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  • Prolific Author Vince Flynn Reportedly Dead at 47

    06/19/2013 11:09:42 AM PDT · 29 of 34
    wndycndy to spacejunkie2001

    What a loss to the human race and way too early for Vince and his family.

  • USDA seeks change to regulate Internet pet sales

    05/12/2012 5:19:47 AM PDT · 44 of 50
    wndycndy to sodpoodle

    Another concerned AKC Breeder Of Merit .
    Count me in to fight this!

  • Documents: PETA kills more than 95 percent of pets in its care

    02/27/2012 6:55:47 AM PST · 17 of 17
    wndycndy to Yollopoliuhqui
    We here at FR know what kooks the Animals Rights (leftists) are...the hard job is getting the word out to the young people who have forever been the tender prey of these radical groups.
    I include HSUS as an Animal "Rights" terrorist group too.
  • Tear-jerking moment lab beagles see sunlight for the first time as they are released from cages

    11/30/2011 9:47:16 AM PST · 12 of 27
    wndycndy to cherry
    I agree with you Cherry. I have raised, groomed, handled, shown, and boarded AKC purebred Beagles for years and I have seen more traumatized Beagles that were simply improperly socialized as puppies than these Laboratory Beagles appeared to be.
    All Beagles can have that "woe is me" look on their face but if they are truly abused or fearful of people it takes MONTHS, if EVER, for them to come around enough to lick a humans face, etc.,
    Perfect tear-jerker music added to the emotional build up of the story but I think it is a story with only one, questionable side being told.
  • Baby Lisa's Parents Are Avoiding Our Questions, Say Police As FAA Halts Flights Near Search

    10/19/2011 9:53:13 AM PDT · 33 of 122
    wndycndy to Hoffer Rand

    Yes, something like that could have happened. Very plausible scenario.

  • Baby Lisa's Parents Are Avoiding Our Questions, Say Police As FAA Halts Flights Near Search

    10/19/2011 9:30:06 AM PDT · 27 of 122
    wndycndy to WhyisaTexasgirlinPA

    I noticed!!! That interview has me convinced that the mother is probably a sociopath and guilty. If that were ME and my baby was still missing I would be a wreck and swearing to quit drinking and whatever else it might take, ANYTHING, forever, if I could just get my baby back. I’d be desperate and ready to trade God my own life for my baby...this woman is NOT behaving like a normal mother! I also thought that the fathers behavior spoke volumes. I think he knows she did it but is lying to himself.

  • Former TV Anchor's 15-Year Battle with Alcohol

    03/14/2011 12:59:31 PM PDT · 25 of 49
    wndycndy to NoExpectations
    Laurie was a guest on Geraldo last night and she is still as beautiful as ever. I always knew there was more to Laurie Dhue than looks and lip gloss. Laurie may be super pretty and make all the guys drool but I never thought of her as a bimbo.
    Our whole family loves you Laurie Dhue!!!
    Been there done that. Sober since May 17, 2004.
  • Controlling Children's Minds

    09/06/2009 7:28:27 AM PDT · 49 of 54
    wndycndy to Gene Eric

    Okay, how do you suggest we turn this situation into a “educational moment”? My son is aware of our feelings about Barack Hussein Obama...and FoxNews is the only news channel our family ever watches...but I am not above thinking that at 11 years of age my son is beyond the influence of this silver tongued devil and the majority of the school board, teachers, etc.,

  • Controlling Children's Minds

    09/06/2009 7:13:12 AM PDT · 47 of 54
    wndycndy to Kaslin

    I am in NH and they plan to play Obama’s lecture to our children Live at 12:00. I am considering keeping my son (11) home from school that day although the school is taping the speech and let us know that it may be played “at a later date.” :(

  • Pageant official: We paid for Prejean’s implants (Hit piece)

    05/01/2009 3:58:30 PM PDT · 25 of 28
    wndycndy to mnehring
    I have no problem with implants but this doesn't smell right. How long does it take to recover where you look 'normal'? *****************************************
    At LEAST 8-12 weeks....more often 6 months...but body makeup, lighting, and photography/photo shop can make her look perfect in stills. She IS a beautiful girl but I thought the implants on her bony chest were obvious to begin with...what's the big deal...all (99.9%) of bikini models have them, hair extensions, contacts, veneers, etc., etc., etc.,
    It's called "qualifying for the job."
  • Did I get the story wrong - 2 pirates and a hostage in a dinghy with no engine and...

    04/09/2009 2:43:08 PM PDT · 38 of 62
    wndycndy to American Dream 246
    Whatever the reasons are that this isn't yet resolved it looks BAD. We look weak being held hostage by a bunch of skinny a$$ Somolians.
    I just don't have faith in Obama handling this like a Leader.
  • Horse owners annoyed about new teeth floating law

    04/08/2009 1:43:23 PM PDT · 43 of 43
    wndycndy to Chet 99


  • PETA Killed 95 Percent of Adoptable Pets in its Care During 2008

    04/01/2009 5:00:59 AM PDT · 26 of 27
    wndycndy to anniegetyourgun
    I normally never post on this list but since I have actual experience, I am going to in this case.
    Colorado was the first and only state to pass mandatory licensing for breeders. This came about when we were informed about a bill that was going to the legislature the following day. No advance notice, but in those days we weren't as alert as we are now. We all gathered at the state capitol, dog breeders, cat breeders, small animal breeders, 4-H Leaders and their troops, any person who had an animal and was interested in protecting their rights to own that animal. The bill requiring mandatory 10 year moratorium on ALL breeding was defeated. A meeting was held and we decided, to our everlasting regret, that we needed to write a bill we could live with.
    We spent a year writing the Pet Animal Care and Facility Act. A task force representing 13 different animal groups, was formed. Dog breeders, both large scale and small, cat breeders, small animal breeders, bird breeders, animal welfare officers, veterinarians, Retail stores, wholesale suppliers, general public, etc. We met for an entire year, and presented a bill into legislature calling for licensing and inspections of all these groups. It passed into law easily as the entire industry was supporting it. A Pet Animal Advisory Committee was then formed, with the same representative groups, charged with writing the rules and regulations to go with the law. I represented the dog breeders of the state of Colorado for 4 years.
    Originally, the licensing fee for dog breeders was $175, now it is $350. The original number required to be licensed was 25, then 15, and now it is suppose to go to 12. This is any dog over the age of 4 months. I have been told the age may also go down to 3 months. No legislative voting, no nothing was required to change portions of the requirements.
    Originally, if you worked a normal 9-5 job, you could put on the application that the inspector could come by appointment. This year, if you refuse to take off work, to allow them access at any time, you are in violation, will have hefty fines and could even have your license revoked.
    The inspector recently demanded in person and later in writing from a SHOW breeder, all her AKC records. When she refused, they have threatened to take her license away. This is still being argued, so will see how it plays out. The law only says you have to make all records available to the inspector to see. Now, they are demanding to take your records with them.
    Also, at any inspection, they will not give you the inspection report unless you demand it. It is mailed to you later with any petty violations they find. You have no recourse or ability to argue the unfairness of any violation. The last inspection I had the inspector said everything was great. But, I got a report in the mail later that I was in violation because I had an opened sack of dog food on the property. And, because I had an orphan litter of puppies. When I complained loud and clear, I was told the litter should have been taken to the vet's, as they had the knowledge and experience necessary to deal with the puppies OR I SHOULD HAVE EUTHANIZED THE PUPPIES.
    I filed a formal complaint with the Dept. of Agriculture and had a hearing. The open sack of dog food was dismissed but the other was not. My vet wrote a letter and came to the hearing and testified as to my ability to raise an orphan litter, no avail. The inspectors still ruled the vet was better able to care for them.
    The inspectors have the right to enter ANY part of your house, garage, kennel, yard, etc. where you might maintain, raise, etc. any dog. This means your bedroom or bathroom if that is where you have any dogs. Quesiton: How many of you have a dog sleeping by your bed???? How many have puppies born in the bedroom?
    All of the bills being introduced in various states are patterned after the Colorado bill. During the bill writing process we had great guys in the Dept.of Agriculture. has died, one retired, and the other got promoted out of the dog program.
    The state vet, the head of PACFA, the inspectors promote and encourage the Animal Rights propaganda. One inspector has even gone so far as to say she would like to see all breeders stopped. The hen house is being protected by the fox. Do you want your state to be in the same position?? Get involved now, don't give in to any of their suggestions.
    DON'T ever think you can bargain with them. That is like bargaining with the Devil. We don't know if it is too late for Colorado, breeders have rallied and are fighting for their lives and their rights to own, breed, and show dogs.
    Jean Nelson Avalon Kennels est 1964 Breeder/owner of over 216 champions
  • PETA Killed 95 Percent of Adoptable Pets in its Care During 2008

    03/31/2009 5:13:07 AM PDT · 25 of 27
    wndycndy to anniegetyourgun
    Links to groups fighting the AR terrorist's. These groups all need our help and support. - National Animal Interest Alliance - Sportsmen's & Animal Owner's Voting Alliance - Save Our Dogs - American Dog Owners Association - Blue Dog State The Monthly National Legislation Report - Animal legislation
  • PETA Killed 95 Percent of Adoptable Pets in its Care During 2008

    03/30/2009 7:23:54 AM PDT · 14 of 27
    wndycndy to sonic109; All
    Please visit this website!
    Many of us dog, cat, horse, and bird breeders are actively fighting bad legislation that is being put forth by Peta's best buddy the HSUS. They are trying to abolish ALL of our rights to OWN pets. At this point they are focusing their agenda with attacks on purebred dog breeders under the disguise of ridding the country of "puppy mills" but actually they will first be destroying the devoted, small scale, professional breeders and eventually the only place a family will be able to find a pet will be from the large commercial puppy producers OR shelter dogs (shipped in from Mexico and other 3rd world type countries).
    Please do not donate any money to HSUS or the SPCA. Many local shelters are also run by liberal HSUS extremist types so at this point I would say save your money. If you donate to your local shelter you are very likely supporting the importation of dogs from other countries while also helping the HSUS to destroy purebreed dogs in America.
    Now that's unAmerican!!
  • Obama pledges $7.5 billion "down payment" to Pakistan for US security

    03/27/2009 12:30:08 PM PDT · 24 of 45
    wndycndy to Syncro

    Maybe they are going to give/sell Osama to Obama so he (Obama)can get all of the glory...maybe he is buying Osama....????


    03/11/2009 7:17:20 AM PDT · 7 of 10
    wndycndy to xcamel

    Saw the author of the letter on FOXNEWS this morning. Just another regular guy completely fed up with all of the corruption...

  • Facebook Users: Don't Click on Barack Obama

    03/11/2009 7:08:54 AM PDT · 16 of 28
    wndycndy to LadyPilgrim

    Facebook has every group you can imagine...FOXNEWS, RUSH, etc.,

  • WHY OBAMA WANTS <i>America</i> TO FAIL

    03/08/2009 12:28:23 PM PDT · 33 of 34
    wndycndy to Kackikat

    I’d love to see Mitt and Sarah team up but unfortunately the religious and abortion issues would keep them from having a real chance with the majority.

  • My Week as a Vegan

    02/26/2009 3:25:59 PM PST · 51 of 60
    wndycndy to sinanju

    “Don’t get me wrong, years ago I read John Robbins’ “Diet for a New America” and he made some persuasive conservative/libertarian-sounding arguments against our meat-eating culture....”

    I read the same book in my twentie’s and was vegetarian (not vegan and not a democrat either) for four years. It was fairly easy, plus I could still drink ;)

    I think it was healthy and good for me but I finally caved over a “free range” steak on Maui and the rest is history :)