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  • Why are police shooting so many family dogs?

    07/10/2014 11:49:57 AM PDT · 106 of 106
    woodbutcher1963 to MortMan

    I understand that each separate incident needs to be looked at individually. Well bred Pit Bulls can be fine dogs. However, the vast majority of pit bulls ARE NOT well bred. They are intentionally bred to be aggressive by selection.

    I also understand that not all of the police shootings involve Pit bulls. The vast majority do involve a few breeds I previously mentioned. The rarity is when a nice family dog is involved. When that happens, the cop should be persecuted.

    I know bad cops abuse their position all the time. I see it even in my small town. I had one pull out in front of me at an intersection a couple weeks back. I had to slam on my breaks to avoid T-boning him. There was no emergency, his lights never went on. He just did not feel like waiting like a normal person would have to.

    There is also a local story about an off duty cop hitting someone when he was drunk. At first it looked like he was going to get away with it. Huge public pressure came to bear. He is going to jail like he deserves.

    The vast majority of cops are good people, putting their life on the line at times to do their job. Are there bad cops, absolutely.

    Are far as dogs go. We had to put down a 2 year old yellow lab because he tried to bite people. One of the people was the 8 year old girl next door. My dad was attacked by his own dog(an Airedale Terrier)when he came home from a trip. It almost killed him. The breed that bites the most, as a percentage, is the Dachshound(bred to go into a hole, fight and kill badgers). The breed that has the most bites in total numbers are actually Labrador retrievers. This is because the lab is the most popular dog in North America.

    Most dog bites do not get reported. They rarely result in serious injury. It is the big heavy guard dogs that have the ability to do serious damage and even kill. There is an Italian guard Dog called a Cane Corso. It is a mix between a pit bull and a Mastiff. It is bred to be a guard dog. It could easily kill a small person.

    The other dog that accounts for many dog attacks are the wolf hybrids. They typically are a mix between a wolf and sheppard. I have a friend who was attacked by one of these when he was jogging down a rural road. He is 6’ and 200 lbs. He thought the dog was going to kill him. He ended up with 25 stiches in his legs.

    Some breeds are just naturally dangerous. I have never heard of anyone that was killed by a Malteese. Except, killed with kisses.

    Nice debating with you FRiend. :)

  • Pentagon Still Allowing Contractors To Massively Overcharge For Parts

    07/09/2014 11:10:33 AM PDT · 27 of 36
    woodbutcher1963 to omega4412

    It may be that they had to specially design the toilet seat to fit their requirements and then they only wanted 18 of them. They still have to create a plug, then a mold, manufacture and as you point out there is almost always special packaging requirements with government contracts.

    If Kohler or American Standard was making 1,800,000 toilet seats that design and engineering costs would be spread over the cost of the entire production run. The per seat cost is much less. This is the way it was explained to me once.

  • Why are police shooting so many family dogs?

    07/09/2014 10:48:08 AM PDT · 100 of 106
    woodbutcher1963 to MortMan
    I am sorry we will have to disagree regarding the choice of a canine. I have been a beagle breeder for 15 years. I can tell you there is a huge difference in breeds of dogs. Your choice absolutely matters. That choice potentially opens you up to lawsuits and potentially criminal action.

    I absolutely agree with you regarding property rights. However, if you choose to own a dog that will attack someone if they enter your property, you are potentially exposing yourself to a liability case. Whether you agree with the merits of that potential action is not in debate. It is a fact that if you have a dog that will bite someone, you better have a large Umbrella Insurance policy. This is why some insurance companies do not want to write a homeowners insurance policy if you own a American Staffordshire Terrier(pit bull), a Doberman Pinscher, A German Sheppard Dog, A Rottweiler, and a few others. I agree that it is not right to condemn an entire breed because of a few, but that is exactly what insurance companies are doing. In fact most a the pit bulls that have caused problems do not come from AKC registered breeders. They are taught to be mean from a young age. The fact remains that pit bulls were originally bred to fight bulls. They are a fighting dog. FYI, my daughter owns a Doberman Pinscher. It is one of the most intelligent dogs I have ever been around. It is not aggressive at all. It also comes from one of the best breeders of Dobermans in the northeastern US.

  • Why are police shooting so many family dogs?

    07/07/2014 10:07:30 AM PDT · 53 of 106
    woodbutcher1963 to Texan5

    If a cop shoots somebodies pet on private property where they have entered without a warrant they should be prosecuted and sued. The policeman in this situation should be removed from the force.

    However, these incidents are still not that common. When they do happen they get publicized like great white shark attacks.

    My point is, the majority of dogs being shot by police are of the pit bull variety in a high stress situation in a bad neighborhood.

  • Why are police shooting so many family dogs?

    07/07/2014 9:21:35 AM PDT · 40 of 106
    woodbutcher1963 to chessplayer
    I will play Devils Advocate for the cops, for just a moment. Most of these dogs are not lap dogs, poodles, golden retrievers or beagles. They are typically pit bulls, rottweilers or pit bull mix breeds. Most of them were bred to be aggressive(ie KILL or fight things). Many people that have certain breeds get them because of the tough, bad boy image. These dogs have been bred for the last 1000 years to fight BULLS or other animals. All terriers were bred to hunt vermin and KILL it. They are aggressive by nature. Even a Jack Russell Terrier was bred to go down in a hole and kill a rodent.

    If you were on a burglary call or drug bust in the hood and a 75-100# dog came running at you, what would you do?

    I think the problem starts with the dogs owner.

  • Are inverter generators worth the higher price?

    07/03/2014 7:34:24 PM PDT · 61 of 65
    woodbutcher1963 to bgill

    Honda makes small generators too. I think as small as 800 watts. I see them all the time at the dog shows. They use them to run blow dryers. I would check into one of those. You also may be able to pick up a used Honda on Craigslist if you are patient.

  • Are inverter generators worth the higher price?

    07/03/2014 9:28:31 AM PDT · 32 of 65
    woodbutcher1963 to TurboZamboni

    “quite a list”

    I forgot two leaf blowers

    1 Huscavarna (junk)I found out after I bought it, it was made by Poulan for Huscavarna . The ONLY thing they actually make are chainsaws. All the rest of their equipment they have the maker put their name on.

    1 Stihl (very good)

  • Are inverter generators worth the higher price?

    07/03/2014 9:19:21 AM PDT · 31 of 65
    woodbutcher1963 to TurboZamboni

    you must be my age.


    SC400 1998-2000, they added another intake and exhaust valve to each cylinder and increased the horsepower of the same V8 engine. They were overpriced to start with @ $60K.
    You could have bought a 911 turbo for the same. I bought and sold mine on EBAY. It was a fun car to drive, but I found out that I am not really a fancy car guy. Someone ran into it in a parking lot 2 months after I bought it. After that I was always worried about where I parked it. Then the recession hit and I could not justify having something sitting around that I could only drive in the summer.

    My next purchase will be a Kubota B series or L series loader/tractor with a finish mower and brush hog. The trouble is even 10 year old used they are still $10-17K. Some of them actually are selling for more than their original price from 10 years ago. It is all about how many hours they have and how they were maintained.

  • Are inverter generators worth the higher price?

    07/03/2014 8:41:41 AM PDT · 28 of 65
    woodbutcher1963 to TurboZamboni

    I have owned:
    Ariens self propelled walk behind mower (good quality)
    John Deere LX 255 tractor (good quality)
    John Deere RX75 rear engine rider (good quality)
    Echo hedge gas hedge trimmer (cheap)
    Echo weed wacker (good quality)not a HD model
    Stihl chainsaw (very good)
    Stihl straight shaft trimmer (very good)
    Honda 20” snowblower (very good)
    Simplicty by Allias Chambers 1972 28” snowblower (the beast)
    Yamaha 125 motorcycle (my first bike)
    Kawasaki KDX 175 motorcycle (very good)
    Kawasaki KZ650 motorcycle (very good)
    Yamaha Phazer 500 snowmobile(very reliable)
    Honda 6500 inverter generator (very good)
    3 Toyota Tacomas(1988,1999,2012) all very good
    2 Volvo 240DLs(1976,1982) great motors, parts too expensive
    Honda Odessey Minnivan(2008) great van wife’s ride
    Honda Civic great little car, fun to drive, wife’s first ride
    1996 Ford Explorer good truck, like driving a school bus, wife’s 2nd ride
    1999 Lexus SC400 (only car I ever sold for the same as I paid for it) my midlife crisis car bought for $12.5K, sold for $12.3K a year later, great quality car
    1975 GMC Pickup (my first vehicle) great motor, the rest rusted out.

  • Are inverter generators worth the higher price?

    07/03/2014 7:59:35 AM PDT · 27 of 65
    woodbutcher1963 to TurboZamboni

    If the grid goes down. The gas stations will not be able to run their pumps.
    I am not sure about natural gas. However, if you have a full propane in a tank in your yard, it would take a couple weeks at least to run it dry.

  • Are inverter generators worth the higher price?

    07/03/2014 7:14:29 AM PDT · 23 of 65
    woodbutcher1963 to TurboZamboni

    Also, figure out what exactly you need to run, in the event of a power outage. IF you have natural gas or Propane already at your house spend the extra money and install one of those.

    If you do not have a water well, you can probably get by with a 4500 watt gas generator.

    The problem with gasoline generators is you need 10+ gallons of fuel to run it per day. Therefore, you need to have containers to HOLD 20+ gallons. The last time we had a major power outage here in NH there were only TWO gas stations that had power to run their pumps. The lines were a mile long at each.

    If you have a propane or natural gas standby generator you do not have to worry about getting fuel to run it.

  • Are inverter generators worth the higher price?

    07/03/2014 6:56:33 AM PDT · 20 of 65
    woodbutcher1963 to TurboZamboni

    I thought it was. I own a Honda Inverter. I paid about $3500 for a 6500 watt. You are not just paying for the inverter technology, but Honda’s engines are much better quality and they are much quieter. They always start. They do not burn oil. Their small power equipment is better than pretty much anything else made. The only product that was not that great was their riding lawn tractors(good engines, cheap everything else). Stihl is the only other small equipment worth buying.

    The other difference is if you want to be able to run your big screen TV, especially a plasma.

    IF you do not care about any of the above. Buy a Generac for about 1/3 the price.

  • Ronald Reagan Rated as Best President of Modern Era, Obama Worst

    07/02/2014 1:01:28 PM PDT · 41 of 46
    woodbutcher1963 to Gumdrop

    Most people polled probably do not know who Eisenhower was. I also would bet that they certainly do not know he was the supreme Allied Commander in WWII.

    Have you seen Waters World on O’Reilly, Jay walking on the Tonight Show or when Don Imus sends his guys out to ask people questions? There are a lot of stupid people out there.

    If you had pictures of each of these Presidents and had to match their names to the photos, there are many who could not do it. That would make a good Waters World.

  • Officials say power grid is on the brink {New England}

    07/02/2014 11:40:02 AM PDT · 74 of 75
    woodbutcher1963 to dynoman

    I do not know the specifics of the science behind it. I just know that there are companies spending millions of dollars to build these plants to produce the torrefied pellets. So, someone is placing a huge bet on their future need.

  • Man with b***s of steel jumps into world's largest sinkhole with no gear

    07/02/2014 11:10:41 AM PDT · 31 of 35
    woodbutcher1963 to Second Amendment First

    We did the same thing here in NH. There are many abandoned granite quarries around here. Some of them have over 100’ of water in them. One has train cars at the bottom.
    There are a pair that are separated by a wall of rock about 10’ thick. There is a hole/cave that connects them about 20’ under the water line. The big thing to do was dive down and swim from one into the other.

    We also had cliff/walls to jump off. I jumped off the 30’ a couple times. There was also a 60’. I never stepped off of that one.

    There was another quarry that had a gravel road right up to the edge. If a car got stolen, many times it would go right off that edge. It was 60’ straight down from there I was told. I remember going back there one time and seeing tire tracks going right up to the edge and then....

    This was back in the 1980’s or before. Most of them now have been fenced off. The twin quarries have houses built right around them now. One house was built so their deck with diving board and slide extend over the water. Pretty cool, but I bet their homeowners insurance most be high.

  • Man with b***s of steel jumps into world's largest sinkhole with no gear

    07/02/2014 10:59:06 AM PDT · 28 of 35
    woodbutcher1963 to Edward Teach

    Sorry, Mea Culpa.
    He can hold his breath for 9 MINUTES. Can you say HOILY CRAP!

    “Herbert can hold his breath for more than 9 minutes and has set 32 world records in all of the 8 recognized disciplines – unrivaled achievements in the freediving history.”

  • Man with b***s of steel jumps into world's largest sinkhole with no gear

    07/02/2014 10:56:00 AM PDT · 25 of 35
    woodbutcher1963 to Edward Teach

    I googled “deepest free drive”.

    According to my internet search Herbert Nitsch holds the world record at over 800’. He also held the previous record.
    I guess he can hold his breath for over 4 minutes.

    Also, apparently, many people DIE attempting to break these records. Half the articles that came up in my search were about the deaths of people trying to dive deeper.

  • What flag will you fly on July 4th? ~ Vanity

    07/02/2014 10:32:16 AM PDT · 39 of 91
    woodbutcher1963 to GraceG
    I have a 1976 Bicentennial Flag. I pull it out once a year. It has 13 stars on it.
  • Officials say power grid is on the brink {New England}

    07/02/2014 8:30:27 AM PDT · 70 of 75
    woodbutcher1963 to dynoman
    The wood pellets will definitely drive up the cost of electricity if they are replacing coal. The point is that they do not have to shut down the plant completely. They have to retrofit it to burn pellets too. This is still a lot cheaper than adding the equipment to make them compliant with the CO2 output requirements.
  • Officials say power grid is on the brink {New England}

    07/02/2014 8:07:17 AM PDT · 62 of 75
    woodbutcher1963 to lgjhn23

    Don’t forget that did not want those ugly windmills in Nantucket Sound because they would ruin their view from their multi million dollar houses on the shore.

  • Officials say power grid is on the brink {New England}

    07/02/2014 7:38:32 AM PDT · 56 of 75
    woodbutcher1963 to dynoman

    That Torrification process:

    “During the process, the biomass typically loses 20% of its mass (dry bone basis) and 10% of its heating value, with no appreciable change in volume. This energy (the volatiles) can be used as a heating fuel for the torrefaction process. After the biomass is torrefied it can be densified, usually into briquettes or pellets using conventional densification equipment, to increase its mass and energy density and to improve its hydrophobic properties. The final product may repel water and thus can be stored in moist air or rain without appreciable change in moisture content or heating value, unlike the original biomass from which it is made”

    This is key when shipping in bulk across oceans. Also, for storage at the plant before it is burned. It is cheaper to ship and does not absorb moisture as easily. You end up with a pellet that is lighter put more BTU than a regular wood pellet.

  • Officials say power grid is on the brink {New England}

    07/02/2014 7:32:35 AM PDT · 55 of 75
    woodbutcher1963 to dynoman

    There are large wood pellet plants that are being built in Maine and North Carolina just to ship to Europe. The idea is they will blend Torrefied wood pellets into the coal fired power plants to meet the carbon neutral requirement without having to spend millions of dollars rehabbing their plants.

  • Officials say power grid is on the brink {New England}

    07/02/2014 7:26:52 AM PDT · 54 of 75
    woodbutcher1963 to dynoman

    Sorry, I meant Torrefied wood pellets.

  • Officials say power grid is on the brink {New England}

    07/02/2014 7:24:34 AM PDT · 53 of 75
    woodbutcher1963 to dynoman
    Has your state mandated that “x” amount of their power needs to come from carbon neutral sources?

    If so, has your plant considered adding torrified wood pellets their fuel mix.

  • Officials say power grid is on the brink {New England}

    07/02/2014 6:51:56 AM PDT · 45 of 75
    woodbutcher1963 to HalfIrish

    It sounds like they are going to have to route the pipeline along the state highways right of way.

    They will still have a hard time getting it passed doing that because it is that evil “fracking” gas that will raise CO2 levels.

    It is too bad there is not a way so that these whiners could ONLY get their power from solar and windmills. That way when the wind is not blowing or when it is dark they could just turn their power off.

  • Officials say power grid is on the brink {New England}

    07/02/2014 6:35:44 AM PDT · 41 of 75
    woodbutcher1963 to dynoman

    Do you have an interactive grid map for New England?
    I could not get the one you posted to work for my area.

  • Officials say power grid is on the brink {New England}

    07/02/2014 6:26:53 AM PDT · 37 of 75
    woodbutcher1963 to thackney

    Correct, it is the people and government that create the problems of installing new infrastructure. Pipelines can be buried. Granite can be blasted through. However, what is hard to overcome is NIMBY(Not In My Back Yard).
    There is still a sign on the road out to Plum Island, Mass. that says “NO EVACUATION”. It was put up in the 1980’s when the Seabrook, NH nuclear power plant was being proposed. Seabrook is about 10 miles away up the Atlantic coast into NH.
    Today, the folks in Coos County NH up on the NH/Quebec border do not want the Northern Pass transmission line to “ruin their view”. They might end up burying part of the transmission line to get it passed.
    Meanwhile, out in western Mass. we have idiots that do not want a natural gas pipeline BURRIED on their property, even though the gas company pays you to traverse it.
    These are always the first idiots to complain when their power goes out in the next ice storm.

  • New Evidence of MH370 Cockpit Tampering Emerges in Probe

    07/01/2014 7:51:13 AM PDT · 26 of 49
    woodbutcher1963 to Viennacon

    Do you really think that Australia, China, US, Malaysia, etc. would have spent Millions of dollars and man hours searching the Southern Indian Ocean for 2 months if they thought the plane went north to Asia?

    I love a good conspiracy too, but the real evidence points to a crash at sea because of the actions of one of the pilots or an electrical failure onboard.

    You can never trust eye witnesses.

  • Humane Society pays multimillion-dollar settlement to Feld Entertainment

    07/01/2014 7:31:14 AM PDT · 13 of 15
    woodbutcher1963 to Gaffer

    HSUS is not a rescue shelter any more than PETA. People confuse them with the ASPCA or other animal shelters. HSUS does this on purpose. They want people to think they are an animal rescue so that you donate money.

    These organizations do not want you or anyone else to OWN animals for any purpose. They want to stop ALL animal breeding.

    Most of the “rescue” organizations are for profit businesses. Their business is importing dogs from foreign countries and then charging you to “adopt” them. In the northern US, with the exception of places like Detroit, there is no problem with unwanted dogs. Most people spay or neuter their pet. Therefore, hardly any unplanned litters of puppies happen. This is not the case in MS, AL, AR. So, to get their product to sell(dogs), they have to bring them in from other places. This has led to importing dogs from abroad. Some of these dogs have diseases, like rabies, that have not been present in the US for 50 years. Many of the dogs coming from other parts of the US are typically Pit Bull Terrier cross breeds. They will then LIE when they make out the registration and call it a Lab mix. This is done because most homeowners insurance companies do not want to insure you IF you own a Pit Bull Terrier. The liability risk is too high.

    The other place that most “rescue” dogs come from are your neighborhood pet store or companies like PETCO. This is because they let people make impulse buys. Most responsible dogs breeders carefully screen applicants because you never want to get puppies back. It happens occasionally, but rarely. In the 10 years we have been breeding beagles, I believe I have given two refunds. We will always take back one of our pups. Pet shops do not give typically in refunds.

  • Moral Decline of America – Detroit’s Water Cutoffs ‘Blamed on Bankruptcy’

    07/01/2014 6:34:36 AM PDT · 38 of 47
    woodbutcher1963 to Tx Angel

    There is plenty of water in Detroit. Lake St. Clair is full up to the top. All the snow melt from this last winter has filled the Great Lakes to the brim.

  • THE FIRST KIDS: Where Are They Now?

    06/30/2014 11:01:58 AM PDT · 23 of 42
    woodbutcher1963 to Ann Archy

    The Obama daughters usually spend part of the summer at a camp in central NH on Newfound Lake. The father of a friend is hired by the Secret Service every year to help patrol the lake in front of the summer camp.

    What ever happened to Amy Carter? She seems to have slipped away into private life.

    As far as Caroline Kennedy, how do you say: Ya Known, in Japanese?

  • Exposed! Bill Clinton Paternity Bombshell: I’m Not Chelsea’s Real Dad!

    06/30/2014 10:34:43 AM PDT · 124 of 154
    woodbutcher1963 to Eric in the Ozarks

    Get a subscription.
    That way I can always keep up with the latest exploits of that honorable American family: the Kardashians.

  • Exposed! Bill Clinton Paternity Bombshell: I’m Not Chelsea’s Real Dad!

    06/30/2014 10:32:32 AM PDT · 123 of 154
    woodbutcher1963 to TomGuy

    Yes, but they were spot on with that Obama is a space alien story. :)

  • ISIS: We will ruin the Kaaba after capturing Saudi Arabia

    06/30/2014 6:55:36 AM PDT · 45 of 85
    woodbutcher1963 to miss marmelstein

    I was thinking about the scene in Lawrence of Arabia where Omar Sharif shoots the other Arab because he was drinking at the well of Omar’s tribe. He told Lawrence: “he was not welcome, you are.”

    I learned everything I needed to know about the Arabs in that scene.

  • Exposed! Bill Clinton Paternity Bombshell: I’m Not Chelsea’s Real Dad!

    06/30/2014 6:46:58 AM PDT · 48 of 154
    woodbutcher1963 to Eric in the Ozarks

    Wasn’t the Enquirer also one of the first on the Monica Lewinsky story?
    I believe Matt Drudge broke the story , but the Enquirer was on it right after that.

  • 'Drastic action is needed' now to stop Ebola epidemic

    06/27/2014 12:30:45 PM PDT · 20 of 39
    woodbutcher1963 to HereInTheHeartland

    Darn, you beat me to it.

    I was about to post:

    We really need a hashtag from the Wookie.

  • BREAKING: Desperate Dems Fear “All-But-Certain” Impeachment if GOP Takes Senate

    06/27/2014 8:23:01 AM PDT · 77 of 101
    woodbutcher1963 to MHT

    Making Biden an incumbent would be bad for Hillary. IF I had to pick between the two, Plugs would get my vote for sure.

  • Local Western Mass. Residents On Edge Over Natural Gas Pipeline Proposal

    06/27/2014 7:30:08 AM PDT · 37 of 44
    woodbutcher1963 to Sherman Logan

    I wonder if Tesla got this much grief when he was involved with those hydro electric projects at Niagara Falls.
    There was probably a big WHALE OIL lobby that was totally against it.

  • Local Western Mass. Residents On Edge Over Natural Gas Pipeline Proposal

    06/27/2014 7:26:50 AM PDT · 35 of 44
    woodbutcher1963 to Mears

    Dracut, land of the women with BIG HAIR.

    Their best portrayal was of Micky Ward’s sisters in “The Fighter”. They got the accent, hair style and mannerisms down in that movie. I swear I knew some of those women from going to clubs in Lowell in the 80’s.

  • Local Western Mass. Residents On Edge Over Natural Gas Pipeline Proposal

    06/27/2014 7:22:18 AM PDT · 34 of 44
    woodbutcher1963 to ScottinVA
    We have been getting the same response from the folks up in Coos county NH regarding the Northern Pass. This is a $1 billion dollar proposed high tension wire electric transmission line to be built from the Quebec/NH border south to Ma. They have proposed a new right of way for about 35 miles from the PQ border. Nobody up there wants to be able to even see it from their property. They are worried about it ruining their VIEW. PSNH may end up burying a portion of the transmission line. The other complaint that many of the northern NH residents is that the increase in electric power is not needed in their area or even currently in NH. Potentially, in 10 years we may need the extra power here in southern NH. The majority of the power will go to Mass, RI and CT. They have tried to call the power bad because it comes from hydro dams in PQ where land was flooded to create reservoirs. In fact, most of the power comes from the dams on the St. Lawrence river.
  • Local Western Mass. Residents On Edge Over Natural Gas Pipeline Proposal

    06/27/2014 7:01:26 AM PDT · 29 of 44
    woodbutcher1963 to knarf

    Exactly, it is no different than having a sewer or water line pipe in front of your house.

  • Local Western Mass. Residents On Edge Over Natural Gas Pipeline Proposal

    06/27/2014 6:58:00 AM PDT · 27 of 44
    woodbutcher1963 to thackney

    It is about time someone built another ng pipeline up here. I just received my prebuy heating oil contract from my local company for this coming heating season. Their offering is $3.549/gallon. This translates into me spending between $3700-4000 if I just heat my 2700 square foot house with oil. To get this price, I must go on automatic delivery and purchase 500 or more gallons. I will use at least 1000 gallons. I am typical of a New England consumer.
    Therefore, I will be installing a Harman Pellet insert this fall. With the price of pellets vs. oil it should pay off in about 4-5 years. The installation of the stove will be just under $5000. Pellets run about $220/ton. A typical house will use between 4-6 tons of pellets throughout the season.

    These people out in western Mass need to get over themselves. Buried pipelines do not effect their property values like an electric transmission line. As you can see from your map there is a great need for transmission lines into New England. Most of the current supply goes to generate electricity. I am on a rural road. I do not foresee a natural gas line ever being installed in front of my house in southern NH. If you look at your map, I live about where the “g” in Hillsborough County is in NH. The current gas lines go north along the Merrimack river through the cities of Nashua, Manchester and Concord. Of the 50 people in my office, only 3 of us have ng at our house. Almost all of us heat with oil or propane. Many of us have wood or pellet stoves as a secondary heat source.

  • Hillary's "Hard Choices" Now #32 on Amazon

    06/26/2014 6:30:41 AM PDT · 23 of 40
    woodbutcher1963 to GOPJ

    I am envisioning many locals in Haiti walking around with copies of Hard Choices. It is like when you can not sell clothing lines. They end up in third world countries. This would be similar to San Diego Padre’s Hats and Cleveland Cavaliers shirts.

  • Detroit boy missing for 11 days found alive in parents' basement

    06/26/2014 6:18:19 AM PDT · 21 of 48
    woodbutcher1963 to Citizen Zed

    “The longest game of hide and seek ever”

    I guess he was WINNER, WINNER Chicken dinner!

  • Bill Clinton Pocketed Nearly $16 Million in Taxpayer Money Since 2001

    06/25/2014 12:09:54 PM PDT · 11 of 16
    woodbutcher1963 to NY.SS-Bar9

    From what I recall, that was about $10k/month. Just enough to cover the mortgage, as you pointed out.

    Billy gets a Federal pension for being President. He may also collect something from Arkansas for being governor. Hillary would also collect a federal pension for being a US Senator and Secretary of State. Those probably add up to $500K. Not sure where the other $400-500 comes from.

  • Diane Sawyer to Step Down from ABC's 'World News,' David Muir to Take Over

    06/25/2014 10:26:41 AM PDT · 33 of 50
    woodbutcher1963 to Red Badger
    Maybe the crew got sick oft he SOFT FOCUS lens they needed to use on Diane every night. Some evenings she was so blurry I would wonder if there was something wrong with my TV.
  • CNN Money Reaction to 2.9% GDP Drop: 'This Recovery Is Underway'

    06/25/2014 9:09:31 AM PDT · 20 of 41
    woodbutcher1963 to piytar

    The beatings will continue until moral improves!

    The bad winter did effect the economy in the first quarter. It held up every construction projects in the northern half of the country. Many were pushed back into the second and third quarters.

    The only thing that sold VERY well in the first quarter was ROCK SALT and other ice melter products.
    Rock salt mines were loading trucks 24/7. We had appointments to pick up truckloads rock salt at 2am and 3am on Sunday. You could not buy Calcium Chloride anywhere in the eastern US.

  • Obamas want daughters to get taste of minimum-wage life, and more must-reads

    06/20/2014 10:51:52 AM PDT · 24 of 26
    woodbutcher1963 to BookmanTheJanitor

    Reminds me of the Saturday Night Live skit with Gilda Radner and Laraine Newman. Newman was playing Amy Carter in school. Radner was in pig tails. Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase were playing her Secret Service agents. Radner starts complaining that the SS agents were giving “Amy” the answers. The SS agents silent Radner.

    This was back when Saturday Night Live really was funny.

  • Exclusive: 'Hillary Clinton Took Me Through Hell,' Rape Victim Says

    06/20/2014 6:20:02 AM PDT · 52 of 78
    woodbutcher1963 to MrB

    Lawyers are bound by their oath as an advocate for their client to represent them to the full extent of the LAW of the state they practice in. However, they are not supposed to break the law, conceal evidence, or knowingly commit acts that could convict their client. All people accused of a crime, no matter how heinous, are still innocent until PROVEN guilty by the district attorney.

    That is why some of the best mayors(like Rudy)start out as district attorneys. Defense attorneys, many times, compromise themselves in the pursuit of getting their client off. It becomes all about the money they can make defending guilty criminals.

    If you remember during the OJ trial, Robert Shapiro took a back seat in the defense to F. Lee Bailey, Johnny Cochran and others. The rumor was that Shapiro originally thought OJ was not guilty. He discovered eventually that he was guilty as sin and no longer wanted to defend him. He actually had scruples. So, he just sat there for the rest of the trial and kept his mouth shut but did not aid in his defense. The other rumor was Kardashian(his personal attorney)picked up OJ from the airport after returning form Chicago. It was rumored that the knife was in OJ’s golf bag and Kardashian disposed of the murder weapon.

  • Obama to deliver statement on Iraq at 12:30 pm ET

    06/19/2014 9:28:37 AM PDT · 39 of 265
    woodbutcher1963 to edpc

    I hope this does not screw up his afternoon T-TIME!

    He may be on time for this one. He does not want to be late to the course, its bad form.