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  • Paul Ryan On Stopping Trump's Muslim Ban: We'll Sue Him!

    06/17/2016 9:03:03 AM PDT · by lodi90 · 340 replies
    TalkingPointsMemo ^ | 6/17/2016 | Tierney Sneed
    House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) has made clear he doesn't agree with a proposal put forward by Donald Trump -- whom Ryan has endorsed -- to ban Muslim immigration into the United States, but in an interview with the Huffington Post Thursday, Ryan floated taking a President Trump to court if he tried to implement such a ban or some of his other controversial proposals unilaterally. “I would sue any president that exceeds his or her powers,” Ryan said in a back-and-forth about Trump's claims that he could implement a Muslim ban or build a Mexican border wall without congressional...
  • Top conservatives meet at secret dinner to discuss Cruz's future

    06/15/2016 3:42:55 PM PDT · by lodi90 · 374 replies
    The Hill ^ | 6/15/2016 | Jonathan Swan
    Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) attended a confidential dinner with more than 20 top conservatives on Tuesday night to plan his comeback as a movement leader in the mold of Ronald Reagan. The dinner was at the Virginia home of conservative activist Brent Bozell, and the agenda was to plot Cruz’s future and the future of the conservative movement. The undertone of the dinner was about how to position Cruz for a future tilt at the presidency and to spearhead the conservative movement from his seat in the Senate, those in attendance said. Dining with Cruz and his chief of staff,...
  • Hillary May Secure Mitt Romney's Endorsement

    06/03/2016 1:11:26 PM PDT · by HoratioNelson · 62 replies ^ | 06/03/2016 | Chris Buskirk
    There is no NeverTrump Republican with a higher profile than Mitt Romney. Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard seems to be leading the movement, such as it is, but Romney was the party's nominee for President just 4 years ago and has made clear that he is implacably opposed to this year's nominee, Donald Trump. Even his running mate, Paul Ryan, has made his peace with Trump and given him his endorsement if not his love. Now comes news that Hillary Clinton is seeking Romney's endorsement...
  • Chamber of Commerce enters first GOP Senate primary (IN)

    03/29/2016 5:36:54 PM PDT · by cotton1706 · 19 replies ^ | 3/29/16 | Joseph Lawlor
    Rep. Todd Young has won the backing of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in his Indiana Senate bid, representing the business lobby's first entry into a Republican Senate primary this cycle. The Chamber announced Monday that it had cut an ad for Young, a three-term congressman representing Indiana's 9th District in the southern part of the state. Young faces another member of Indiana's delegation, fellow three-term Rep. Marlin Stutzman, in the GOP primary. Stutzman has the backing of the Club for Growth, a group that favors fiscally conservative candidates in Republican primaries, as well as other conservative groups. The 30-second...
  • To stop Trump, GOP establishment must rally around Cruz

    03/10/2016 6:45:29 AM PST · by jimbo123 · 69 replies
    Chicago Tribune ^ | 3/9/16 | John Kass
    For grass-roots conservative Republicans — mocked by the Beltway's imperial punditry and lied to again and again by the GOP establishment — what could be sweeter than this? They can watch the GOP elite tremble in fear and panic over the prospect of Donald Trump as their presidential candidate. Or they can wait for those same Republican establishment lords to drop to their knees and begin that slow crawl, over the broken political corpse of Marco Rubio, to kiss the feet of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, the constitutional conservative whom they hate. Ahhh. At times like this, I just want...
  • Former Bush Finance Team Members Join Ted Cruz

    03/04/2016 8:17:33 AM PST · by 20yearsofinternet · 42 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 3/3/2016 | MICHELLE FIELDS
    Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)97% says that eight former national finance committee members for Jeb Bush’s failed presidential campaign have joined Cruz’s finance committee.
  • Marco Rubio: Donald Trump Should Sue Whoever Messed Up His Face

    02/27/2016 12:31:13 PM PST · by jimbo123 · 273 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 2/27/16 | CHARLIE SPIERING
    Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) continued to ridicule his opponent for the presidency Donald Trump in front of a raucous rally of, according to the Rubio campaign, 7,000 people in Georgia this afternoon. Rubio told the crowd that Trump had been flying aboard “Hair Force One” tweeting mean things at him on Twitter. “[It’s] amazing to me that the guy with the worst spray tan in America is attacking me for putting on makeup,” Marco Rubio shot back with a grin. “Donald Trump likes to sue people, he should sue whoever did that to his face.”
  • RedState's Leon Wolf : My Endorsement for President (Marco Rubio)

    02/26/2016 8:30:06 PM PST · by ObamahatesPACoal · 118 replies
    Redstate ^ | February 25th, 2016 | Leon Wolf
    This is one of the most difficult posts I have ever had to write. I had naively hoped that this election cycle, I would be treated to a substantive contest between a spate of highly accomplished two-term conservative governors, and Senators of great rhetorical skill acting as the ideological conscience of the bunch. As the primary wore on through the summer of 2015, it became clear that the GOP electorate was not interested in governors of accomplishment, but I still had hope for a final contest between two of my favorite Senators: Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. I hoped to...
  • Trump ♥ Foreign Workers

    02/25/2016 10:45:29 PM PST · by dschapin · 56 replies
    National Review ^ | 2/25/2016 | Mark Krikorian
    ... "I can see the bumper sticker now: “Vote Trump – Because there are jobs Americans won’t do.” Cruz and Rubio finally landed some blows against Trump in this debate; Rubio’s mockery was especially amusing (and unnerving for Trump), though my man Cruz’s attacks were more serious and grounded. But at this late date, the hits Trump took on his (lack of a) health care plan, tax returns, even Trump University, might not make any difference. But the whole point of his candidacy is that he’s a nationalist, that his first concern is for America and Americans; his (obviously unread)...
  • Video Shows Exact Moment 1,400 Employees Learn They Are Losing Their Jobs to Mexico

    02/12/2016 7:54:51 AM PST · by jimbo123 · 273 replies
    Mediaite ^ | 2/12/16 | J.D. Durkin
    Although the decision to inform a workforce of 1,400 employees that they'll soon be losing their jobs to Mexico is an admirable one from the standpoint of candor, it hardly makes for a good recipe for workplace morale. A cell phone video taken at Carrier Air Conditioner in Indianapolis shows the exact moment that the plant and union workers were told that the company had decided to shift production south of the border. "The best way to stay competitive and protect the business for longterm is to move production from our facility in Indianapolis to Monterrey, Mexico," says the company...
  • Regardless Of The New Hampshire Outcome The Establishment Republican Party Needs To Be Destroyed…

    02/09/2016 8:46:50 PM PST · by Bratch · 62 replies
    The Last Refuge ^ | February 9, 2016 | sundance
    Regardless of the outcome in the New Hampshire primary any and every “professionally Republican political candidate” needs to be removed.  Most Americans now refuse to be co-dependents to our own demise. I speak for myself, and only myself.  However, I hope you will indulge these considerations and correct me where I’m going wrong. On December 23rd 2009 Harry Reid passed a version of Obamacare through forced vote at 1:30am. The Senators could not leave, and for the two weeks previous were kept in a prolonged legislative session barred returning to their home-state constituencies. It was, by all measures and reality,...
  • Santorum can't name any of Rubio's Senate accomplishments

    02/04/2016 7:27:01 AM PST · by jimbo123 · 82 replies
    Politico ^ | 2/4/16 | NOLAN D. MCCASKILL
    Rick Santorum had one job to do in his appearance on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on Thursday. He failed. The former Pennsylvania senator, who dropped his presidential bid Wednesday, told co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski he is supporting Marco Rubio's presidential campaign because the Florida senator is someone "who can work together with people." But Santorum struggled to name one accomplishment Rubio has had in the Senate. "He's been in the Senate for four years," Scarborough noted. "Can you name his top accomplishment in the Senate - actually working in the Senate doing something that tilted your decision to Marco...
  • Chamber of Commerce vs. Senator Ted Cruz?

    01/22/2016 12:54:15 PM PST · by Isara · 17 replies
    Conservative Review ^ | January 22nd, 2016 | CR Staff
    Chamber of Commerce operatives may be behind the effort to shift support from Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) to billionaire Donald Trump.  One needs to look no further than establishment mouthpiece John Feehery to find evidence.The smoking gun appeared in the New York Times: Trump won’t do long-lasting damage to the G.O.P. coalition,” said John Feehery, a Capitol Hill aide turned lobbyist. “Cruz will." In 2010, Think Progress exposed Feehery for being a paid shill for the Chamber of Commerce. The Hill nor any of television outlets Feehery appears on disclosed the fact that Feehery’s public relations firm, The Feehery Group, counts the U.S. Chamber...
  • Why We Lose: National Review Launches Victorian-Era Attack On Donald Trump

    01/22/2016 11:17:23 AM PST · by jimbo123 · 85 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 1/22/16 | JOHN NOLTE
    Whatever you might think of National Review's Thursday night attack on Donald Trump is beside the point. That's not what I'm here to talk about. Just forget about The Establishment versus... Trump versus... This has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with tactics and media savvy. There are many fine people at National Review, smart people, which is why the incredibly lame and heavy-handed execution of this "broadside" against Trump is something worth talking about. Conservatives cannot win elections, most especially national elections, living in the 19th century. If you are going to go to the trouble...
  • Latino Super PAC supporting Bush shuts down

    01/13/2016 4:25:33 PM PST · by jimbo123 · 14 replies
    UPI ^ | 1/13/16 | Ann Marie Awad
    The Latino-focused super PAC "Vamos for Jeb 2016" is shutting down after raising no money in the 2016 election cycle. The group was formed by Claire Hardwick, founder of the conservative news site Elephant News. Andrea Wong, the super PAC's treasurer sent a letter to the Federal Elections Commission on Tuesday requesting that the group be terminated.
  • Jeb Bush races to salvage presidential campaign

    01/09/2016 2:13:12 PM PST · by jimbo123 · 44 replies
    AFP Yahoo ^ | 1/9/16 | Michael Mathes
    Jeb Bush's US presidential bid is boiling down to early voting New Hampshire, some associates say, while others envision his protracted battle for the Republican nomination stretching deep into the spring. Either way, supporters and analysts agree it will be difficult for Bush, a former Florida governor and son and brother of two presidents, to emerge as the nominee given American conservatives' current appetite for anti-establishment candidates and the roiling ethno-nationalism of erratic frontrunner Donald Trump. -snip- In private, according to one major donor and acquaintance, Bush has expressed exasperation at the state of the race, and how a bullying...
  • Can Jeb Bush Make a Comeback?

    01/02/2016 6:48:50 AM PST · by jimbo123 · 54 replies
    Wall Street Journal ^ | 1/1/16 | Joseph Rago
    -snip- As for Mr. Trump, Mr. Bush unloads. "The people following and covering the campaigns? The cable shows? They're obsessed with Trump, and all they care about is what effect this disparaging remark will have on the campaign-it's all about nothing. It changes with each week. He's Pavlov and they're the dog, basically. I've never seen anything quite like it. -snip- Mr. Rago is a member of the Journal editorial board.
  • Why Jeb Bush and John Kasich attacking each other is pointless (for now)

    12/30/2015 11:27:23 AM PST · by jimbo123 · 32 replies
    Washington Post ^ | 12/30/15 | Philip Bump
    John Kasich released an ad on Tuesday that attacks Jeb Bush for being a candidate of the "good ole days" - days defined by the "Macarena," Betamax tapes and the AMC Pacer. In other words, a span of some 30 years, apparently. Allies of Bush, meanwhile, started targeting Marco Rubio (again) for having missed votes in the Senate. As The Post reported on Wednesday, it's all part of a new focus among the mid-tier establishment candidates to take one another out, with the idea that being the last man standing will pay benefits as voters look for alternatives to Donald...
  • How Long Can Jeb Bush Lose?

    12/29/2015 8:05:46 PM PST · by jimbo123 · 48 replies
    US News and World Report ^ | 12/29/15 | David Catanese
    Former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson says Jeb Bush doesn't need to notch a win until the Feb. 23 Nevada caucuses in order to remain in the 2016 fight for the Republican presidential nomination. Thompson, who endorsed Bush in early October shortly after his home state governor Scott Walker ended his campaign, argued to U.S. News in an interview that Bush has the organizational muster to sustain losses in the first three nominating states and soldier on. "He doesn't have to win until he gets to Nevada and Super Tuesday. He's the one person with the ties to the establishment and...
  • Gowdy officially endorses Rubio

    12/29/2015 12:45:46 PM PST · by jimbo123 · 35 replies
    The Hill ^ | 12/29/15 | Ben Kamisar
    Marco Rubio on Tuesday officially won the endorsement of Rep. Trey Gowdy, the chairman of the Select Committee on Benghazi, as the two hit the stump together in Iowa. "It's not my job to tell you who to vote for, but I'm going to tell you who I'm going to vote for," the South Carolina congressman said while introducing Rubio at a town hall event. "I'm going to vote for Marco Rubio, and I'll tell you why. National security and public safety are the most important issues to me and there is nobody better on those two issues than Marco...
  • AP-GfK Poll: Majority of Americans favor path to citizenship

    12/17/2015 4:17:39 PM PST · by Olog-hai · 40 replies
    Associated Press ^ | Dec 17, 2015 5:49 PM EST | Emily Swanson
    More Americans favor than oppose a pathway to citizenship for immigrants who are living in the United States illegally, a new Associated Press-GfK poll shows. While most Republicans oppose such a path to citizenship, it doesn't seem to be a dealbreaker issue for them. ...

    12/17/2015 4:42:34 AM PST · by jimbo123 · 8 replies
    Numbers USA ^ | 12/16/15 | Numbers USA
    The House omnibus bill, released last night, includes a provision that would quadruple the number of H-2B visas for low-skilled guest workers. The measure would increase the number of H-2B visa workers allowed in the U.S. in 2016 from 66,000 to around 264,000. The new provision does not increase the current H-2B visa cap of 66,000 but would exclude any worker who has already received an H-2B visa in the last three years. The provision can be found on page 701 of the omnibus spending bill:
  • Omnibus Would Quadruple Number of Low-Wage Visas for Foreign Workers

    12/17/2015 4:38:36 AM PST · by jimbo123 · 23 replies
    Washington Free Beacon ^ | 12/16/15 | Ali Meyer
    Sen. Sessions says this hurts wages and reduces job prospects for native-born workers. The upcoming appropriations legislation would massively expand the foreign worker program, quadrupling the issuance of low-wage visas, according to an analysis from Sen. Jeff Sessions' (R., Ala.) office. The H-2B visa program allows employers to hire foreign workers to come temporarily into the United States to work either in nonagricultural labor or a temporary service job. For example, some workers who use the H-2B visa program could be employed as a housekeeper, an amusement park worker, or a landscape laborer. According to the senator's office, the language...
  • Donald Trump 'is not a serious man,' Jeb Bush says (Jeb gets back to pimping Amnesty for illegals)

    12/11/2015 10:02:36 AM PST · by jimbo123 · 54 replies
    Boston Globe ^ | 12/11/15 | Jacob Carozza and Dan Blomquist
    Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush returned Thursday to his oft-used assertion that Donald Trump "is not a serious man," suggesting that Trump's plan to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants would be a financial and logistical boondoggle and ignoring the GOP frontrunner's even more controversial plan to bar all foreign Muslims from entering the United States. Speaking at a town hall meeting, the former Florida governor, who earlier this week tweeted that Trump was "unhinged," did not address the topic that has caused an outcry and dominated the news cycle all week. Instead, he chided Trump for suggesting he would deport...
  • Placating Americans with Fake Immigration Law Enforcement

    12/06/2015 5:40:47 PM PST · by Rusty0604 · 5 replies
    Frontpage Mag ^ | 12/04/2015 | Michael Cutler
    The rational solution would be to secure our nation's borders and tighten up the visa adjudication process. The inspections/admission process at ports of entry also needs to be improved ... These issues were, in fact, the focus of much of the attention of the 9/11 Commission Report and the 9/11 Commission Staff Report on Terrorist Travel. Therefore the Visa Waiver Program should have been terminated after the terror attacks of 9/11 yet it has continually been expanded. The obvious question is why the Visa Waiver Program is considered so sacrosanct ... The answer can be found in the incestuous relationship...
  • Hispanic Republican leaders shun Donald Trump

    11/30/2015 6:40:29 AM PST · by jimbo123 · 30 replies
    The Hill ^ | 11/30/15 | Alexander Bolton
    Prominent Hispanic Republicans are holding out hope that business mogul Donald Trump won't win the party's presidential nomination. They are worried that his incendiary rhetoric on immigration will sour Latinos on the GOP and sink the party's chances of taking back the White House. The concerns of Hispanic Republicans are part of a larger panic that has gripped the party establishment as Trump has continued to dominate the polls with the Iowa caucuses nearing. Freshman Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-Fla.) says Trump would have to apologize for his comments about immigrants before he would even consider backing him. "He would have...
  • Carson: Trump's immigration plan 'not pragmatic'

    11/12/2015 9:38:48 AM PST · by jimbo123 · 69 replies
    The Hill ^ | 11/12/15 | Jesse Byrnes
    Ben Carson is blasting fellow Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's immigration proposals as outside the mainstream and impractical. "I think they hurt Donald Trump in the long run," Carson said in an interview with the Washington Examiner published Thursday, referring to Trump's deportation plans. "I think there are enough people who know that there are others in the race that are very reasonable. I don't think he necessarily is the representation of the Republican Party - far from it," Carson told the Examiner. -snip- "The people that are here, the 11.5 million people here, rounding them up and deporting them...
  • Marco Rubio: Unrealistic to 'round up and deport' 11M people

    11/12/2015 8:52:20 AM PST · by jimbo123 · 106 replies
    Washington Times ^ | 11/12/15 | David Sherfinski
    Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida said Thursday that while some illegal immigrants will have to be deported, it's unrealistic to think it can happen for all of the approximately 11 million in the United States. Mr. Rubio was asked if he would accept or denounce 2016 GOP presidential rival Donald Trump's tough deportation plan, and the Florida senator said both sides have valid points to make. "We are going to have to deport some people - otherwise, if you're not going to enforce your laws, what's the point of having those laws?" Mr. Rubio said on Fox News' "America's Newsroom."...
  • Jeb Bush: Deporting Illegal Aliens Is Un-American - "It's Not Embracing American Values" (VIDEO)

    11/11/2015 7:00:45 AM PST · by jimbo123 · 59 replies
    Gateway Pundit ^ | 11/11/15 | Jim Hoft
    Ugh. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush argued that deporting America's illegal immigrants is not the answer to the country's immigration issues at Tuesday's GOP debate. Jeb called the action, "Un-American." "Twelve million illegal immigrants, to send them back, 500,000 a month, is just not possible. And it's not embracing American values.
  • GOP senators desert Bush for Rubio

    11/08/2015 11:51:25 AM PST · by jimbo123 · 32 replies
    The Hill ^ | 11/8/15 | Alexander Bolton
    Republican senators are coming around to the view that Jeb Bush is unlikely to win the party's nomination for president and that freshman Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) is the most viable prospect for the general election. Rubio has had plenty of support among Beltway pundits since the outset of his campaign but Bush's poor performance in the last Republican debate, together with his declining poll numbers, have begun to shift sentiment in even the upper echelons of the GOP's establishment. "Marco's in the driver's seat. There's a lot of disappointment in Bush's performance," said one Republican senator, who requested anonymity...
  • Marco Rubio spent lavishly on a GOP credit card, but some transactions are still secret

    11/03/2015 5:38:45 PM PST · by jimbo123 · 38 replies
    Tampa Bay Times ^ | 11/3/15 | Alex Leary
    It has become legend in Florida political circles, a missing chapter in Marco Rubio's convoluted financial story: two years of credit card transactions from his time in the state House, when he and other Republican leaders freely spent party money. Details about the spending, which included repairs for Rubio's family minivan, emerged in his 2010 U.S. Senate race. But voters got only half the story because the candidate refused to disclose additional records. Now Sen. Rubio's past is under fresh scrutiny as he emerges as a top presidential prospect. During last week's debate he deflected questions about his financial discipline...
  • Jeb Bush, Miami congressman call on GOP to reinstate Telemundo debate

    11/02/2015 11:27:57 AM PST · by jimbo123 · 52 replies
    Miami Herald ^ | 11/2/15 | @ByKristenMClark @PatriciaMazzei
    Jeb Bush told reporters in Orlando on Monday that the Republican National Committee should still hold a planned primary debate with Miami-based Spanish-language broadcaster Telemundo. "We should have the debate," Bush said in both English and Spanish. "I think we ought to have a Telemundo debate, or a Hispanic debate. It happened four years ago. Telemundo's not part of the problem of CNBC. They (CNBC) just didn't keep their word."
  • Paul Ryan: We Can’t Trust Obama on Immigration

    11/02/2015 8:13:05 AM PST · by ding_dong_daddy_from_dumas · 26 replies
    CNS Newa ^ | 11/01;2015 | Staff
    “You told me you were in favor of an eventual path to citizenship,” Todd said, according to NBC’s transcript of the program. “Well, legal status is what I was talking about,” said Ryan.
  • Yet Again – U.S. Chamber of Commerce Announces Goal To Destroy Nationalists and Conservatives

    10/25/2015 6:56:22 AM PDT · by cotton1706 · 20 replies
    We spend a lot of time following Tom Donohue and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce simply because if you trace any tentacle of globalist advancement from DC back to its origin you’ll find Donohue and the CoC at the nucleus. In a post Citizens United SCOTUS landscape, it was Donohue in 2011 who seized upon the unlimited finance opportunity, used K-Street lobbyists, and formerly announced his plans to attack Tea Party (conservative) insurgent politicians. Donohue followed through on this plan in 2012 with primary support for Mitt Romney, and again another announcement in October of 2013 in advance of the...
  • National Chamber of Commerce to target the GOP right in 2016

    10/24/2015 4:45:22 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 26 replies
    Chamber of Commerce president Thomas Donohue told business leaders that the organization was prepared to spend up to $100 million to help Republicans keep their House and Senate majorities.  But he also indicated that the CoC would oppose Tea Party supporters in the House, like members of the House Freedom Caucus. Donohue made clear that part of the Chamber’s election efforts will be aimed at countering the influence of hard-line legislators like members of the House Freedom Caucus, who have not supported the Chamber’s legislative agenda. That agenda includes immigration reform, reauthorizing the Export-Import Bank, and finding a consistent...
  • Fiorina: Not time for campaign ads yet

    10/24/2015 11:50:17 AM PDT · by jimbo123 · 26 replies
    The Hill ^ | 10/24/15 | Elliot Smilowitz
    Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina says her campaign is in it for the long haul, and as such it’s not yet the right moment to begin a campaign ad blitz. “There will come a time for ads, but honestly, other candidates have already spent millions on ads and it’s done nothing for them. So I think the time is not yet,” she said Friday in South Carolina, according to the New York Times. Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, says her focus right now is on earned media, particularly in debates. “Every time I get out on that debate stage,...
  • Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s 2014 Loss – And The Origin of Paul Ryan as Speaker…

    10/23/2015 11:57:27 AM PDT · by gwgn02 · 1 replies
    ConservativeTreehouse ^ | 10/23/2015 | Sundance
    Rush Limbaugh had an interesting segment on his radio show yesterday. Mr. Limbaugh is beginning to connect the dots to the origin of the GOPe road map, constructed between October ’13 and April ’14, which we tried to bring attention to prior to the mid-term 2014 primary races. Limbaugh’s overall analysis is solid, except he’s missing some of the substantive dot connections which stem around what he calls “a seminal event“, Cantor’s defeat.
  • Paul Ryan Officially Running for Speaker

    10/22/2015 4:53:57 PM PDT · by kristinn · 113 replies
    CNN ^ | Thursday, October 22, 2015 | Deirdre Walsh and Jeremy Diamond
    Rep. Paul Ryan announced Thursday that he is officially running for speaker of the House, and he is likely to be elected next week. "I never thought I'd be speaker," Ryan said in a statement. "But I pledged to you that if I could be a unifying figure, then I would serve -- I would go all in. After talking with so many of you, and hearing your words of encouragement, I believe we are ready to move forward as a one, united team. And I am ready and eager to be our speaker."
  • Rubio's presidential bid boosted by secret-money commercials

    10/11/2015 10:15:34 AM PDT · by jimbo123 · 24 replies
    AP ^ | 10/8/15 | JULIE BYKOWICZ
    Voters are beginning to learn about Republican presidential hopeful Marco Rubio. What they're not learning, however, is who is paying to promote his candidacy. The Florida senator is benefiting in unprecedented ways from a nonprofit group funded by anonymous donors. While other presidential candidates also have ties to secret-money groups, the Rubio arrangement is the boldest. Every pro-Rubio television commercial so far in the early primary states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina has been paid for not by his campaign or even by a super PAC that identifies its donors, but instead by a nonprofit called Conservative Solutions...
  • Congressman Stephen Fincher: From Tea Partier to corporate welfare champion (Ex-IM Bank)

    10/10/2015 12:38:33 PM PDT · by VinL · 24 replies
    WashExaminer ^ | 10/2/15 | Tim Carney
    Washington corrupts, and Congressman Stephen Fincher is proof... It would be an understatement to say Fincher has come to terms with boondoggles and special interests. Fincher, once an opponent of the Export-Import Bank —a federal agency that subsidizes foreign buyers of U.S.-made goods — now is trying to undermine his party's leadership by teaming up with Nancy Pelosi and her party in order to reauthorize Ex-Im Bank.... Fincher has raised a quarter-million for his re-election, according to his most recent campaign finance filing...... More than 99 percent of the money powering Fincher's re-election bid comes from political action committees (almost...
  • Beware Big Business and the Chamber of Commerce

    10/09/2015 5:05:00 PM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 5 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 10/09/15 | Arthur Christopher Schaper
    Hard lessons about Big Business, the Chamber of Commerce, their undue influence in the Republican Party have been a hard one for me to accept, and yet too many people are content to shout ''Establishment" without really identifying the core problems This has been the hardest lesson for me to learn. I never thought that being pro-business could compromise one’s fight for liberty and limited government. Yet I have learned to accept what Scott Rasmussen argued after the disappointing 2012 President Elections: too many people still see the Republicans Party as pro Big Business. There is much truth to this...
  • A Media Mogul Stands Firmly in Carly Fiorina’s Corner (Univision Founder, Karl Rove Sugardaddy...)

    10/08/2015 10:22:20 AM PDT · by jimbo123 · 7 replies
    NY Times ^ | 10/8/15 | ERIC LICHTBLAU
    Carly Fiorina was not even a candidate for president when Jerrold Perenchio, a Los Angeles billionaire, started putting his money behind her this year and urging his wealthy Republican friends to do the same. -snip- “It’s a big plus for her to have Jerry in her corner,” said Karl Rove, a political adviser to former President George W. Bush, who helped found American Crossroads, a conservative group that has also received millions from Mr. Perenchio. “He is very generous guy who’s in a position to help her capitalize on what she started with her strong performance in the debates,” Mr....
  • Carly Fiorina Added to Koch Brothers' Short List

    10/07/2015 3:08:11 PM PDT · by jimbo123 · 7 replies
    ABC News ^ | 10/7/15 | JORDYN PHELPS
    Carly Fiorina has officially made it onto the short list of candidates being considered by the Koch Brothers’ network of donors -- potentially opening the door to a deep pool of money. Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, the Koch brothers’ umbrella group, which includes a sprawling network of conservative donors, confirmed to ABC News that Fiorina is one of the five candidates on the donor network’s watch list. "Governor Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina and Senators Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio are leading a thoughtful and substantive discussion on the issues and we look forward to hearing more about...
  • Carly Fiorina talks about immigration during private fundraiser in Lancaster

    10/07/2015 5:27:01 AM PDT · by jimbo123 · 20 replies
    Penn Live ^ | 10/7/15 | Candy Woodall
    The momentum that has pushed Carly Fiorina to second place among Republican presidential candidates was evident in Lancaster County Thursday night. About 200 midstate voters attended a private fundraiser hosted by Ron and Hollee Kreider at their countryside estate in Manheim Township, where the price tag was $1,000 per couple or $5,000 to be on the host committee. -snip- Of special interest to Lancaster voters is her stance on immigration. Many farmers in the midstate rely on migrant labor. One farmer in the audience asked her how she would handle immigration. "(The farmer) said, 'We could put ads in the...
  • Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush start to take the gloves off

    10/07/2015 5:04:54 AM PDT · by jimbo123 · 16 replies
    CNN ^ | 10/6/15 | Theodore Schleifer and Ashley Killough
    The budding tension between the two Floridians running for president escalated on Tuesday as Marco Rubio defended his Senate record amid new attacks by Jeb Bush. Bush and Rubio have largely avoided criticizing one another during the presidential race's first six months, but they are increasingly squabbling without a detente in sight. Bush aides and allies have increasingly been highlighting Rubio's poor attendance for votes in Washington -- a tally that has also been fodder for another new Rubio agitator, Donald Trump. Bush grouped those two together in a new Des Moines Register op-ed. "We are not going to fix...
  • Fiorina: 'I'm distinctly horrifying to liberals'

    10/06/2015 6:04:30 AM PDT · by jimbo123 · 27 replies
    Politico ^ | 10/6/15 | NICK GASS
    Carly Fiorina says she thinks she is "distinctly horrifying to liberals" because of the prospect that she could beat Hillary Clinton in a general election, hours after a poll was released showing her besting the Democratic front-runner in a hypothetical general election match-up in Iowa. During an interview with Fox News' Megyn Kelly on her Monday night show, Fiorina responded after Kelly read part of a New York Times story from last week in which one woman remarked of the former Hewlett-Packard executive that, "It’s so weird — she looks like one of us, but she’s not."
  • Top Tea Partier laments Trump, GOP 'circular firing squad'(Team Randmesty hits Trump, Cruz)

    10/04/2015 2:44:21 PM PDT · by ObamahatesPACoal · 31 replies
    Washington Examiner ^ | 10/4/15 | David M. Drucker
    During a brief, little-noticed speech in May, Rep. Mick Mulvaney implored Republican presidential contenders and their supporters to stop tailoring their rhetoric to satisfy true believers and instead prioritize expanding the conservative tent. (SNIP) This concern was clearly influential in his decision to endorse Paul. Comparing the Kentucky senator with rival Republican contender Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, Mulvaney had this to say in an interview with the Associated Press: "Ted is not bringing anybody new into the party. Rand is."
  • Carly Fiorina’s ‘Super PAC’ Aids Her Campaign, in Plain Sight (Illegal coordination?)

    09/30/2015 8:43:12 AM PDT · by jimbo123 · 11 replies
    NY Times ^ | 9/30/15 | NICK CORASANITIS
    The table festooned with red “Carly for America” placards arrived hours before the candidate. Political operatives took up positions outside the front door to catch supporters of Carly Fiorina, the corporate executive-turned-Republican contender, and gather their contact information before steering them inside to the room where she would speak. But the table, the placards and the workers didn’t belong to Mrs. Fiorina’s campaign. They were there thanks to the “super PAC” supporting her run for president. The Federal Election Commission forbids direct coordination between campaigns and super PACs, lest candidates effectively rely almost entirely on the huge, unlimited donations of...
  • The Top 3 Things Worrying Jeb Bush Donors

    09/30/2015 5:32:03 AM PDT · by jimbo123 · 43 replies
    ABC News ^ | 9/29/15 | CANDACE SMITH
    Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush's wonkish ways may be turning off voters and some donors are starting to worry that their man is not living up to expectations. Here are three issues keeping donors up at night: In national polls, Bush has trailed Donald Trump for weeks and is now solidly behind Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina. "Would I like to see him as the front-runner? Of course!” one major bundler said. Another fundraiser based in New York was impressed with Bush's debate performance but is worried that Bush has lost his footing in the crowded GOP field. The latest...
  • Carly Fiorina Holds 2 Fundraisers In Dallas Monday (with Roger Dorf, U.S. Chamber of Commerce)

    09/28/2015 1:25:14 PM PDT · by jimbo123 · 16 replies
    CBS DFW ^ | 9/27/15 | Jack Fink
    Two fundraisers are being held for Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina in Dallas Monday. The former Hewlett-Packard CEO will attend a luncheon at the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek, and Sandy and Roger Dorf will play host to Fiorina Monday evening at the Residences at the Ritz-Carlton. She will not speak with reporters or hold any public events while here in North Texas.