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  • Must See! Crazy European Immigration Crisis

    03/27/2016 10:10:20 PM PDT · 7 of 44
    txjeep to txjeep

    For later

  • Ted Cruz 'five mistress' affair story is 'garbage' report spread by 'Donald Trump and his henchmen,'

    03/25/2016 11:07:09 AM PDT · 82 of 265
    txjeep to C19fan

    You said: “Talk to my lawyer,” she said.
    Hmmmm...sounds like a non-denial to me

    The excerpt posted above is misleading, as it takes her statement out of context. She denied it emphatically. Complete quote:

    “What’s out there is tabloid trash. If someone wants to comment on it, they can talk to my lawyer,” she responded.

    “It’s categorically fault,” she continued angrily. “You should be ashamed for spreading this smut. Donald Trump supporters should be held to account for it.”

    “I’m not spreading smut,” Cohen responded.

    “I will not be intimidated,” Carpenter shot back. “I will continue to make my thoughts known about Donald Trump. I’m not backing down.”

  • Should Trump and Cruz unite with we the people against the establishment uni-party?

    03/16/2016 1:49:33 PM PDT · 93 of 482
    txjeep to Jim Robinson

    If the two could get their egos in check and mend some fences, I think it could work. A Trump/Cruz ticket would be easier for Cruz conservatives to swallow than a Trump/other ticket. Trump is older, and might not hang around for a second term, which sets up Cruz nicely for the next election.

    That said, I think we should see how Cruz does without Rubio in the race before anointing Trump as the winner.

  • Senator Cruz, Governor Kasich, It's Decision Time

    03/16/2016 1:25:55 PM PDT · 78 of 139
    txjeep to Teacher317


  • 100% Reporting in MO: Trump 40.7%, Cruz 40.5%

    03/16/2016 5:56:07 AM PDT · 96 of 103
    txjeep to hillarys cankles

    “After the absolute pummeling trumps been taking from dems AND repubs is it really surprising that his lead has been shrinking. Bending but not breaking. I actually find it unbelievable. I don’t think any other candidate could withstand what trumps been dealing with.”

    If that were the case, it would be reflected in the polls prior to the voting. In Trump’s case, he just underperforms relative to his competition. I suspect you have a lot of folks who decide to vote Cruz (usually) in the voting booth who were previously undecided or were going to vote for Rubio or Kasich.

  • 100% Reporting in MO: Trump 40.7%, Cruz 40.5%

    03/16/2016 5:50:02 AM PDT · 95 of 103
    txjeep to Teacher317

    I appreciate your posts, and I share your frustration. I appreciate anyone doing thoughtful analysis, whether they support Cruz, Trump, or anyone else. The ad hominem attacks are getting really old.

  • Letter from Clinton comes back to haunt Kasich (1994 Assault Weapons Ban)

    03/15/2016 10:00:41 AM PDT · 8 of 20
    txjeep to jimbo123

    Whatever you might appreciate about Kasich, voting for that bill is completely unacceptable.

  • 6 Factors That Point to Global Recession in 2016

    03/13/2016 8:28:20 PM PDT · 7 of 20
    txjeep to txjeep

    Ping for later

  • Chicago, the First Trap Laid by the Left (and the Right) Against Trump

    03/12/2016 9:48:29 AM PST · 20 of 61
    txjeep to Brookhaven

    To suggest that the GOP was behind this is absurd. The GOP isn’t capable of such organization. It was typical left-wing Chicago style politics.

  • Trump's rivals pull their punches

    03/10/2016 9:43:34 PM PST · 63 of 112
    txjeep to WilliamIII

    That’s accurate.

  • How Cruz can win

    03/10/2016 3:23:24 PM PST · 35 of 58
    txjeep to irishjuggler

    “The author is insane.”

    No kidding.

  • Christians Flock to Groups That Help Members Pay Medical Bills

    03/10/2016 3:11:25 PM PST · 29 of 29
    txjeep to Jmouse007

    There are qualifications for deacons in Scripture as well, which should be followed, including the part about the deacon’s wife.

    The problems you describe are very real, and related to churches that structure their leadership like a business, or in a way inconsistent with what the New Testament teaches. Elder and deacon are the only church offices given in the Scriptures, and they have specific roles. A church needs multiple qualified elders, all with equal authority. The elders have oversight of the church, not deacons or committees. That said, elders do not rule in autonomy, but are under-shepherds of Christ, and should be removed if found to be domineering or biblically disqualified.

    If people with money are allowed to hold the church hostage, that is the fault of the church leadership. People who try to control things are domineering, and should be corrected, not allowed to dominate others. When churches get into debt, they become more dependent on the offerings of those with higher incomes, which opens to door to tyrannical members who want control.

    You can talk all day about this issue, but the main point is that when churches are not governed biblically, they will have more problems than a church that is structured properly. I would never join a church that did not have a plurality of elders, with a good constitution and by-laws, which prescribe a biblical process by which the congregation can hold elders (and deacons) accountable, or remove them.

    As far as what the those elders teach, that gets back to expository preaching. I would add that subscribing to a historical confession (i.e. WCF, LBC) further insulates the church from false doctrines, but that is another discussion.

  • Sold Out of Pepper Spray in Vienna

    03/10/2016 10:39:36 AM PST · 26 of 35
    txjeep to Mr. Mojo

    “Won’t be long until possession of pepper spray in Eurabia will be prosecuted as a “hate crime.””

    I was reading something yesterday about pepper spray being illegal in some Euro countries (Germany maybe?). Not sure which, but apparently a young lady was prosecuted for using some against a would-be attacker. It seems that self-defense is not only politically incorrect in parts of Europe, it is illegal. I am glad Austria apparently has more common sense.

  • Report: 46,000 Pa. Democrats Become Republicans Due To Trump

    03/10/2016 10:29:38 AM PST · 122 of 159
    txjeep to MNDude

    “I think the poll deficit is because of typical Republican voters who say they’ll sit out if Trump is the nominee.”

    That could certainly be part of it. I know some of those folks, and they are pretty adamant about that. They won’t vote for Trump. When I asked if they would vote Trump if Cruz was his VP, they changed their tune quite a bit. They didn’t say they would, but they were open to the idea. I think a lot of them could be won over if that turns out to be the ticket.

  • Report: 46,000 Pa. Democrats Become Republicans Due To Trump

    03/10/2016 9:29:52 AM PST · 96 of 159
    txjeep to MNDude

    “These guys really like him and you can expect to see them voting for him in November.”

    39% of voters in the Michigan Republican primary were not republicans. If what you say is true, don’t you think Trump would be dominating Hillary in the general election polls? I think it is very likely that these are Dems crossing over to get Trump the nomination, and have no intentions of voting for him in November.

    And no, not all of the polling results are being fabricated in an attempt to hurt Trump. Whoever runs against Hillary in November is going to have a tough time beating her.

  • Christians Flock to Groups That Help Members Pay Medical Bills

    03/10/2016 7:45:16 AM PST · 15 of 29
    txjeep to Arm_Bears

    Like civil government, we get the church government we deserve. If church members understood 1 Tim 3, Titus 1, 1 Pet 5, 1 Tim 5, etc., a lot of men would not be allowed to be in church leadership. Find a church that actually vets pastors based on biblical qualifications (vs how good they look/speak, seminary degrees, etc.), and also has a plurality of elders (and not a CEO style senior pastor), and you will have a lot better chance to find a good church. Church elders serve based on the consent of the congregation.

    Believers are commanded not to forsake the gathering of the saints, the church is the Body of Christ, and you have been given gifts designed to serve the Body, so you should reconsider church attendance/membership. The body doesn’t function when the members are not together. Even believers are sinners, so don’t expect to find a perfect church. Dealing with the imperfections of others is one way we are sanctified.

    And back to the topic, most of my church uses Samaritans. Can’t say enough good things about it.

  • Presenting The Interactive Map Of European Refugee Assaults

    03/09/2016 9:51:18 PM PST · 12 of 13
    txjeep to txjeep


  • Fox Business Reports Rubio Will Drop Out Before Florida If Polls Donít Improve

    03/09/2016 3:43:55 PM PST · 36 of 102
    txjeep to DannyTN

    “And why would a money man sabatoge their own client by prematurely announcing his withdrawal.”

    Maybe a leak to let voters know so they can vote for Cruz if they want. You can’t sabotage something that’s already dysfunctional.

  • Poll: Clinton would easily beat Trump

    03/09/2016 11:09:56 AM PST · 85 of 113
    txjeep to HomerBohn

    Trump’s negatives are off the charts. Let’s be realistic. It’s a problem for the general election.

  • 5 Ways to Protect Your People From False Teachers

    03/09/2016 9:19:06 AM PST · 16 of 22
    txjeep to SaraJohnson

    There are two orthodox views on the continuation of the sign gifts that we read about in the Apostolic age. That pastor you refer to is probably a cessationist. That is probably what he was referring to. He probably did not communicate his position clearly, but being a cessationist would not make him a wolf or a heretic. A cessationist does not believe that miracles don’t happen anymore, they just do not believe that specific sign gifts (healings, ability to survive poisonous snake bites, etc.) continued beyond God’s complete revelation to man (the Scriptures). God is free to do whatever he wants, of course, but these things are not considered normative to the cessationist, as compared to the continuationist, who does see them as normative.

    That said, oftentimes pastors are indeed the wolves. That is why church members need to have sound theology, and not put someone in a pastoral role who does not meet the biblical qualifications (1 Tim 3, Titus 1, 1 Pet 5, etc.). If we just held pastors to that standard, instead of our own man-made standards, we would avoid a lot of problems.