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  • Hillary Suffers Epileptic Seizure on Camera..?

    07/21/2016 5:23:34 PM PDT · 138 of 205
    true believer forever to gaijin; All

    This is from a different angle and very unsettling ... watch eye movements.

  • LIVE THREAD:RNC National Convention Day 3 July 20, 2016 starts @ 7pm ET

    07/20/2016 7:10:30 PM PDT · 2,315 of 3,398
    true believer forever to TheStickman
    I concur. Trump gave Cruz a chance to do the right thing & Cruz pissed it away out of pure arrogance.

    Yep, I liked finding that out about Trump. He's not scared, and trusted the people to see what Cruz is really made of. I admire him more than ever.

  • LIVE THREAD:RNC National Convention Day 3 July 20, 2016 starts @ 7pm ET

    07/20/2016 7:05:10 PM PDT · 2,221 of 3,398
    true believer forever to Jedidah

    Let me guess, you’re a regular listener of Levin. It’s getting as easy to spot them as it is the brainwashed dems.

  • Mark Levin Show,M-F,6PM-9PM,EDT,WABC AM,July 18-22,2016

    07/20/2016 6:16:24 PM PDT · 75 of 144
    true believer forever to bushwon
    I was raised that way and raised my 3 that way too...I would forgive much, but I never could abide lying or not keeping a promise. I would always tell my spouse, don’t make commitments that you can’t or don’t intend to keep!

    Wow, thanks for posting that... I was beginning to think I was really weird or something...

  • Mark Levin Show,M-F,6PM-9PM,EDT,WABC AM,July 18-22,2016

    07/20/2016 5:52:25 PM PDT · 73 of 144
    true believer forever to bushwon
    What is left of his audience is rag tag lot of Cruz supporters.

    You know, maybe I was raised different than a lot of people, but my parents would tell me that I had to keep my word and endorse in these circumstances, no matter what the other guy did. A person's word is their bond whether the other person is a scoundrel or a saint. This is bedrock levin that's being exposed right now and what he is saying, only keep your word if the other person deserves it. Your word is your bond. let the military try to survive a single day on levin's interpretation of when you keep your word or not. He has hit bottom. Hope his listeners notice, doubt it though.

  • Mark Levin Show,M-F,6PM-9PM,EDT,WABC AM,July 18-22,2016

    07/20/2016 4:35:55 PM PDT · 70 of 144
    true believer forever to lodi90
    Bingo. This is the sore loser Cruzlim CYA plan: “I will vote for Trump” but not fully support him. Not good enough. We need all hands of deck. Anybody refusing to fully supporting Trump is defacto campaigning for the Butcheress of Benghazi.

    This is such a typical cruz move -- Levin will put off endorsing Trump until the debates? What he is doing is effectively trying to keep his audience from joining in the gotv for trump, and then at the last minute, endorse trump. This gives levin the double sided cya cruz uses so much ... do one thing that looks like something it isn't, and at the last minute change ... Now mark can endorse trump without helping him ... such a friggin farce he's become ... how stupid does he think his audience is?

  • Would Ted Cruz defeat Mike Pence in the 2020 or 2024 primary? [vanity]

    07/16/2016 5:45:00 PM PDT · 23 of 63
    true believer forever to ObamahatesPACoal

    You need to stop. This is Donald Trump’s time and Mike Pence’s time. Either get on board with that or go away. Don’t try introducing Cruz into a conversation that he is not part of ...

  • GOP Establishment crushes conservative voices in rules committee

    07/16/2016 6:25:54 AM PDT · 45 of 108
    true believer forever to SMGFan; All
    This isn't just a complaint by those not thrilled with Trump, is it?

    Mark Levin is founder and editor of Conservative Review, should tell you all you need to know.

  • The Mark Levin Show, M-F, 6pm-9pm EDT, WABC-AM, Tuesday, July 5th, 2016- Fri. July 8, 2016..

    07/08/2016 12:59:06 AM PDT · 78 of 90
    true believer forever to conservative98
    I only listened to a little bit today. But Trump reaches out to Cruz just like Mark wanted and Mark spins this as Trump is weak. Levin will never be happy. Trump could make Cruz VP and Mark would spin this as Trump is weak. Mark says he certainly won’t be responsible if Hillary wins because he supported a different candidate and we didn’t elect the best one.

    I had to do a lot of thinking but I have come to peace about who Mark Levin has become. Someone who knows him, not all that well, but well enough to know that he is pedantic beyond the pale, and he told me Levin is pathologically unable to abide anyone who thinks differently than himself. Regarding Trump, he is the stern father who can never cut Trump any slack no matter what he does. He is blind when it comes to Cruz, his lies and backstabbing.

    Trump will be just fine without Cruz. Trump made the grand gesture to promote unity, and I am quite proud of him. I wasn't sure he could find it in himself to do. If Cruz screws him at the convention, and the cruz history is one of backstabbing and breaking deals, It will be Cruz' career which is over.

    Marks says he won't be responsible for Hillary's election because the republicans didn't nominate his best candidate? I don't think Mark's going to make it through his private transforming moment that comes in dire times like this. He is still and likely will be the same when all is said and done and Trump has won the battle. Left behind again, Markie.

  • It's Official! Ted Cruz To Speak at GOP Convention; What Do You Think?

    07/07/2016 7:58:26 PM PDT · 138 of 160
    true believer forever to RitaOK
    I wanna’ hear about the concessions. Who promised *what* in exchange for *what*.

    That’s all I’m interested in hearing.

    I’m a TRUMP supporter, in it for TRUMP, and for only what he gets out of having the SOB around, but I’m no salve dispenser for Cruz’ butt hurt.

    I'm one of those who feels cruz should not be allowed anywhere the WH. But I like this so far. Trump met his obligation to work to unite the party, took the first step and extended his hand to Cruz without an endoresement. Now, if Cruz does something underhanded or screws Trump it will be obvious and I think maybe the last straw for a lot of cruz supporters ... anyway that's what I think:)

  • The Mark Levin Show, M-F, 6pm-9pm EDT, WABC-AM, Tuesday, July 5th, 2016- Fri. July 8, 2016..

    07/07/2016 5:16:44 PM PDT · 69 of 90
    true believer forever to stratboy; All

    Levin can hardly control himself talking about the committee vote. Mr. Perfect Conservative is ready and willing to race and put to naught the will of the people.

    According to Mark Levin, he knows what everybody’s thinking, why they do what they do, who to believe, and who not.

    If I had the time or interest, I would now post all the times and situations Levin has been hang dog wrong on things, people and events. It is a long long list...

  • The Mark Levin Show, M-F, 6pm-9pm EDT, WABC-AM, Tuesday, July 5th, 2016- Fri. July 8, 2016..

    07/05/2016 5:10:35 PM PDT · 40 of 90
    true believer forever to Parley Baer; All
    “Listening to Rudy. .he’s really disturbed. Honestly upset”

    Rudy for Attorney General.

    This might be a good time for Levin and Cruz to stand ahead and declare that, in light of this disgraceful criminality, it's more important than ever to support Donald Trump. Let's all work together starting right now ...and make sure Clinton never sets foot in the Oval Office again. A patriot would do just that...

  • Mark Levin Endorses Marco Rubio for Senate, Ron DeSantis for House

    07/01/2016 11:21:45 PM PDT · 33 of 57
    true believer forever to conservative98

    Wow, Levin is polishing his hypocrite/coward skill set. He had rubio on his show a few days ago, he could have endorsed then. Instead he dumps it on a Friday night of a holiday weekend ...

  • On Independence Day Weekend=> Weekly Standard Calls for Elitist Coup at GOP Convention

    07/01/2016 1:55:11 PM PDT · 44 of 46
    true believer forever to HarleyLady27
    OH WHEN are we going to get tired of this crap?

    We hear this on the news 24/7; we read it on here 24/7...

    JUST STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Find some POSTIVE news for a change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I usually agree with you on just about everything, but this isn't negative news, it is an update. And I for one am grateful for it. I scan a lot of sites daily when I can, and one thing I am looking for is what the unholy republican underground is up to ... this gives me a little bit of more current info ... I have a hard time trusting even when I verify :)

    Thanks for all your Trump support - he is going to do it!

    Have a Wonderful Independence Day and soon we will be or at least take our first baby steps towards being free again!

  • Mark Levin Show,M-F,6PM-9PM,EDT,WABC AM,June 27-July 1,2016

    06/28/2016 5:03:04 PM PDT · 106 of 200
    true believer forever to Tamar1973

    KA-CHING You are now on my official too stupid to respond to list.

  • Mark Levin Show,M-F,6PM-9PM,EDT,WABC AM,June 27-July 1,2016

    06/28/2016 4:39:53 PM PDT · 99 of 200
    true believer forever to Tamar1973

    Why did I automatically sense you were one of the cruz creatures, self righteous, preachy, and weak. Your words don’t impress, neither does the tinge of bitterness in your statements.

  • Mark Levin Show,M-F,6PM-9PM,EDT,WABC AM,June 27-July 1,2016

    06/28/2016 4:36:42 PM PDT · 97 of 200
    true believer forever to Pelham
    More phony tariff “history” out of the blowhard lawyer.

    For the first time ever he mentioned the Fordney-McCumber tariff of 1922, I assume because of my posts about it here recently.

    Fordney-McCumber differed from Smoot-Hawley by only 2 1/2%, so the dope denounces it while never mentioning that it preceded the Roaring 20s- an inconvenient fact for clowns who then want to blame the Great Depression on Smoot-Hawley.

    So Levin’s fallback position today is that the F-M tariff killed American agriculture exports.

    Well American agriculture exports did indeed suffer in the 1920s. But it had nothing to do with the tariff- it was the result of European farming returning after the destruction that they suffered during World War One. Inconvenient history ignored by Mark but known by all students of that decade.

    Mark has all of our trade partners enacting their own 1920s tariffs “in response” to American tariffs. In fact they were enacting their own tariffs for the same reasons that we did our first one in 1789- to protect their infant industries, in this case cars and radios. But why let such details spoil a good story, Mark certainly doesn’t.

    Then for the coup de grace Mark returns to his old favorite, that Smoot-Hawley kicked off the Great Depression.

    Well economic historians date the start of the Great Depression at the cyclical peak in August, 1929. Smoot-Hawley was signed into law in June, 1930. Yes, that’s nearly a year later. But not to worry, in Levin World the arrow of time can run backwards and causes can come long after effects. Or something.

    But let’s assume that Levin’s goofy theory of cause and effect is true. And let’s assume that Smoot-Hawley shuts down all trade completely. That would destroy our economy right?

    Well in 1930 international trade was 5% or less of American GNP. America was for all intents a self-sustaining economy. You could have wiped out all international trade and not had a Depression.

    Because trade and tariffs were not at the root of the Great Depression. A massive collapse in the American banking system was, something Mark never mentions. Not because he’s trying to hide that fact, but because he really very ignorant about economic history and his ignorance extends to his blathering about tariffs and the Great Depression.

    Like with Glenn Beck, you listen to his ‘history lessons’ at your own peril.

    thanks for a great post, i reposted it here in case someone coming in late didn't see the original /./

  • Mark Levin Show,M-F,6PM-9PM,EDT,WABC AM,June 27-July 1,2016

    06/28/2016 4:34:21 PM PDT · 93 of 200
    true believer forever to Tamar1973
    A real conservative would have replied by reminding the reporter (and CNN's 2.5 viewers) that "it is hard to make a living" on a minimum wage job because they aren't designed to support a family of 4. Flipping burgers is not a career. Entry-level, minimum wage jobs are supposed to be a stepping stone to learn basic work skills. That's it.

    did you see the entire interview or are just making stupid assumptions and pasting on labels. How do you know that he didn't say that further on, I was referring to what trump said as it had to do with one levin comment. You, mark and ted can share a lifeboat when your delusions start circling the drain. They probably have already and you're too busy working for Hillary to know that.

  • Mark Levin Show,M-F,6PM-9PM,EDT,WABC AM,June 27-July 1,2016

    06/28/2016 4:30:33 PM PDT · 91 of 200
    true believer forever to Pelham

    The interesting thing is Levin never used to peddle himself as an expert in economics, tariffs or any of it. He just started to talk and act like an expert and his audience accepts it.

  • Mark Levin Show,M-F,6PM-9PM,EDT,WABC AM,June 27-July 1,2016

    06/28/2016 4:27:37 PM PDT · 89 of 200
    true believer forever to Tamar1973
    Trump is too chicken to go on Levin's show.

    There are a lot of things you can accuse Trump os, being chicken is not one of them. He has faced down the GOP, GOPe, dems, fused media, millions and millions and millions of dollars in ads, as well as death threats and family threats. Don't go there because I have a feeling you have no idea what courage is about.

  • Mark Levin Show,M-F,6PM-9PM,EDT,WABC AM,June 27-July 1,2016

    06/28/2016 3:52:40 PM PDT · 83 of 200
    true believer forever to Squeako
    "Are you going to believe Mark, or your lying ears?"

    I believe what I hear and I double check that. that's how I concluded he is now a liar of the first accord.

  • Mark Levin Show,M-F,6PM-9PM,EDT,WABC AM,June 27-July 1,2016

    06/28/2016 3:42:40 PM PDT · 81 of 200
    true believer forever to conservative98
    Exactly. He takes everything Trump says and twists it. He says he never lies to us, but he sure does twist! That’s why I have it off and was just checking twitter. I am done with Mark Levin for the night.

    I think "twist" is too kind of a word. If someone says, "it's worth taking a look at" and someone else reports that as they now support the minimum wage hike, in my heart and mind, that qualifies as a lie, simple and downright. And frankly, I never thought I'd see the day Levin would behave like this.

  • Mark Levin Show,M-F,6PM-9PM,EDT,WABC AM,June 27-July 1,2016

    06/28/2016 3:31:59 PM PDT · 76 of 200
    true believer forever to conservative98
    Pierre Moore ‏@RacetrackJack 3m3 minutes ago @marklevinshow Trump did NOT say he was for tariffs. He was only proposing punitive actions on countries that didn't engage in free trade.

    Al Hanson ‏@AlHanson1 3m3 minutes ago @marklevinshow Why are you lying Mark?Trump is NOT saying put tariffs on ALL counties (and everything)

    Ike ‏@ike_salado_tx 5m5 minutes ago @marklevinshow so in 2016, you've decided to embark upon a mission to end the 20K+ tariffs? And/or trash "Hillary light"? To what end? HRC?

    Byron Mullet ‏@Honorcode1 3m3 minutes ago Montana, USA @marklevinshow I'm not a trump supporter but it doesn't hurt to remind China we have some tools in our economic tool kit

    Levin is full blown propagandist at this point. He takes the tiniest thread of something Trump said, misquotes it, and then goes onto lying about.

    I remember the day a reporter on CNN asked trump about the 15.00 living wage law that a previous guest had talked about and supported. Trump said, almost a direct quote, yes it is hard to make a living out there and I guess it wouldn't hurt to look at the min wage some time in the future.

    That same night levin said trump now supported the min wage. This is one of hundreds of examples. Exactly like he is doing tonight ... misquoting, laterally generalizing... I don't think any term fits levin now but liar.

  • Mark Levin Show,M-F,6PM-9PM,EDT,WABC AM,June 27-July 1,2016

    06/28/2016 3:11:40 PM PDT · 68 of 200
    true believer forever to Biggirl

    Hi - did Mark cite the study after study he just said proved his points?

  • Trump: Cruz, Kasich must endorse or no convention slot

    06/26/2016 4:21:16 PM PDT · 79 of 286
    true believer forever to hoosiermama

    What really interested me was how easily and quickly they broke their word - like they’d been doing it all their lives and knew exactly how.

  • Romney gathers 'NeverTrump' crowd for Utah retreat

    06/10/2016 4:31:14 AM PDT · 22 of 98
    true believer forever to Vermont Lt
    The radio guys are “not in a book” right now. Their fall sales depend on the next ratings book. So they take their time off in June. Then they come back for July and August.

    Okay, but that doesn't answer my question, were rush or levin there and will they have enough integrity to tell their listeners.

  • Romney gathers 'NeverTrump' crowd for Utah retreat

    06/10/2016 4:29:27 AM PDT · 18 of 98
    true believer forever to CincyRichieRich
    Well, a place where some so called Christians, rich white men, however, even if you told every Muzzie terr0rist group the exact location, they would be safe at this place.

    Sad, but true. Gee, whose side are they on?

    They are on the only side they know, their own. If Levin or Rush don't own up to being there, I don't know what I'll think... that would be so blatantly dishonest.

  • Romney gathers 'NeverTrump' crowd for Utah retreat

    06/10/2016 4:12:22 AM PDT · 4 of 98
    true believer forever to RoosterRedux

    Is this where Levin and Rush have been? Rush was off for two days, and Levin was off yesterday ...

  • Talk grows of replacing Trump at GOP convention

    06/08/2016 10:59:34 PM PDT · 40 of 112
    true believer forever to sargon
    Yes! I hear that talk has grown from 3 #NeverTrump assclowns discussing this absurd and asinine notion, to almost half a dozen!

    By the time the GOP convention actually starts, I'm sure we can expect this topic to grow into a series discussion involving as many as 8 #NeverTrump assclowns!

    I sure hope that Trump supporters will be numerous and passionate enough to quell this juggernaut of a dozen or so remaining GOP neo-con power brokers...

    Vote Trump!

    I think it is a mistake to minimize this, not because it is ill fated, but because the next six weeks are going to be full of histrionics, collusion, conspiracy. These d bags are pretty much capable of anything, and the only way to deprive them of the element surprise is to be 360 dilligent. Let nothing be unexpected from them ...

  • Mark Levin Show M-F 6PM-9PM EDT WABC AM June 6-10,2016

    06/08/2016 4:00:55 PM PDT · 102 of 134
    true believer forever to chris37
    Hah! That’s a very good comparison. Latrine screamed and yelled until he was blue in the face for Cruz, and the needle barely even moved for the guy.

    I’m not sure the extent that Trump did things for Elmers, but I understand he was repaying her early endorsement of him.

    What it boils down to for me is that it doesn’t seem like people are in the mood to support this craptastic cuckservatives regardless if Trump endorses them or not.

    Trump has also mentioned something along the lines of Rubio should run for senate again in Florida, but no the Hell he shouldn’t.

    That guy is done here. He lied to every one of us who voted for him, and I don’t think he could get elected dog catcher here.

    We have had enough of these people who say oh we are Tea Party conservatives, we stand for you, and then they go on Mark Levin’s radio show and say all sorts of wonderful conservative thingys, and Mark tells us to vote for them and then they go to Washington and SCREW US every chance they get.

    You know all about cucks like that, don’t you, Mark?

    Think back, when Ellmers came out for trump, that was a long time ago when it took real courage, right out the gate almost. SEcondly, her constituents had a lot of problems with her, including the McCarthy stuff.

    I don't remember Levin saying a word about Palin endorsing McCain. He certainly didn't accuse her of being all tied up with the establishment.

  • Democrats Jump on Allies of Donald Trump in Judge Dispute

    06/08/2016 10:47:47 AM PDT · 30 of 32
    true believer forever to Chaguito; All
    The curriculum vitae of Trump University Judge Gonzalo Curiel specifically mentions his affiliation with the Hispanic National Bar Association, or HNBA.The Hispanic National Bar Association published a press release on July 2nd 2015 which specifically stated their intention to target the “business interests” of Donald Trump:



    This is the heart of the matter and what no one is talking about. They targeted Trump FIRST, based on his political views but it is apocalyptic when Trump explains that or seeks to protect himself in court. The judge should have recused himself in the first place.

    A new meme is emerging and Carville spoke of it in passing last night on CNN - he still isn't sure Trump will be the nominee. That there is starting a backtracking by pols and others and that can gain speed like a snowball down a hill.

    I myself will not let my guard down for a second until the convention is over ... and then starts another set of problems just as difficult or moreso.

    Pray for Donald Trump's wisdom and protection.

  • Mark Levin Show M-F 6PM-9PM EDT WABC AM May 31-June 3,2016

    06/01/2016 3:58:28 PM PDT · 62 of 98
    true believer forever to TomGuy
    I listened for about 5 minutes. Levin was trying very hard to say that McConnell was basically endorsing Trump so Trump is now an establishment guy — because they all refused to support the only true conservative since Reagan.

    Levin is wallowing in his beer over Ted, again.

    pstt, Mark, call Dr. Phil. You need help. Maybe he can work you in, get you on his TV program. Get Rove to go with you and maybe Dr. Phil will give you guys a group rate.

    Let me get this straight - mark see my tagline levin - is giving analysis on this election when not long ago he reamed out the never trumpers one night and the very next night said he was "now never trump". He seems to fancy himself an oracle and knows what Trump is thinking, knows what Trump supporters want, knows just about everything about everything, while he gives himself a free pass on supporting Romney in 12. At exactly what point does shame kick in?

  • Mark Levin Show M-F 6PM-9PM EDT WABC AM May 26,2016

    05/26/2016 8:12:44 PM PDT · 84 of 87
    true believer forever to Golden Eagle
    Once again you hit the nail on the head. I'm betting that as part of that book deal, which looks more and more like a scandal that actually happened, Levin believes that each book is a seed they will plant somewhere to keep his empire going, even if his current behavior costs him many of his long time loyal supporters in the process.

    He's looking to gain those that can't think for themselves, such as the stragglers from Beck's empire which is falling apart at the same time. Time will tell, but they both have turned so many of us against him, I don't think either of them will ever come close to their previous numbers of followers. Even mighty Rush may have been mortally wounded. People now want to know what is going on behind the scenes, which is the object of discussion at growing shows such as Alex Jones and Michael Savage, not be spoken down to, or told that the details of the topics at hand must be considered off limits.

    This is an old article from Politico that I just bookmarked this evening because it's quite long. It is about how Rush's business model is failing. I am not financial so how much is truth, I don't know:

  • Mark Levin Show M-F 6PM-9PM EDT WABC AM May 26,2016

    05/26/2016 7:59:14 PM PDT · 83 of 87
    true believer forever to Psalm 144
    Thank you. Iced alcohol, burnt pizza, and the times themselves motivate me to change my tag line once again.

    okay, thanks to you I now have wiki level knowledge of Leonidas and Ephialtes. Though I fail to see the burnt pizza connection. The three hundred staying with Leonidas definitely a shadow and type of Trump supporters though.

  • Mark Levin Show M-F 6PM-9PM EDT WABC AM May 26,2016

    05/26/2016 7:28:54 PM PDT · 77 of 87
    true believer forever to Golden Eagle
    I was listening the night Mark vowed he would never endorse Trump after one of Trump's operatives put out the story that Levin had been paid off by one of the SuperPac's supporting other candidates like Cruz, by paying full price for truckload's of Levin's old books. Rather than attack the accusation, which seems to be fairly well sourced, Levin said he wasn't going to discuss the details but only that a line had been crossed by him simply being accused, and that was somehow unforgivable.

    I was listening thinking "aren't you supposedly a brilliant legal mind, but you can't handle this simple accusation on the merits?" It was somewhat of a watershed moment for me, just as much as Mark claimed it was for him, but for obviously different reasons.

    Levin has this thing he does when he is accused of anything. When he was outed for the senate group buying 400K dollars of his old books his response was you will never shut me up.

    I don't believe that is what the guy was trying to do, nor was the guy who outed Levin's stepson being employed by Cruz. They weren't attacking the message, they probably agreed completely with the conservative message. They were asking for accountability. And Levin turned it into an attack on conservatism. This is how the man becomes the message. Cruz devolved into the same thing and it always ends in tragedy.

    When you are considered a leader by yourself or others, with no structure to allow for accountability, what holds you accountable inside is the respect you have for those under your watch. Levin, Rush, the lot of them are totally unaccountable to us and have shown lately how little they think of us.

  • Mark Levin Show M-F 6PM-9PM EDT WABC AM May 26,2016

    05/26/2016 7:12:33 PM PDT · 72 of 87
    true believer forever to Yaelle
    These guys, along with a lot of the country, think they are smarter than Trump.

    Hell no. I spent the day yesterday with Trump supporters. We are smart and we love our country and we want it to be the great country it used to be. Trump gets it. And he has 100% more street smarts than this basement chubby and his pals.

    They don't believe in instincts. From the conslutants with their worn out scenarios to people like Levin who have codified conservatism to a set of beliefs, to the point of grading legislators. Things as they are must be what they were.

    Trump walks, talks, thinks, projects from the realm of instinct. It is called vision and the extent to which he operates in it is amazing. He is visionary in detail which I believe is very rare and a thing of beauty to watch unfolding. At least for me :)

  • Mark Levin Show M-F 6PM-9PM EDT WABC AM May 26,2016

    05/26/2016 7:05:23 PM PDT · 68 of 87
    true believer forever to Psalm 144
    Another FReeper on another thread suggested that we all pop some champagne corks tonight in celebration. I can’t afford that anymore, thanks to transnationalism and globalist policies, but I did go buy a 44 oz. daiquiri. I got my favorite flavor from back in the day: 190 Octane.

    It is orange.

    Bright, bright, slightly garish orange. Like the victor’s hair. The hair on the top of his head.

    The orange haired champion, who set the neocons and radio cheapjacks to naught.

    God defend, God bless, and God speed Mr. Trump into the presidency, and confusion and shame to his enemies.

    You are a poet like those in the older times whose words rang of glory and hearts poured forth. God bless you and Mr. Trump. I believe and pray the Lord shall be his speed along the way.

  • Mark Levin Show M-F 6PM-9PM EDT WABC AM May 26,2016

    05/26/2016 6:58:56 PM PDT · 65 of 87
    true believer forever to Yaelle
    Rush always chuckled that he couldn’t take the pay cut. What a phony jerk. I used to laugh at his jokes thinking they were all tongue in cheek. Nope. He’s a selfish bastard. Trump thought long and hard and decided to risk it all and go for it.

    Trump once said he told Chuck Shumer, who was trying to talk him out of running, "I gotta do what I gotta do." Unlike Rush, Trump took the direction of his higher angels and not his bottom line.

  • Mark Levin Show M-F 6PM-9PM EDT WABC AM May 26,2016

    05/26/2016 6:30:29 PM PDT · 56 of 87
    true believer forever to SunLakesJeff
    Everything you say is true. Time does tend to heal wounds (or wound heels). Look forward to November.

    Okay, because of your signature line, I will take your words under advisement. Meanwhile, come on, November! :)

  • Mark Levin Show M-F 6PM-9PM EDT WABC AM May 26,2016

    05/26/2016 6:22:48 PM PDT · 53 of 87
    true believer forever to Golden Eagle
    Same here, but his dishonesty is undeniable at this point. I gave up on Mark completely when he recently spent an entire week attacking Trump on tariffs, while endlessly praising Reagan out the other side of his mouth on the same exact show, when anyone who closely follows these issues knows that Reagan implemented huge tariffs against Japan.

    Mark was preying on those who don't know the history of such things, and this is just one example. He has painted everything that Trump does in the worst possible light, and not given him one ounce of credit on anything they should actually agree on, unless Mark then adds some snide comment on at the end. My life is simply too busy to listen to such negative, dishonest diatribe.

    You're absolutely right. I used to take Levin's viewpoint on things as I knew little about re the Constitution, early American history, government. Now I can no longer do that. It makes me, and a lot of others, wonder how right he is about Article V and other legal interpretations he has made that have been attacked critically. Square one was we always assumed Levin was correct, and we can't do that anymore. I think that is who is left supporting him, the people who continue to assume he is always right due to their own inadequate knowledge.

  • Mark Levin Show M-F 6PM-9PM EDT WABC AM May 26,2016

    05/26/2016 6:15:19 PM PDT · 49 of 87
    true believer forever to SunLakesJeff
    The Great One just picked the wrong horse. "Plunder and Deceit" still holds true, regardless of the GOP Presidential nominee.

    I really hated the Trump Wars on FR, but Mark was more of a symptom, not the problem. He remains The Great One, particularly in defense of the Constitution. Wouldn't mind seeing him as AG...

    It would be nice if it were that simple. If he had only picked the wrong horse that is one thing, the way he is lashing out at Trump and the vile snark that has seeped into every word he says about Trump is symptomatic of something worse. He considers himself the leader of the conservative movement and that is not how leaders behave or set an example.

  • Mark Levin Show M-F 6PM-9PM EDT WABC AM May 26,2016

    05/26/2016 6:07:36 PM PDT · 47 of 87
    true believer forever to conservative98; All
    FLASHBACK: Mark Levin: I’d rather fight with Mitt Romney as president than give Obama a 2nd term!

    Jul 3, 2012

    Mark Levin took a call from someone who was trying to make the argument against voting for Romney, but Levin was having none of it and it propelled him into a great rant about why there is no alternative but to vote Obama out of office by putting Romney in his place. He knows who Mitt Romney is and makes clear that he’d rather fight with Romney than give Obama a 2nd term as president.

    And I whole heartedly agree. Listen below:

    Read more:

    I want to see this Mark Levin make a comeback: “Who is the alternative? There is no alternative. So commit suicide on your own, pal! Don’t drag the rest of us with you. Now get off the phone you big dope!”

    Wow, this is money. Mark Levin indicting Mark Levin. Thank you for searching this out or somehow having it. It is worth a listen by everyone and anyone. It took me a long while and I finally figured out Cruz, I still don't understand what's going on with Levin, but this vid is proof that the chasm between who he is today and who he was 4 years ago is about unchargeable. Consistent Conservative Not.

  • Mark Levin Show M-F 6PM-9PM EDT WABC AM May 26,2016

    05/26/2016 5:32:53 PM PDT · 36 of 87
    true believer forever to Golden Eagle
    Great post, the quote you have from Levin regarding Romney in your signature is particularly telling. I used to hold Levin in very high esteem, but unfortunately he's turning out to be a fraud. Most of these guys like Levin and Rush rose to fame when Bill Clinton was in office, but they have sold us down the road ever since. Joe Scarborough is another one that made his name attacking Clinton but look at him now. I don't really trust any of the original "Clinton critics" anymore, and put Lindsey Graham up as Exhibit A, but these guys are getting exposed at this point as well.

    I think the exposure is excellent and very needed. These are very difficult waters for me because I truly respected Levin and used him to fill in a lot of gaps in my understanding of history and the Founding. Worse I turned a very very large amount of people onto him. I am still hoping I won't have to make a big email list nevermind. Maybe Levin will come to his senses. I rarely listen anymore and that helps. It is hard for me to hear him lying so much.

  • Mark Levin Show M-F 6PM-9PM EDT WABC AM May 26,2016

    05/26/2016 5:25:25 PM PDT · 33 of 87
    true believer forever to COBOL2Java
    What happened to Levin - and a lot of conservatives - was they hitched their wagon to a con man. Cruz's technique was similar to that of a predator: the entire trajectory of his very short political career was spent grooming his target audience, acting and doing things that were engineered the way he wanted himself to be perceived.

    Trump did the nation a favor by exposing Cruz's scheme to hoodwink the electorate.

    I think Cruz was basically preparing step-by-step resume highlights that showed him often alone in standing for conservatism but that rendered no real change or progress. It was total calculation and generated from hardcore ambition. Levin seems particularly to be bait for these types.

  • Mark Levin Show M-F 6PM-9PM EDT WABC AM May 26,2016

    05/26/2016 4:50:57 PM PDT · 25 of 87
    true believer forever to chris37; All
    What these idiots do not realize, and that includes Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, Governor Martinez, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, many other radio show hosts, and practically every elected Republican official in this county, is that their party has left them and gone to Trump.

    They are all total failures. Everyone whom they have advised us to vote for over the years has been a total failure. None of them, not ****ing one of them has achieved anything at all in terms of taking America back from leftists, saving the country, saving our culture, NOTHING.

    And in their absolute total failure, that arrogantly sit there thinking we have to come back to them, because there is nowhere else to go.

    BS! We left.

    We no longer have time for your endless recipes for failure.

    Mark levin, Ted Cruz is a FAILURE! He is not the next Ronald Reagan, what he is is the next failure in a long line of failures, and you should know this better than anyone else, because everyone you have ever recommended that we vote for HAS BEEN A FAILURE.

    And what did Ted Cruz do when he went up against Trump? He FAILED.

    And what would have Ted Cruz done had he gone up against Hillary? He would have FAILED, just like he FAILED when he voted for the Corker Bill.

    Levin and Rush both have repeatedly been asked to run for office, and both repeatedly declined. I remember Levin once talking about all the things he has said on air prohibit him.

    Then, along comes Trump who makes them both look like a couple of nuns, and he steps forth, takes the massive and malicious slings and arrows. With all his baggage Trump stepped forth while Levin and Rush are sitting behind their microphones playing keyboard warriors. All we ever wanted was a fighter. That's all we ever wanted. Now that we have one, the pure conservatives can't stop attacking him because he highlights how ineffective and cowardly they have been.

  • Mark Levin Show M-F 6PM-9PM EDT WABC AM May 26,2016

    05/26/2016 3:46:33 PM PDT · 12 of 87
    true believer forever to TomGuy

    Levin is making a big deal of concerned conservatives holding out on endorsing Trump. Last election, he endorsed Mitt before the race was even over and Newt was still in the game. Where have all these newfound principles come from? Where was his tortuous inner debate then? He couldn’t wait to get on the bandwagon. something smells.

  • Mark Levin Show,M-F,6PM-9PM,EDT,WABC AM,May 18,2016

    05/18/2016 7:47:23 PM PDT · 28 of 28
    true believer forever to true believer forever

    sig test

  • Mark Levin Show,M-F,6PM-9PM,EDT,WABC AM,May 18,2016

    05/18/2016 7:45:45 PM PDT · 27 of 28
    true believer forever to true believer forever


  • Mark Levin Show,M-F,6PM-9PM,EDT,WABC AM,May 18,2016

    05/18/2016 7:00:16 PM PDT · 26 of 28
    true believer forever to conservative98
    Nothing Trump does is good enough for Mark.

    A random example of how Levin rationalizes his Trump dementia: Trump said, when asked about increasing the minimum wage, agreed that it was tough to make a living and he would take a look at it, but that the states should decide.

    This somehow equates to Trump flip flopping on the issue, according to Levin tonight. It didn't bother Mark when Cruz started his campaign saying same sex marriage would be a major part of his campaign, and later said it should be decided by the states. I keep hoping Levin gets over this, but it doesn't look that way. His thought processes are completely compromised right now, most of it because he, like Cruz, never played sports and don't know how to recoup from a loss and proceed graciously deferring to the winner.

  • Mark Levin Show,M-F,6PM-9PM,EDT,WABC AM,May 18,2016

    05/18/2016 3:44:53 PM PDT · 20 of 28
    true believer forever to bushwon
    Donald Trump Hires Pro-Life Advocate as Top Domestic Policy Director

    “Pro-life organization Susan B. Anthony List praised Donald Trump for hiring John Mashburn as a campaign policy adviser, calling Mashburn an “excellent hire, especially for the pro-life movement and our legislative priorities.”

    Read more:

    Thank you for posting...Crickets from Levin on this...I had not heard about this...Have you posted this to a separate thread? This is really good appointment :)

    I am sure I got it from an earlier post here on FR.