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  • A Return to Triangulation (libertarion vs social right)

    10/25/2006 5:31:09 PM PDT · 175 of 1,665
    VadeRetro to Jim Robinson
    Liberal Classic: However, you posts seem to indicate to methat you're in favor of making war on my faction, figuratively speaking. This is impolitic, because it is going to alientate a large number of people and hurt the conservative cause.

    Jim Robinson: By the way, if they are truly conservative or Republican as you claim, how would my action on FR have any bearing whatsoever on whether or not they continue promoting conservative causes or voting Republican? Are you saying that if I don't agree with them they are going to renounce their beliefs in conservative ideals? Wow! Sounds like these scientists are pretty thin skinned and short sighted (or really not conservative at all).

    I see nothing reassuring in there that--Get ready! Here comes a breathtaker!--the War on Those Not at War on Science here on FR is not real. Then there's this:

    Well, I'm not particularly interested in attracting Godless Marxists to FR. And I sincerely doubt they're really interested in helping us in reach our goals.

    On a crevo thread, I'd jump on something like that for a strawman bait-and-switch copout.

    We have a disconnect between two claims for what FR even is. One is "FR, the premier website of conservatism." So it seems WE'RE going to roll back decades of gummint largesse and make the country safe for freedom. Seems clear. We're gonna do great stuff. With OUR money, and whose else?

    The other is "FR, JR's personal website to do as he damn well pleases therewith including if he so desires spread the news that the theory of evolution is a socialist conspiracy." Got it. "MY freedom of association! MY property! MINE! MINE!"

    Yours, yes. No site can be the first thing, the premier website of conservatism, for me if it's the second thing for you. You and your site are fired.

    Reason: Tinfoil

    My browser has a new homepage today.

  • A Return to Triangulation (libertarion vs social right)

    10/25/2006 4:04:22 PM PDT · 157 of 1,665
    VadeRetro to Jim Robinson
    Don't forget homosexuality and global warming. I'm sure the theory of evolution is a great boon to those Marxist theories as well.

    Bodily fluids, Jim. Don't forget those!

  • A Return to Triangulation (libertarion vs social right)

    10/25/2006 2:05:01 PM PDT · 100 of 1,665
    VadeRetro to Jim Robinson
    Then I'll stop wasting my time.
  • A Return to Triangulation (libertarion vs social right)

    10/25/2006 2:00:48 PM PDT · 95 of 1,665
    VadeRetro to Jim Robinson
    ... the theory of evolution and other socialist dogma ...

    This is probably where you're having the problem seeing the problem.

  • A Return to Triangulation (libertarion vs social right)

    10/25/2006 1:50:24 PM PDT · 87 of 1,665
    VadeRetro to Dominic Harr
    I've got a feeling I'm going to be sorry I jumped into the middle of this. But I do think the Evo side tends to be ruder.

    I won't pretend to be unbiased, but it's hard to believe.

  • A Return to Triangulation (libertarion vs social right)

    10/25/2006 1:46:56 PM PDT · 83 of 1,665
    VadeRetro to Jim Robinson
    What is antiscience?

    On FR, the following topics are controversial:

    1. Biology (contains actual biological evolution)
    2. Geology (supports an old Earth)
    3. Paleontology (supports the above two)
    4. Astronomy (supports an old and mechanistic universe)
    5. Cosmology (too often does not mean somebody's preconditions)
    6. Physics (too mechanistic)
    The actual objections to the above are more varied (sometimes fantastical) than my brief paraphrases can accurately portray. At any rate, let's say the common thread would be an unwarranted skepticism to anything we've learned in the last 200 or so years.
  • A Return to Triangulation (libertarion vs social right)

    10/25/2006 1:38:33 PM PDT · 75 of 1,665
    VadeRetro to Jim Robinson
    You think maybe the antiscience types are doing a better job?
  • A Return to Triangulation (libertarion vs social right)

    10/25/2006 1:32:02 PM PDT · 69 of 1,665
    VadeRetro to Jim Robinson; Ichneumon
    And some of you are absolutely worthless to the cause of conservatism.

    It is a talking point of the left that there is a conservative (or Republican) war on science. To let this become undeniable would drive conservatism over a cliff. It will give the left an issue which cannot fail to provoke distrust of conservatives among people who like living with the benefits of science.

    Thus I submit that the pro-science posters on FR are fighting to preserve the credibility and electability of conservatives.

  • A Return to Triangulation (libertarion vs social right)

    10/25/2006 12:55:10 PM PDT · 50 of 1,665
    VadeRetro to Ichneumon
    Something has gotten way out of whack recently, and it's not good for FreeRepublic, and it's not right.

    The place is marginalizing itself to hell in a bucket. Every science thread now is a snake pit, and it's the people who try to answer the freak show who seem to be on thin ice with the management.

  • [Canada] Evangelical schools ordered to teach Darwin (Or be shut down)

    10/25/2006 12:08:34 PM PDT · 125 of 160
    VadeRetro to Stultis
    In a private school they do, and should. [Have the right to lie to their kids about what science has learned thus far.]

    I'll admit to not having worked out to a fine line and in all cases the degree to which parents "own" their kids. Few even on these threads would object to the government intervening to prevent a parent from murdering a child. (This would be especially true if the murder were part of an offering to some diety called "Moloch," but I digress.)

    I agree that there comes a point where the state is meddling too much. For me, assuming the charges are accurate, what the Quebec government is doing is not yet across that line.

  • Geologists Make Better Estimates of Rock Ages, Study Global Climate Change

    10/25/2006 11:59:41 AM PDT · 21 of 41
    VadeRetro to metmom
    Leave off one stinking </sarcasm> and somebody is guaranteed to pounce with how stupid she can be.
  • The challenge to Darwin’s theory of evolution – Part 5

    10/25/2006 9:59:29 AM PDT · 137 of 146
    VadeRetro to js1138; DaveLoneRanger
    Manners require him to monitor the thread and respond.

    Once again our little straight shooter has cut and run and is starting other threads while his IN-basket has piled up here.

  • Geologists Make Better Estimates of Rock Ages, Study Global Climate Change

    10/25/2006 9:41:46 AM PDT · 16 of 41
    VadeRetro to ahayes
    I logged in to point this out, but the level of stupid on this thread is so high I wonder why I even bothered. Forget it.

    I'm just going to note that this isn't even a biology thread. It isn't about any question Charles Darwin ever considered in his life.

    It's about geology. It's about whether, starting 428 million years ago, some particular layers of strata took 333.333 times longer to form than Ussher allowed for the age of the Earth or whether they took 1,666.666 times longer.

    But the same troupe of wild-eyed grotesques has popped out here as would emerge on any thread related to actual biological evolution. Other topics they don't like: Cosmology, Paleontology, Astronomy, and Nuclear Chemistry (to the extent it supports radiometric dating), Physics (too Godlessly mechanistic)...

    But they all love science. They just don't accept something called "evolution."

  • [Canada] Evangelical schools ordered to teach Darwin (Or be shut down)

    10/25/2006 7:03:58 AM PDT · 118 of 160
    VadeRetro to Heartlander
    Let’s cut to the chase here…

    I've done that repeatedly on this thead. Science class is not and never will be about establishing a basis for human ethical behavior. It's a sad commentary that you think the only basis for such is a fear that an all-powerful invisible monster will torture you forever if you offend him.

  • [Canada] Evangelical schools ordered to teach Darwin (Or be shut down)

    10/24/2006 6:49:29 PM PDT · 100 of 160
    VadeRetro to metmom
    Of course it's good for business, because what science teaches as *true* today, won't necessarily be true next week, or month, or year. It's constantly changing, which means what was taught before was wrong and needed to be corrected. So after long enough, we have a whole generation remembering scientific *fact* that is no longer correct. How reliable is that?

    Science, by "changing its story," converges relentlessly on an increasingly accurate description of nature. This has worked wonderfully well, far better than concentrating on having an unchanging story ever would have.

    The proper content of science class is a description of where science is now in that pursuit. The improper content of such a class would be a barrage of material which imputes that somehow the last 150 years of scientific progress were a wrong turn.

  • [Canada] Evangelical schools ordered to teach Darwin (Or be shut down)

    10/24/2006 6:35:24 PM PDT · 98 of 160
    VadeRetro to Heartlander
    Ethical behavior is obviously a survival strategy for a social species. But I like Ayn Rand's formulation better overall than whatever these guys are bumbling toward.

    That said, science is descriptive, not prescriptive. I think you've been told that before.

  • [Canada] Evangelical schools ordered to teach Darwin (Or be shut down)

    10/24/2006 6:30:57 PM PDT · 95 of 160
    VadeRetro to metmom
    So you know that all science is replaced by *creationism* in this school?

    The Canadian government has raised the concern based on their investigation thus far. I would think that much is obvious, unless you think I am Pierre Daoust.

    Well, I do like the song "La Mer."

  • [Canada] Evangelical schools ordered to teach Darwin (Or be shut down)

    10/24/2006 6:22:44 PM PDT · 91 of 160
    VadeRetro to Heartlander
    I know that you have stated that you believe your mind ‘ultimately’ comes from mindlessness...

    I'd say that consciousness is an epiphenomenon of having a certain level of brain development. There's a lot of evidence that mind=brain function and we do see every gradation of brain in living and fossil animals.

    ... try to put your jackboots aside for a moment.

    You must be the Reasonable Creationist on this thread.

    Is this [Provine quote] to be accepted as scientific doctrine that which we all must adhere to, or are we allowed to question this?

    I question it myself. I think Provine's a horse's butt. But, whether he's right or wrong, science doesn't address such nonsense.

  • [Canada] Evangelical schools ordered to teach Darwin (Or be shut down)

    10/24/2006 6:17:35 PM PDT · 89 of 160
    VadeRetro to metmom
    Please provide some evidence to back up your statements that this is what's being taught in Christian schools or this school in particular.

    Per the article, a Canadian offical specifically identifies the content of "science" courses taught in l'Ecole Evangelique as "creationist." When you offer creationism as science, you offer a grab-bag of discredited screeches that science is wrong as science.

    I have not offered an opinion on the science content of every and any school that advertises itself as Christian. I understand that most Catholic schools teach the theory of evolution, if you consider Catholicism as Christianity. (But I have noticed that most creationists don't have much truck with theistic evos like the late John Paul II.)

  • [Canada] Evangelical schools ordered to teach Darwin (Or be shut down)

    10/24/2006 6:08:03 PM PDT · 86 of 160
    VadeRetro to Khepera
    Perhaps they don't really know what educate means.

    I'm sure they have dictionaries in Canada.

    Just because they are the government does not mean they know anything.

    Happily, they don't have to actually teach the classes.

    Just because something is being taught in the schools does not make it the truth or even true.

    It isn't that hard to find out what science is saying on a topic. Scientists publish their results. Textbook publishers like to be accurate. It's good for business.

    Science classes are accurate when they closely reflect what science really says. They are inaccurate when they give undue weight to utterly discredited attacks on what science says. A child well educated in the first circumstances is ready to go on in science if such is his aim. A child educated only in false antiscience propaganda has been baited, switched, swindled, and doomed to be a spectator.