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  • What were you saying about a few hanging chads?

    01/13/2013 9:46:51 AM PST · by Libloather · 30 replies
  • U.S. Rep. William Delahunt shells out $500G from coffers (the next Dem to retire?)

    02/27/2010 4:10:55 AM PST · by Palmetto Patriot · 21 replies · 668+ views
    Boston Herald ^ | 2/26/2010 | Jessica Van Sack
    U.S. Rep. William Delahunt blew nearly $560,000 in campaign cash last year - much of it on lavish meals and a family-friendly payroll that includes his ex-wife, son-in-law and daughter - stoking speculation the Quincy Democrat is emptying his war chest and won’t seek re-election. -snip- Delahunt told the Herald last week that he was still weighing whether to seek re-election, but Democratic Party sources have privately indicated his departure is anticipated - and expected to draw a host of candidates-in-waiting out of the woodwork.
  • Breaking! Al Gore Demands Partial Recount of Climate Data!

    02/15/2010 6:05:04 PM PST · by parsifal · 47 replies · 1,483+ views
    Secret | February 15, 2010 | Secret
    My secret sources have discovered another bizarre twist in the ongoing Climategate scandal: Breaking! Al Gore Demands Partial Recount of Climate Data As the impact of the global warming scandal widens, Nobel Prize winner and long time spokesperson for the movement demanded a partial recount of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) data. In asking for the partial recount, Mr Gore asked that any data tending to show global cooling should be re-counted while data tending to show global warming be left as it is. When asked whether this would tend to skew the data in favor of global...
  • Big Win For Coleman

    02/03/2009 1:24:30 PM PST · by Buck W. · 174 replies · 15,477+ views
    PewerLine ^ | 2/3/08 | John Hinderaker
    This report (link), hot off the press, signifies a victory for Norm Coleman in the election contest with Al Franken: the court hearing the contest has ruled that "all absentee ballots that complied with state law should be counted, along with those where errors occurred through no fault of the voter." Franken has been trying to prevent a number of ballots that complied with state law from being counted.
  • Hanging Chads Plus 8, Voting Mishaps Continue

    10/31/2008 7:30:15 PM PDT · by smokingfrog · 10 replies · 405+ views
    ABC News ^ | 10-31-2008 | John Stossel, Miguel Sancho, Chris Kilmer and Sarah Netter
    Retired bank president Christine Jennings of Sarasota, Fla., is optimistic about her chances in the 13th District congressional race. Polls show her ahead, but she is worried about those electronic voting machines that a third of the country is using this year. "There are too, too many things that can go wrong with them," she told "20/20." She's skeptical because two years ago, Jennings ran for and lost the same congressional seat. She got the most votes, but the machines in her hometown recorded thousands of ballots that registered no vote on election night. She lost by a razor-thin margin....
  • Obama Establishes Insurmountable Lead As Ohio Begins Early 2012 Voting

    10/24/2008 5:25:16 PM PDT · by Doc Savage · 12 replies · 916+ views
    October 24, 2008 | Doc Savage
    AP: The Omnipotent, All-Merciful Lord God Barry Hussein Obama, Ruler of all he sees, today jumped out to an early lead over his weak and corrupt Republican opponent, the vitriolic and stupidly mundane Sarah Palin. Obama's Minister of Elections, Shaheed Mustafa, convicted felon and former head of ACORN, stated that the Most Merciful Lord God Obama, by virtue of millions of fraudulent registrations in Ohio, was ahead in early voting by almost 3 billion votes, considered to be an insurmountable lead. Mustafa conceded, however, that with almost 4 more years of early voting to go, the backwoods hick Palin might...
  • The question remains: Who verifies who's qualified to vote?

    06/28/2008 1:26:04 PM PDT · by chicagolady · 9 replies · 210+ views
    Illinois Review ^ | Saturday, June 28, 2008 | Fran Eaton
    When Chicago GOP's Tom Swiss alerted IR to the possibility that Cook County was sending voter registrars to a huge immigration rally this weekend, it reminded us of the serious allegations we ran across in 2006. In August of 2006, we first realized the heated nature of registering illegal aliens to vote while working on a registration drive among churches in the 6th CD. When IR questioned a report in the Chicago Tribune about Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D-4th CD) encouraging illegals to register to vote, a blog controversy erupted as Illinois Coalition of Immigrant and Refugee Rights blasted us for...
  • Anatomically correct trucks: obscenity or ‘truckiness’?

    04/17/2008 8:00:20 AM PDT · by Brandonmark · 62 replies · 178+ views - Blogs ^ | April 16, 2008 | Thomas R. Collins
    If only those were just hanging chads they were talking about on the Senate floor Wednesday afternoon. Republican Sen. Carey Baker of Eustis proposed an amendment to a transportation bill that would have cracked down on an increasingly popular accoutrement on trucks: hanging sacks - dubbed “truck nutz” — that very realistically resemble male genitalia. His proposal is to make it a violation worthy of a $60 non-moving violation to have the testicular feature on your car, which are most commonly found hanging down from the trailer hitches of pickup trucks. It’s just like the state’s existing regulations against obscenity...
  • Florida Could Face Another Election Fiasco (Hanging chads? HA! Try electronic voting...)

    11/04/2006 9:45:35 PM PST · by Libloather · 8 replies · 575+ views
    Yahoo ^ | 11/03/06
    Florida Could Face Another Election FiascoFri Nov 3, 11:23 PM ET Six years after the Election Day standoff and hanging chads of 2000, Central Florida voters could once again find themselves experiencing voting chaos. The WESH 2 I-Team has discovered that new problems at the polls could plague Tuesday's election. Touch-screen computers and optical scan voting machines were supposed to fix what ails the Florida election process, but there were problems during September's primary. "Three of the results tapes for three of the touch-screen precincts have never been found," said Susan Pynchon of the Florida Fair Election Coalition. During an...
  • Hugo's Revenge

    11/03/2006 10:16:19 PM PST · by melt · 4 replies · 500+ views
    Investors Business Daily ^ | 11/03/06 | Investors Business Daily
    Elections: If missing smart-cards and multiple ballot-casting buttons aren't enough trouble from electronic voting machines, the one complication we don't need is a foreign predator at the controls. Think it can't happen? Well, it already has, with Smartmatic, an electronic voting firm that owes its presence in U.S. markets to Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez's abundant cash. Until 2004, Smartmatic was a little-known startup in Boca Raton, Fla., run by two 30-year-old Venezuelan engineers who claimed their only motivation was to prevent another 2000 Florida hanging-chad controversy. They were worth at most $2 million and operated out of one of their...
  • Dems had their chance to pick justice - ("whom the gods would destroy, they first make chads!")

    07/25/2005 12:21:00 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 10 replies · 942+ views
    Thoughtful Democrats — the rarest birds on the endangered species list — might want to ponder this: "Another hanging chad has dropped. His name is John G. Roberts Jr., and he undoubtedly will turn out to be opposed to abortion rights, affirmative action, an expansive view of federal powers and a reading of the Constitution that takes a properly suspicious view of the state's embrace of religion. You hang enough chads, and you get to change the Supreme Court." That's not, or the wilder shores of the Internet. That's Richard Cohen, big-time columnist in that bastion of mainstream media,...
  • Brother, can you spare a dime for the Democrats?

    06/28/2005 11:59:51 AM PDT · by XR7 · 21 replies · 1,493+ views
    Gulf1 ^ | 6/28/05 | Don Gaetz
    Ed Ball, the legendary curmudgeon who ran the St. Joe Company every day and the State of Florida most days, always accompanied his hoisted bourbon glass with the same toast: “Confusion to the enemy!” For Florida Republican leaders, that wish couldn’t have come truer or sweeter than the confusion which befell their political enemies this past week. Governor Bush called it “ shameful” and other GOP officials clucked their disgust and shook their heads. But the truth is we Republicans can hardly keep the grins off our faces as Democrats are turning red, then purple, then ghastly white. It seems...

    12/23/2004 10:46:57 PM PST · by alessandrofiaschi · 228 replies · 14,138+ views
  • SONG PARODY: "FRENCHIE KERRY" (To Laura Branigan's "Spanish Eddie")

    11/03/2004 4:28:31 AM PST · by Poohbah · 3 replies · 137+ views
    Vanity of vanities, all is vanity, saith Qohotoleth | 11/3/2004 | Poohbah
    "Frenchie Kerry" (Based on "Spanish Eddie" sung by Laura Branigan) There were chads in the air And ballots everywhere you looked So there wasn't a lot And the votes got you know you took And I remember wonderin' Where you'd been The night Frenchie Kerry cashed it in The night Frenchie Kerry cashed it in They were playin' "Desolation Row" On the radio The night Frenchie Kerry fell from grace There was sadness on Daschle's face On the night that Kerry failed Sanity prevailed It was June or July When the heat from the press beat down It was famine...
  • CHAD IS BACK [In Ohio they use punch cards]

    11/02/2004 10:39:37 PM PST · by Ruth C · 3 replies · 172+ views
    RuthC | 11-03-04 | RuthC
    Please NO, not the chad!

    10/21/2004 10:43:56 AM PDT · by IowaHawk · 31 replies · 1,250+ views
    Iowahawk | 10/21/04 | Dave Burge
    New York - Boston's ALCS victory celebration proved short-lived last night, as a hastily-assembled New York State Supreme Court ruled 9-0 to overturn the Red Sox historic come-from-behind win over the Yankees. The dramatic ruling, issued at 4:52 AM, noted that while losing the series 4 games to 3 the Yankees had actually outscored Boston 45 - 41, and that a Red Sox berth in the World Series would constitute "widespread disenfranchisement of the higher scoring, and clearly more popular, team." The ruling also overturned a game six interference call against Yankee Alex Rodriguez, which it termed "an arbitrary and...
  • Switched-on US voters hark back to punch cards

    10/20/2004 12:49:03 AM PDT · by MadIvan · 5 replies · 274+ views
    The Scotsman ^ | October 20, 2004 | RICHARD LUSCOMBE
    IT WAS an affair with technology that began in the early part of the last century and lasted several blissful decades before ending in an ugly divorce.Now Americans have simply fallen out of love with their not-so-trusty old mechanical voting machines, which were widely blamed for the 2000 presidential election debacle in Florida. But as voters in the United States rush to embrace the wonders of touch-screen voting and other electronic improvements on the notorious butterfly ballots and hanging chads of four years ago, many believe the old system was not so bad. "If this is how it is starting,...
  • Europe Gets Lousy Info In Re: Vote Counting IMHO

    10/14/2004 11:38:46 AM PDT · by flagthefly · 1 replies · 152+ views
    Friends - one thing bothers me a lot these days. In the 2000 elections we got TV and paper info about the vote counting, the 'hanging chad' issue, the 'post voting' issue, the 'Fla. vote issue' and so on and so forth. Now I hear that in many U.S. places electronic voting machines are in use just like in many Euro cities. And what do we hear now? That electronic voting might be rigged, because no receipt is issued. This paranoid idea is no doubt thought up by Democrats, who will stop complaining as soon as said shortcoming works in...
  • Groups offer to drop lawsuits in exchange for paper ballots

    10/13/2004 1:09:12 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 5 replies · 391+ views
    Miami Herald ^ | October 13, 2004 | Gary Fineout
    Attorneys for voting watchdog groups said they will drop election lawsuits if Florida officials offer voters in Broward, Miami-Dade and other counties the option of voting on a paper ballot. TALLAHASSEE - U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler and a coalition of unions and civil rights groups offered Tuesday to drop their ongoing lawsuits against the state if Florida would give all voters the choice of using a paper ballot on Nov. 2. Attorneys representing the Palm Beach County Democrat and the groups made the offer to top state election officials during an hour-and-a-half meeting, where they presented a lengthy proposal that...
  • Residents turn out to try new voting machines (Florence, SC)

    10/10/2004 6:02:53 PM PDT · by SC Swamp Fox · 12 replies · 305+ views
    The Morning News (Florence, SC) ^ | Oct, 10, 2004 | Bobby Tedder and Traci Bridges
    Residents turn out to try new voting machines FLORENCE - Residents turned out by the hundreds to test out Florence County’s new electronic voting system Saturday. Moreover, officials said they were receptive at an open house at the former Florence County Library on Pine Street sponsored by the Florence County Voter Registration and Election Commission. The event is part of a massive educational outreach initiative designed to familiarize the voting public with the set-up, officials said. “It went very well - we got a lot of people acclimated to the system today without any complaints as far as I know,”...
  • Provisional ballots could pose Election Day problems in Ohio (Hanging chads? Here we go again...)

    09/25/2004 4:19:20 PM PDT · by Libloather · 8 replies · 559+ views
    Provisional ballots could pose Election Day problems COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Provisional ballots could be the hanging chads of the 2004 presidential election, say critics of Ohio's guidelines for handling those votes. Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell recently issued a directive to county election officials saying they are allowed to count provisional ballots only from voters who go to the correct polling location for their home address. Blackwell has ordered that if residents go to the wrong precinct, poll workers must find their correct precinct and tell them where to go, Blackwell's spokesman Carlo LoParo said. They also may cast provisional...
  • Analysis reveals flaws in voting by touch-screen (Florida voting)

    07/11/2004 5:28:03 PM PDT · by wagglebee · 49 replies · 873+ views
    South Florida Sun-Sentinel ^ | 7/11/04 | Jeremy Milarsky and Buddy Nevins
    Florida's relatively new touch-screen voting machines, touted as a solution to the state's 2000 presidential election meltdown, didn't perform as well as machines that use an older technology during a statewide election earlier this year, according to a South Florida Sun-Sentinel analysis. Records from the March 9 Democratic presidential primary show that votes were not recorded for one out of 100 voters using the new ATM-style machines. That's at least eight times more than the number of flawed votes cast in the same election with pencil marks on paper ballots tallied by an optical scanner. Experts blame Florida's political leaders...
  • Can this man save democracy in America?

    06/26/2004 2:58:52 AM PDT · by MadIvan · 12 replies · 232+ views
    The Scotsman ^ | June 26, 2004 | CHRIS BAGLEY
    VISITORS to Bill Rouverol’s apartment may not immediately see, as he does, that the future of American democracy depends on the gadget sitting by the window. The 86-year-old mechanical engineer has spent much of the past three years designing and building a green plastic box called the VoteSure. "The whole country is waiting for this machine," Mr Rouverol said. "I think it will save democracy." It may save Mr Rouverol’s pride, too, because his Votomatic machine, along with its imitators, was blamed for bringing American democracy into disrepute in the infamous "hanging chads" controversy of 2000. For a generation, the...
  • Dems must marginalize Nader to avoid 2000 rerun

    03/29/2004 6:40:38 AM PST · by Oldeconomybuyer · 13 replies · 160+ views
    The Chicago Sun-Times ^ | 3-29-04 | BY LAURA WASHINGTON
    In 1996, the Democratic Party dispatched a posse of activists dressed up like 7-foot-tall cigarettes to dog Republican presidential nominee Bob Dole on the campaign trail, mercilessly harassing him for cozying up to the tobacco lobby. The ubiquitous Butt Men were magnets for the TV cameras and annoyed Dole to no end. The Viagra Man went on to lose the race, and Bill Clinton was re-elected. I'm not suggesting that the Butt Men single-handedly defeated Dole, but they were an effective and prickly reminder of Dole's deficits. Democrats aspiring to recoup the White House in 2004 have to tackle two...
  • Vote-Less Ballots Worry Broward Democrats

    03/13/2004 10:25:23 AM PST · by NautiNurse · 38 replies · 605+ views
    TBO ^ | Mar 13, 2004 | AP
    FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) - There weren't many choices to make in Broward County elections last week, but 169 ballots without votes in the Democratic presidential primary are causing some worries. Nearly half of the ballots without primary votes were in precincts with large elderly populations. Democratic Party leaders are concerned it's a sign of trouble for November. At the rate seen in Tuesday's primary, about 4,000 ballots would go without votes in the general election in a Democratic stronghold beset by election problems since the 2000 presidential election. "That's a frightening statistic," Mitch Ceasar, chairman of the county's Democratic...
  • Broward election staff rechecks mailings on absentee ballots

    02/25/2004 4:33:20 PM PST · by ambrose · 9 replies · 234+ views
    Sun-Sentinel ^ | 2.25.04
    Broward election staff rechecks mailings on absentee ballots By Buddy Nevins Political Writer Posted February 25 2004 Broward County Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes has ordered her employees to double-check each absentee ballot before it is sent out after a handful of voters reported this week they got the wrong ballot for the March 9 election. Seven voters in Davie, Cooper City and Hallandale Beach told the elections office they got ballots for the wrong city, out of 5,939 mailed. Those errors prompted new safeguards on the mailing of ballots, said deputy elections supervisor Gisela Salas.
  • Chads still hanging around in 22 states

    02/15/2004 11:23:23 PM PST · by Cincinatus' Wife · 9 replies · 359+ views
    Miami Herald ^ | February 15, 2004 | MARTIN MERZER
    It is Election Night 2004. The presidential tally stalls in a near-tie. All eyes turn to a pivotal state, a rich source of electoral votes, where election supervisors scrutinize ballots. Punch-card ballots. Yes, punch-card ballots, the much maligned voting system -- dimpled chad, hanging chad, pregnant chad -- that symbolized Florida's botched election four years ago, politically paralyzed the nation for 37 days and altered the course of electoral history. Punch cards may be gone in Florida, but chads still thrive elsewhere and are actually gaining favor in some quarters. As many as 32 million voters in 307 counties in...
  • BUSH vs. GORE - Some Interesting Statistics

    02/14/2004 10:48:51 AM PST · by ppaul · 28 replies · 2,457+ views
    e-mail ^ | 2/14/04 | Professor Joseph Olson
    Professor Joseph Olson of HamlineUniversitySchool of Law, St. Paul, Minnesota, points out some interesting facts concerning the most recent Presidential election: Population of counties won by: Gore=127 million Bush=143 million Square miles of land won by: Gore=580,000 Bush=22,427,000 States won by: Gore=19 Bush=29 Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by: Gore=13.2 Bush=2.1 Professor Olson adds: "In aggregate, the map of the territory Bush won was mostly the land owned by the tax-paying citizens of this great country. Gore's territory encompassed those citizens living in government-owned tenements and living off government welfare..." Olson believes the U.S. is now somewhere...
  • "Explicit statistical evidence of massive ballot tampering in Palm Beach, Fl"

    01/09/2004 6:31:24 AM PST · by yoe · 115 replies · 2,486+ views ^ | REPOST - 09 November, 2000 | Robert A. Cook, PE
    "Explicit statistical evidence of massive ballot tampering in Palm Beach, Fl" "Explicit statistical evidence of massive ballot tampering in Palm Beach, Fl" Errors only Occurred in Presidential Races? Editor's Note: The following statistical analysis was sent to me by Robert Cook, PE, a nuclear engineer, with an MS in statistical quality control, a software testing specialist and QA manager, who has a track record for analyzing and correcting trends, errors, and mistakes in heavy construction projects (ships, power plants, nuclear reactors, military and aerospace vehicles, etc. for more than twenty years. Robert Cook presents here a remarkable statistical analysis of...
  • Chads 101: Florida offers some advice to Californians (aka: the blind leading the ignorant)

    09/23/2003 11:45:18 AM PDT · by bedolido · 8 replies · 208+ views
    Miami Herald ^ | 09/23/03 | AMY DRISCOLL
    To: California From: Florida Re: Punch card voting machines. Here in Florida, where ''punch card'' means ''worldwide humiliation'' and chad is a bad word, elections experts have been watching California's recall election with great, um, interest. There's a lot to watch. On Monday, after a week of legal limbo, a panel of 11 federal judges heard arguments to decide whether the election should be held Oct. 7 or be postponed as much as five months. If the election goes ahead in October, voters in six counties, including Los Angeles, will use the infamous punch card voting machines to choose the...
  • Fla. Man Charged After Dialing 911 More Than 900 Times

    07/02/2003 6:45:14 AM PDT · by chance33_98 · 63 replies · 946+ views
    Fla. Man Charged After Dialing 911 More Than 900 Times POSTED: 7:20 a.m. EDT July 2, 2003 UPDATED: 7:32 a.m. EDT July 2, 2003 WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- A 22-year-old man was charged with misusing the 911 system after dialing the emergency number more than 900 times since May, taxing dispatchers and police. Howard V. Hill Jr. was arrested Monday and released from the Palm Beach County Jail on his own recognizance. Unlawful use of the 911 system is a first-degree misdemeanor. During many of the calls, Hill claimed an officer had been shot, indicated he wanted to...
  • Al Gore - Can this souffle rise a second time?

    12/01/2002 5:49:41 AM PST · by Oldeconomybuyer · 31 replies · 298+ views
    The Washington Times ^ | 12-1-02 | Steve Chapman
    <p>Watching Al Gore make his re-entry into the public arena after nearly two years out of the spotlight, I can say with confidence there is a substantial group of people who want him to run for president again in 2004. They're called Republicans.</p>
  • Congressmen want paper ballots in Broward...(Florida Dems cry for PAPER BALLOTS!)

    11/01/2002 11:17:27 AM PST · by Recovering_Democrat · 45 replies · 373+ views
    Two U.S. congressmen sought federal intervention on Thursday to prevent another election meltdown in Broward County after state officials rejected the last possible option to ease the crush of voters at the polls next week. Reps. Peter Deutsch, D-Fort Lauderdale, and Alcee Hastings, D-Miramar, asked U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft to pressure the state to allow paper ballots to ease long lines at the precincts on Tuesday. They are threatening to go to court and allege that Florida is violating the federal Voting Rights Act.
  • Dixie aside, Gore would be president

    10/02/2002 12:33:44 PM PDT · by ppaul · 88 replies · 354+ views
    The Seattle Post Intelligencer ^ | 10/2/02 | David Harnden-Warwick, Bellingham WA
    Hubert G. Locke's argument ("Even friends abroad decry America's arrogance," Sept. 27) that America is divided into two very different political cultures is easily illustrated by looking at the state-by-state results of the 2000 presidential election. Several months ago, I analyzed these numbers from the 13 states associated with the historical Confederacy (Kentucky and Missouri -- which, granted, did not secede but did send representatives to the Confederate Congress -- along with Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas) and contrasted them with the rest of the country. The results are striking. In...
  • New Florida Voting Ballot for Democrats!!!!

    09/27/2002 7:03:36 PM PDT · by Brytani · 36 replies · 391+ views
    Self | 09/27/02 | Brytani
    Democrats in Florida, faced with the possibility of another embarrassing fiasco in the November election have just revealed their new ballot for Dem voters.
  • Gore Accuses Bush Administration of an 'Attack on Civil Liberties' After Sept. 11

    09/26/2002 2:30:16 PM PDT · by Oldeconomybuyer · 29 replies · 433+ views
    ABC ^ | 9/16/02
    W A S H I N G T O N, Sept. 26 — Democrat Al Gore, criticizing President Bush as he tests the waters for another possible presidential bid, accused the administration Thursday of an "attack on civil liberties" and ignoring signs that Osama bin Laden had been planning a terrorist attack on U.S. soil. It was the former vice president's second scathing attack on Bush in a week.Speaking at a Democratic fund-raising breakfast in Wilmington, Del., Gore took issue with the administration's handling of intelligence information prior to the Sept. 11 attacks and for its treatment of some terrorism...
  • Transcript: Iraq and the War On Terrorism [Transcript of Al Gore's Blathering]

    09/23/2002 3:27:30 PM PDT · by William McKinley · 58 replies · 506+ views
    Transcript: Iraq and the War On Terrorism 09/23/2002 - 2:12 PM PST - SAN FRANCISCO By Al Gore INTRODUCTION Like all Americans I have been wrestling with the question of what our country needs to do to defend itself from the kind of intense, focused and enabled hatred that brought about September 11th, and which at this moment must be presumed to be gathering force for yet another attack. I’m speaking today in an effort to recommend a specific course of action for our country which I believe would be preferable to the course recommended by President Bush. Specifically, I...
  • Gore: Bush's Iraq war push makes world more dangerous

    09/23/2002 2:03:47 PM PDT · by Oldeconomybuyer · 102 replies · 746+ views
    Associated Press ^ | 9-23-02 | IAN STEWART
    <p>SAN FRANCISCO (AP) --  Al Gore harshly criticized President Bush's push for war against Iraq, saying Monday that it weakens America's effort to combat terrorism and forever could damage the nation's standing in the world.</p> <p>"After Sept. 11, we had enormous sympathy, goodwill and support around the world," Gore said. "We've squandered that, and in one year we've replaced that with fear, anxiety and uncertainty, not at what the terrorists are going to do but at what we are going to do."</p>
  • Reno blames JEB (Return to Chads?)

    09/15/2002 1:06:57 PM PDT · by SES1066 · 90 replies · 283+ views
    Knight Ridder Newspapers ^ | 09/14/02 | PETER WALLSTEN AND LESLEY CLARK
    [Exerpt]Reno's camp may sue over touch screens used in Florida primary MIAMI - (KRT) - Janet Reno's campaign for governor is trying to build a sweeping case against the now-infamous touch-screen voting machines that campaign officials believe may be responsible for Reno losing the Democratic nomination. The case, summarized in a draft document obtained by The Herald, would not be used to challenge the results of last week's election, even if Bill McBride is certified Tuesday as the nominee, campaign officials said Saturday. Instead, the evidence would become part of a larger effort to put the blame for Florida's latest...
  • Disputes may kill election reform bill

    09/10/2002 9:09:06 AM PDT · by Strawberry AZ · 2 replies · 203+ views
    Disputes may kill election reform bill WASHINGTON - House and Senate negotiators said Friday that efforts to pass a bill that would clean up the nation's voting procedures are falling apart as partisan disagreements grow larger with the approach of the fall elections. Large bipartisan majorities of the House and the Senate voted for different versions of the legislation, intended to prevent ballot disputes like those that bedeviled the 2000 presidential election. Among other things, the bills would help states buy new voting machines. The REST of the story...
  • Who actually received the most votes in Florida's 2000 presidential election?

    09/04/2002 5:43:28 AM PDT · by do not delete · 99 replies · 2,336+ views
    Tallahassee Democrat ^ | Lance deHaven-Smith
    Al Gore. State election officials ultimately declared George W. Bush the winner by a margin of 537 votes, but during and after the election dispute, questions remained about the uncounted ballots of 175,010 voters, ballots that had been rejected by error-prone tabulating machines employed in many Florida counties. Confusion and conflict, much of it generated by partisan intrigue, prevented these ballots from being counted during the election controversy. However, in 2001 every uncounted ballot was carefully examined in a scientific study by the University of Chicago, which concluded that when all the votes were counted, more votes had been cast...
  • For the benefit of the many or the few?

    08/06/2002 3:47:52 AM PDT · by Oldeconomybuyer · 15 replies · 581+ views
    SF Chronicle, page A-19 ^ | 8-6-02 | Al Gore
    <p>Nashville -- THERE HAS ALWAYS been a debate over the destiny of this nation between those who believed they were entitled to govern because of their station in life, and those who believed that the people were sovereign.</p> <p>That distinction remains as strong as ever today. In every race this November, the question voters must answer is, How do we make sure that political power is used for the benefit of the many, rather than the few?</p>
  • Gore, the Messiah

    08/06/2002 3:41:05 AM PDT · by Oldeconomybuyer · 29 replies · 424+ views
    SF Chronicle ^ | 8-6-02 | Debra J. Saunders
    <p>SEN. JOE LIEBERMAN, D-Conn., is worried about former Vice President Al Gore. Lieberman thinks that Gore came across as too anti-rich when they ran for the White House in 2000. And he thinks Gore is overly hostile toward business now, as they're eyeing each other and a new bid for the White House in 2004.</p>
  • Democrats suing to get words changed on Florida ballot

    08/05/2002 11:44:17 AM PDT · by Oldeconomybuyer · 30 replies · 288+ views
    Associated Press ^ | 8-5-02 | DAVID ROYSE
    <p>TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) --  Florida Democrats filed a lawsuit Monday to try to change the wording of the gubernatorial primary ballot, which they say may confuse voters.</p> <p>The ballot for the Sept. 10 Democratic primary for governor instructs voters to "Vote for One Pair," meaning they should choose a combined entry for governor and lieutenant governor.</p>
  • DFU SONG: Camp Grenada (a poor guy stuck at Camp Algore) 7-24-02

    07/24/2002 12:19:31 PM PDT · by doug from upland · 5 replies · 483+ views
    DFU SONG PARODIES ^ | 7-2002 | Lyrics, Doug from Upland
    MIDI - CAMP GRENADA Dearest father…were you plastered…when you paid for…Camp RAT Bastard Here I am with liberal whiners…they are making me watch movies by Rob Reiner Unlike lovely Pubbie women…with these I will…not go swimmin' Oh, my goodness…they're all ugly…even for the big bucks I would not get snuggly I am really out of place here…these RAT women…shave their face here In the woods were lezbo lovers…let us hope that they will never become mothers They say Algore will be speaking…I know that I…will be freaking He's a fool and a liar…the best thing for him would be...