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  • The American Fag Tee Contorvesy SOLVED!

    03/02/2014 5:42:28 PM PST · 74 of 86
    Weirdad to Admin Moderator

    LOL, really!

  • I am done, whatever (VANITY)

    03/02/2014 5:39:00 PM PST · 288 of 442
    Weirdad to dfwgator

    Nice points.

  • Gmail Can Now Tell Senders When A Recipient Opens An Email

    02/12/2014 9:07:57 PM PST · 63 of 71
    Weirdad to steve86

    Virtually EVERY e-mail client or web mail system includes an option to not view images with e-mail.

    There is NOTHING unique about gmail in having an option to block images, including one-pixel “web bugs.” Everyone has that. Everyone. The only question is whether or not that “feature” it turned on to show images, or turned off to not show images, by DEFAULT.

    Sometimes it is not set for best privacy and the user has to take responsibility himself or herself and turn off images.

    As to the problem you cite, tracking, “although then you get all the Goggle tracking” — that is the reason to use other e-mail and not gmail.

  • Gmail Can Now Tell Senders When A Recipient Opens An Email

    02/12/2014 7:14:55 PM PST · 54 of 71
    Weirdad to mongrel

    Sorry dude or dudette, that I talked about your wrong advice without pinging you to it. Some of us have other things to do other than to micromanage threads and sometimes it is imperative to negate bad advice.

    You picked up on it right away anyway, though, thank goodness, MONGREL, so no harm done.

    Amazing it was the first thing you mention instead of addressing the issue.

    Nice diversion from your support for a company that is part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

    Crusade? When have I every mentioned it other than today?

    Why are you trying to promote the use of a dangerous “resource” by Freepers? Maybe Paul Revere should have all sent his mail though the London post office.

  • Gmail Can Now Tell Senders When A Recipient Opens An Email

    02/12/2014 6:56:37 PM PST · 42 of 71
    Weirdad to Windflier
  • Gmail Can Now Tell Senders When A Recipient Opens An Email

    02/12/2014 6:55:28 PM PST · 40 of 71
    Weirdad to mongrel

    No, YOU are propagating google hype.

    Why? Because Google itself already has everyone who uses gmail (apparently you) agree that google can read your e-mail and use it to advertise to you.

    Once google has “read” your e-mail (in other words, anything that passes through their server including replies to from your friends and correspondents) it is free game for saving, analysis, and use by google and whoever it permits to access their records (hrumph, en es aa and similars).

    So YOU by using google mail have infected, with the google disease, all your friends who reply to you; because their replies, without their consent, will be sucked up into the gmail vacuum FOREVER to be used as google sees fit.

    Friends don’t make friend deal with google or gmail.

    You don’t know it apparently, and I am not trying to upset you, but it is actually incredibly rude to use gmail, and it is bad freeping on top of that. I an surprised that JimRob actually is willing to let people use gmail addresses for FR! Just shows their penetration into our society.

    I am now beginning to officially refuse to correspond with anyone who uses gmail. So many people I work with use it, so pray for me please!

  • Thoughts on the Coke commercial?

    02/02/2014 5:19:18 PM PST · 38 of 164
    Weirdad to goodwithagun

    At first I thought, “Oh, no, another politically correct liberal feel-good promotion.” Maybe they intended it that way, who knows.

    But they did some interesting things.

    They sang the verse “God shed his grace on thee” in English quite prominently as they switched languages.

    They also sang in HEBREW.

    Other things were OK too.

    Not everything that seems politically correct is fully bad. We do not live in isolation and this might be OK for public consumption by the entire world and by low information voters who are generally irrational and can only be won over by gradually educating them.

    Remember that this is an advertisement not only to these USA, but to the world.

    And we believe America is Beautiful (which was their tag line) and that God Shed His Grace On Thee!” and we are happy to have Israel sing with us. It’s kind of a good message about these USA.

  • Consumers Beware: Not All Health Plans Cover A Doctor's Visit Before The Deductible Is Met

    12/27/2013 8:38:17 AM PST · 33 of 52
    Weirdad to Innovative

    (Rambling but I am in a mood...)

    In general, doctor prices are set really high because virtually no one pays full price. They are a fake game.

    The insurance companies who contract with doctors (or who do not contract and abusively ACT like the have a contract) generally pay a percentage of the prevailing prices in the area for a service, HIGHLY biased by what MEDICARE will pay. (And don’t get me started on why the doctors in flyover country get paid less than east and west coast doctors for the same thing.)

    Most clinics and doctors therefore set prices high, at the point where even with the resulting forced “discount” (the “reasonable” price according to the insurance company) they will receive about the price they need to make all ends meet, including of course all their expenses (which are a lot) plus the amount doctors expect to make, which is also lot, though per hour similar to what many many professionals and even non-professional make for similar hours and risks.

    The effect of that “game” is, ironically, that if a patient just pays CASH, simple and cheap to manage, that he or she pays the highest price of all!

    Of course the patient can attempt to negotiate a cash deal, although there are no guarantees they will get it or that it will be as good a deal as the insurance company could get away with paying.

    But do you think that the insurance company is going to agree that the first $4000 a patient pays is all applicable to the $4000 deductible?

    NO — even if you the patient are forced to pay the $4000, the insurance company will only count fees it considers REASONABLE toward the deductible. Patients will not even know if they have or have not met the deductible until all the paperwork goes through!

    On top of that everyone including generally the doctors are forced to do thousands of dollars worth of tracking and accounting for various insurance issues even though for no payments will actually kick in until reasonable payments by the patient add up to enough. So we can’t even save money by the efficiency of cash payments!

    One possibly good thing is that some insured patients will be with a company that contracted with the doctor in advance for reasonable prices, so even though the patient has to pay all the way to the deductible, the amount the patient has to pay is LIMITED to what the insurance company would have been willing to pay.

    With any luck, you put the difference between a high and a low deductible plan in the bank, and then are contracted to more sensible prices and pay those from your savings. However “high deductible plans” as originally visualized did not force straight sane man to pay for mammograms for women and HIV care for those with out of control sexual risk taking and psychiatric care for the chronically angry. Therefore the cost is a lot more than high deductible plans used to be. Congress has made it ILLEGAL for you to freely associate with others to care for your own health care in your own way.

    Patients on this may try to save money because “they have skin in the game.” So middle class working people will take some careful risks to save money. Medicaid patients and illegal aliens on “Title V” will of course just got to the ER even for common colds and not be charged even $0.50 (fifty cents) co-pay!

    In the 20th century 260 million people were killed by their own government. (If that figure is a little or a lot off, it remains that LIMITING GOVERNMENT, the essential invention of Orthodox Americanism, is one of the most important things that the humans can do for each other and ourselves.

    Any method except letting most health care happen through the free market constitutes misguided, guaranteed-to-fail, elitism perpetrated by utopian philosopher king fascists through violence (to get and maintain what they want). That’s what the people doing this and supporting this actually are. That’s what your friends who really believe in Obamacare are. So CALL them that (as nicely as you can), and emphasize your concern for their love of violence and elitism: they don’t generally want to “be that,” but they have already proven they have a blind spot to the truth, so their eyes need to be opened. Friends don’t let friend be fascists!

  • The Men Who Weren't There

    12/08/2013 12:09:42 PM PST · 20 of 47
    Weirdad to Kaslin

    Very important post. Thanks!

  • Talking Points for 10/30/2013 (vanity)

    10/29/2013 9:04:18 PM PDT · 2 of 2
    Weirdad to Weirdad

    (If anyone replies I doubt I can answer much until tomorow — sorry to post and run but I am more pissed off than usual today!)

  • Talking Points for 10/30/2013 (vanity)

    10/29/2013 9:03:02 PM PDT · 1 of 2
     The main talking point is “Democrats outlawed affordable insurance.” Harp on it.

    It is TRUE so it is not a “marching order.”

    Fascists reading this: obviously the “tea party” and other conservatives do not take marching orders. That’s the whole point of their existence! Say what you want, but it will not stick.

    When we appear to act in unison it is because we all individually came to the same conclusions!

    The TRUTH will out!

  • Faces of the men who won America's independence: Amazing early photos of heroes

    10/29/2013 8:30:26 PM PDT · 60 of 67
    Weirdad to Michael.SF.

    Very interesting! (Of course they are selling something!) Who knows for sure. Thanks for the link.

  • Faces of the men who won America's independence: Amazing early photos of heroes

    10/29/2013 8:27:58 PM PDT · 59 of 67
    Weirdad to laplata

    Yeah, I hope it IS true (other than the kid dying), but I just don’t want liberals to act like nothing we say could be valid because we believe (whatever) that they think had been debunked.

    I would even still tell the story with a little soft disclaimer added, like Wikipedia does. In fact you could just preface it with “It may just be legend, but a story is told that...”

  • Faces of the men who won America's independence: Amazing early photos of heroes

    10/29/2013 5:16:25 PM PDT · 38 of 67
    Weirdad to laplata; Michael.SF.

    I agree that Washington is amazing and remarkable and our greatest president. However, as to the story, I do not want to propogate things that are not true, and the story may be suspect. Washington is great without it.

    That story seems mainly a copy-paste from

    They are liberal, of course, though not all entries are. The last part of that article debunks itself somewhat!

    “Neither the Revolutionary War nor the Civil War legends are corroborated by historical records. Mount Vernon’s librarian Ellen McCallister Clark wrote in a letter to Baltimore’s Enoch Pratt Free Library: “No record of anybody by the name of Jocko Graves, nor any account of somebody freezing to death holding Washington’s horses, exists in the extensive historical record of the time.” Nor do any of the many historical inventories and descriptions of Washington’s estate mention any such statue. Moreover, stories about the Underground Railroad using lawn jockeys as signals are rendered suspect by the fact that red and green as signal colors meaning “stop” and “go” (or “danger” and “safe”) were standardized by railway signals during the World War I era.”

  • Noel Harrison, singer of The Windmills Of Your Mind, dies

    10/22/2013 9:03:54 AM PDT · 24 of 45
    Weirdad to EveningStar

    Rest in peace, Noel.

    I think it is a great song, but not one to listen too too often.

    This version is very good, and much more listenable:

    Dusty Springfield’s version of The Windwmills of Your Mind

  • The Art of the Impossible (Why the RINO's are Wrong)

    10/20/2013 12:50:20 PM PDT · 13 of 26
    Weirdad to Timber Rattler


    Remember the Alamo.

    Orthodox Americans recognize that you sometimes have to fight even when the odds are long.

    We even have a few McCain Jr. members who are showing their stripes as cheese eating surrender monkeys here. They better not read it because they will get a vague feeling of nausea because they’ve already proven they can’t understand it. Or they want us to fail. Or it scares them.

    Fight for freedom or get out of the way.

  • Russians Still Love Pogroms

    10/19/2013 2:43:27 PM PDT · 22 of 24
    Weirdad to cunning_fish

    Thanks a lot.

    All your comments are great observations.

    Seeing analogies like that is a sign of intelligence.

    Great stuff to argue for reclaiming our lost orthodox Americanism.

    However, as usual, any smart liberals have already proven that they lie, even to themselves; and the dumb ones (the majority) won’t understand it.

    We’ve go to try though...


  • Russians Still Love Pogroms

    10/19/2013 3:25:55 AM PDT · 14 of 24
    Weirdad to cunning_fish

    Amazing comment. I don’t know the facts but what you write sure is plausible. How did you learn all that (if you can say here)?

  • Yale Professor's Surprising Discovery: Tea Party Supporters More Scientifically Literate

    10/18/2013 5:45:27 PM PDT · 35 of 45
    Weirdad to robowombat

    Awesome comment, thanks!

  • Cruz won't filibuster Senate plan to end fiscal crisis, will continue ObamaCare fight

    10/16/2013 1:10:33 PM PDT · 89 of 99
    Weirdad to Jeff Head

    I am going to try to memorize that for the little “discussions” I like many of us have each day...

  • Boehner on Cunningham show, "We fought the good fight, we just didn't win."

    10/16/2013 1:06:53 PM PDT · 66 of 114
    Weirdad to Jeff Head

    Thanks for the post.

    I referenced this on another thread where too many seems resigned to losing, and also to not fighting now.

    We should keep fighting!

    And also get rid of Boehner.

    (It bothers me that I have learned how to spell his name, though the spell check keeps making other suggestions...)

  • Cruz won't filibuster Senate plan to end fiscal crisis, will continue ObamaCare fight

    10/16/2013 1:04:13 PM PDT · 87 of 99
    Weirdad to All; Jeff Head

    Related thread with a more classic American fighting spirit in the comments:

    (Thanks, Jeff)

    Boehner on Cunningham show,
    “We fought the good fight, we just didn’t win.”
    Radio News | 16 Oct 2013 | Jeff Head

  • Cruz won't filibuster Senate plan to end fiscal crisis, will continue ObamaCare fight

    10/16/2013 12:51:30 PM PDT · 81 of 99
    Weirdad to ExTxMarine


  • Cruz won't filibuster Senate plan to end fiscal crisis, will continue ObamaCare fight

    10/16/2013 12:50:53 PM PDT · 80 of 99
    Weirdad to sand88

    Please do not give up!

  • Cruz won't filibuster Senate plan to end fiscal crisis, will continue ObamaCare fight

    10/16/2013 12:44:52 PM PDT · 77 of 99
    Weirdad to caww

    I am aware of some of those reports of “threatening letters from Obamacare people” to some.

    I am advocating getting rid of Obamacare and any related enforcement. Step 1 is defund now. Revenue raising measures must start in the house. Step 2 (which will have to wait) is repeal.

    What is your point with the issues about “threatening letters from Obamacare people” ?

  • Cruz won't filibuster Senate plan to end fiscal crisis, will continue ObamaCare fight

    10/16/2013 12:37:30 PM PDT · 74 of 99
    Weirdad to justice14

    The Supreme Court is not the final word of whether laws are unconstitutional.

    If the Congress decides they are not constitutional, it is CONGRESS’s job to get rid of them. Period.

    Congress may do that in various ways, and one of them is zeroing out budgets and prohibiting the use of money for certain purposes.

    (Ironically Robert’s decision that the question of interest was a tax made Obamacare even more unconstitutional since the law did not properly originate in the HOUSE.)

    Are you working for John Boehner?

  • Cruz won't filibuster Senate plan to end fiscal crisis, will continue ObamaCare fight

    10/16/2013 12:31:15 PM PDT · 66 of 99
    Weirdad to tcrlaf

    Yeah, I’ve paid a lot of attention. As always RINOs are everywhere.

    You want to give up prematurely.

    That attitude all along is what reduced the potency of what was being tried.

    It is not over yet and it STILL remains that the only honorable and constitutional thing to do with Obamacare is not to submit to blackmail, and not to fund it.

    The world will not end if we stick to our guns and refuse to fund it.

  • Cruz won't filibuster Senate plan to end fiscal crisis, will continue ObamaCare fight

    10/16/2013 12:24:45 PM PDT · 56 of 99
    Weirdad to justice14

    Why not use the powers we legally acquired at the ballot box to run the purse of the USA in a constitutional manner?

    That is what the House was elected to do!

    Not to fund unconstitutional laws, however much of a lightning rod they are.

    Surely you do not advocate that our representatives vote to fund unconstitutional laws!

    But that’s what it looks like you you want them to do.

  • Cruz won't filibuster Senate plan to end fiscal crisis, will continue ObamaCare fight

    10/16/2013 12:20:09 PM PDT · 53 of 99
    Weirdad to tcrlaf

    So I agree that we do not have a lot of power and that “the people’ are not what they used to be.

    So should we not use the power of the branch of Congress that we control to NOT fund unconstitutional and stupid laws like Obamacare?

    That is what RINOs ALWAYS ALWAYS do. That is why for one we should stick to our principles and FIGHT this.

    This is a battle that we are supposed to win. We control the US House of Representatives, and it controlled the purse, and this is a fresh Congress not beholden to past bad decisions.

    So do YOU want to fight now, or are you also capitulating despite our power like RINOs have for YEARS? Which?

  • Cruz won't filibuster Senate plan to end fiscal crisis, will continue ObamaCare fight

    10/16/2013 12:11:28 PM PDT · 47 of 99
    Weirdad to okie01

    Exactly — that infrastructure damage it part of why things never get repealed. Stop it NOW.

  • Cruz won't filibuster Senate plan to end fiscal crisis, will continue ObamaCare fight

    10/16/2013 12:10:14 PM PDT · 45 of 99
    Weirdad to justice14

    You did not write that “defund” was doomed to fail.

    You wrote that “defund” was a bad idea. That is just what the RINOs say when they refuse to fight because they consider it “doomed to fail.” So nothing happens. Classic John Boehner.

    If you do not fight Obamacare now, at a time when against tough odds we can still win, they you may well be stuck with it.

    If you somehow mean fight now and are not exactly saying it clearly, make it clear.

    But if you mean (like it looks) that you want to just lay down now and “hope” for the best later, which is what it looks like, then we got what you meant.

  • Cruz won't filibuster Senate plan to end fiscal crisis, will continue ObamaCare fight

    10/16/2013 11:55:56 AM PDT · 34 of 99
    Weirdad to justice14

    You wrote: “Defund was a bad idea. Need to win 2014 and 2016 to truly get rid of this horrible law. Strength in numbers and we don’t have numbers. We have two MASSIVE roadblocks. Obama and Reid. Get rid of them, we win.”

    “Defund” was not only a good plan but the only constitutional and honorable thing that our elected representatives could have tried for! Anything else would be unconstitutional! It is treason to fund an unconstitutional law.

    Pragmatically, name the last big government entitlement program that was gotten rid of. You can’t. America will not be re-trained to its orthodox American roots any time soon. Your plan is the bad one. Now it may be what we get stuck with now because of hesitant pseudo-conservatives and RINOs.

    You can’t let cancer metastasize, you have to cut it out before it spreads.

    Your plan to just accept Obamacare now and later repeal Obamacare if that happens will be contributing to America’s downfall. (By the way, that was already the plan before and it did not work.)

    You watch at what will be happening later if this goes the way you are advocating.

  • China Got into Bed with the U.S. Treasury and Can’t Get Out

    10/15/2013 9:00:58 PM PDT · 8 of 8
    Weirdad to WilliamofCarmichael

    Well said!

  • Obamacare’s Unconstitutional Origins - Tax legislation has to originate in the House; the health...

    10/12/2013 11:07:16 AM PDT · 31 of 34
    Weirdad to neverdem

    One of the most important things going on right now. Weekend BUMP !

  • Who's Afraid of Peer Review?

    10/12/2013 10:57:40 AM PDT · 15 of 16
    Weirdad to All

    PDF link to the entire article, useful enough to keep:

  • Who's Afraid of Peer Review?

    10/12/2013 10:55:16 AM PDT · 14 of 16
    Weirdad to neverdem; The_Reader_David

    Great post and subsequent Freeper comments! Thanks so much! Very useful.

    Also great comment #11 by “The_Reader_David” at

    Wow, right!

    from a fellow curmudgeon scientist

  • Jim Robinson is in need of FReeper Prayers [Jim's update in reply @ #1011]

    09/28/2013 11:50:46 AM PDT · 872 of 1,124
    Weirdad to Jim Robinson

    Praying with all for you and yours...

  • Cruz to House Conservatives: Oppose Boehner

    09/27/2013 5:37:46 PM PDT · 21 of 33
    Weirdad to upchuck


  • Scientists create never-before-seen form of matter (light sabers, anyone?)

    09/25/2013 4:04:33 PM PDT · 8 of 43
    Weirdad to LibWhacker; neverdem

    Very interesting!

    (..and Neverdem, you deserve your own ping occasionally.)

  • Thomas Sowell: ‘Defund Obamacare’ effort ‘futile and foredoomed’

    09/24/2013 12:18:03 PM PDT · 48 of 66
    Weirdad to Jim Robinson


  • Book Review: Eat and Run by Scott Jurek

    09/22/2013 2:32:57 PM PDT · 4 of 5
    Weirdad to DC Bound

    Nice review. I enjoyed it. I will probably end up getting that book through a “real” bookstore just because that’s what I usually do, but I still checked the Amazon links and read some other reviews. If I get it online I will go through your site.

    I have always loved what you also pointed out in your comment about us humans, who some suppose are outmatched at all levels by animal counterparts:

    “I think the only animal that could do it faster is a bird.”

    “Scott could have delivered mail faster than the Pony Express. That’s not something cute to say. He can run a hundred miles faster than a horse.”

    (Add in a bicycle and the right terrain, and we are even more impressive!)

    Anyway, I needed some inspiration today!

    Thanks for writing and posting.

    (And also a big thank you to our well meaning and ever vigilant thread police, for today’s forbearance, as I LIKE reading the original publications of longstanding Freepers, whether it gets them “hits” on their “blogs” or not!)

  • F as in Fat: How Obesity Threatens America’s Future 2013

    09/21/2013 8:06:36 AM PDT · 90 of 96
    Weirdad to Orangedog

    Well said!

  • Want to Get on the Disability Gravy Train? There's an App For That

    09/15/2013 6:20:13 PM PDT · 19 of 21
    Weirdad to firebasecody

    You are still not actually “100% disabled” from an SSA standpoint if you periodically can work, an small example being interacting here on this forum.

    All of us are having to put up with the Americans with Disability Act, a bonanza for lawyers, and it says that “reasonable accommodation” must be offered for people who have intermittent issues. Intermittent problems? No problem with you working for companies (typically larger) who are capable of accommodating you. The Americans with Disability Act is supposed to protect you. People like you can work with “reasonable accommodation,” certainly online work like you are doing now, with rest breaks, special positioning, intermittent schedules, etc all protected.

    You may disagree that it ought to be that way, but that’s the way it is legally if they follow their own rules. 100% disability means that you cannot do ANYTHING that earns any money, not even a simple part time job, not even part time.

    You may not like a system where you have to be actually 100% disabled to qualify for benefits.

    I don’t think it is fair, either, for many situations. That’s the main reason people buy other disability coverage.

    But that’s the system, and MANY people end up “getting disability” anyway, in violation of how the system was intended to work.

    So you are not “double dipping” like SO many are, getting paid for various cash and even real jobs while simultaneously getting a disability check.

    At least you are honest about it, but I assure you it is RAMPANT for people to double dip and “get disability” (”100%) and then do work anyway, on or off the books, and in every case it is fraud either on the part of the claimant, or fraud on the part of “the system,” which does not follow its own rules, but rewards lawyers.

    I know one guy getting a full SSI disability check who is also now getting WORKERS COMPENSATION payments for an on-the-job injury at a company he is also about to RETIRE from with some retirement benefits after working there for years! And he also mows lawns here and there for cash! Seriously! He told me about it like it was perfectly normal. In my position I am not allowed to divulge it to the authorities either. It’s a bad system.

  • Want to Get on the Disability Gravy Train? There's an App For That

    09/15/2013 11:29:49 AM PDT · 17 of 21
    Weirdad to firebasecody

    If you are able to type intelligently on a computer, as seems to be the case, you are not “100% disabled” for federal work purposes. The system does not work and as you point out, is arbitrary. I think it needs periodic reviews with cancellations when it appears that the rules are not being followed.

  • Ya Got Trouble! Mortgage Rates at highest level since 2011 (Trouble in DC City)

    08/22/2013 3:59:37 PM PDT · 8 of 8
    Weirdad to whitedog57

    “Yes, we got trouble!”

    You are right.

    Commenters on this thread are not.

    People write 4.5% “doesn’t sound that bad.”


    Bank interest is ZERO to maybe if you are lucky 1.25%.

    The difference between previous interest rates of 3.5% and now at 5% is:

    (5 - 3.5) / 3.5 = 42% increase !!!!

    How is a 42% increase in interest rates that THEY get “not bad” compared to the almost NOTHING that you now get for keeping money in the bank? It’s not “not bad” and if you really advocate that you are helping the criminals.

    In fact, if you did that during a hurricaine, they would arrest you for “gouging.”

    Times under “Jimmuh Catuh” were NOT normal — they were in fact disgusting times in which the “gummint” looted We the People, and no one should put up with those times, or with times today.

    Freedom means the damn “gummint” keeps its criminal nose out of the Free Market. We don’t have the Freedom that rightfully under the law we are supposed to have, so no one, especially Freepers of all people, should be lying down and accepting of a situation in which We Americans are all illegally ROBBED every day.

  • My Vote For Handiest Tool Ever:...The Mighty Wet-Vac!

    08/19/2013 3:20:29 PM PDT · 9 of 23
    Weirdad to Weirdad

    (TEXT based site, not TEST based.)

  • My Vote For Handiest Tool Ever:...The Mighty Wet-Vac!

    08/19/2013 3:19:03 PM PDT · 8 of 23
    Weirdad to Obama_Is_Sabotaging_America; virgil283

    So I clicked it. It’s nice little mainly TEST based site and he has a book he’s going to publish that might actually be worth looking at, but that’s like the most commercial thing there really. I did not poke around that much, but the link page was not what I would consider a problem.

    He is not a blog pimp in my book.

    He is a Freeper who acts like a Freeper and participates here.

    That site (if it is even his) is mostly text, and if there is something on it where he gets paid for clicks it is really minimal.

    You great defenders against blog pimps, who I generally APPRECIATE, should just go into harms way and check these things out yourselves before shooting from the hip. CLICK! Tell us what happens! Go into harms way for us! Then fewer of us will click anyway if it’s a problem.

    Your click will not add that much to their revenue stream, PENNIES, and you can properly “review” the link for us all so that we do not unnecessary ignore innocent Freepers who live on line and are just sharing their lives a little.

    We have better things to use our ammunition on.

  • My Vote For Handiest Tool Ever:...The Mighty Wet-Vac!

    08/19/2013 3:10:03 PM PDT · 7 of 23
    Weirdad to Walmartian

    Totally agree with Ansell — have replaced many without draining even on the bottom. Might have a little less water loss (it is minimal) with whatever technique he uses, but it works fine. Just be ready with a properly fitting element!


    08/11/2013 7:47:52 PM PDT · 19 of 21
    Weirdad to BenLurkin

    She is amazing. What a loss. Our God who created her is amazing too.

    It is really great how much of her we can see on YouTube now. Google has some really nice bribes in exchange for their stealthy but massive violations of humanity.

    Miss Gormé’s Spanish stuff is great, but just since her death, in reminiscing, I have downloaded over 90 separate ENGLISH Eydie Gormé music videos, probably 30% of which have with real video of her, rather them made-up programs, most with excellent audio. There are a lot of TV spots. The ones with Carol Burnett are especially good.

    She is one of the best singers ever, but peaked at the same time that “the children” (of the 60’s — not too childlike) intentionally hated anything that their parents liked, so she never received all the attention that she really deserved.

    I was a kid then, and remember being cruelly derided when I was asked whose music I liked best, and I replied, “Eydie Gormé.” Learned that lesson fast enough. Lie or be ostracized. But I have loved her for years, and mourn her now. (And I love hard rock and basically all other music too, and she’s still great.)

    Thank goodness, the kids today (with the exception of the small number who ONLY want a steady diet of “rap”) pick battles other than music to differentiate themselves from older people. It’s a great thing about today’s kids. They are not entirely without gumption. They will mourn Miss Gormé more that the remaining collective group 60’s throwbacks still sucking cannabis.

    And I will not even get into an analysis of the effect that her wonderful marriage of 55+ years had on her life. Freepers don’t need that lecture and the outside world already has rejected it.

    Stare at the top of this search:

  • Eydie Gormé Dies, Singing Legend Was 84

    08/11/2013 8:03:15 AM PDT · 63 of 67
    Weirdad to BluesDuke

    That’s a great story.