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  • The fried-chicken wars: Inside KFC’s weird new fight to dethrone Chick-fil-A

    05/26/2015 6:50:48 PM PDT · 83 of 135
    truth_seeker to Fiji Hill

    “Out here in Southern California, the Chicken Dinner Restaurant at Knott’s Berry Farm, an amusement park, offers a take-out version of their fried chicken which is far better than KFC, but the price is almost double. My mother worked there as a waitress in 1941-42 (when it was still a berry farm), and if you ate there in the 1950’s, your chicken might have come from my uncle’s ranch, located where Disneyland now stands, or from its later location in Olive Heights.”

    Knotts was cheap entertainment for my family. Before they charged admission, a family could go and let the kids play on wagons, listen to live music, then have moderately priced family meals. Fill up on rolls and jams. I seem to recall a back annex to the Chicken Restaurant, with a limited lower priced menu.

    Or maybe they just took us in and out the back entrance, since we were a line of noisy little boys.

  • Biker Shootout: Libs Going Wacko over Race in Waco

    05/26/2015 2:31:59 PM PDT · 25 of 28
    truth_seeker to 21twelve

    ” Or you could just make a reference to Baltimore. “Give them room....”

    Thanks for the assist. That is sort of what I was saying.

    My 67 years of life have taught me to use common sense, observe the reality around me.

    As I stated in another thread, I have known many bikers for 50 years. My BIL and SIL rode to Sturgis a fews years back. One of my coworkers and her husband ride quite a lot. He is a retired Air Force pilot.

    But those people were not members of outlaw clubs. The Banditos and Cossacks are openly and notoriously outlaw clubs.

    I find it pretty ridiculous that somebody calls a stray bullet from a brawl and guns being shot in the parking lot, a “straw man.”

    It DID happen, but fortunately this time nobody got hit by what will probably turn out to be Bandito’s guns.

  • Biker Shootout: Libs Going Wacko over Race in Waco

    05/26/2015 2:18:34 PM PDT · 24 of 28
    truth_seeker to ctdonath2

    There is no evidence the police did anything wrong.

    There is a tremendous amount of information and evidence to be sort out.

    I can wait for the information to be made public.

    I predict that then, some poster here will claim coverup.

    But there are still people claiming the earth is flat, created 10000 yrs. ago, fluoride is a conspiracy and harms us, there was no holocaust, no moon landing, we don’t need vaccines, etc, etc.

  • Thad Cochran Marries Longtime Aide (Wife Died in December)

    05/26/2015 1:54:20 PM PDT · 16 of 27
    truth_seeker to nickcarraway

    Am I supposed to have a big problem with this? After my grandmother died unexpectedly, a short time later, my grandfather (early 70s then) was considering a relationship with someone he had once known. I think she was a cousin.

    He was originally from Minnesota, from the American branch of a Canadian family. She was in Winnipeg, and apparently they had known each other when young.

    I remember my mother expressing some concern over her randy father’s possible late life dalliance, which came to nothing in the end.

    After my MIL was widowed at a fairly young age, she had a male friend. They dated and enjoyed a few years, before he too died. All of her children, approved of Mom having a good life.

  • Biker Shootout: Libs Going Wacko over Race in Waco

    05/26/2015 1:39:29 PM PDT · 21 of 28
    truth_seeker to ctdonath2

    How about this hypothetical scenario:

    Two outlaw biker gangs clash in parking lot, stray rounds fired by them kill two diners in nearby Don Carlos restaurant, while cops watch from the perimeter.

    Loud outcry from the 250,000 residents of greater Waco, “Why did police wait so long, to shoot? Why didn’t you do something? We don’t pay you to watch as innocent bystanders get murdered by known criminals, over some juvenile grudge game they play from time to time. Why did you even let them into town?”

    Whatever the police do, it is with aimed at striking the right balance between possibly conflicting “rights.”

    It appears that the Banditos may have “lured” the Cossacks into an ambush.

    Considering a clash between two outlaw motorcycle clubs, gang, groups versus a town of families, children, businesses, etc. I come down on the side of a law enforcement contingent stepping in to at least contain violence, and minimize the possible harm to innocents.

  • Biker Shootout: Libs Going Wacko over Race in Waco

    05/26/2015 10:41:39 AM PDT · 19 of 28
    truth_seeker to ctdonath2

    “What acts (worthy of LEO action, culminating in numerous dead)? documentation thereof?”

    How about we pick up on your screed, about cultures that survive?

    I assume that the criminal biker gangs (Banditos and Cossacks, perhaps others) are the bad guys. I assume the 250,000 residents of Waco city and surrounding areas, desire law & order, and therefore hire a professionally staffed force.

    I assume that one function of that community’s cultural survival, is preventing/keeping physical violence to a minimum, and away from innocent bystanders, in public places.

    I assume (evidenced by their presence) that police had reason to be present at Twin Peaks on that day, to perform their cultural sustainability role, e.g. preservation of “law & order.”

    A more aggressive step for cultural survival, might have been a City Council ordinance making gatherings of 10 or more motorcycle riders, at any place and time. That is the modern day version of getting run out of town.

    I come down on the side of the residents of Waco and surrounds, law enforcement, law & order.

    I do not know for a fact who threw the first punch, drew the first knife, fired the first shot. I give the benefit of doubt that law enforcement did not do so.

    Therefore, since in my view 250,000 residents and law enforcement seem aimed towards preserving the survival of civil society, and only a few dozen intent on notorious rowdiness, drug dealing, murder and mayhem, culture looks safe to me.

    Of course you may think we are better off turning it all over to the Banditos. They can charge fees, to fellow bikers for peace. Maybe as your alternate culture evolves, the Banditos can take over all law enforcement, for the town.

    The Banditos/Cossacks/Hell’s Angels/Mongols version of criminality is little different from the Crips & Bloods.

    A lot of good men and women put their safety in jeopardy every day, wading into the neighborhoods of the Crips & Bloods, and the Banditos et all, for the safety of the local populace.

    I feel the civilian populace of Waco, along with the good people of inner cites, want and deserve those officers to attempt to help their cultural survival, by not letting the thugs take over completely.

    I do NOT mean veterans, Christian, vintage bike, recovery clubs are comprised of thugs. I DO maintain that they make the task of cultural preservation more difficult for law enforcement by providing elements of credibility, respectability and cover for the bad guy bikers.

    It is NOT a binary proposition, pitting “all bikers” against law enforcement.

    It IS a complex situation, where the cultural survival of the 250,000 residents comes first. That cultural exists because of a strong belief and expectation of law & order.

    I have several friends that ride HD motorcycles. Mine are mainly but not exclusively of the recovery, Christian, veteran type.

    I’m a 67 year old veteran, and I would say everything I said here, to my biker friends.

  • Biker Shootout: Libs Going Wacko over Race in Waco

    05/26/2015 8:25:12 AM PDT · 15 of 28
    truth_seeker to Sean_Anthony

    So how many of the protesters in Baltimore were still locked up, more than a week later?

    When this is over, it could result in a RICO case for up to a few dozen Banditos and Cossacks.

    They made it easy for LE, since they came together, wearing their uniforms, and committed their act right in full view.

    If it annoys families of the non-criminal clubs, to await the release of their loved ones, perhaps they will advise said motorcycle enthusiasts to avoid association with known criminals, lest you get swept into their troubles.

    Remember the film of the black mother marching her teenaged son, away from the riots? And law abiding viewers cheered her on.

    Picture the wives and families of veteran biker clubs, Christian biker clubs, etc. standing in front of their guys, and saying “No, don’t go. Don’t go riding with those bad guys. You might get caught up, in their misdeeds, and go to jail, too.”

  • When They Come for the Smaller Groups. . . .

    05/26/2015 8:12:42 AM PDT · 57 of 66
    truth_seeker to null and void

    Joseph Columbo started the “Italian-American Civil Rights League” as a means to have the public at large provide respectability, and cover for crimes by his organized criminal families.

    The membership at peak reached 100,000.

    Nonetheless Columbo was gunned down in public by a competing crime family member at a League event.

    Law Enforcement stayed focused on the criminal familes.

    I think it is naïve for non-criminal biker groups to voluntarily associate and therefore provide cover, respectability to the criiminals.

    Bandidos = criminal
    Cossacks = criminal

    Guess what? That was KNOWN before the confab, which police discouraged the restaurant owner from hosting.

    IOW law enforcement tried to avoid trouble. They next came to observe the event, for they continued to expect that there MIGHT be trouble.

    When they came for the Mafia, the other Italian Americans said “take them, all of them, they are not us.”

    The good biker groups should likewise say “take the criminals. Take them all. They are not us.”

    But apparently the good guys are so intimidated, they seemingly feel compelled to give the outlaws credibility, respectability and cover.

    What if they........stood up to the criminals?

    But, no articles like this suggest the cops are wrong, when it is the criminals that are wrong.

  • Bears Release Ex-49er Ray McDonald After Arrest in California

    05/25/2015 9:06:43 PM PDT · 1 of 9
    Kiss $1.5 million goodbye
  • Leaked Report Profiles Military, Police Members of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs

    05/25/2015 2:04:06 PM PDT · 622 of 846
    truth_seeker to TexasGator

    I have known people that ride motorcycles off and on for 50 years.

    One guy fell over with his brand new Triumph Bonneville in late 1965, and rubbed his ear off, while damaging his brain.

    Another guy got shot dead over a drug theft, around 69-70 while I was in the military, overseas. I still know his wife.

    My area called SoCal is home to the Hell’s Angels, Mongols, Hessians (now defunct?), and probably others.

    Today mostly in connection with my local 12 step meeting hall, I know people who ride. Affiliations and/or mutual affinities include Recovery, Christian, Veteran, etc. I understand that.

    Addicts, alcoholics, criminals find new lives after leading troubled ones. I get that.

    The one and only thing I do not get is excusing people who are STILL in the midst of acting badly.

    It is possible to be in a Christian or veteran club, and be naïve enough to get caught in the crossfire, if you ride alongside outlaws.

    It is NOT possible to be an active member of the outlaw clubs, and not know about the violence, or be responsible if it gets violent.

    I personally cut the Waco law enforcement a lot of slack, if they went out that day and did their best.

    They are not the reason for what went down that day.

    It appears the Bandidos suckered the Cossacks and lured them. It looks like more Cossacks got killed, because the first shots fired were by Bandidos killing Cossacks.

    I wouldn’t expect law enforcement and judiciary to be able to sort it all out, overnight. I would expect them to release innocent people, once they have completed their investigations thoroughly.

  • Leaked Report Profiles Military, Police Members of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs

    05/25/2015 1:38:15 PM PDT · 615 of 846
    truth_seeker to Lazamataz

    “We disagree.”

    Then in my opinion, you are a piss poor example of what 12 step “recovery” is all about.

    Posting the mentally disabled couple’s picture was clearly meant as an insult made by you, e.g. you trying to be funny, at the expense of others.

    When called for it, you refused, and still refuse to own it and apologize for it.

  • Leaked Report Profiles Military, Police Members of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs

    05/25/2015 1:18:46 PM PDT · 610 of 846
    truth_seeker to freepersup

    Outlaw motorcycle clubs, inner city drug dealer gangs, Mafia “families” all seem to have certain written and unwritten rules.

    And for the most part, they can and will use violence to uphold their dominance and status over others, all of the while endangering the law abiding civilians around them.

    Law enforcement does the best they can with the resources available. Mayor Giuliani used “Donny Brasco” (Joe Pistone) who infiltrated the NYC mafia. They used RICO provisions, to take down many top level mafia figures, who had been in charge of and commited murder and mayhem.

    If Texas law enforcement uses infiltrators, more power to them.

    Five mafia families of NYC, Crips & Bloods, Hell’s Angels, Mongols, Banditos, Cossacks.

    Little or no difference. If you have empathy or sympathy for those who knowingly hang out with such people and groups, then you are electing to be closer to the problem, than to the solution, IMO.

  • Leaked Report Profiles Military, Police Members of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs

    05/25/2015 1:01:43 PM PDT · 596 of 846
    truth_seeker to Lazamataz

    “... I recovered. ...”

    Your childlike, attention seeking, “troll hunting” behavior here is NOT evidence of recovery.

    I know a guy now that has about 17-18 years, clean and sober. For about the first 10 years, he continued his sick childlike humor, for which he should have been embarrassed. He didn’t notice himself, because he was running at the mouth almost continuously.

    Eventually, probably because people in the program told him so, he grew up, calmed down, shut up, and starting acting like a good example of “recovery.”

    You might want to ask yourself if posting the picture of the Down Syndrome couple is something you should make amends for. Because your intent to insult the poster here, was beyond the pale, in horrible taste.

    Do you know how to make an amend? If you do not see the need for the amend, then your claim to recovery is ridiculous.

  • Leaked Report Profiles Military, Police Members of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs

    05/25/2015 11:22:02 AM PDT · 547 of 846
    truth_seeker to Lazamataz

    “I don’t know too much about biker culture, but from what I have learned, ALL biker clubs in a given area must support the dominant club in the geographic area. The finest Christian biker group whose members never so much as shoplifted in their entire lives would be considered a ‘support club’.

    The Attorney General might as well have said. “All the imprisoned are humans.” It carries as much significance. “

    The support club people could just as easily go out and ride somewhere else, with somebody else. But they choose to ride with known criminals.

    It is perhaps the middle ground that they feel works for them. Monday-Friday job. Wife and kids at home. But the riding gives an outlet for the thrill of hanging out where some degree of risk is present.

    Spend half a day reading about the criminal biker gangs, across the country. You will learn for yourself that murder and mayhem is part of the culture, their reason for associating. And they welcome the groupies, wanna bees, and hangers on since that lends some credibility, respectability, cover for them.

    The bikers good and bad share the like of danger, rebel imagery, etc.

    The wives and employers of the good guys that got locked up, will be asking “why did he do something so obviously stupid?”

  • Leaked Report Profiles Military, Police Members of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs

    05/25/2015 10:44:16 AM PDT · 533 of 846
    truth_seeker to don-o

    “Section 1.

    All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

    Those who got arrested and granted bail, are getting their due process. In the end I expect most will be released.

    Perhaps their minor inconvenience, while police and judicial officials conduct their investigations, might inform them of the risks of associating with known criminals, who take murder and mayhem on their rides, who sell drugs in our communities.

    They ought to seriously consider if the vicarious thrill of riding with the outlaws, of providing cover and respectability to the outlaws, is worth the price.

  • Leaked Report Profiles Military, Police Members of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs

    05/25/2015 10:38:11 AM PDT · 528 of 846
    truth_seeker to AMDG&BVMH

    Good post.

    People have written about the bikers, good — bad — and some probably in between.

    People have written, mostly negatively, about law enforcement.

    One thing left out is the community of greater Waco, TX. Around 250,000 people that hired law enforcement, to keep law & order.

    Motorcycle criminals disrupt order. Assume there were 200 bikers, and assume there were 160 of them that are generally law abiding.

    If I lived in Waco, I would tell the 160 to take their get-together someplace else. And I would expect my police force to watch the bikers, even to suggest they take their get-together someplace else.

    Law enforcement is not the reason for the ongoing feud between Banditos and Cossacks. The reason is the biker culture, which Waco residents want to be kept away from them.

    One reason good guys ride with the bad guys, is for vicarious thrills. It is sort of measured risk taking. An assumption they can go out for a ride that day, and not have a horrible experience simply because they didn’t stay well clear of the bad guys.

    I believe the high bail is the way law enforcement and the judicial system in Texas sends a message to the good guys; think twice next time, before you risk the safety of innocents in our jurisdiction.

    Murder and mayhem are part of outlaw biker culture. Why a truly law abiding motorcycle enthusiast would want any association with the bad guys escapes me.

    Why anybody would take the side of a handful of bad guys, versus the law abiding people of the community and their law enforcement officials, escapes me.

    I have seen no evidence of wrongdoing by law enforcement, just anti-cop BS. The kind of thing small time conspiracy theory people would want to spread, for their books and websites.

    Meanwhile the cops go out in the REAL WORLD and put themselves in REAL DANGER, so the grownup children could safely bang away on their keyboards.

    The same people that would praise a cop for risking his safety to control an inner city riot, will deride cops for risking his safety to control a Waco Texas criminal biker confab.

  • Young American liberals are losing the ability to argue

    05/24/2015 7:56:50 PM PDT · 54 of 71
    truth_seeker to Libloather

    “Young American liberals are losing the ability to argue”

    So are conservatives, in my opinion.

  • FBI admits no major cases cracked with Patriot Act snooping powers (so screw you, Mitch!)

    05/24/2015 4:51:31 PM PDT · 15 of 42
    truth_seeker to cotton1706

    Can they point to any instances of private information being used in any manner, besides screening for national security threats?

  • National restaurant chain offers veterans a free meal

    05/24/2015 4:46:07 PM PDT · 23 of 33
    truth_seeker to Wyrd bið ful aræd

    Then have the Blackened Chicken Quesadillas, which sounds delish to this Mexican style food lover.

  • Greece says it will default in June without aid from lenders

    05/24/2015 4:16:10 PM PDT · 16 of 51
    truth_seeker to jocon307

    “My understanding is they never should have been permitted to join the Euro-zone, that they got in via deception (and possibly winking at that deception by others) and they should get out ASAP.”

    In general, from the inception of the EU the first members feared later entry of mostly poor, southern states like Greece, etc.

    The fear was coming out on the losing side, of income redistribution. The relatively strong founding nations in 1957 were West Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Nederland and Luxemburg.

    Obviously their fears were justified. And it plays out now.

    Another big issue today is movement of people, namely muslim terrorists.

  • Watch Moment Armed Man Is Tasered After Shouting 'I am Your King' at Police in Hackney

    05/24/2015 3:38:56 PM PDT · 10 of 43
    truth_seeker to nickcarraway

    Same kind of people, same kind of primitive and uncivilized behavior the world over. Blacks and muslims. A pattern?

  • John Birch Society Denies Its History and Betrays Its Mission

    05/24/2015 3:14:02 PM PDT · 20 of 20
    truth_seeker to dontreadthis

    The JBS has lost standing, credibility, and share value in the marketplace of ideas.

  • The Case For Reparations: 40 Acres and a Mule Would Cost America at Least $6.4 Trillion Today

    05/24/2015 2:53:42 PM PDT · 43 of 43
    truth_seeker to 2ndDivisionVet

    The offer of 40 acres and a mule is no longer on the table.

    The value of that has been paid many times over.

  • The Problem With the Debate Over Fixing Your Man’s Plate

    05/24/2015 2:51:15 PM PDT · 33 of 81
    truth_seeker to nickcarraway

    My wife would say to the other lady, “No...let him get it, himself.”

    By then however, I would have been moving to do it myself, while saying “I am fine, I’ll get it myself.”

    Especially in public, I am in harmony with my wife of 47 years, and she with me. We don’t embarrass each other or ourselves. To do so would be disrespectful, and trashy low-life-like.

    If you have been married for any length of time, and would engage in childlike games with the other woman, get ready for results you may not like.

    People like her want to stir up trouble, so they can be in the middle of it.

  • Environmentalists fail in bid to revoke GOP senator’s degree

    05/24/2015 2:33:54 PM PDT · 32 of 33
    truth_seeker to the_daug

    I did not know how to do what you did, so thanks.

  • The Duggar Family Homeschooling Curriculum Deals With Sexual Abuse In Disturbing Manner

    05/24/2015 2:14:50 PM PDT · 58 of 90
    truth_seeker to jimbo807

    “That is some sick crap they are into. I just thought they were sort of odd and a novelty, but this Gothard connection is troubling to say the least.”

    You would expect people on the level of Dr. James Dobson and Tony Perkins of the Family Research, might make it their business to know such things, or at least I would expect it.

    Dobson wrong about Ted Haggard, now wrong about Josh Duggar.

  • Environmentalists fail in bid to revoke GOP senator’s degree

    05/24/2015 1:45:51 PM PDT · 29 of 33
    truth_seeker to Dr. Bogus Pachysandra
  • The Duggar Family Homeschooling Curriculum Deals With Sexual Abuse In Disturbing Manner

    05/24/2015 12:25:08 PM PDT · 47 of 90
    truth_seeker to VerySadAmerican

    “Am I correct in assuming these people are mormans?”

    Hardly Mormons.

    Instead they have full support and endorsement, from Dr. James Dobson, Family Research Council.

  • Environmentalists fail in bid to revoke GOP senator’s degree

    05/24/2015 12:21:20 PM PDT · 6 of 33
    truth_seeker to afraidfortherepublic

    A degreed scientist, co-founder of Greenpeace, takes the position that global warming is not proved, is a hoax.

    Patrick Moore, PhD, Ecology.

  • Recollections of Alexander H. Stephens

    05/23/2015 7:27:27 PM PDT · 6 of 25
    truth_seeker to Sherman Logan

    Return to continent of origin.

  • If Republicans lose 2016...(Matt Drudge via Twitter)

    05/23/2015 12:31:53 PM PDT · 48 of 75
    truth_seeker to Enlightened1

    I have no argument with what you state.

    I do have an argument with the messianic status of Reagan and Cruz.

    They are all politicians. They have slick talk, and they have angles.

    In the end I will vote for the GOP nominee.

  • Carson wins SRLC straw poll

    05/23/2015 12:19:42 PM PDT · 3 of 9
    truth_seeker to GIdget2004

    This clearly demonstrates the lack of significance of such exercises.


    05/23/2015 11:33:42 AM PDT · 295 of 341
    truth_seeker to TexasGator

    “One of the bikers here described their fights as sort of like wet towel fights in the locker rooms.”

    I have no beef with any of the various motorcycle groups.

    My personal opinion is that veterans, Christian, recovery, Patriot types of groups (good guys), should not give cover for the bad guys, like this get-together.

    Human nature includes some vicarious thrill seeking. Some of the good guys like the rebel imagery, and probably get some thrills vicariously from their associations with the bad guys.

    That doesn’t make them bad guys too, instead merely foolish guys.


    05/23/2015 11:14:53 AM PDT · 292 of 341
    truth_seeker to Ken H

    “Unless he specifically said ‘no cops allowed’, couldn’t they have simply walked in and patronized the business like any other customers?”

    What you describe sounds like a dangerous practice, walking into the middle of something where you are badly outnumbered.

    I’m not a cop, but a neighbor is a retired cop. We discussed a situation years ago, when he arrived first (and alone) at a riot, already underway. He said his job was to get away fast, to await sufficient numbers, and then the prepared group of police would return to the riot, and get control.

    By staying on the perimeter, the cops were in an advantageous position. The bikers were bunched up together.

    This was not the first time LE clashed with feuding biker clubs, and it won’t be the last. Laughlin Nev. for instance, between Hells Angels and Mongols.

    You know, civic minded recreational affinity groups, who occasionally get a little boisterous.

  • If Republicans lose 2016...(Matt Drudge via Twitter)

    05/23/2015 10:36:06 AM PDT · 33 of 75
    truth_seeker to clintonh8r

    “I did. Not that impressed. So our favorite piñatas like Uncle Mitch get bashed for this, but others get a pass.”

    Cruz did what Reagan did; support the principles of free trade.

    “Reagan was a supporter of free trade.[20] When running for president in 1979, Reagan proposed a “North American accord”, in which goods could move freely throughout Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.[21] Largely dismissed at the time, Reagan was serious in his proposal. Once in office, he signed an agreement with Canada to that effect.[20] His “North American accord” later became the official North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), signed by President George H. W. Bush and ratified by President Bill Clinton.[21]”

  • 1,000 weapons recovered at Waco biker brawl? Not quite, cops now say

    05/21/2015 3:42:19 PM PDT · 189 of 248
    truth_seeker to TexasGator

    “Are the Hell’s Angels and Bandidos clubs or gangs?”

    They would probably both claim publicly to be clubs, with all the respectability and credibility that classification would give them.

    Clever. The bad guys stand to gain respectability from associating with good guys, and the good guys may gain some measure of vicarious adrenaline, from associating with questionable guys.

    Looks to me like that is how it works out, good, bad or indifferent.

    Didn’t the Cossacks show up without an invite, start to come inside, when the fight started?

    Maybe wives and families of the good guys (locked up with $high bails), will rethink having these meets with the bad guys.

  • 1,000 weapons recovered at Waco biker brawl? Not quite, cops now say

    05/21/2015 2:20:08 PM PDT · 148 of 248
    truth_seeker to tcrlaf

    Joseph Columbo, head of the NYC Mafia crime family, started an organization called “Italian-American Civil Rights League” in 1970.

    Regardless of his motives, this gave some credibility to him for a time, inspite of his criminal activities. Membership reached over 100,000 at the peak.

    Columbo was gunned down in 1971 at one of the organization’s public rallies.

    The organization eventually withered away.


  • Nine Bikers Shot Dead in Waco, TX, USA Biker Gang Shootout [VERTICAL VIDEO WARNING]

    05/20/2015 3:56:25 PM PDT · 189 of 265
    truth_seeker to caww

    “If thugs are firing guns inside a public restaurant..of course the police are going to fire back...and yes I would support that.”

    —But what if it is merely some justifiable commotion, by motorcycle enthusiasts, who do a bit of public “rough and tumble” for awhile?

    —Shouldn’t police ask them nicely to stop with the guns, knives and chains, before getting so violent with them?

    —Before the police take sides, shouldn’t they investigate, get search warrants, ask for injunctions, instead of use violence?

  • Wife of biker inmate: Some arrested in Texas are innocent

    05/20/2015 1:58:26 PM PDT · 241 of 369
    truth_seeker to bgill

    “Do you plant yourself at the front door at Sunday morning church service to run records on everyone who enters? Do all FReepers have spotless records? No one at your workplace ever had a run in with the law? Everyone of the relatives at your family reunion never did anything worse than jaywalk? There is a huge difference between “associates” and your best friend who you’d trust with your kids.”

    I am not a biker. I met 1% bikers in 1967, and decided to stay clear of them. I didn’t give each a background check to se if they had current charges or warrants pending. Over the years, I have attended parties, where a couple showed up. No problem, I didn’t leave.

    But I would not make it a practice to be in close company with them, because they define themselves as being trouble.

    I personally don’t need the risk, drama, vicarious thrill of being involved with that particular subculture. No offense with those who do.

    I attend many AA meetings, and I fully realize that a wide spectrum of people are in attendance alongside me, there. I am selective about my relationships with those people, until I learn more about them.

    I have quite a few friends that are “bikers,” not 1% types. I realize that most bikers are okay people.

    In my area there are Christian biker clubs, Ex-con prison biker club/ministries, Recovery biker clubs, Veteran bike clubs, etc.

    More power to them, for their good works. I salute when they roll down the road.

  • White America’s Waco insanity: The shocking realities it ignores about racism & violence

    05/20/2015 1:13:19 PM PDT · 59 of 98
    truth_seeker to Cincinatus' Wife

    “But everything from the difference in law enforcement response to media response tells us what we need to know about how white privilege allows acts of violence by white people to be judged by entirely different standards than those of any other group. “

    In statistical terms, white crime is so much less common.

    Department of Justice files and reports, continually show that blacks in America commit murder, more than seven times more frequently. Most are black on black.

    Black on white is far more common, than white on black.

    Black crime deserves the attention that it gets, in spite of Obama’s lame duck efforts to call the police off his brothers.

  • Wife of biker inmate: Some arrested in Texas are innocent

    05/20/2015 12:32:28 PM PDT · 220 of 369
    truth_seeker to WayneS

    “It has nothing to do with outlaw gangs using respectable clubs as “cover”. “

    I guess on that one point, I differ. Associating with known violent people, is not “respectable” in my view.

    My wife is Italian, on both sides. When I first met her, I joked with her family members, about the mafia. Nobody took the bait. To law abiding Italians, the mafia was bad, not anything they wanted to be associated with.

    I would think the same would apply to respectable motorcycle club members and enthusiasts.

    One thing that I can see, is a sort of vicarious aspect, of being close to trouble, while also keeping a distance.

    Maybe some of the respectable people, will keep greater distances from the criminal gang types, instead of associating.

  • Wife of biker inmate: Some arrested in Texas are innocent

    05/20/2015 11:57:41 AM PDT · 163 of 369
    truth_seeker to Hugin

    See #105

  • Wife of biker inmate: Some arrested in Texas are innocent

    05/20/2015 11:54:25 AM PDT · 155 of 369
    truth_seeker to WayneS

    “By the way, do you have a source for the claim that the Cossacks are an H.A. affiliate? I have not heard that before.”

    Here: Citing police sources in Waco, Cook says he understands the shootout started because a smaller gang called the Cossacks — backed by the Angels — challenged the Bandidos for control of Texas. Several other bike gangs might have joined the battle, too, angry over recent killings by Bandidos members.

    “My perception is that the Cossacks have been flirting, if you will, with Hell’s Angles,” Cook said. “If I’m a Bandido, my immediate reaction is: ‘These guys are going to try to make a move and bring an international gang into our state, which is going to cause a war.’”

    That is one place. Over the past 3-4 days I read it several places. Therefore I doubt it is far from being true.

  • Wife of biker inmate: Some arrested in Texas are innocent

    05/20/2015 10:56:30 AM PDT · 57 of 369
    truth_seeker to bgill

    The criminal 1% gangs, are only too happy to have the peaceful biker clubs to associate and give them cover.

    Members of the general public don’t have the information or interest, to make fine distinctions, for who does and does not have a particular patch.

    I assume the bad guys here, were the Banditos, known criminal gang, and the uninvited Cossacks, known criminal gang, affiliated with the Hells Angels, and not invited to the confab at the sports bar.

    Maybe additional criminal elements desiring association with Banditos and/or Cossacks.

    Then supposedly, in addition to the known criminal gangs, there are biker clubs, non-violent, in attendance.

    And articles like this are pleas for the public to recognize the distinctions. I get that.

    But why do non-violent bike club members, even associate with known criminal bike gangs?

    When the non-violent folks get caught in the crossfire, or swept up in mass arrests, I have a fairly small reservoir of empathy for them.

    IMO the non-criminal clubs, are being used as “respectability” cover, for drug dealers and murderers.

    I just finished a series on Netflix about the infiltration, and use of RICO against the NY mafia, by Giuliani, when he was a federal prosecutor. FBI agent Joe Pistone was undercover (aka Donnie Brasco).

    Law enforcement wanted to take down the five family leaders. It worked, although some were assassinated or committed suicide.

    RICO was the legal mechanism. Everybody involved can be charged with more serious crimes, by association with a criminal network.

    Technically speaking, anybody attending last weekend, that knew the nature of the Banditos, might catch a murder charge, since the cops killed some bad guys.

    I believe many of the “good guys” like the vicarious thrill of associating with known criminal “bad guys.”


    05/19/2015 1:44:18 PM PDT · 110 of 335
    truth_seeker to jjotto

    “Scott Walker, Rick Perry, Iowa Senator Joni Ernst, and probably other pols are known for the bike fundraisers, and there are some coming up this summer. The MSM will be claiming conservative candidates are wannabe biker gangs. This could have more influence than people think.”

    Plan on it.

    Initiation into 1% clubs is not gained by selling girl scout cookies.

    The imagery available will be powerful, and I doubt the left will forego using it, should Walker become the nominee.

  • Who was involved in the deadly Waco biker brawl?

    05/19/2015 12:11:25 PM PDT · 94 of 112
    truth_seeker to MEG33

    “They were arrested for engaging in a criminal enterprise not murder..If and when murder charges are filed...that would make it capital murder.”

    Technically speaking, if three guys go to rob a store, one carrying a gun, the guy with the gun shoots and kills the storekeeper, all three CAN be charged with the murder.

    If 180 bikers go to a restaurant, all armed with guns, knives, chains, intending to settle scores, one way or another, and a predictable fight ensues, all CAN be charged all the way up to 1st degree murder, if the jurisdiction decides to do so.

    LE have a ton of work ahead, to determine who did what, etc. In the meantime, would you just let them all go on their own recognizance, or charge them all to the max, and make their lives difficult?

    One thing is for certain: Good guys don’t aspire to be members of criminal outlaw organizations, like the Banditos, or the Hell’s Angels.

    If a chapter of the Bikers for Christ were there in that place, expecting a peaceful pow-wow, they got the surprise of their lives, didn’t they?

  • Who was involved in the deadly Waco biker brawl?

    05/19/2015 11:48:06 AM PDT · 85 of 112
    truth_seeker to bgill

    “Seriously?!? You could start with looking at all the pictures and reading the op article. But since you need me to hold your hand - Bandidos, Cassocks, Scimitars, Leathernecks, Veterans, Los Pirados and probably a lot of independents since it had been advertised as a clubs (not gang) regular meeting. Check out the calendar of scheduled events for May at and see other events for such big scary bikers like the Disciples of Christ and Mud Bugs for Wounded Warriors.”

    Why do the “good guys” associate in any way whatsoever, with the known criminal elements?

  • As the UK has discovered, there is no postindustrial promised land

    05/19/2015 11:18:44 AM PDT · 18 of 25
    truth_seeker to Lorianne

    A product of free trade is international competition. Over time certain firms will do better, some worse.

    From near bankruptcy in the 50s, BMW has prospered by being excellent, at what it does.

    Here is the history of British Mini motorcars, now owned and built by BMW.

    BMW in turn operates around the globe, manufacturing in Austria, and in South Carolina.

    History of Mini:

    History of Magna Steyr:

    Eventually the strongest firms, using the best workers, will prevail.

    Words like “strongest” and “best” can be defined many ways.

    My guess is former Pontiac workers would insist theirs were excellent products. Near the end, Pontiac openly claimed they wanted to replicate BMW, down to twin kidney grill styles.

    Another company that BMW bought was American DesignworksUSA, based in Ventura County, California.

  • Snowden just scored a big victory

    05/16/2015 5:34:57 PM PDT · 17 of 112
    truth_seeker to Paid_Russian_Troll

    “An Appeal Court” is not the final say in the matter.

  • King of the Blues, R.I.P.

    05/16/2015 5:17:03 PM PDT · 15 of 18
    truth_seeker to Dr. Ursus

    “We’re all getting along. We just attended Clapton’s 70th birthday concert in NYC.”

    That is cool. He is among my favorites. My brother in law attended the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductions recently at Cleveland, invited by Jimmy Vaughan.

    SRV would be 61 had he lived. That young homely little guy, that earned the respect of the truly greats early on.