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  • Freeper Decides not to Run for President in 2008

    12/04/2006 1:14:12 PM PST · by You Dirty Rats · 46 replies · 764+ views
    Vanity | 12/04/2006 | YDR
    Cincinnati (FR) - The completely unknown and cordially disliked Free Republic poster "You Dirty Rats" announced today from his PC that he is not a candidate for the Republican nomination for President for 2008. "After carefully consideration of the chances of victory, I have decided against a run for 2008," he said. YDR noted that his negatives were much less than over half of the Representatives and Senators who have either announced a run, considered running or have issued statements that they aren't running. "Lots of people have seen Jimmy Cagney movies, and they might vote for me on that...
  • FREEPERS, it is time for PAYBACK! The ULTIMATE RINO must suffer the consequences of Tuesday!

    11/10/2006 5:22:19 PM PST · by You Dirty Rats · 215 replies · 4,415+ views
    vanity | November 10, 2006 | YDR
    Since Tuesday almost all of us have been saddened and angered because we lost Congress to the 'Rats. Why? How did our united, magnificent victory in 2004 end up achieving so little and lead us to defeat in 2006? There are many reasons, but tonight I focus on ONE. IMHO the term "RINO" is overused. While looking at an ACU rating list I noticed only one Republican Senator with a score below 50 and below any 'Rat Senator - Chafee. I felt he was the only Senate RINO. But there is another -- far, far worse. He had a lifetime...

    06/21/2006 6:06:05 PM PDT · by You Dirty Rats · 126 replies · 2,996+ views
    CNN | 06-21-2006 | CNN
    Larry King and Nine Harpies. Truly Frightening.
  • The Next Single Issue That Will Destroy America?

    05/26/2006 11:37:33 AM PDT · by You Dirty Rats · 36 replies · 387+ views
    Vanity | 05-26-2006 | YDR
    The passage of Senate Bill 2611 and the possibility that much of that Bill could become Law after a Conference Committee has inspired some posters to claim that this event will destroy America. Never mind that other single issues have each already destroyed our beloved country -- NAFTA, GATT, CAFTA, Terry Schiavo, The Election of Ah-Nold, Failure to nuke China after they shot down our plane, Harriet Miers, Specter to Chair Judiciary, black helicopters -- the immigration peril, it is alleged, will finish us off once and for all. Assuming that our fragile country somehow manages to survive a Law...
  • Tony Snow: JRB At Bottom Of The List

    10/28/2005 5:41:09 AM PDT · by You Dirty Rats · 58 replies · 1,368+ views
    550 WKRC (Radio Broadcast) | 9-27-2005 | Tony Snow
    Just heard Tony Snow on a local radio show on 55KRC in Cincinnati (he's from this area) prior to his own show. He listed candidates for SCOTUS, but he put Janice Rogers Brown at the bottom of the list. He felt that it would be great entertainment like the Jerry Springer Show, but not very edifying as a Constitutional exercise.
  • Reaction of President Bush to Campaign Against His Nominee

    10/25/2005 8:26:12 PM PDT · by You Dirty Rats · 37 replies · 918+ views
    Vanity | 10-25-2005 | YDR
  • Griswold V. Connecticut -- Justice Black's Dissent

    10/14/2005 1:27:57 PM PDT · by You Dirty Rats · 34 replies · 1,001+ views
    United States Supreme Court - Justice Black ^ | June 7, 1965 | Justice Hugo Black
    I repeat, so as not to be misunderstood, that this Court does have power, which it should exercise, to hold laws unconstitutional where they are forbidden by the Federal Constitution. My point is that there is no provision of the Constitution which either expressly or impliedly vests power in this Court to sit as a supervisory agency over acts of duly constituted legislative bodies and set aside their laws because of the Court's belief that the legislative policies adopted are unreasonable, unwise, arbitrary, capricious or irrational. The adoption of such a loose flexible. uncontrolled standard for holding laws unconstitutional, if...
  • My Freeper Mom, Bomb-Thrower

    10/12/2005 12:48:16 PM PDT · by You Dirty Rats · 28 replies · 1,578+ views
    e-mail | 10-12-2005 | GoldwaterChick
    Just came back from a meeting to simplify the features of the new Medicare prescription program and listening to some of the questions of feeble-minded citizens. One woman with a Russian accent wanted to know why all the European countries really take care of their elderly and why can't our Government do the same? Mike Fitzpatrick, our new and young Congressman, handled her very well. I wanted to ask her if Europe is so wonderful, why did she come here? And she's probably collecting Social Security without having paid anything into it as well! But I did stand up, very...
  • U.S. Prepares For HUGH Game With Mexico

    09/04/2005 8:03:20 AM PDT · by You Dirty Rats · 2 replies · 307+ views
    ESPN Soccernet ^ | 09-03-2005 | ESPN
    Link to Video
  • DeWine Highly Doubts He Will Be Court Pick

    07/02/2005 4:39:45 PM PDT · by You Dirty Rats · 34 replies · 1,301+ views
    The Plain Dealer ^ | 07-02-2005 | Sabrina Eaton
    Washington- Senate Judiciary Committee member Mike DeWine, who was mentioned by Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid on Tuesday as a potential Supreme Court pick, doesn't anticipate being nominated. "I'm on the short list, just the wrong short list," he joked. DeWine, an Ohio Republican, compared the intense public kibitzing over Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's successor to "watching the speculation for the next pope." Because O'Connor was a swing vote in many cases, DeWine said, whoever fills her slot could shape the court for years to come. He said he plans to scrutinize case decisions and writings of whomever Bush selects...
  • Football coach was Shot on School Campus

    04/08/2005 6:56:00 AM PDT · by You Dirty Rats · 62 replies · 2,257+ views
    Associated Press via ^ | April 8, 2005 | Associated Press
    CANTON, Texas -- The father of a high school football player shot and wounded the team's coach Thursday, then fled in a truck loaded with weapons and tried to kill himself by slashing his wrists, authorities said. Jeffrey Doyle Robertson, 45, went to the school just after classes started and shot coach Gary Joe Kinne in the chest, apparently with a .45-caliber pistol, police said. The coach, who also is the school's athletic director, was in critical condition Friday at Trinity Mother Frances Health System in Tyler, said Lisa Morgan, the hospital's clinical coordinator. Robertson's pickup was found about two...
  • BREAKING: All incoming and outgoing flights STOPPED at Cincinnati/N. Kentucky International Airport

    02/13/2005 7:42:49 PM PST · by You Dirty Rats · 50 replies · 3,330+ views
    Channel 9 | 2-13-2005 | Channel 9 Cincinnati
    Unauthorized passenger got past security -- no details yet
  • Freepers I Shrunk Free Republic! HELP!

    12/13/2004 9:37:36 AM PST · by You Dirty Rats · 51 replies · 1,238+ views
    vanity | 12-13-2004 | YDR
    Somehow I did something while posting a comment and Free Republic now appears as shrunken text. Does anyone know how I can fix this? Otherwise, I'll need to buy some Joe Paterno Glasses!
  • Results in Ohio Still Contested (Death By Laughter Alert!)

    12/02/2004 6:01:10 AM PST · by You Dirty Rats · 72 replies · 4,130+ views
    Akron Beacon Journal ^ | 12/02/2004 | Steven Thomma
    Results in Ohio still contested Disgruntled voters seek recount, may file suit over Bush's victory. No proof of fraud found By Steven Thomma Knight Ridder Newspapers WASHINGTON - As Ohio counties certified election resultsWednesday, most showed that President Bush won the pivotal battleground state Nov. 2 and with it a second term. But the certifications didn't yet seal the results, and disgruntled groups alleging vote fraud plan to contest the state's results and demand a recount. One coalition of disgruntled voters and interest groups plans to seek a recount. Another plans to file a lawsuit with the state Supreme Court...

    11/16/2004 6:32:51 PM PST · by You Dirty Rats · 31 replies · 1,350+ views
    11/16/2004 | YDR
    All of the "Red State, Blue State" talk is nonsense, as are the discussions on Blue State secession, the needless worrying by Conservatives, and the whistling past the graveyard by Leftists praying for a miracle. The Election is over and the result is a clear, decisive victory for the Republicans. When the Congress is sworn in next January, Red Nation will be officially in power.There is a reason so many of the Lefties have lost their heads. It's funny, really. Their era is over and they know it. The decades of dominance from FDR on down started to turn our...
  • Trivial Pursuit for DUmmies

    11/10/2004 1:11:15 PM PST · by You Dirty Rats · 31 replies · 1,804+ views
    11/10/2004 | YDR
    1. Did GWB get more votes in Massachusetts or Kentucky?2. Texas gave GWB 4.5 million votes, the largest of any state. What state was second, with 4.4 million?3. Which state gave GWB more votes – South Carolina or Washington?4. Which was larger, the number of votes by which GWB won Florida, or the number by which he lost Pennsylvania, Michigan, Oregon, Wisconsin, AND New Hampshire, combined?5. How many of the eight states that gave GWB the most popular votes are blue states?6. Which gave GWB more popular votes, the eleven states of the Confederacy or the eleven blue states with...
  • Just call them -- the OUT OF THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA!!

    11/03/2004 8:58:48 AM PST · by You Dirty Rats · 6 replies · 37+ views
    11-03-2004 | YDR
    This election shows that "Old Media" is tired, losing and out of the mainstream. New Media Rocks!!! All Hail Free Republic, Bloggers, Talk Radio, etc.

    11/02/2004 10:47:14 AM PST · by You Dirty Rats · 37 replies · 222+ views
    11/02/2004 | YDR
    It's looking good for Dubya in 2004, but we need to plan ahead! Re-Elect President Bush in 2008!!
  • Elections 2004: Europe

    11/02/2004 9:48:22 AM PST · by You Dirty Rats · 17 replies · 207+ views
    11-02-2004 | YDR
    Place all comments and news items from Europe here.
  • Statistics for DUmmies and dummies.

    10/25/2004 11:14:54 AM PDT · by You Dirty Rats · 44 replies · 1,436+ views
    Vanity | 10/25/2004 | You Dirty Rats
    Polls for Pols. All we hear day after day, almost minute-by-minute are polls, polls, polls! Exactly what good are they? If you, like me, have had the masochism to take graduate-level statistics, then you know just how much nonsense is spewing from pollsters these days. Classic example -- "Statistical Dead Heat" If Dubya is up 3 point on Kerry and the "margin of error" is plus or minus four points, the media claims it is a "Statistical Dead Heat". Is that true? Well, no! Here's why. All of these "margin of error" numbers derive from probability laws of mathematics. The...
  • Kerry's Secret U.N. Clinton Plan!!

    10/22/2004 11:28:03 AM PDT · by You Dirty Rats · 34 replies · 957+ views
    Same Source As Kerry's Source on Dubya's Secret Plans | 10-22-2004 | Secret Kerry Plan
    John Kerry has a Secret Plan to have Bill Clinton as Secretary-General of the United States! Details are sketchy, but it goes something like this: Recognizing that the U.N. Charter prevents any country with a permanent seat on the Security Council from having a national as Secretary-General, John Kerry will solve this problem very simply: By unilaterally giving up our permanent seat! He will argue that the United States has been on the Council too long, that it's time for someone else to have a chance, and that this is a way to rebuild our credibility and make friends in...
  • Kerry's sister blasts Bush at Sawyer Point rally

    10/18/2004 8:45:36 AM PDT · by You Dirty Rats · 99 replies · 2,112+ views
    The Cincinnati Posr ^ | 10-18-2004 | Cincinnati Post Staff
    John Kerry's sister said at a "Women for Kerry" rally Sunday at Sawyer Point that President Bush has waged "war against women" and that her brother will be a champion for women if he's elected president Nov. 2. "We're on the eve of the most important election of our lives, certainly that is true for women," Peggy Kerry told about 1,500 people -- some men along with mostly women -- at the rally on the banks of the Ohio River. "W stands for the war against women," she said. "This is what my brother stands for -- it can all...
  • House Debates and Votes on Draft LIVE THREAD - BILL DEFEATED

    10/05/2004 3:35:40 PM PDT · by You Dirty Rats · 143 replies · 3,819+ views
    C-SPAN | 10/05/2004 | C-SPAN
    Debate is ongoing ...
  • Lake County Ohio Freepers -- What's Up Saturday?

    09/02/2004 11:39:52 AM PDT · by You Dirty Rats · 17 replies · 629+ views
    Vanity | 09/02/2004 | You Dirty Rats
    Lake County Ohio Freepers, I'm coming to Cleveland this week to visit my brother (XJarhead), and we'd both like to see President Bush Saturday. Any information on ticket requirements (if any) or local Freeper events that day?
  • "You Want Fries With That?"

    06/23/2004 5:48:48 AM PDT · by You Dirty Rats · 5 replies · 54+ views
    MoveOn.Org | June 22, 2004 |
    I have no idea what the protocol is for posting a Television commercial, so I'll wing it. Did anyone see the horrible commercial last night? They showed a guy who worked thirty years complaining about how he lost his job because it was sent overseas because of tax breaks under Bush! Then he complained about the claims that the economy is getting better, but he couldn't find a job for a year -- until now. Then they had him put on a paper hat and stand in front of a cheap burger joint!! You'd think that with all of...
  • BREAKING NEWS: Clarett Shut Out of Draft

    04/22/2004 12:15:21 PM PDT · by You Dirty Rats · 113 replies · 342+ views ^ | April 22, 2004 | ESPN.Com
    Associated Press WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court refused Thursday to let Maurice Clarett into the National Football League draft this weekend, delaying for now the 20-year-old's attempt to be the first player chosen less than three years after completing high school. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said she saw no reason to overturn a lower court's stay preventing him from being chosen by a professional team. The former Ohio State tailback is fighting the NFL's requirement that players wait three years after high school before turning pro. The decision also keeps wide receiver Mike Williams of Southern California out of the...
  • Clarett Turns to Supreme Court; Williams Files Suit

    04/20/2004 5:15:12 PM PDT · by You Dirty Rats · 4 replies · 23+ views
    CBS ^ | April 20, 2004 | CBS Sportsline,com
    Clarett turns to Supreme Court; Williams files suit April 20, 2004 wire reports COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Maurice Clarett filed an emergency appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday to try to force his way into this weekend's NFL draft. Clarett's attorney, Alan Milstein, asked for a stay of a decision by the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals preventing the former Ohio State tailback from entering the draft. Monday's decision put on hold a lower-court ruling that said the NFL can't force players to wait three years after high school before turning pro. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will...

    04/19/2004 12:38:10 PM PDT · by You Dirty Rats · 157 replies · 267+ views
    CBS SPORTSLINE ^ | 04/19/2004 | CBS Sportsline
    Federal Appeals Court rules Maurice Clarett Ineligible for NFL DRAFT this Saturday
  • S.F Judge Delays Ruling on Gay Marriage

    02/17/2004 12:33:46 PM PST · by You Dirty Rats · 150 replies · 738+ views
    Fox News ^ | 02/17/2004 | Fox News
    <p>SAN FRANCISCO — The first of two judges to listen to objections to gay marriage in San Francisco delayed until at least Friday whether to block the city from continuing to issue same-sex marriage licenses.</p> <p>The second judge will take up a different petition Tuesday afternoon.</p>
  • Michelle Wie Plays PGA Sony Open LIVE THREAD

    01/15/2004 2:17:38 PM PST · by You Dirty Rats · 3 replies · 10+ views ^ | 1-15-2004 | PGA Tour
    Through 12 holes, 14-year-old Michelle Wie is currently tied for 56th place in the PGA Tour's Sony Open in Hawaii. 17 Adult Male golfers currently trail the High School Freshman on the leaderboard, including such names as Scott Hoch, Darren Clarke and Matt Kuchar.

    12/24/2003 8:14:45 PM PST · by You Dirty Rats · 67 replies · 434+ views
    12/24/2003 | You Dirty Rats
  • Breast-Feeding Driver Convicted on Some Charges, not Child Endangering

    08/08/2003 9:15:01 AM PDT · by You Dirty Rats · 22 replies · 283+ views
    The Associated Press via ^ | August 8, 2003 | M.R. Kropko
    Breast-feeding driver convicted on some charges, not child endangering By M.R. KROPKO The Associated Press 8/8/2003, 11:38 a.m. ET RAVENNA, Ohio (AP) — A woman who breast-fed her baby while driving on the Ohio Turnpike was found innocent of child endangering and convicted of three other misdemeanors on Friday. Catherine Nicole Donkers, 29, was found guilty of charges including violating child-restaint laws and driving without a valid driver's license by Portage County Municipal Court Judge Donald Martell. Child endangering was the most serious charge she faced. On the other three misdemeanors, prosecutors are recommending she be sentenced to 30 days...
  • Defense may Backfire for Motorist (Baby Airbag Alert)

    08/08/2003 8:33:25 AM PDT · by You Dirty Rats · 61 replies · 333+ views
    Akron Beacon Journal ^ | August 8, 2003 | Ed Meyer
    Defense may backfire for motorist Husband takes stand for breast-feeding defendant, says she was driving, nursing and talking on phone By Ed Meyer Beacon Journal staff writer RAVENNA - Hoping to prove she was doing nothing wrong when she was breast-feeding her infant daughter while driving on the Ohio Turnpike, Catherine Donkers called her husband to the witness stand Thursday. His testimony, however, may have backfired on both of them as the misdemeanor child-endangering case entered its second day in Portage County Municipal Court. Brad L. Barnhill, Donkers' husband, testified that he was talking to his wife on her cell...
  • Bridge Dwellers get a Reprieve

    07/22/2003 8:59:01 AM PDT · by You Dirty Rats · 12 replies · 40+ views
    The Cincinnati Enquirer ^ | July 22, 2003 | Jane Prendergast
    People living under Cincinnati bridges can stay at least 20 more days because a federal judge issued a temporary order Monday that prevents the city from moving them. The city may face a related legal challenge from the American Civil Liberties Union. The group said Monday the city's 2002 anti-panhandling ordinance violates a permanent federal injunction issued five years ago and the ACLU of Ohio has voted to sue the city, said Scott Greenwood, the group's general counsel. "The city has identified homeless people and people who ask others for money as criminals," he said. A city council member said...