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  • Why the God-Haters Hate Israel

    12/17/2017 12:57:05 PM PST · 28 of 28
    Zionist Conspirator to wardaddy
    Liberal secular Jews don’t hate Israel..that’s not fair

    They just don’t love fest over Israel like end times obsessed hageeist Christians do

    I’m ambivalent

    My support of Israel is more secular and practical fair play oriented

    Than end times talisman

    It’s just weird to offense...not that I don’t trust Revelations or that last John feller

    And there the Bible thing but I’m more ambivalent about that than most freepers

    Well . . . no one can say you're not honest. It's about time some "palaeos" came forward to admit that they're not religious fundamentalists (as the atheists on the left like to claim).

    "Palaeos" regard religion as merely one factor among many in one's ethno-racial identity, and it is the latter, not the former, that is the center of their worldview. Many of them (like Sam Francis, Ben Klassen, and Revilo P. Oliver) have been atheists. Their moral traditionalism is as groundless as the "social justice" crusades of the leftists because they don't hold their beliefs out of submission to G-d but for some other reason.

    This is why the ancient world was so superior to either the modern or the medieval world. In the ancient world there was no concept of "religion" as one aspect of reality among many others. The "gxds" (or in the Jewish sense the One True G-d) was the ultimate reality in an unbroken continuum of reality, not one tiny little tile in a giant mosaic. Furthermore what we call "religion" was not a matter of private opinion or "faith" but of law (and in Judaism, absolute certitude). There was no "offer of salvation" and no "freedom of religion" but rather commandment and statutory obligation. Classical chrstianity made a division between G-d and Caesar, the "city of G-d" and the "city of man"--the "enlightenment" merely took these to their ultimate conclusion.

    And now we have chrstian "conservatives" hitting the idea of Theocracy over the head with the critiques of Voltaire, Paine, and Jefferson and worshiping and exalting "western civilization" over G-d A-mighty Himself, as if G-d were an "idea" some particular civilization had come up with. We are being punished for this idolatry at this moment with more punishment on the way if we don't get our priorities straight. G-d doesn't need white people, Europe, or "western civilization." Rather they need G-D. Yet the more secularism we face (secularism being the natural outcome of the creation of "religion" as a separate category) the more bowing and scraping to "western civilization" conservatives engage in. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

    My friend Hrvatski Noahid, the only true ally I've ever had on this forum, has been banned for merely defending the Truth. I don't suppose I will be permitted to post here much longer.

  • Protestantism, Modernism, Atheism

    12/07/2017 4:13:51 PM PST · 1,389 of 1,530
    Zionist Conspirator to metmom
    The problem is, there is no manuscript of Matthew in Hebrew.

    I know. You're replying to the wrong person.

  • ...Trump will recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital...despite...fury from the Pope, the UK,...

    12/07/2017 3:50:31 PM PST · 76 of 80
    Zionist Conspirator to pleasenotcalifornia
    The Catholic Church leadership does not care for the government of Israel. This has been going on for a long time after all the leadership of the Church is Leftist. The Pope referred to himself as Pope Che.

    Unfortunately, it isn't just Leftist Catholics who are anti-Israel. Anti-Zionism is part of the doctrine of the Catholic, Orthodox, and all the historical churches.

    Support for Jews, Zionism, and Israel is limited among chrstians to American-style Fundamentalist Protestants--the same people who believe that the consumption of alcohol is inherently sinful (ironically, a position they share in common with moslems but not with Jews).

    There are plenty of right wing and "traditionalist" sites out there who think "Judaeo-Masonic" is a single word. Some of them still teach that Jews kill chrstian children for Pesach.

  • ...Trump will recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital...despite...fury from the Pope, the UK,...

    12/07/2017 3:45:18 PM PST · 75 of 80
    Zionist Conspirator to Wyrd bið ful aræd
    Anti-Semitism? I don't think so, his best buddy is Rabbi Skorka, a flaming lib like himself.

    You realize, don't you, that "Rabbi" Skorka is a member of a heretical "movement" and thus is not a valid rabbi at all?

  • ...Trump will recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital...despite...fury from the Pope, the UK,...

    12/07/2017 3:40:46 PM PST · 74 of 80
    Zionist Conspirator to familyop

    . . . and the “palaeos” at Free Republic who believe the “Millennium” is “globalism.”

  • Protestantism, Modernism, Atheism

    12/07/2017 11:04:36 AM PST · 1,366 of 1,530
    Zionist Conspirator to metmom
    He worshiped himself, instead of the G-d of Israel. He tried to nullify the Torah. He created a new religion with a new name, a new holy book written in a new language and a new theology. He caused the bloodshed of countless Jews. He disobeyed the authority of the Jewish Torah scholars.

    Your opinion doesn't constitute proof.

    Neither do quotes from the "new testament."

    Before the "new testament" can be accepted, it must first be externally proven. After this, then and only then would a quote from it mean anything.

  • Protestantism, Modernism, Atheism

    12/07/2017 11:00:27 AM PST · 1,365 of 1,530
    Zionist Conspirator to editor-surveyor; Hrvatski Noahid
    “ But the written Hebrew text is altogether incomprehensible without the Oral Torah.”

    The “oral torah” is the false burden that Yeshua removed from his sheep. Read Matthew’s Gospel

    There we go again. "Read Matthew's Gospel." Why should we put any stock in "Matthew's Gospel" to begin with? Why do chrstians think anyone who reads the "new testament" will automatically accept its authenticity and its religious authority? I did a book report in high school on the "book of mormon" but it didn't make me a mormon. Do chrstians have any reason for what they believe utter than pure fideism?

    as he wrote it in his native tongue (Hebrew) to see Yeshua’s utter and total rejection of all things Pharisee.

    Because he was a heretic.

    Their Takanot and Ma’assim are the pure work of the adversary.

    By "Ma'assim" do you mean the holidays, rituals, and ceremonials commanded by G-d in the Torah? There are people who believe that the Jewish G-d is "satan" (G-d forbid!). Are you one of those?

    What is incomprehensible is why anyone would stake eternity on such foolishness.

    If you ever get around to reading the Torah, it says very little (at the surface level) about eternity. Penalties for sin are execution, lashes, monetary fines, etc. Jews obey these commandments because they are commandments, period. The obsession with the afterlife is an old Egyptian pagan philosophy which chrstianity shares.

  • Will God Bless Trump for Moving Our Embassy to Jerusalem?

    12/07/2017 8:16:39 AM PST · 33 of 49
    Zionist Conspirator to Alberta's Child; Sans-Culotte
    Yes, I get tired of people equating the modern state of Israel with the Israel of ancient prophecy.

    Right ... and that's the modern secular state of Israel.

    It's always hilarious to read Catholics complaining that Israel is secular . . . when that's the only reason chrstianity is permitted there.

    Don't worry. One day Israel won't be secular any more. And neither chrstianity nor any other false religion will be permitted.

  • Will God Bless Trump for Moving Our Embassy to Jerusalem?

    12/07/2017 8:10:34 AM PST · 32 of 49
    Zionist Conspirator to Alberta's Child
    I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that there is no religious significance for the U.S. in recognizing a capital city that hosts an annual “gay pride” parade.

    You wouldn't recognize any religious significance if it didn't host a "gay pride parade." Said parade is a fig leaf.

    There are plenty of Orthodox Jews who are disgusted by "gay pride" parades anywhere, but especially in Jerusalem.

    I suggest there is no religious significance to having an embassy in a Vatican headed by Pope Francis.

  • Vatican Issues Far-Left Declaration on Climate Change, Very Fabric of Life on Earth at Grave Risk

    12/07/2017 7:52:33 AM PST · 27 of 28
    Zionist Conspirator to ebb tide

    Wow! A picture of “Adam!”

  • Vatican Issues Far-Left Declaration on Climate Change, Very Fabric of Life on Earth at Grave Risk

    12/07/2017 7:50:13 AM PST · 26 of 28
    Zionist Conspirator to Gay State Conservative
    Just as the Vatican surely recognizes that God created the Heavens and the Earth . . .

    I don't think they recognize this.

  • Protestantism, Modernism, Atheism

    12/06/2017 9:23:14 AM PST · 986 of 1,530
    Zionist Conspirator to ealgeone; Hrvatski Noahid
    You make the argument of the Gnostics. Only they could understand the “hidden” knowledge. God’s Word is given so we can understand it. I encourage all to read His Word and seek His wisdom. He will answer.

    Of course you assume that G-d's Word was given so "the milkmaid" could read it and "get saved." There is nothing in the Torah about "getting saved." Once again, you simply eisegete chrstianity into the Hebrew Bible, where it doesn't belong.

    Thing is, the Hebrew Bible was never given to the world at large. It was given to the Nation of Israel and is to be passed down from father to son. Chrstianity appropriated it but you're actually reading someone else's mail. And since you're reading a translation, you're not even reading the real mail!

    Hrvatski Noahid: Ealgeone is a Protestant and is here arguing against Catholicism, with Judaism filling in for the Pope. They inject this anti-Catholic polemic in an area where it simply does not belong.

  • Alan Dershowitz: Obama Was Not Motivated By What Was Good For America

    12/06/2017 9:01:52 AM PST · 44 of 64
    Zionist Conspirator to SoFloFreeper

    Yet you voted for him, Dersh. Probably twice.

  • Hamas Calls for Day of Rage in Response to U.S. Recognition of Jerusalem as Israels Capital

    12/06/2017 8:58:33 AM PST · 29 of 40
    Zionist Conspirator to Olog-hai
    Well, there go Trump's "palaeo" fans.

    Good riddance.

  • Protestantism, Modernism, Atheism

    12/05/2017 5:29:08 PM PST · 951 of 1,530
    Zionist Conspirator to Elsie
    I guess HN and myself can take a break from this thread; since you are presuming to know where I’m coming from and also relieving HN from answering the question(s) I have posed.

    Yes, I know exactly where you are coming from because I used to be you.

    I was merely offering my own assistance to your posed dilemmas. I apologize to Hrvatski Noahid if I have answered wrongly out of ignorance or if he feels I have interfered in a conversation in which I have no business.

  • Protestantism, Modernism, Atheism

    12/05/2017 5:26:43 PM PST · 949 of 1,530
    Zionist Conspirator to Elsie; Hrvatski Noahid
    ...and if the person agrees.


    Yes. Really. G-d forgives sins committed against Himself, but requires us to receive the forgiveness of the people we have sinned against before He forgives us for those things.

    You evidently missed my post that the offending party must ask up to three times, and after the third time the offended party is required to forgive, or else become an offender himself.

    You also probably don't get the idea that even sins not forgiven in this manner are punished or atoned for, and do not necessarily mean "eternal damnation." The penalty for sins in the Torah are administered by the Halakhic courts. The afterlife is a more esoteric subject.

  • Protestantism, Modernism, Atheism

    12/05/2017 5:21:26 PM PST · 946 of 1,530
    Zionist Conspirator to ealgeone
    You must not read the threads too often on how the canon of the OT and NT were formed and which books should be in each.

    The only part of the Bible written by G-d Himself rather than inspired people is the Torah. The Torah never had to be canonized by a human authority.

    The Prophets and Hagiographa, however, were canonized by the 'Anshei HaKeneset HaGedolah (the Men of the Great Assembly). They then closed the canon of scripture, but chrstianity added more books. The "new testament" was canonized by the churches.

    Personally I have an excellent book on the history of the formation of the canon....The Canon of Scripture by F.F. Bruce.

    Not interested in the canon of a false religion.

    The very group you criticize is the first one to admit the Scriptures are inspired by God...not a church. That's the position of the Roman Catholics.

    And the Eastern Orthodox, and the Miaphysites, and the Nestorians. Unfortunately, you're very naive about chrstian history. The ancient churches everywhere had a priesthood, sacraments, monks, prayers to saints, etc. To reject them is to reject authentic historical chrstianity. I don't criticize you for doing this. I criticize you for turning to an a-historical made-up religion that never existed in the ancient world instead of merely accepting the Noachide Laws.

    The Armenian Church became the state church of Armenia years before Constantine. The Ethiopian Church was the next church to be an official state church. Even the ancient churches of Kerala state in India, which claim to have been founded by the apostle Thomas were also not Protestant. When they were discovered by the western world in 1599 they had priests, "the holy sacrifice," praying to saints, etc. All that stuff you claim Constantine invented out of whole cloth in 313. I'm sorry. You're mistaken.

    The ancient churches don't claim their canons were "inspired" by their churches, but merely canonized (that these same ancient churches are now all higher critics and evolutionists is quite maddening). The Great Assembly did not inspire the Prophets and Hagriographa, but decided the canon. There was much objection to Ezekiel and Esther, but the fact that they are accepted today (by you among others) shows you accept the decision of the Great Assembly. The Torah, on the other hand, was written directly by G-d and has never had to be canonized by a human authority. That's one reason it is the highest revelation that has ever existed.

  • Protestantism, Modernism, Atheism

    12/05/2017 7:52:00 AM PST · 922 of 1,530
    Zionist Conspirator to Hrvatski Noahid
    There is no specific number of times. Repentance helps to remove the sins between a person and G-d, such as one who serves idols. But for one who steals from his fellow, damages him or harms him, his repentance is not effective until he appeases the person he wronged and asks forgiveness from him, and if the person agrees.

    One is to ask for forgiveness up to three times. At this point the offended party is required to grant forgiveness or he himself violates a commandment. (Or at least this is what I understand. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Your knowledge is much more systematic than mine.)

  • Protestantism, Modernism, Atheism

    12/05/2017 7:48:32 AM PST · 921 of 1,530
    Zionist Conspirator to Hrvatski Noahid; Elsie

    Why not?

    In order to bring a sacrifice, one should be worthy to approach that close to G-d, which is something that is very difficult to achieve in our time. A deed which one takes on voluntarily as an additional service to G-d must be done in an especially sincere and holy way. If the additional service to G-d is not performed by these higher standards, it will be considered as blemished before Him. It is obvious that this type of Torah-based Divine service should be instructed and supervised only by a reliable and expert Orthodox Rabbi, which is very difficult to arrange in our time.

    Elsie is again making an argument based on the American Evangelical Protestant worldview. The theory is that, since the sacrifices are not being offered in the Holy Temple at this time, then the "sacrifice" of J*sus simply must have taken their place, else G-d would be compelled by His Holiness to destroy and damn the entire human race. They simply do not understand the principals of the Torah.

    They forget that this is not at all the only time in history when the sacrifices were not being offered. Not only were they missing during the Babylonian Captivity of seventy years, but they weren't even offered every day at the Tabernacle in the Wilderness. The Torah plainly states that the offerings were made whenever the Israelites were settled down in a single place, but when they were traveling and the Tabernacle was disassembled, there were no sacrifices.

    They also don't understand that the chata't (sin offering) only atoned for sins committed inadvertently and did not atone for intentional sins at all. Intentional sins had to be punished by the Beit Din (American evangelicals tend to conflate all punishment of sin with "eternal damnation"). Intentional sins can only be erased through repentance.

    They also ignore the fact that, while non-Jews have always been permitted to offer sacrifices, they have never at any time been required to do so. Only Israel was obliged to offer the sacrifices mandated in the Torah.

    And finally, they don't understand how difficult it would be for non-Jews to correctly offer a qorban. It would have to be offered on a multi-stone altar that when not being used would have to be buried to prevent it from becoming ritually impure. Non-Jews are permitted to offer only the `olah, the "whole burnt offering," and not sin offerings, trespass offerings, or guilt offerings. Finally, the skin of the sacrifice would have to be presented to a Jewish kohen, all of whom (except the very young) are now ritually impure via contact with dead bodies.

    American Evangelical Protestants believe in chrstianity because "the bible" (ie, their Protestant bible) tells them to. They never question how their bible was assembled. They literally assume it is self-evidently true and self-authenticating, and so long as their Protestant bible contains a "new testament" they will never question its validity. Until they learn that it is G-d Who authorizes the Bible and not the other way around, they are hopeless.

  • Amid Growing Criticism, Trump Delays Decision on Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's Capital

    12/05/2017 7:29:23 AM PST · 35 of 43
    Zionist Conspirator to Alberta's Child
    Donald Trump is the President of the United States now because he promised to put America first. He won the election last year by laying waste to globalists on both sides of the aisle who are owned by foreign interests.

    So . . . you're another of those people who think there's a different "gxd" and a different "one true religion" for every single country, huh?

    Can't have a single G-d ruling the entire world. That would be "globalism."