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  • The Twitter Nazis Are Going After Stephen Miller With SPLC Story About Leaked Emails

    11/12/2019 1:33:12 PM PST · 16 of 27
    z3n to Sarah Barracuda

    Potentially damning email leaks (Clinton/Podesta/etc) are exactly why the counter intelligence operation was begun in the first place. People forget that. Well, a lot probably never knew it though I’ve put that out here on FR several times. The top of the deep state pyramids was furious that leaked/hacked emails could sink their pet politician

  • Comey on List of Criminal Referrals in DOJ IG Findings

    11/12/2019 12:16:06 PM PST · 20 of 85
    z3n to Kevin in California

    There are three things Comey would be thinking when a criminal referall comes down;

    1) Oh s**t, they got me. I can’t believe it, but they got me.
    What’s New Zealand like this time of year?

    2) Psh! They wont do jack. They never do. This is only symbolism. I think I’ll hit the media (again) and act like a martyr.

    3) At least I wont get treated like Gen.Flynn The media will make sure of that

  • Double Standards in Whistle Blowing

    11/12/2019 10:51:11 AM PST · 4 of 4
    z3n to Kaslin

    This is not partisan reporting.

    This is not picking sides.

    This is conspiracy in its real and actual form.

  • Open Letter to the Linux Foundation (Programmer banned from conference for MAGA hat)

    11/08/2019 11:30:32 AM PST · 5 of 37
    z3n to CatOwner

    Probably better than Bill Gates, and it’s definitely better than an OS by Apple and a million times better than an OS by google. It’s the least of many evils.

  • AMD Introduces World’s Fastest High-End Desktop Processors With 3rd Gen Ryzen Threadripper Family

    11/08/2019 9:22:45 AM PST · 13 of 56
    z3n to Red Badger

    99.99% of people would be just as happy with a 386.......................


    That number is a lot lower than you think.
    Biggest block are gamers, who couldn’t play the vast majority of game that have come out in the last two decades on a 386.

    Video and media development would take forever on a 386 too.

    I remember in 1993 I ran a surface render on a map of the United States with 3D extrusions of each state (to demostrate a variation in a statistic for a report) in AutoCad that I had to let run in the lab overnight. In 1999 I could run the same render in less than 10 minutes. Today it would probably render in seconds.

  • Philosophy bro has decided that rural Americans ‘are bad people who have made bad life decisions’

    11/07/2019 1:45:39 PM PST · 8 of 91
    z3n to MNJohnnie

    Heh, I consider myself to be a bit of a closet philosopher (I don’t wax philo here on FR) and I feel just the opposite. In fact, even though I grew up in the burbs and have lived in the city, I have had a growing desire of the last decade to acquire a nice rural tract of land, and perhaps not go fully off the grid and homestead, but pursue at least to pursue a higher degree of self-sufficiency. This is something that could easily appeal to any philosopher.

  • Inexpensive desk tops

    11/07/2019 1:17:03 PM PST · 18 of 148
    z3n to Wayne07

    If you are really down to tyring to find a used PC for $25-$50, the I personally would just try to replace teh sound card. It’s a lot less of a headache than inheriting the problems of some old, used, unknown PC, and trying to configure the operating system how you like it and re-load all the software you like. Sound cards are easy to replace on most PCs. Remove cover, identify old sound card, remove from slot, plug new card into slot, replace cover, and plug in speakers.

  • Inexpensive desk tops

    11/07/2019 1:08:49 PM PST · 5 of 148
    z3n to pas

    You know you can use a mouse with a laptop and a full keyboard as well.


    I was going to say this.

    If it’s not for gaming or any heavy-duty computing, then laptops have plenty of computing power, and the main drawbacks to a laptop (plugging in a mouse, keyboard and larger LED screen) is also it’s positives, because if you have to, you can unplug 4 cords from that laptop (less if you go wireless mouse and KB) and take it with you on trips or even just to another room.

  • Secret Service study: School shooters showed warning signs

    11/07/2019 1:04:26 PM PST · 24 of 43
    z3n to DesertRhino

    ...and then a story like this comes along and reminds us of the pure intellect and skill they possess.

    What ever would we do without them?


    Ties into a theme that’s cropped so much lately about the deep state and it’s larger umbrella which is bureaucratic bloat as well as overreach; You can observe and say something out of common sense, such as how obvious it is that most of these school shooters showed warning signs. Most of the time reports of those warning signs quickly come out within the first 24 hours. ... but to the bureaucratic state, it isn’t true if someone didn’t lead and investigation and publish a report.

  • Whistleblower attorney defends 'coup' tweet, as Trump calls for impeachment probe shutdown

    11/07/2019 9:54:21 AM PST · 34 of 95
    z3n to BrexitBen

    Zaid is a poster boy for the bureaucratic nerds who inhabit the Beltway.


    This is the “deep state”.

    Most of the time when we discuss the deep state in terms of their bias and political interventionism, we seem to focus on the top part of the intelligence, law enforcement and justice agencies. But really, it’s the legions of desk jockeys, the vast majority of which suffer more from Parkinson’s law than the do from polticial activism, that comprise the deep state. It’s those few though, that think they are justified to use their semi-untouchable and anonymous powers to influence our constitutionally elected representative republic.

  • BREAKING: Name of Alleged Whistleblower Left in Public Impeachment Transcripts Unredacted

    11/07/2019 8:02:08 AM PST · 52 of 113
    z3n to semimojo

    Nothing in the transcript indicates that he’s the whistle blower.

    They just asked Taylor if he had met this individual.


    That’s actually good point. I stand partially corrected, because it does not green light the rest of the media to use the name as the “whistleblower”.

    It does, however, allow the Senate, DOJ, or other interested parties (private lawsuits) to reference the document to subpoena for testimony.

  • CBS Anchor Advertises Televised Impeachment Hearings Like Fight Entertainment

    11/07/2019 7:58:10 AM PST · 6 of 26
    z3n to cld51860

    This is a blood sport to them, so yeah.


    If it bleeds, it leads.
    In this case, it’s not actual blood, but as you say, a figurative blood sport.

    To their defense, but only a little bit, they’d be all over this if it was a democrat president, just like they were with Clinton. However, that’s the only similarity. Almost everything else about the actual coverage would be different, including rolling in tons of experts to hem and haw about what a travesty of justice this is and how bad it is for our country.

    The media is not only perfectly happy to exploit anything that brings in the viewers, like PT Barnum, but they are also very very willing to continue to divide this country farther and farther.

    You can blame the polticians all you want, and even outside interference from forign billionaires, but it’s obvious to me that the media and so-called press, in this country feed off of the division that THEY CREATE

  • BREAKING: Name of Alleged Whistleblower Left in Public Impeachment Transcripts Unredacted

    11/07/2019 6:27:05 AM PST · 6 of 113
    z3n to Williams

    Who the hell cares if his name is released? Hiding it is preposterous. I thought I heard he’s in the private sector now anyway.


    It’s important because if his name is on officially released transcripts, then he has officially been ‘outed’. IE, there is no more argument that his identity is still a secret.

  • The Worst Car Ever: A Brief History of the Trabant

    11/07/2019 6:18:27 AM PST · 6 of 78
    z3n to oh8eleven

    For reliability, in my opinion, the worst car in my lifetime was the Chevy Citation. Back in the 80’s I saw more of those cars dead on the side of the road than any other, by far. It became a running joke among me and my friends. “There’s another one”.

  • Jeffrey Epstein’s Brother Says There Were ‘Unexplained’ Injuries on Shoulder, Wrist

    11/06/2019 2:07:20 PM PST · 13 of 26
    z3n to dp0622

    I am not shocked by anything but conspiracy theories are (whether conspiracy theories or real conspiring).

    What makes the whole thing seem worthless to get worked up for is that if he was murdered, or more likely everything was plotted out to allow him to take his own life, then none of the conspirators will ever be known or punished. We already know that the fix is in by multiple networks to quash stories about the arguably most heinous abuser and pedophile of our time as if it was a flash in the pan. These things are bigger than the power and reach of the fourth estate.

  • Jeffrey Epstein’s Brother Says There Were ‘Unexplained’ Injuries on Shoulder, Wrist

    11/06/2019 1:58:07 PM PST · 7 of 26
    z3n to LydiaLong

    Might that happen with a hanging?

    You mean self hanging?

    Not impossible. Extreme tension and tearing (muscle pull) trying to free yourself, particularly when contorted, seems more likely to happen when it’s involuntary hanging, but it’s not hard to imagine one changes their mind after the whole thing gets real. But what I understand he had almost no room to work with. It’s not like dropping yourself into a noose. In a small cell like the one I heard described that you need to actively pull yourself against the noose.

  • Jeffrey Epstein’s Brother Says There Were ‘Unexplained’ Injuries on Shoulder, Wrist

    11/06/2019 1:51:01 PM PST · 5 of 26
    z3n to dynachrome

    “...muscle hemorrhaging of his left shoulder or deltoid.”


    Interesting if true. Hemoraging to that muscle group is uncommon and difficult to do. We are not talking about simple bruising (vascular sub contusion). It takes a violent shock or force to that muscle and it’s not something you do to yourself whilst hanging unless you manage to very forcefully thrash your shoulder into something blunt and hard

  • Tulsi Gabbard Calls Out ‘The View’s Joy Behar in Extremely Uncomfortable Interview

    11/06/2019 11:38:02 AM PST · 56 of 84
    z3n to blueunicorn6
    erm... how many milking hens do you have?
  • YouTube Says "Video Unavailable." What Happened????

    11/06/2019 10:26:25 AM PST · 12 of 24
    z3n to PJ-Comix

    That’s what I meant though. Sorry for the typo. It’s not you, it’s probably a lot of people suffering from the glitch. If you upload media and it gets store on specific serviers somewhere but address wrong, you pages wont display it. It just has to do with the layers of technology behind it all. Your youtube pages are being served from different hardware, and possibly completely different data centers, than the media servers. If there is a glitch in how the media is identified or indexed, then nothing will play when the page calls it. Just a theory.

  • Are Antifa Members Laying Groundwork For Civil War?

    11/06/2019 10:21:02 AM PST · 13 of 38
    z3n to I want the USA back

    I think they’re are multiple levels (or layers) to this thing, and most everything said so far is probably just as true as the other.

    On the street level they want to bully and intimidate. They want to disrupt anyone that doesn’t think like they do, even center/center-right that most people would think are fairly moderate. These are (brainwashed) true believers who have been convinced that people who don’t think like they do should have no protections or rights.

    On another level they want more than just disruption and chaos, they want to force a shift in the balance of power in culture and in the private sector. They want anyone in power to be afraid to speak their mind because they think it will encourage more people to fall under the influence of their message. They know that their message is quite radical so they don’t want anyone dissent to allow people to think alternatively, particularly from anyone in the power structure of any organization... that way their minions can file grievances and request policy changes and do all the work they can from the bottom up where-ever they infiltrate.

    At even another level I think those who say they want ‘civil war’ are also right. But those who said they want ‘revolution’ are more accurate only because that’s how they look at it. As far as they are concerned, if everyone quietly laid down and submitted to their plans, there would be no war.