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  • Kansas Dems reportedly trying to recruit … Kathleen Sebelius for Senate

    04/16/2014 10:44:14 AM PDT · 5 of 21
    UNGN to SeekAndFind

    And I thought Texas Democrats were idiots.

    Are Kansas Democrats really this stupid?

  • Texas Senate Candidate Konni Burton Embraced by Ted Cruz

    04/16/2014 10:41:01 AM PDT · 4 of 5
    UNGN to SoConPubbie

    Come November, when Wendy Davis gets destroyed by Greg Abbott, is the National media going to report that even Wendy Davis’s seat went to a Ted Cruz endorsed Tea Party republican?

    For some reason, I have a bad feeling there will be a phony “National Crisis” that takes all attention away from this election.

  • Texas Taxpayers Will Foot Most Of Affluent Teen’s Treatment Tab

    04/14/2014 10:33:50 AM PDT · 10 of 14
    UNGN to GIdget2004

    How in the world can ANYTHING in Vernon, TX cost $21,000/Month?

    Somebody is getting ripped off and I think it is us TX taxpayers.

  • 'Cosmos' 2nd episode: Neil deGrasse Tyson condescends toward doubters of evolution

    03/17/2014 11:31:27 AM PDT · 12 of 190
    UNGN to EveningStar

    I’m totally fine with the condescension over Evolution.

    At least he is using actual facts to make his case. Dog breeding is an excellent example of the power of genetic selection to “evolve” a species.

    My beef is the condescension over CO2 caused “catastophic” global warming that is gut churning.

    There are no actual facts to support this, only 30 years of hyped BS and fudged numbers. ANY questions and you are labled an unscientific DENIER!.

    It’s just short of labeling someone a “Witch” if they don’t think CO2 will cause the world to end in the next 100 years.

  • BUSTED: Wendy Davis’ Staff Caught on Tape Making Fun of Greg Abbott for Being Paralyzed

    01/24/2014 10:27:27 AM PST · 4 of 9
    UNGN to Impala64ssa

    As a resident of Southlake, Wendy Davis is my Senator (and the Senator of nearly every minority vote in the City of Ft Worth - got to love gerrymandering)

    I am SOOOO glad she is running for Governor, because with no Obama on the Ticket in 2014, we’ll get rid of her 2 years early.

  • SAVAGE NATION - 3:00 to 6:00 PM EST

    01/06/2014 2:43:59 PM PST · 12 of 33
    UNGN to fishtank

    On last Thursday or Friday’s show he was going on and on about the CH-47 Chinook shot down full of SEALs in afghanistan, describing it as “Viet nam” era relic.

    Thinking it was a Sea Knight or something criminally stupid, I looked up the S/N of the crashed helicopter and it was a nearly brand new rebuilt 47F that is one of the newest, most capable Helo’s in the inventory.

    The guy get’s half the story, then runs with it.

  • Classic American Muscle Cars-Part 1: Dodge, Plymouth (34 Pics)

    12/20/2013 9:04:19 PM PST · 109 of 115
    UNGN to F15Eagle

    GT500KR’s were 1968 only.

    1967 Non “KR” GT500 with a 427 Medium Riser would be faster and rarer than a KR, anyway.

    ‘Ol Shel was all about the marketing.

  • Classic American Muscle Cars-Part 1: Dodge, Plymouth (34 Pics)

    12/20/2013 8:53:37 PM PST · 108 of 115
    UNGN to jimt

    I have a new Ford 5.0 in my Mustang. DOHC AND Variable valve timing, so it makes a ton of Torque at 1500 RPM and 420HP when you wind it out.

    I’m getting 22 - 24 mph on my daily commute (17 miles one way through the heart of Dallas), 27-28 on the highway.

    Big 3 Motor technology has come a long way even from 2006. I was going to get an SRT Challenger in 2009, but the MPG turned me off so I held off until they added cylinder deactivation, then I was going to get an SS Camaro, but hated the godawful steering wheel, then the 5.0’s came out. My Mustang has really surprised me with how good gas mileage it can get. It gets 5 more mpg than my 1980’s mustangs in town, and has over 200 more HP.

  • Classic American Muscle Cars-Part 1: Dodge, Plymouth (34 Pics)

    12/20/2013 10:31:19 AM PST · 101 of 115
    UNGN to niteowl77

    My Mom had a ‘68 383 4spd Charger in the early 1970’s. I remember elementary school car pool with 7 neighborhood kids in the car on her day to drive. I got the passenger side fwd foot well. That was my spot.

    In ‘74 mom made dad trade it in on a used, baby blue ‘72 Coronet Custom station wagon... Dad had muscle car withdawals and bought a ‘69 390 4 spd AMX later that year, which he knew couldn’t be used for carpool (it could only fit 5 kids).

  • Classic American Muscle Cars-Part 1: Dodge, Plymouth (34 Pics)

    12/20/2013 6:37:38 AM PST · 97 of 115
    UNGN to ETL

    Tuning a modern car with a computer is 100 times easier than getting a 440-6bbl carburetors to run in the summer and the winter, without dieing in traffic. Been there, done that, aint going back.

    Cool to me is beating a $100K European sportscar in a timed sporting event with $10K car, not paying $100K for a piece of art that gets its butt handed to it by a $2000 Craigslist Camry at a stoplight, then slides through the next light because its brakes suck.

    My dad and I restored Muscle cars for 30+ years as father/son projects. We’d buy a car for $2K - $7K and restore them to their former glory. Today, Craigslist is full of “better” cars than the “muscle car era” cars, for the same $2K - $7K prices, and in Texas, currently 1989 and Older cars don’t require emissions testing, so you can build a Modern all Aluminum V-8 and put it into a lightweight modern Chassis with real suspension, real brakes, real seats and once again build a car that will beat $100K cars for $10K.

    My son and I won’t be restoring any Old school muscle cars (unless some one literally gives me one), but I do see building LS1 6 speed Miata in our future.

  • Classic American Muscle Cars-Part 1: Dodge, Plymouth (34 Pics)

    12/20/2013 6:03:35 AM PST · 96 of 115
    UNGN to truth_seeker

    Not all modern cars are high revving. My 1986 Buick T-type Redlined @ 5,300 RPM stock and makes peak HP @ 5,000 RPM

    Back in the 1990’s it ran low 12’s in 1/4 mile almost completley stock: K&N Filter, Sticky tires, $15 Chip, Cheap/free mods. With a $450 Turbo and $200 Fuel injectors, it ran 11.50’s@118 mph, driving it 180 miles one way to the track, getting 23 mpg, with the A/C on.

    It was at that point I realized Old school mucle was dead to me.

    My dad and I had collected about 15 old school muscle cars: Cuda’s, AMX’s, Torino Cobra/Cyclone Spoiler, Motion Camaro, Chevelles, etc. As pieces of art and icons of a bygone age, they are great, but as cars (their primary purpose) they are “not so much”.

    Muscle cars were originally build to “go fast cheaply”. They were to provide an alternative to Cobra’s, Ferrari’s, Porsches, corvettes, etc. that anyone could afford.

    That is why the whole craze of paying $40-$60-$100K for an old muscle car is alien to me. I’ve driven almost every one of them. Some are OK to drive while others are downright awful. Convertible ‘Cuda’s are a “loose collection of parts flying in close formation” and some idiots pay over $2 Million for one. I hope he never tries to drive it fast on the same road I’m on.

  • Classic American Muscle Cars-Part 1: Dodge, Plymouth (34 Pics)

    12/19/2013 7:54:27 PM PST · 90 of 115
    UNGN to ETL
    Here are my long gone 'Cuda's:

    1971 'Cuda340 Convert:

    1970 'Cuda440-6

    1970 'Cuda440

    Modern cars are WAYYYYYY better, but they were nice to look at and actually cheap to buy in the 1980's.

    The 27,000 Mile Black 440-6 was bought for $6500 in 1986, the Convert was $7500 and I paid $5000 for the Purple 440 4bbl.

    When i bought a 5.0 Mustangs in the late 1980's/early 1990's, and then a Turbobuicks in the mid 1990's, Old school Muscle cars were slow, ill handling tanks in comparison. Modify then to perform better and it kills their value. That is when I began to part ways with old school muscle. I don't regret for one minute selling them for a large wad of cash.

  • Dogfight duke: The MiG that forced Pakistan army surrender

    12/19/2013 5:55:51 AM PST · 11 of 24
    UNGN to ImJustAnotherOkie

    Like back in the 1980’s when a Pak F-16 accidentaly shot down his wingman.

    Top Gun, they are not.

  • Japanese PM Shinzo Abe says "There Is No Alternative" to Abenomics (Japan)

    06/19/2013 10:14:46 PM PDT · 2 of 4
    UNGN to TexGrill

    I love the guy.

    Its 25% cheaper to visit Tokyo, now vs. a year ago.

    Sure all my customers have to pay me 25% more and they’ll going in debt up to their eyeballs buying my stuff, but where else are they going to go?

    They should have stocked up a year ago when my stuff was cheap.

  • T.W.A. Flight 800 Skeptics Paying a Heavy Price (Article from 2/21/2000)

    06/19/2013 10:02:30 PM PDT · 89 of 90
    UNGN to Big Giant Head

    You can not believe what you don’t want to believe.

    A pitched up fuselage could create enough lift that it climbed in formation with the wings at least for a mile or so before going ballistic. It only had to stay together for 15-25 seconds to cover the area it did, before it failed completely and a wings separated.

    You’ve seen the WWII video of the B24 taking a direct hit to the wing root? The Wings don’t fold up, the fuselage drops away. If TWA800’s nose drops away instead, the remaining fuselage pitches up, creates lift and takes load off the damaged wing box.

    The wings did fall off, they just didn’t fall off right away.

    There is No actual Aircraft Accident investigator, who has looked at the displacement of the walls of the Center Wing Tank that said that it wasn’t blown up from the inside. The Center wing Tank Blew up in flight. The Front wall went forward, the top went up, the bottom went down, the back wall went aft.

    My prediction: When the Highway department “crash Investigator” reveals his “findings” and you all watch the Riveting TWA800 “documentary” on Epix, you are going to think the “are mermaids real” documentary was less of a waste of your time.

    But I will leave the tinfoil hats out there with this: When the NTSB releases its report on the Bagram 747-400 crash, the conspiracy kooks may have something. TWA 800 took off with a CG of 18% MAC, which is super stable (and helped it fly straight after the nose fell off). Boeing engineers say the CG went to 57% MAC after the nose fell off, which is unstable, but apparently not “instant vertical”.

    If the CG on the Bagram 747 was forward of 57% MAC, the Boeing engineers has some esplaining to do. If it was 60%+ MAC nothing to see here, move along.

  • T.W.A. Flight 800 Skeptics Paying a Heavy Price (Article from 2/21/2000)

    06/19/2013 4:49:57 PM PDT · 87 of 90
    UNGN to Big Giant Head

    7 psi blew the tail off JAL 123. 7 psi.

    Even a small explosion (say 10 gallons of vaporized Kerosene) in the Center tank could make an explosion that overpresures the fuselage, causing the wingbox tank to rupture from the inside out, because that’s what it did.

    Why didn’t the wings fall off? They had the Weight of the fuel and engines on them, keeping them from immediately folding up and with the fuselage pitching up from the nose falling off, it too was producing lift, so it went up with the wings (the 3000 ft “zoom climb”)

    When the engines finally began to spool down a few seconds later, the plane went ballistic and began to break up completely on the way down, The wings DID come off.

  • T.W.A. Flight 800 Skeptics Paying a Heavy Price (Article from 2/21/2000)

    06/19/2013 2:32:32 PM PDT · 83 of 90
    UNGN to editor-surveyor

    Keep posting BS period.

    Rocket fuel.... where’s the rolleyes icon when you need one.

  • T.W.A. Flight 800 Skeptics Paying a Heavy Price (Article from 2/21/2000)

    06/19/2013 2:29:50 PM PDT · 82 of 90
    UNGN to MHGinTN

    The Suffolk Co. Police medical Examiner saw all the bodies. There was NO MENTION of .2 in pellets in ANY of them and “no localized areas of damage or injuries in the airplane”.

    Did you make that up?

    Show me the EVIDENCE you claim to have intimate knowledge of.

    The Government isn’t my friend, but conspiracy kooks aren’t either.

  • T.W.A. Flight 800 Skeptics Paying a Heavy Price (Article from 2/21/2000)

    06/19/2013 11:38:26 AM PDT · 77 of 90
    UNGN to MHGinTN

    Where is the internet link to the .2 inch pellets dug out of cadavers?

    Got ONE picture of these pellets? This is an internet myth.

    Whether it was a bomb, a missile or bad wiring, the plane was 95% reconstructed and the Center Wing tank is the epicenter of the explosion... and there was no evidence of a bomb or missile on anything other than fuel that exploded INSIDE the center wing tank.

    The Wing box is the strongest part of the plane, and it was blown to hell, from the INSIDE.

  • T.W.A. Flight 800 Skeptics Paying a Heavy Price (Article from 2/21/2000)

    06/19/2013 9:48:28 AM PDT · 56 of 90
    UNGN to TBall

    The NTSB report isn’t a “media coverup”. It makes sense and is well researched.

    The 9/11 Trufer mentality is based on a lack of facts, strawman arguments and ignoring actual facts. How many “eye witnesses” and internet experts said that “controlled Demolition” brought down the towers on 9/11, even after we watched it all on live TV?

    The NTSB report has actual facts and they point directly to the center fuel tank exploding.

    Arguments that “jet fuel can’t explode” or ‘Planes can’t fly with their noses torn off” because some internet expert says so is 9/11 Trufer think.

    747-131F N53111 proves 747’s can crash when their fuel tanks explode, Since I work for the manufacturer, I know JT9d engines will continue to run at full thottle, even in the Cockpit of the plane is torn away and from my small scale tests, I know a 747-100/-200 will continue to fly in a straight line and not tumble, even with its nose torn off to the wing root.

  • T.W.A. Flight 800 Skeptics Paying a Heavy Price (Article from 2/21/2000)

    06/19/2013 9:25:13 AM PDT · 53 of 90
    UNGN to CodeToad
    No, the Wing Fuel tank exploded after a lightning strike and it crashed, killing all on board.
    Here is a picture of the plane 1 year before it crashed, Look familiar: 747-131F N53111

    Iranian's owned it when it crashed. Ironic, huh?

  • T.W.A. Flight 800 Skeptics Paying a Heavy Price (Article from 2/21/2000)

    06/19/2013 9:18:30 AM PDT · 52 of 90
    UNGN to CodeToad

    The CG on a Pre fly by wire plane is similat to an RC scale model. On newer planes (not 747-100/200’s) the CG is further back and the tail provides lift. Not TWA Flight 800. I have 3 axis actively stabilized models, but Flight 800 was dumb... just like my model.

  • T.W.A. Flight 800 Skeptics Paying a Heavy Price (Article from 2/21/2000)

    06/19/2013 5:42:33 AM PDT · 34 of 90
    UNGN to TBall

    I’ve have been an aviation enthusiast for 40+ years and have worked in the industry for nearly 25 years after attending an Aviation only university and gradutaing with and an engineering degree with a focus on aircraft structures AND Nobody hates J. Gorelick more than me.

    This looks to me like a center fuel tank issue and NOT a missile. I’m familiar with the 747 systems, the JT9D engines and aerodynamics of a damaged 747 having built and flown radio controlled versions with 4 ducted fans and having had a 3 hour guided tour of the JAL 123 Museum and EVERYTHING I have read in the official story about the flight path post explosion is plausible and mid air fuel tank explosions have taken out similar planes, very possibly including the SISTER plane to the 747 that was TWA800, back in the 1970’s.

    I’m just saying....

  • Airbus sends first A350 XWB into the sky

    06/17/2013 6:03:47 AM PDT · 19 of 20
    UNGN to MHalblaub

    There aren’t going to be new engines for the A330. Aint nobody got time for that.

    With Max effort, the earliest a next gen engine would be available would be around 2019 and by then, the A330 will be pretty long in the tooth.

    GE won’t let the GP7200 go on other airframes that compete against GE engines, Rolls is tapped out and Pratt has at least 4 new engines in the fire, none of which are easily scalable to 70K thrust.

    Already having 3 engine choices has allowed the A330 last a few years longer than natural as it was a lack of choices that killed the A340 (basically the same airframe).

  • F-35B: Born in the USSR

    06/14/2013 4:49:32 AM PDT · 11 of 32
    UNGN to Brad from Tennessee

    You can have the greatest engineers/designers in the world, but if your work force is drunk off vodka and would rather be sleeping, you aren’t going to pull them off.

    The Germans had Engineers/Designers AND a ready supply of craftsman AND slave labor to actually build them.

  • A 'shocking' 360 homes 'complete losses' as fight resumes in Black Forest fire (Colorado)

    06/13/2013 10:40:58 AM PDT · 27 of 82
    UNGN to CedarDave

    Wife and Son were at Boy Scout Camp at Elbert this time last year. Glad they aren’t there this year.

    Beautiful Country up there. Hopefully some rain is on the way.

  • Modular Aircraft Design Presented at Paris Air Show

    06/12/2013 1:40:43 PM PDT · 24 of 30
    UNGN to beelzepug

    It actually Pre 1950.. back to around 1935. The Pack Plane had Retractable landing gear. The 2013 version, not so much.

    Just looking at the pictures, the Drag from the Landing gear alone from this concept would be more than an entire 50 passenger plane.

    Someone is looking for Gov’ment grant money for “more testing”.

  • Modular Aircraft Design Presented at Paris Air Show

    06/12/2013 11:45:51 AM PDT · 9 of 30
    UNGN to null and void

    It may have 1/2 the engines, but it has over 2X the drag.

    Dumb concept designed to separate governments from their (other peoples) money.

    An A320 only uses 2 engines at Take off and climb (10 minutes out of a 2 hour flight). After the first 10 minutes, it could fly on one engine. This thing looks like it needs all three engines just to stay in the air.

    4X the frontal area has 4X the drag of a conventional plane.

  • NBC News/WSJ poll: Affirmative action support at historic low

    06/11/2013 1:28:29 PM PDT · 16 of 23
    UNGN to NotYourAverageDhimmi

    Nobody would support AA for Fat or Ugly people, but the truth is an attractive minority is much more likely to get any given job than an overweight, unattractive white.

  • NSA Verizon snooping prompts exit by Wil Wheaton, Android hacker Koush

    06/07/2013 7:52:29 PM PDT · 4 of 29
    UNGN to Olog-hai

    Obama: “WHEATON!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • Looky here(Agenda 21 ALERT), IBM report: Omaha's westward growth cause for concern

    06/04/2013 8:24:20 PM PDT · 39 of 41
    UNGN to PieterCasparzen

    There are Liberal, Social engineers in every state. About 50% of Nebraska embraced socialism until Reagan, and then about 1/2 of that 50% realized, that the government giving poor people stuff, just makes them greedy and needy (while they remain poor by their own choosing).

    As Conservative traditionalist Fled to outside Omaha’s western and southern borders in the 1980’s, the tax base fled with it, so it got to annexing what it could to get some back. The Liberals staying in Omaha is why they still vote Democrats Mayor, when even Bill Clinton never Visited the State while he was President.

    A liberal reading this would see this a Rethugican that has no heart. Having no heart is accepting that those 14 year old minorities throwing rocks at our bus in 1979 were “victims of society” and not victims of a welfare state. What they needed was not TV, free food and free housing, but a kick in the @ss from a male adult and the Parents (including the sperm donor) threatened with Jail if the kid didn’t go to (and pass) school.

  • Looky here(Agenda 21 ALERT), IBM report: Omaha's westward growth cause for concern

    06/04/2013 2:22:16 PM PDT · 35 of 41
    UNGN to LSAggie

    I moved to Texas to one of the greatest “suburbs” in the country - Southlake. It is so nice, the whole state of Texas hates us.

    We have 2 rules: 1) No Lot smaller than 1/2 Acre and 2) No Multifamily residences (except for 55 and older retirement comunities or $700K+ “Brownstones” downtown).

    Our schools are the among the best in the country, the whole town is walkable and we’ve had 1 murder in the last 15 years (a Mexican drug lord Lawyer/informant living in a $1.3M house). Our Police, Firefighters and Teachers are world class and they love working in a place where the kids want to learn, Crime is low and their equipment is top notch.

    In Texas, we don’t have Income Tax, and the main source of revenue is Property Tax. Good Neighborhoods have higher property values, so they pay more property tax. Suburban City planners that are smart, realize that Property Values = Money and they do everything they can to keep the Property values high to keep the money coming in.

  • Looky here(Agenda 21 ALERT), IBM report: Omaha's westward growth cause for concern

    06/04/2013 1:57:59 PM PDT · 34 of 41
    UNGN to PieterCasparzen

    After 12 Years of Democrat Mayors, Omaha finally elected a Republican, so maybe there is hope to clean the place up.

    The Malls I went to as a Kid and Young Adult (Crossroads & Westroads), I would not let my 14 year old son go there, today.

    When we were bussed to the near northside (we went from 135th street to 30th street every day) in the late 70’s, it was us just us suburban white kids going to school, getting rocks thrown at our bus from the “local” dropouts our age.

    So much for “diversity”.

    I’m sure the unemployement rates/ dropout rates and single parent rates in those areas are a lot worse today than when I was a kid and they all moved west into the cheap houses/neighborhoods we abandoned to get away from the crime they brought with them.

  • Looky here(Agenda 21 ALERT), IBM report: Omaha's westward growth cause for concern

    06/04/2013 10:12:41 AM PDT · 26 of 41
    UNGN to US Navy Vet

    Omaha is a nice town full of smart people, but the REALLY smart people have already left for greener pastures in Texas or Colorado.

    Of the top 20% of my 1983 Burke High School graduating class, maybe a handful still live in Omaha. The Majority of the “top 20%” are in Texas or Colorado creating jobs in those states.

    Not much you can do to keep these people in Nebraska.

    People in Omaha move west for one reason: to avoid crime/Criminals. “Its the criminals, stupid”.

    If you have a crime free “Inner City” people will stop moving west. Period, problem solved. No IBM consulting fee required.

  • 40 YEARS HENCE: Hillary Rodham FIRED from Watergate Investigation

    05/15/2013 9:35:31 AM PDT · 5 of 31
    UNGN to Wings-n-Wind

    The guy who defended Ted the Swimmer says she is an unethical liar?

    If anyone would know, this guy would.

  • Exclusive: Benghazi Talking Points Underwent 12 Revisions, Scrubbed of Terror Reference

    05/10/2013 8:43:27 AM PDT · 97 of 112
    UNGN to crosslink

    It’s only 1044 miles from Aviano to Benghazi per Goolge:

    “The distance from Aviano to Benghazi is 1680 kilometers or 1044 miles only.

    A typical flight between Aviano, and Benghazi would have a flying time of about 2 hours 6 mins. This assumes an average flight speed for a commercial airliner of 500 mph, which is equivalent to 805 km/hr or 434 knots. Your exact time may vary depending on wind speeds.”

    An F-16 could make it less than 2 hours without breaking a sweat, dropped a couple SDB’s, laid down some 20mm rounds and scared the Shiite out of the mohammad movie protestors.

  • Exclusive: Benghazi Talking Points Underwent 12 Revisions, Scrubbed of Terror Reference

    05/10/2013 6:13:05 AM PDT · 42 of 112
    UNGN to crosslink

    Andrea Mitchell is so far up Hillary’s lady parts she’ll NEVER report this story honestly.

    Did you know it takes “over 5 Hours” to fly from Aviano, Italy to Benghazi, Libya?

    Even liberal Google maps says a commercial airliner can do it 2 Hours and 6 minutes, so we can only conclude the airforce is using Cessna 172’s for ground attack missions instead of F-16, now... and this was 6 months BEFORE the sequester.

  • Hero Charles Ramsey -- Media Delete His 'Pretty White Girl' Comment

    05/09/2013 6:47:32 AM PDT · 22 of 116
    UNGN to Kaslin

    His new hit song “Dead Giveaway” already has 2.5 Million views on YouTube.

    He is the next Antoine Dodson.

  • Susan Rice to be honored with “Great American Award” for “strengthening the world’s common security”

    05/07/2013 10:56:08 AM PDT · 39 of 84
    UNGN to smoothsailing

    Didn’t they give Dan Rather an award just as memo-gate was blowing up in his face?

    I think this is known by the technical term “reach around”

  • Justice Department to monitor today's special election in South Carolina

    05/07/2013 7:34:15 AM PDT · 9 of 18
    UNGN to SeekAndFind

    In the 90’s I tried to vote in SC without changing my address to my then current address (moved from an apartment into my house) and the lady at the precinct wouldn’t let me vote. She was following the law.

    If I were black, I imagine Eric Holder would make a federal case out of this today.

  • Ted Cruz challenges Biden to gun control debate (WAPO not WA Examiner)

    05/06/2013 2:39:45 PM PDT · 9 of 21
    UNGN to ObozoMustGo2012

    It’s very hard to follow, but I think Joe Bidens personal self defence recommendations goes something like this:

    1. Get a Double barreled shotgun
    2. Fire both barrels into the air
    3. uh, well, uh..............Profit?

    He gets a little fuzzy at step 3. I don’t think he realizes you are completely unarmed at that point.

    Other than Joe himself, nobody has ever said he was smart.

  • US cargo plane crash in Afghanistan kills 7

    04/30/2013 4:27:17 PM PDT · 9 of 11
    UNGN to ought-six

    MRAP’s aren’t light and if just one rolled back into the tail on takeoff, that is it.

    Since the Cargo was 5 mine resitant vehicles, it should be easy for the FAA to determine where they were during the crash and if they shifted. It like 5 “Black Boxes” on board.

  • US cargo plane crash in Afghanistan kills 7

    04/30/2013 4:08:27 PM PDT · 3 of 11
    UNGN to ConservativeStatement
    Ugly video of the crash

    For those who chose not to look, its basically a 747 with Zero Airspeed, nose up at 80 degrees... whisch is not going to end well 1200 feet off the ground.

  • Cargo plane crashes at Afghan air base, possibly killing crew

    04/30/2013 3:20:50 PM PDT · 12 of 12
    UNGN to txhurl
    The video is on Liveleak. A 747 with Zero airspeed.
  • Cargo plane crashes at Afghan air base, possibly killing crew

    04/29/2013 12:22:09 PM PDT · 4 of 12
    UNGN to txhurl

    Huge thread on Avherald. It looks more like a load shift and a stall.

    The High angle departure that a lighly loaded 747-400 can perform can put a heck of a load on the cargo hold downs.

  • Newsbytes: Japan Kills Climate Agenda – What Kyoto?

    04/26/2013 2:18:52 PM PDT · 6 of 10
    UNGN to Ernest_at_the_Beach

    when you have 30-40 ft walls of water coming at you, 6 inches of sea level rise in the next 60-100 years is not #1 on your priority list.

  • Chris Matthews: Killing Arabs On Television "Might Have Something To Do With Jihad"

    04/26/2013 10:42:17 AM PDT · 22 of 38
    UNGN to Sir Napsalot

    Liberal Logic:

    Sunnis killing Shites and Shites Killing Sunnis = George Bush’s fault.

    The “100K+ Muslims killed in the Iraq war” were mosly killed by Muslim on Muslim violence, but will anyone in the News media ever actually say this?

    ...and risk their “Journalistic Credibility”? Not a chance.

  • Did Obamaphones trigger the Boston bombs?

    04/25/2013 12:28:56 PM PDT · 35 of 39

    a 2.4ghz RX with a 1/2 mile range has a 1” long antenna. the RX can be on the ouside of the bomb and the wires go through a .032” hole drilled in the case to the detonator.

    These guys were a couple blocks max from the bombs... easily within the range of the cheapest 1/10 scale RX car electronics.

    Its a good thing most terrorists aren’t too sharp, because it doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a lot of money to build an RC bomb.

    A 20 model 2.4Ghz RC TX can be bought for $60, meaning someone could theoretically bind 20 different $6 RX’s to 1 TX and blow up each separately. I’m confident there is a Prepper out there right now with 20 RC Claymores on his property.

  • Did Obamaphones trigger the Boston bombs?

    04/25/2013 10:51:47 AM PDT · 20 of 39
    UNGN to 2harddrive

    2.4Ghz RC stuff would have a up to 1/2 mile range and would be cheaper than a phone and un traceable. 2.4gh RX’s are $5, ESC’s to ignite a fuse are $6, TX’s are $15...and this is for GOOD stuff.

    These guys would have to be complete idiots to use a cell phone with this small of a bomb. Maybe with an OKC sized bomb.

  • How much did homeland security know about dead 'bomber?'

    04/22/2013 7:26:29 AM PDT · 36 of 46
    UNGN to Uncle Chip

    ...And 3 people turn up dead (throats slit in Muslim Terrorist style) on the 10th anniversary of Sept 11 and the FBI/Boston PD doesn’t inverview the “best friend” of one of the dead, a Chechen Muslim, who then leaves to go back to Russia.