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  • Mideast Echoes Of 1938

    08/24/2006 10:41:56 AM PDT · by West Coast Conservative · 11 replies · 919+ views
    Washington Post ^ | August 22, 2006 | Richard Cohen
    In his upcoming book about the horrors of the 20th century, "The War of the World," the British historian Niall Ferguson has a chapter called "The Pity of Peace." It is about 1938, when World War II loomed, and Britain -- especially and importantly Britain -- did precious little to stop it. The warnings of Churchill -- "believe me, it may be the last chance . . ." -- were ignored, and the government under Neville Chamberlain obstinately pursued a policy that forever after made the word appeasement one of the most odious in history. Somehow, though, it looks like...
  • An Appeasement Primer

    09/24/2006 9:16:51 AM PDT · by JSedreporter · 3 replies · 367+ views
    Accuracy in Academia ^ | September 22, 2006 | Malcolm A. Kline
    The U.S. Defense Secretary’s comparison of the anti-war movement in the United States today with its historical analogue in Great Britain in the 1930s sent the left into a tailspin. Locally at least one university figure has taken issue with it in print. “Knowing the facts of history is crucial to much of what we do as a nation and a people, but so is how it is used,” John Prados wrote on on August 31st. “And the Bush administration’s use of history—and specifically its use of ‘appeasement’—requires comment because it is both dangerous and misleading.” “In the past...
  • Rumsfeld a veteran at appeasement [Progressive says we need a Churchill]

    09/05/2006 5:53:53 PM PDT · by SJackson · 17 replies · 716+ views
    Capital Times ^ | 9-5-06 | John Nichols
    When the Wisconsin Democratic Party's state convention voted last year for a resolution urging the impeachment of President Bush, Vice President Cheney and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, I'll admit that I was skeptical. Of course Bush should be impeached. He is either the most incompetent person to hold the office since pre-Civil War bumbler Franklin Pierce, the most corrupt person to hold the office since Teapot Domer Warren Harding, or perhaps both. An impeachment trial would get to the bottom of the question of whether it was gross negligence or determined deception that led him to dramatically inflate the...
  • Musharraf's "Awkward Balancing Act"

    08/27/2006 9:12:31 PM PDT · by forty_years · 343+ views ^ | 8/27/2005 | Andrew Jaffee
    The Washington Post warns of "Pakistan's Awkward Balancing Act on Islamic Militant Groups." But if one looks closely at the actions of Pakistan's president, Pervez Musharraf, it is clear that he has made his choice to side with the West, there's no going back, and he is beyond the pale of reconciliation with his country's lunatic Islamists. The scale has tipped to one side. It is time for Musharraf to explicitly say so and do so, as he'll never appease Pakistan's radicals. Here's an excerpt from the Post: The basic problem for Pakistan's president, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, is that he...

    08/10/2006 11:27:49 AM PDT · by mojito · 37 replies · 1,380+ views
    Ynet ^ | 08/10/06 | Ilan Marciano
    US, French diplomats working on new formula that would lead to ceasefire in North; new proposal may be submitted to UN by Friday; sources say agreement based on French military deployment on northern border. Senior Israeli official: Revised UN Resolution will stop short of requiring peacekeepers to disarm Hizbullah Getting close to ceasefire? While the IDF is preparing to expand military operations, a French-American proposal for a cease-fire is being formulated Thursday evening and may be presented to the United Nations Security Council by Friday. According to various reports, the agreement is based on the deployment of French troops on...
  • ABC Nightly News Lineup

    06/21/2006 3:36:47 PM PDT · by mcvey · 7 replies · 335+ views
    OK, I just noted that ABC led off with three stories. One the very definite torture and killing of our two soldiers. Two, the debate in the Senate over Iraq. Three, the possible murder of an Iraqi civilian by some soldiers. They, of course, led with the possible murder. It was as blatant an attack on the military and an unconscionable smear. Sorry, just blowing off steam!
  • Farah Says, "We Got Kerry Anyway!"

    06/09/2006 6:08:26 AM PDT · by Theodore R. · 35 replies · 1,877+ views ^ | 06-09-06 | Farah, Joseph
    We got Kerry anyway! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted: June 9, 2006 1:00 a.m. Eastern © 2006 When it appeared I would not and could not endorse President Bush for re-election in 2004, many of my friends – even my own wife – suggested to me that, if I refused to vote as I had in 2000, I would share some personal responsibility for John Kerry becoming our next commander in chief. I must say, it was a compelling argument. I found Kerry to be one of the most detestable human beings ever to walk planet Earth. He was a liar, he...
  • Global Security: Alternatives to the War on Terror (Religious liberal barf alert)

    05/24/2006 2:00:10 PM PDT · by Recovering_Democrat · 18 replies · 385+ views
    United Methodist Church ^ | 3/11/06 | Jim Winkler
    Global Security: Alternatives to the War on Terror A speech at Ecumenical Advocacy Days, Arlington, VAJim Winkler, GBCS General SecretaryKeynote Address delivered by Jim Winkler, General Secretary, United Methodist General Board of Church & Society at the Global Security Track of Ecumenical Advocacy Days March 11, 2006, Arlington, VA Do not repay anyone evil for evil, but take thought for what is noble in the sight of all. If it is possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all. Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave room for the wrath of God; for it is written,...
  • Americans Decry Iraq War Casualties, Cost

    05/02/2006 1:39:10 PM PDT · by churchillbuff · 19 replies · 301+ views
    angus-reid polling and research ^ | May 2 06 | angus-reid polling and research
    Adults in the United States remain upset over their country’s involvement in the coalition effort, according to a poll by Hart/McInturff released by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News. 52 per cent of respondents think removing Saddam Hussein from power was not worth the number of U.S. military casualties and the financial cost of the war. ..[snip]When respondents are informed that the coalition effort has cost an estimated $170 billion U.S.—and reminded that approximately 2,400 American soldiers have died—the level of rejection to the war reaches 56 per cent.
  • President Reiterates Diplomacy to Deal With Iran

    04/28/2006 5:33:48 PM PDT · by SandRat · 3 replies · 202+ views
    American Forces Press Service ^ | Samantha L. Quigley
    WASHINGTON, April 28, 2006 – Diplomacy remains America's choice in dealing with Iran, President Bush said today. "We're forming a strong coalition of like-minded countries that believe that the Iranians should not have a nuclear weapon," he said during a White House press conference. "And I've told the American people that diplomacy is my first choice, and it should be the first choice of every American president in order to solve a very difficult problem." "It's very important for the Iranians to understand there's a ... common desire by a lot of nations of this world to convince them, peacefully...
  • Appeasement 101

    02/16/2006 12:06:21 AM PST · by mal · 28 replies · 2,245+ views
    It is easy to damn the 1930s appeasers of Hitler — such as Stanley Baldwin and Neville Chamberlain in England and Edouard Daladier in France — given what the Nazis ultimately did when unleashed. But history demands not merely recognizing the truth post facto, but also trying to reconstruct the rationale of something that now in hindsight seems inexplicable. Appeasement in the 1930s was popular with the European public for a variety of reasons. All of them are instructive in our hesitation about stopping a nuclear Iran, or about defending the right of Western newspapers to print what they wish...
  • what is an optimist

    02/14/2006 8:48:07 PM PST · by Flavius · 2 replies · 66+ views
    ap ^ | uesday Feb. 14, 2006 | John McConnico
    Jens Byskov holds up a sign apologizing to Muslims in front of the Danish parliament building in Copenhagen, Denmark Tuesday Feb. 14, 2006 for cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad published in a Danish newspaper late last year. The uproar over the Prophet Muhammad cartoons was Denmark's biggest foreign policy challenge since World War II, the prime minister said Tuesday. (AP Photo/John McConnico) guess we can all go home now, jens there gots it all figured out
  • Australian flag banned at Bondi Beach

    01/01/2006 3:43:09 PM PST · by Rosenkreutz · 76 replies · 3,156+ views
    Sydney Daily Telegraph ^ | January 02, 2006 | Steve Gee and Larissa Cummings
    Council bans Australian flag January 02, 2006 PLANS to fly Australian flags over the famous Bondi Beach pavilion were vetoed because of fears the symbols could incite more racial violence on Sydney's beaches. In a decision met with outrage from locals, returned servicemen and ethnic groups, Waverley Council voted 6-5 against the proposal, declaring the popular beach should remain clear of flags to "remove provocation"...
  • Rice: Israel must take more steps

    08/18/2005 4:21:25 PM PDT · by Alouette · 196 replies · 3,323+ views
    Jerusalem Post ^ | Aug. 18, 2005 | Herb Keinon
    As Israel struggled Thursday to evacuate the Gush Katif settlements, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said it must take further steps. "Everyone empathizes with what the Israelis are facing," she said in an interview with The New York Times. But, she added, "It cannot be Gaza only." Rice said this is "really quite a dramatic moment in the history of the Middle East," and praised Sharon for proving himself "enormously courageous." According to the Times, Rice said that while the withdrawal would take several weeks, Israel must take further steps soon afterward, including loosening travel restrictions in the West...
  • History According to Harry

    07/15/2005 7:57:21 AM PDT · by T-Bird45 · 41 replies · 945+ views
    WSJ ^ | 7/15/05 | Jonathan V. Last
    Tonight, when "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" descends upon bookstores, millions of children will flutter in delight. But the sixth entry in the franchise may well please discerning adults, too. ...snip... In the fifth book, "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix," something interesting happened. The author, J.K. Rowling, abandoned the mystery genre and gave her readers something more challenging: a historical allegory. Through sleight-of-hand, Ms. Rowling took a children's book and transformed it into a parable about 1930s England. We've heard a lot recently about London and the Blitz. Ms. Rowling's unfolding saga may illuminate that dark...
  • The European Union: Channeling the Spirits of Chamerblain and Pétain

    06/16/2005 7:06:06 PM PDT · by anotherview · 3 replies · 217+ views
    Israel, Zionism, politics, and aliya ^ | 16 June 2005 | Caitlyn Martin
    Thursday, June 16, 2005 The European Union: Channeling the Spirits of Chamerblain and Pétain An Associated Press report tells us that the European Union has renewed contacts with Hamas despite strong Israeli objections. It seems the E.U. is even considering reviewing whether or not to continue to consider Hamas a terrorist group. Tell me this: how many suicide bombings, Qassam rocket attacks, shootings, and other forms of murder of innocent civilians are required before a group is permanently branded a terrrorist group? If such attacks are ongoing (and they are) why would anyone in their right mind consider Hamas anything...
  • Henry Kissinger: Conflict is not an option (Relations Between China and the U.S.)

    06/09/2005 5:40:56 PM PDT · by RWR8189 · 19 replies · 743+ views
    International Herald Tribune ^ | June 9, 2005 | Henry A. Kissinger
    NEW YORK The relationship between the United States and China is beset by ambiguity. On the one hand, seven presidents have affirmed the importance of cooperative relations with China and a commitment to a one-China policy.   Nevertheless, ambivalence has suddenly re-emerged. Various U.S. officials, members of Congress and the news media are attacking China's policies, from the exchange rate to military buildup, much of it in a tone implying that China is on some sort of probation.   Before continuing on this subject, I must point out that the consulting company I chair advises clients with business interests around...

    04/21/2005 4:37:34 AM PDT · by An American Patriot · 21 replies · 987+ views
    Nashua Telegraph ^ | April 19, 2005 | David Brooks
    NEW IPSWICH - In the latest twist of his public battle against illegal immigrants, Police Chief Garrett Chamberlain has taken what may be a unique legal approach: He has charged a man from Mexico with criminal trespass because he was in town without legal documents. As defined in state law (RSA 635:2), a person is guilty of criminal trespass “if, knowing that he is not licensed or privileged to do so, he enters or remains in any place.” “If we’re going to have immigration, it needs to be controlled and we need to know what’s happening on our borders. Nobody...
  • No, Ladies and Gentlemen, SEND ONE DIME!!!!!!!!! (Shameless Request!)

    04/20/2005 8:53:17 PM PDT · by section9 · 36 replies · 1,245+ views
    Hugh ^ | April 20, 2005 | Section 9
    Any one of you who have followed the contest over judicial nominations have missed a lot if you have missed Hugh Hewitt's website. To catch up on what's going on with the filibuster, and how the present sad excuse for Republican leadership is failing the rank and file, please click on the link provided above. However, I have a modest proposal. For all the differences that I have had with many of you over Condi Rice and other things, I suspect that we all share a passionate disgust when the subject of Bush's judicial nominations are raised. These are...
  • Do They Still Protest WWII? - (good parody!)

    03/20/2005 4:34:39 PM PST · by freeholland · 23 replies · 1,164+ views
    March 20, 2005 will mark the second anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. The war lasted only three weeks before Saddam dropped out of sight and into a spider-hole... but for some hopefuls, it will never end. I'm not talking about the Ba'athist thugs who plot and struggle to regain the power -- built on fear and murder -- that they held over the Iraqi people for so long. I'm talking about the looney anti-war Left, who will spend the next few weeks continuing to protest a war that toppled a dictator, ended decades of evil tyranny and brutality, freed...
  • On this day in history:March 17,1939

    03/16/2005 12:28:19 PM PST · by mdittmar · 8 replies · 633+ views
    various | 3/16/05 | various
    British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain accuses Adolf Hitler of breaking his word after German troops crossed the Czech frontier.
  • The [Election] Fear Factor

    10/18/2004 8:43:41 AM PDT · by forty_years · 4 replies · 839+ views ^ | October 18, 2004 | Andrew L. Jaffee
    After talking with some left-wing friends this weekend, I realized now more than ever that the question of whether to vote for Bush or Kerry truly boils down to another question, “A war for our lives, or a nuisance to our lifestyle?” The later question was asked on Friday by eminent historian Victor David Hanson. He answers it with honesty and erudition, but leaves out a very important point: the fear factor. Hanson correctly identifies Kerry et al’s penchant for wanting to solve our foreign policy disputes through diplomatic bureaucracy ad nauseum -- e.g., the United Nations. He hints at...
  • Bush Senior Strategist Matthew Dowd talks about the polls.

    10/12/2004 9:05:47 PM PDT · by WarrenC · 30 replies · 1,560+ views
    Hugh Hewitt's website ^ | 10/12/04 | Hugh Hewitt
    Tuesday, October 12, 2004 Posted at 4:00 PM, and updated thereafter. Bush-Cheney '04 senior strategist Matthew Dowd on CNN's Inside Politics earlier today: "I think fundamentally, this is going to be a race that is a choice, and I think what you see even in the Gallup poll, your poll, when you ask them on the important issues "Who do you trust more, who do you trust more to deal with Iraq?" the public trusts the president more; "Who do you trust more on the war on terror?" the public trusts the president more; even on the economy which has...
  • Today in History: Chamberlain Appeases Hitler (AP Feature)

    09/30/2004 2:11:35 AM PDT · by Recovering_Democrat · 7 replies · 511+ views
    Today is Thursday, Sept. 30, the 274th day of 2004. There are 92 days left in the year. Today's Highlight in History: On Sept. 30, 1938, British, French, German and Italian leaders decided to appease Adolf Hitler by allowing Nazi annexation of Czechoslovakia's Sudetenland.
  • Policy of Appeasement

    09/29/2004 7:23:59 PM PDT · by jdluntjr · 6 replies · 850+ views
    The Letter to the Editor Campaign continues "The way we live in peace in a family, in a marriage, in the world, is not by threatening people, is not by showing off your muscles. It's bylistening, by giving a hand sometimes, by being intelligent, by being open and by setting high standards," she said at the CSU rally" Teresa Heinz Kerry comments
  • Accident prompted Azaria story, says neighbour (Dingo stole the baby case)

    07/09/2004 5:54:06 PM PDT · by Jane_N · 17 replies · 1,640+ views
    Sydney Morning Herald ^ | July 10, 2004 | By Malcolm Brown
    The man who claims to have shot the dingo that killed Azaria Chamberlain had a change of heart about keeping his secret about a year ago after a serious accident that brought him face to face with his own mortality, a neighbour says. Bert Fraser, who lives near Frank Cole in Pascoe Vale in suburban Melbourne, said: "Frank was fixing tiles on his roof and the ladder slipped from under him. He fell across a trailer and smashed his hip and leg. He went to hospital and when he was coming out of anaesthetic he told his son, Don, about...
  • Bill Buckley, you and I know the war was a mistake

    06/29/2004 7:00:20 PM PDT · by churchillbuff · 909 replies · 1,681+ views
    The Hill ^ | June 28, 04 | Josh Marshall
    “With the benefit of minute hindsight, Saddam Hussein wasn’t the kind of extra-territorial menace that was assumed by the administration one year ago. If I knew then what I know now about what kind of situation we would be in, I would have opposed the war.” Those words are William F. Buckley’s, from an article in yesterday’s New York Times marking Buckley’s decision to relinquish control of the National Review, the flagship journal of the conservative movement he founded 50 years ago. Also out on the newsstands now, in The Atlantic Monthly, is an essay Buckley wrote describing his decision...
  • Mr. Churchill Premier: Mr Chamberlain staying in war cabinet [Actual news report, 1940]

    05/10/2004 5:20:36 PM PDT · by aculeus · 16 replies · 153+ views
    The Guardian ^ | May 11, 2004 | Unsigned
    Saturday May 11, 1940 The Guardian Mr. Chamberlain resigned the Premiership last night and has been succeeded by Mr. Winston Churchill, the First Lord of the Admiralty. Following is the official statement:- The Right Hon. Neville Chamberlain, M.P., resigned the office of Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury this evening and the Right Hon. Winston Churchill, C.H., M.P., accepted his Majesty's invitation to fill the position. The Prime Minister desires that all Ministers should remain at their posts and discharge their functions with full freedom and responsibility while the necessary arrangements for the formation of a new Administration...

    03/27/2004 8:37:22 AM PST · by Apolitical · 6 replies · 160+ views
    Over the years a revulsion against any kind of "power politics" has come to trump whatever revulsion post-Auschwitz Europe might feel about mass murder. That's why the EU let hundreds of thousands of Bosnians and Croats die on its borders until the Americans were permitted to step in. That's why the fact that thousands of Iraqis are no longer being murdered by their government is trivial when weighed against the use of Anglo-American military force required to effect their freedom. "Never again" has evolved to mean precisely the kind of passivity that enabled the Holocaust first time round. "Neville again"...
  • History is Watching

    03/24/2004 12:23:38 PM PST · by LibWhacker · 6 replies · 265+ views
    Israel National News ^ | 3/04/04 | Jack Engelhard
    They were on the wrong side of history, and today, and forever, their names live in infamy – Hitler, Goebbels, Mengele, Eichmann, and thousands, even millions more like them. You can run, but you can't hide, as per Joe Louis. Everything (to borrow a line from Pirke Avos) is recorded in a Book. Today, your words and deeds are also recorded by the memory of the Internet and television. If you are a believer, then say this: God is watching. If you are something otherwise, then say this: History is watching. Those who support and champion murderers are murderers themselves,...
  • Spain’s ‘Munich’ Remembered

    03/23/2004 6:17:48 AM PST · by Nasty McPhilthy · 4 replies · 201+ views
    NewsMax.Com ^ | Tuesday, Mar. 23, 2004 | James Humes
    Spain’s ‘Munich’ Remembered James Humes Tuesday, Mar. 23, 2004 Evil had flaunted its ugly face. Words of hate and threats of destruction had spewed from it. So people in fear of the monster sought to mollify it. Europe and England were afraid that if they met it head on, they would be the next targets of terror and victims of violence. The time was 1938, and the monster was Adolph Hitler, who was threatening war, unless he was given a piece of Czechoslovakia. The peoples of Europe and their leaders had already witnessed the Nazi wickedness: the marching of storm...
  • Neville Chamberlain, en Español Spain's new leader is an anti-American appeaser.

    03/20/2004 5:29:50 AM PST · by Elkiejg · 17 replies · 102+ views
    WSJ ^ | 3/20/04 | Ramon Perez-Maura
    <p>MADRID--Spain will have a new government now: It is Socialist, as we know, and vehemently opposed to the war in Iraq. The prime minister-elect, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, is an old-fashioned European man of the left: pacifist in his "distaste" for war, and deeply anti-American in his posturing and rhetoric, to say nothing of his innermost instincts. If one were, as a laboratory experiment, to manufacture precisely the sort of Spanish leader the U.S. would find most uncooperative at this juncture in history, he would resemble Mr. Zapatero almost exactly.</p>
  • Neville Chamberlain, en Español: Spain's new leader is an anti-American appeaser.

    03/19/2004 9:13:28 PM PST · by quidnunc · 9 replies · 191+ views
    The Wall Street Journal Opinion Journal ^ | March 20, 2003 | Ramon Perez-Maura
    Madrid – Spain will have a new government now: It is Socialist, as we know, and vehemently opposed to the war in Iraq. The prime minister-elect, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, is an old-fashioned European man of the left: pacifist in his "distaste" for war, and deeply anti-American in his posturing and rhetoric, to say nothing of his innermost instincts. If one were, as a laboratory experiment, to manufacture precisely the sort of Spanish leader the U.S. would find most uncooperative at this juncture in history, he would resemble Mr. Zapatero almost exactly. The Popular Party, which lost, was by contrast...
  • For U.S. Hawks, Madrid 2004 = Munich 1938

    03/18/2004 8:31:30 AM PST · by philosofy123 · 23 replies · 224+ views
    Inter Press Service's correspondent in Washington, DC. | March 18, 2004 | Jim Lobe
    For neo-conservative and other right-wing US hawks, Madrid has suddenly become Munich in 1938 and Spain's Prime Minister-elect Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero is former British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain. In an extraordinarily unanimous campaign, newspaper columnists and television commentators are flooding the media with cries of "appeasement," the dreaded epithet with which Chamberlain was permanently tagged after his meeting in Munich with Adolf Hitler, which permitted the Nazis to slice off a major chunk of Czechoslovakia. In the hawks' view, the electoral defeat of Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar's People's Party in the wake of last Thursday's bombings, followed by...
  • Frightening apparition

    03/18/2004 12:25:37 AM PST · by kattracks · 25 replies · 146+ views
    Washington Times ^ | 3/18/04 | Donald Lambro
    <p>The ghost of Neville Chamberlain is haunting Europe, preaching pacifism and appeasement and promising "peace in our time" in the war against terrorism.</p> <p>This is the frightening apparition that rose out of the wreckage, blood and body parts in the Madrid train station bombing on the eve of Spain's national elections — that had all the hallmarks of al Qaeda at work. When the smoke cleared and the votes were cast, the terrorists had won their first major political victory on the European Continent.</p>
  • Neville Chamberlain, en Espanol

    03/18/2004 5:23:05 AM PST · by livius · 17 replies · 238+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | March 17, 2004 | RAMON PEREZ-MAURA
    <p>MADRID -- Spain will have a new government now: it is Socialist, as we know, and vehemently opposed to the war in Iraq. The prime minister-elect, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, is an old-fashioned European man of the left: pacifist in his "distaste" for war, and deeply anti-American in his posturing and rhetoric, to say nothing of his innermost instincts. If one were, as a laboratory experiment, to manufacture precisely the sort of Spanish leader the U.S. would find most uncooperative at this juncture in history, he would resemble Mr. Zapatero almost exactly.</p>
  • Neville Chamberlain, en Espanol

    03/17/2004 6:10:44 AM PST · by OESY · 8 replies · 157+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | March 17, 2004 | RAMON PEREZ-MAURA
    <p>MADRID -- Spain will have a new government now: it is Socialist, as we know, and vehemently opposed to the war in Iraq. The prime minister-elect, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, is an old-fashioned European man of the left: pacifist in his "distaste" for war, and deeply anti-American in his posturing and rhetoric, to say nothing of his innermost instincts. If one were, as a laboratory experiment, to manufacture precisely the sort of Spanish leader the U.S. would find most uncooperative at this juncture in history, he would resemble Mr. Zapatero almost exactly.</p>
  • Blame Spain for Next Terrorist Attack

    03/15/2004 1:10:16 AM PST · by auzerais · 59 replies · 748+ views
    Chron Watch ^ | Monday, March 15, 2004 | Barbra Stock
    Blame Spain for the Next Terror Attack                                                               When the next bomb goes off--perhaps this time in Poland--the families of the dead should blame the people in Spain who voted to run from terrorists and cower before them, instead of standing strong against them.         Sound cruel?  Perhaps, but it's the sad truth.  The majority of Spaniards decided to follow the illogical path of blaming their president for the attack in Madrid instead of the people who actually carried out mass murder.  In doing so, they handed the butchers a victory.  Terrorism and murder have been handsomely rewarded this...
  • Pat Buchanan's "A Study in Appeasement"

    07/28/2003 12:05:03 PM PDT · by Theodore R. · 66 replies · 211+ views ^ | 07-28-03 | Buchanan, Patrick J.
    A study in appeasement Posted: July 28, 2003 1:00 a.m. Eastern © 2003 Creators Syndicate, Inc. Neville Chamberlain, the prime minister who agreed to the transfer of the Sudetenland to Germany, is known to history as an appeaser. Munich, where his infamous conference with Hitler was held, has become an international synonym for craven appeasement. Chamberlain's defenders argue that he had no real choice. The British were unprepared for war and could not stop Hitler's seizure of the Sudetenland in any event. Moreover, the Sudetenlanders were a Germanic people who had never lived under Prague rule until 1919, should never...
  • Hometown hero, at last Hometown Hero; Maine community gives Civil War general his due

    06/01/2003 8:17:40 PM PDT · by Uncle Jaque · 28 replies · 386+ views
    Boston Globe ^ | 5/31/2003 | Doug Warren, Globe Staff
    BRUNSWICK, Maine - Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain was many things in his lifetime: Medal of Honor winner for his bravery during the battle of Gettysburg, governor of Maine, and Bowdoin College president. With interest in the Civil War growing in recent years, Chamberlain has gained almost mythic stature, with his image appearing in movies, TV documentaries, on bottles of ale, and even in a stage musical. But somehow, Chamberlain - who died in 1914 and is buried here - had failed to fully capture the hearts of the people of this picturesque college town where he spent most of his adult...
  • Arthur Nevill Chamberlain

    03/12/2003 6:00:45 AM PST · by bannie · 12 replies · 423+ views
    Self | n/a | Bannie
    What are the similarities between the British events now and those involving Nevill Chamberlain's "burnt offerings" at the beginning of WWII?
  • Sen. Murray (D)WA Asks Kids "If he's (Bin Ladin) so bad why is he so well liked"

    12/20/2002 9:37:07 AM PST · by GOP_Proud · 66 replies · 1,027+ views
    The Columbian ^ | 12/19/02 | Gregg Herrington
    U.S. SEN. PATTY MURRAY -- SENATOR ASKS STUDENTS TO PONDER Thursday, December 19, 2002 By GREGG HERRINGTON, Columbian staff writer U.S. Sen. Patty Murray was in Vancouver on Wednesday challenging high school students to answer these questions: Click here to talk about this story What is behind terrorist Osama bin Laden's popularity in some parts of the world, and should the United States adopt his nation-building tactics? Speaking at Columbia River High School, Murray, D-Wash., responded to questions from students, most about the war on terrorism or government spending for education. Later Wednesday, Murray visited C-Tran headquarters and checked out...
  • National Geographic Resurrecting Peter Arnett

    12/08/2002 9:00:14 PM PST · by muleskinner · 8 replies · 247+ views
    National Geographic is doing a "Return To Bagdad" segment, featuring our dearly beloved Peteras host. Sadam must have paid for this P.R. piece. Highlights show free education thru "college", "The Philosophy of Sadam" and "The Hisory of the Ba'ath Party" being some of the required classes. Other highlights include the "Gee, don't the Iraqi students seem just like us" comment and the benevolence of Sadam...he paid for 500 weddings, looks like one of those Moonie weddings, with a cast of thousands. Arnett, seeming to equate the American Revolution and the tactics of terror used by the Ba'ath party to attain...
  • A Nobel Idea Of Peace.........

    10/16/2002 8:01:56 AM PDT · by Apolitical · 4 replies · 156+ views
    The Iconoclast ^ | October 16, 2002 | Unknown
    DAILY NOTEBOOK.... The Iconoclast ( A Nobel Idea Of Peace......... October 16, 2002: Michael Kelly has done it again. In an incisive Washington Post column today, he deconstructs the muddled thinking that impelled the Nobel Peace committee to award Jimmy Carter this year's Nobel Peace Prize -- not to mention emboldening the committee chairperson to denigrate the efforts of George W. Bush and the United States to defuse the ticking time bomb that is Saddam Hussein. Taking a leaf from other reality-based columnists such as Charles Krauthammer and Mark Steyn, Mr. Kelly reiterates the point that the world has enjoyed...
  • 30/9.1938 Britain and Germany Make Anti-War Pact - Hitler Gets Less Sudeten - Polish Ultimatum

    09/29/2002 9:11:33 PM PDT · by swarthyguy · 3 replies · 452+ views
    NYT ^ | -30.9.1938-
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  • Missing Woman's Body Found in Trappe, MD (21 Year Old Melissa Chamberlain)

    08/01/2002 3:18:26 PM PDT · by Pyro7480 · 36 replies · 813+ views
    NBC10 News ^ | 8/1/02 | Pyro7480
    This is sad news on a day where 2 other young women were found safe and sound out in California. Melissa Chamberlain, 21, of Bucks County, PA, was found dead today in Trappe, Md. Her body was found 25 yards off U.S. Route 50 in a wooded area. During a press conference involving FBI and local official in PA, it was announced that John Passmore, the former boyfriend of Ms. Chamberlain, had lead authorities to the body. She was most likely killed on July 15 or 16, according to authorities. Authorities are in negotiations with Passmore to arrange a confession,...