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Posts by Wally_Kalbacken

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  • Remo Belli, musician who pioneered synthetic drumheads, dies

    05/02/2016 5:56:34 PM PDT · 4 of 13
    Wally_Kalbacken to ghosthost

    I wouldn’t mind having backed Anita O’Day, back in the day.

  • Money, Race and Success: How Your School District Compares (NYT alert)

    04/29/2016 10:32:30 AM PDT · 6 of 15
    Wally_Kalbacken to reaganaut1

    Lemme see...

    A good portion of intelligence is heritable....

    If your folks were intelligent, successful in school themselves, they probably have higher incomes, and just maybe, live in more affluent neighborhoods....

    Attending school for a given period of time is a small part of the picture, IQ and motivation to achieve are more significant factors....

    Cultures which do not emphasize education and do nothing to help their children learn positive skills and habits outside of the formal school experience see high dropout rates and terrible performance while still in school....

    Uh...uh..gee, I dunno...

  • 2 hurt in Wisconsin prom shooting; deceased gunman identified

    04/24/2016 1:41:37 PM PDT · 17 of 31
    Wally_Kalbacken to Timpanagos1
    Antigo silt loam is the state soil of Wisconsin.
  • Virginia Governor Restoring Voting Rights to Felons

    04/22/2016 10:31:48 AM PDT · 22 of 27
    Wally_Kalbacken to butlerweave
    What this says to me is Democrats play for keeps in all, while the GOP may be about to nominate someone who will lose by such a margin that the down-ballot damage will be horrific.

    Imagine Hillary Clinton taking the oath with two open SCOTUS seats (Scalia's and Ginsberg's - I am assuming she will resign.) And a Democratic majority in the Senate (to rubber stamp her court nominees) and House.

    Then imagine folks with the same mindset as McAullife having free reign in our national government.

    I realize that Cruz does not inspire the warm fuzzies in folks, but he at least has the tools and the command to battle Hillary in the general election campaign and in the debates specifically. Trump is a spastic reflex to the frustration a lot of people feel, but not a good strategy beyond the short term. A Trump nomination will be a Pyrrhic victory.

  • Trump clarifies Transgender remarks on Hannity

    04/21/2016 10:24:32 PM PDT · 189 of 303
    Wally_Kalbacken to NKP_Vet
    Not ready for prime time in the way he is handling this. When he said earlier in the day that NC should leave things the way they are he didn't seem to realize that the status quo in NC is contrary to allowing people to use the gender classification they prefer. And it is not likely to be a states rights issue, just as access to public accommodations in the 1960's was part of the civil rights decisions in the federal courts, and just as equal protection as a federal constitutional right was used to support gay marriage and strike state laws and state constitutional provisions defining marriage as a heterosexual matter. He needs to get up to speed before opening his mouth.
  • GOP official rails over effort aimed at nomination rules

    04/17/2016 6:48:05 AM PDT · 6 of 28
    Wally_Kalbacken to McGruff
    The confidential email, obtained by The Associated Press...

    Who in the modern world is so naïve as to assume that any e-mail is confidential? I'm sure it was composed for public consumption, while nominally labeled CONFIDENTIAL.

    Why in the world would Jeb Bush be the logical alternative to Cruz or Trump? He never made a splash, despite over $100M being spent among some of the primary states. He's no solution. Assume he has the nomination. Could you see him punching holes in Hillary? Or is it easier to seem him capitulating just as Romney did to Candy Crawley.

  • Jack Lew nears decision to keep Hamilton on front of $10 bill, put a woman on the $20

    04/16/2016 11:04:38 PM PDT · 52 of 107
    Wally_Kalbacken to The Spirit Of Allegiance

    Harriet Tubman works for me. That was one powerful story, and if putting her there brings more attention to her and her accomplishments - it would be a great thing.

  • Explaining What Happened in Colorado Doesn't Mean I Agree with It

    04/14/2016 3:30:16 PM PDT · 8 of 25
    Wally_Kalbacken to SaveFerris

    Agreed. No matter how one comes down on the issue of Trump, Cruz, Kasich, etc. - enough time has passed and enough information has developed that sitting on the fence and pretending to be agnostic is clearly just a strategy to play to ratings.

  • Ryan Broadens Path for Cruz By Dampening GOP Nomination Chatter

    04/12/2016 9:12:29 PM PDT · 12 of 25
    Wally_Kalbacken to 2ndDivisionVet

    Ryan is in an interesting spot. He most likely will not be Speaker of the House in January 2017 if Trump is the nominee. The down ballot damage Trump could do might well flip the House, and more likely will ensure Democrats take the Senate. So his neutrality pledge was nice, but not convincing.

  • Florida man arrested in triple shooting that killed 2 Southern students at apartments near LSU

    04/10/2016 9:10:23 PM PDT · 14 of 20
    Wally_Kalbacken to Dilbert San Diego

    And who could forget Sirhan Bishara Sirhan.

  • Vanity: Colorado CRUZ GOPe BACKFIRE ! ! !

    04/10/2016 6:57:45 PM PDT · 41 of 323
    Wally_Kalbacken to heights
    I see, people now know that the Colorado party followed the rules and procedures it put in place in August of 2015. Trump just wakes up to this "news" and suggests disenfranchisement when the Colorado party decided 9 months ago, in a public process, to determine delegates based a caucus, and not a primary.

    Go ahead and beat this drum, it only emphasizes how unorganized Trump's campaign has been. They forgot to notice rules that were in the public domain since last August.

  • Steve Miller Rants About 'Unpleasant' Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction

    04/10/2016 6:47:35 PM PDT · 22 of 96
    Wally_Kalbacken to Dr.Deth

    Hometown (Milwaukee) pride! I enjoyed his telling off of the RRHOF, he made his points forcefully and succinctly.

  • Weak and Getting Weaker: Electability argument against Trump in the general election is hardening

    04/10/2016 10:20:54 AM PDT · 87 of 180
    Wally_Kalbacken to Don Corleone
    if he’s so unelectable, why are you all coming out against him?

    Because he can lose by such a margin that the Senate and House flip to the Democrats. Hillary Clinton as President would take office with the Scalia seat open, and perhaps Ginsberg's seat vacant (she may resign at the end of this term, or could resign in November effective on confirmation of a replacement.)

    Those two threats are reason enough. But then think of the damage she would do aside from transforming the court for the next 30 years.

  • Trump just got BAD news, could COST him nomination(Allen West's blog)

    04/09/2016 10:49:23 PM PDT · 104 of 192
    Wally_Kalbacken to karnage

    This is quite true. I recall hearing in a first semester undergraduate course in political science 41 years ago, that that central question in politics can be expressed as the question “who decides?” [Thanks, and a tip of the Hatlo hat to Donald K. Emmerson, Emeritus Professor at The University of Wisconsin at Madison.]

    In the chase for the nomination, one needs to understand that the delegates decide at the convention. To varying degrees the primary voters select delegates, delegates with varying obligations to be bound through successive ballots. These are dictated by the rules which will stand until the rules committee reports to the convention at large, when the dynamic rules that apply to a convention may, yet again, change.

    Those who are wetting the bed over Cruz’s success in garnering delegates under the rules might consider that, if their candidate is on the losing end of delegate selections, perhaps they should stop pounding the table and consider that someone who cannot understand and strategize within the existing rules, might not be the best person to place in the White House, where the challenge is infinitely greater.

  • (Vanity) The Republican Party Says Your Vote No Longer Counts

    04/09/2016 10:32:58 PM PDT · 69 of 158
    Wally_Kalbacken to nopardons
    "I doubt that when Trump did the things you are complaining about, he was seriously thinking about running for president in '16!"

    By that logic you wouldn't hold against Bill Clinton the fact that he raped Juanita Broderick when he might not have been certain about running for President in 1992.

  • Dennis Hastert Molested at Least Four Boys, Prosecutors Say

    04/08/2016 8:16:42 PM PDT · 8 of 135
    Wally_Kalbacken to TroutStalker

    Could become a gay icon as the highest ranking elected homosexual in history. Well, until Hillary wins in November.

  • Will Jake Tapper Become the New Face of Colt 45 Beer?

    04/08/2016 8:08:28 PM PDT · 23 of 40
    Wally_Kalbacken to PJ-Comix

    Wide Mouth Mickey’s.

  • It’s True, Ted Cruz May Have Violated Election Law With Super PAC Ads

    04/07/2016 9:53:05 AM PDT · 37 of 76
    Wally_Kalbacken to Red Steel
    The devastating conclusion of the piece - is thie prohibited activity?

    A. " The answer is: we don’t know, it could be."


    Which of course also means "we don’t know, it may not be."

    Since complaints to the FEC take years to resolve, this is something we will not know, definitively, until the election is long over. Of course, that is assuming a complaint is ever filed. And the point of a lot of these accusations that fly in the midst of a campaign is not to resolve the issue, but merely to make the charge. So, my money is that this will never evolve into a complaint before the FEC. Or maybe it will, just as soon as Trump's legal team is done drafting that often referred to suit over ballot eligibility.

  • Tavis Smiley to Megyn Kelly: Trump, Cruz Running ‘Segregated Campaigns’

    04/06/2016 8:30:43 PM PDT · 5 of 20
    Wally_Kalbacken to 2ndDivisionVet

    “Minority outreach” is a fools game. Purchase 2 votes in the minority community for a cost of 5-7 votes elsewhere, lost at the margin because of the effort to garner black votes.

  • ‘Panama Papers’ Implicate Client of Clinton-Linked Lobbying Firm

    04/06/2016 6:47:04 PM PDT · 2 of 3
    Wally_Kalbacken to Steelfish
    They are really forked now. Imagine being a large firm concentrated in that line of practice, and having those that never heard of you learn that you lead with your a$$ when it comes to information security. Major likelihood this firm is going tango uniform soon.
  • Only Trump has a realistic path to a delegate majority.

    04/06/2016 6:32:26 AM PDT · 128 of 141
    Wally_Kalbacken to ShivaFan
    A candidate who runs for the nomination of a political party has a responsibility to know the rules of the party. The GOP is an incorporated organization, subject to its own internal rules and bylaws. Which are widely published, and fairly easy to understand. Some are fixed, some, like the convention rules, are dynamic. If a candidate does not understand the rules they can hire advisors who do. Or they can remain ignorant. But they cannot make up their own rules (like "I win the nomination if I have less than the required number of delegates on the first ballot".) Does not work that way.

    If Trump is the nominee, the GOP is dead because of the down-ballot damage his enormous loss would cause. If he bolts the party and attempts a 3rd party challenge in the general election, I think there is at least a chance the GOP holds the House, which probably would not be true if he is the nominee. Look to the GHW Bush-Clinton-Perot election in 1992. Clinton won with ~43% of the vote. I think that kind of split would be possible with a Clinton-Cruz-Trump split, and I think Trump would end up in the Perot position. But that offers a better chance for control of the White House, or failing that, retention of at least one house of Congress than with Trump as nominee.

  • Only Trump has a realistic path to a delegate majority.

    04/05/2016 10:46:30 PM PDT · 91 of 141
    Wally_Kalbacken to BigSkyFreeper
    Stop with the "fix is in" crap. The Rules of the GOP are posted on line and were last revised in a major way at the convention in 2012. The week before the convention the rules committee, made up of delegates to the convention, will meet and may consider and approve new rules or amendments to existing rules. The rules committee functions according to the exiting rules of the GOP, which set the function and composition of the committee.

    The nomination is secured by a vote of the delegates. It is a binary condition with respect to each candidate. Either yes, you have at least 1237 votes or no you do not have at least 1237 votes. No Mulligans or gimmies in this. You simply tally the votes in successive ballots until someone is nominated. Having 1234, 1235, or 1236 delegates voting for you in any given ballot, does not make you the nominee, no matter how much you wet the bed over it.

    The rules are very transparent, and not knowing the rules, or not working within the process, according to the rules, is not an excuse to go out and blame conspiracies and secret processes.

  • Rebecca Bradley beats JoAnne Kloppenburg in high court race

    04/05/2016 9:27:48 PM PDT · 1 of 18
    As a Cruz supporter, there was good news in my home state of Wisconsin this evening. Another important race was the Supreme Court of Wisconsin race for election to the seat once held by Justice Crooks. Still have not seen the actual numbers, but am willing to take AP's word for it.
  • Ted Cruz in Wisconsin: Roe v. Wade not settled, ban abortion with no exceptions

    04/04/2016 10:57:40 PM PDT · 71 of 97
    Wally_Kalbacken to boycott
    Prior to the SCOTUS decision in Roe v. Wade in 1973, states either permitted abortion or prohibited abortion. Roe v. Wade asserted a right to privacy, nowhere explicitly defined in the federal constitution, and on that basis prohibited states from interfering in the relationship between a pregnant woman and her doctor(s). Cruz, and many other originalists point out that the Federal Constitution does not address abortion, either pro or con. Which means that it is up to the states to deal with it as they choose through legislation or state constitutions.

    Cruz is running for the office of President of the United States. In that office he could not directly change present constitutional law on the subject of abortion. He could, and I am certain will, nominate justices to the SCOTUS that would in time rectify Roe. He could advocate for a Constitutional amendment overturning Roe, but that is a matter for Congress and the states, or for a Constitutional Convention to address. No president has the power to directly and unilaterally overturn a SCOTUS precedent. He can either shape the Court (through carefully selected nominees) or influence the shaping of the Constitution by amendment.

    The question you have to ask is who will do a better job as President in ending Roe, Cruz or Trump? Trump has shown some really fuzzy thinking on the issue - to the extent that he has flubbed questions from the press multiple times. I have no doubt that Cruz, on the other hand, knows precisely what he can do as President to influence the court to reverse Roe, or to foster and amendment to the Federal Constitution that would nullify Roe.

    Cruz has a clear understanding of the Constitution, Federalism and the Courts. He recognized where the equal protection arguments of the pro gay marriage forces where going and argued for an amendment to the Federal Constitution exempting state laws regulating marriage from the ambit of the Equal Protection clause. Gays won that race, regrettably.

    I would rather have a President who understands the Constitution and the powers of the office o the president, and who is committed to overturning Roe v. Wade, and knows how it is done. I am supporting Ted Cruz.

  • As U.S. shale drillers suffer, even the bankrupt keep pumping oil

    04/03/2016 3:00:06 PM PDT · 3 of 9
    Wally_Kalbacken to Lorianne
    Word up to the uninitiated: Bankruptcy does not mean cessation of operation in all or even most cases of Chapter 11. It really is primarily reorganization and occasionally liquidation.
  • VANITY: What states would Ted Cruz win in 2016 that Romney lost in 2012?

    04/03/2016 7:46:24 AM PDT · 83 of 131
    Wally_Kalbacken to Eccl 10:2
    I live in the Tampa metropolitan area. I moved to Florida in 2007 and lived in Palm Beach County until 2014. Worked on the McCain and Romney campaigns and was part of the war room legal team for Rick Scott’s 2014 re-election.

    McCain failed for a host of reasons. His remarks in mid-September of 2008 (“The fundamentals of the American economy are strong...”) were contradicted by everything American voters knew, could see and feel at the time. His grandstanding by returning to the Senate later in the campaign to shepard the first stimulus bill (which failed to pass in a Democratically controlled Senate) was a foolish tactical error as Obama stayed out on the campaign trail to snipe at him. From the Florida level – his campaign was poorly organized, unfocused.

    Romney had a chance in Florida in 2012. Lost by less than 80K votes. The ORCA failure might have contributed to half of that margin. Very poorly managed GOTV and election day operations. They were no where near the Obama folks in analytics/voter segmentation and microtargeting.

    Rick Scott had a healthy budget in 2014, had tons of paid staff, and won re-election by 70,000+ votes out of 5.6M cast.

    I am a Cruz supporter. I realize he does not inspire warm and fuzzy feelings with a lot of the electorate. But what I would ask you consider is this:

    Assume Cruz is the nominee.

    Imagine the contrast expressed when he stands on stage with only Hillary Clinton as the alternative.

    Whether the Justice department has declined to seek an indictment of her at that point or not, is there any doubt that Cruz could virtually indict her on the stage of the debates? He will tear her apart. No one else could do that. Especially after watching Trump flub questions from Chris Matthews, you know he could not confront and dismantle HRC nearly as well.

    Trump has never progressed beyond sloganeering in the primary campaign so far. Whoever is standing with her on the debate stage in the fall will need to do battle with a real policy wonk, which she is. Cruz could do that in his sleep.

    Cruz’s campaign has sophisticated analytics and segmentation working right now in the primaries. They seem to be conversant in the things they will need to know and execute in the fall. You cannot count on the RNC to provide that.

    My view of Florida is that Hillary will not turn out the vote on he Democratic side that Obama did in 2012. Cruz should be able to get all of what Romney saw in 2012, and then some. With the right VP selection (not Kasich, there are other ways to win OH), I think it makes FL well within play. The other states I will leave to other observers.

    My faith in Cruz in FL in the general election is based on what happened in 2012, his strengths compared to the 2012 candidate (who could not achieve a strong contrast with anything, who was muzzled by the moderator at the most critical moment in the televised debates), and my sense of the weakness Clinton will exhibit here in turning out anything like Obama did in 2012 among minority voters.

  • Trump's Abortion Mess Was a GOP Disaster and a Win for the Moribund Democrats

    04/01/2016 7:00:52 PM PDT · 41 of 68
    Wally_Kalbacken to WENDLE

    “If abortion is deemed illegal” supposes that the criminal code of a particular jurisdiction will define the elements of the crime, and will spell out if the offense is the provision of an abortion or the procurement of an abortion, or both. Poorly phrased question? Sure, it’s Chris Matthews after all. But none of that excuses a bad answer.

  • Europe Courting Godfather Erdogan

    04/01/2016 5:59:55 PM PDT · 2 of 7
    Wally_Kalbacken to george76

    How will you deal with that?

    Call ServiceMaster - Like it never even happened!

  • Martin Sheen to produce documentary saying O.J. Simpson didn’t do it

    03/31/2016 10:25:07 PM PDT · 36 of 41
    Wally_Kalbacken to Blood of Tyrants

    It is such an example of how not to prosecute a case, how not to maintain control of a courtroom, etc. etc. etc. As a lawyer I could see that this (jury nullification) was the worst possible thing to come out of a trial that was more widely watched than any other in history. It meant that many people who had no understanding and no sense of context would think that this was somehow representative of criminal prosecution or criminal trials.

    I’ve been watching “The Man in the High Castle” and have been thinking a lot about the genre of alternative history. Think about the alternative history that has OJ taking his life during or immediately after the low speed chase. He just kills himself rather than be prosecuted. It would have spared us this divisive event (the trial) and would have attenuated this sense of black Americans seeing justice as a team sport of some kind. Wow, if only he had the guts to end it all then, how much better the world would be by that single act.

    One direct consequence of the “lesson” learned by the general public in the OJ criminal trial I think was evident in the Jon Benet Ramsey killing and its aftermath. The parents immediately lawyered up and did a lot of things to obstruct the investigation. I think that was a direct result of the Ramsey’s having seen O.J. lawyer up to a ridiculous degree, and having seen him put on that kitchen sink defense.

    I suspect if you ran an intervention model on homicides, using a binary variable for before OJ Verdict and After OJ Verdict, you could detect an uptick in homicides and spousal violence based on what some folks took away from that event (the trial and acquittal.)

    It is nothing but bad, and it does not get better with time. I have wished that OJ would be beaten to death in the Nevada prison where he serves time. He really deserves to be on death row in CA, but getting killed in NV would be some kind of justice.

  • Editor and 70-plus others fired at the Orange County Register

    03/31/2016 9:58:19 PM PDT · 20 of 38
    Wally_Kalbacken to EveningStar

    Quoting “Gunsmoke” here:

    “Die you egg-sucking pigs!”

  • Lawyers say Donald Trump under 'continuous' IRS audit

    03/30/2016 10:56:06 PM PDT · 205 of 266
    Wally_Kalbacken to manc

    That is utter bullshit. The Trump organization is not publicly traded. There is nothing restricting him from releasing documents from years being audited.

  • Ted Cruz Calls Alleged Sex Scandal 'Garbage,' But Hesitates To File Lawsuit

    03/29/2016 10:43:27 PM PDT · 95 of 112
    Wally_Kalbacken to BuckeyeTexan


    Hogan won an invasion of privacy action.

    If Cruz had any cause of action it would be defamation, and public figures have such a burden to make, it is very seldom worth the effort. Even if it were, if he filed yesterday it would not be resolved until after the election. So in neither event would it be worth his time at this critical point in the campaign to dedicate resources in that direction.

  • DeLay: DOJ Will Stall If FBI Recommends Hillary Indictment (The fix is on)

    03/28/2016 9:35:20 PM PDT · 31 of 46
    Wally_Kalbacken to doldrumsforgop

    I hate to break this to you, but one of the reasons that there is so much concern about Trump as the nominee for the GOP is that Hillary winning by 7-8 points could lead to an annihilation in the Senate and the House. So it might not be Paul Ryan calling the shots. even if the House did not turn, the Senate is much more likely, and that is where impeachment is tried (or, not really tried, as occurred in 1999.)

  • DeLay: DOJ Will Stall If FBI Recommends Hillary Indictment (The fix is on)

    03/28/2016 9:31:14 PM PDT · 29 of 46
    Wally_Kalbacken to doldrumsforgop

    You can’t indict a sitting President, you can Impeach them. But then again I’m not sure that a pardon, which HRC can grant to herself upon taking office, would prevent an Impeachment, since that is not punishment, merely removal from office. Let’s hope we don’t have to find out.

  • Did Ted Cruz Pay ‘Hush Money’ to Carly Fiorina Over #CruzSexScandal?

    03/27/2016 5:18:15 PM PDT · 23 of 56
    Wally_Kalbacken to driftdiver
    Some people have no concept of proof or logic, and it is sad to see that so many are showing up here.

    It's not as though Cruz has friends in the media. If they had real information they would run with it. At this point they do not have real information. There is an avalanche of twitter posts and completely inconsequential manipulations of photos that mean nothing.

    My general advice to anyone thinking about running is to assign staff to monitor your whereabouts 24 hours a day, essentially a GoPro surveillance of everywhere you are and everything you say, so you have a verbatim record (subject to certain obvious exceptions.) Compile an accurate record, transcribe your actual statements, and have the ability to immediately refute all the distortions and outright fabrications that emerge. Look at how effective that is for Rush Limbaugh when he steps in it from time to time - he simply refers the irate to his transcripts and the momentary issue goes away.

    I think what John Edwards and Bill Clinton prove is that there is a certain disproportionate pull of narcissistic personality types into politics. Folks who think that they are special and that rules do not apply to them. I see none of that in Cruz. If these faint whiffs of scandal were substantiated, it would destroy his campaign. I think that is exactly why folks are trying pretty hard to create the claim. But to date, it's not working. When all you get is this highly derivative stuff ("sources who cannot be named for attribution say that there is a rumor circulating that there may be....") odds are there is no "there" there.

  • Trump [43] is Going to Be All Smiles When He Sees This Devastating News for Ted Cruz [29] and John K

    03/23/2016 10:45:52 PM PDT · 115 of 122
    Wally_Kalbacken to heights
    If at the convention Trump has 500 delegates more than Cruz, and the party hands it to Cruz, the GOP was lose not only the Presidency, and probably the House and Senate.

    I'm pretty concerned about those consequences happening if Trump is the nominee.

    And the party does not "hand" the nomination to anyone, the delegates decide. If Trump has 1236 (or less) on the first ballot, he is not the nominee at that point. A second ballot is conducted, at which fewer delegates are bound, and more are permitted to move at their discretion. If third and subsequent ballots are needed, more and more deklegateds become unbound. These are the present rules, subject to change by the rules committee that meets the week before the convention opens.

  • Why Donald Trump might have a better chance than Ted Cruz, explained by 3 maps

    03/23/2016 7:35:27 PM PDT · 37 of 104
    Wally_Kalbacken to WENDLE
    Evidently you know nothing about federal election law and independent political action committees. As the word "independent" suggests, they are not under the control of any candidate, or candidate's campaign. They can be formed for issue advocacy, or in opposition to a candidate, candidates or party, but they cannot advocate for a particular candidate and they cannot be controlled by a candidate or the campaign apparatus for a candidate. Those who would ask Cruz to pick up the phone and tell an independent PAC to stop running particular ads are asking him to violate the law.

    The distinction between an anti-Trump independent political action committee (which ran the ad in Utah) and the Cruz campaign is not a fine point, it is a huge separation, just as it would be for Donald Trump, the candidate, and any anti-Cruz independent political action committee.

    Take some time and learn something about political action committee law at:

    Federal Election Commission: Law and Regulations

  • Cruz Ad Slut-Shames Trump’s Wife

    03/22/2016 9:29:39 PM PDT · 283 of 355
    Wally_Kalbacken to Mariner
    Cruz anti-Donald-Trump super-PAC Ad Slut-Shames Trump’s Wife

    There, corrected it.

    It is amazing to see the level of ignorance here on what independent Political Action Committees are. Ugh.

  • Bangladesh: New York fed had ‘major lapse’ in $100M robbery

    03/22/2016 7:46:44 AM PDT · 4 of 8
    Wally_Kalbacken to detective

    Who knew Bangladesh had $101M?

  • Bill Clinton Brain Damage: Addled In Arizona!

    03/21/2016 8:52:49 PM PDT · 67 of 80
    Wally_Kalbacken to kevcol

    Q. What former President’s own disgusting behavior with women are we talking about?

    A. Bill Clinton articulating a cigar in the vagina of Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office.

  • American College of Pediatricians: Gender Ideology Harms Children

    03/19/2016 10:48:17 PM PDT · 4 of 44
    Wally_Kalbacken to lee martell

    Brother have you got that right. There will be a shirt storm coming down on this organization like they cannot anticipate. Gays were incredibly focused on getting gay marriage, but its not like they disbanded their legal armies after attaining that, they are just refocusing the effort into the broader spectrum of LGBT issues, and this gender identity formation matter is going to catch their attention.

  • Clocking the Extreme Spin of a Monster Black Hole

    03/17/2016 7:57:23 PM PDT · 15 of 23
    Wally_Kalbacken to norwaypinesavage

    It could have rotational speed it doesn’t want to show you.


    03/17/2016 7:43:59 PM PDT · 13 of 15
    Wally_Kalbacken to ClearCase_guy
    The Dubbul Z (Zsa Zsa Gabor) is 99.
  • Rust-Belt Republican Senators Tread Carefully on Trump

    03/16/2016 9:51:55 AM PDT · 8 of 10
    Wally_Kalbacken to GonzoII
    Johnson is in trouble against Feingold. Wisconsin supported Scott Walker 3x, and that might give people the misimpression that conservatives have a chance there, but those were not elections coinciding with a presidential election. In 2008 Obama beat McCain by 14% and in 2012 Obama beat Romney by 7%. That is indicative of the different population of voters that turns out there in a presidential election year as opposed to mid-terms, like the 2010 election that got Johnson to the Senate.

    Johnson was in trouble before Trump built up a head of steam in the primaries, so he's not the best example of the kind of difficulty that Trump could cause for GOP Senators on the ballot this fall. But it is something that Trump enthusiasts have to face. If he gains the nomination and then loses by 5-8 points or more nationwide, there will be a lot of down ballot destruction. That means a President Hillary Clinton gets sworn in to face a Democratic majority in the Senate with what will then almost certainly be 2 Supreme Court vacancies (the Scalia seat and that of Justice Ginsberg, who will likely retire in July.) I have not seen any analysis of how large a deficit between Clinton and Trump would be necessary to flip the House, but that is possible too.

  • Florida Attorney General Bondi endorses Trump

    03/14/2016 12:35:05 PM PDT · 13 of 57
    Wally_Kalbacken to ObozoMustGo2012

    As devastating blows go, it doesn’t get better than to be blown by Bondi!

  • Walter Mondale says nature of GOP debate leaves him aghast

    03/13/2016 2:35:08 PM PDT · 40 of 64
    Wally_Kalbacken to 2ndDivisionVet

    A. No.

    File this with Bob Dole’s opinion.

  • IBM to erase 14,000 people from the payroll – Wall St analyst

    03/12/2016 7:55:58 AM PST · 56 of 138
    Wally_Kalbacken to snarkpup

    The most dynamic and challenging industry sector going, and people act surprised by workforce reductions. Oy! Things change, and quite rapidly in some of the businesses that IBM is in. Remember when they (IBM) actually made PC’s in the US? I remember it, and that went away when they sold it to Lenovo. Which was a good call because there would be no IBM today if they were still trying to make PC’s in the US (at no, or negative margins.) The change that affects the markets they try to sell into, also affects the internal operations of IBM itself. Listening to the candidates on this is pathetic. I constantly hear Trump claiming that he is going to bring jobs back from Mexico. He makes reference to Carrier relocating production there and eliminating something like 1200-1400 jobs based in the US at present. Well, how are you going to make that happen? It would have to involve a tariff of some sort on the import of certain goods (completed air conditioning equipment, modular sub-assemblies used in the production of air conditioning equipment, etc.) from Mexico, and perhaps other countries. Then the question becomes, at what total cost to the overall economy cost did you protect these 1200-1400 jobs at Carrier? And that’s where the shallow political sloganeering practiced by Trump is so disappointing. He never explains, he just nominates various issues. A mile wide and a micron deep.

  • Erick Erickson Do We Have A Cruz Rubio Deal?

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    Wally_Kalbacken to x
    Let's just assume the numbers are something like 40/24/21 Trump/Rubio/Cruz in FL right now. It is winner take all so collusion behind the scenes accomplishes nothing. Only a withdrawal by Cruz or Rubio, and a very strong effort to combine the non-trump sentiment voters behind the other has any chance of success. Remember that Florida has early voting, so a lot of votes have been cast for Rubio or Cruz already - if any collaborative strategic withdrawal and endorsement were going to happen it would have to happen... yesterday.
  • Wisconsin Supreme Court justice apologizes for anti-gay opinion pieces (25 years ago)

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    Wally_Kalbacken to SJackson
    I grew up and was educated in Wisconsin, and still maintain my bar license there, so I follow politics and the judiciary there fairly closely. This is disturbing, in that it seems once again, Republicans are bringing a knife to a gunfight in terms of campaigning.

    I have less problem with what she wrote back then than most may have, but what is revealing is how the opposing side strategically plays something like this. Bradley was appointed to the short term remaining for Justice Crooks seat months ago, so the folks backing Kloppenburg must have known about this material then (it was from the 1990's, still retrievable), and yet it conveniently is dropped into the media 4 weeks before the vote on this seat.

    Kloppenburg is older, attended Yale about a decade earlier than Bradley attended law school. The timing makes all the difference in terms of recoverability of material. Pre-internet writings in a variety of forums (student newspapers, etc.) may be largely irretrievable from the 70's or 80's or earlier, but so much easier to find in the 90's and forward for a younger candidate.

    Note to the GOP - wake up and anticipate stuff like this. You can either strategically plan for this or react to it when it hits you in the face. The former is much better than the latter.

    As to her remarks... Not artfully put, but she has a point, which even holds today.

    In 1986 I attended a lecture series by the Nobel prize winning geneticist and virologist Howard Temin. He presented on the topic of AIDS, describing the epidemiological information then available and then describing his own work, which essentially blueprinted the mechanism (reverse transcription RNA) for a virus like HIV about a decade earlier. I'll never forget his description of the at risk populations and the proportions of the then currently seropositive who fell into the groups. The groups were men who had sex with other men, IV drug users, hemophiliacs and a small proportion of folks who fell into "unknown". The CDC had a survey protocol which caused them to go back and re-interview the "unknowns" and to repeat the survey questions. [Gays and IV drug users were not perfectly forthright on the first or second pass.] On re-survey the unknowns broke down into gay men/IV drug users and unknowns in the same proportion as the first go round. Repeated yet again, the same breakdowns appeared, until ultimately you were left with a small share (<2%)that were truly unknown. The proportion that were men having sex with other men about 67%, IV drug users - around 25-28%, hemophiliacs were a very small percentage, and declining rapidly in those early days as they attrited. The small remainder were those classified as “unknown origin.”

    What has been amazing over the decades has been how constant these risk factors have been. They are known, they appear every where, you see PSA's about it until you are about sick of the matter. No one who is not living under a rock in the present world, and the world from the 1990's forward, fails to understand how this is transmitted.

    Now, Wisconsin participated in the multi-state Tobaccos Settlement in the 1990's. That was essentially a suit to recover damages from the tobacco companies for the cost of caring for people who developed cancer, emphysema, you name it, all related to tobacco use. The idea was to recover damages from the seller of a legal product, to compensate for the health care costs engendered by behavioral choices of individuals who chose to smoke.

    I think that Bradley might have been getting at the parallel in the enormous cost of the AIDS epidemic, and the cost of care for those with AIDS, which somewhat like smoking, falls generally onto the taxpayers and is the result of behavioral choices. With cigarette smoking you still see suits by and on behalf of smokers who claimed not to know the dangers, which is preposterous. Likewise, with AIDS, everyone knows how it is transmitted and who are the at risk populations.

    If that wasn’t her point, let it be mine. In the case of tobacco, despite the fact that it is legal to sell tobacco, you have juicy target that can be made responsible. With AIDS, there can only be sympathy and more federal funding, never any assignment of responsibility. In fact, with the modern drug therapies which tend to make HIV serpositivity less of a death sentence, there seems to be some evidence that gays are returning to some of the hyper promiscuous behaviors that led to the initial AIDS epidemic. So, as long as the taxpayers can fund the drug therapies, they can go out clubbing as much as they want.

    Now you cannot come close to criticizing gays for promiscuous behavior, even though some of the same justification is there as was in the tobacco settlement.

    Look at the way that Tammy Baldwin jumped on this, look at the remarks of Kloppenburg and others. This was orchestrated. This is the way Democrats play ball, even on judicial elections. I have not seen the reaction to this from the GOP yet. They need to get their act together and counter-punch, and defend Bradley, or get ready to see Kloppenburg on the bench for at least 10 years.

    Word to the GOP: Gays may have won same sex marriage, but that does not mean they are finished. They have remarkable sophistication and tenacity in the legal battles they pursue. They have remarkable reach and power in terms of intimidation (e.g., Brendan Eich, former CEO of Mozilla.) Do not play softball with these guys and never fail to anticipate where they may enter a campaign, even a judicial campaign.

  • Judge dismisses attempt to kick Ted Cruz off New York ballot

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    Wally_Kalbacken to Citizen Zed
    Reminiscent of all that Orly Taitz (sp?) nonsense. You learn a lot about the case someone has by the number of stupid procedural mistakes they make. In other words, if they make a lot, it's not likely they had a meaningful case. If they had a meaningful case, competent counsel would have been employed and the gross procedural errors would not have occurred.

    So, that's IL and NY where this has happened. Next!