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  • Biden Misstates Troops Wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan By 47,000

    11/11/2014 8:37:44 PM PST · 22 of 30
    Z.Hobbs to Michael.SF.

    Huh? Every day he’s looking at a number; 50,120 one day, 50,127 the next day, day after day until it creeps up to 52,168. Later that day, in a speech, he looks at his notes and says the number is 5,168, and it doesn’t strike him as odd. It just can’t be.

  • Why Muslims Are Necessarily Fundamentalists

    08/19/2013 7:38:11 PM PDT · 11 of 13
    Z.Hobbs to Alex Murphy
    Alex I agree with you that the Bible is the word of God. But historical Christianity accepts the impact of the human authors and their personalties, vocabulary, etc. while still believing that the end product, superintented by the Holy Spirit is exactly as intended. This diversity, reflected in the godhead, recognizes that the Son while having a different role, including a subservient role while on earth, is still equal to the Father.This concept of equality among diversity is foriegn to Islam, just as it is foriegn to many radical feminists who have abandoned Christianity. To a great extent we take this pillar of Western culture derived from Christianity for granted.

    We also believe in fallen people corrupted by sin yet still bearing the image of God and believe in freedom of conscience; shaped, varigated in development and always in process, by the word of God illuminated by the Holy Spirit. This demands a level of freedom of thought that is incompatible with Islam (or progressivism for that matter)

  • FBI: Terror attack likely thwarted after raid on Minn. mobile home turns up bombs, guns

    05/06/2013 7:30:49 PM PDT · 102 of 116
    Z.Hobbs to VietVet

    Ever seen the Red & Green show? They dress like this:

  • Maddow:‘Only the NRA claims that we shouldn't pass laws that people won’t follow’(MSNBC 4/5/2013)

    04/05/2013 8:28:19 PM PDT · 14 of 29
    Z.Hobbs to sickoflibs

    The comparison isn’t accurate. Most of the new gun laws are enacting law restricting a normally legal activity born out of a recognized right, because a very few people might abuse it.
    A better comparison would be like requiring woman to register within 24 hour of finding out if they are pregnant so that the government can monitor the pregnancy and prosecute the mother if she fails through negligence or criminal act to bring the child to term.

    There, one could argue that the only people who would register would be the ones who didn’t intend to kill their children, so what good would it do at the cost of extending goverment intrusiveness?

  • Cremation (vanity question)

    12/26/2011 12:04:51 PM PST · 19 of 268
    Z.Hobbs to Dallas59
    There is no direct Biblical reference to cremation as a means of treating human remains. Historically burial or entombing a body has been used to express faith in the expected resurrection of the body. But there are no warnings or indication that dismemberment, decomposition, incineration or any similar effect can or will interfere with the bodily resurrection.
  • carried in Janesville kicked out of menards(WI Open Carry)

    05/12/2010 7:52:27 PM PDT · 18 of 26
    Z.Hobbs to SatinDoll

    I see what you mean. There was a guy that pulled up to my bank put his car in neutral, no parking brake and it rolled into another car.
    The bank should have made a rule that no one can come to the bank by car or at least shut down their drive up.

  • Mandatory End of Life Counseling for Seniors

    07/17/2009 4:35:32 PM PDT · 40 of 227
    Z.Hobbs to Crazieman

    It Starts on page 424, line 16

  • The Wisdom of Darwin

    02/13/2009 11:27:48 AM PST · 7 of 12
    Z.Hobbs to PC99
    "Problem is, creationism and intellegent design are not scientific. By this logic, we need a bill to protect the academic rights of faith-healers, New Agers, and witch doctors to explore scientific views critical of modern disease theory in medical schools. The poor medical students aren’t getting the full story, with the establishment conspiring to push germs, viruses, and genetic problems as the root of disease. They need to get the full range of alternatives - demonic possession, exorcism, crystal therapy, etc."

    I see. So if a person where to question spontaneous generation or the implantation of life on earth by aliens, the foundations of the scientific theory of Evolution, such questioning should be prohibited because the very questioning proves that the questioner is unscientific. Have I got your scientific logic in a nutshell?

  • The Credit Crisis: Who Brewed the Stupid Juice?

    10/08/2008 7:29:12 PM PDT · 9 of 14
    Z.Hobbs to markomalley

    Hank Paulsen is also a Democrat and this is the burning of the Reichstag.

  • Did Deregulation Cause the Wall Street Crisis?

    09/23/2008 6:58:42 PM PDT · 22 of 37
    Z.Hobbs to joesbucks
    No, the social engineering is still at the core.

    Banks had two important reasons to write bad loans. 1)They were expected to prove that they were reaching out by providing loans to people who otherwise were underserviced. This was a requirement, for example, of banks who wanted to be approved by regulators to expand into other financial services under the Gramm-Leach-Billey Act of 1999. It was required for Democrat support. 2)Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac bought bad mortgages from banks under their mandate to expand home ownership

    Both of these points were driven by Democrats and should be cleaned up.

    One could argue that Greenspan is to blame by artificially keeping interest rates low to feed the economy /housing starts in the wake of 9/11 resulting in overbuilding and easy credit.

    The Democrats provided the defective balloons and Greenspan provided the air.

    I can't blame Wall Street when someone tells you to go out and sell all you can, take a good fee and sell your obligations to the taxpayer for what is left over.

  • Give the MSM some help. Scandalous things about Sarah Palin.

    09/06/2008 8:21:31 PM PDT · 44 of 77
    Z.Hobbs to Fatuncle
    "If she had been on the grassy knoll, JFK would have been shot once."

    Not so, she was in utero 6 months from conception. She had to coordinate things by mind control.

  • Give the MSM some help. Scandalous things about Sarah Palin.

    09/06/2008 8:21:30 PM PDT · 43 of 77
    Z.Hobbs to Fatuncle
    "If she had been on the grassy knoll, JFK would have been shot once."

    Not so, she was in utero 6 months from conception. She had to coordinate things by mind control.

  • Caption Obama Photo

    08/29/2008 8:55:21 PM PDT · 29 of 108
    Z.Hobbs to april15Bendovr

    Bold!? Okay, here’s my Secretary of State.

  • Caption Obama Photo

    08/29/2008 8:55:05 PM PDT · 26 of 108
    Z.Hobbs to april15Bendovr

    Bold!? Okay, here’s my Secretary of State.

  • Man threatens to jump from Hart atrium (Senate Hart Office Building)

    07/21/2008 7:12:33 PM PDT · 14 of 16
    Z.Hobbs to NormsRevenge

    If he fell out of the atrium at the Hart building wouldn’t he just fall into a ventricle?

  • Romney Flunks Religious Test

    12/12/2007 11:22:22 AM PST · 22 of 35
    Z.Hobbs to sasportas
    Your comparisons are correct, but insufficiently comprehensive.

    Mormons do not have a a tenet of their faith the advancement of their faith by the sword and have never attempted to enact anything similar to Sharia law.

    As to their worldview's impact on civic affairs they are highly likely to be compatible with the impact of a conservative Jew or Christian: pro-life, pro-marraige, fiscally responsible, pro-western civilization/pro rule of law as influenced by Christianity which would normally lead to pro U.S, sovereignty as the worlds conservator of those values.

  • Humans Are Still Evolving - And It's Happening Faster Than Ever

    12/11/2007 4:21:55 PM PST · 15 of 17
    Z.Hobbs to JACKRUSSELL
    Unfortified cow's milk produces only about 10-15 I.U.'s of vitamin D per 8 oz glass, far short of the RDA of 200-400 units.

    The relativly recent evolution of lactose tolerant persons was not likely the result of milk being a significant source of vitamin D, at least not until the new breed of milk fortifying marketers emerged in the 20th century.

  • Alaskan youth testifies on the Hill — and draws Limbaugh's ire

    11/05/2007 9:04:53 PM PST · 112 of 180
    Z.Hobbs to gunservative
    "and their favorite berry-picking spots aren't producing as much fruit anymore."

    Global Warming has pretty much wiped out all worldwide fruit production below the Artic Circle. Once the present grocery store stocks are gone, we're toast.

  • Senator Lott Floods the Zone

    02/23/2007 1:37:43 PM PST · 86 of 103
    Z.Hobbs to Vicomte13
    "The insurance companies choose to interpret doubt 100% in their favor."

    Actually that's not so. An insurance policy is a contract of adhesion which means that any ambiguity in the wording is construed against the draftee (the insurance company). That is the legal principal.

    When they exclude flood you can be sure that the wording has been scrutinized by attorneys,approved by regulators, and likely tested in the courts. There is plenty of case law on flood exclusions that have crafted the wording.

    This issue is now in a political environment making legal precedent much less important.

  • Spandex man gets life sentence

    12/01/2006 10:31:46 AM PST · 1 of 24
    This posts consists of two articles. The first three sentences are an article published 11/28/06. The remainder is the related artivle published 11/09/06 which identified the criminal behavior.
  • Global Warming's Real Inconvenient Truth (straight talk)

    07/06/2006 3:17:27 PM PDT · 92 of 144
    Z.Hobbs to VRWCtaz
    "If we don't do something, every human will eventually die."

    "Oh yea, prove it!"

    If we do something, every human will eventually die. This ominous prediction can be proven by elementary logic.

  • Global Warming's Real Inconvenient Truth (straight talk)

    07/06/2006 3:16:30 PM PDT · 91 of 144
    Z.Hobbs to VRWCtaz
    "If we don't do something, every human will eventually die."

    "Oh yea, prove it!"

    If we do something, every human will eventually die. This ominous prediction can be proven by elementary logic.

  • George Washington: Christian Gentleman

    04/04/2006 8:07:19 PM PDT · 11 of 17
    Z.Hobbs to OneRoomSchooling

    I might add that Freemasonry was in it's infancy in the late 1700's and did not have the current belief system that developed in the wake of early 1800's unitarianism.

  • George Washington: Christian Gentleman

    04/04/2006 8:00:26 PM PDT · 10 of 17
    Z.Hobbs to Tailgunner Joe
    Consider this. In preparation for his death Washington designed his and Martha's tomb.

    Upon his death he was put into a temporary crypt while his tomb was built to his exact specifications.

    As it turned out the tomb is quite simple. It has his name. But unlike Jefferson no eulogy or reference to accomplishments.

    Instead, there is one verse from the Bible which still asks a question. The verse is John XI:XXVI. The verse prior says "Jesus said to her, I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die yet he shall live."

    And here is the specific verse and question for whoever would look up the reference carved into Washington's tomb: "And everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die. Do you believe this?"

  • Police: Woman Faked Rape To Avoid Being Fired

    03/17/2006 10:09:52 AM PST · 7 of 9
    Z.Hobbs to george wythe
    "The woman was charged with filing a false report and habitual driving while license suspended or revoked."

    Detective: Are you sure it was the rapist driving the blue Honda?

    Woman: Well, er, actually I think I drove.

  • Polygamy and the Bible (Aberrant Theology Alert)

    01/16/2006 1:55:03 PM PST · 99 of 247
    Z.Hobbs to frgoff
    "Actually, 1 Tim 3:2 is an argument in support of polygamy existing in the primitive church. Otherwise, why the admonition that Bishops are to have but one wife? It's a meaningless qualifier unless there are Christians in polygamous relationships within the church."

    There was and probably always will be some polygamy in the church. Why? Because divorcing a 2nd or 3rd wife if worse than the polygamy in the first place.

    But polygamy has always been the exception so there will always be individuals (bishops or elders) whom God can entrust to teach the truth of his plan, including one man one wife, without the compromise of having to justify their own lifestyle.

    Simply put, a polygamist is not to be revered as a respected teacher in the Christian church.

  • Hillary Clinton Blasts Bush 'Spy' Program

    12/30/2005 10:46:53 AM PST · 28 of 96
    Z.Hobbs to OnRightOnLeftCoast
    Does this qualify as spying on Americans?

  • The Top 10 Junk Science Claims of 2005

    12/30/2005 10:38:04 AM PST · 12 of 19
    Z.Hobbs to DoctorMichael
    How about Intelligent Design's alternative:

    1)Spontaneous Generation, or

    2)Chance is not just a description of probability but a creative force, or

    3)Life can come from non-life on it's own

  • Intelligent Design case decided - Dover, Pennsylvania, School Board loses [Fox News Alert]

    12/20/2005 10:24:10 AM PST · 417 of 3,391
    Z.Hobbs to narby
    When "creation scientists" describe the mechanism that prevents so called "micro" evolution from continuing on to become "macro" evolution, let me know.

    I think its called genetics. Even though you can run through thousands of generations of fruit flies in a short time you still end up with fruit flies.

  • What Hppened to the Boomers

    12/11/2005 1:57:53 PM PST · 27 of 31
    Z.Hobbs to Basilides
    I believe it comes from a quote by Benjamin Disreali,

    "He who is a conservative at 16 has no heart. He who is a liberal at 60 has no head"

    Now, doesn't that sound better?

  • Battle lines drawn over C-sections

    08/26/2005 2:32:07 PM PDT · 49 of 91
    Z.Hobbs to Jenny Hatch
    Can a guy who has seen thousands of medical malpractice cases throw a thought in?

    First, I agree that there are two many c-sections. You can blame John Edwards and other plaintiff attorneys who have argued, successfully, that birth related injuries could be reduced by a quicker and more frequent jump to the c-section option. And, if an OB's reimbursement rate vs time spent vs likelihood of a suit is a plus, it certainly is more likely.

    If you have a 5/1000 births chance of spontaneous rupture with a VBAC an OB doing 250 births per year (a typical average), 50 of them VBACs, he will have 1 rupture every 4 years. If he has a 50% chance of being sued with an average settlement around $750,000 and his insurer thinks they have to charge an extra $250,000 per year for his medical malpractice coverage, it's just not worth it.

    Meanwhile 199 birth mothers are saying, "what's the problem? It worked for me."

  • Kerry Phones Swift Boat Foes (Drudge Siren)

    08/24/2004 10:08:42 AM PDT · 247 of 415
    Z.Hobbs to The KG9 Kid
    "... Interesting about the sleepwalking..."Unfit"?" Sleepwalkers generally get a medical discharge from the military. "This could be evidence of Kerry's first pathetic attempts at getting sent back home."

    The Clinger of Viet Nam.

  • Oh, Deer: Steyn Shoots Down Kerry's Hunting Tale

    07/28/2004 9:34:50 AM PDT · 44 of 155
    Z.Hobbs to kattracks
    In the more densely populated Wisconsin counties you can only use slug guns to hunt deer.

    That said, I have never heard of anyone using deer slugs in a double barrel shotgun...or crawling on the ground (you would scare the deer)

  • Assault on Science Spreads

    02/04/2004 6:39:44 PM PST · 126 of 252
    Z.Hobbs to CobaltBlue
    You should consider the full title of Darwin's work, "The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or The Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life"

    The birth of evolutionary theory is racist. When Christianity spread throughout Europe it virtually eliminated slavery.

    When a less vigorous Christianity and greater secularism allowed its return it was Christians like Wilbur Wilberforce in England and Benjamin Rush in the colonies that fought against it.

    When Germany threw off Christianity they embraced evolution and racism as did Margaret Sanger and the evolutionary eugenists in the U.S.

    Charles Darwin represented an emerging pro-evolutionary, racist, materialist worldview. We were fortunate that the Civil War was fought before Darwinism got a strong foothold in the U.S., though one wonders if equal rights wouldn't have been more practically recognized if evolution hadn't subsequently gripped the American consciousness.

    Somehow Japan maintains its racism despite not ascribing to "fundamentalism".

    The racism you have observed has has no rational hand & glove relationship and is contrary to basic Christian teaching.

  • A lack of creativity clogs up our doctors' offices

    01/19/2004 9:12:00 AM PST · 8 of 23
    Z.Hobbs to FairWitness
    Some of these group sessions would be a great idea, but neww HIPAA regulations protecting patient privacy will eliminate any discussion of anyones existing condition in a group setting. Hence all you can have are infomercials that do not involve actual patient care or the identification of audience members as needing a specific type of care.
  • Bush to Offer Defense of Iraq War in Major Speech

    01/16/2004 4:37:43 PM PST · 7 of 15
    Z.Hobbs to sirchtruth
    I know she's confused but I didn't think she was that uncertain.
  • Research sheds new light on process of evolution

    11/13/2003 10:57:12 AM PST · 13 of 239
    Z.Hobbs to PatrickHenry
    "We discovered that moving this single genetic region caused a dramatic increase in visitation by a ‘new’ pollinator,”"

    Intelligent Designer modifies genome causing minor mutation herewith designated major mutation due to new friends. Can only be compared to the dramatic specie impact of homo sapien females leaving the farm and seeking pollinators in big city single bars.

  • Atheists Say Lunchtime Prayers at Naval Academy Are Unconstitutional

    09/05/2003 9:55:08 AM PDT · 52 of 55
    Z.Hobbs to familyofman
    "What puzzles me is - why do those that pray need to to it verbally & in public so that others hear them?"

    Why is it that families who meet other family members at the airport have to hug them so that everybody sees? Why do parents dare embracing their freshmen college students as they say good-bye on state funded property? Don't they know that this offends anti-familyists? When you making it illegal to acknowledge God publicly you are enforcing the public practice of athiesm. You can't make everybody happy, but the will of the majority must prevail in public practice.

    An honest assessment of the impact of acknowledging God in our military academies is that it is a good thing. What do athiests have that causes them to not lie, cheat or steal for fear of God's judgment? Or is peer pressure and one's own sense of morality all that is needed?

  • The people's judge: Justice Roy Moore. Joseph Farah on why Moore is genuine national hero

    08/26/2003 7:37:06 PM PDT · 418 of 501
    Z.Hobbs to jwalsh07
    "Impeach Madison posthumously. Remove the quote from Leviticus from the Liberty Bell. Wipe out the words" granted by the Creator" from the Constitution and substitute "granted by the SCOTUS". Remove Moses and Mohammed from the Walls of the Supreme Court. BAn the prayer at Congress. Ban chaplains from the grunts. Ban the Pledge,. Ban prayer in public school. Remove the Bible form the Court Room. Remove the words "In the Year of our Lord" from the COnstitution. Why do all these things you say? Because they offend somebody somewhere."

    You forgot to destroy the mural in the U.S. Capital rotunda that shows the pilgrims standing around the New Testament, or

    The mural next to it that depicts the baptism of Pocahontas, or

    The removal of the the only carving on Washington's tome, a reference to a statement by Jesus Christ in the New Testament, or

    Lincoln's second inauguaral address in the Lincoln Monument, or

    Agree by law that those religious verses in the National Anthem were never part of the song when it was adopted, or

    Agree by law that Websters famous dictionary and blueback speller, which promoted Christianity on almost page were not basic texts in most US public schools for decades, or

    Agree that rights come from the consensus of public opinion, not from God and unalienable.

    Do we have to believe that Budhism gave us the concept of a God whose laws supercede those of Parlament? Or, that Hinduism gave us the concept of human equality that gave us the moral force to throw off slavery, in order to not be establishing a religion?

  • Same-Sex Marriage: What's 'Wrong' With It?

    08/01/2003 8:40:52 PM PDT · 47 of 136
    Z.Hobbs to psychoknk
    I think the times make a big difference. In Galileo's day the scientific community was opposed to Galileo's discoveries. The church made moral judgements that reflected, too often, little more than the social consensus.

    Too equate it to today, you would have to take a scientific discovery which is unacceptable to the scientific community, primarily due to the fact that the prevailing worldview has embraced the old understanding and so rejects the new.

    Today the prevailing religion is a humanism and the social arbiters of morality is the dominant media.

    Remember that Aristotilian cosmology was around before the Christian Church and the church embraced it as the common knowledge of the day. The had no systemtic teaching from Scripture presenting a case compelling enough to reject the current worldview in this area.

    The point I am making is that Galileo's rejection had everything to do with the prejudice of the scientific community rather than the teaching of Christ and the Apostles or the prophets before them.

  • Artificial Life Experiments Show How Complex Functions Can Evolve

    05/21/2003 10:25:32 AM PDT · 1,741 of 1,975
    Z.Hobbs to Nebullis
    "Avida, is an artificial petri dish in which organisms not only reproduce, but also perform mathematical calculations to obtain rewards. Their reward is more computer time that they can use for making copies of themselves."

    Artificial life in an artificially created environment with artificial intelligence endowed by its creator. Evolutionary?

  • Notre Dame priest: Creationism debate unique to U.S.

    05/12/2003 10:21:49 AM PDT · 172 of 1,055
    Z.Hobbs to Thorondir
    Following this logic, If you are a Republican your beliefs originated in Wisconsin and Michigan in the 1850's. I hope the concepts of limited government, representative democracy, rule of law and equality before the law were believed in before the 1850's.

    Islam can be said to have originated in the 600's because it materially rejects the Old and New Testament.

    Evangelical Protestantism embraces the Old and New Testament. Some denominations may follow their founder more than the Scriptures but to say that Evangelical Protestantism religion (beliefs) in general began with Martin Luther is a gross distortion.

  • With Missionaries Spreading, Muslims' Anger Is Following (NYT sees missionaries deserving of death)

    12/31/2002 7:17:10 AM PST · 32 of 104
    Z.Hobbs to FormerLib
    Curious that Pro-life Republicans would try to persuade pro-abortion Republicans to adopt their view.

    Curious that people who believe in rule of law would try to convince those who believe in pure unfettered democracy (mobocracy) to adopt their point of view.

    Curious that Liberals would go into the newspaper/television news business.

    This all speaks volumes!!!

    We all believe that any idea, any truth that we believe will help others and/or make a better society is worth sharing. Some people just want to muzzle that which they don't want to hear, which testifies to the truth of the Christian message. Why would people so oppose a teaching that results in human rights, sacrificial service for others, a healthier society, economic prosperity and the propagation of ideas by moral persuasion rather than at the point of a gun? The teaching of Christianity is that there is an element of evil darkness in the world that rejects the light and exists in, and holds in bondage, every human being apart from the grace of God. The mission of Christianity is to tell everyone that through faith in Christ they can be free from that bondage to evil. If this message is true how can anyone expect a Christian to not share it with others, including within Christian cultures, where this is not fully understood?

    Secular humanists and merit based religious systems like Islam reject Chritianity partly because the implication that there is an evil within ourselves that requires us to seek God's grace is highly offensive to those biased by that evil.

  • Presto, Chango! GOP Is Now Racist

    12/30/2002 6:31:12 PM PST · 8 of 51
    Z.Hobbs to asneditor
    It is worthwhile to note that the 1964 Civil Rights act was supported by a higher percentage of Republicans than Democrats.

    Of course, once the South was "Civil Righted" Republicans wooed Southern Democrats as the more natural home for conservatives and local government federalists.

    And the Democrats, losing the more conservative element filled the void with leftist and/or special interest groups.

    The Trent Lotts of the world are only Republicans because Democrats have become leftwing extremists. Abraham Lincoln looks pretty good next to Fidel Castro.

    It is interesting to note that When Woodrow Wilson, the first and foundational Democrat idealist of the 20th century, became President, Blacks were laid off from Federal jobs wholesale as a rollback of Republican policy, that being of getting more Blacks in U.S. Government employment.(Not as affirmative action but providing opportunity.

    The Democrats may claim they are no longer Dixiecrats (But then who is?), but they can't claim they are no longer Wilsonians. They just found another racist methodology to manage the Black people.

  • Frist a Major Shareholder in Reputed For-Profit Abortion Provider

    12/20/2002 11:57:28 AM PST · 506 of 610
    Z.Hobbs to Gophack
    "None of us know for sure if the companies we do business with donate to pro-abortion organizations or not." In many cases you can find out. You may be surprized what you find.

    And, what's more, essentially everyone posting here has invested in the U.S.A. by staying here and paying taxes for government funded abortions. Following your logic, your only morally acceptable option is to sell your U.S. property and move out of the country, lending your productivity to an abortion prohibiting country.

    As has been pointed out abortions in hospitals are a very small part of their business. They may be required to provide facilities as the market dominant hospitals in certain areas.

    The causes of abortion are more associated with a lack of father commitment to and love for children than a hospital making itself available for this procedure. Getting government out of the provider business (strengthening the imperative for woman to say no), strengthening the family by allowing them to keep more of their own money, strengthening marriage laws and not funding abortions and pro-abortion propaganda is what the goverment can do to reduce abortions. Bigger picture, Senator Frist is better than what we have had in the past.

    We don't know what Senator Frist's position has been in dealing with that aspect of the family business, but I don't think his divestiture would do anything to eliminate the abortions that do take place a HCA facilities.

  • The Wellstone Eulogy...written by Bob Shrum on the the Acela Express from Boston Yesterday

    10/29/2002 11:28:59 AM PST · 42 of 58
    Z.Hobbs to Diogenes
    Here is a copy of Walter Mondales bio from the Dorsey & Whitney web site.
    Dorsey & Whitney LLP
    50 South Sixth Street, Suite 1500
    Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402-1498
    (612) 340-2600
    Dorsey & Whitney LLP
    Partner in the International/Corporate practice group,
    1987-1993, 1996-present.
    U.S. Ambassador to Japan
    Democratic Nominee for President of the United States
    Winston & Strawn
    Partner in the Washington, D.C. office
    Vice President of the United States
    United States Senator
    Served on the Finance Committee, Labor and Public Welfare Committee, and Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs committee. Also served as chairman of the Select Committee on Equal Education Opportunity and as chairman of the Intelligence Committee's Domestic Task Force
    Minnesota State Attorney General
    Private Law Practice in Minneapolis
    Nonprofit Boards
    Japan Society
    Minnesota Public Radio
    Nobel Peace Prize Forum
    University of Minnesota Foundation - Emeritus
    Corporate Boards
    BlackRock Funds
    Northwest Airlines
    UnitedHealth Group
    Professional Activities
    Served as co-chair, with former Republican Senator Nancy Kassebaum Baker, of the independent, bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Project.
    Serves on executive committee of the Peace Prize Forum, an annual conference co-sponsored by the Norwegian Nobel Institute and five Midwestern colleges of Norwegian heritage.
    Served as President Clinton's special envoy to Indonesia on economic reform (March 1998)
    Served as chairman of the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, 1986-1993
    University of Minnesota Law School
    L.L.B., cum laude, 1956
    Served on the law review and as a law clerk in the
    Minnesota Supreme Court
    University of Minnesota
    B.A., 1951
    Political Science
    Admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court, the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota and the State Courts of Minnesota
    Distinguished University Fellow in Law and Public Affairs at the Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota.
  • Making Monkeys Out of Evolutionists

    08/28/2002 10:54:05 AM PDT · 81 of 706
    Z.Hobbs to Dimensio
    I think you should read the article a few more times.

    Cal Thomas is making no claim to be presenting evidence for evolution. He is making the point that the evolutionist lobby is engaging in misleading propaganda when they claim that real scientists all believe in evolution.

    If Cal Thomas did assert that creationist point of view was correct because "Famous and intelligent" people believed it, your analogy still would be wrong. It would be like arguing that the Denver Broncos suck as a football team because thousands of famous and intelligent local fans think so. Forget the goofy BMW thing.

    Still thousands of famous and intelligent fans can be wrong. All Cal Thomas is arguing for is letting the detractors of evolution have the freedom to express the evidence for their position.

    You could benefit by a course in logic. This is also the point where evolutionary theory breaks down as noted by law professor Philip Johnson in "Darwin on Trial" etc.

  • Florida Judge Strikes Down Voucher Law

    08/06/2002 4:33:37 PM PDT · 153 of 197
    Z.Hobbs to EBUCK
    "Wrong. The result is that my tax dollars end up going to religious schools. Many of which may not believe the same things I do etc.. Now whether you want to call payment for services rendered "aid" or not the fact remains, the FLA voucher system directs money to religious institutions."

    Well, actually, that's no change. Tax money has historically gone to religious institutions-G.I. Bill, research grants, etc. John Dewey promoted a new religion in public schools;secular humanism. His small book advocating this view was published as a religious text. Contemporary advocates of humanism claim that their's is the non-religious worldview but in a God consciousness pervaded culture there is no such thing non-religious worldview. It is the same as pretending that there is such a thing as a group of scientists who don't have to address gravity in their worldview.

    So, your tax dollars support an institution that has adopted John Dewey's religious worldview. That we have less of a consensus now as to which religious worldview is correct argues for getting the state out of education but the humanists won't give up their trophy easily, goverment education unions don't want to lose power and most people still believe that an educated/informed citizenry is essential to our nations existance and trust the known but defective more than the unknown.

    You need to be proportionally more afraid of the huge religious government instituton you are already supporting.

  • Florida Judge Strikes Down Voucher Law

    08/06/2002 1:09:09 PM PDT · 144 of 197
    Z.Hobbs to EBUCK
    I think you are missing it here.

    Say the state decided that to insure a healthy enough population to combat an invasion the state determined that every person would receive one hamburger every day. The state further calculates that the cost of preparing each hamburger is $1.00. To insure the universal distribution of hamburgers the state sets up its own hamburger vendors in every town where people can come an pick up their burger.

    Now suppose a group of patriotic Christians want to encourage an even healthier population. They add lettuce, tomato, and onions to an even thicker burger than the state provides. Using lower paid and some volunteer but highly committed workers they can produce the better burger for $.80.

    Some politicians decide that government costs could be less and the people healthier if the goverment just bought the Christian burgers and gave them to the people. The government burger makers, on the other hand, try to stop that move by claiming that distributing the Christian burgers amounts to supporting religion.

    Ultimately the state passes a voucher law that gives each person $.50 to spend on a hamburger any where he pleases.

    Result: The amount any person pays in taxes is irrelevant to who is or isn't getting aid. The state has deemed that the $1.00 a day is a justified cost for national security.

    If the state buys the $.80 hamburgers and ditributes them to the people the state is not aiding the Christian burgermakers. Rather the Christian burgermakers are subsidizing / aiding the state to the tune of at least $.20 per burger.

    If the Christian burgermakers agree to provide burgers to the $.50 voucher bearers theChristian burgermakers are subsidizing / aiding the state to the tune of at least $.50 per burger.

    At $3,000 per student school voucher the state is aiding no one and is essentially asking to be aided.


    04/17/2002 3:22:37 PM PDT · 33 of 74
    Z.Hobbs to Valpal1
    Ah, but Sicon has a point.

    A condom, ditributed by institutions/ authorities, is both a license and prophylactic. In the heat of passion, only the license part, the most important aspect, is often remembered.