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  • Poll names Pelosi, congressional Republicans 'losers'

    12/28/2009 9:36:51 AM PST · 13 of 15
    Vetvoice to SmokingJoe

    Joe Wilson might be in a position to stand for Speaker of the House.

  • U.S. Army Stryker Brigade Facing Deadly Struggle Against IEDs in Afghanistan - Video 9/8/09

    09/09/2009 12:39:14 PM PDT · 5 of 5
    Vetvoice to Rembrandt
    Israel has an answer and the needed equipment to stop this. It is held is the Israeli arms firm of Rafael and called ??? They tried to sell them to us, we tried to sell them some Strykers and everybody left to get a beer
  • 'Widow maker' Lav3 in army budget blowout

    08/08/2009 7:12:29 PM PDT · 92 of 92
    Vetvoice to KiaKaha

    The New Zealand Royal Defense Force bought over 100 Strykers while watching ours roll over, bog down and really make asses of themselves. Now we cannot take it to Afghanistan because the roads are too small? WHAT? Did we build a fleet of land warriors that cannot leave the road?

  • Study: 28 percent of deployed troop votes not counted

    05/22/2009 5:08:32 PM PDT · 25 of 25
    Vetvoice to Big_Monkey

    If you toss out the phony voting applications and false votes from ACORN, you’ll be getting pretty close.

  • Card Check: Good for Unions, Bad for America

    03/22/2009 3:01:23 AM PDT · 3 of 4
    Vetvoice to Bobalu

    This is a one-sided trick. The management has the entire working day to get out their message before the cards are presented. The unions are allowed to go to the worker’s home with a recruiter and two or more thugs for “protection.” Now who has a more fair position: the management at work or the unions with union workers surrounding the worker’s family.

    There was a time that labor unions brought equality to the labor floor. Government agencies like FUTA, FIDA, OSHA, and many others have obvioted the need for big brother unions. Let them work within places they control like the local government labor force and leave the governed alone.

  • 45% Suspect Obama Team Involved in Blagojevich Scandal

    01/03/2009 4:21:04 PM PST · 55 of 56
    Vetvoice to the invisib1e hand

    The original post is on a hunting magazine like Tn. Deerhunters - or something similar.

  • 'Widow maker' Lav3 in army budget blowout

    12/27/2008 8:37:25 PM PST · 91 of 92
    Vetvoice to KiaKaha

    I’ve worked with both wheeled and tracked vehicles in combat. What I write reflects some of my experience. What is your experience? Be careful when you use cross oceanic adjectives like “bollocks.” Most do not know what it means so it applies to you s well as me.

  • Rumsfeld nemesis Shinseki to be named VA secretary

    12/07/2008 12:43:58 AM PST · 21 of 33
    Vetvoice to 2banana
    No, he graduated from Ranger School. He never served in a Ranger troop formation with the 75th Ranger Regiment.
  • McCain's POW Status Slimed by Democrats High and Low

    06/30/2008 10:56:34 AM PDT · 38 of 43
    Vetvoice to Winged Hussar

    As Commander of NATO, Clark he had direct control over all NATO operations. He commanded the NATO effort in Bosnia and elsewhere.

    British Lieutenant General Michael Jackson was Clark’s on the scene commander in Bosnia. When Clark told him to use his pararoopers to stop the Russians, Jackson told Clark, “I won’t start WW III for you.”

    The feuding generals turned to their command authorities in their home countries for instructions. The United States replaced Clark with Air Force General Ralston who had a pre-maritial affair that kept him from higher rank.

    Clark was dismissed on a document signed by all command authorities including Bill Clinton. When asked about him later, his former boss, Hugh Shelton said, “General Hugh Shelton would say of Clark during his 2004 campaign that “the reason he came out of Europe early had to do with integrity and character issues, things that are very near and dear to my heart. I’m not going to say whether I’m a Republican or a Democrat. I’ll just say Wes won’t get my vote,” though Shelton never elaborated further on what these issues were.

  • Department of Veterans Affairs Prepares to Strip John McCain of Vietnam Veteran Title

    06/30/2008 10:47:59 AM PDT · 41 of 115
    Vetvoice to Terry Mross

    Someone on here is smoking dope. What ocean is McCain’s prison in? It is in Vietvan you twerp. The title is Vietnam veteran - not North or South Vietnam.

  • U.S. Supreme Court backs Guantánamo prisoners' right to appeal

    06/13/2008 12:43:25 AM PDT · 275 of 308
    Vetvoice to WOSG

    As fine of a writer as he is, Supreme Justice Scalia probably argued for the wrong class in his dissent today. The majority of the Justices who love the enemy lost sight of where this ruling will play out. Both Scalia and Kennedy spoke of the rights of the prisoners captured in foreign lands by Americans. Well, let us suppose that it is next year and all of our infantry knows that the slimy lawyers and greasy judges are going to return the people shooting at them to their bunkers.

    Eventually, the American army of infantry-armor teams using fire and maneuver tactics will carry the day at any fortification. Many of uninjured the enemy combatants will run away. Many of their brethren will be dead and many more will be too injured to run. They would normally fall into our hands as prisoners. But lets be clear – we were not shooting at these cut throats because they were singing too loud in church. They were attacking our soldiers – or those of our allies. Our infantry do not like to fight the same battle twice. As of now, our troops were reasonably certain that high value targets would be tried by military tribunals and be brought to justice. Now, they know different. There will be many of these prisoner cases that will never be brought to trial because the evidence against them, if offered in open court, will reveal methods and means of gathering intelligence. The federal prosecutors would rather allow the prisoner to go free than to disclose our intelligence assets.

    So, most of those smarmy bastards will walk out of prison and straight back to the nearest AK-47 he can find and start firing it on Americans again. To stop that, our troops are going to make certain that all occupants of a defeated fortification that they fought and defeated are dead at the end of the fight. There is another term that has its root in WW II of assuring the death of possible prisoners – “double tap.” That is the simple firing of another round through the forehead of all wounded or frightened enemy remaining onsite. Americans are a passionate and caring people as nurtured by our civilization and culture. However, if our soldiers are looking at the next guy that will peek down a scope and try to kill him, it will not be difficult to have them “double tap” the enemy – right between the eyes.

    So Scalia and Kennedy might have paid respect to international law, but they did no favor for enemy combatants. In my estimation, they put a target on the forehead of all enemy captives. They will not be seen as “captives,” they will simply be dead at the scene – another WW II term describes that – “KIA” for killed in action.

    Lonnie Shoultz, Life Member
    Special Forces Association, D-6303

  • 'Widow maker' Lav3 in army budget blowout

    05/20/2008 11:25:10 PM PDT · 90 of 92
    Vetvoice to KiaKaha
    New Zealand bought 105 of those junkers and soon realized what a blunder they had made. Currently they are using one half of their force for deployment and one half for training the follow-on crews.
  • Strykers Refurbished After Iraq

    03/24/2007 7:08:51 PM PDT · 37 of 38
    Vetvoice to Khurkris

    I back mine with three years in the Army, 18 months in Vietnam and eight years in college - four for a Bachelors, two for a Masters amd two more for my PhD. That and a lifetime of contacts with all military from servicing soldiers to reserves and contractors keep me pretty well on top of things...

  • Strykers Refurbished After Iraq

    03/24/2007 7:01:41 PM PDT · 36 of 38
    Vetvoice to R. Scott

    Name one system during Vietnam that required civilian technicians.

  • I Miss Iraq. I Miss My Gun. I Miss My War.

    03/24/2007 6:56:23 PM PDT · 112 of 122
    Vetvoice to FreedomPoster

    You get 'em. When you turn around, I'll be there.

  • Insurgents target Strykers in Iraq

    03/16/2007 1:28:55 AM PDT · 55 of 57
    Vetvoice to Paul Ross
    It sounds more like the crew did a better job of protecting the female embedded reporter. Why can female reporters be embedded and female soldiers cannot?
  • US senators meet Assad despite White House criticism (Kerry, Dodd)

    12/24/2006 12:17:47 AM PST · 35 of 35
    Vetvoice to mak5

    You'll have better luck getting Bill Richardson prosecuted as the unofficial American ambassador to North Korea. They fly into New Mexico to see him, hold their meeting and go back to the North.

    He is an ex-Ambassador to the UN. He is now the Governor of New Mexico. He has no standing, or right, to speak with those turkeys about anything.

  • US senators meet Assad despite White House criticism (Kerry, Dodd)

    12/23/2006 11:52:15 PM PST · 34 of 35
    Vetvoice to b4its2late
    Ah, let "Lurch" have his meeting. That is as close as he will ever come to Foreign Affairs. Christopher Dodd has heard the war drums and is putting his committee together. All of them need to read their history books. Since WW II, no Senator has been elected President without serving as a Vice President or a Governor. The President looks in the mirror in the morning as sees the worries of the world. A Senator looks in the mirror and sees a President. He/she is just not up to it.
  • Stryker Clones Displace Tracks in Europe

    12/23/2006 11:26:20 PM PST · 68 of 68
    Vetvoice to globalheater
    The Stryker is the most expensive battle taxi we have ever bought that will not swim or go off-road.
  • Stryker Clones Displace Tracks in Europe

    12/23/2006 11:24:15 PM PST · 67 of 68
    Vetvoice to Non-Sequitur
    You, my friend, need to familiarize yourself with the inundation of Muslims into Europe. That is the next flashpoint.