouth if possible. Here's what I got from reading radiologist Walker's deposition several days ago.

    Radiologist did not see the patient.
    Injuries were not considered life-threatening enough to notify the referring physician (Carnahan).
    No evidence of blow to the head.
    Use of words "trauma" and "traumatic" is based in part on the type of patient typically referred by Carnahan and on the instruction to "evaluate for trauma".
    Right ventral femur injury is consistent with falling against a piece of furniture.(1)
    Minor L1 fracture is possible from falling to the floor.

    Drs. Alcazaren and Carnahan, both of whom had direct contact with the patient and the latter having ordered the bone scan, did not corroborate the view that the patient had a "history of trauma", specifically abuse. Certainly the defendants in the 1992 malpractice case would have liked to deflect the blame for Mrs. Schiavo's fate onto an abusive husband, but they were not able to do so.

    I just don't see a case for abuse here.

    (1) According to the police report, she was found with her feet in the bathroom. If she had just emptied her bowels or vomited, she could have done a Valsalva's maneuver which precipitated the cardiac arrest and subsequent collapse. The injury to the front of her thigh could have been from falling against the toilet or bathtub rim, for example, assuming it occured at time of cardiac arrest and not subsequently or previously.

    Posted by: mod ervador

    More on the Bone Scan: ( I am a board-cert. radiologist, and a neuroradiologist) I just read the deposition of the radiologist who interp. the scan. He mentions multiple bilat. ribs, L 1, which was xrayed, Bilat SIJ, knees(I think-unclear), ankles and periosteal reaction R femur.I mentioned previously the lit on eating disorders/osteoporosis and fractures. The ribs may be due to the resuscitation. The bilat joints--SIJ's, knees(?), ankles-unusual in abuse.Common in metabolic disorders. I can think of two: a formerly starving person who is now adequately nourished (feeding tube).Then there would be increased joint activity, bilateral and diffuse. Also now adequately nourished but with disuse osteoporosis due to immobility, making the (natural) joint activity stand out. Periosteal reaction could be trauma, also reflecting healing insufficiency fracture. Children get diffuse periosteal reaction when the grow fast. Re the K+ 'imbalance'--remember that Mrs. S had a very LOW K, not just an 'imbalance'. It is virtually impossible for a well young woman to have low K,unless she is vomiting and drinking quantities of water or-iced tea. Then it could happen.

    Posted by: Kate Killebrew, MD
  • DCF: Schiavo Not Abused Or Exploited

    04/17/2005 11:57:49 AM PDT · 337 of 376
    Trinity_Tx to Cboldt
    "There is more. The general sense I get from reading the deposition is that this doctor is unable to conclude how Terri obtained her injuries, but that the totality injuries is not consistent with a falling down incident, or with CPR, or with being manipulated by physical therapists, or due to bone weakening - skeletal rearrangement due to being bedridden for a year."

    Sorry, but I studied this deposition thoroughly, as well as the other court docs, and have a decent medical background personally.

    Walker himself says in the depo that the ribs and vertebra are consistent with CPR and her fall to the floor. He also had to study up on the HO thing the night before, and when asked about it, he admitted her other doctors (who said her joint problems were due to HO) would know better than he did.

    As for the bruised femur, if you read the other physicians' replies to the hysterical codebluelog doctor when he said this looked like trauma, well, it's no wonder he was deleting a few. They made him look stupid, and said it was all consistent. They figure her knee/femur hit the bathtub or toilet.

    I wrote my page about it, and had 3 other doctors look at it before I put it up, and they all said it was 100% correct and consistent.
  • DeLay Apologizes for Schiavo Case Rhetoric

    04/16/2005 2:35:14 PM PDT · 973 of 1,034
    Trinity_Tx to mercyme

    Sorry for "contacting" you with this ping, but it needs to be noted that
    I have never freepmailed you, and I completely ignored your freepmail to me, not wanting to encourage further obsession.

    I didn't bother telling them to stop "contacting" you. From all I can tell, they are only answering posts and one of your freepmails.

    This is all way too weird.

  • DCF: Schiavo Not Abused Or Exploited

    04/16/2005 2:16:07 PM PDT · 293 of 376
    Trinity_Tx to DustyMoment


    That's all I'll contribute to this thread.

  • DeLay Apologizes for Schiavo Case Rhetoric

    04/16/2005 1:30:02 PM PDT · 968 of 1,034
    Trinity_Tx to cyncooper


  • DeLay Apologizes for Schiavo Case Rhetoric

    04/16/2005 12:47:24 PM PDT · 956 of 1,034
    Trinity_Tx to Peach; cyncooper

    Thanks, you two.

    This truly is sad, but not surprising. It's further proof of their irrationality, as we've been warning about all along.

    For the record, I have never wavered on the point that I believe it was horribly wrong to not give her recent therapy and swallowing tests, as Wolfson recommended.

    IMO, The only justification for not offering anything by mouth when the tube was removed would be if the therapy and testing conclusively showed that she could not sustain herself orally.

  • DeLay Apologizes for Schiavo Case Rhetoric

    04/16/2005 12:37:32 PM PDT · 949 of 1,034
    Trinity_Tx to mercyme; Peach; Admin Moderator
    I wasn't even going to reply to your post #918. Nor did I report you for stalking, as several people have advised me to do.

    But this latest is too much... I think your obsession with finding my "connections" is seriously unhealthy, and I want it officially noted that I am requesting you to stop it.

    Scouring for "proof" of your bizarre theory, while calling everything I ever said that proves you wrong "just part of my cover-up plot" is nothing short of a personal witch-hunt.

    You have consistently been flat out wrong on all counts - the Florida law, and my "position" or "contacts".

    I have posted my reasons for NOT pulling her tube many times, especially elsewhere. Others here at FR do that enough for all of us. I've posted on very few threads here at all in the last month.

    Where so many of you and I part ways is this very kind of conspiracy spinning and lies being spread by the Schindler supporters. I think they harmed both Terri and conservatives in general, because they are not only wrong to do, but they detract from the critical points and killed credibility with judges.

    Disagree? Fine. But do not insist I supported the decisions made, or the outcome. It is wrong. You are taking even further than most, and you need to get a hold of yourself.

    I made one post complementing Hospice WRT terminally ill.

    No, again, the legislature did not need to pass that 1999 bill for anyone's tube to be removed without a written directive. Oral statements used as evidence, even for having feeding tubes removed, regardless of a patient's condition, was set as a Fl Supreme legal precedent in Browning. The legislature simply codified it.

    My husband didn't "work for" Mike Bilirakis. As I said, he helped him prep for his congressional debate - 15+ years ago. I'd never heard of him until about a month ago, much less his son, Gus. His problems with Hammesfahr pre-date the 2002 trial.

    Your digging up and using such a ludicrously remote link between me and the son, "gus", to support your claims of a secret conspiracy between me and Suncoast Hospice in Florida, or anywhere else, is worthy of only the most tinfoil of Schindler supporters.

    How sadly ironic that debunking such wild-eyed conspiracy theories for the sake of conservatives' credibility has been my only "mission", yet I fall victim to one of you myself.
  • DeLay Apologizes for Schiavo Case Rhetoric

    04/15/2005 2:30:21 AM PDT · 719 of 1,034
    Trinity_Tx to lula

    You are correct. I thought you were referring to the common claim here and in print that he diagnosed Weland as PVS. My apologies.

    The man you refer to had a clean brain scan, and had not been unresponsive very long. I want to say 18 months? Back in '79 or '89?
    Cranford has had to eat that diagnosis many times.

    Cranford is, like I said, "a scary dude". He has said that PVS patients don't even deserve civil rights. I've seen him in interviews, and... well, he's evil, IMO.

  • DeLay Apologizes for Schiavo Case Rhetoric

    04/15/2005 12:40:38 AM PDT · 714 of 1,034
    Trinity_Tx to BykrBayb
    "another example"? Funny. I don't recall ever being accused of that before to even need to deny it as you imply.

    Want to show me where this little snit of yours came from?

    Or, is this "another example" of your going off half cocked with weird accusations/innuendo?

    I pinged them, because they were each already part of the specific convo with the person and me, I hadn't replied to their many pings to me, and I wanted to thank them.

    Good night.
  • DeLay Apologizes for Schiavo Case Rhetoric

    04/14/2005 9:42:30 PM PDT · 696 of 1,034
    Trinity_Tx to mercyme; onyx; Peach; cyncooper; self_evident
    "mercyme" said:

    "I never attacked her [trinity] first, she came out attacking me first. Since she was not checking out anything I had to say ,and immediately tried to discredit it, it always made me suspicious. And like or not, she does have a connection to the people at the hospice."

    Obviously, "mercyme" is either telling more blatant lies, or, most likely,
    she forgot which nick she was signed on under when she posted her various messages. ; )

    The first time I ever spoke to this "mercyme" nick was on this thread, and it was in reply to "mercyme"'s #246 to me, in which she accused me - out of the blue - of being some sort of Texas Hospice Chaplain. lol

    The only posts I had been "discrediting" were those by Miss Behave and "lula". hmmmm...

    Oh well, considering her repeated lies, and the outrageous fantasy spinning "mercyme" has done to cover herself, I'm not at all surprised. Just another example of that faction's contempt for truth and integrity.

    Thanks y'all, for the help, clarifications, and standing strong - you're heroes, all. =]
  • DeLay Apologizes for Schiavo Case Rhetoric

    04/14/2005 4:56:12 AM PDT · 268 of 1,034
    Trinity_Tx to mercyme; Peach; Annie03; onyx
    "You made this comment, didn't you? You said that you accidentally misspelled Mike Bilirakis as you were typing. Gus Bilirakis, Mike's son, is on the board of the Hospice of the Florida Suncoast. Gus Bilirakis,a Florida state legislator, was instrumental in pushing through the changes to statute 765 that they used to withdraw food and water from Terri - a year after Felos filed a motion asking Judge Greer to remove Terri's feeding tube. You DO have a connection to hospice, and to the one in Florida where Terri died. This is interesting, don't you think"

    LOL Yes! I'm caught! I think you should contact the Empire Journal! You have a Scoop! Call Kevin Bacon!

    Imagine! Everyone who has known someone who helped US republican congressman Michael Bilirakis years ago in his first congressional campaign (as I said, when I was still in high school - here in Texas) has "connections to" the Hospice of the evil Florida Suncoast Conspiracy, since Bailirakis' *son* "was instrumental in pushing through the changes to statute 765" to kill Terri!

    Including Dr William Hammesfahr, whom he wrote the stupid nomination letter for!!! (You know, the quack her parents hired, who lost the 2002 case for them?)

    And you know it's true, because I made one whole comment complimenting hospice in general, back on march 28, regarding their value when people have terminally ill loved ones, here:!


    My sweet heavens. And I'd hoped the insanity would settle down.

    Either you believe what you're saying, and need to get away for awhile, or you're maliciously avoiding admitting you lied about my "numerous posts about Hospice".

    Neither are new phenomena, and I know the futility of defending myself here, so, I'll leave ya to it.

    Onyx, let me know how my life story turns out, ok? lol
  • DeLay Apologizes for Schiavo Case Rhetoric

    04/14/2005 1:27:45 AM PDT · 260 of 1,034
    Trinity_Tx to mercyme
    " All i know is the numerous comments you have made about hospice, like you are very well acquainted with them. you provided the comments."

    Has the commandment about bearing false witness just been completely been tossed out by y'all?

    Show me my "numerous comments" you claim I have made, MercyMe.

    I recall 1, *maybe* 2, stated in terms of loved ones near death.

    And where on earth did you get the rest of that detailed fantasy you dreamed up about me? And why did you feel the need?
    Do you think only one doc said she was PVS?
    Do you think Cranford said Weland was PVS?
    Do you think this was a quality of life case?

    If not, is it OK with you to have those claims made?

    And if not, then why the hell accuse me of being part of the Hospice death cult whatever because I pointed out they weren't true in the same breath as saying I think they shouldn't have removed her tube?

    THIS is wrong. And that it is so unGodly rampant is the only reason why there was a WPPFF.
  • DeLay Apologizes for Schiavo Case Rhetoric

    04/14/2005 12:55:03 AM PDT · 253 of 1,034
    Trinity_Tx to mercyme
    "I think you are with the hospice movement in Texas. you have made several comments that lead me to believe so. You are probably a hospice chaplain, or maybe even one of "the religious authorities" that they are putting on "ethic Committees" in Texas hospitals. The "ethic committees" are withdrawing life support from patients, when it is against the patient's and their families' wishes"

    LOL Pure fantasy, completely untrue but hey...It's par for the course.

    You think whatever makes ya feel better about the lies being told, Missy. I'm not the slightest bit surprised that merely pointing them out meets with such accusations - it's typical these days.

    It also proves the points made by the wppff about the loss of concern for credibility here lately.

    I find it pretty telling that so many of y'all think the truth needed embellished with lies to justify keeping her alive. I found reasons for it without the lies, myself.
  • DeLay Apologizes for Schiavo Case Rhetoric

    04/14/2005 12:07:56 AM PDT · 242 of 1,034
    Trinity_Tx to Miss Behave
    "Five years of HELL.

    *Husband* ordered NO light (shades down at all times,) NO music or TV, No basic dental/oral hygiene care (resulting in the pulling and FALLING OUT of her TEETH,) NO doctor ordered/highly recommended antibiotics (*husband* over-rode doctor's orders,) No BASIC circulatory, occupational, speech, or swallow therapy, NO flowers, and NO outdoor experience. FOR YEARS. NOTHING. NOTHING.

    And is it common knowledge that lack of adequate dental/oral care/hygiene is a HUGE invite to a whole HOST of INFECTIONS.

    *Husband* ordered BOTH no oral care AND no needed/recommended antibiotics for infections that Terri had."

    Miss Behave, the only thing the Schindlers accused him of was not giving her *professional* dental care once she entered hospice. Nothing about "basic dental/oral hygiene care."

    Nothing about Dark rooms with no music or TV - in fact there was talk about the channels preferred.

    Yes, he put a DNR and asked for no antibiotics on her in '94, but since then? She got her antibiotics just fine.
    MS didn't over-ride the doctor's orders, the only court docs say the doctor recommended no antibiotics, and Michael agreed, but the nursing home insisted.

    I will say right now that his agreeing to that, even if it was under a doctors advice is unacceptable to me, and only one of many things I find serious fault with. I also think they should have tried another round of therapy and testing in the later years.
  • DeLay Apologizes for Schiavo Case Rhetoric

    04/13/2005 11:47:17 PM PDT · 228 of 1,034
    Trinity_Tx to lula

    "Where did you get all your notes from? Felos?"

    LOL Cute. No... And if you read my words, you'd know that insult was unjustified.

    I'll tell you what you told the other poster: "If you were to have followed this case you would know"

    Yes - Hammesfahr and Maxwell were both paid to testify that she wasn't PVS. Only a few out of the many, including ~7 neurologists, who diagnosed her as PVS going back to 1990, were also paid for.

    You may find Hammesfahr and Maxwell credible, or dispute what I said about credibility counting - those are my opinions.

    But you posted *factually false* information. I corrected it. If you think you can dispute it, go for it.

    But don't call me Felos simply for correcting what is indisputably false information. I hold my tongue much too much to deserve it.

  • DeLay Apologizes for Schiavo Case Rhetoric

    04/13/2005 11:17:33 PM PDT · 217 of 1,034
    Trinity_Tx to lula; Miss Behave; Reaganwuzthebest
    "Who are you to decide the worth of anyone?

    This WAS a case of JUDICIAL MURDER.

    Tom Delay should have said the things he said. The GOP should have backed him 100%"

    I would believe that too, if i believed that it was a matter of judging her quality of life (it wasn't) Or, what you said here: "If you were to have followed this case you would know she was not PVS. That is what ONE doctor diagnosed. This same doctor diagnosed another patient a policeman who is now walking and talking."

    But it, too, is 100% false.

    This is why sticking to the facts is critical. If you base your opinions on the false rumors and lies told here and on other agenda sites, then your opinions and your credibility becomes as worthless as the lies you base them on.

    a) Dr Cranford is a scary dude, but he did NOT diagnose Weland as PVS, as you keep reading here.

    b) He was NOT the only Dr to say Terri was PVS

    c) In the 15 years since her coma, she had been diagnosed as PVS by every doctor and neurologist who examined her - except 2. Those 2 were the choices of her parents' attorneys, Hammesfahr and Maxwell, and they sucked out loud in terms of credibility (see my profile).

    The affidavits you see are from docs who never saw her, many connected with Hammesfahr, and at least one who didn't even know she had ever had an EEG, much less that she had many of them, all saying there was no cerebral activity.

    I don't know what her actual state was, nor do I think they should have pulled her tube under those circumstances, but repeating lies makes us look like morons, and it caused good men like Tom Delay to act on it and regret it.
  • DeLay Apologizes for Schiavo Case Rhetoric

    04/13/2005 9:41:52 PM PDT · 101 of 1,034
    Trinity_Tx to B Knotts
    " How did that FR poll turn out?

    Was it wrong to kill Terri Schiavo?: 82.5% Yes, 12.2% No.

    Ah, yes...that refreshes my memory. But, remember, we're the extremists."

    Well, to try to put this into perspective:

    I think it was wrong to remove her tube *and* I think a lot of "us" are indeed extremists who are acting out of misguided hysteria, instead of logic, sound reasoning, and all the facts.

    But no one ever listens to me, so... whatever. lol
  • See Y'all Later...

    04/04/2005 10:43:59 PM PDT · 546 of 1,276
    Trinity_Tx to countess

    Thank you! That feeling is mutual. : )

  • See Y'all Later...

    04/04/2005 9:40:30 PM PDT · 337 of 1,276
    Trinity_Tx to Texas_Jarhead
    "Similarly I doubt those pro-life Christians won't be holding their breath for apologies for being called "fanatics", "whackjobs", "taliban" or "a few steps away" from islamic terrorists."

    When even pro-life Christians are continually accused of being murderers, I would submit that is *why* those other pro-life christians were accused of being fanatics, whackjobs, etc.

    You had to be there. I meant to leave it all behind with my earlier post, but I just had to try to clear up another false accusation.

    Should not have even tried. lol

    over and out...
  • See Y'all Later...

    04/04/2005 8:57:43 PM PDT · 151 of 1,276
    Trinity_Tx to AQGeiger
    It's some little club composed of a bunch of FReepers who wanted Terri Schiavo starved and decided to automatically declare themselves as having the moral high ground (just like liberals, BTW). Now they're all leaving because the rest of us unenlightened fools don't respect their insight sufficiently, and they think we're supposed to care that they're going. Good riddance, I say. If folks are so thin-skinned that they can't accept the fact that not every single person on an internet forum is going to agree with them, then they need to go somewhere else.

    Oh, and any of the folks in that ridiculous "organization" can keep your flame-throwers idle...I'm just going to laugh you off anyway.

    As one of the founders of the WPPFF Sanity Brigade, or whatever we called it, lol, I have only one thing to say:

    Your post is a perfect example of why we, over 150 freepers, gathered.

    Most of us were not wanting Terri starved, including Long Cut and me. We were just sick of the hysterical rhetoric, the false accusations, and wild-eyed rumors.

    Whatever. I already posted my summary thoughts this evening, so I'll leave it at that.

    I know better than to expect an apology from those pious ones so quick to call others murders.
  • See Y'all Later...

    04/04/2005 8:33:22 PM PDT · 88 of 1,276
    Trinity_Tx to countess
    Whatever message board gets your attenton next is better off for it.

    You know, you're one of my favorite people. I don't think I've ever seen you strike a note I didn't enjoy hearing. : )
  • See Y'all Later...

    04/04/2005 8:18:50 PM PDT · 45 of 1,276
    Trinity_Tx to Long Cut

    If anybody picks on you for this, I'm going to be angry.

    I know... hopeless.
    Better go pour a glass of wine...


    04/04/2005 6:02:35 PM PDT · 4,695 of 5,062
    Trinity_Tx to Smartaleck; Former Military Chick; .38sw; ambrose; andysandmikesmom; Annie03;; ...
    Thank you, Smart. Well said. : )

    I think we all agree that there are a multitude of important legal and moral issues that should have been debated on this subject. Some have room for legitimate disagreement among good, moral conservatives, and that should always be encouraged, IMO.

    But that opportunity has been wasted amongst the epidemic of misleading half-truths and outright false rumors (as you say, not just questionable "opinions", but factually incorrect claims), used to help make the case. Yes, it is my opinion that it was destructive.

    My position all along has been that I did not approve of removing her tube under those circumstances. Like others, I had serious concerns and posted them.

    But that wasn't enough for us to keep from being fodder for one of, if not the, nastiest of FReeding FRenzies. lol
    All it usually took was trying to add a balance, to quell the epidemic for the sake of conservatives' credibility and integrity, or noting that the very lack of credibility and sound judgment by her parent's attorneys likely caused her unnecessary death.

    Anyway, I'm done with the whole subject. It leaves me ill.

    It's been nice to get to know and respect so many of y'all, though. : )

    I just had to express my disappointment that Klaxons and malicious others have ruled the day over those who agree on the main point, but tried to keep the premises honest and the discussion on a rational, and somewhat civil, level.

    04/04/2005 10:06:07 AM PDT · 4,580 of 5,062
    Trinity_Tx to Kryptonite

    I think if anyone is in real danger of a slander suit, it is those who have propagated lies, or other things that are wrong to do, and which just might get people killed.

    There have been a multitude of lies told, 2 of which I tried to point out the other night in an effort to clean up our credibility.

    And for the record, they weren't merely my "opinion", but documented facts, by the way. Easy to verify. Names and particulars of doctors, which ones were selected by Greer, who said what, aren't "opinions".