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  • (Obama's Amerika) Africa Boasts More Cellphone Users Than All of North America

    12/20/2012 10:56:42 PM PST · 9 of 22
    Will_Zurmacht to DogByte6RER

    pretty common phenom. In B-School they call it the latecomer advantage. Europe/Japan got to rebuild using current tech of post WWII era. They didn’t have to go back to the 19th cent. and start over. Today the third world builds with current tech in the post-national economic system.

    Meanwhile we in the USA are using infrastructure/concepts that can be a century old in some cases and wondering why we are having a hard time competing. Consider our rail network vs. Euro/Japan, for example. Or broadband access in US vs. some Asian nations, another example. Or the space program of China.

    It’s easier for third worlders to plant a few cell phone towers than to build up a telegraph system, then a land line POTS network and then add cell towers.

    We in the west design, invent and create, but it’s difficult and expensive to re-infrastructure an industrial civilization. If you have nothing, you can actually be at an advantage if you choose your investments wisely.


    12/17/2012 8:08:48 PM PST · 7 of 14
    Will_Zurmacht to neverdem

    I still think a remote controlled vehicle for swift evac of wounded troops would be a great idea. And if it can shoot back, all the better.

  • Cause and Effect: Americans Who Voted for Obama Now Seeing Weekly Job Hours Slashed Below 30...

    12/17/2012 5:51:39 PM PST · 127 of 127
    Will_Zurmacht to Luircin

    No problem, hang in there. And just remember, one day when you are 60 you will look back on this era as “the good old days”. LOL

  • NBC Cuts Away from Sunday Night Football for Obama "speech"

    12/16/2012 8:17:01 PM PST · 156 of 166
    Will_Zurmacht to tanknetter

    If that story doesn’t motivate someone to exercise their 2nd Amendment right, perhaps this one will:

    One of the most horrific crimes in America, largely unreported, for the, ahem, obvious reasons. If one of those young men or women had a firearm in the home, those young men and women would not have been raped, sodomized, humiliated, beaten, robbed and murdered in a snowy field. The fact that one girl lived to tell the tale was pure luck. Otherwise these monsters would still be wandering the streets. My case #1 when people question me about my firearms.

  • Cause and Effect: Americans Who Voted for Obama Now Seeing Weekly Job Hours Slashed Below 30...

    12/14/2012 9:40:21 AM PST · 104 of 127
    Will_Zurmacht to Luircin

    Luircin I really hope you hang in there. While most of us on this board are decades older, we have all been through it. Probably not to the extent that your generation is facing, but I do have some experience with this. It is crucial that you stay positive. I can’t stress that enough. If you get down too far you can easily lose a decade of your life. So first admit you are in the sh!t, and you’ll probably be there for a few more years. That’s ok. Keep a healthy perspective. You’re broke and living with family, you’re not being held in the Hanoi Hilton for years. What I’m saying is a lot of good men have been through much worse and came out of it. So focus on positive thoughts and don’t let your self esteem get down.

    So much of male identity is tied to work it can be really degrading to be unemployed. Don’t fall into the misery trap. If you are unemployed, it really can be the perfect time to reassess and redirect your life. Make a plan. Find any legitimate way to increase your income. Even if only in small increments each week. Take any part time job you can. So what if you are just a part time cook at a little restaurant? You are getting out of the house, making some cash, and learning something. It is crucial for your self esteem that you do something. Or try to make your own little jobs. Back in the day we didn’t have the internet to supplement our income, you do. Use it!

    While trying to bring in more money the other key is reduce spending. Now is a great time to eliminate costly bad habits, silly spending. Student loans can be deferred during this crisis. They usually will work with you. And don’t beat yourself up too much about it. You are not mooching, you are trying to get your financial house in order. Start keeping a financial record. Of everything. Trust me, it’s pretty easy when your broke, and it’ll help you not be broke in the future.

    During periods of joblessness some guys let appearances go, don’t fall into this trap. Get up early, get in shape, set yourself a six month goal for something you can really do: lose weight, quit smoking, run a marathon, something tangible you can accomplish with this um, down time.

    Stay away from negative people. It’s better to have one true friend than a dozen fools. While living at home sucks, make it positive. Do projects around the house, cook, clean, make sure you feel like you contribute.

    Take this time in your life to pick up new and useful skills. They might end up as a job, or as something useful down the road.

    Be a part of a church, civic group, something that gets you out of the house doing something other than worrying.

    I’m not saying it will all get better overnight, in fact I think we are in for a long miserable decade. If we are lucky. But I also think that you’re only 26 and having a rough time. So use this time to make yourself into the man you want to be at 36. It is a long, difficult haul, but it also life.

  • Thinking of purchasing SHTF food and silver (total VANITY)

    11/13/2012 4:17:42 PM PST · 37 of 86
    Will_Zurmacht to 21twelve

    There is also
    He documents events during the economic meltdown in Argentina, coming soon to a nation near you!

    Wrote a book on how it went down and how people are trying to survive now, but his blog is free with some interesting observations. You don’t have to agree with everything, but it is interesting. Pretty horrific economic collapse tale. Could it happen here? I am beginning to think that the econ collapse scenarios is by far the most likely SHTF event we will face in the next five years.

    But I ain’t ruling out mutant zombies.

  • Thinking of purchasing SHTF food and silver (total VANITY)

    11/13/2012 4:04:09 PM PST · 33 of 86
    Will_Zurmacht to bayliving

    Oh, one other thing, if you are going to spend 4 grand on “survival”, set aside a few hundred for books/library fines. Why? Knowledge beats gadgets/stuff in the long term.
    Get the old reader’s digest Back to Basics, Country Living, etc., browse survival blogs for other good books. Books on gardening, canning, a few simple trades/repair books. Then PRACTICE!

    Most people in America today couldn’t sprout a seed to save their lives. Even if they got lucky and somehow grew a garden after SHTF, could they preserve their harvest?

    The fact that you are even thinking about the future puts you ahead of most, so best of luck and hope to see ya on the other side!

  • Thinking of purchasing SHTF food and silver (total VANITY)

    11/13/2012 3:46:52 PM PST · 24 of 86
    Will_Zurmacht to JCBreckenridge

    And Chew! Here in my part of the Redneck Redoubt a gift of chewing tobacco can earn you a friend for life, if he is out! It stores fairly well and it’s 1/3 the costs of pre-rolled cigs. While not a dipper myself, I can see chewing tobacco as something pretty useful in a crunch type situation for trade or to help those unfortunate souls who are suffering nicotine fits. Now a serious prepper would order some tobacco seeds, but I’m not that serious ;)

  • Thinking of purchasing SHTF food and silver (total VANITY)

    11/13/2012 3:33:06 PM PST · 18 of 86
    Will_Zurmacht to bayliving

    Good luck and God Speed!

    Before you go blow a bunch of money, read through some online lists/advice like

    You’re not the first, so borrow other people’s knowledge.

    For my own 2 cents, I’d avoid buying “survival foods” and having them shipped to me. Those companies are good outfits and decent people, but you can do much better economically stocking up in local big stores/discount stores. Just think about it, why would you pay a premium and shipping charges to have a #10 can of rice mailed to you? For MRE’s and the like online it’s fine, but for survival basics just go to the dang store and load up on staples that last. Your study of survival blogs will tell you what to get and how to store it. And as always, integrate basics into your diet before the crunch, so you don’t go directly from McDonald’s to beans and rice with the not too fun digestive consequences. And start gardening!

    As for metals, again just my 2 cents, instead of buying some online outfits silver bars or micro mint pieces, just start a silver coin collection if you have that hankering. Pre 1964, let’s say. It’s recognized and likely to be honored everywhere. If the SHTF scenario doesn’t come, you have a nice little investment. If it does, US coins with recognized silver content will be easier to trade than some dubious hunks of metal from Joe’s Website.

    JMHO, best of luck to ya!

  • Louisiana citizens petition White House to 'peacefully' withdraw from US. (from Drudge)

    11/10/2012 4:27:11 PM PST · 78 of 88
    Will_Zurmacht to Tau Food

    I’m surprised the left hasn’t latched on to the secession idea as a way of “curing” the national debt, avoiding student loans, sticking it to those evil credit card companies, sticking it to the evil USA Banks, etc. In theory The People’s Republic of California, for example, could just walk away from all of it and not honor any contracts/debt. Of course, I’m pretty sure international finance boys would frown on such behavior, but it might be Gov. Moonbeam’s only hope! Sure it’d be a rough couple of years as a financial pariah, but what Democrat doesn’t want a get out of jail free card? Secession wouldn’t be much different than a national Chapter 7. Party it up with spending and entitlements until 2020 and then let the suckers in Texas, Oklahoma, etc pay for the party.

  • OT: Best places overseas to work/retire? (Mediterranean vs Argentina/Chile/Brazil/Nicaragua/Panama?)

    11/08/2012 1:54:30 PM PST · 12 of 75
    Will_Zurmacht to Clemenza

    My best friend from HS now lives in Sao Paulo! The most conservative guy ever and yet he chose to live there. He was reading Ayn Rand in Jr. High, if that tells you anything. So I couldn’t see him selling everything off and moving to socialist Club Med, but he did. I guess when you have enough money to retire at 40, anywhere is probably a nice place. He abandoned the US in 2009 post Obama and has no regrets. Chatting online on election night all he could do was tell me “Told ya so”. He now has several hobby businesses, employs locals and runs a cash based/underground mini-empire, but mainly lives off his previous investments and sale of business here in the states. Pays zero taxes, but claims makes up for them in friendly bribes to friendly officials. The the Brazil way. He enjoys the freedom, the lifestyle, and yes, the women.

    So, based on my very limited knowledge, Brazil would be great if you already have oodles of money.

  • Relocation site sought (vanity)

    11/08/2012 8:57:19 AM PST · 50 of 73
    Will_Zurmacht to swift15

    Rawles has already done a lot of work on this, and I’d agree with him 90%. It’s a good place to start for info.

    Basically, be on the west side of the Mississippi to avoid the population, be a full tank of gas away from the major urban areas to avoid the Golden Horde, and make sure you have water for your garden.

  • 2012 ELECTION LIVE THREAD II !!!!!!!!

    11/06/2012 9:42:28 PM PST · 1,623 of 1,982
    Will_Zurmacht to HiTech RedNeck

    Maybe, but I’d respectfully disagree. Based on what I’ve read, Obama sold out his own liberals. In the next decade health care will be a big government-big insurance alliance. The libs didn’t get their socialist utopia of universal health care by the government. Instead they got democrat insurance companies working hand in hand with democrat politicians. Imagine, it’s now illegal for people NOT to buy your product! Even Hillary! wished she would have thought of that.

    All those idealist young leftist will be shocked when they realize they will be mandated to purchase private insurance from those “evil insurance companies” when they thought they would just get more free shit from the government. Of course, eventually this will open the door so they will get it “free” from the government, so I do see your point;)

  • 2012 ELECTION LIVE THREAD II !!!!!!!!

    11/06/2012 9:29:46 PM PST · 1,582 of 1,982
    Will_Zurmacht to gusty

    “If we had any balls has small business owners we would drop everyone from our current health plans. Pay the fine, and dump them all onto the government’s lap.”

    Funny thing is, that’s one thing the single-payer (aka Canadian style) liberals complained about Obamacare. And they were right! If it ends up being cheaper to pay the fine than it is to insure workers, what company will pay for insurance?

    Worst, muddle-headed piece of legislation since the 1960s.

  • 2012 ELECTION LIVE THREAD II !!!!!!!!

    11/06/2012 9:14:24 PM PST · 1,522 of 1,982
    Will_Zurmacht to free-n-TX

    “2) Go Galt. Get layed off/fired without cause. Collect unemployment for almost 2 years. Why pay taxes?”

    While I can understand the sentiment, in the last three years I have lost my career and my home. I wouldn’t recommend this experience to anyone. The humiliation and shame many men feel when they are unable to provide for their family is not something I would recommend anyone volunteer for. Many here would rather dig ditches than go on the dole. So while I see the idea of smashing the system, I just don’t think real guys will sign up for serfdom, even in a noble cause of destroying the beast.

  • In Palin’s Life and Politics, Goal to Follow God’s Will [NYT]

    09/06/2008 12:50:18 PM PDT · 12 of 15
    Will_Zurmacht to Cicero

    When Dr. King said it he was applauded.

    When a Conservative uses the exact same phrase they are called nuts and worse.

  • Excerpts from Palin's Speech

    09/03/2008 4:22:06 PM PDT · 7 of 216
    Will_Zurmacht to flyfree


  • CNN BREAKING-As Of 3:11AM, It's Official-IT'S BIDEN

    08/23/2008 12:33:49 AM PDT · 46 of 219
    Will_Zurmacht to HarryCaul

    this will be seen by the clintons as a deliberate slap in the face. i can’t wait to see Hillary!! on a rampage. wtf was the obama folks thinking?

  • College Knowledge Check List

    03/24/2008 1:42:31 AM PDT · 20 of 35
    Will_Zurmacht to NVDave

    First, I wouldn’t presume to tell you what to do with your life, I’m merely suggesting that attitudes like yours, which view “engineering, science and medicine” as the only “real” degrees available at a university are at the root of the problem of the liberal domination of the university, especially the social sciences.

    If conservatives constantly tell their children that the only “real” degrees are in engineering, science and medicine, then how can we be surprised when the liberals take over every other department on campus?

    A hypothetical for discussion: a bright young man is struggling.
    His head tells him to go into engineering, makes some money. His heart is pulling him into the ministry, serve the community and spread the message of Jesus Christ.
    Torn between getting a “real” degree in a “real” subject like Engineering or getting a degree in Religious Studies, this young fellow has some serious choices to make.
    If the young man follows his heart he will study religion and work in the ministry, earning next to nothing. He will be poor and in your analysis “a loser”.
    If he follows his head he will get a degree in Electrical Engineering, become a real bigshot and make more money than anyone posting on Freerepublic.

    In a purely financial calculation the Engineering degree is an obvious choice. But as you have discovered by now, there is more to life than money. Money is important, but it is not the sole determiner of happiness and fulfillment. People are motivated by many things other than money, and that is why the streets are not teeming with prostitutes. Many folks do a given job because they love it and they would continue to do that job even if they could afford to retire at 40. They don’t view their work as a misery to be endured until they can cash in stock options and tell people “f*** you”.

    So should conservatives tell young men and women in university that they are idiots if they study “nonsense” like religion, history, literature, etc?

    If we do that as conservatives, we surrender the university to the left.
    And then your children will have to sit through another four years of mindless left-wing propaganda in two thirds of their courses while they pursue a “real” degree.

    And the beat goes on.

  • College Knowledge Check List

    03/23/2008 8:40:30 PM PDT · 16 of 35
    Will_Zurmacht to RipSawyer

    I am a history professor and one of the major issues in our field is that conservatives have largely abandoned the field of ideas. It is an ideological surrender by the right, not a victory by the left.

    It is true that there are still a few of us who try to teach American history as if we were the good guys, but in the history departments of this nation conservatives are vastly outnumbered.

    Why is this?

    I think many of the posts here will surely illustrate the problem. A sizable portion of people who claim to be “conservative” actually denigrate traditional fields like history and instead urge their children to enter more lucrative fields. For them college is nothing more than a job training program or a very expensive vocational school. They don’t view college as a discussion of great ideas, or a rumination on what Russell Kirk once called “the permanent things”. For the short sighted among us a college course in American History, Philosophy, Literature etc. is a “total waste of time”. If it doesn’t make enough money to buy the big McMansion and new car then it is meaningless.

    This leaves entire swaths of the university staffed by foaming at the mouth liberals. So do keep this anti-intellectual current in mind when we complain about how so many the social science professors are raving liberals. We only have ourselves and our so-called conservative allies to blame.

  • Spitzer endorses Clinton, says nation in ‘crisis’(FLASHBACK)

    03/10/2008 2:20:54 PM PDT · 15 of 30
    Will_Zurmacht to BigLittle

    The SNL Skit they will NEVER make:

    Fade in, a bedroom, nightstand, ringing phone.
    Voiceover: It’s 3 am in the Whitehouse. The phone is ringing.
    Hillary, in coldcream and a robe answers:
    Hillary: “What’s the emergency?”
    Gov. Spitzer: breathlessly, “I feel Naughty!”
    Hillary: “Bill? Bill, is that you? How’d you get this number?”
    Gov. Spitzer: “I need a spankin’, I’ve been a dirty, dirty boy”
    Hillary: “Who is this?”
    Gov. Spitzer: “Who is this?”
    Hillary hangs up
    Gov. Spitzer hangs up.
    Scene fades as Hillary and Huma snuggle.
    Voice over: “Who do you trust to answer the phone at 3 am?”

  • Bill Unbound

    02/11/2008 11:05:59 PM PST · 6 of 19
    Will_Zurmacht to smoothsailing

    “Clinton was defeated in an office run only once, his re-election for Arkansas governor, before he learned the ropes.”

    No. He lost a run for congress, then ran for Arkansas Attorney General.If I can know this why doesn’t a political journalist? sheesh.

  • CNN Democratic Debate ** Live Thread ** 8:00 ET/7:00 CT

    01/31/2008 7:04:20 PM PST · 1,348 of 1,518
    Will_Zurmacht to FreedBird

    Well, I got to see Hillary!’s first lady, Huma Abedin.

    She lives with her, accompanies her everywhere, onstage, backstage, “takes care of her”, serves as aide and “body person”.

    Oh, but she’s not gay...oh no.

  • Hillary Clinton defends her husband's role in campaign. (Tom Dashle heads Obama's truth squad)

    01/22/2008 7:57:07 PM PST · 16 of 27
    Will_Zurmacht to mountainfolk

    I am so glad Bill is back. He has single handedly destroyed his own party for personal gain time and time again. It’s always about HIM.

    And it looks like he will do it again. He will lie, cheat, and steal for personal gain and power. He will slander his best friends and screw over his own people at the drop of a hat.
    He will screw the democrats in ways that you and I can only dream of!

    So thank you Bill Clinton, you have never let me down.

  • Clinton, Obama engage in bitter debate

    01/22/2008 12:36:36 AM PST · 13 of 43
    Will_Zurmacht to thelastvirgil

    She’s 62 years old now. This is it for Billary.
    They might, might be able to do one more run in 2012, assuming we win this year. But she’d be even older and have even less of the Clinton bandwagon to rely on. If she has to sit out for 8 years of Edwards or Obama she will be 70 years old and even more disturbing to listen to and look at. And it will be 16 years since the Cigar King was president. That’s a generation or two of voters who only know the Clinton’s from the Lewinsky story in their school history book.

    I really think the Clinton’s would destroy the entire Democrat party just for one more shot at the White House. They have proven that they will screw their friends and allies without a moments hesitation. It’s always been about them and only them. So I expect them to let it all out in the next month because 2008 is now or never time for Billary. The Clintons have always been scumbags, but this time the scumbags are extra desperate.


    01/21/2008 6:25:55 PM PST · 393 of 794
    Will_Zurmacht to tpanther

    Oh so much fun this summer.
    I really can’t wait. I know we have had issues within our own ranks. But if Hillary! wins the nomination we only need to pick up about 10% of the electorate. She has negatives out the wazoo, something like 40% of Americans will not vote for her under any condition.
    Edwards and Obama despite their liberalism, are not hated, and that makes then dangerous.

    Hillary! though, man, I can’t wait.
    It’s going to be bloodfest 2008. BRING IT ON!


    01/21/2008 6:04:16 PM PST · 272 of 794
    Will_Zurmacht to GraniteStateConservative

    Watching Nurse Ratchet on the screen makes me want to crawl through mud in order to vote against her.
    Her voice! Her face! Her constant screaming at me!

    Jesus, will someone tell her to stop the screaming!
    On the good side every time she opens up her trap and starts her squealing, she drives more voters away.

    Pray for Hillary to win the nomination!


    01/21/2008 5:22:14 PM PST · 22 of 794
    Will_Zurmacht to thehumanlynx

    Apparently John Edwards is related to a mill worker!

    Who would have known?


    01/21/2008 5:17:10 PM PST · 10 of 794
    Will_Zurmacht to beaversmom

    I am rooting for Hillary so bad at this point.
    Can you imagine how much fun this campaign will be?

    Arkansas legacy
    Clinton presidency
    The Pardons
    Her life as a do-nothing senator.
    Flip flopper.
    Tax hiker.
    Radical Lib.
    Her live in domestic-partner-intern
    Her attacking the “young black boy” and driving down the black vote.
    And Bill! Yes! Bill will back for another good kicking around. Shower the campaign with cigars again. It’ll be like old times.

  • Finding her own voice..again.

    01/13/2008 5:27:52 AM PST · 4 of 30
    Will_Zurmacht to Nekman

    There is the whole section where she talks about “summoning the inner voices” and turning to Eleanor Roosevelt. The line comes from some New Age guru named Jean Houston who told Hillary she needed to “find her own voice”, that she had the history of womanhood on her back, etc. It’s really an interesting book.

    I thought that was a slick line in her victory speech, then I was listening to the audiobook and the same line shows up from a decade ago. Miracles never cease.

  • Finding her own voice..again.

    01/13/2008 5:11:46 AM PST · 1 of 30
    Any observations?
  • Angry White Man (The bigoted "past" of Ron Paul. Calls black people "animals")

    01/08/2008 3:54:38 PM PST · 324 of 395
    Will_Zurmacht to Captain Kirk

    Well, there’s the stuff in the New Republic articles, which we have here.

    There is also the article WHICH I HAVE PERSONALLY READ in which the Ron Paul Freedom Report states that a cabal of “New York City Bankers” and their allies are seeking to control our government from within in order to assist their allies in Israel. Awesome!

    Maybe it’s a stretch......
    but I’m just assuming that “New York City Bankers” is simply yet another example of nutball shorthand for “DA JOOOOOOOS”.
    I know, I know, sounds far fetched, but the “DA JOOS” are one of the oldest, most tried and true forms of wackery out there.

    Several of the articles I perused in Spencer Library, explained how the American economy would collapse.
    In 1985.
    Or 1989.
    Or was it 1994?

    Doesn’t matter. In any event the only thing I could do was to BUY MORE GOLD and hide from the “URBAN HORDES” and assorted welfare masses that would come to get me.

    Now again, I’m assuming “urban” and “welfare” is merely another use of keywords, wink wink, nod nod.
    We all know who we are talking about right?

    A few more gems from the Freedom Report involved international cabals, vast dark global conspiracies that are aligning against people like me!
    It’s like Democratic Underground at 3:00am, except no profanity.

    Granted, not all of the stuff was completely insane. And some times Ron Paul (or his mystery writers) actually made some sense.
    And granted, I only read a few of them myself one afternoon after being tipped off by a friend last semester as to their humor potential. It also helps explain why Ron Paul would never, ever, be elected President of the United States.

    And admittedly, I didn’t do a systematic survey of everything the guy (or the aforementioned mystery writer guy) has written.

    But I read enough to realize Ron Paul is a nut or hangs out with nuts.
    I also decided, based on my own readings, that Ron Paul or a mysterious someone he associates himself with, doesn’t like blacks, jews or gays very much. Sorry, not Jews, Zionist Bankers, dangit.

    Oh, I also learned that I should BUY MORE GOLD!


    If you want to read them yourself check your local research university or come visit:*&PID=jeY7arF0wGf05ChNndbsi5bPtnVtE&SEQ=20080108164453&CNT=25&HIST=1

  • Angry White Man (The bigoted "past" of Ron Paul. Calls black people "animals")

    01/08/2008 3:25:07 PM PST · 307 of 395
    Will_Zurmacht to rmlew

    Also, what puzzles me is how Paul is now denying responsibility for writing the 30-40% that is really out there, loony or racist and anti-semitic stuff-but he’s claiming ownership of the remaining stuff.

    Which means he knew what was being published in his name all along. In fact, he was making money off of peddling it.

    And now he is saying on his website:
    “When I was out of Congress and practicing medicine full-time, a newsletter was published under my name that I did not edit. Several writers contributed to the product. For over a decade, I have publically (sic) taken moral responsibility for not paying closer attention to what went out under my name.”

    So he takes moral responsibility for not paying closer attention to what was being published alongside his articles in his magazine.
    For decades.

    Bet he paid attention to all the subscription checks...

  • A pledge to go a year without buying anything new

    01/08/2008 3:02:29 PM PST · 66 of 97
    Will_Zurmacht to Hoffer Rand

    A year of buying nothing new?
    I did that, it was called grad school.
    And it sucked.

    This is nothing more than liberal self-flagellation. And do note that they make it a public spectacle, so they can get even more attention.

  • Angry White Man (The bigoted "past" of Ron Paul. Calls black people "animals")

    01/08/2008 2:51:54 PM PST · 300 of 395
    Will_Zurmacht to Proud2BeRight

    If anyone wants to read Saint Pauls nonsense it is here in our library at KU

    Database: University of Kansas Libraries
    Main Author: Paul, Ron, 1935-
    Title: Ron Paul’s freedom report.
    Dates/Numbering: Vol. 5, no. 4 (May 1980)-
    Other Title: Freedom report
    Continues: Freedom report (Lake Jackson, Tex.)

    Other Entries: Foundation for Rational Economics and Education (U.S.).
    Subject(s): Conservatism —United States —Periodicals.
    Free enterprise —Periodicals.
    United States —Politics and government —1977-1981 —Periodicals.
    Publisher: Lake Jackson, Tex. : Foundation for Rational Economics and Education, Inc., 1980-
    Format: Periodical
    Description: v. ; 28 cm.

    Location: Spencer Library (Kansas Collection)
    Call Number: RH WL D2075
    Holdings: v. 5, no. 4 (1980:May)
    v. 5, no. 6 (1980:July)
    v. 6, no. 1 (1981:Jan.)
    v. 6, no. 3-6 (1981:Mar. - 1981:June)
    v. 6, no. 9 (1981:Oct.)
    v. 7, no. 1-7 (1982:Jan. - 1982:Aug.)
    v. 7, no. 10 (1982:Dec.)
    v. 8, no. 2-10 (1983:Feb. - 1983:Dec.)
    v. 9, no. 1 - v. 10, no. 4 (1984:Jan. - 1986:May)
    v. 11, no. 2

    There are many more here, he was a one man publishing house for several decades, so you probably have some of these in your local university library.

    I read a few, and yes, Ron Paul is a nut.
    Sometimes he’s the harmless “Buy Gold NOW-Economy Collapse Coming” or “Computer chips=Mark of the Beat” kinda nut.
    Other times he goes for the much less entertaining “Beware the Jew/Negro Conspiracy-Secession Now” kinda nut.

    But Paulitologist see nothing wrong in L. Ron Paul, so there is no point in arguing with them.

  • Ron Paul Issues Statement

    01/08/2008 2:35:46 PM PST · 91 of 130
    Will_Zurmacht to stockstrader the Reason article he now claims he doesn’t even have copies, so that’s why they were pulled from his internet archive.

    What a piece of @@@@.

    The Ron Paul Freedom Report is right here in the KU library in Lawrence, I’m sure there are other copies out there. And yes, it gonzo, nutball and occasionally racist crap.
    I have read a few and it’s like going back in time, to the early 90s when your zany uncle was talking about the coming war against the Z.O.G., black helicopters, microchip implants as marks of the Beast and soon to come alien/commie invasion.

    Actually, I kinda miss that exciting X-Files aspect of the 1990s

    I might give the guy some credit if it were one article which he immediately disowned. However, this is a series of bizarro, racist, anti-semitic conspiracy crap that was published under his name for decades!

    But call his bluff.
    Give me legal permission to upload them to his censored archives or here on Free Republic.
    Then he can say which ones he personally wrote, which ones were written by others, and which ones he still stands by.
    After all, he’s Saint it should be no problem.


    01/08/2008 1:36:09 AM PST · 24 of 36
    Will_Zurmacht to Lancey Howard

    He freaks me out too. We can beat Hillary!. Half the nation hates her guts. But this guy makes the sheeple feel good about themselves. They don’t care what he advocates. They dont even know. They just know he would be the first-sorry-second Black President. And the MSM fall all over him because they want to say look we’re not racist, lets all hug and sing kumbaya. Never mind he’s a complete lightweight and the only sure thing about him is that your taxes will go up. If he gets the nomination, and if Hillary! doesn’t have him Vince Fostered before the election, I get a bad vibe about november. If we criticize anything the man says we will be pounced on by the liberal media.
    Even I am squeamish criticizing him to friends.
    He has friendly black man teflon.

  • LIVE: LAPD and Court officials to Britney Spears house in Studio City

    01/03/2008 11:40:16 PM PST · 106 of 362
    Will_Zurmacht to Rte66

    My chances of winning the dead pool have dramatically increased, and it’s just turned 2008!

  • LIVE: LAPD and Court officials to Britney Spears house in Studio City

    01/03/2008 11:37:31 PM PST · 100 of 362
    Will_Zurmacht to MonicaG

    They were doing those kinds of drug drops in the olden times. use a prearranged room for deliveries and payments.

    But I’d be surprised Britney would need to go through such elaborate ruses. There’s also the transporting home issue for her. Why wouldn’t she just pay a mule? Folks use the discrete courier services for all sorts of things....

    But Britney is pretty stupid, so maybe she actually goes to pick up her drugs personally.

  • The Last of Her Kind (Pro-Choice Republican Woman)

    12/30/2007 7:44:16 PM PST · 42 of 44
    Will_Zurmacht to County Agent Hank Kimball

    Thing is they could do a host of things. Yet their political survival instincts preclude congress from doing anything like submitting a constitutional amendment banning abortion. It’d never survive committee, granted, let alone get back to the states for ratification, but it would be interesting to see just one congressman actually make a serious attempt to ban abortion.

    think about it....if we can push for a Defense of Marriage Amendment, which really affects less than 1% of the population, surely we can find one congressman with the juevos to submit a Defense of Babies Amendment. We spent 2004 defending holy matrimony from the queer menace, yet tens of thousands of babies were still being killed legally...Which tells me something about political priorities of the Republican party.

    I suppose they could also try to make performing an abortion a federal crime, or at the very least issue one of those “opinion of the House” resolutions they often use to congratulate the local 4-H winner. Or try to withhold federal highway funds to states which allow abortion, thereby setting up a huge knock down drag out case for the Supreme Court. Or federal education funds.
    Think of it...there are so many ways a committed Right to Life congressman could push the issue, if in fact, they really wanted to.
    And a Senator who really gave a damn could invoke a filibuster on something just to muck up the works and push the issue into public consciousness. Imagine that, nothing leaves the Senate until we agree to vote up or down on a constitutional amendment banning abortion. (My hunch is we’d lose the vote, but I’m not so sure. In any event we will never know because no Senator will ever take a stand on this issue that has real consequences. But they’ll give plenty of speeches at the local Right to Life club and cheerfully collect donations...)

    Thing is there are a host of ways they could bring the issue to the forefront, but that is politically impossible. It’s much easier to talk about it to rile up the base and then tinker around the edges. Ban the most egregious examples, such as partial birth abortion, for example.

    But if killing a kid in a partial birth abortion is a crime, why in the world do they allow killing kids in the first place?

    I guess I’ve just become jaded by spending a decade and a half voting for “Right to Life” candidates who only remember they are against abortion every other November.
    That’s when it struck’s all been a scam.
    Republicans will never, ever end abortion. It’s too useful for getting out voters like me and raising cash from people like me.
    And Democrats actually like abortion, so no sense going there for help.
    And 3rd parties...have fun!
    So I’ve come to the conclusion that we as a nation have decided to kill babies and then complain about how bad it is to kill babies every couple years. What a country!

  • The Last of Her Kind (Pro-Choice Republican Woman)

    12/30/2007 7:49:48 AM PST · 7 of 44
    Will_Zurmacht to shrinkermd

    and there never will be.

    Why would you solve the problem? Why then would the Right to Life voters show up?
    Seems to me the abortion issue is trotted out to rile up our voters, a few piecemeal things are passed leading up to an election, and then the issue is dropped.
    If the republican party was serious about ending abortion, there could have been something done when we had the presidency, congress and the supreme court.

    I just can’t believe the Right to Life folks have fallen for the same bait and switch game for 30+ years. Every 2 years Republican candidates talk about how bad abortion is. And then they spend the next 2 years before the election trying to avoid the issue.
    Occasionally they throw the Right to Life folks a bone, but the party elite are never going to end legal abortion because it is not in their political interest to end legal abortion. It’s like Democrats with poverty. Why would they honestly want to help poor folks find jobs and be independent? If the poor found good jobs, independence and self esteem, they would be less inclined to vote democrat. Especially after they start paying taxes!

  • Bogus Christmas card from someone , but NOT Romney

    12/29/2007 6:29:09 PM PST · 60 of 142
    Will_Zurmacht to We Dare Defend Our Rights


  • Bogus Christmas card from someone , but NOT Romney

    12/29/2007 4:52:36 PM PST · 49 of 142
    Will_Zurmacht to AmericanMade1776

    Yep. The most likely scenario is probably some bozo pulling a Lee Harvey Oswald. All it takes is a nut with a laptop and a few bucks at Kinko’s to have an impact on an election.
    (See: Dan Rather)

    The saddest thing is the guy who pulled this really believes he has done a great thing and is feeling very important right now. But in the end, he will generate more sympathy for Mitt..

  • Bogus Christmas card from someone , but NOT Romney

    12/29/2007 4:44:42 PM PST · 45 of 142
    Will_Zurmacht to Hawthorn

    Yep, on our side I can only imagine the Huck campaign being this stupid. McCain was on the receiving end of this in S.C. last go round, so I doubt it’s him. Thompson just doesn’t strike me as the type of guy to go for this sort of thing. Perhaps I’m wrong, but he doesn’t seem to be hell bent of killing his opponents. Rudy is a possibility, but I think he’d be leery of opening all the guns, considering the skeletons in his closet. So if I were guessing who on our side would be dumb enough to do this, I’d vote Huckabee. No proof, but his team strikes me as the least competent.

    Still leaning on a Dem behind it though.
    As dumb as Huckabee is, I simply can’t believe he would be this stupid.
    For those who poo poo the idea of Hillary, don’t be to sure. She would have multiple layers of seperation and we all know she would lie, cheat, steal, and perhaps kill, for the presidency. I can’t see Obama’s crowd pulling it. Not that he’s squeaky clean, just that he’s inexperienced in this kind of knee-capping. He’ll learn after a few more weeks with Team Clinton. Edwards? He’s trying to claw his way back into the democratic race, why would he pull a stunt like this on republicans?

    So My best hunch, and I’m really interested to see who it was:
    1. Uberrich liberals who hate Mormons, and religious folks in general.
    2. The Holy Roller Crowd on our side, who hate the MoMos because they consider the Mormons silly book to be more silly than other silly books. (I find this one a stretch though. The card seems designed to rile up Race baiters by linking up race and the BoM, not just an attack on LDS scripture)
    3. Huckabee, because when something stupid is said or done, he is a pretty safe bet.

    Can’t wait to see whodunit

  • Bogus Christmas card from someone , but NOT Romney

    12/29/2007 4:29:39 PM PST · 30 of 142
    Will_Zurmacht to SolidWood

    they were talking about this and assorted racism in the LDS a week ago on DU, and the “fair and white” quote from the Mormon book has already been making the rounds in efforts to rile up black voters.

    Never thought they’d actually go to the effort of printing up cards and mailing them though.
    That’s a lot of actual work for your typical democrat.

  • Bogus Christmas card from someone , but NOT Romney

    12/29/2007 4:25:00 PM PST · 21 of 142
    Will_Zurmacht to nwrep

    If it is Soros we will never hear of it...

    If it comes from another Republican it’ll be on tv Sunday night.

    But you’re probably right. This sort of thing requires money, a lack of morals and a great deal of hate. So limosine liberals are a pretty good guess as to the source.

  • Bogus Christmas card from someone , but NOT Romney

    12/29/2007 4:19:29 PM PST · 9 of 142
    Will_Zurmacht to wastedpotential

    Whoever this can be traced to is scum of the earth.

    I wasn’t even a Mitt guy, but this has me feeling sympathy for him. Imagine having to put up with this sort of stuff...

  • Foreign policy gaffes plague Huckabee

    12/28/2007 4:01:02 PM PST · 11 of 11
    Will_Zurmacht to AmericanMade1776

    He’s trying to maintain a consistency with his domestic policy.

  • Huckabee: Bhutto assassination 'changes the world'

    12/28/2007 10:21:53 AM PST · 31 of 59
    Will_Zurmacht to Slapshot68

    With OBL it really doesn’t matter except for the enormous PR aspects domestically and in world opinion. OBL will no doubt release another message after the elections or in Jan 2009 mocking Pres. Bush for failing to defeat him, something along the lines of “you are gone, and I am still gaining strength, etc.”

    Won’t matter except the middle east sheeple will buy the schtick, and the extremist will be seen as the winners in Mid East, in that they have defeated the mighty USA by simply staying alive.

    I also expect the Dems to get in on the act and hammer at some point on our failure to get OBL. Again, won’t be a real issue, but sheeple here will fall for it. No matter the reality of the situation, the argument will be made that GWB is a failed leader because he failed to get his man, and instead of getting the guy who attacked us on 9/11 the “Evil Bush” squandered years, dollars and lives in Iraq. And he hates kids and puppies too...

    It’ll sway some of the sheep and tarnish the Bush legacy even further. The only way this doesn’t play out is if we get OBL in the next few months, which we cannot do because we have chosen not to...

    Also, if we dis get OBL later this summer it will look like a political stunt to sway the election. So basically, this is a PR issue we cannot win.

  • Benazir Bhutto Critically Injured At Rally [Update: Bhutto has died]

    12/27/2007 6:16:20 AM PST · 244 of 1,149
    Will_Zurmacht to xzins

    aren’t they the same?

    (only slightly joking....)