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  • The Earth as a weapon in 21st Century of Wars

    12/27/2003 12:29:05 PM PST · by vladog · 26 replies · 361+ views
    TWN ^ | Unknown | By Rahab S Hawa
    The Earth as a weapon in 21st Century of Wars By Rahab S Hawa While scientists, governments and concerned groups worry about increased industrial emissions of greenhouse gases and its effects on the planet, the role of the military in climate change has been ignored. ‘When environmental crises occur, it is usually only the civilian economy that is called upon to rectify the balance, while military programmes are rarely taken to task,’ says Dr Rosalie Bertell, renowned scientist and nuclear activist. According to her, the military has got away scot-free from responsibility for polluting the environment and ecological disasters. In...
  • The Practice Of Eminence: An Interview With Charles Murray

    12/27/2003 9:34:16 AM PST · by vladog · 14 replies · 700+ views
    Toogood Reports ^ | 12/28/03 | Bernard Chapin
    The Practice Of Eminence: An Interview With Charles Murray By Bernard Chapin CLICK HERE Toogood Reports [Christmas Weekender, December 28, 2003; 12:01 a.m. EST] URL: Dr. Charles Murray is the W.H. Brady Scholar in Culture and Freedom at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington DC. AEI is one of the most prestigious research think tanks in the world and some of the most important names in conservatism can be found within their roster of scholars and fellows. Dr. Murray has published voluminously over the years and his books have had tremendous influence over the way ideas are discussed in...
  • Protect Marriage Without Constitutional Amendment

    12/27/2003 9:24:59 AM PST · by vladog · 19 replies · 617+ views ^ | Friday, Dec. 26, 2003 | Mike Thompson
    Protect Marriage Without Constitutional Amendment Mike Thompson Friday, Dec. 26, 2003 In Massachusetts, historic cradle of American liberties, the state Supreme Court has become the contemporary incubator of libertines, decreeing that the Legislature, like it or not, must draft a law to legitimize homosexual coupling. In Washington, DC, just a few weeks before, the U.S. Supreme Court had set the predicate for the Bay State's perversion of marriage when it decreed that states may not criminalize private and consensual adult homosexual acts. Such radical departure from the norms of society has provoked an overriding majority of Americans to demand a...
  • Group Opposes Saudi Arabia Accountability Act

    12/27/2003 9:09:37 AM PST · by vladog · 4 replies · 213+ views ^ | Friday, Dec. 26, 2003 | Carl Limbacher and Staff
    Group Opposes Saudi Arabia Accountability Act The Saudi Arabia Accountability Act was introduced in both the U.S. House and Senate and is currently in committee. The bill seeks to place sanctions against the kingdom for not cooperating with the United States in the war on terror. "The reality is the kingdom is in a daily battle against terrorism and has cooperated fully with the United States in combating terrorism," says the Saudi-American Forum. Saudi Arabia has been praised for its efforts from President Bush and numerous high-ranking officials. This accountability bill only seeks to damage the U.S.-Saudi relationship and to...
  • Liberals: Always Sympathetic To The Plight Of Evil

    12/26/2003 11:24:31 AM PST · by vladog · 11 replies · 507+ views
    Toogood Reports ^ | 12/28/03 | Bob Ellis
    Liberals: Always Sympathetic To The Plight Of Evil By Bob Ellis CLICK HERE Toogood Reports [Christmas Weekender, December 28, 2003; 12:01 a.m. EST] URL: When video of the capture of Saddam Hussein was broadcast across the world, most of us cheered and some gave thanks to God. There were those, however, who were plunged into an abyss of grief, and not all of them were Democrats. A number of other liberals and enablers of despots have begun a chorus of whining about the "humiliation" and "loss of dignity" to Saddam. We could have shot him and broadcast the pictures...
  • The True/False Liberalism Quiz

    12/23/2003 9:14:14 AM PST · by vladog · 2 replies · 59+ views
    Right Wing News ^ | December 23, 2003 | By John Hawkins & Doc Jerry Komar
    The True/False Liberalism Quiz By John Hawkins & Doc Jerry Komar Have you ever wondered if you're really a liberal? Well, wonder no more! Just take this nifty little true/false quiz and all will be revealed! 1. Bush was selected, not Hitler! 2. Criminals are victims too...well unless, they steal my old Joan Baez tracks. Do you know hard it was to get those? I'd like to kill that guy! 3. Loving America means talking about what's wrong with it incessantly and downplaying all the good things it does. 4. Howard Dean would be another great Jimmy Carter!...
  • The Making of A Conspiracy Theory

    12/23/2003 8:53:06 AM PST · by vladog · 4 replies · 23+ views
    Washingtonpost ^ | Tuesday, December 23, 2003 | By Richard Cohen
    <p>Princess Di was killed because she was preggers with the child of Dodi Fayed. John F. Kennedy was killed by the Mafia. Israel's intelligence service, the Mossad, pulled off the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and, as we all know, the media are controlled by liberals -- or maybe it's the Jews. Being both, I ought to know, but the answer eludes me -- or maybe I'm not telling.</p>
  • The Eternal Arab Division

    12/20/2003 10:56:02 AM PST · by vladog · 6 replies · 5+ views
    Arab News ^ | 12/20/03 | Abdul Rahman Al-Rashid
    The Eternal Arab Division Abdul Rahman Al-Rashid A lot of tears were shed on the day that Saddam was paraded on television. Some shed tears for him, and others cried because of what he did — and as usual the Arab world was divided into two camps. Most Iraqis saw their jailer imprisoned, while a not insignificant group saw their hero humiliated. That is the way of the Arab world, which with its huge population, varied countries and conflicting interests is big enough to encompass such a wide range of emotions. For the last twenty years, whenever Kurds, Shiites and...
  • Democrats' 2004 Political Agenda: Arrogance And Simple Selfishness

    12/20/2003 10:35:32 AM PST · by vladog · 2 replies · 5+ views
    Toogood Reports ^ | 12/21/03 | Mary Mostert
    Toogood Reports [Weekender, December 21, 2003; 12:01 a.m. EST] URL: On Monday, in a press conference following the capture of Saddam Hussein, President Bush said, in the presence of two members of the Iraq interim governing council," "This weekend's capture of Saddam Hussein was a great moment for the people of Iraq. Iraqi citizens have lost a source of fear, and they can now focus with confidence on the task of creating a hopeful and self-governing nation." While warning that the "terrorists in Iraq remain dangerous," he went on to comment on the impact of Saddam Hussein´s capture to...
  • Quote Of The Day: The Reactionary Left's Motto

    12/19/2003 11:48:12 AM PST · by vladog · 8 replies · 153+ views
    Right Wing News ^ | December 19, 2003 | John Hawkins
    Quote Of The Day: The Reactionary Left's Motto Here's quote of the day from James Taranto, "...(C)ommunism, evil though it was, at least was premised on a universalist vision of a better world. Why does the left now defend fascist regimes? Because they're no longer for anything; what's important is what they're against: America, Israel, "Eurocentric" civilization. The motto of today's reactionary left ought to be "The enemy of my country is my friend." I hate to say this, I really, really, do, but Taranto is dead on target with that quote. If you don't believe it, just look at...
  • School recruiters meet resistance

    12/19/2003 9:49:07 AM PST · by vladog · 89 replies · 193+ views
    The Christian Science Monitor ^ | 12/19/03 | By Tommy Nguyen
    School recruiters meet resistance By Tommy Nguyen | Contributor to The Christian Science Monitor SAN FRANCISCO – Last summer Mark Spencer's 17-year-old son received a phone call from a military recruiter. Mr. Spencer told the recruiter not to call his son again. An hour later, the recruiter called their Mesquite, Texas, residence a second time. The next week he left phone messages. "It's a predatory practice," says Spencer, "to keep calling students even if their parents object." Predatory practice or civic responsibility? The government, parents, and some school districts disagree. "It's a George W. Bush thing," says Santa Cruz, Calif.,...
  • Canada For Clark

    12/19/2003 9:10:47 AM PST · by vladog · 33 replies · 90+ views ^ | 12/19/03 | Canadians For Wesley Clark
    Re: ..and that rightwing faux journalist's claims is a brand new website and has failed to make any sort of impact (until a popular rightwing net-journalist took notice). The majority of visitors to this site are American, and by our estimate, not a single Canadian donated to through our site (even if they had tried, the donation page would've denied non-Americans the chance to donate!). The link to has of course been removed, as we have just become aware of the organization's new rules concerning foreign donations. We completely agree with the guidelines they have...
  • Amnesty: Saddam photo humiliating

    12/19/2003 8:52:21 AM PST · by vladog · 80 replies · 348+ views ^ | Thursday, December 18, 2003 | By CNN's Peter Wilkinson
    <p>BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Leading human rights organization Amnesty International has branded as humiliating the publication of a new photo of Saddam Hussein.</p> <p>An Iraqi newspaper on Thursday published the picture of the deposed Iraqi president in captivity, and Baghdad residents were hurrying to buy copies, said CNN correspondent Satinder Bindra.</p>
  • NY Times Reporters Defy Order to Reveal Sources

    12/19/2003 8:45:42 AM PST · by vladog · 9 replies · 77+ views
    Reuters ^ | Thu December 18, 2003 | By Caroline Drees, Security Correspondent
    NY Times Reporters Defy Order to Reveal Sources Thu December 18, 2003 06:28 PM ET (Page 1 of 2) By Caroline Drees, Security Correspondent WASHINGTON (Reuters) - In a case that has raised concerns about journalists' rights, two New York Times reporters on Thursday defied an order by a U.S. federal judge to disclose their sources in a lawsuit filed by a scientist once suspected of spying. New York Times reporters James Risen and Jeff Gerth are among five journalists subpoenaed by Wen Ho Lee, who has filed a lawsuit against the government for allegedly violating the federal Privacy Act...
  • 'Gender Blind' Dorm Tops Annual List of Campus Follies

    12/18/2003 1:18:32 PM PST · by vladog · 7 replies · 217+ views
    NewsMax ^ | Thursday, Dec. 18, 2003 | Young America’s Foundation
    'Gender Blind' Dorm Tops Annual List of Campus Follies Young America’s Foundation Thursday, Dec. 18, 2003 Our nation’s education system continues to be weighted down with incidences of bias and political correctness. Young America’s Foundation compiled a list of the top 10 most shameful campus events in America’s education system in 2003: 10. Gonzaga University (Spokane, Wash.) administration officials censored a conservative student group’s flyer advertising a Young America’s Foundation organized lecture because the word “hate” was used on the flyer. The flyer in question featured the topic of guest speaker Dan Flynn’s speech, “Why the Left Hates America,” which...
  • Outrageous Democrats Have A Way Of Accusing Others Of What They Themselves Do So Well

    12/18/2003 1:01:44 PM PST · by vladog · 7 replies · 82+ views
    Toogood Reports ^ | 12/18/03 | Bob Ellis
    These juvenile Democrats are getting as predictable as death and taxes (and about as pleasant). You can always count on them, in varying degrees, to say some of the most outrageous and hypocritical things imaginable. Congressman "Baghdad Jim" McDermott (D-WA) has opened his mouth and shoved both feet firmly inside once again. Regarding the capture of Saddam Hussein this weekend, he opined that American forces could have captured him "a long time ago if they wanted." Further, he believes the capture was timed to help President Bush. "Yeah. Oh, yeah." That makes a lot of sense: Bush let the country...

    12/17/2003 8:15:23 PM PST · by vladog · 19 replies · 154+ views
    BOROWITZ ^ | 12/17/03 | BOROWITZ report
    INTERROGATORS SHOW SADDAM ‘TRISTA AND RYAN’S WEDDING’ Rumsfeld Defends Tactics U.S. interrogators are pressuring Saddam Hussein to cooperate with them by repeatedly showing him ABC's two-hour wedding special featuring "Bachelorette" Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter, the Pentagon acknowledged today. News of the Pentagon's use of "Trista and Ryan's Wedding" rippled through international human rights circles today, with some watchdog groups claiming that showing certain reality programs to prisoners of war could be in violation of the Geneva Conventions. "Watching Trista marry Ryan once is punishment, but watching it six, seven times in a row may in fact constitute torture," said...
  • The "Cockroach" Is A Coward —And So Are The Democrats

    12/17/2003 9:00:22 AM PST · by vladog · 19 replies · 15+ views
    Toogood Reports ^ | 12/17/03 | Debbie Daniel
    Does anyone know how to sing the “Hallelujah Chorus?” After the Republicans finish the first verse, I hope and pray the Democrats will have the decency to stand and sing the second. It was a bit disconcerting to see only one Democrat within the first two hours of the breaking news of Saddam Hussein´s surrender come out on television and give his opinion of this grand capture. What disappointed me most about Senator Lieberman was that he could not resist the temptation to get “political” on a day that should have been totally off limits to politicking. But he took...
  • Are The Democrats Becoming The Palestinians Of American Politics?

    12/16/2003 10:01:25 AM PST · by vladog · 13 replies · 34+ views
    Toogood Reports ^ | 12/16/03 | Philip Safran
    Are The Democrats Becoming The Palestinians Of American Politics? By Philip Safran Toogood Reports [Tuesday, December 16, 2003; 12:01 a.m. EST] URL: One thing I have always wondered about in Mid East politics is, with all the talk about the Palestinians, what exactly are the Palestinians? So far I have come up with only one answer. They are a group of people who hate Israel. I am not aware of any other unifying national characteristics of the Palestinians. If you don´t want to take my word for it that their nationalism is a negative one look at their own...
  • N.Y. Times Paints Hussein Capture as Bush Vendetta

    12/16/2003 9:22:15 AM PST · by vladog · 21 replies · 165+ views ^ | Tuesday, Dec. 16, 2003 | Carl Limbacher and Staff
    N.Y. Times Paints Hussein Capture as Bush Vendetta If you believe that the capture of Saddam Hussein was an important step forward in the war against terrorism you are wrong: it was just a case of the Bush family settling old scores, according to the New York Times. The "capture of Mr. Hussein in his earthen hiding place was the sweetest kind of vindication for a president who has earned worldwide skepticism and criticism — along with substantial praise — for his Iraq policy," wrote the Times' Todd S. Purdum. Note that the president "has earned" all that "worldwide skepticism...