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  • facebood (Let's have a rousing FR welcome for the Drunken N00b)

    10/23/2012 6:28:03 AM PDT · 1,489 of 6,761
    Tuanedge to Silentgypsy; Tax-chick

    The day isn’t getting off to a good start in my neck of the woods.

    Some days are like John McCain waking up at the Hanoi Hilton wondering if it’s a good time to rap on the walls in code. Or a french resistance fighter trying to get past wehrmacht checkpoints again and again with contraband that turns out to be just an ordinary book.

    Sigh. Bad thing to get up first thing in the AM and still feel tired. Cafe Bustos, chi exercises, and a morning away from the board are the ticket. I’ll see if I can contribute something cheery later in the day.

  • Chris Matthews: 'Racial hatred' drives support for Romney on right

    10/23/2012 5:24:14 AM PDT · 46 of 56
    Tuanedge to Mich Patriot

    I have a client who’s a black civil rights lawyer and works as some kind of dem election official...just the other night she was getting into her “republicans just want Romney because he’s white”, tirade, and I reminded her that conservatives LOVE Allen West and he was a likely presidential hope in the future...and she just about blew her stack. “Right wing radical trying to destroy everything black people have fought for” etc., to her and the people she works with he’s almost public enemy number one.

    They’re very threatened by any black man who shucks his chains, especially a leader like West that gets his drive by bringing people together rather than drive wedges between.

    Eye opening conversation.

  • Matthews: GOPers ‘Hate Obama’ And ‘Want The White House More Than They Want To Destroy Al Qaeda’

    10/23/2012 5:23:54 AM PDT · 37 of 40
    Tuanedge to markomalley

    Romney may be a lot of things, but I’m certain he’s not Al Quaeda.

    AFAIC Obama is simply another terrorist who got behind the flight controls of this country only concerned with how he could take off and with no intentions of landing
    in one piece.


  • facebood (Let's have a rousing FR welcome for the Drunken N00b)

    10/23/2012 5:23:39 AM PDT · 1,487 of 6,761
    Tuanedge to Silentgypsy

    Yes, it is. Too bad it can’t be shared.

    Really wonderful place you have here.

  • facebood (Let's have a rousing FR welcome for the Drunken N00b)

    10/22/2012 3:01:33 PM PDT · 1,482 of 6,761
    Tuanedge to Silentgypsy; All

    Just to be clearer, maybe “conservative” isn’t the most accurate word...the theme is more like “personal responsibility”. What if the entire earth had become a “nanny state” and was a financial and social ruin...but far away, colonists on a new world had founded a society based entirely on personal freedom and individual responsibility, and in contrast was a prosperous success? Well, the “nanny planet” earth starts making tbe planet based on individual integrity and responsibility sound like the bad guys, and decides to “liberate” them from thd tyranny of their individual freedoms. Has some adult themes, so look out...I started recalling some parts of the book that are definitely not “conservative”. Lots of action, interesting social themes...loved how they developed tbe strong female central character...if the liberated sexual mores don’t make you dismiss it, it’s very very good ;^)

  • facebood (Let's have a rousing FR welcome for the Drunken N00b)

    10/22/2012 2:20:33 PM PDT · 1,481 of 6,761
    Tuanedge to Silentgypsy

    Do you care for a rather interesting sci fi read? Female heroine, conservative vs liberal themes? Its good, and online...lemme look for it...bbl

  • facebood (Let's have a rousing FR welcome for the Drunken N00b)

    10/22/2012 9:42:51 AM PDT · 1,466 of 6,761
    Tuanedge to Silentgypsy
    You mean there are people who don’t buy BBQ sauce in gallon jugs?

    I was astonished in the grocery store when I was looking for Louisiana hot sauce, that the teeny tiny bottles were two bucks and change, and the GALLON jugs right next to them, same product, were little over a dollar more.

    I love the hot dried peppers in sacks and have a gardener friend who gives me the excess of fresh jalapenos, habaneros, and vietnamese peppers he grows from seeds brought back from his war service. I treat that produce like gold.

  • facebood (Let's have a rousing FR welcome for the Drunken N00b)

    10/22/2012 9:38:59 AM PDT · 1,463 of 6,761
    Tuanedge to Silentgypsy; Monkey Face; Tax-chick

    Under wild game, black bear, elk, young wild pig are gourmet eats in my book. Venison I like, but if you’ve never eaten it you have to culture your palette to it, use it in “dark tasting” recipes...browned, then simmered in beer and worcestershire before making a venison stew, for example. Venison pasta sauce, I’ll make extra rich and spicy with red wine and chorizos...USED to make, I should say...haven’t been hunting since I moved aboard the boat.

    To me, cottontail bunnies were just like chicken with more texture. If I wanted rabbit for dinner, in the midwest I’d go walking anywhere with my old Marlin .22, flush them and hit them on the fly. I’m pretty good at snap shooting, I’d walk in one direction until I’d gotten a couple rabbits, then head back to the road by a different route and pick up one or two more on the way. No reason to take more than I could cook; why stack them in tbe freezer when I could get them fresh at any time?

    Now tbat I live aboard a sailboat I have zero guns, since I don’t hunt in Florida and it’s not legal for me to own a gun, anyway...tell that story another time. In the midwest I could care less about fishing...just don’t care for freshwater trout. But saltwater fishing is another story...when blue crabs are running, I’ll pick crabs for hours to make a crab dish. I have shrimpers docking near my boat that sell me fresh shrimp for $1 lb...giant sheepshead nibble at my boat, which are “poor man’s grouper” in my book...and the salt water trout put fresh water rainbows and brook trout to shame, delicate taste and big and fat as pigs in ths St. John’s river by Jax. Fish with line, net, thrown spear and speargun if I can get to where the water is clear. One of my favorite meals is stingray!...once you figure out the trick of brining the meat to make “fake scallops” out of it’s wings. Restaurants get in trouble because they use stingray instead of scallops and people can’t tell the difference...I’ve surprised people by making dinner and telling them halfway through the meal that they’ve been eating stingray...and then had to show them the tail to prove it!

    May the mods be merciful to my post.

  • facebood (Let's have a rousing FR welcome for the Drunken N00b)

    10/22/2012 8:57:02 AM PDT · 1,461 of 6,761
    Tuanedge to Monkey Face

    Sorry, but I no longer have the privilege of sending or replying to Freepmail. I think the answer is, I took a stand in a debate with the wrong person. The thread no longer exists.

    Whether or not I’m allowed to post this, or you’re allowed to read it, is up to the discretion and largesse of the mods.

  • facebood (Let's have a rousing FR welcome for the Drunken N00b)

    10/22/2012 8:15:33 AM PDT · 1,451 of 6,761
    Tuanedge to Monkey Face

    If the mod permits...

    Actually, I read a story where the characters ate fried grasshoppers basted in honey, that made it sound interesting.

    Nothing I’ve read makes sushi interesting.

    I have nothing against squirrel, but I prefer a rabbit any day. I once lived in a part of the country so overgrown with rabbits I started buying bbq sauce in gallon jugs.

    The only animal I categorically define as inedible is the prarie dog. I roasted one out of curiosity, and it was so rank and nasty, I had one nibble and gave it to a “woof woof” dog. He was smarter than me; one sniff and he wanted nothing to do with it.

  • Virginia Teacher Charged With Assault: Girl’s Hand Cut in Forced ‘Islamic Hand Sign’ Drill

    10/22/2012 12:48:15 AM PDT · 54 of 54
    Tuanedge to Cronos

    The moderators have shown me the folly of disagreeing with my betters.

  • A Month in the life of George W. Bush (News and many Photos) September 2005

    10/21/2012 7:46:43 PM PDT · 3,178 of 3,572
    Tuanedge to pattyvita

    Looking good.

  • facebood (Let's have a rousing FR welcome for the Drunken N00b)

    10/21/2012 3:03:55 PM PDT · 1,436 of 6,761
    Tuanedge to Silentgypsy

    I would have loved a good Jewish rye...but I’m on the “what’s on sale” diet, and when there’s hi fiber bread buy one get one free, I have to go with tbe sliced fireplace log. Did go with a honey mustard/horsey sauce concoction that wasn’t too bad, a salad with ranch and parm, and a pot of cuban-style coffee for all of it to do the backstroke in.

    And it was a five mile walk for the ingredients so my good appetite was assured...UNTIL I read about your gourmet menu....sigh

  • UN Warns Americans: Do Not Elect Mitt Romney

    10/21/2012 1:05:02 PM PDT · 82 of 84
    Tuanedge to Gandalf_The_Gray

    Have an inspector declare he’s found spores of that “killer mold” and declare the place a biohazard; bulldoze it. Let these third world countries build a replacement in France on their own dime.

  • facebood (Let's have a rousing FR welcome for the Drunken N00b)

    10/21/2012 12:33:14 PM PDT · 1,429 of 6,761
    Tuanedge to Silentgypsy

    Re: post #1422. I just finished a liverwurst sandwich and reading that post made me hate my lunch. TYVM ;^)

  • facebood (Let's have a rousing FR welcome for the Drunken N00b)

    10/21/2012 12:19:57 PM PDT · 1,425 of 6,761
    Tuanedge to Silentgypsy

    Posts by me describing the “thread that shall not be named” have not been approved for posting.

    NicknamedBob checked the thread before they deleted it, see his post #1380...maybe he can give you the gist.

    If the powers that be permit this post, of course.

  • facebood (Let's have a rousing FR welcome for the Drunken N00b)

    10/21/2012 11:12:20 AM PDT · 1,419 of 6,761
    Tuanedge to Silentgypsy

    Got your mail, can read but not reply. From the wording on the error message, I assume they’ve reset my account to newbie status so I’ll be in purgatory for a couple weeks.

    No comment.

  • facebood (Let's have a rousing FR welcome for the Drunken N00b)

    10/21/2012 11:09:49 AM PDT · 1,418 of 6,761
    Tuanedge to Silentgypsy

    Sorry, your account is too new to use this feature.


    And everything I post is subject to review. So whether or not you even see this post is up to the moderator.


  • facebood (Let's have a rousing FR welcome for the Drunken N00b)

    10/21/2012 10:29:58 AM PDT · 1,416 of 6,761
    Tuanedge to null and void

    They’re restricting me from replying to mail, just wanted to say I hear you, my heart goes out.

  • Honey, I Shrunk the Country

    10/21/2012 10:29:53 AM PDT · 13 of 24
    Tuanedge to Chuckster

    I’m literally in the same boat...except my little cruiser is on the Atlantic side, and no Admiral.

    Picked it up last year of Bush’s presidency, it helped me weather the economic crisis very well. Advertised as “hurricane damaged”, turned out to only have a few scratches and a running diesel, sail away for $4500.

    Now when I’m on the hook my $50 smartphone is my only bill, tieing up at a marina with water, power, laundry, cable is $250mo in N Jax.

    Fair winds...

  • facebood (Let's have a rousing FR welcome for the Drunken N00b)

    10/21/2012 9:39:44 AM PDT · 1,411 of 6,761
    Tuanedge to null and void

    Life on another plane, FRiend...strength to you in these times...the only thing that stays the same is change. Blessings...

  • facebood (Let's have a rousing FR welcome for the Drunken N00b)

    10/21/2012 9:15:55 AM PDT · 1,410 of 6,761
    Tuanedge to Tax-chick

    Awww...Will the stormtroopers let me say awww?...Awwww...

  • Witnesses: Detroit police fatally shoot three harmless dogs during pot bust

    10/21/2012 12:41:24 AM PDT · 22 of 117
    Tuanedge to Altariel

    I cannot reply to your mail because my privileges have been suspended for an unknown period of time. If the moderator is on a good humor they may let me post this. Not a word why.

  • Moraga: Gay teen denied Eagle Scout submits petition asking Boy Scouts to change policy

    10/20/2012 4:22:22 PM PDT · 32 of 73
    Tuanedge to jsanders2001

    I would say the gays have already gotten more than they have a right to expect from the white hetero guilt train, but it’s up to the moderator whether I have the right to say it.

  • facebood (Let's have a rousing FR welcome for the Drunken N00b)

    10/20/2012 9:25:15 AM PDT · 1,379 of 6,761
    Tuanedge to Silentgypsy

    Tried to link to the thread so you could see the topic that caused my “double secret probation”, but apparently, you aren’t permitted to see that.

    Just as it’s probably unlikely you’ll be allowed to see this.

  • Preppers: What will happen long after the S has HTF?

    10/20/2012 7:00:09 AM PDT · 54 of 180
    Tuanedge to AlexW
    My prepping took place by leaving the USA, and leaving all material goods behind. I now live on a beach in a tropical climate. I will not freeze or go hungry, or die of thirst.

    Liveaboard a small cruising sailboat...halfway there.

  • Sharia courts ‘as consensual as rape’, House of Lords told

    10/20/2012 4:53:41 AM PDT · 6 of 9
    Tuanedge to The_Media_never_lie

    I agree. I don’t think I’m allowed to say more than that.

  • Reality check. What are you doing tomorrow? (Vanity)

    10/19/2012 8:48:27 PM PDT · 20 of 76


  • facebood (Let's have a rousing FR welcome for the Drunken N00b)

    10/19/2012 6:25:54 PM PDT · 1,366 of 6,761
    Tuanedge to Silentgypsy

    Well, I might not be around much longer. I guess my posts have to be approved by a moderator now. I went wrong when I suggested a child rapist who set his eight year old victim on fire should get a certain Apache treatment they reserve for the worst people.

    I was bad. ‘Bye.

  • RCSO Raids Wrong House

    10/19/2012 4:14:44 PM PDT · 45 of 61
    Tuanedge to Mears

    I have the feeling that if an officer used babies’ skulls to brick his basement, he’d want you to be his judge.

    Flattering that you follow me from one thread to another the way you do, Your Honor.

  • facebood (Let's have a rousing FR welcome for the Drunken N00b)

    10/19/2012 3:30:57 PM PDT · 1,363 of 6,761
    Tuanedge to Silentgypsy
    At least in China, tiger is popular with women, but they do it differently than the men...

    Sigh. Guess I'll have to get my ugly self on a video sometime, some things hard to explain texting. A couple sober friends willing to help, there's the thing...Lol

    Promise to embarass myself sometime soon ;^)

  • RCSO Raids Wrong House

    10/19/2012 3:00:35 PM PDT · 43 of 61
    Tuanedge to Mears
  • Whoopi Attempts Gotcha On Ann Romney, Wrongly Says Mormonism Forbids Military Service

  • facebood (Let's have a rousing FR welcome for the Drunken N00b)

    10/19/2012 10:16:32 AM PDT · 1,353 of 6,761
    Tuanedge to Silentgypsy

    “Does HuQuan involve any of the internal arts?”

    Well, first HuQuan covers a lot of different tiger styles, it simply means “Tiger Fist”, so any art that has tiger emulating movements could be called “HuQuan”.

    And HuQuan differs depending on Northern or Southern origins, as well as whether it’s associated with Buddhist or Taoist oriented teachers or temples.

    Taoism is a nature religion, and the most ancient forms of kung fu amounted to what you might call animal dances. Remember the American Indians were once Siberians/Orientals, these old animal dances go back to certain shamanic roots, and also Taoist beliefs that a person with physical or emotional illnesses could not only take certain natural medicines, but also perform certain dances to bring his energy back into harmony.

    So, when you see a person performing “Taoist” HuQuan, you often see someone who is not just practicing practical movements, but is actually acting like a tiger to the best of his ability. If you see someone practicing “Buddhist” HuQuan, it’s often a person who has taken the practical techniques, added acrobatics and principles from other styles to make it a path to general self mastery rather than pursuing a purely HuQuan path.

    What I learned is more a Taoist HuQuan. It is a bit narrower as far as sticking to certain strategies and exemplifying only Tiger movements; it’s simpler, but also deeper, in a manner of speaking. They say if you go to a Buddhist school you’ll be learning techniques the rest of your life, if you go to a Taoist school you can learn all the techniques in a year, but you spend the rest of your life trying to understand what you learned.

    As far as internal work, the emphasis is first on reaching a state in sitting meditation that you can easily access a state of maximum relaxation but highest mental alertness at will. They give the example of a hawk riding wind currents so he doesn’t have to move a wing to stay aloft, but is hyperalert and aware because somewhere underneath him, there is a rabbit frozen in it’s position to remain invisible, and the hawk watches everything for the moment there is movement, then he dives. Similarly, a person in deep meditation should be so relaxed, his heart rate and breathing is half normal, but mind so alert that they grab a fly out of the air.

    Once you master finding this state sitting, you carry it over to walking. Regular long walks are important training. First, you need to practice walking on the balls of your feet, somewhat “on tiptoe” everywhere you go, and in the beginning this isn’t easy. But mastering this simple thing magnifies your speed and fighting ability like you wouldn’t believe. Take a few pages to get into that.

    Walking meditation basically takes the calm mindset sitting at home, and brings it into the active environment, where you move and react and pay attention to people and surroundings. When you walk, put your weight forward on the balls of your feet, relax your whole body so you actually feel like you’ve become at least an inch shorter...and walk on your toes, concentrsting on the swiveling of your hips, legs springy, hips doing “the hula” as you walk down the street. Then start visualizing a tiger walkinging through long grass, as seen by a monkey far above in a tree. The tiger is not only relaxed, his whole back moves just like a snake, he parts the grass, he doesn’t crush. Totally silent, leaves no trace. Then, take that “hula” movement in your hips, and start focusing that twisting undulating action right up your spine, vertebrae by vertebrae, until the twisting action moves joint by joint all the way up to your neck. Don’t be surprised that stiff vertebrae will actually start loosening and popping as you do this, it will happen. Don’t swing your arms too much, let all the torsion happen in your hips and back, hands close to the sides, elbows tucked in as if protecting your ribs, which is a good habit to get into. Practice clenching your hands into tiger claws then releasing as you walk, good grip exercise and a good focus, six steps closing the hands into claws, six steps slowly relaxing to normal, and so on.

    Once walking meditation becomes second nature, you realize other benefits. One, you don’t have to be looking around you to know what’s going on around you. If you’re in the zone, a person or an event that disturbs your meditation, automatically draws your attention... so you don’t have to actively pay attention, you just have to stay in the zone...if that makes any sense. Always is a good idea to look both ways before crossing the street, though...LOL.

    When you’ve taken passive meditation, sitting, to active meditation, walking, you advance to practical meditation, fighting. Taoist HuQuan does have a few dedicated “chi exercises”, I know of four, there may be more, I don’t know. To me these are basically useful for loosening up and getting my mental/energy/physical balance right quickly, just before a practice, or before going to do anything that I need to quickly prepare myself for. If you’re not put off by a fat man thinking he knows enough kung fu to teach somebody, I might put some of them on YouTube sometime.

    Anyway, as I practice them, chi exercises are more in the category of holistic warm ups. The real internal work is in the daily meditations, and using the five element concept during practice of the physical routines.

    5 element practice goes like this: Air/Wood are interchangeable, then Fire, then Water, then Earth/Stone, then Void. Here’s how it goes.

    Take a simple technique. Block, counterpunch. Simple.

    Air/Wood. Symbolized by the Crane. Learning the technique, you do it simply and flowing without force, that’s Air. Once you’re doing it correctly, do it very slowly with great concentration, like a Tai Chi movement, this carves it into your consciousness. That’s Wood.

    Next, Fire, symbolized by the leopard. Do the movement as rapidly as possible, training that one move to exhaustion, pain and beyond. Past where it’s a physical effort, and more a test of will.

    Water, symbolized by the Snake. Relax from your effort, maybe you don’t feel like working your arms anymore. That’s fine, go to low stance and let all movement come from your legs and hips. Block as though you are redirecting force, not stopping it, punch as though you are pushing them across the room, not breaking bones.

    Earth/Stone belongs to the tiger. First, you adopt the attitude of Earth, there is no opponent, only the ground he stands on, that belongs to you. Think like a pool player, block thinking I’m turning his body, not his hand. Turn him this way, his ribs are exposed, that way, his head. And every blow delivered with the attitude of a knockdown, not important to hurt, as much as to make the opponent end up on his azz. Don’t worry if you’re strong enough, just assume for the moment you are, if you are 100lbs think of a 100lb tiger, and growl as you exhale while imagining you are delivering the knockdown. Think of lions trying to make a buffalo’s legs buckle. Blows should be like “water” up to the wrists, then fingers like stone...”yin force” up the arm that becomes “yang” when it leaves the fingers...and you use “sinking” as you deliver...more long subjects.

    Speaking of Stone, stone practice is a lot like Okinawan sanchin practice...using dynamic tension to make your body as hard as possible, and using breath control and muscle against muscle to make your body your own private also practice your “growling” exercise while doing Stone. All “yang” practice...more a physical exercise than internal.

    Lastly, void, represented by tbe dragon. This is the equivalent of minding your own business, being nice and calm, then having someone shout “Defend yourself NOW!!” in your ear, and you do your technique like your life depends on it. It’s a practice between opposite poles. Like a man half asleep in a LazyBoy in front of a swinging heavy bag, and the moment the bag is perfectly still, he has to immediately leap up and attack it like he’s finally found the exconvict that killed his motber twenty years ago. You have to put yourself in a state where practicing the technique is the furthest thing from your mind, and out of nothing, or “Void”, explode with a life or death response, and see what comes out. If your form wasn’t right, you need more Air/Wood practice, if your response seemed weak, more Earth/Stone. Lack of confidence, you need fire. Bad balance or no root, more Water, and so on.

    I can babble off on the Android on this subject for quite a while, as you can the fingers a rest ;^)

  • facebood (Let's have a rousing FR welcome for the Drunken N00b)

    10/19/2012 5:42:06 AM PDT · 1,333 of 6,761
    Tuanedge to Tax-chick
  • RCSO Raids Wrong House

    10/18/2012 9:57:08 PM PDT · 40 of 61
    Tuanedge to Altariel
    Oddly enough, the pizza delivery man, the UPS man, and the water meter reader manage to all do their jobs without intruding on the wrong residence.

    1. When the pizza man delivers to the wrong residence, it costs the pizza man money. When a cop breaks on the wrong door, knocks down grandma and shoots the dog, he gets a paid vacation.

    2. If the pizza man puts his boot on an innocent customer's neck and calls him a lying scumbag, he loses his job and goes to jail. A cop laughs about it with his buddies and they go have a beer.

    3. When a pizza man delivers a pizza, only one guy delivers the pizza, and he knocks at the front door. Cops need a dozen people to deliver, and they smash all the doors and throw flash bang grenades in the windows.

    4. A pizza man can read a street address behind a bush, on a dirty house under a new moon...but a cop can't read the address on a search warrant even with a 500,000 candlepower titanium flashlight with a base designed to crush skulls.

    5. When a pizza guy shows up at your house, he's required to be courteous, in uniform and carrying your order. When police people arrive at your door, they're allowed to look like street people or ninjas, carry automatic weapons and shotguns, and press them to your mama's head, saying drop to your knees b*tch or I'll blow your f*ck*ng brains all over the room.

    6. When the pizza man makes a delivery, he sometimes carries milk bones in case the owners have dogs. When a cop comes to your house, he sometimes carries extra magazines with hollowpoints in case the owners have dogs.

    7. You feel safe letting your child answer the door when the pizza man drives up.

  • facebood (Let's have a rousing FR welcome for the Drunken N00b)

    10/18/2012 9:02:31 PM PDT · 1,330 of 6,761
    Tuanedge to null and void

    It isn’t paradise, but the further south you go, the less tolerant they are of liveaboards.

    Unless you’re a rich person on a megayacht. Then they put up with you just fine.

    Even here, when the JSO decide there’s too many liveaboards, they just start banging on boats and demand to come aboard and do safety inspections...LOL...their idea of searching your boat without a warrant. Anytime they like. As often as they like, until some of the “riffraff” clears out. Catch is, legally, without a warrant, they have to ask permission to inspect/search you. And they do ask permission. But the second catch is, if you don’t give them permission, they arrest you. The charge? Resisting arrest. No kidding.

    Anyway, nice place to visit, not to stay, at least not for sailors.

  • facebood (Let's have a rousing FR welcome for the Drunken N00b)

    10/18/2012 7:56:54 PM PDT · 1,327 of 6,761
    Tuanedge to null and void

    Sure! Zip code 32208, stand on the bridge where Main Street crosses the Trout River...I’ll both hear and see you from anyplace I’m likely to be anchored! Until spring, when I’m heading to North Carolina!

    Hope this helps!

  • Favorite "Hello" SongS.Tell us your Favorites-Hello In Title or Lyric.Freeper Canteen 10~19~12

    10/18/2012 5:47:26 PM PDT · 71 of 289
    Tuanedge to fatima

    Hello! ma baby

    Hello! ma honey

    Hello! ma ragtime gal

    Send me a kiss by wire

    Baby, ma heart's on fire!

    If you refuse me

    Honey, you'll lose me

    Then you'll be left alone

    Oh, baby, telephone...And tell me I'm your own!

  • Favorite "Hello" SongS.Tell us your Favorites-Hello In Title or Lyric.Freeper Canteen 10~19~12

    10/18/2012 5:34:53 PM PDT · 56 of 289
    Tuanedge to fatima

    “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd


    Is there anybody in there

    Just nod if you can hear me

    Is there anyone at home

    Come on now I hear you’re feeling down

    I can ease your pain And get you on your feet again


    I’ll need some information first

    Just the basic facts

    Can you show me where it hurts

    There is no pain, you are receding

    A distant ship smoke on the horizon

    You are only coming through in waves

    Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying

    When I was a child I had a fever

    My hands felt just like two balloons

    Now I’ve got that feeling once again

    I can’t explain, you would not understand

    This is not how I am

    I have become comfortably numb

  • facebood (Let's have a rousing FR welcome for the Drunken N00b)

    10/18/2012 4:15:42 PM PDT · 1,321 of 6,761
    Tuanedge to NicknamedBob
    Sounds familiar. I know I've read one of the Ringworld books, and I think something in the Kzin universe after the war was over, and Earth was at war with somebody else. Been a while since I got into some sci fi.

    In HuQuan, growling exercise is actually a blood oxygenator...if it makes you sound scary, that's fine, but it's not so important what it sounds like, as that it firms your core muscles, retards the breath and produces vibration in tbe lungs. The tongue should be placed against the roof of the mouth, ears pricked up, mouth stretched wide, the growl should be pushed up from the bottom of your gut. Growling just for a short time makes you dizzy with too much oxygen if you're not burning it up during a maximum physical effort, and your abdominals will feel like youve been doing situps.

    Just a weird tidbit.

  • facebood (Let's have a rousing FR welcome for the Drunken N00b)

    10/18/2012 3:27:35 PM PDT · 1,318 of 6,761
    Tuanedge to NicknamedBob


  • Obama, Oy Vey! American Jews Finally Have Had Enough

    10/18/2012 2:54:14 PM PDT · 35 of 101
    Tuanedge to Ann Archy
    "EEK!! OOK!! AWK!! EEK!! OOK!! AWK!"

    And that's how you dance the Freakazoid!!

  • facebood (Let's have a rousing FR welcome for the Drunken N00b)

    10/18/2012 2:38:02 PM PDT · 1,316 of 6,761
    Tuanedge to Tax-chick

    My first winter in Wyoming, we had a freak cold snap where the temp went to -62°F overnight, can’t remember what the wind chill was.

    I was staying with a friend, and in the AM his neighbor knocked on the door, asking if any of us could get our vehicles started. Her car wouldn’t start, her husband was a highway patrolman and his patrol cruiser wouldn’t start, they had an old suburban they used for a hunting vehicle and it wouldn’t start either. All of them were plugged into a hot wire, but in that weather, with that wind, it didn’t make much difference.

    My old Ford F 250 had a hot wire in it, but it was parked behind a building, out of the wind... I tried starting it, and it started if the oil were made of jello, but it started.

    After it run a while, I turned the heat on and antifreeze fog blew out of the register... I lifted the hood, and the rubber hose that conducted hot air from the engine, along with every other piece made of rubber in the engine area, hoses, fan belts... had shattered like it had been made out of black glass. So I couldn’t give her a ride either.

    She said she was going to walk 5 miles to go to work, because she was the one who had to open the store, so I said I would go along with her. Everywhere we went, moose and elk and mule deer were milling around in peoples backyards...they knew the bad weather was coming and that they could get out of it in town, so that’s what they did ...I guess they took their chances with us. One side of town had corrals for peoples horses, and they were bringing bales of hay from the corrals and feeding the elk and mule deer with it...they stayed in town for a good week until the weather let up.

    It was interesting how everyone, both human and animal knew that there was a soon as the weather got better, and our 4 legged visitors vacated back to the hills we went back to eating deer burgers and elk steaks with gusto...

    And right now I’m typing this reclined below decks on a little sailboat in N. FL...84°F...I’m in my shorts, and fans going full blast ;^)

  • Anonymous hackers' group outs man, 32, 'who drove girl, 15, to suicide...(title shortened)

    10/18/2012 1:49:25 PM PDT · 6 of 6
    Tuanedge to InsensitiveConservative; Theoria; novemberslady; All
    I teach MA free to local boys in the community as a way of giving back and preparing them for a future that might more challenging than this.

    I advocate people doing something for kids in their neighborhood, it doesn't matter so much what it is or how much time you spend, just so that young folks know there's someone to reach out to who gives a damn.

    For me, it brought back the Phoebe Prince case again to my mind, and that tore my guts out too.

    Bye, Amanda. Sorry we weren't there.

  • The libertarian/marijuana conspiracy to swing the election

    10/18/2012 12:34:23 PM PDT · 19 of 19
    Tuanedge to magellan

    You would be right; I live in a waterfront community, all shrimpers, sailors and liveaboards. A lot of veterans living aboard boats that may not get along with people on land quite as well, for one reason or another.

    But it also shows that taking a prejudicial view of any group of people is an error from the beginning. I doubt the man with fingers missing from an enemy mortar shell in Nam likes being painted as a fat homosexual fascist because he chooses to smoke herb in his final decades. We have an ex-submariner here, we have a SEAL here, we have several Marines and Navy here, and most of them are combat veterans. Not all of them partake, most of them do, at one time or another. They don’t deserve the kind of labelling that the mods deleted, and I won’t repeat.

    To say in a kneejerk fashion that anyone who’s ever smoked the herb is a leftist, might have been more true forty years ago, but it slaps quite a few people with conservative politics now. Most people in my community want the socialists out, and really don’t care about the legalization question, in comparison. Drug enforcement really doesn’t hinder the flow of their favorite sundowner.

  • facebood (Let's have a rousing FR welcome for the Drunken N00b)

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    Tuanedge to Tax-chick
  • facebood (Let's have a rousing FR welcome for the Drunken N00b)

    10/18/2012 12:02:07 PM PDT · 1,299 of 6,761
    Tuanedge to Tax-chick; All
    Well, I hope I don't get zotted, but if I do, it's been nice knowing y'all...

    On another thread a guy was kinda painting veterans I know with a broad nasty brush and I posted a googlemap showing directions to my little community and inviting him to bring his mouth to that location...

    I giess the mods frown on that sort of thing, now the whole thread vanished in a puff of smoke...

    Pleez Pleez Pleez don't kick me out of FR

  • Virginia Teacher Charged With Assault: Girl’s Hand Cut in Forced ‘Islamic Hand Sign’ Drill

    10/18/2012 10:34:26 AM PDT · 33 of 54
    Tuanedge to GraceG
    Stories like these make me think less like a Christian and more a Messianic Odinist...just give the socialist jihadis' bodies to Odin's ravens and let Christ deal with their souls as He chooses...

  • Cub scout wins praise from police for his salute

    10/18/2012 9:53:06 AM PDT · 11 of 14
    Tuanedge to andyk

    Passing the story along to my mom. It’ll make her feel good. Thanks