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  • America persons America be strong(vanity)

    11/02/2004 11:27:02 AM PST · by anonymoussierra · 89 replies · 336+ views
    Sara | Sara
    America persons I want America President again America President I like you!!!!! Be strong good country America person Kerry is not good Poland persons in America make America President strong that is good not that person comunist kerry that person is not good that person is comunist devil evil dork paper that person do not like America strong!! I want know what America news write I want know what America persons write I want AMERICA PRESIDENT AGAIN
  • stock market simulation game for freepers(vanity)

    11/13/2004 2:03:33 PM PST · by freepatriot32 · 4 replies · 868+ views ^ | 11 13 04 | freepatriot32
    I just joined and have created a group for freepers.Its a stock market simulation game that lets you pick real stocks from the stock market and track how well you do with them.They give you 1 million dollars to start out with and they track the rise or fall of the stocks in each group.The group I created is called freepers rule and the password to join the group is freeple.Once you sign up go to the left hand side of the page and click groups then scroll down the list of groups. freepers rule is about 1/4 of...

    11/11/2004 6:46:56 AM PST · by alya · 140 replies · 3,885+ views
    I have a question: I don't think many of you would actually condone actions against Muslim Americans would you? Were you aware of the fact that one Muslim man in Britain is paralyzed from the neck down? Are you aware that one Muslim girl was hit over the head with a baseball bat? Or are these things that you secretly cheer, because they are not like you? NOw, I know what you're going to say, I'm a pick one(leftist/left leaning liberal/communist/democrat/tree hugger/) in fact, you could probably come up with over a dozen labels, couldn't you? So, can you...
  • Free Republic "Bump List" Register

    09/30/2001 4:46:44 AM PDT · by John Robinson · 191 replies · 12,118+ views
    I have created a public register of "bump lists" here on Free Republic. I define a bump list as a name listed in the "To" field used to index articles. Free Republic Bump List Register
  • Sweden Farm Makes Pricey Moose Cheese

    06/23/2004 2:55:14 PM PDT · by knak · 149 replies · 6,705+ views
    yahoo ^ | 6/23/04
    STOCKHOLM, Sweden - It's healthy and tasty, for those with expensive tastes. Farmers in northern Sweden are milking moose and making cheese, which they sell for a lot of dough — nearly $500 a pound. The buyers include upscale hotels and restaurants in Sweden. AP Photo Christer Johansson and his wife, Ulla, started their 59-acre dairy farm "Moose House" seven years ago in Bjursholm, 404 miles north of the capital, Stockholm. They claim it is the only moose dairy farm in Europe. The Johanssons currently have 14 moose in the fields but only three — "Gullan," "Haelga" and "Juna" —...
  • Playing Cards an Essential Rucksack Item [Mosul, Iraq]

    09/16/2003 6:57:03 AM PDT · by Ragtime Cowgirl · 12 replies · 251+ views
    DoD - Special to American Forces Press Service ^ | Sept. 15, 2003 | Pfc. Chris Jones
    Playing Cards an Essential Rucksack Item By Pfc. Chris JonesSpecial to American Forces Press Service MOSUL, Iraq (Sept. 15, 2003) -- Not everyone likes playing cards. Heck, why play a simple game of blackjack when you can cruise the streets in a tank in a popular video game? "Well, you can't pack a (video game system) in your ruck," answered Spc. Virgina Brickner, Company C, 8th Battalion, 101st Aviation Regiment. "You can take cards anywhere, anytime. At night, all you need is a flashlight to keep playing," she said, adding that she's not good at video games anyway. Smaller...
  • Hobbits had no electricity - so why all the plugs?

    08/30/2003 2:57:15 PM PDT · by sourcery · 35 replies · 283+ views
    St. Petersburg Times-Floridian ^ | August 29, 2003 | STEVE PERSALL
    Like all the way to J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth. There may be few things more puzzling than the current TV commercials that hawk Eveready batteries and Verizon Wireless service, tied to the December release of the final film in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, based on Tolkien's classic novels. What marketing madman thought Middle-earth and electronics have anything to do with each other? The two towers of Saruman and Sauron (where everyone in the Lord of the Rings trilogy is converging) don't bear television antennas. No one in Middle-earth, not even Gandalf the wizard, has cable (although Gollum does look...
  • Arnold N. Nawrocki, Cheese Innovator, Dies at 78 [INVENTOR OF INDIVUALLY WRAPPED CHEESE SLICES]

    07/12/2003 9:33:47 PM PDT · by paulklenk · 39 replies · 664+ views
    NYTimes ^ | Today | AP
    July 12, 2003 Arnold N. Nawrocki, Cheese Innovator, Dies at 78By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS rnold N. Nawrocki, the man who made it practical to sell individually wrapped slices of cheese in the 1950's, died on June 30 at his home in Sun City, Ariz. He was 78. The cause was complications of kidney disease, his family said. Mr. Nawrocki first tried to wrap slices of cheese with wax paper before finding a profitable way to do it with cellophane while working at the Clearfield Cheese Company in Curwensville, Pa., in the 1950's. Wrapping the cheese — which required a...
  • Caption time! (although I think the picture does itself justice already)

    06/20/2003 7:57:03 AM PDT · by mhking · 45 replies · 459+ views
  • Cheese 'Can Be Addictive As Morphine'

    06/06/2003 4:38:29 PM PDT · by blam · 103 replies · 1,166+ views
    Ananova ^ | 5-6-2003
    Cheese 'can be as addictive as morphine' An American doctor has claimed that cheese can be as addictive as morphine. Dr Neal Barnard, president of the Physicians Committee on Responsible Medicine, says cheese is addictive because it contains small amounts of morphine from cows' liver. In his book - Breaking the Food Seduction: The Hidden Reasons Behind Food Cravings and Seven Steps to End them Naturally - he explains why people are hooked on products like cheese, meat, sugar and chocolate. He says: "There's a biochemical reason many of us feel we can't live without our daily fix. "Cheese, for...
  • New Roswell Witness! [81 year old wife of involved sgt]

    05/17/2003 12:01:07 PM PDT · by Quix · 155 replies · 3,164+ views
    UNKNOWN COUNTRY Daily News of the Edge ^ | 11 APR 2003 | ANNE ROBBINS, ANNE STRIEBER ED
    Anne Robbins now lives in Midland, Texas. She's the widow of a career military man who was stationed in Roswell during the Roswell crash in July, 1947. She remembers the description of the saucer that her husband, Technical Sergeant Ernest Robert Robbins, told her he helped recover and the three small beings that were found outside the craft. Now 84 years old, Robbins has never before spoken publicly about Roswell, but she now says that what her late husband saw was not a downed weather balloon. Seated in a meeting room at the Odessa Meteor Crater Museum, she said, "We...
  • Study: Yellowstone moose not used to predators (Your tax dollars hard at work)

    04/25/2003 9:42:40 PM PDT · by chance33_98 · 25 replies · 353+ views
    Study: Yellowstone moose not used to predators The Associated Press MOOSE, Wyo.--Researchers who spent five years lobbing urine-soaked snowballs at moose in Alaska and Wyoming have noticed that moose in Grand Teton National Park do not react as dramatically to the scent of wolves and grizzly bears. Joel Berger and Sanjay Pyare, working for the Wildlife Conservation Society, suspect that's because Wyoming moose encounter predators less frequently. So Berger suspects wolf and grizzly populations have not fully recovered in the area in and around Yellowstone National Park. Berger hopes the study will prompt more considerations than raw numbers when...
  • Vanity:where the left scores, why we need "join" the protest "party"

    03/28/2003 6:02:45 AM PST · by JudgemAll · 22 replies · 573+ views
    self ^ | 03 28 03 | self
    As you all know, as conservatives, we believe it is good sometimes to spank our kids and our wife (ahem), as well as make love to the wife and tickle the children. Why? Because emotions of pleasure and pain etc, have a tendency to hard wire a learned fact. It is called the law of effect, and it is the enemy's strategy that aims at bypassing reason. The left is crude because the left is in a long range process of rewiring what people were taught at birth. They do not go beyond that, yet the scary thing is they...

    02/14/2003 9:51:54 AM PST · by Dog Gone · 61 replies · 651+ views
    Sky News ^ | February 14, 2003
      Camembert conflict Concerns are growing that French and German exports to the United States will be boycotted due to the transatlantic diplomatic stand-off over Iraq. Businessmen are anxiously scanning their sales charts to see if US consumers decide to bring the rift over Iraq to the marketplace. Not surprisingly, French internet cheese seller Marc Refabert, has become one of the first targets of angry American patriots.DisgruntledHis in-box has filled up with e-mails from disgruntled US customers saying his cheese may be fine, but the diplomacy of his president, Jacques Chirac, smells."Because of the current position your government is...
  • ‘Cheese-eating surrender-monkeys’ lose business due to US boycott

    02/13/2003 12:06:09 PM PST · by new cruelty · 140 replies · 1,545+ views ^ | 13/02/2003
    French online cheese boutique,, is receiving a raft of e-mails from irate US customers who may like the cheese, but take offence at France’s position on Iraq, in what seems to be the start of an unofficial boycott of French goods, according to a report from Reuters. While American lawmakers are drafting legislation to impose sanctions on French water and wine because of the country’s demand that a case for war against Iraq has yet to be made, and her hawkish columnists are calling France a nation of ‘cheese-eating surrender-monkeys,’ Main Street, USA has stopped ordering French cheese online....
  • Cloned Cows Can Make Own Cheese

    01/26/2003 5:43:10 PM PST · by dogbyte12 · 32 replies · 798+ views
    TimesOnline ^ | 1-27-03 | Anthony Browne
    IT WILL horrify the French, put Daisy the cow out of a job, and bring the price of cheese crashing down. Scientists in New Zealand have cloned a herd of cows designed to produce genetically enhanced milk that almost turns itself into cheese. Cows have previously been genetically modified to produce medicinal proteins in their milk, but researchers have now created nine cows engineered to produce milk that can be turned into cheese far faster and more easily. The team led by Gotz Laible at AgResearch in Hamilton, New Zealand, engineered cow cells to overproduce milk proteins called caseins. This...
  • Quality Cheese Act of 2003

    01/24/2003 10:37:08 PM PST · by farmfriend · 60 replies · 692+ views
    United States Senate ^ | (introduced 1/7/2003) | Sen Feingold, Russell D. [WI]
    Quality Cheese Act of 2003 S.40 Sponsor: Sen Feingold, Russell D. [WI] (introduced 1/7/2003) Latest Major Action: 1/7/2003 Referred to Senate committee. Status: Read twice and referred to the Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry. Title: A bill to prohibit products that contain dry ultra-filtered milk products or casein from being labeled as domestic natural cheese, and for other purposes. COSPONSORS Sen Jeffords, James M. - 1/7/2003 [VT] Sen Leahy, Patrick J. - 1/9/2003 [VT] SUMMARY AS OF: 1/7/2003--Introduced. Quality Cheese Act of 2003 - Amends the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to prohibit the Commissioner of the Food...
  • Alaska moose expert heads to Saudi Arabia

    12/28/2002 8:56:54 AM PST · by chance33_98 · 3 replies · 297+ views
    Alaska moose expert heads to Saudi Arabia Hundertmark will work with Zoological Society of London rebuilding native animal populations By MATT TUNSETH Peninsula Clarion In his years with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Soldotna's Kris Hundertmark has seen a lot of interesting animals. He even once wrote a paper about a "unicorn" moose that had but one antler growing straight from the top of its head. But after 20 years with the state of Alaska, Hundertmark has finally decided he's ready to make a move. A big move. Hundertmark recently accepted a job working with endangered species...

    11/10/2002 8:57:29 AM PST · by KLT · 29 replies · 436+ views
    <p>Given her name, celebrity and cash-raising prowess, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton will undoubtedly be tempted to assume a significant role in the loyal opposition, now that Republicans firmly control both the White House and the Congress.</p> <p>We hope she declines.</p>
  • NEWSFLASH: Mondale: "I will not make sanity an issue in this campaign."

    11/04/2002 5:37:57 PM PST · by KLT · 35 replies · 455+ views
    BSNN.NET ^ | 11-04-02 | BSNN.NET STAFF
    "I will not exploit, for political purposes, the apparent sanity of my opponent," said Walter Mondale (D-Insane) when asked whether he was up to the task of returning to the Senate. Mondale made the comments at a press conference where he revealed a wardrobe change, a change that he says will prove once and for all that he is still "hip enough to be a US Senator." "I want my campaign to appeal to young people," Mondale said. To that end, the former Vice President is hosting an election eve dance party headlined by K.C. and the Sunshine Band. Activists...

    11/01/2002 5:41:47 AM PST · by KLT · 26 replies · 283+ views
    I thought I heard somebody say there’s an election next week. Pretty sure I heard that right. Something about mid-term Congressional elections. A bunch of governorships up for grabs. Things like that. Of course, I could be wrong. I saw what looked like a political rally on the tube but the talking heads kept telling me it was a memorial service. There may be political campaign spots on TV. I couldn’t say. Like most adult males, I channel surf during commercials. While in Missouri the other day, I saw a bus with a sign that said: “Chuck Norman likes Jim...

    10/21/2002 7:14:51 PM PDT · by KLT · 44 replies · 554+ views
    BSNN.NET ^ | 10-21-02 | NATHAN PORTER
    If Missouri Senator Jean Carnahan were Barbara Bush some leftist celebrity would’ve called her a bitch by now. Most folks in Missouri think Jean Carnahan is a nice lady for whom they should feel sympathy. But last week a truer portrait of Senator Carnahan emerged and many are beginning to see that in truth she’s petty and mean. Much has been made of her recent appraisal of President Bush’s ineffectiveness as Commander in Chief. “I'm the No. 1 target of the White House,” Mean Jean said with a twinge of malice. “They can't get Osama bin Laden. They're going to...
  • Land of the free and home of the afraid (Here's The Rant, Boys and Girls)

    10/16/2002 8:45:57 AM PDT · by KLT · 24 replies · 288+ views
    Capitolhillblue ^ | 10-16-02 | DOUG THOMPSON
    The police tape is gone and life is returning, as much as possible, to normal at Seven Corners Shopping Center in Falls Church, Virginia. As normal as can be when a madman with a rifle can plunge a metropolitan area of three million plus people into a life of fear. Orange cones close off the parking space where the Washington-area sniper’s bullet cut down his latest victim, 47-year-old Linda Franklin, an FBI analyst who went shopping with her husband at Home Depot Monday night just to buy some stuff for the new home they would be moving into this weekend....
  • Clues to Roman Illnesses in 2,000-Year-Old Cheese

    10/10/2002 11:02:29 AM PDT · by chance33_98 · 49 replies · 681+ views
    Clues to Roman Illnesses in 2,000-Year-Old Cheese Oct. 9 — By E. J. Mundell NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - A tiny piece of cheese, carbonized in the volcanic eruption that killed the citizens of Pompeii, is yielding up secrets as to how ancient Romans ate, lived and died. Using an electron microscope, anthropological researcher Dr. Luigi Capasso of the State University G. d'Annunzio in Chieti, Italy, has been able to pinpoint goats' milk cheese as a prime source of brucellosis--a debilitating joint disease that ravaged the ancient world. "Roman cheese was an important and continuous source of possible infectious...

    09/26/2002 5:34:05 AM PDT · by KLT · 133 replies · 630+ views
    For God’s sake, will somebody get Tom Daschle off caffeine? The South Dakota Democratic Senator, majority leader only because a political traitor named Jim Jeffords bolted the GOP, took the floor of the Senate Wednesday to scream and shout that Dubya is politicizing the war against terrorism. "We ought not to politicize this war. We ought not to politicize the rhetoric about life and death," Daschle said in his speech. “You tell those who fought in Vietnam and in World War Two they're not interested in the security of the American people. That is outrageous, outrageous." Tom got his underwear...
  • Things That Make Ya Go Hmmm... Goes Hollywood

    09/25/2002 6:32:41 PM PDT · by KLT · 14 replies · 383+ views
    BSNN.NET ^ | 9-25-02 | BSNN.NET
    SEPARATED AT BIRTH Peter Boyle (Everybody Loves Raymond) and Jack Welch (Everybody Hates a Jerk) Director Baz Luhrman ("Moulin Rouge") and Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz (Assistant director "Gulf War II") Kevin Bacon and Martina Navratilova Bob Hope and Kelsey Grammer Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards) and Ralph Nader (The reason for President Bush) Some Jihad guy and some guy dressed like Liza Minnelli

    09/06/2002 5:45:08 AM PDT · by KLT · 17 replies · 522+ views
    BSNN.NET ^ | 9-5-02 | RED KNECK Headline News WASHINGTON — Based on the results of a study by the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, which found that depressed kids run a high risk of obesity, and based on anecdotal evidence that most American kids are depressed, the FDA, AMA, and EPA have developed a program that they hope will mirror the success of the CAFE (corporate average fuel economy) regulations. The new program will use the same initials but will refer to the Children’s Ass Fat Examination. The program will allow the FDA to set a standard for ass fat. Doctors and priests will...
  • The American Precedent

    08/27/2002 5:43:58 PM PDT · by KLT · 26 replies · 457+ views
    BSNN.NET ^ | Nathan Porter
    God bless those Brits (love them,hate them). Despite spending most of their time fretting over whether Tony sniffs George's ass too much or whether Tony gives it to Cherie too much or whether Charles or Wills will be the next Queen of England, they still have time to focus on the absurd. According to the BBC, a British bookmaker is giving 6-1 to odds that actor Michael Douglas will one day become President of the United States. You see Michael, like most self-important, self-deluded, self-gratifying, liberal Hollywood types, fancies himself more than a guy who makes a living kissing Glenn...
  • 35 Things Not to Say to a Cop!

    08/25/2002 8:17:12 AM PDT · by KLT · 78 replies · 8,320+ views ^ | 8-25-02 | Strange Cosmos
    1. I can't reach my license unless you hold my beer. 2. Sorry officer, I didn't realize my radar detector wasn't plugged in. 3. Aren't you the guy from the Village People band? 4. Hey, you must have been doing 125 to keep up with me. Good job. 5. I thought you had to be in relatively good physical shape to be a police officer. 6. I was going to be a cop, but I decided to finish high school instead. 7. Bad cop, no donut. 8. You're not going to check the trunk are you? 9. Gee, that gut...
  • White House Correspondents Cut Loose in Texas (Hysterical Alert)

    08/13/2002 6:00:36 AM PDT · by KLT · 49 replies · 666+ views
    BSNN.NET ^ | 8-13-02 | Virginia Hamm
    Above: Appropriately dressed for August in Texas, Hearst Newspapers' Helen Thomas relaxes at an appreciation barbecue sponsored by the Crawdad Chamber of Commerce. CRAWDAD, TEXAS — Despite widespread grumbling among the White House press corps, some reporters have found ways to make their month-long stay in Crawdad, Texas a little more tolerable. And to aid the burgeoning romance between this little Texas town and the city-loving journalists who invade it whenever the president is around, Crawdad rolled out the red carpet hoping to impress the jaded correspondents. The city jail, which is seldom used, has been converted into a 10-cell...
  • Arnold, Kruk honored with cheesy statue

    07/10/2002 4:34:20 AM PDT · by Rodney King · 5 replies · 245+ views
    Nando Times ^ | today | some dude
    VANDENBROEK, Wis. (July 6, 2002 9:12 p.m. EDT) - Actor Tom Arnold and former All-Star John Kruk, co-hosts of a TV sports show, can't deny the Wisconsin flavor surrounding the baseball All-Star Game. Not when their likenesses have been captured in a 150-pound sculpture in cheese. The cheddar block was transported Friday to Milwaukee's Miller Park, the site of Tuesday's game. Fox Sports Net commissioned the busts of its "Best Damn Sports Show Period" hosts, cheese carver Troy Landwehr said. The carving "took a couple days, because of all the drawing and thinking you have to do," he said. "You...
  • What is O'Reilly babbling about?

    06/07/2002 5:22:29 PM PDT · by Gillmeister · 63 replies · 368+ views
    6/8/02 | Gillmeister
    Is this guy's head getting a little large?
  • Georgia Woman Saw Something Big In Oregon's Crater Lake

    05/04/2002 6:39:19 AM PDT · by ex-Texan · 52 replies · 2,274+ views
    Ft. Myers News Press (FL) ^ | 5/4/2002 | Charles Herndon
    <p>Most callers to the number printed at the bottom of this column have general questions about travel. They want to know about places to vacation, estimates of cost, whether this cruise line is better than another cruise line, and the like. There are answers for most questions, but more than one is a stumper, especially those concerning how much money a traveler should take to a place the person answering the telephone has never heard of.</p>
  • It's the cheese, tooth study says

    04/18/2002 6:25:44 AM PDT · by boris · 5 replies · 177+ views
    Los Angeles Daily News/Boston Globe | 04-18-2002
    Now scientists know why photographers warble, "Say cheese," when they want someone to flash those pearly whites. Researchers at Boston's Forsyth Institute report that a quarter-century's worth of dental studies prove that one of Americans' guilty pleasures, cheese, actually prevents cavities. It's a complex molecular ballet, involving the calcium in cheese, an increase in saliva from chewing, and the ability of cheese to restore depleted enamel.
  • US military creates indestructible sandwich

    04/10/2002 2:39:53 PM PDT · by aculeus · 63 replies · 1,018+ views
    New Scientist ^ | 10 April 02 | Duncan Graham-Rowe
    First came the atom bomb, the stealth bomber and the airborne laser. Now comes the US military's latest fearsome weapon: the indestructible sandwich. Capable of surviving airdrops, rough handling and extreme climates, and just about anything except a GI's jaws, the new "pocket" sandwich is designed to stay "fresh" for up to three years at 26 °C (about the temperature of a warm summer's day), or for six months at 38 °C (just over body temperature). For years the US army has wanted to supplement its standard battlefield rations, called "Meal, Ready-to-Eat" (MRE), with something that can be eaten on...
  • Learn the Facts about Hunting

    04/08/2002 4:23:46 PM PDT · by Sungirl · 467 replies · 2,783+ views
    Fall is the time when forest greens begin to blaze orange, as hunting seasons open around the country. Each year, hunters kill more than 100 million animals, and while individual reasons for hunting vary, the industry that promotes and sustains hunting has just one motive: profit. According to the International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, America's 14 million hunters spend $22.1 billion each year for guns, ammunition, clothing, travel, and other related expenses. To justify hunting to a society ever more concerned about wildlife—including its conservation and humane treatment—the industry intensively promotes a set of tired myths. Learn the...
  • UPN to leave the Kids Biz after 2002-2003?

    04/05/2002 1:49:12 PM PST · by TMC_13 · 8 replies · 309+ views
    rec.arts.animation ^ | 4/5/02 | (JOSHUA MESSEX)
    According to the article posted at Toonzone, UPN has told Disney that they will not renew their contract for One Too after the fall of 2003. Will UPN be out of the Kids Biz entirely or will Nick take over the Sunday-Friday Block?
  • FReeper call to action! Please Help Us!

    03/15/2002 2:34:16 PM PST · by Liberatio · 11 replies · 383+ views
    Friend | 03/15/2002 | Liberatio
    Subject: HI- BAD NEWS Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 09:50:54 -0500 Hello everyone, I thought I would let you all know that come tomorrow I may be looking for a new job.  Our company came in yesterday and fired one of our upper management people.  They have let 3 upper[-level people] and 2 detailers go so far in other offices. There is talk of closing our Big Rapids office and other satellite offices. Tomorrow we [will] receive our reviews with the Auburn big wigs.  It does not look good for me or [removed], we are low on the totem pole and have already...
  • Armed man takes hostages in Amsterdam office

    03/11/2002 4:04:26 AM PST · by maquiladora · 26 replies · 458+ views
    PA ^ | Last updated: 11-03-02, 11:51
    A gunman is believed to have taken about 40 people hostage in Amsterdam's tallest building. The people are being held in the lobby of the Rembrandt Tower office block. Police are negotiating with the unidentified man who walked into the building shortly after it opened for business. NOS television said the man was armed with a machine gun. In a statement to the state broadcaster, the man said he is protesting against the quot;manipulation by the seller of broadband televisionquot;. The action could be directed against Philips Electronics, which used to be based in the building until it moved to...
  • From blue to brie, gouda to gorgonzola: No matter how you slice it, everybody loves cheese!

    03/06/2002 8:53:28 AM PST · by Uncle Miltie · 114 replies · 945+ views
    The Seattle Times ^ | 03/06/02 | Kathy Casey
    Cheese! From the big cheesy mozzarella pull you get when grabbing a slice of pizza pie to the tangy twang from a crumble of Oregon blue cheese over your salad, I think there isn't a person who doesn't love it. And then there's the "something that I love to hate" about a slice of American on a burger. Delish cheddar — although a favorite — just doesn't bite the same. We love cheese in our resurgent craze for mac-and-cheese, melted in enchiladas and stuffed in mushrooms, and nibbled after dinner with a glass of port. Now that I think our ...
  • What is worng with this picture?

    03/01/2002 1:16:16 PM PST · by Ed_NYC · 85 replies · 517+ views
    Whatswrong ^ | 3/01/02 | N/A
    Please take a look at this picture and try to figure out what is wrong. If you turn your computer volume up it might help. Click Here
  • I'M NOT A FAT CHEESY SLUT ( homework assignment - complete prior to tonight's LARRY KING LIVE

    02/28/2002 3:44:51 PM PST · by Socks C. · 92 replies · 750+ views
    STAR (trash dumpster) ^ | October 1998 | By Peter Burt (assist from Socks C.)
    &nbsp; I'M NOT A FAT CHEESY SLUT (Freeper homework assignment to be completed prior to tonight's LARRY KINK LIVE with the fat cheesy slut) &nbsp; By Peter Burt MONICA Lewinsky says she's not a "cheesy slut" - and she wants the world to know it. In her first-ever conversation about the sex scandal that's rocked America, the 25-year-old ex-White House intern has talked candidly about the incredible ordeal she's been through - and how she still yearns for true love with the man of her dreams, STAR has learned. "All my life I've wanted to be famous," the beleaguered ...
  • Aliens Helped Him Win a Gold Medal

    02/27/2002 4:34:02 PM PST · by dubyaweluvya · 54 replies · 444+ views
    BBC | 2/27/02
    A triple gold medallist who was kicked out of the Winter Olympics for failing a drugs test claims he is being told what to do by aliens. Cross-country skier Johann Muehlegg said the mysterious beings have had a profound effect on his life. "I have seen them," he declared, before insisting he had not taken any drugs. German-born Muehlegg, 31, defected to Spain in 1999 - apparently on the instructions of the aliens. He said: "I was contacted and told what to do by people from the other side. "You might think it's funny but it has paid off. I'm ...
  • How political correctness let loose the moose

    02/22/2002 10:09:05 AM PST · by Notforprophet · 16 replies · 327+ views
    Guardian Unlimited ^ | Friday February 22, 2002 | Oliver Burkeman
    How political correctness let loose the moose Oliver Burkeman in New York Friday February 22, 2002 The Guardian With five different places called Moose Pond, a Moose Cove, Moose Island, several Moose Creeks and a village called Moosehead, all on the shores of Moosehead Lake, it has always been rather too easy for the inexperienced visitor to get seriously lost in Piscataquis county, a thickly forested outpost of north-western Maine. Now, though, it is even easier. Compelled by a statewide law to change every place name containing the word "squaw", because it is considered offensive to native Americans, reluctant officials ...
  • Vanity post - can anyone explain the moose and cheese thing?

    02/07/2002 9:50:22 AM PST · by ko_kyi · 216 replies · 732+ views
    I don't get it. If it is a big secret then please respond privately.
  • Test

    12/29/2001 8:44:56 PM PST · by Jim Robinson · 173 replies · 473+ views
    Free Republic | Jim
  • Gross! I Just Heard Bryant Gumbel Burp LOUDLY into His Microphone.

    01/24/2002 5:37:57 AM PST · by God'sgrrl · 50 replies · 373+ views
    CBS ^ | January 24, 2002 | God'sgrrl
    Did anyone else hear this? Jane Clayson, appeared embarrassed and asked him if he had gotten everything out? eeeewwwwwwww
  • Interesting fact you probably didn't know

    12/30/2001 6:33:30 AM PST · by It'salmosttolate · 89 replies · 2,349+ views
    e-mail ^ | ? | endtimeobserver
    There are more lions and tigers in the United States than in the far east and or africa. There are more of these creatures in America, in Zoo's and private collectors alive than in the continents that they come from. The second part of this trivia, is most "foot ball coliseums "are shaped and designed like the great coliseum in Rome, hummmmm....... just a thought, if ya can connect the dots.
  • Moose lift kills three

    12/29/2001 3:34:25 AM PST · by TomGuy · 30 replies · 252+ views
    UK Sun ^ | Sat, Dec 29, 2001
    Moose lift kills three Journey to disaster ... helicopter tows moose THREE people died when a helicopter used to airlift moose to safety hit a pylon cable and crashed into a reservoir. The pilot, a passenger and a wildlife photographer on board all perished as the chopper flipped upside down and hit the frozen lake. No hope ... the crash scene A colleague on the ground tried in vain to save them. The chopper was flying the animals away from a main road near Salt Lake City, Utah, where six had recently been killed by cars. Wildlife workers drop ...
  • Why is 'Who Moved My Cheese?' such a hit? It's simple

    12/26/2001 11:14:25 AM PST · by aculeus · 37 replies · 432+ views
    Atlanta Journal via Arts &amp; Letters ^ | December 26, 2001 (Arts &amp; Letters) | Spencer Johnson
    Who Moved My Cheese? By Spencer Johnson. Putnam. $19.95. 94 pages. "Who Moved My Cheese?" by Spencer Johnson has sold some 5 million copies since it was published in September 1998 and has been on best-seller lists for nearly two years. What in the name of self-help is that all about? This 94-page book (with big type, wide margins and illustrations) features four characters in a maze: two mice named Sniff and Scurry and two mice-size people named Hem and Haw. All four of the principals put on their little running shoes and their tiny jogging suits every morning and ...