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Posts by William Tell

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  • How to Save $1 Million In Your 401(k)

    04/25/2015 9:59:55 AM PDT · 33 of 45
    William Tell to Pining_4_TX
    Pining_4_TX said: "For those of modest means, there is no sweaty wad of cash left over from their expenses to stash in a 401K account."

    You sound like some of my relatives.

    How old is your car and how long have you owned it?

  • Guardian UK: Pope Francis is starting to look a lot like Sarah Palin or Kevin Rudd

    04/23/2015 2:14:47 PM PDT · 9 of 27
    William Tell to Mrs. Don-o

    I’m looking for a church whose god wants us all to have ice cream and cookies every day.

  • Researchers uncover asthma's root cause

    04/23/2015 10:32:03 AM PDT · 24 of 34
    William Tell to Bulwyf

    Bulwyf said: “My son has it very mildly, still worth checking out indeed.”

    I paid little attention when my daughter was diagnosed. It was something my father experienced and I hadn’t.

    A couple of years later she very nearly died from an attack while she was driving home. She had taken an aspirin which evidently triggered or worsened the attack and she was unconscious in an unoccupied government building before she could get help.

    The paramedics which eventually responded completely exhausted their checklist before being able to revive her. Neither of them had ever lost such a young patient.

    In retrospect, I realized that I should have studied the ailment more and insisted that my daughter be taught how to spot the symptoms before they become life-threatening.

    Here’s a link to an article about peak flow meters: http://www.webmd.com/asthma/guide/peak-flow-meter

    Lack of this information was a factor in my daughter’s near death experience. It’s important to realize that the amount of air needed is a very strong function of activity level. The air my daughter needed to be able to drive home from school was significantly more than that which she had been using while sitting in a classroom. The sudden increase in activity brought on an almost irreversible lack of oxygen.

  • Tea Party will never understand the Constitution: What the right misses about its favorite document

    04/21/2015 11:18:10 PM PDT · 157 of 161
    William Tell to 2ndDivisionVet
    One perhaps minor logical error committed by the author of the article is the notion that, if you violate the Constitution long enough, eventually what you are doing becomes Constitutional.

    This is not so even if the Supreme Court says it is.

    What is it I've heard said; "The Constitution may not be perfect but it would be far preferable to whatever it is we have been using."

  • Cuts in Social Security, Confiscation, or Wealth Redistribution?

    04/21/2015 12:28:40 AM PDT · 23 of 27
    William Tell to Sean_Anthony
    Christie said: "But, if you are fortunate enough not to need it, ..."

    What does being "fortunate" have to do with it?

    I worked hard for decades. My family and I lived below our means. For most of my life I owned two pairs of shoes.

    One of the cars I owned I drove for over twenty years.

    What I've accumulated to support my wife and me in retirement is not the result of "good fortune", it is the result of "good sense".

    The next step for politicians after deciding that I don't need Social Security, is to decide that I don't need some of what I accumulated despite having contributed to Social Security during my entire working life.

    We see now the inevitable end of socialism happening in Greece. Any municipality wise enough to have put something aside for a rainy day, is now finding the central government confiscating the money because the municipality obviously doesn't need it as bad as the central government.

    This will not end well. I see dead people.

  • This List of Senior Discounts for People Over 50...

    04/19/2015 11:01:15 AM PDT · 10 of 50
    William Tell to Islander7
    Islander7 said: "Also, Lowe's and Home Depot offer 10% off for any military vet who retired or disabled."

    I'm not "retired" from the military, but I did ask for and receive a discount at Home Depot by showing my DD214. I had to go to the service desk to get it. Usually I don't think of it, but if you are buying hundreds of dollars worth of stuff it adds up.

  • Yes, You Can Catch Insanity

    04/19/2015 10:47:57 AM PDT · 12 of 16
    William Tell to EBH
    Without proper diagnosis, it is very difficult to make medical progress.

    A friend of mine was found recently to have a very rare type of cancer. Apparently this particular ailment was completely unknown about twenty years ago and the tumors were treated with chemotherapy and/or radiation.

    Since these rare tumors don't respond to chemo or radiation, this meant that the patient would suffer unchecked progression of the disease and, just as important, the chemo treatments were thought to be less effective than they really are.

    Once the distinction between my friend's ailment and other diseases was recognized, specific treatments were developed and it became possible to fine tune chemotherapy for cancers which do respond to it.

  • Think Global Warming Is Bad? Wait Until You Meet Sustainability

    04/19/2015 10:19:13 AM PDT · 20 of 29
    William Tell to Bob434
    Bob434 said: "what exactly do they mean ‘sustainability’?"

    I'm sure it will go beyond just issues of climate.

    Unless we can prove that some resource will never run out, then use of such resource becomes "unsustainable" and should be prohibited.

    Similarly, we must not create ANYTHING that is not one-hundred-percent recyclable. No "waste" of any kind will be tolerated.

    The Chinese one-child policy will be the model for all other human activities. One car, one computer, one dish, one book, etc. Having two of anything will be considered the height of irresponsibility. After all, shouldn't people be able to survive with just "ONE"?

    Having two shoes will require proof that one cannot survive by hopping around on one foot.

    The national motto will become "E Pluribus One-um" or "Strength Through One-ity". Life would be one Orwellian nightmare after another.

  • No, Ted Cruz, the 2nd Amendment doesn’t protect your right to rebellion

    04/17/2015 9:48:06 AM PDT · 86 of 115
    William Tell to 2ndDivisionVet
    Perhaps a better way to express the meaning of the Second Amendment is to point out that it empowers the people to carry out in 2015 exactly the same process that was carried out in 1775.

    This would leave it to the listener to understand what happened in 1775;

    that our Founders were not fighting off foreign invaders but rather their own government,

    that it is not necessary to have the support of a majority of the people in order to act,

    that it is better to die free than live as a slave,

    and that nobody ever won a war by dying for his country but he won it by making some other poor bastard die for his.

  • Medical innovation means cancer is no longer a death sentence

    04/12/2015 7:34:49 AM PDT · 23 of 30
    William Tell to lostboy61
    lostboy61 said: "Faith, clean food, clean water, no stress, no cell phone and open your mind to other ways than big drug company's."

    I know a guy who is happy to have his insurance company pay $300 per day for drugs in order to increase his five year survival chances from 50% to 85%.

    I don't think he has the same negative view of drug companies that you have. The drug he is taking will lose patent protection in July and other companies are lining up to manufacture a life-prolonging drug in high demand.

  • 47% of American households save nothing

    04/08/2015 5:33:39 PM PDT · 38 of 40
    William Tell to SeekAndFind
    I don't believe this article.

    Basically everybody who works is contributing money into their Social Security Account. This is money that the government puts in a "lock-box" somewhere so that it is available when people retire.

    Everything will be just fine.

  • Fiorina says 90+ percent chance she’s running in 2016

    03/29/2015 11:09:08 AM PDT · 34 of 116
    William Tell to entropy12
    Carly was against the "assault weapons" ban, apparently aware that it concerned itself only with cosmetic features.

    For that reason alone she would earn my vote over practically any Democrat and some Republicans.

  • Drownings along Rio Grande spike after enforcement surge

    03/29/2015 10:23:22 AM PDT · 14 of 34
    William Tell to Olog-hai

    I just can’t understand why the benevolent government in Mexico doesn’t close that border so that their citizens don’t face these unreasonable dangers. What’s wrong with them, that they tolerate these unnecessary deaths? Where is their humanity?

  • 8 Basic Money Lessons Everyone Should Know

    03/29/2015 9:57:34 AM PDT · 11 of 35
    William Tell to poinq
    poinq said: Take, “live within your means”.

    I think what you are seeing is bad editing.

    That section actually begins, "To really live at a level you can afford, you have to modify your lifestyle slightly and live below your means. "

    Kids today have very little, if any, understanding of history. They have no concept of just how bad things can get and how long they can stay that way. They have been raised in one of the most affluent societies that ever existed but are taught that things are terrible and that we must rely on "hope and change" to build a future, instead of "work and responsibility".

    Also, I would never again buy a new car. My last purchase was a two year old car with 30k miles on it which cost about 60% of the new price.

  • A Potential Solution to Suicide by Aircraft

    03/26/2015 4:13:42 PM PDT · 10 of 49
    William Tell to Ben Mugged
    I think the chances that a workable process can be created which will protect the passengers from a pilot or co-pilot who is set on killing them is ZERO.

    Once you let such a person control an aircraft, it's OVER. It's too late. Any preventive measures must occur prior to such a person entering the plane.

  • Ted Cruz, 2016 Campaign Slogans (please submit)

    03/23/2015 1:21:48 PM PDT · 58 of 83
    William Tell to conservativejoy
    conservativejoy said: "Ted Cruz, Reigniting America’s Future"

    That might clash with recent reports that he told a three-year-old that the world is on fire.

  • Debt-Default Crisis 2015: Raise, and Then Raze, the Debt Ceiling

    03/19/2015 9:13:26 AM PDT · 3 of 7
    William Tell to Citizen Zed
    From the article: The debt limit statute violates the explicit prohibition of the Constitution's Public Debt Clause; it questions the "validity of the public debt of the United States."

    I guess I would be in default if, while consistently making the required payments on my credit cards, I refused to make any further charges on those cards.

    I did not know that.

    What is the saying, "It ain't the things you know that get you into trouble. It's the things you know that just ain't so." The motto of the Democrat Party.

  • State Department Has ‘No Record’ Of Clinton Signing Separation Statement [VIDEO]

    03/17/2015 2:23:14 PM PDT · 78 of 101
    William Tell to dforest
    dforest said: "Seems that this form was put in place after the others and before Hillary."

    Forms are revised all the time. It would be routine for any large organization to have people acknowledge in writing that they have returned all materials belonging to the organization as part of a checklist used to make sure that nothing has been overlooked.

    I remember spending most of a day traveling the length of a military post visiting practically every department to get signatures verifying that I was cleared to transfer to another post.

    The post library would sign that I didn't owe them any books. The enlisted men's club that I didn't owe any unpaid tab. The motor pool that I didn't have a vehicle checked out that hadn't been returned.

    It's unimaginable that any large government organization would be lacking the same sort of process.

    Did Hillary draw a salary while Secretary of State? Perhaps someone should ask how the government knew to stop her pay? Did they simply rely on Hillary's word as to when and how much she should be paid? Or do they have a detailed process for adding people and deleting people from the payroll? Security issues would be handled with similar rigor.

  • ‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ was built on a lie

    03/16/2015 1:03:33 PM PDT · 22 of 43
    William Tell to Second Amendment First
    The author admits that many witnesses lied in an attempt to cause the officer to be charged with a capital crime and have him spend the rest of his life in prison.

    The author completely fails to recognize that an unknown but perhaps substantial amount of the negative information regarding the Ferguson police consists of similar falsified reports.

    The culture of lies by those who accuse every white of being racist has made it impossible to discern where there is real fault to be addressed. Like the proverbial boy who cried "Wolf!", the liars have no credibility left and deserve to be devoured by the wolf.

  • Neanderthals Wore Eagle Talons As Jewelry 130,000 Years Ago

    03/13/2015 11:14:20 PM PDT · 19 of 41
    William Tell to FredZarguna
    FredZarguna said: "... the 386 shown is a good bit more primitive than I remember."

    You have an impressive memory. I can't remember what I had for breakfast.

  • Is gun ownership really down in America?

    03/12/2015 2:31:42 PM PDT · 27 of 62
    William Tell to richardb72
    The poll cited in the article claims that "... the percentage of homes with a gun has fallen from approximately 50 percent to 32 percent."

    Yet more recently, "The number of people with those cards [Illinois FOID cards] has soared from a little over 1 million in 2010 to 1.8 million this month."

    Not even close.

    Let's look at this another way. The poll claims that 18 percent of households with a gun rid themselves of it. Since there are about 115 million households, that would mean that 18 percent of them, or about 21 million households, gave up their guns.

    Somebody somewhere is soaking up a lot of used guns. It's not me. Honest.

  • Polyamorous Oakland family finds parenting easier with two moms and a dad

    03/12/2015 11:06:49 AM PDT · 29 of 125
    William Tell to oldenuff2no
    oldenuff2no said: "How they live has zero impact on your life or my life. "

    You could say that about Jihadists beheading Christians 8,000 miles away, but I don't think it is true.

    A baby has exactly two parents. All situations which deprive the baby of the protection of those two parents are much less than ideal for the baby.

    Such lack of ideality may not create an obligation on your part to act, but I think it creates an obligation to judge and to refuse support.

    It brings to mind the joke that one should not become so open-minded that one's brain falls out.

  • Kerry says Congress cannot modify any Iran-U.S. nuclear agreement

    03/11/2015 10:18:22 AM PDT · 45 of 66
    William Tell to TangledUpInBlue
    From that Constitution thingy: "He [the President] shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur; "

    I think we both agree that an "agreement" among nations is a "treaty". One might argue whether a future repudiation of a treaty requires the support of both the President and the Senate.

    But there can be little doubt that enacting a treaty initially requires the consent of two-thirds of the Senate.

    To suggest that the Senate is committing treason, as some have done, by informing Iran of the powers of the Senate to enter into treaties, is as ridiculous as suggesting that the President engages in treason when he engages in those same dealings. The Senate is within its authority to engage in any activities it desires to inform themselves and others regarding the prudence of entering into a treaty. To suggest that the Senate must be ignorant of that to which they must consent is nonsense.

    The Senate has a DUTY to the citizenry to insure that no nation is under the mistaken belief that the President can bind the U.S. without consent of the Senate.

    If Iran was aware of the necessity of Senate concurrence, then no harm was done. If Iran was not aware, then the U.S. has been saved from the embarrassment of overreach by an out-of-control executive.

  • How the Smart Phone Outsmarted the Smartest Woman

    03/11/2015 9:38:11 AM PDT · 17 of 25
    William Tell to NOBO2012
    Somebody needs to start asking the question, "What would it look like if a high-ranking government official were selling secrets to our enemies?"

    Would it look like the official had gathered tons of sensitive information into a location where it could easily be compromised?

    At the same time, wouldn't the official be running a multi-million dollar foundation receiving donations from foreign contributors?

    There's not just smoke here. The entire Hillary house of cards is on fire.

  • Atlantic Magazine Skeptical of Hillary's Email Answers at Press Conference

    03/10/2015 8:52:52 PM PDT · 28 of 33
    William Tell to TigersEye
    TigersEye said: "Do you have a source for that? Thanks. "

    Not expressed in that way. She stated that it was a matter of convenience to use only her private email account because it would be inconvenient to have to carry two devices in order to access a second account.

    What was the reason for enduring the inconvenience of carrying two devices, as she was described doing several weeks ago, if not in order to access more than one account?

  • Atlantic Magazine Skeptical of Hillary's Email Answers at Press Conference

    03/10/2015 8:32:08 PM PDT · 25 of 33
    William Tell to Travis McGee
    Travis McGee said: "I am old enough to remember when all of the TV networks covered the Watergate hearings gavel to gavel, preempting their schedules for months."

    As was I. And Watergate deserved all the attention it got.

    Here's a question for an inquiring mind like yours to ponder.

    Hillary evidently stated several weeks ago that, at least at one time, she did carry more than one phone.

    We have Hillary's own recent statement to the effect that one reason that a person might carry two phones is so that they can access two email accounts.

    We know about "clintonemail.com".

    Now for the question: What is the other email account that Hillary was accessing and who has the server?

  • Rush Limbaugh just said Apple will not hand over decryption keys to Obama / NSA / Federal goons...

    03/10/2015 9:59:03 AM PDT · 5 of 51
    William Tell to dennisw

    Of what value to me is a decryption key in the hands of Apple? I would have no expectation of privacy in such a case.

  • Native American Council Offers Amnesty to 240 Million Undocumented Whites

    03/06/2015 8:48:40 PM PST · 55 of 82
    William Tell to Kozak
    Kozak said: "Just shows what happens if you don’t have good immigration enforcement"

    That's the point I got. If you fail to organize and fight the invaders when they are few, then you will eventually face a more populous enemy and may well lose everything you have to them.

    Works for me.

    One of my favorite quotes by Winston Churchill:
    “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed;
    if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly;
    you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case.
    You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

  • Students at UC Irvine vote to ban American flag

    03/06/2015 4:25:12 PM PST · 32 of 72
    William Tell to Arm_Bears
    Arm_Bears said: "That’s OK—Just ban all federal money going to the school."

    Let's also recognize that one of the fifty stars on that same flag represents California. In a sane world the legislature would simply withdraw funding from the school until the students appreciate it just a little bit more. I doubt it would take very long.

  • Federal Judge Terrence Berg Shot at Detroit Home (UPDATED)

    03/05/2015 10:04:25 PM PST · 34 of 70
    William Tell to kristinn
    Some situations like this turn out to be attempts to disguise a negligent discharge. Few people would choose to admit to having shot themselves in the leg.

    We'll see ...

  • Lawmakers rally around expanded background checks for gun sales

    03/05/2015 9:52:57 PM PST · 35 of 41
    William Tell to catnipman
    catnipman said: "Wow, it should be against the law for someone this ignorant of a subject to be allowed to write and publish an article about it."

    If you think this is ignorance at work you are making a big mistake. The topic itself is not that complicated. These statements are called "lies".

  • Clinton created multiple email addresses on private server, data show

    03/05/2015 7:54:55 PM PST · 67 of 136
    William Tell to eeriegeno
    eeriegeno said: "This woman's shenanigans really don't make Issa and Gowdy look to good or appear to be too effective!!!!"

    If people are willing to perjure themselves and/or destroy evidence, it can be difficult to pin things down.

    Watergate was several years unfolding but resulted in the felony convictions of about 65 people, most for perjury or obstruction of justice.

  • Hillary Clinton Says She Wants People to Read Her Email...When The State Department Releases Them

    03/05/2015 5:32:08 PM PST · 23 of 23
    William Tell to Servant of the Cross

    Is Hillary having a Martha Stewart moment, standing next to a trusted aide while considering the risks and benefits of modifying computer records? I can’t wait to see the movie when it comes out.

  • Dogs Don't Remember

    03/02/2015 1:13:10 PM PST · 66 of 131
    William Tell to CSM
    CSM said: "For the rest of her life, she was scared to death of school busses! "

    My wife is and always has been terrified of snakes.

    Her reaction to a snake is so rapid and so violent that I don't think there is any "remembering" going on. She recognizes that the object is a snake and the rest is on auto-pilot.

    I think it is possible, though difficult to know, that some animals routinely operate on a similar principle. Recognizing a danger or associating a situation or object with potential pleasure doesn't necessarily require any conscious memory of why that association exists.

  • AP Essay: 'Jihadi John' won't have the same impact unmasked (Hurl Alert)

    03/01/2015 10:17:36 AM PST · 11 of 14
    William Tell to DJ MacWoW
    I recall that we produced a deck of cards during the Iraq war with pictures of the 52 most wanted in that area.

    Do we have such a deck of cards now? Or are we not playing with a full deck in the Middle East?

  • Mistrial Declared For St. Clair Shores Police Officer In Robbery Case ("stole back" stolen iPhone)

    02/22/2015 11:16:58 AM PST · 14 of 16
    William Tell to cripplecreek
    cripplecreek said: "Yeah this was an armed robbery despite the stolen property."

    I think you're right.

    We extend immunity to law enforcement because we realize that humans make mistakes. The requirement for a warrant is part of the mechanism we use to minimize the opportunity and impact of such mistakes.

    In this case, there is every reason to treat the off-duty cop the same way WE would be treated. If I had committed this crime, I'm pretty sure I would end up doing time.

  • BATFE To Ban Common AR-15 [Ball] Ammo

    02/14/2015 3:36:09 PM PST · 65 of 87
    William Tell to MeneMeneTekelUpharsin
    MeneMeneTekelUpharsin said: "I don’t even own an AR15, ..."

    No worries. Just plan on getting one a week or so before they are ruled illegal. That should work just fine.

  • S.F. Archbishop's Imposition Of Morality Clause At Schools Outrages Many

    02/13/2015 10:56:42 AM PST · 20 of 21
    William Tell to Steelfish
    I don't see what the problem is.

    Every Sheriff in Kalifornia is empowered to prevent the carrying of concealed weapons by people that he determines lack "good moral character".

  • CNN Anchor: ‘Our Rights Do Not Come From God’

    02/12/2015 11:15:14 PM PST · 145 of 160
    William Tell to AxeofCrom
    AxeofCrom said: "Or rather that liberty is a blessing from God."

    I would think that is what they meant.

    Also, there is the following:
    "Before he [the President] enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation:"

    I'm no expert in this matter, but it almost appears to me that the Founders were allowing for the possibility that an elected President might have some qualms about swearing an oath; perhaps as a matter of religious principle. But one explicit option was an "oath" which I believe has a religious denotation.

  • CNN Anchor: ‘Our Rights Do Not Come From God’

    02/12/2015 11:54:44 AM PST · 106 of 160
    William Tell to AxeofCrom
    AxeofCrom said: "Don’t you think it’s interesting that the DOI mentioned that are rights are given by God and the Constitution says diddly squat about it?"

    What do you suppose the phrase "Blessings of Liberty" refers to in the preamble to the Constitution?

  • CNN Anchor: ‘Our Rights Do Not Come From God’

    02/12/2015 10:24:57 AM PST · 13 of 160
    William Tell to PROCON

    I guess the people in North Korea would be criminals if they took up arms and overthrew their leaders. Especially if it could be determined that the majority of North Koreans prefer living in chains.

  • King v. Burwell: In 2013, Nelson Admitted He Didn't Know If ACA Offered Subsidies In Fed. Exchanges

    02/10/2015 8:12:22 PM PST · 4 of 11
    William Tell to SteveH
    SteveH said: "This would be thin reasoning indeed to justify a USSC overturn."

    What do you mean?

    The plaintiffs are asking the Supreme Court to mandate that the law be enforced as written.

    The defendants are asking that the law be whatever some people want it to be.

  • How Spelling Keeps Kids From Learning

    02/10/2015 10:28:18 AM PST · 118 of 127
    William Tell to Vinnie
    Vinnie said: "I proudly told the teacher I had already taught my daughter to read."

    Just before the school year started we recommended to the school staff that my daughter be placed in first grade instead of kindergarten.

    The school assured us that there would plenty of activities to occupy her and that she would be quite content.

    Six weeks later they suggested that we move her to first grade. It seems that the other students were spending their break times insisting that my daughter read stories to them.

  • How Spelling Keeps Kids From Learning

    02/10/2015 10:21:58 AM PST · 116 of 127
    William Tell to rey
    rey said: "Yes. But over a billion people know Chinese."

    I travelled in China with a Chinese friend who grew up in a small village in southern China. We were in a cab in Shanghai touring the city and my friend was communicating with the driver with the help of a pencil and paper.

    Evidently the spoken language in Shanghai is so different from what he learned that it was necessary to write out many terms in order to be understood.

  • NV: Shooting through the Door is a bad idea

    02/06/2015 11:22:30 AM PST · 15 of 31
    William Tell to TexasGator
    I re-read your post and see that you are referring to the maximum distance of a .22 caliber bullet.

    Perhaps at the maximum distance little damage would be done, but I'd still hate to be hit by one at only a mile, for example. I wonder what the terminal velocity of a .22 caliber bullet would be if dropped vertically.

  • NV: Shooting through the Door is a bad idea

    02/06/2015 11:19:11 AM PST · 13 of 31
    William Tell to TexasGator
    TexasGator said: "It could put an eye out, but that is about all."

    What part of my posting are you referring to? The birdshot?

  • NV: Shooting through the Door is a bad idea

    02/06/2015 10:55:08 AM PST · 8 of 31
    William Tell to marktwain
    marktwain said: "Most pistol and shotgun rounds will easily penetrate exterior doors at close range."

    A bullet dropped from a four foot height will hit the floor in about one-half second.

    The same bullet fired horizontally at 1000 feet per second will hit the ground about 500 feet from where the gun is fired (ignoring air resistance).

    If you fire a bullet through a door and assume that the bullet loses half its energy, then its velocity will be reduced to 70% of its original velocity, which means the bullet will hit the ground at 350 feet.

    A slight upward angle of the gun could increase this distance considerably.

    If you decide to fire through a door, you risk hitting any person within several hundred feet of the door. Its quite a risk.

    It's been years since I've looked, but I've seen boxes of .22 caliber rounds marked with a warning that the maximum ranges is 1.5 MILES.

    Perhaps the world needs a new type of frangible bullet which self-destructs when it reaches 30 or 40 feet from where it is fired. I believe that birdshot in a shotgun behaves this way at least to some extend. It is extremely deadly while the pellets are clustered and much less lethal after the pellets have formed a wider pattern.

  • Borderlands Books in SF announces closure, cites minimum wage increase

    02/05/2015 10:16:38 AM PST · 30 of 31
    William Tell to E. Pluribus Unum
    E. Pluribus Unum said: "Big businesses aren’t affected. "


    Is McDonald's a "big business"?

    The only reason I can see which would justify your comment is that big businesses became big by making sure that their employees were productive enough to justify higher pay.

    Manufacturing jobs, for example, could pay more per employee in wages because they typically made investments in machinery and automation.

    The manager of the book store paying himself $28,000 per year indicates to me that he was running his business as a hobby. Who could live in or commute to San Francisco on an annual wage of $28k? This business has been unprofitable for a long time and is closing down only because it has finally become too unprofitable to continue.

  • Flags are Seahawks' best friend [FlagGate entering Cheaters' Bowl]

    01/29/2015 1:07:38 PM PST · 16 of 73
    William Tell to G Larry
    G Larry said: "If the penalties are called and consequences imposed, then those are the rules, fairly applied."

    We both realize that not every infraction draws a flag.

    The purpose of imposing penalties is to discourage violating the rules. If the burden of the penalties does not, in fact, discourage violating the rules, then eventually every team will modify its behavior and we will be looking at a totally different sport.

    If that's an undesirable outcome, then some changes will need to be made so that penalties do discourage CHEATING.

  • CBO: Deficits To Explode As Obama Leaves Office

    01/27/2015 12:20:53 PM PST · 43 of 43
    William Tell to Cringing Negativism Network
    Cringing Negativism Network said: "The solution is, someone needs to bring back jobs to America."

    What force in the universe can be expected to bring jobs from a low standard-of-living place to one with a higher standard-of-living place?

    The cost of moving jobs overseas has been paid over time by the savings realized in having them in a lower cost area.

    How would one pay for moving them back?

    My questions are posed in order to clarify that nothing less than a dramatic decrease in the standard-of-living here will cause jobs to move here. That's an economic reality.