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  • Shirley student, Kwasi Enin, accepted at all 8 Ivy League schools

    04/01/2014 10:18:51 AM PDT · 49 of 59
    underbyte to PGR88

    I was pushing for MIT but she visited the campus and thought that they looked like overly stressed Nerd’s - we are very happy with Tufts

    You look at some of the student reviews on different colleges

    My 2 nephews went to both Harvard and Yale and a third to Amherst, the diversity thing dominates the atmosphere where all break off into racial/culture clicks topped off with some snobbery. Makes for an unfriendly experience and I do not think my daughter would have been happy at any of them.

    Harvard seems the worst, Yale not as bad as the rest but i would take a hard look at where she applies.

  • Shirley student, Kwasi Enin, accepted at all 8 Ivy League schools

    04/01/2014 9:42:30 AM PDT · 45 of 59
    underbyte to Nevadan

    @@@@@@@@@I was think about that as I was reading your post. If you don’t mind saying, how much did you have to spend applying to the 6 ivy league schools?@@@@@@@@@@@

    It was through the Common application process and my wife made the payment so I am a little vague on it but I believe about $70 each

  • Shirley student, Kwasi Enin, accepted at all 8 Ivy League schools

    04/01/2014 9:25:43 AM PDT · 40 of 59
    underbyte to PGR88

    My daughter with an SAT of 2270 wanted to attend an ivy so applied to six of them and was rejected at all six on black Thursday last week but got into Tufts which we are all thrilled about.

    I did a little Post Mortum analysis with some broad assumptions so give or take on the numbers it I think outlines the difficulty for the white academically gifted to get in to one of these schools.

    Harvard -2023 applicants in 2018

    A recruited Ivy League athlete must have the academic credentials to survive the stringent and highly selective admissions process at each institution. Coaches have little sway in the admissions process, although they do provide a list of potential athletes to admissions officials. Across the league, about 13 percent of each university’s incoming class is composed of athletes chosen from coaches’ lists.

    13 percent =262

    Highlights of Harvard’s Class of 2017

    The admitted students of the Class of 2017 were ethnically diverse – 19.9% Asian-American, 11.5% African-American, 11.5% Hispanic, 2.2% Native American and 0.5% Native Hawaiian.

    20% of the admitted students represented 81 different countries and are considered international students, U.S. dual citizens, or U.S. permanent residents.

    Harvard’s legacy admissions rate hovers around 30%. Its overall rate was 5.8% this year.

    athletic=13 percent =262
    19.9% Asian-American=402.57
    11.5% African-American=232
    11.5% Hispanic=232
    2.2% Native American= 44.5
    20% International=404.6
    legacy 5.8 =117.33

    Total = 1695.004

    2023-1695= 328 slots available for white non athletes

    Male50%/Female50% split = 164 at Harvard with similar ratios at other schools

    MY white-bread non athletic daughter was competing for 164 openings

    Asians are over represented -

    White population in the US is about 72% according to wikipedia so minorities are over represented by 16% vs the USA white population & although not counted there would be some number from the 81 Countries international enrolment.

    probably some overlap on the athletics/ racial numbers this is just a ball park.

    Assume in this ball park that 72% of the applications were from USA whites or 26,000 with half being female that would make 13,000 white women vying for just 164 openings.

    In a population of 13,000 you will have a number compelling stories - Family wiped out in a car accident, homeless, cured cancer etc.

    an off the cuff guess at may daughters ivy chances were a fraction of a %

    I am thrilled with Tufts but after looking at the numbers applying to the Ivies was was not worth the time and effort no matter what the qualification.

    I would like to note at the top tier of her school there were scores of 2350, 2280, 2270, 2220, 2180, 2150 - none got into an ivy.

    The two that did from her school were less academically able, one with a SAT in the 1900 range and the other in the 2000 range. one was of Asian/Indian descent the other Mexican. both got into one ivy each and wait-listed at another. The kicker here is that they both live in million dollar houses and culturally I would they say that they are as white as my daughter.

    I think this is a good thing I have never been big on the ivies and this dilutes their pool taking some of the luster off their reputations and forcing the high achievers down market. Which will just enrich other schools.

    From my own perspective I do not have a problem if a black came out a hellhole inner city school with an SAT score of 1900 they deserve the opportunity and I would be happy to have my daughter step aside, there are plenty of great schools out there.

    I do think they are a little overdone on this diversity thing and wish I had done this research beforehand and saved the application fees.

  • Americans never give up your guns

    12/31/2013 4:04:05 PM PST · 7 of 43
    underbyte to Squawk 8888

    Never thought I would see the day when Pravda would be calling us socialists and advising us to not give up our guns.

    Perhaps time to move to a more capitalist country like Russia?

    God help us all.

  • Secret Soviet death rays. Yetis. Aliens. Just what did slaughter nine hikers

    08/25/2013 3:31:17 PM PDT · 98 of 99
    underbyte to BenLurkin

    Good point- only seems to work on digital pictures -if you put Obama’s birth certificate through ELA it reveals areas of local manipulation.

    I suppose if you wanted to get around that they could have printed a high resolution picture then scanned that or taken a picture of that then would have been no signatures in that file.

    With digital forensics if you change one byte in a file(picture) it changes multiple parts of the file leaving a number of signatures. Virtually impossible to fake.

    I had a problem with a competitor posting photos of fake damage allegedly caused by a product I sell on the internet so I hired these people to prove they were doctored.

    There are a number of filters they use to pull out changes to a picture and it would surprise most people that what you can find out - for example

    The EXIF file if the file was modified it will have traces of the editing program in my case Photoshop software name was in the EXIF file placed when it was saved in Photoshop.

    Editing out photoshop from the EXIF file will make changes elsewhere - no way out for the forger

  • Secret Soviet death rays. Yetis. Aliens. Just what did slaughter nine hikers

    08/24/2013 2:34:26 PM PDT · 39 of 99
    underbyte to BenLurkin
  • 19 Very Disturbing Facts About Illegal Immigration That Every American Should Know

    08/11/2013 12:44:26 PM PDT · 16 of 16
    underbyte to TLI

    I got interested in photo forensics when people were posting alleged damage caused by a product I sell on user group forums. Knowing that it was mechanically impossible I hired the company in below link to analyze them and they proved they were digitally manipulated.

    What’s interesting is that of you change even one byte on a picture it makes multiple changes elsewhere in the file and they have multiple filters to detect these changes and it is virtually impossible to totally fake a picture and go undetected.

    Read their paper on audio analysis it is awesome. They can tell you the exact time of the audio recording and what part of the country it was recorded even from a battery powered device that is off the grid.

    It is surprising how many photos are doctored, like you may see a photo of Fidel Castro in good health reading a current newspaper - run it through Error Level Analysis and you find the newspaper was photo shopped in.

    another site that has some interesting analysis

    Another site that has some plugins you can run on some graphics programs like Gimp and Photo shop.

  • 19 Very Disturbing Facts About Illegal Immigration That Every American Should Know

    08/10/2013 1:13:21 PM PDT · 11 of 16
    underbyte to underbyte

    Interesting just had a thought after I posted.

    I Googled Obama birth certificate - downloaded the pdf file From,d.aWc

    I then imported it into gimp where I have an Error level Analysis plug in

    and looks to be totally Photo shopped

  • 19 Very Disturbing Facts About Illegal Immigration That Every American Should Know

  • Weekly Investment & Finance Thread (August-2013 5-9 edition)

    08/05/2013 5:27:08 AM PDT · 5 of 35
    underbyte to expat_panama

    Websites I like

    Site owner is an economist and predicted our current financial problems back in 1999

    Metals focused site with analysis

    Another metals analysis site for alternative viewpoints

  • How Many Illegal Immigrants Live in Your State? A map of estimated illegal ...

    02/05/2013 9:15:39 AM PST · 13 of 63
    underbyte to Responsibility2nd

    CT. 4.5% of the labor force with CT @ 8.6% unemployment if we sent them all home unemployment would be 4.1 %

    Would perhaps help push up the artificially induced low paying wages for unskilled workers - perhaps $20 an hour at McDonald’s would motivate some to get off of unemployment

  • "Vitamin C, Titrating To Bowel Tolerance, etc." by Robert F. Cathcart, M.D.

    01/14/2013 9:55:58 AM PST · 37 of 74
    underbyte to fishtank

    Vitamin C is great stuff but balance is important also.

    Vitamin C will Chelate the metals out of your system perhaps causing shortages of vital nutrients so I would compensate with some extra minerals at the mega-dose levels.


    11/07/2012 6:28:07 AM PST · 80 of 193
    underbyte to refermech

    “””””Indeed, the financial facts will dictate a new situation. Add in the soon to be nuclear Iranians and many other unforseen problems and it may force obamas hand in directions he never intended. It’s not the end of the world. Chin up!”””””””

    Myself I look forward to a financial collapse sooner than later. My business is in a twilight zombie half life the last four years with a slow drip,drip of going out of business customers.

    Crash it now like Iceland, put the bankers and politicians in jail like they did and the economy bounces back in a year or two and I will have the capital to make a go of it - 5 years from now that might be the case.

  • My tiny observation today from deep blue CT

    11/06/2012 6:56:37 AM PST · 41 of 44
    underbyte to PizzaTheHut

    Ansonia CT. Voting is always fast and easy at the local school. 2008 had to wait 5 min, today zero wait @ 9am I was ballot 366.

    Locally all R/R Yard signs not one Obama sign in the whole town - there was one Obama bumper sticker in the parking lot.

    I have voted here for the last 20 years but we are always out numbered hope it makes a difference this year.

    Last election Rosa DeLauro was hanging around the parking lot she was coming over to talk to me but I gave her a look that stopped her in her tracks and she turned around and went the other way.

  • Clinton harmonizing patient office with japan

    10/28/2012 12:40:17 PM PDT · 9 of 11
    underbyte to edcoil

    I got a call when Clinton was in office from somebody in his administration where they had some Chinese coming to visit and they wanted to know if they could share(give) my company’s patents with/to them.

    I said no of course being that my company is private but I suppose that held no restriction on publicly financed research that was owned by the government I am sure much was transferred.

    On a similar note of the time period in question

    I visited Ames research inn the early 90’s and met with one of the managers there and he relayed a story where he happened to notice a Chinese guy monopolizing the copy machine so he called security and he turned out to be a Chinese national copying classified material without permission. He was not arrested, just escorted off site.

    My impression is they handed off about anything they could and what they did not they got most of what they wanted anyway

  • Politico/GWU Battleground poll finds 13-point enthusiasm gap favoring GOP

    10/08/2012 9:25:57 AM PDT · 19 of 20
    underbyte to KevinB

    *******The internals are brutal for Obama, if its correct, Obama cnnot win in Nov, those numbers are against him in every single way.

    I have a feeling the internal polls of both candidates show Romney winning a decisive victory in November. That would explain why Romney was so fired up and Obama was so tepid during the debate. Obama, being lazy to start with, figured there was no reason to bust ass getting ready when he already knows his fate.********

    Great minds think alike ;)

  • Politico/GWU Battleground poll finds 13-point enthusiasm gap favoring GOP

    10/08/2012 9:22:41 AM PDT · 18 of 20
    underbyte to RobinMasters

    I was looking at the candidates for indicators of enthusiasm during the debate.

    I believe the internal polls are bleak for Obama despite being outclassed he gave the impression to that he knows he has already lost the election he looked to me like a beaten man during the debate.

    Romney on the other hand Looked like a man who knew he already won, energetic, confident and I might even say happy.

    With the election just a month away people in the know already know who is going to win and I believe it is now just down to where it is either a modest win or a Reagan like landslide.

  • Obama’s Hidden Bread Lines

    09/24/2012 1:45:58 PM PDT · 32 of 42
    underbyte to arthurus

    We all live on a budget. Yeah I used to eat more steak and fresh seafood and eat out more often. So now I have scaled back, in other words not living as well as I used to.

    The point here is not that she has not adapted to the increase in food prices but that she has to adapt to higher prices.

    Want to know what the real tragedy is? When I go to the market and I see an old person or a homemaker with a couple of kids in tow with just a couple of store brand items in their cart pick a piece of fruit or a tomato look at the price and put it back.

    No one is starving, pasta and Velveeta will fill you up but it’s not what I call living.

    People like to brag about being thrifty but methinks that the puffery will change into a whine as more get pushed to the margin

  • BREAKING NEWS: Proof Obama Attended Columbia University

    09/05/2012 7:25:07 AM PDT · 87 of 110
    underbyte to MayflowerMadam

    My dentist remembers him from his Columbia days -Said he always had a crowd of people around him

  • FOX News Course Correction Rankles Some (ya Think???)

    02/14/2012 7:19:33 AM PST · 22 of 101
    underbyte to pgkdan

    I make my wife change the channel when I am in the room - Fox has become the establishment republican propaganda channel and is unwatchable for me.


    02/11/2012 9:19:55 AM PST · 11 of 43
    underbyte to kindred

    “”The government would not allow such a boon for mankind.””

    No problem they will just tax the hell out of it

    My “Getting Off the Grid” Dream would be partially realized

  • Era of Voting for RINOs is Declared Over

    01/27/2012 8:37:07 AM PST · 178 of 200
    underbyte to Jim Robinson

    ++++++++I absolutely will NOT vote for or support the abortionist/statist socialist healthcare pushing Mitt Romney under any circumstances whatsoever!!

    The elite GOP establishment can KMA!!


    We are the resistance!!

    Rebellion is ON!!

    Go, Newt!!+++++++++

    When We The People are not able to choose are our own candidate we are no longer a republic and now have morphed into some liberal/fascist oligarchical hell.

    I agree on firm principal the only alternative is to support those that hold our values whether third party, presidential, congress, governor or local mayor.

    We are where we are now because we have compromised ourselves into this situation so we now potentially have a candidate chosen by the elite oligarchy who for most intent and purposes is a liberal socialist and ideologically identical to the democrat opponent.

    This is my limit - NO MORE!

  • Media gets its facts wrong - working at Foxconn significantly cuts suicide risk [media bias]

    01/24/2012 5:02:58 AM PST · 6 of 9
    underbyte to exDemMom

    My Chinese business partner does some work with Foxconn and the story goes like this-

    A Foxconn engineer delivered 5 prototypes to shipping the customer (Apple) received only 4 prototypes and Apple being paranoid about it’s secrets kicked up a little fuss.

    Foxconn internal security interrogated the shipping personnel and beat a couple of them up and then locked them up in room where one of them escaped and made his way to the roof and either fell or jumped. Foxconn made a generous settlement to the family including the Parents due to the one child policy.

    So now when the other employees found out the terms of the settlement a group of them ran up to the same roof and were threatening to jump. Upon investigation they found on one women’s computer an email from her husband encouraging her to jump so all their “financial problems would be solved”, this occurred on site Foxconn at the dormitories and the issue was resolved when Foxconn gave the buildings to the government who would not be liable or would not pay any death settlement at which point everybody came off the roof.

    My business partner makes the point that the Chinese rank and file are immature, 20 years ago they were in the same grim situation as North Korea their culture was almost completely destroyed from the internal revolutions. When he hires a new employee he has to teach them simple things like phone manners - they do not even say goodbye so you know the conversation is over they just hang up.

    Typical press unless it is a Natalie Holloway story they just pull it off the wire and make up stuff to fill the gaps as it suits them

  • Green tea reduces cholesterol risk

    07/08/2011 12:50:24 PM PDT · 27 of 32
    underbyte to Red Badger

    Drops 20 points off my blood sugar when I drink a cup

  • Why Sarah Palin Must Run in 2012

    06/14/2011 8:37:12 AM PDT · 47 of 116
    underbyte to Rational Thought

    The format of the debate homogenized the candidates differences for me, milk toast I think as somebody described it

    Newt was the only one that seemed to have the “Gravitas” but I could never vote for him.

    After watching the performances where I was questioning whether Palin was viable before I am now convinced she is the only one that Gravitas to be an effective candidate, A Palin and Cain ticket would knock the liberals on their ass.

  • Gallup Finds U.S. Unemployment Rate at 10.0% in March (Forget what the govt. going to say it is.)

    04/01/2011 9:45:38 AM PDT · 6 of 8
    underbyte to pinqy

    BLS has been pretty much a joke across the blogosphere with a lot of valid criticisms.

    U3 vs U6 - U6 used to be the standard

    Inflation, who do you believe? Your lying eyes at the gas pump and food store or the government.

    Relying on government bureaucrats for important data is like leaning on a reed.

  • Genius at Work (Big Bang Theory Disproven by 12-year-old boy)

    03/27/2011 9:37:28 PM PDT · 18 of 150
    underbyte to TigerClaws

    Carbon Doh! way he explains it’s obvious makes you wonder why we have been funding all these 2nd rate physicists.

  • Jeffrey Sachs: "The American People Are Going to Reach a Breaking Point" (Fed favoring Banks)

    03/16/2011 11:46:51 AM PDT · 14 of 32
    underbyte to NVDave

    I have been the Communist Manifesto (1848) The first part of which states the problems of the times child labor,slaves or debt slavery the rise of the factory problems of international trade etc. All very similar to our problems today.

    “”””(9) Marx’s comments on the importance of the world market, developed further in passages here omitted, sounds very modern. He argued that the differences between countries would diminish as they adopted capitalism and increased their international trade, paving the way for a stateless world united in communism.

    (10) Marx particularly has in mind the European revolutions of 1789-1848, in which the bourgeoisie, which had long before become the dominant economic force in society, asserted its claims to political power as well.

    (11) In this famous comment, the modern democratic states are dismissed as mere tools of the bourgeoisie, since it is the wealthy who run them and set their agendas, despite their claims to popular representation.”””””

    Our modern bourgeoisie today is probably the Goldman and JP morgue’s of the world as in the past they should pay a 90% Tax unless the money is invested energy production or manufacturing & leave the average millionaire who came by their money honestly alone.

  • Who the REAL Taxpayers Are & Why Income Inequality Isn’t Nearly As Bad As Critics Claim

    02/13/2011 11:10:00 PM PST · 27 of 37
    underbyte to RobertClark

    So john Kerry when he was running for president paid filed a disclosure where he paid $11,000 in taxes and I paid 5 X what he paid.

    My income is derived from productive labor

    His income is derived from economic rent - dividends or interest payments. - Basically non productive in nature.

    The old 90% Tax that nobody paid was put in place to tax non productive economic rent and force people to invest in productive enterprise like manufacturing. Put in place after the last depression to prevent the kind of situation we are in now.

    Who has all the money? The trillions of dollars that we are backstopping? The banks, insurance companies, the mortgage holders - All the non productive rentiers

    The compound interest game where the earth is replaced by a ball of gold that extends to the sun or as Angela Merkel said “trees can only grow so High”

    At this point in our economy I would tax the hell out of the economic behavior (99%) that is killing us and provide big incentive’s to areas that are productive.

    It’s not about taxing the rich.

  • Prosthetic Arm Biomimics The Arms Of An Octopus

    01/19/2011 9:35:24 AM PST · 8 of 13
    underbyte to smokingfrog

    just a big finger it needs suction cups

  • Julian Assange vows to reveal tax details of 2,000 wealthy people

    01/18/2011 10:54:24 AM PST · 108 of 112
    underbyte to 23 Everest

    No Tin foil - we the productive Pay more % wise than the rich non productive income rentiers.

  • Julian Assange vows to reveal tax details of 2,000 wealthy people

    01/17/2011 10:29:08 PM PST · 100 of 112
    underbyte to 23 Everest

    “”””Also, FYI, did you know that 86% of all taxes are paid by the top 25% of income earner. The top 50% pay 97% of all taxes.

    source lastest tax year IRS or”””

    And John Kerry only paid $11,000 in taxes the year he ran for president.

    I believe the issue is more complex than than that.

    There are different types of income, The reason we used to have 90% income tax on the rich was that they used to view income differently. Somebody that collects what they “Rent” income from interest, insurance, financial income otherwise known as the FIRE economy was considered non productive income as opposed to someone who produced something in a factory, farmed or mined out of the ground so they taxed the rentier class up to 90%

    Of course nobody wanted to pay 90% so money was diverted to productive enterprises which is why when tax rates were high on the rent class the federal revenue did not increase.

    You know the old story where if you had a penny invested at %5 when Jesus was was born that today the earth would be sphere of gold that would extend halfway to the sun. A lot of pennies collecting interest these days and trees only grow so high.

    The concentrations of wealth at the top are structurally unsustainable and as an example they have not been this high since the Great Depression.

    A productive middle class worker pays a much higher % of total income starting with FICA federal and state taxes. In my situation being self employed I am pushing 60% which the government considers my fair share.

    I am sure that John Kerry and the Warren Buffets of the world and others like them with $11,000 returns are not paying anything close to 60% or what would be considered their fair share.

    With tax advantages that we do not have they can grow their wealth while we pay the rent, debt slaves.

    Makes more sense to me to Tax the unproductive Fire economy enterprises (Goldman, JPM, BOA, ML, Citi etc.) and support the productive companies and workers.

  • Virginia Creates Subcommittee To Study Monetary Alternatives In Case Of Terminal Fed "Breakdown",

    01/10/2011 9:17:42 PM PST · 8 of 10
    underbyte to Frantzie

    Where there is smoke there is fire - What would motivate them to do this other than maybe some high level discussions/info from the the federal government?

  • Ending Tax Demagoguery

    11/27/2010 7:58:48 AM PST · 11 of 13
    underbyte to Scanian

    ???????The 2000 Republican presidential primaries saw Steve Forbes run on a plank that would be the capstone of this tax shift off wealth: a “flat tax,” one that would do away with taxing the wealthy more than blue-collar labor. Mr. Forbes was laughed out of the presidential primaries for proposing this flat tax. It was promoted as being “tax simplification.” The problem was that it is so “simple” that it falls only on employees and their employers as a wage tax.

    The details are much more regressive than seem at first glance. The flat tax actually would tax wage earners much more steeply than the wealthy, whose income it would largely exempt! The flat tax is supposed to fall on employment, not returns to wealth. Employees and their employers would pay the tax, as they pay today’s 12.4 per cent FICA paycheck withholding, but the flat tax would not be levied on financial and property income.

    The flat tax is supposed to be accompanied by a European-style regressive value-added tax (VAT). By taxing “value,” it essentially falls on labor – as in “the labor theory of value.” The tax does not fall on “empty” pricing in excess of value – what the classical economists termed “economic rent,” that element of price (and income) that has no counterpart in actual cost of production (ultimately reducible to labor) but is a pure free lunch: land rent, monopoly rent, interest and other financial fees, and insurance premiums. This economic rent is the major return to wealth. It is grounded in the finance, insurance and real estate (FIRE) sector.

    The effect of untaxing the FIRE sector is twofold. First, it increases the power of wealth, privilege, monopoly rights and property over living labor – including the power of hereditary wealth over the living. Second, it helps “post-industrialize” the economy, creating a “service” economy. A service economy is mainly a FIRE-sector economy.

    I am always conflicted on this one.The signature of many economic crisis happens when a disproportionate amount of wealth ends up in the hands of financial elite and the rest of us end up debt slaves paying economic rent with the real tax burden shifted off to the labor, wage side.???????

    I remember John Kerry, the richest senator in congress when he reported his income for the presidential run only paid $11,000 in taxes. While I do not have an issue he makes a profit, I do have an issue that the tax burden is not shared equitably - I paid 5X the taxes that John Kerry did that year on probably 1/1,000th of the income. I believe this is more of a norm than the exception.

    Who here really cares whether Goldman or JP Morgan default and are consigned to the dustbin of history? why should we all be taxed to death with austerity measures? Our wealth is gone and they are flying around in private Jets? How many Jobs has Goldman Sachs created with the tax savings? I do not buy the Tax argument by republicans on this.

  • Obama ignores border war, allows illegal Mexicans to vote

    11/12/2010 11:19:39 AM PST · 4 of 12
    underbyte to MichaelCorleone

    Well why pussyfoot around? just set up the polling booths in Mexico city

  • Gold At $3,800/Oz, Or Nominal GDP At $5 Trillion? Take Your Pick

    11/11/2010 8:07:02 AM PST · 13 of 15
    underbyte to Bamanot

    “”What do you recommend for someone who knows the value of gold but doesn’t want to pile up thousands of dollars in gold coins? Who can you trust as an honest broker who won’t rip you off? I have about 50K I’d like to put in to gold but am totally clueless.””

    I have some physical and also own GTU and CEF Unlike GLD and SLV they have actual bullion that’s audited on a regular basis and are considered closed end funds so are Taxed at the capital gains rate and not the collectible rate. The bullion is held in Canada so might be an advantage or disadvantage depending on how you feel about it.

    Sprott Has two funds that also hold Physical and will send it to you on request. Canadian also.

    New energy sources will be slow to come online and maybe better long term I like oil MLP’s at the moment and may convert some PM’s there.

    Hard call’s but I believe hard assets in things that people need are obvious for wealth preservation. Trick is timing and asset choice

  • Gold At $3,800/Oz, Or Nominal GDP At $5 Trillion? Take Your Pick

    11/11/2010 7:04:37 AM PST · 5 of 15
    underbyte to WebFocus

    “””Anyone here willing to bet their money that this will happen?”””

    Yea and verily, been 95% PM since early 2008 and my net worth has almost doubled and missed the market crash. Not really any richer just have not lost any purchasing power.

    took us a generation to get into this mess, going to take a generation to get out of it.

  • Ten reasons Linux is the best choice for kids

    10/26/2010 10:19:44 AM PDT · 14 of 21
    underbyte to ShadowAce

    I just bought 2 windows machines with W7 installed, Nothing but headaches. I am sure I could have spent a day or two getting back on the learning curve and figured it out but I just do not have the time.

    I installed unbuntu on the 2 machines and will never use a windows product again. It was the smoothest, most seamless install I have ever had on startup all the connected devices worked, wifi which was a constant problem worked flawlessly out of the gate, printers , sound, video etc. all worked fine.

    Open office has evolved to a comparable office suite. firefox works better than ever and any free app I found and downloaded has done the job I needed it for. It is simple, rock solid and every thing windows should have been - best software decision I have ever made

  • Freep-a-thon- Give a minimum of $10 OR admit you believe in Welfare 'cause someone's paying for You

    10/21/2010 10:19:14 AM PDT · 70 of 83
    underbyte to xzins

    /////Maybe it gets handled differently if it’s income instead of donations. And that might cause an entire range of headaches. Just a thought, but I don’t know.////

    To me it’s like the poor persons excuse “if I make money then I will have to pay taxes”

    My guess is that the site is sitting on a pot ‘o gold revenue wise. Jim Robinson has done a fantastic job building an iconic or beacon site for conservatives, get the right model in place and use profit for a legal contingency set aside,donations to worthy causes and I would not object if he put some hard earned cash in his pocket. Capitalism solves a lot of problems

  • Freep-a-thon- Give a minimum of $10 OR admit you believe in Welfare 'cause someone's paying for You

    10/21/2010 9:13:39 AM PDT · 63 of 83
    underbyte to t-dude

    “””Great points underbyte...very similar to what I was trying to say.

    There has to be a better way...”””

    t-dude - great minds think alike:) times are a changing, The time to change the business model is when the old model is not working anymore - Economy is in a historic tanking mode you have got to be flexible to survive

    There is big value in a site like this and the sense that we are struggling qtr to qtr and beating the proverbial head against the wall does not make sense to me.

    With the number of pageviews this site generates you will be able to pick and choose your advertiser and not depend on anyone contract if the concern is undue influence. Nobody influences Drudge BTW he seems to post what he damn well pleases.

    If an advertiser like Ford sees a demographic opportunity that conservatives buy Ford cars and advertises on FR what’s the problem with that?

    Nothing is written in stone why not just try it for six months?


    At least get some advertising Quotes to see if it is viable

  • Freep-a-thon- Give a minimum of $10 OR admit you believe in Welfare 'cause someone's paying for You

    10/21/2010 8:31:42 AM PDT · 50 of 83
    underbyte to xzins

    I honestly do not get it. Why put your subscribers through this pain every quarter?

    The site is large enough to pay expenses through advertising and maybe even put some money in your pocket, capitalism works and this is the only site I visit that does not have it.

    Advertising to me was only a pain when I was on dial up and it slowed the page loading, now I barely notice it on any site. A freeperthon is more distracting to me than advertising by a long shot

    Better yet charge your subscribers $10 a year and do the advertising, all this freeperthon stuff is just dithering around and wasting time. It’s like you guys feel like making money is a bad thing, all this purity stuff is misguided IMHO - make a buck and may god smile on you

    ////Pay-site probably would eliminate 90% of the trolls

  • O'Donnell vs. Coons (Facebook & Fundraising vs. Public Polls & the NRSC)

    10/18/2010 9:27:21 PM PDT · 33 of 34
    underbyte to Brices Crossroads

    When McCain releases his flying monkey daughter to bash C’O in the final days and on the same day that he’s out campaigning for Carly makes me think he’s worried she might win - otherwise why make that a priority near the end of the cycle?

  • O'Donnell Camp Responds to Meghan McCain's 'Nutjob' Comment

    10/17/2010 11:06:57 PM PDT · 36 of 66
    underbyte to Bigtigermike

    So daddy McCain is out pumping up Rino Carly while his pundit daughter is out bashing O’Donnell as a ‘Nutjob’ on the same day? Looks a little like an orchestration by the rino establishment to me. In league with Rove?

    Daddy McCain could have come out and campaigned for O’Donnell, go figure...

    Seems like they would rather the communist win than have a conservative power dilution.

    So bashing O’Donnell at this point makes me wonder that they are worried that O’Donnell might win?

    I just sent that poor over abused girl some more money just to spite the “Nutjob” republican establishment.

  • CT health insurance hikes up to 47% (But hey, you'll still be able to keep your insurance !)

    10/16/2010 11:39:21 AM PDT · 4 of 11
    underbyte to SeekAndFind

    I took a double hit with my wife and I both being over 55 this year we had 5 company choices with 4 being around $2200- $2300 and one $1700 a month(BCBS) for a family of 3 with no health problems.

    We increased the deductible to $10,000 and got it down to $1300 about what we were paying before,

    Self employed so we pay the full vig on everything.

    If taxes and mandated spending go up much more it will be interesting to see how much disposable income I will have left, if any.

  • Quotes of the day (Karl Rove)

    09/14/2010 10:07:37 PM PDT · 31 of 32
    underbyte to Lou Budvis

    I was ambivalent about Rove and suspected liberal leanings.

    What he did tonight was incredibly politically stupid, alienating the base in a 5 min. interview.

    Now that they are confronted I can clearly see the rot and corruption throughout the republican DC Party. Eye opener for me anyway time for these guys to go.

    Time to Palinize the party

  • Progressives Against Progress - The rise of environmentalism poisoned liberals’ historical...

    08/26/2010 10:17:23 PM PDT · 2 of 7
    underbyte to neverdem

    Modern day Luddites

  • OBAMACARE: Six Months to go until the largest tax hikes in history

    08/07/2010 3:05:11 PM PDT · 20 of 23
    underbyte to Beowulf9

    Annual renewal on our health insurance - Self employed family of 3, no health issues,

    5 choices

    4 were $2200 month

    1 $1700 month

    Last year $1300 month for mostly the same coverage. Wife and I both crossed 55 years old mark this year which had an impact but that includes raising the deductible from 5 to $10K

    difference between $1300 - $2200 is more than my mortgage payment.... add the tax in later?... I can see a breaking point for the middle class soon when disposable income disappears into negative territory

  • Unemployment Rates: Republican Majority vs. Democrat Majority

    07/10/2010 8:36:28 PM PDT · 12 of 17
    underbyte to TruthHound

    I would like to see a graphic of employed Republicans vs unemployed democrats

  • 6-year-old girl attacked by 2 coyotes in Rye

    06/26/2010 7:58:46 PM PDT · 48 of 92
    underbyte to alice_in_bubbaland

    5 miles out of New Haven Ct.

    Saw a coyote running up the street in front of my house when I too the dogs out at 1 am for their last business walk, lucky they did not see it.

    friends went for a walk in the spring with their two small daughters in woodbridge ct and saw a pack of 13.

    Another neighbor was coloring with her daughter in the kitchen and saw a mountain lion at her slider watching them.

    My Federal express delivery guy from Seymour ct saw a mountain lion pass through hus yard near his kids swing set.

    July 2008 we had a good size black bear walk past our kitchen door not 15 feet from the house.

    Coyote killed another friend’s dog, a little schipperke

    8 years ago police shot a rabid coyote at our mailbox minutes after I left for work

    I have seen the occasional fox, daily we have deer which have chased our Jack Russells and tried to stomp them to death.

    This is the suburbs & not rural ct. It’s like living in a zoo. Time for some varmint control.

    I have noticed roadkill wise it is very rare these days to see raccoons, opossums and cat population seems down significantly, not seeing the rabbits I used to- bet the coyotes have a been taking them down. Skunk seem as plentiful as ever.

  • Abby is the Litmus Test

    06/12/2010 10:57:18 AM PDT · 81 of 322
    underbyte to Talisker

    My great, great Aunt Allie in the early 1860’s at the age of 16 accepted a teaching position on the western frontier packed her bags and left providence R.I. on her own traveled West.

    She taught half wild gun slinging cowboys some older than her
    she later returned and became the Superintendent of Schools for Providence.

    I am sure she faced all the dangers associated with the frontier but back then at 16 you were an adult and like the book/movie the True Grit girl/woman character was probably the norm of the times and most likely the norm until the baby boomer generation. It’s all in expectations, these days we just expect less of our children