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  • Friday's Numbers (Cable news ratings)

    08/22/2005 2:12:32 PM PDT · by Ravi · 15 replies · 1,752+ views
    Inside Cable News ^ | 8/22/05 | Spud
    Once again FOX’s 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 pm programs beat all the competition combined. But what happened with Newsnight? It came in fourth behind FOX, HLN and MSNBC’s shows. Thursday The Situation Room topped 500,000 for the first time. Friday, it dipped below 400,000 for the first time. With Rita now doing at least above 300,000 every night, the new prime time low show on MSNBC seems to be Countdown…which has been hanging around in the under 300,000 range the past week and a half. Katie Couric’s comments nonwithstanding, Deutsch continues to scratch on a regular basis and...
  • Freep this Poll: What is your favorite cable news station?

    08/09/2005 7:10:06 AM PDT · by Kryptonite · 38 replies · 979+ views
    What is your favorite cable news station? CNN Fox News MSNBC Don't watch cable news
  • Wednesday Ratings (Cable News)

    08/05/2005 10:58:10 AM PDT · by Ravi · 33 replies · 1,214+ views
    Inside Cable News ^ | 8/4/5 | Spud
    Another big night for FOX. Its entire Primetime lineup averaged over 2.3 million viewers. FOX beat CNN 3:1 in Prime Time and the Prime Time 25-54 demo. CNN was flat. Even Larry King didn’t do better than Nancy Grace and Grace was just doing average for her. MSNBC had a better than usual night thanks to The Situation doing over 250,000. HLN beat CNN in the Primetime Demo. (numbers courtesy of FOX News) P2+ Total Day FNC - 1,023,000 viewers CNN - 398,000 viewers HLN - 210,000 viewers MSNBC - 196,000 viewers CNBC - 130,000 viewers 25-54 Total Day FNC...
  • Wednesday’s Numbers…(Cable News Ratings); Fox News on top

    08/04/2005 12:27:28 PM PDT · by Ravi · 16 replies · 940+ views
    Inside Cable News ^ | 8/3/5 | Spud
    A big night for FOX. All its prime time shows were over 2.2 million viewers. MSNBC’s decision to go on with wall to wall Toronto Air France coverage with Chris Jansing and Dan Abrams paid off for it as it got significantly higher ratings than it would have if it had run Hardball at 7 pm. And the viewer interest continued on throughout the evening for MSNBC (except for The Situation). Newsnight with Aaron Brown had a big night with over 800,000 viewers. (Numbers Courtesy of FOX News) P2+ Total Day FNC - 1,036,000 viewers CNN - 491,000 viewers HLN...
  • July’s Numbers: A big month for FOX…

    08/02/2005 2:22:10 PM PDT · by Ravi · 25 replies · 1,273+ views
    Inside Cable News ^ | 8/2/5 | Spud
    Another big month for FOX News Channel. For the 43rd consecutive month FOX came in first place. On The Record with Greta Van Susteren was the big ratings winner in July, with a viewership increase of 58% to 2,158,000 viewers. This was the second month in a row she came in second behind The O’Reilly Factor. FOX widened the gap between itself and CNN, an increase of 85% in Prime Time viewership since Jan 2005 and an increase of 46% in Total Day since Jan. 2005. FOX’s total advantage over CNN is 168% in Primetime and 127% in Total Day....
  • The Human Cost of 24-Hour News

    07/27/2005 9:57:15 AM PDT · by Incorrigible · 12 replies · 911+ views
    Newhouse News ^ | 7/27/2005 | Bruce Taylor Seeman
    This giant television screen is along a busy thoroughfare in the Washington suburb of Arlington, Va. (Photo by Tyrone Turner) HEALTH AND MEDICINEThe Human Cost of 24-Hour News BY BRUCE TAYLOR SEEMAN  More Stories by Bruce Taylor Seeman It's opinion. It's conjecture. It's a tidbit from the newest poll or another alarming image -- delivered with rising drumbeats -- from the day's top story. It's today's 24-hour news. But as Americans bathe in constant reports from CNN or Fox, the Internet, satellite radio, newspapers and magazines, is there a price to pay for living in a world where the...
  • Tuesday Numbers (Cable News Ratings) - FoxNews dominates, really dominates last nite

    07/27/2005 2:41:57 PM PDT · by Ravi · 24 replies · 1,174+ views
    Inside Cable News ^ | 7/27/05 | Spud
    FOX had another huge evening. For starters FOX’s Demo beat CNN’s Total Viewer number in Primetime. On the Record broke another record for 2005 by coming within a whisker of 3,000,000 viewers. O’Reilly’s demo numbers beat Zahn’s total viewer number for the second night in a row. And, in what is getting dangerously close to going from being an occasional trend to becoming the norm, Grace beat Zahn. Larry King was flat last night considering the levels of the prior two CNN shows. MSNBC cratered in daytime. Not even the Shuttle launch was enough to keep MSNBC from 4th place....
  • 2005 First Quarter Numbers (Cable News Ratings)

    07/26/2005 12:36:31 PM PDT · by Ravi · 11 replies · 934+ views
    me and ted against the world ^ | 7/26/05 | meandted
    It’s been a long time since I did numbers on the competing cable news networks. They’ve been reasonably constant and there’s nothing I can do to change them, so I’ve just let it be. This week, Broadcasting&Cable produced a first quarter report that is worth a comment or two. First, it shows Fox News in 8th place among all ad-supported cable networks, with CNN at 25th. Fox averaged 700,000 households per quarter hour and CNN 400,000. That gives Fox a 7-4 edge over CNN, slightly more then the 8-5 I used to report. In percentage that’s 63.6% vs. 36.4% for...
  • Cable News Ratings (Wednesday Nite): 1 FoxNews = 2.8 CNN = 10.9 MSNBC

    07/15/2005 6:50:26 AM PDT · by Ravi · 25 replies · 1,179+ views
    Inside Cable News ^ | 7/14/05 | Spud
    Big night for FOX. On The Record came within 70,000 of beating O’Reilly (it did beat its Demo). On The Record’s Demo number beat CNN’s entire Primetime show lineup’s Demo numbers added together. Relatively flat day for MSNBC in primetime. The Situation continues to struggle hard. (numbers courtesy of FOX News) Total Day FNC - 1,025,000 CNN — 463,000 HLN — 238,000 MSNBC — 194,000 CNBC — 134,000 Total Day P25-54 FNC — 297,000 CNN — 135,000 HLN — 106,000 MSNBC — 65,000 CNBC — 42,000 Primetime FNC — 2,582,000 CNN — 916,000 HLN — 455,000 MSNBC — 236,000
  • Cable News Ratings Monday July 11th (1 Foxnews = 3.1 CNN = 7.3 MSNBC

    07/13/2005 8:48:36 AM PDT · by Ravi · 43 replies · 4,109+ views
    Media Bistro ^ | 7/13/05 | Brian Stelter
    The Scoreboard: Monday, July 11 Total viewers: Total day: FNC: 1,037,000 / CNN: 450,000 / HLN: 209,000 / MSNBC: 194,000 / CNBC: 144,000 Primetime: FNC: 2,355,000 / CNN: 763,000 / HLN: 344,000 / MSNBC: 323,000 / CNBC: 145,000 25-54 demographic: Total day: FNC: 265,000 / CNN: 141,000 / HLN: 81,000 / MSNBC: 72,000 / CNBC: 49,000 Primetime: FNC: 506,000 / CNN: 192,000 / HLN: 101,000 / MSNBC: 124,000 / CNBC: 82,000 The hourlies: 7pm: Shep: 1,494,000 / Cooper: 521,000 / Showbiz: 88,000 / Hardball: 278,000 8pm: O'Reilly: 2,666,000 / Zahn: 565,000 / Grace: 458,000 / Countdown: 299,000 / CNBC: 191,000...
  • Bush Finds No Friends at Networks

    07/11/2005 10:10:47 AM PDT · by West Coast Conservative · 79 replies · 2,874+ views
    Washington Times ^ | July 11, 2005 | Jennifer Harper
    President Bush just can't win with the broadcast networks. More than two-thirds of the news stories on ABC, NBC and CBS covering the first 100 days of Mr. Bush's second term were negative, according to an analysis released today by the District-based Center for Media and Public Affairs (CMPA). It's actually a slight improvement: During the first 100 days of his initial term in office, the coverage was 71 percent negative, according to a similar CMPA study conducted in 2001. In comparison, President Clinton's first-term news coverage was 59 percent negative in 1993. The three networks also seem to be...
  • Missing White People's News Network

    07/04/2005 8:16:25 AM PDT · by raccoonradio · 4 replies · 342+ views
    OK, I definitely think I'm dreaming this week, but after a spring of having the news canceled on the 24/7 cable channels because of: - Terry Schiavo - CNN breaking an arm patting itself on the back for 25 years and dropping news - Runaway Bride - Michael Jackson - Crime Week/Special Report Documentary Repackages/CSI: Rehash Now it's clear the news has been completely canceled because of missing white people. If it isn't the girl gone missing on Aruba which Fox is absolutely addicted to covering (Greta "owns this story," much to the annoyance of Bill O'Reilly whose now #2...
  • Al-Jazeera Launching All-English Channel

    07/04/2005 10:58:07 AM PDT · by wagglebee · 24 replies · 478+ views
    NewsMax ^ | 7/4/05 | AP
    DOHA, Qatar -- Al-Jazeera is nothing if not bold. It has fought repeatedly with Washington, which says its exclusive broadcasts of Osama bin Laden speeches show an anti-American, pro-terrorist bias. Its freewheeling broadcasts have decimated state-run TV stations across much of the Arab world, leading some countries to close its bureaus down. So what does such a network do next? Plan a massive expansion. By March, the network will launch Al-Jazeera International, a satellite channel that will beam English-language news to the United States - and much of the rest of the world - from its base in tiny Qatar....
  • Staff Shifting At CNN & HLN (Layoffs in loserland)

    07/01/2005 10:08:00 AM PDT · by Ravi · 12 replies · 885+ views
    Media Bistro ^ | 7/1/5 | Brian Stelter
    Following up on yesterday's rumors of CNN layoffs, and subsequent reports that the rumors were exaggerated, here's what a few tipsters and e-mailers have said: > "One look at our electronic bulletin board on Inews, and there's nothing BUT goodbye's in there...With movements, shiftings, and rearranging (including those fired) the staffing in Atlanta is down CONSIDERABLY. For example, in just the last couple of months, we've lost six line producer positions and three executive producer positions. And word from managers is 'we're not through yet.'" > "It's not just the layoffs, schedules are being completely retooled and several people were...
  • Wednesday Cable News Ratings: Greta Back On Top; 1 FoxNews = 3.8 CNN = 7.6 MSNBC

    07/01/2005 6:07:52 AM PDT · by Ravi · 25 replies · 740+ views
    Media Bistro ^ | 7/1/05 | Brian Stelter
    Wednesday Ratings: Greta Back On Top; CNBC Beats MSNBC In Total Day Total viewers: Total day: FNC: 1,105,000 / CNN: 389,000 / HLN: 186,000 / MSNBC: 154,000 / CNBC: 168,000 Primetime: FNC: 2,585,000 / CNN: 678,000 / HLN: 397,000 / MSNBC: 339,000 / CNBC: 249,000 25-54 demographic: Total day: FNC: 348,000 / CNN: 120,000 / HLN: 85,000 / MSNBC: 55,000 / CNBC: 67,000 Primetime: FNC: 638,000 / CNN: 199,000 / HLN: 159,000 / MSNBC: 139,000 / CNBC: 143,000 The hourlies: 7pm: Shep: 1,458,000 / Cooper: 536,000 / Showbiz: 127,000 / Hardball: 349,000 / Conan: 133,000 8pm: O'Reilly: 2,582,000 / Zahn:...
  • Rumors Of CNN Layoffs In Atlanta...(CNN is a corpse)

    06/30/2005 12:28:55 PM PDT · by Ravi · 75 replies · 2,566+ views
    Media Bistro ^ | 6/30/05 | Brian Stelter
    I'm hearing a variety of reports of layoffs at CNN in Atlanta. Here are the e-mails and anonymous tips: > "CNN is getting rid of a chunk of employees in Atlatna. Two old friends, who so far have survived, just called to say it's as bad as the 2001 layoffs, which were really, really awful. It went beyond depressing, it was so unprofessional how they handled it, spreading the layoffs over a 3-5 day period. Now they're doing it before a holiday weekend when they think people won't notice which is awful because it's SO pre-meditated. Jonathan Klein continues to...
  • Axe Falls in Atlanta

    06/30/2005 10:08:22 AM PDT · by Politics4Fun · 45 replies · 2,072+ views
    From the inside: "The axe fell at CNN Atlanta on Wednesday, with producers, directors, and copy editors being shown the door due to staffing cuts. Newsroom and control room morale is the lowest ever, with employees wondering who is next on the list. Union-forming rumors are beginning as Atlanta staff tries to combat management's horrible handling of the latest round of Atlanta downsizing. "
  • Cable News Ratings (Wednesday Nite): 1 FoxNews = 3.9 CNN = 12.8 MSNBC

    06/24/2005 6:18:37 AM PDT · by Ravi · 26 replies · 1,312+ views
    Media Bistro ^ | 6/23/05 | Brian Stelter
    Wednesday Ratings: Greta #1 In Cable News; CNBC Beats MSNBC In Prime Total viewers: Total day: FNC: 1,012,000 / CNN: 330,000 / MSNBC: 153,000 / HLN: 194,000 / CNBC: 150,000 Primetime: FNC: 2,409,000 / CNN: 617,000 / MSNBC: 188,000 / HLN: 377,000 / CNBC: 200,000 25-54 demographic: Total day: FNC: 289,000 / CNN: 99,000 / MSNBC: 55,000 / HLN: 101,000 / CNBC: 42,000 Primetime: FNC: 602,000/ CNN: 153,000 / MSNBC: 67,000 / HLN: 126,000 / CNBC: 57,000 The hourlies: 5pm: Gibson: 1,118,000 / Blitzer: 370,000 / Connected: 73,000 / HLN: 147,000 / Kudlow: 229,000 6pm: Hume: 1,286,000 / Dobbs: 415,000...
  • Cable News Ratings (Tuesday): 1 FoxNews = 3.5 CNN = 12.5 MSNBC

    06/23/2005 6:03:27 AM PDT · by Ravi · 26 replies · 799+ views
    Media Bistro ^ | 6/22/05 | Brian Stelter
    Tuesday Ratings: P2+ & 25-54 Demo It was a huge night for Fox News, but not for anyone else. Here are the numbers (with more to come later tonight): Total viewers: Total day: FNC: 1,032,000 / CNN: 417,000 / MSNBC: 174,000 / HLN: 194,000 / CNBC: 123,000 Primetime: FNC: 2,460,000 / CNN: 707,000 / MSNBC: 196,000 / HLN: 351,000 / CNBC: 77,000 25-54 demographic: Total day: FNC: 303,000 / CNN: 122,000 / MSNBC: 61,000 / HLN: 80,000 / CNBC: 30,000 Primetime: FNC: 581,000 / CNN: 191,000 / MSNBC: 52,000 / HLN: 125,000 / CNBC: 31,000 The hourlies: 5pm: Gibson: 1,166,000...
  • All Tuckered Out- Do Viewers Really Want More Tucker Carlson?

    06/15/2005 9:43:24 AM PDT · by ScoopandDizzy · 7 replies · 495+ views
    The Radio Equalizer ^ | June 15 2005 | Brian Maloney
    From the universe of annoying liberal habits, here are two that consistently jump off the page: --- When our viewpoints are intentionally misrepresented, to suit their cartoonish horns-on-heads images of conservatives. --- When they use their still-considerable mainstream media muscle to hire phony, weak, or otherwise ineffective "conservatives" for radio, television and newspaper gigs, in order to make our side look foolish. That likely explains how lightweight pundit Tucker Carlson has landed yet another TV talk show
  • Big Media's High-Water Mark [Deep Throat Revives Memories of the Liberals' Heyday]

    06/02/2005 2:59:07 PM PDT · by West Coast Conservative · 27 replies · 837+ views
    Newsday ^ | June 2, 2005 | James P. Pinkerton
    For the major media, Watergate was the "good war," in which purely heroic reporters brought down the thoroughly villainous Richard Nixon. So the belated revelation that W. Mark Felt was Deep Throat is being cheered by the press establishment - even if those cheers sound a bit like last gasps. Not surprisingly, The Washington Post ran seven self-back-patting articles yesterday, including two on the front page. But others in the Old Media joined in, too: Felt-is-"Throat" led all three nightly broadcast news shows and filled up countless other news holes. For the mostly liberal MSM - mainstream media - the...
  • CNN's 25-year fight for eyeballs

    05/28/2005 10:59:52 PM PDT · by Lorianne · 13 replies · 447+ views
    The Observer ^ | 29 May 2005 | The Observer
    Only balanced news can win a global audience, the international channel's British head tells James Robinson ___ The in-house adverts trumpeting CNN's 25th anniversary are surprisingly candid about its early history. 'We were there before you knew you needed us,' it says, acknowledging that for the first years of its existence, hardly anyone tuned in to Ted Turner's cable network. A quarter of a century on, CNN International broadcasts to 23 countries, reaching 150 million households worldwide, and a fair few hotel rooms to boot. CNN International's British MD, Chris Cramer, recruited from the BBC almost a decade ago, is...
  • CNN's New Boss Ready To Hunt Fox (LOL Alert)

    05/19/2005 12:18:26 PM PDT · by My Favorite Headache · 67 replies · 2,551+ views
    AP ^ | 5-18-05 | David Bauder
    CNN's new boss ready to hunt Fox By David Bauder Associated Press Jonathan Klein wants to bring out the Bronx in CNN. There's a toughness, an aggressiveness imbued in many residents of the new CNN chief's native borough. They have street smarts that residents of posher neighborhoods have rarely needed to get ahead. Stamping that underdog personality on CNN requires nothing short of an attitude transplant, a willingness to fight at a complacent organization knocked on its heels by years of executive turmoil and ratings dominance by scrappy rival Fox News Channel. In four months on the job, the former...

    05/02/2005 12:34:51 PM PDT · by kingattax · 31 replies · 743+ views
    New York Post ^ | May 2, 2005
    The new channel will be called NBC News Channel, according to the Internet's Drudge Report — apparently losing its connection to software giant Microsoft. The change has long been rumored to be in the works. Last March, it was reported that NBC and Microsoft (the "MS" part of MSNBC) were negotiating to sever their nine-year partnership for the channel. "The new name is cleaner, less confusing . . . represents the programming," Drudge quoted an insider as saying. No word on when the change might come.
  • Microsoft set to quit MSNBC news channel

    05/01/2005 3:22:54 PM PDT · by Borges · 15 replies · 851+ views
    Raw Story ^ | 5/01/05
    The Microsoft corporation—which at one time had both a news television channel and a leading online newsmagazine—is ready to divorce NBC News and depart MSNBC, RAW STORY has learned. MSNBC is said to roughly break even; it has never been terribly profitable. Microsoft quit its online 'zine, Slate, in December, selling the venerable but also underperforming site to the Washington Post Company. The cable news and Internet venture between Microsoft Corp. and the NBC network, didn't achive profitability until the second quarter of 2001. It was launched in July 1996, shortly after Fox News Channel, which far exceeded profitability expectations,...
  • Don't Tell Me About Disrespect (Rush: Liberals Think We're Mad And They Don't Have A Clue Alert)

    03/25/2005 4:08:33 PM PST · by goldstategop · 82 replies · 2,467+ views
    Rush ^ | 03/25/05 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: Jim in Clearwater, Florida. Welcome to the EIB Network. Great to have you with us. CALLER: Yeah, thanks, Rush. I guess I can't believe I got through. I've never called before and I've never even tried to call before, but I think -- I'm an attorney here in Clearwater. This is where the Schiavo case originated many years ago. I know Judge Greer. I practiced before him, and in this case, I just think you're fostering a level of disrespect for the courts out there that's really dangerous. This is not the San Francisco appeals district. If Congress wanted...
  • CNN’s Midlife Midwife

    01/12/2005 6:25:05 AM PST · by RWR8189 · 20 replies · 1,295+ views
    New York Observer ^ | January 12, 2004 | Joe Hagan
    On Monday, Jan. 10, CNN’s new president, Jonathan Klein, was sitting in his fourth-floor office in the Time Warner Center recalling an adage a former boss gave him about journalistic principles in TV news.Jon," he recalled him saying, "we’re not going to do just anything to win."The former boss was CBS News president Andrew Heyward, whose news organization was at that moment on the verge of being flogged from West 57th Street to Television City for looking as though it would do just anything to win.Nevertheless, "that stuck with me," said Mr. Klein. "I’d never heard that before. It defines...
  • What Should Change About Fox News? (Vanity / Essay)

    12/17/2004 10:36:54 AM PST · by Phsstpok · 209 replies · 3,970+ views
    Self ^ | 12/17/2004 | Self
    We know that Fox, among others, has people who regularly scan FreeRepublic for items of interest.  I want to take advantage of that to try to get some ideas in front of Roger Ailes and crew.I'm going to lay out my ideas below, but I have a feeling that not only will others have their own equally good, or better, ideas,  but that there will also be folks who think my ideas are way off base.  So be it.  That's the idea behind posting this here, so that there can be open discussion of what is of interest to folks...
  • Fox News Has November to Remember

    12/02/2004 10:53:21 AM PST · by West Coast Conservative · 99 replies · 4,843+ views
    November was a very good month for Fox News Channel -- the channel's highest-rated month since the Iraq war in 2003. Fox News Channel scored a perfect 10 -- and then some -- in total viewers, racking up the top 11 shows in cable news, according to data released Wednesday by Nielsen Media Research. That's the first time it's ever happened in the News Corp.-owned network's eight-year history. CNN's "Larry King Live" is traditionally in the top 10 but slipped to 12th place with an average of 1.2 million viewers. Some of Fox News Channel's daytime programs -- including "Fox...
  • How Dan Rather And Media's Kings Lost Their Crowns

    11/12/2004 8:54:37 AM PST · by OESY · 15 replies · 1,075+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | November 12, 2004 | Daniel Henninger
    It is [said]... the only sure winner in American politics is the media.... Maybe not this time. Big Media lost big. But it was more than a loss. It was an abdication of authority. Large media institutions, such as CBS or the New York Times, have been regarded as nothing if not authoritative. In the Information Age, authority is a priceless franchise. But it is this franchise that Big Media, incredibly, has just thrown away. It did so by choosing to go into overt opposition to one party's candidate, a sitting president. It stooped to conquer... National Guard... Abu Ghraib......
  • Andrew Sullivan: Now blog this: the new voices running the election

    09/11/2004 4:42:32 PM PDT · by MadIvan · 84 replies · 3,306+ views
    The Sunday Times ^ | September 12, 2004 | Andrew Sullivan
    The two sides remain entrenched, their rhetorical sallies increasing in ferocity, their claims and counterclaims ricocheting through the political landscape. Democrats and Republicans? Nope: that’s so 2000. This time the war is between the new and the old media, between established pillars of journalism and a bunch of new, ornery and sometimes reckless upstarts.It’s the subtext of the 2004 campaign and it has already begun to shape the American presidential race in ways that would have been difficult to accomplish two years ago, let alone four. There are, I think, three genuinely new power brokers in American politics in this...
  • Why Fox News Is Clobbering the Competition

    09/02/2004 7:56:50 PM PDT · by wagglebee · 37 replies · 2,222+ views
    NewsMax ^ | 9/3/04 | Paul McGuire
    For the first time in the history of television, a cable news network had more viewers than the "big three" in covering an event. Fox News Channel delivered unprecedented and historic numbers for Tuesday night's coverage of the Republican National Convention. According to the ratings, Fox News had 5.2 million viewers; NBC, 5.1 million; CBS, 4.4 million; ABC, 4.3 million; MSNBC, 1.6 million and CNN, 1.5 million. The obvious question is why has a cable news network like Fox been able to attract more viewers than NBC, ABC and CBS? The networks have a clear advantage because they are in...
  • Freepers, we need your help. Shout back at Chris Matthews. Make your voice heard

    08/31/2004 7:26:55 PM PDT · by The Scourge of Yazid · 64 replies · 2,210+ views
    August 31, 2004 | Gerard J. Perry Jr.
    Alright, we haven't finalized plans for this yet, but we're planning an impromptu protest outside of Chris Matthews' "Hardball" program tomorrow.It will be held around Herald Square and take place between three and four p.m. in the afternoon. These plans are tentative of course, and depend upon the level of support we receive. Protest Warrior has allowed us to use their signs, so don't worry about that aspect of this demonstration. If you are interested, or know of any other freepers, conventioneers, or likeminded Republicans who may be interested in refuting the lies spouted by that loutish, low-rent loudmouth, please...

    08/27/2004 12:51:18 PM PDT · by RobFromGa · 91 replies · 2,229+ views
    DrudgeReport ^ | August 27, 2004 | Cable Ratings
  • Cable News War- ratings!

    08/20/2004 4:16:11 PM PDT · by DixieOklahoma · 52 replies · 1,464+ views
    Drudge Report ^ | August 20, 2004 | Drudge Report
  • CRTC (Canada) to Consider Request to Import Fox News

    07/11/2004 2:13:18 PM PDT · by West Coast Conservative · 41 replies · 2,654+ views
    Canadian Press ^ | July 9, 2004 | CP
    The federal broadcast regulator Friday called for public comment on a request to import two U.S. specialty channels to be carried on cable companies' digital tiers. Fox News Channel is widely considered to be a right-wing all-news service that has been beating CNN in American TV ratings. The NFL Network, meanwhile, is not primarily a live sports event channel but carries complementary programming, including game previews, news conferences and other information shows pertaining to the National Football League. The requests were submitted to the CRTC by the Canadian Cable Television Association which argued that domestic carriage of the services would...
  • Olbermann whines again about FoxNews, calls them elitists!

    06/29/2004 6:59:57 PM PDT · by Pikamax · 55 replies · 242+ views
    Cablenewser ^ | 06/29/04 | Cablenewser
    Ratings: Olbermann Calls FOX The "Worst Winners TV's Ever Seen" Only on CableNewser: MSNBC's Keith Olbermann writes in with a question about FOX: "Here's a question...about the latest ratings. Why, when there is no debating their numerical predominance, is FNC so consistently and relentlessly vicious, arrogant, and, above everything else, personal about their public comments?" "When the 11 PM SportsCenter had something like 75% of the cable sports news audience, we never crowed about it. I mean, I don't even have the exact number written down anywhere, and I have an ego the size of the L.A. Coliseum. We just...
  • Howard Dean: Scream 'Never Happened"; praises Bush for local interviews.

    06/15/2004 7:56:45 AM PDT · by Pikamax · 32 replies · 1,106+ views
    Broadcast and Cable. ^ | 06/14/04 | John Eggerton
    Howard Dean: Scream 'Never Happened' By John Eggerton -- Broadcasting & Cable, 6/14/2004 3:25:00 PM Howard Dean said the scream speech "never happened," and that its repetition more than 900 times in the following week showed cable "at its worst" and revealed cable news as a "Murdochized" entertainment medium, not journalism. The former Vermont governor and presidential candidate calls it part of the "Murdochization," of cable, referring to the growing success of Rupert Murdoch's Fox News Channel. "Not because Murdoch is a right winger, which he is," says Dean, "but because [Fox News Channel head] Roger Ailes is so incredibly...
  • FOX News Channel Has 56% of Cable News Market

    06/02/2004 1:47:57 PM PDT · by Pikamax · 48 replies · 456+ views
    FNC ^ | 06/02/04 | Fox News
    FOX News Channel Has 56% of Cable News Market Wednesday June 2, 3:07 pm ET FNC Increases Advantage Over CNN vs. 2003 By 24% NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 2, 2004--FOX News Channel (FNC) commands 56% of the cable news viewership in Prime Time and 53% in Total Day for the month of May, according to Nielsen Media Research. Source: FOX News Channel · View multimedia news release In the last month, FNC averaged 1,258,000 viewers in Prime Time, while CNN had only 32% of the cable news pie with 727,000 viewers. MSNBC brought up the rear with only 12% of viewers...
  • Paula Zahn Now Sinks To 0.3 Friday Night

    05/24/2004 4:25:00 PM PDT · by Pikamax · 20 replies · 351+ views
    cablenewser ^ | 05/24/04 | Cablenewser
    Paula Zahn Now Sinks To 0.3 Friday Night Paula Zahn's CNN program suffered one of its lowest rated nights ever on Friday, when it registered only a 0.3 rating (292,000 households). "Sources are speculating on how much longer CNN will continue to pay $2 million for an anchor who's having disastrous ratings like these," an industry source wrote to CableNewser. And during a busy news period, no less! Only one edition of her show has performed worse -- a taped program on Thanksgiving night that averaged a 0.2... 4:08:18 PM
  • CABLE NEWS WAR (Gap Between FOX, CNN Narrows)

    05/17/2004 2:21:38 PM PDT · by NYC Republican · 51 replies · 140+ views ^ | 5/17/04 | DrudgeReport
  • MSNBC claims victory over CNN at 7 p.m.

    04/27/2004 5:10:27 PM PDT · by Pikamax · 10 replies · 77+ views
    AJC ^ | 04/27/04 | CAROLINE WILBERT
    MSNBC claims victory over CNN at 7 p.m. By CAROLINE WILBERT The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Published on: 04/27/04 MSNBC -- the No. 3 cable news network behind Fox News and Atlanta-based CNN-- is claiming a small victory this month. The network beat CNN at 7 p.m. -- the first time MSNBC has ever claimed a win over CNN in a key evening hour. "Hardball" with Chris Matthews averaged 476,000 viewers in April, beating CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360," which averaged 461,000. Fox News' 7 p.m. show with Shepard Smith was the winner, attracting an average of 1.47 million viewers. EMAIL THIS PRINT...
  • FOXNEWS: 'Crazy Like a Fox': From Start-Up to Upstart(NYTIMES review)

    04/18/2004 8:45:45 PM PDT · by Pikamax · 27 replies · 251+ views
    NYTIMES ^ | 04/19/04 | Scott Collins
    'Crazy Like a Fox': From Start-Up to Upstart By DAVID CARR CRAZY LIKE A FOX The Inside Story of How Fox News Beat CNN. By Scott Collins. 242 pp. New York: Portfolio. $24.95. N little more than seven years, Fox News set itself a place at the cable news table and then promptly upended it. All manner of convention -- presuming lack of bias, leaving the patriotism to the politicians and regarding institutions with suspicion -- has been battered by the runaway success of a news division that was initially received with up-the-sleeve snickering by its competitors, CNN and MSNBC....
  • Fox News outdraws CNN, MSNBC for Rice testimony

    04/09/2004 3:58:09 PM PDT · by Pikamax · 28 replies · 154+ views
    Reuters ^ | 04/09/04 | Reuters
    Fox News outdraws CNN, MSNBC for Rice testimony Reuters, 04.09.04, 4:36 PM ET LOS ANGELES, April 9 (Reuters) - Fox News garnered a wide margin over CNN among audiences watching Thursday's testimony by national security adviser Condoleezza Rice before the commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks, according to data released on Friday. Citing figures from Nielsen Media Research, the networks said Fox News drew an average of 1.921 million total viewers in the period from 9 a.m. to noon ET on Thursday, ahead of CNN's 1.228 million and MSNBC's 470,000. CNN is a unit of Time Warner Inc. (nyse: TWX...

    03/31/2004 8:47:44 AM PST · by ConservativeMan55 · 52 replies · 178+ views
    Paula Zahn fiddles while CNN ratings burn...developing..breaking..hard! CRISIS AT CABLE: CNN LOSES HALF OF AUDIENCE FROM YEAR AGO CNN has lost more than half its audience from a year ago, according to NIELSEN! In 24-Hour Time Period for the first quarter of 2004, FOX NEWS CHANNEL averaged 824,000 viewers, down 36% vs. a year ago, which saw heightened viewership due to the Iraqi War. CNN plummeted 52%, averaging 458,000 viewers, while MSNBC dropped 49% averaging 234,000 viewers. In PrimeTime, FOX NEWS decreased 36% from its 2003 viewership, averaging 1,394,000 people. CNN plunged 48% with 806,000 viewers and MSNBC fell 50%...
  • CNN Loses More Than Half of 1Q'03 Audience

    03/30/2004 11:25:41 AM PST · by Pikamax · 58 replies · 172+ views
    FOX News Channel ^ | 03/30/04 | Fox NEws
    Press Release Source: FOX News Channel CNN Loses More Than Half of 1Q'03 Audience Tuesday March 30, 1:25 pm ET Fox News Channel Decreases Only 36 Percent FNC Scores 11 Out of Top 12 Cable News Shows in 1Q'04 NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 30, 2004--FOX News Channel (FNC) saw only a 36% decrease in its audience from 1Q'03, while its nearest competitor, CNN, had more than half its audience disappear, according to Nielsen Media Research. In 24-Hour Time Period for 1Q'04, FNC averaged 824,000 viewers, down 36% vs. 1Q'03, which saw heightened viewership due to the Iraqi War. CNN plummeted 52%...
  • CNN Plan: Beat Fox With Breaking News

    03/23/2004 5:31:33 AM PST · by NotchJohnson · 37 replies · 182+ views
    Newsmax ^ | 3/22/04 | Newsmax
    Friday morning, newspapers across the country said "CNN reported" that Pakistani forces had trapped one of Osama bin Laden's top advisers in the mountains between Pakistan and Afghanistan. That report made David Bohrman's day. Bohrman, the new boss of CNN's Washington bureau, has been in hot pursuit of cable news leader Fox News since he took over the bureau in late January. CNN's Aaron Brown had broken the story in an exclusive interview with Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf. "I want to read 'CNN reported' in the newspaper all the time," Bohrman told the Washingtonian's "Washington Buzz" feature. He has a...
  • TV coverage of "Super Tuesday" (Russert, Woodruff, Rather and Hume)

    03/02/2004 4:14:12 PM PST · by hole_n_one · 7 replies · 138+ views
    Los Angeles daily News ^ | 3/2/04 | David Kronke
    TV coverage of "Super Tuesday"By David KronkeStaff Writer Monday, March 01, 2004 - TV news divisions swear they'll do better this year covering the presidential election. They pretty much have to improve their coverage, which on election night 2000 collapsed into a shambles. (You can start judging tonight as they report on Super Tuesday.) "The country was divided right down the middle after the 2000 election,'' said CNN anchor Judy Woodruff, "and since then, we've seen the country split again over Iraq and over a number of President Bush's policies. There's going to be enormous interest in this election. I've...
  • Quick Fox jumps over others on 'Super' vote

    03/03/2004 8:27:46 PM PST · by Pokey78 · 3 replies · 164+ views
    Atlanta Journal-Constitution ^ | 03/03/04 | MARLON MANUEL
    NEW YORK -- "Have a good show, everybody. Lock and load." The words float through the Fox News control room, as the seconds tick toward 8 p.m. on Super Tuesday. The nation's No. 1-rated cable news network is about to cover the biggest day to date in the presidential election. Whether politics or sports, producers crave drama. But for a Tuesday election declared over before all the ballots were counted, that was going to be stretch. If the Democratic primaries were Super Bowls, Super Tuesday was the Tampa Bay-Oakland blowout. Just an hour earlier, when the polls closed in Georgia, Fox projected...
  • Prank results in fake closings Cable news outlet changing system

    03/01/2004 4:42:55 PM PST · by mylife · 13 replies · 99+ views
    The News Observer ^ | 2/28/03 | By VICKI HYMAN
    Saturday, February 28, 2004 12:00AM EST Prank results in fake closings Cable news outlet changing system By VICKI HYMAN, Staff Writer A local TV news station inadvertently aired a series of smutty business closings as part of its weather coverage Thursday night, thanks to pranksters with decent computer skills and "Saturday Night Live" sensibilities. News 14 Carolina, the 24-hour local news station run by Time Warner Cable, ran the fake announcements mixed with real closings for hours before station workers shut down the automated, Internet-based closings system. Meanwhile, viewers learned that an emporium selling a certain sex accessory would be...