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  • Eliminate Israel, Eliminate Islamic Terrorism?-A look at Muslim logic and Western naivety.

    03/06/2018 5:03:36 PM PST · 23 of 23
    walford to SJackson

    As we have seen when the IDF forcibly removed settlers from Gaza in a unilateral withdrawal, when the Infidel leaves or is driven out, there is a blood-bath among the Muslims, with the most heavily armed and ruthless faction taking power.

    Then a terrorist state is established, which promptly turns its attention to further violent conquest.

    Such is the fruit of appeasing a culture that has no provision for peaceful co-existence — with outsiders, nor each other.

  • Social Media Freeway

    03/04/2018 5:07:21 PM PST · 1 of 4
    The Leftists who run Social Media are turning up the heat on censoring conservative alternatives to the biased Establishment Media
  • Anarchy Is Swallowing Up the Social Order

    03/03/2018 4:48:50 PM PST · 53 of 53
    walford to Kaslin

    “...The momentum toward anarchy began with the move toward federal government expansion. During Woodrow Wilson’s presidency, we began to see the implementation of what is now called the administrative state.”

    It is more than arguable that this process began at least as far back as the aftermath of the American Civil War. I certainly am not making the case that the Union should have been dissolved, but the outcome was not all good — including for the North.

    At that time, the Federal Government essentially abolished the 10th Amendment, stepping in as it saw fit when State Law did not comport with central government and socio-economic values concocted by the elites.

    Most typically, these rulings are cast down by unelected bureaucrats or SCoTUS justices who decide that laws enacted by our elected representatives do not conform with their Utopian value system — when, in fact they are supposed to determine whether laws conform with the Constitution.

  • Brown University Course: "Resistance to Racial Equality From the Civil War to Donald Trump"

    03/03/2018 4:32:58 PM PST · 1 of 25
    Leftist indoctrination offered by Brown University explaining that Donald Trump was elected due to "WhiteLash" - rather than a rejection of Collectivism, Illegal Immigration, Establishment politicians, dependency, crime, terrorism, racial/class hatred...
  • Stone Age Statue Was Too Racy for Facebook

    03/03/2018 12:43:01 PM PST · 30 of 30
    walford to Elsie

    As I said, the real reason is conservative voices will accumulate stalkers who are waiting for a chance to report you so you can be silenced.

    And regarding any suspension here on FR, I’m in my 15th year here. I’ve had a couple of my threads deleted because of comments by others. That’s just how admins roll here; rather than delete the offending comments, just wipe out the entire discussion.

    That’s why I moved to FB in the first place. But in the aftermath of the 2016 election, Social Media is cracking down on conservatives.

    I’m doing a lot of self-censorship these days — but not of ideas; just how they are expressed.

  • CPAC caused me to leave the GOP

    03/02/2018 6:57:30 PM PST · 41 of 107
    walford to WilliamIII

    This person is kvetching about the fact that the GOP Establishment failed to ram yet another RINO down our throats.

  • Stone Age Statue Was Too Racy for Facebook

    03/02/2018 6:27:44 PM PST · 26 of 30
    walford to All

    I recently got a 24-hour suspension on Facebook for posting a well-known meme from South Park’s “With Apologies with Jesse Jackson.” Then I just got a 3-day suspension from Facebook and a 12-hour suspension from Twitter for posting a meme of Michael Jackson eating Tide Pods.

    Take a look at my profiles on those Social Media sites to see the real reason I’ve been shut-out.

    I’m in my 11th year on Facebook and my 9th year on Twitter. Have I turned bad? Have the rules changed? Others have warned about watching those who are following you on Social Media. If you are a conservative, you will have stalkers and trolls. They will report you for trivial reasons to with the object of having you silenced.

    But it’s getting tighter out there; Social Media is run by Leftists and their sensitivity is selective:

    “...if a person who has access to my publicly accessible posts/comments uses logical fallacies and/or demonstrates that they are obtuse in their comments, I un-friend and block them immediately. [current count: 200+]

    People who resort to name-calling, distorting your views, try to disrupt a conversation, etc. contribute nothing to a dialog and tend to be fond of silencing those with whom they disagree. Here on FB, that means submitting complaints for daring to express contrary views, which can result in warnings, suspensions or bannings.”

  • Hudson County ends controversial partnership with ICE

    03/02/2018 6:06:50 PM PST · 4 of 12
    walford to SMGFan

    Consider the logic of this. 60% of their criminals are “immigrants” [the article scrupulously does not specify how many of them are in the country illegally].

    Either way, does that not make the case that it might be unwise to create a haven for people who are over-represented in perpetrating offenses that would land one in jail?

    Don’t we have enough of our own home-grown criminals?

  • The idiots in South Africa‘s parliament just voted to seize land from farmers

    03/02/2018 3:38:08 PM PST · 37 of 78
    walford to grundle

    Great! The dispossessed will leave and prosper elsewhere. Another country will become a Third World s-hole. Prosperity does not come from collectivist redistribution; it comes from freedom.

  • “Those about me as ‘stupid German whore’.”

    02/18/2018 7:37:39 PM PST · 43 of 44
    walford to Art in Idaho

    It should be noted that the quote that is attributed to 6th PoTUS John Quincy Adams was actually a passage from Iraqi exile Iq Al-Rassooli’s “Lifting the Veil: The True Faces of Muhammad and Islam”

    Nonetheless it’s a good read. There is a full .pdf text of his book here:,+with+the+preternatural+energy+of+a+fanatic,+and+the+fraudulent+spirit%22&ei=dwDkTMfNMsP7lweYu52dDQ&ct=result&id=Vm1OAAAAYAAJ&output=text&hl=en

  • “Those about me as ‘stupid German whore’.”

    02/17/2018 4:10:26 PM PST · 23 of 44
    walford to publius911

    Actually, it was originally published in Polska:

  • “Those about me as ‘stupid German whore’.”

    02/17/2018 2:39:18 PM PST · 6 of 44
    walford to SkyDancer; BenLurkin

    It would take the equivalent of an Inquisition to cleanse Europe of Islamic infestation at this point. Recall that the purpose of the Spanish Inquisition was to cleanse their culture of corruptive Muslim influences after throwing off their Islamic conquerors.

    They would have to be driven off by force. Only those who pledged in word and deed to assimilate would be allowed to remain. Those who practice incompatible Islamic practices such as Honor Killing, FGM, forced underaged marriage should be summarily expelled — or shot.

    I don’t see Europeans having the will to do this; their present trajectory sees them being part of a Caliphate by the end of the century — if not by mid-century.

    Their comparative birthrates alone all but guarantee Europe being demographically overwhelmed.

  • “Those about me as ‘stupid German whore’.”

    02/17/2018 2:17:14 PM PST · 1 of 44
    A German activist/advocate for Muslim refugees has a change of heart after experiencing them first-hand.
  • Hungary has never admitted and will never admit illegal immigrants

    02/14/2018 8:10:59 AM PST · 16 of 17
    walford to All

    “The border fence guarantees Hungary’s security and stands as a symbol of the fight against illegal migration, the parliamentary state secretary of the prime minister’s cabinet office said on Monday.

    The fence also stands as a symbol showing that ‘it is possible to protect our communities and our culture,’ Csaba Domotor said at the border crossing of Tompa in southern Hungary.

    Without the border fence, Hungary would have remained on the main route of migration and hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants would be arriving even today, making the country vulnerable to the consequences of migration, he added.

    ‘We would like to make it clear that as long as this government is in office and the prime minister is called Viktor Orban, the fence will stay in place,’ he said.

    Asked why the number of asylum-seekers allowed to enter the transit zone from Serbia has been reduced from five to one per day, he said only the authorities could provide a detailed answer, but it is most likely connected to the efficient processing of asylum requests and security considerations.”

  • Hungary has never admitted and will never admit illegal immigrants

    02/13/2018 8:44:37 PM PST · 6 of 17
    walford to Bringbackthedraft

    They also bravely, perhaps with futility, rose up against the Comintern in 1956. An admirable people. Lots of pretty women also. :P

  • Bill and Melinda Gates urge Trump to respect people and to not cut foreign aid

    02/13/2018 8:39:47 PM PST · 16 of 75
    walford to Baladas

    For ultra-rich Leftists like Mr. & Mrs. Microsoft, foreign aid is not charity; it is an entitlement. We are supposed to fund hostile, corrupt, despotic regimes — because ultimately our prosperity is at their expense.

    This passage is telling:

    “...Melinda Gates also expressed dismay at the administration’s budget ‘zeroing out’ funds for women’s healthcare as it relates to contraception. ‘You’re leaving women in destitute poverty if you don’t fund contraceptives,’ she said. The budget move by the administration follows Trump’s executive order instituting a ‘gag rule’ on US-funded international NGOs providing abortion services.”

    The American taxpayer should not be forced to fund killing babies in the womb nor facilitating promiscuity.

    The best, nay ONLY solution to poverty, war and injustice is FREEDOM.

    It certainly is not in the US interest to have tyrannical regimes that oppress their own people. They also tend to foist their poison on their neighbors and send their people — with their problems — fleeing to the West.

    I am a conservative, not a libertarian, so my concern is what works, not adherence to ideological purity. Foreign aid might be appropriate, but with strings attached.

    The corrupt regime will get no support. The government must accept being managed toward limited representative government, freedom of the press, habeas corpus, religious liberty, economic freedom, etc.

    To instead to throw money at a basket-case country to make ourselves feel good only perpetuates the misery and injustice.

  • Hungary has never admitted and will never admit illegal immigrants

    02/13/2018 8:19:30 PM PST · 1 of 17
    European Union threatens forcing Hungary to take Islamic Migrants. PM Viktor Orbán vows to fight those who “want to change the Christian identity of Europe.”
  • It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World – Part 6 – Postmodernism and the Madness of Crowds

    01/28/2018 10:39:59 AM PST · 11 of 13
    walford to Captain Jack Aubrey; ptsal; tuffydoodle

    When I posted this, I was seriously clipping off the “mad mad world” from the title — just in anticipation of comments like these.

    You can go back to watching E! now. Thanks, guys.

  • It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World – Part 6 – Postmodernism and the Madness of Crowds

    01/28/2018 10:36:09 AM PST · 10 of 13
    walford to kallisti

    “...I agree with your views of our current situation, but I do distinguish between the left and Islam (hat tip Travis). They are both useful idiots to each other.”

    It’s the Left who are the Useful Idiots, not the Islamic fundamentalists. The Left is bringing in the barbarians who will help them bring down Western civilization.

    Meanwhile, the Leftists are buggering and aborting themselves to extinction, while the Muslims are breeding like cockroaches.

    Once our way of life is wiped out, the surviving Leftists will find themselves buried to the waist, swinging from cranes or tossed off buildings.

  • It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World – Part 6 – Postmodernism and the Madness of Crowds

    01/27/2018 7:55:35 PM PST · 1 of 13
    "Critical Theory" not only rejects Western civilization and therefore advocates its destruction, it does so with the dialectical materialist faith that once the existing order is brought down, new improved flowers will grow from the ashes.

    [This explains the seemingly contradictory embrace the Hard Left has for Islamic fundamentalists; they may execute homosexuals, mutilate female genitalia, stone rape victims to death, forcibly marry off little girls to old perverts, etc., but their mutual hatred for Western civilization makes them temporary allies. Leftists naively think once Christianity, capitalism, democracy is brought down, the Caliphate can be brought under heel by getting the Muhammedans addicted to social programs.]

    Those who would arrest or even slow down this inevitable progression are called #conservatives. Those who would dismantle it are called #reactionaries; they are standing in the way of history. That is why they are fond of saying that those who would repeal any of their policies are trying to “turn back the clock.”

    "Post-Modernism" is a rejection of objective truth in favor of Subjectivism [“our own mental activity is the only unquestionable fact of our experience”]. That, in combination with moral relativism ["what's right for you might be wrong for me"], makes it so all there is left is truth and morality dependent upon political connection and/or membership in a politically favored demographic.

    [It's not so important what is done, but who is doing it and to whom. Hence, a racially motivated attack is defined as a 'hate crime' depending upon the skin-color of the perpetrator and victim.]

    "Phallogocentrism" [aka 'man-splaining'] is essentially a rejection of logic, reason and evidence in favor of the aforementioned subjectivism and moral relativism. Hence, when a Leftist is confronted with reasonable arguments citing evidence and using logic explaining why what they advocate will not work, they become batshit hysterical.

    As subjectivists, they hold that if people believe hard enough that Leftists' unworkable ideas will work, then they will. Hence when their policies inevitably fail when put into practice, they always blame others -- essentially for ruining Utopia with their 'negative' [viz. rational] thinking.

    Hence much of their efforts are spent attacking knowledge, experience, education -- and objective truth. Hence, Leftist media/entertainment is propaganda, Leftist academia is indoctrination and Leftist politics is demagoguery.

    Of course, when an ideology does harm, it cannot survive in a democratic environment. If their policies and leaders are rejected in an election, then the legit voting public becomes the enemy. Then the propaganda machine turns up the froth, hoping that some of their followers will be inflamed into perpetrating violence against opposing speakers and their audiences. #AntiFa #BlackLivesMatter

    The Left, therefore thrives upon oppression, poverty and ignorance -- believing that an elite should be in charge, because a feared and despised general public cannot be trusted to choose their own leaders, vote with their own dollars or be provided with complete, unmanaged information.