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Keyword: chemtrails

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  • Cooling Kills: Governments Must Shift to Cold Preparation

    02/16/2014 6:59:23 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 22 replies
    Pajamas Media ^ | 02/16/2014 | TOM HARRIS AND DR. MADHAV KHANDEKAR
    In the past few years we have seen a dramatic demonstration of the deadly effects of prolonged cold weather. From Chicago to China, Egypt to Argentina, India to the Antarctic, new low temperature and snowfall records have been set.This has led to severe hardship for millions — and increased death rates.The first half of this year’s Northern Hemisphere (NH) winter season was especially brutal. December 2013 and January 2014 were the third-coldest Decembers and Januaries in the past 30 years averaged over the contiguous 48 United States, with temperatures plummeting to −10°C in Atlanta and −26°C in Chicago. Residents...
  • Al Gore once again suggests fertility management to fight global warming

    01/28/2014 4:53:44 AM PST · by Cincinatus' Wife · 49 replies
    The Daily Caller ^ | January 27, 2014 | Michael Bastasch
    Former Vice President Al Gore raised eyebrows last week when he suggested that fertility management was the key to fighting global warming and promoting economic development in poor countries. Gores comments drew criticism from free-marketeers who said his remarks amount to eco-imperialism. Gores agenda for saving the world from global warming has always included population control, Myron Ebell, director of global warming and international environmental policy at the free-market Competitive Enterprise Institute, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. Advocating population control specifically for Africa is just another form of imperialism. Gores eco-imperialism is uncomfortably close to the original racist goals...
  • Geoengineering plan could have 'unintended' side effect (DoH! Alert!! Tropics rainfall down 30%)

    01/08/2014 10:03:02 AM PST · by NormsRevenge · 33 replies
    BBC News ^ | 1/8/14 | Matt McGrath
    Attempts to reverse the impacts of global warming by injecting reflective particles into the stratosphere could make matters worse, say researchers. A new study suggests the idea, seen as a last-ditch way to deal with runaway climate change, could cut rainfall in the tropics by 30%. This would have devastating impacts on rainforests in South America and Asia The research has been published in the journal Environmental Research Letters. The concept of curbing rising temperatures by blocking sunlight has been discussed by scientists for many years now. Some of the ideas have been dismissed as crazy notions, but others have...
  • VANITY: I just hung up on the RNC

    09/30/2013 9:11:53 AM PDT · by OKSooner · 41 replies
    Vanity | 9-20-2013 | Self
    Got a call from the RNC this morning... The guy said "I'll be brief".
  • How to Lose the House Without Really Trying

    09/30/2013 8:57:10 AM PDT · by afraidfortherepublic · 36 replies
    The American Spectator ^ | 9-30-13 | David Catron
    The latest GOP compromise on defunding Obamacare may well lead to a midterm massacre. During a crucial battle of the military campaign that ultimately propelled him to supreme power in Rome, Julius Caesar put himself and his outnumbered army in such a vulnerable position that he briefly considered suicide. He and most of his troops survived, however, because the man commanding the opposing force was too timid to take a tactical risk. Afterward, surprised to find himself alive and his army relatively intact, Caesar made an observation that the leadership of the GOP would do well to remember: Today the...
  • US Troops In Ft Hood Receive Orders To Deploy To Syria

    09/12/2013 12:59:25 PM PDT · by NoCmpromiz · 49 replies
    The Daily Rant ^ | 9/11/13 | Dan Bubalo
    I have been able to verify something extremely troubling in the past 12 hours. A close and verifiable source contacted me to lament the deployment of a friend from Ft. Hood to Egypt, where this particular soldier will be for the next nine months. We have no military base in Egypt, so were all trying to understand the assignment and wonder if he and the other 400 soldiers are living in a tent in the desert, and if they are, how do they receive supplies, from everything to food, water, ammunition, and fuel to conduct whatever mission they are to...

    09/29/2013 12:57:58 PM PDT · by Lancey Howard · 165 replies
    vanity rant | September 29, 2013 | Lancey Howard
    The Republicans are colluding with the Democrats to delay Obamacare until January 2015 and thereby give the Obama regime a chance to smooth out the wrinkles so it works right. The delay will also keep the issue from hurting the rats too much during the coming year's 2014 mid-term election campaign. Do some people actually believe that a "delay" is in any way a "win" for Republicans? In return for giving the rats another year-plus to deepen the roots of their communist healthcare and get it working smoother, the Republicans will cave on the debt ceiling. What a deal. Wow,...
  • House, Boehner Cave To Reid And Obamacare On Debt Ceiling: Delay Obamacare For 1 Year

    09/29/2013 11:35:15 AM PDT · by whitedog57 · 25 replies
    Confounded Interest ^ | 09/29/2013 | Anthony B. Sanders
    The House passed a continuing resolution without Obamacare funding, the Senate put Obamacare back in the continuing resolution, and now the ball in the Houses court with only days to go . to government shutdown! The Republican-led U.S. House voted to attach a one-year delay of Obamacare to a must-pass spending bill, dramatically raising the likelihood of a partial government shutdown Oct. 1. So, it appears that Senate Democrats will shut down the Federal government, at least for a few days, if they dont go along with Boehners demands of delaying Obamacare for 1 year and getting rid of...
  • Top climate scientists admit global warming forecasts were wrong

    09/15/2013 9:20:46 AM PDT · by Sub-Driver · 70 replies
    Top climate scientists admit global warming forecasts were wrong Top climate scientists have admitted that their global warming forecasts are wrong and world is not heating at the rate they claimed it was in a key report. By Hayley Dixon 3:45PM BST 15 Sep 2013 A leaked draft of a report by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is understood to concede that the computer predictions for global warming and the effects of carbon emissions have been proved to be inaccurate. The report, to be published later this month, is a six year assessment which is seen as the...
  • What really happened to boys?

    05/07/2013 12:47:29 PM PDT · by BruceDeitrickPrice · 122 replies
    American Thinker ^ | April 28, 2013 | Bruce Deitrick Price
    Four years ago, psychologist Leonard Sax (MD, PhD) wrote a well-received book titled Boys Adrift. The doctor tried to answer the question, why have so many young males fallen into passivity and indifference? Dr. Sax had heard more and more parents complain that their boys stayed indoors most of the time, spent hours on video games, and in general seemed to lack the confidence and esprit de corps that had characterized boys throughout history. Something scary is happening to boys today, Sax concluded. From kindergarten to college, American boys are, on average, less resilient and less ambitious than they were...
  • Study links insecticide use to invertebrate die-offs [Well duh!!!]

    05/05/2013 2:09:39 PM PDT · by grundle · 10 replies
    Guardian UK ^ | May 1, 2013 | Damian Carrington
    Study links insecticide use to invertebrate die-offs Dutch research reveals correlation between water polluted with imidacloprid and low numbers of aquatic insects The world's most widely used insecticide is devastating dragonflies
  • Letter: Contrails or something more sinister?

    02/02/2013 1:26:18 PM PST · by martin_fierro · 42 replies
    The San Lorenzo Valley Press Banner ^ | 1/31/13 | Shannon Weckman
    Letter: Contrails or something more sinister? Jan 31, 2013 EDITOR, Have you looked up recently and seen white trails crisscross the sky and dismissed it as a harmless trail from a jet? Look again. We used to enjoy many clear blue skies, but nowadays we frequently have overcast skies as a result of spraying. As most of you, I went to work every day and didnt really take notice of what was going on up in the sky overhead. But when I did take notice, what I saw were contrails from jets that disappeared quickly, and then there were the...
  • Michael Savage: Was Breitbart Assassinated?

    03/01/2012 10:30:19 PM PST · by ReformationFan · 239 replies · 2,108+ views
    Noting that the cause of Andrew Breitbarts unexpected death yesterday was being examined by the Los Angeles County Coroners office, talk-radio host Michael Savage raised the question of whether the conservative media powerhouse who recently announced he had videos that could politically damage President Obama was murdered. On his top-rated show today, Savage played an audio clip of Breitbart telling an audience at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington last month that he had obtained videos that shed light on Obamas ties to radicals in the early 1980s who helped propel him to the presidency. Maybe my...
  • Crazy Ron Paul Supporters Clean the Sky with Vinegar

    12/29/2011 9:13:57 PM PST · by mnehring · 19 replies
    GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul is notorious for his zany followers, which makes sense, given that the man is slightly eccentric bat-sh!t crazy himself. I mean, you have to be a little off-balanced in order to support someone that believes a U.S. border fence would be built to keep Americans from leaving, or that that saving the Jews in World War II was a bad idea. The conspiracy theorists love Ron Paul. Do you think that the Bilderbergers are plotting to take over the world? How about that Israel created Hamas? That the CIA perpetrates coups over the United States?...
  • Ron Paul Supporters Spray Vinegar at the Sky to Fight ChemtrailsIm Not Kidding

    12/26/2011 9:25:24 PM PST · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 72 replies
    Republican Party Animals ^ | December 26, 2011 | David Stein
    This is a story I couldnt resist writing. Ron Paul supporters are spraying vinegar at the sky to kill clouds. Theyre standing in their backyards, on their porches, and in front of their windows, angrily aiming spray bottles filled with vinegar into the air.How could I not write about this? If I live to be one-hundred years old, will I ever again get the chance to write about something so incredibly insane?I have several friends who support Ron Paul. The aim of this piece is not to malign or belittle all Paul supporters just the ones who adhere to...
  • Woman Singled out by the TSA, Cuffed to a Chair, Her Ticket Ripped up

    11/10/2010 8:18:34 PM PST · by citizenredstater9271 · 118 replies
    Youtube ^ | GeorgeDonnelly
    The TSA chose Meg McLain for special screening. They wanted her to go through the new porno-scanners. When she opted out, TSA agents raised an enormous ruckus. When she asked some question about what they planned to do to her, they flipped out. TSA agents yelled at her, handcuffed her to a chair, ripped up her ticket, called in 12 local Miami cops and finally escorted her out of the airport. Listen to her story as she told it on radio show Free Talk Live last night. Things are truly getting scary.
  • [2007] Chinese sub pops up in the midst of a US carrier battle group

    11/11/2010 1:46:11 AM PST · by Sprite518 · 114 replies · 1+ views
    Hot Air ^ | 11/10/2007 | Bryan
    US Pacific Commands Adm William Fallon says the group wasnt conducting anti-sub operations, but the fact remains that the submarine did slip past the groups security screen undetected and popped up within firing range of the Kitty Hawk.
  • Exploding the That Wasnt A Missile Myth

    11/10/2010 12:45:55 PM PST · by Gargantua · 614 replies · 1+ views
    FreeRepublic ^ | November 10, 2010 | Gargantua
    Exploding the That Wasnt A Missile Myth By Gargantua What appeared to be a missile rose from below the horizon, streaking into the sky off of California leaving a condensation trail identical to the kind that have been filmed being left by a ground-or-sea-to-air launch of a Minuteman missile or ICBM. First, the Government was inexplicably mum on the topic. Next came a series of sometimes contradictory explanations. Now, days after the event, the finally agreed-upon explanation hits every news station all at once. Its the con-trail of a jet returning from across the Pacific. There are two glaring problems...
  • Do NOT use keywords as slams on the Religion Forum

    02/23/2010 8:43:00 AM PST · by Religion Moderator · 37 replies · 1,633+ views
    Vanity | 2/23/10 | Religion Moderator
    Stop adding keywords to articles to slam others, e.g. catholicbashing, agendadrivenfreepers, moapc, catholicwhiners.
  • Are Chemtrails for Real? TV News Expose'

    07/13/2009 6:38:42 AM PDT · by Liberty Guy 2007 · 54 replies · 1,407+ views
    Taboo News You Can Use ^ | July, 11th, 2009 | Taboo News You Can Use
    A couple of news stations covered the topic of Chemtrails in depth and did fairly favorable stories. You decide. 3 short news segments to watch.
  • Chemtrails - Hiding your head in the sand is no longer an option

    02/13/2009 6:58:55 AM PST · by Scythian · 226 replies · 4,226+ views
    You might have to click on the full page ad to see it full screen, read the information about the certified testing that has and is being done. Full Page Ad
  • Chemtrails Finally Explained...

    12/04/2008 12:03:03 AM PST · by JohnJeykis · 77 replies · 3,618+ views
    OWSweather ^ | December 4, 2008 | Kevin D. Martin
    SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA - December 4, 2008 ( The invisible killer. People believe global warming exists. People believe in a thing called chemtrails. But are chemtrails what people think? What if chemtrails are poisoning us. What if normal contrails are the visible elements of which are poisoning us? Planes have been known to produce contrails. When the humidity is high in the upper levels, with sub-freezing temperatures, lines in the sky form behind planes. These are known as contrails. Many planes take the skies daily, and many atmospheric conditions can form these trails. What is in them? The chemtrail theory states...
  • Rainy Riddle Milky-White Showers Shake Up Silver City (NM) Area

    01/16/2008 7:23:44 AM PST · by CedarDave · 14 replies · 811+ views
    The Albuquerque Journal ^ | January 16, 2008 | Rene Romo
    You've heard of the Milky Way. Now there's the milky rain. Scientists and others are trying to get to the bottom of a meteorological mystery in southwestern New Mexico: What caused the milky-white rain that fell last week over a large swath of Grant County, from Silver City to the Gila Cliff Dwellings? "I don't know what it was, but it left a milky, white residue on all the vehicles in town," said Lt. Eddie Ortiz, 48, of the Grant County Sheriff's Department, talking about the unusual Jan. 7 rainstorm. "It was like someone spilled milk on your windshield and...
  • Ron Paul on Alex Jones 9/11 Truther Show Today (Have at it, Ministry of Silly Explanations)

    10/05/2007 7:09:48 AM PDT · by lormand · 358 replies · 8,501+ views
    Ron Paul Forums ^ | Oct. 5, 2007 | Ron Paul Forums
  • In Case We Can't Give Up the Cars -- Try 16 Trillion Mirrors

    06/22/2007 6:53:41 AM PDT · by i_dont_chat · 75 replies · 1,758+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | June 22, 2007 | Robert Lee Hotz
    In Case We Can't Give Up the Cars -- Try 16 Trillion Mirrors What if we wait too long to act on global warming? What if nothing we do is enough? Already, scientists are working up plans of last resort: stratospheric sprays of sulfur, trillions of orbiting mirrors and thousands of huge off-shore saltwater fountains. Each is designed to counteract global warming by deliberately deflecting sunlight, rather than by retooling the world's economy to eliminate carbon-rich oil, coal and natural gas. More at link (a must read) Another related article from February 2007
  • Middle-Eastern men buying phones in Jackson, MS

    02/01/2007 1:06:07 PM PST · by struggle · 247 replies · 6,178+ views
    Vanity | 2/1/07 | struggle
    One of the students mentioned to her friend that there were bunches of Middle-Eastern guys buying phones in the Radio Shack at Metrocenter, Jackson, MS. About 13 men or so bought the tracphones and her clerk friend also said that many of them came in buying phones in the afternoon as well. I contacted the FBI in Jackson already.
  • US Urges Scientists to Block Out Sun

    01/29/2007 11:16:38 AM PST · by i_dont_chat · 82 replies · 1,987+ views
    The Sydney Morning Herald ^ | January 29, 2007 | David Adam and Liz Minchin
    The US wants the world's scientists to develop technology to block sunlight as a last-ditch way to halt global warming. It says research into techniques such as giant mirrors in space or reflective dust pumped into the atmosphere would be "important insurance" against rising emissions, and has lobbied for such a strategy to be recommended by a UN report on climate change, the first part of which is due out on Friday). The US has also attempted to steer the UN report, prepared by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), away from conclusions that would support a new worldwide...
  • Unusual vapor trail causes speculation[Top-Secret 'pulse jet' tests]

    01/15/2007 5:46:27 PM PST · by FLOutdoorsman · 68 replies · 4,220+ views
    Dayton Daily News ^ | 08 Jan 2007 | Jim DeBrosse
    A photograph taken in Beavercreek has some hoping it's proof of top-secret 'pulse jet' tests. BEAVERCREEK A Beavercreek man's photograph of an unusual aircraft condensation trail has sparked a high-flying debate among scientists and aviation fans over whether the Air Force or NASA is flying an aerospace vehicle with an exotic new propulsion system. The photo of the vapor trail, taken Nov. 10 by amateur meteorologist Bill Telzerow from his backyard, shows a distinctive "doughnuts-on-a-rope" shape. The photo has raised questions about whether an experimental propulsion system that uses pulse detonation engine technology is being tested here. The propulsion...
  • US divided by superhighway plan

    11/22/2006 12:42:29 AM PST · by Sarajevo · 144 replies · 2,621+ views
    The Scotsman ^ | Fri 16 Jun 2006 | CRAIG HOWIE
    A MASSIVE road four football fields wide and running from Mexico to Canada through the heartland of the United States is being proposed amid controversy over security and the damage to the environment. The "nation's most modern roadway", proposed between Laredo in Texas and Duluth, Minnesota, along Interstate 35, would allow the US to bypass the west coast ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to import goods from China and the Far East into the heart of middle America via Mexico, saving both cost and time. However, critics argue that the ten-lane road would lay a swathe of concrete...
  • Balkan betrayal

    05/03/2006 4:23:33 PM PDT · by familyop · 7 replies · 376+ views
    The Times (London, UK, Britain) ^ | 04MAY06 | The Times (London, UK, Britain)
    Serbia must choose between its past and its present How hard can it be to arrest a man recognised wherever he goes, in a country roughly the size of Scotland? Vojislav Kostunica, the Serbian Prime Minister, has asked the international community to believe that if the man in question does not want to be found, the answer is, effectively, impossible. This answer is not acceptable. It is entirely appropriate that Belgrades failure to surrender Ratko Mladic to the UN war crimes tribunal as promised led yesterday to the suspension of talks with the EU on possible Serbian membership. Mr Kostunica...
  • EU blocks Serbia for failing to hand over war criminal

    05/03/2006 4:20:06 PM PDT · by familyop · 3 replies · 298+ views
    The Times (UK) ^ | 04MAY06 | Anthony Browne
    SERBIA was plunged into a political crisis last night after Brussels suspended talks leading to EU membership as punishment for failing to arrest one of the most wanted war criminals in Europe. The European Commission said that it was halting negotiations on closer links with Serbia after the deadline to deliver Ratko Mladic to the Hague war crimes tribunal passed on April 30 with the fugitive still in hiding. Relations between Belgrade and the international community plunged to new lows as Carla del Ponte, the chief war crimes prosecutor at the UN, declared that she had been misled by the...
  • Vapour Trails from Airplanes Could Put an End to Stargazing in as Little as 30 Years

    03/06/2006 7:12:06 AM PST · by canuck_conservative · 37 replies · 890+ views
    National Post [Canada] ^ | Monday, March 6, 2006 | NP?
    Airplane vapour trails may blot out our view of the stars in as little as 30 or 40 years, astronomers say, making ground-based telescopes -- which still do the bulk of our astronomy even in the Hubble age -- nearly useless. As cheap air travel expands, the sky gets criss-crossed with little ice crystals that can hang up there for a couple of days as thin clouds, dimming the view. This warning comes as Canada and other countries are currently designing a new generation of "Extremely Large Telescopes" with mirrors 30 metres or more across, and a view sharper than...
  • Strange Colorful Cloud Forms Over Metroplex (Dallas-FTWorth

    07/21/2005 12:38:04 PM PDT · by PaulaB · 89 replies · 3,013+ views
    -- A weird-looking cloud sporting the colors of the rainbow appeared to many in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex early Thursday afternoon.The cloud stayed in the southeastern sky for several minutes, but was obscured by other clouds at times. NBC 5 Meteorolgist James Aydelott offered one possible explanation, saying that the sun was hitting the cloud at just the right angle, similar to a phenomenon known as "sun dogs," causing the colorful display. He also said he had never seen a cloud like this before.
  • Upcoming Events: Peter Jennings UFO Special on TV: February 24, 2005

    02/06/2005 8:16:28 PM PST · by Momaw Nadon · 162 replies · 8,652+ views
    ABC via UFO Evidence ^ | Wednesday, February 2, 2005 | Peter Jennings
    PETER JENNINGS REPORTING: UFO's: LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE - THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 24 (8:00-10:00 p.m., ET) -- Each year there are thousands of reports of unidentified flying objects, but the U.S. government doesn't investgate any of them. This special program will seriously examine the unexplained phenomena around the world that so many people believe is proof of the existence of UFOs.
  • Explosive fireball said to shake Earth

    01/12/2005 8:27:52 PM PST · by hope · 107 replies · 3,056+ views
    World Net Daily ^ | 1-12-05 | World Net Daily
    This is a WorldNetDaily printer-friendly version of the article which follows. To view this item online, visit Wednesday, January 12, 2005 Explosive fireball said to shake Earth'The noise was so loud, for a moment I thought I had turned deaf' Posted: January 12, 20058:45 p.m. Eastern Was it a meteor that slammed into India? (Illustration by Leonard Wikberg III, courtesy Villagers in India are in a state of shock and local officials baffled after a fireball was seen crashing Tuesday night, causing a massive explosion that "shook the Earth." "I saw a huge ball of fire...
  • something weird going on here in central Texas (please excuse this vanity)

    11/04/2004 12:44:15 PM PST · by TxBec · 162 replies · 2,708+ views
    I'm seeing "spider webs" as I look up in the sky here in central Texas. I thought I was being nuttier than usual, but my friends in 2 nearby towns see it too. anyone know what is going on?
  • Strange objects over Cleveland - Photo's taken by North Olmsted Police department (Oct,2004)

    10/07/2004 2:56:55 PM PDT · by Las Vegas Dave · 258 replies · 7,998+ views
    ------------------------------------------------- WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE SKYS OVER NORTHERN OHIO? On Wednesday morning September 22nd, 2004 a caller rang the WTAM morning show, Wills and Coleman in the Morning, to report the sightings of strange colors in the sky. Other callers reported seeing the same thing while others tried to describe and/or explain the image. (You can hear a sampling of the calls below). Afternoon host Mike Trivisonno was curious and ventured into his backyard to see for himself. Although he did not see the lights he did see something peculiar, jet contrails all over the crystal clear Cleveland...
  • Vets say Kerry made up Cambodia story

    08/07/2004 3:16:39 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 58 replies · 2,932+ views
    WND ^ | August 7, 2004
    Has used account as evidence of war crimes, to attack U.S. policy Over the the past three decades, John Kerry has used a story of being ordered to illegally enter Cambodia during his Vietnam service as proof of war crimes and to argue against U.S. foreign policy, but a new book by Naval colleagues of the Massachusetts senator charges the account is false. On the floor of the U.S. Senate, March 27, 1986, for example, Kerry attacked President Reagan's actions in Central America, charging they were leading the United States into another Vietnam. He claimed he could recognize the adminstration's...
  • Tearing Down NWO Strongholds (ZOT!!! Don't stand under tower in thunderstorm.)

    04/05/2004 11:35:22 PM PDT · by TheWatcherFiles · 80 replies · 1,906+ views
    Sherry Shriner ^ | 4./6/04 | Sherry Shriner
    Tearing Down NWO Strongholds by Sherry Shriner There is Danger in the Cell Phone and other anomalous Towers popping up all over the place and I'm going to tell you how to prevent their effects with Tower Busters and how to get rid of chemtrails and keep them away from your yard, neighborhood, town, city and state. Stop the Madness!! Stop the NWO from trying to Control Your Moods and Thoughts!! Stop ELF Harassment!! Orgone is the KEY They're talking to you..subliminal hypnotic messages..courtesy of these particular they are Mind conditioning and Mind control towers and they're going...
  • ZOT: Why is TV news ignoring the relationship between Moon and the Bush family?

    03/18/2004 3:13:44 PM PST · by lib_hater2000 · 92 replies · 741+ views
    Why is TV news ignoring the relationship between Moon and the Bush family? Why won't Congress and the television news media investigate the relationship between the Bush family and Sun Myung Moon? Online Journal/February 22, 2001 By Carla Binion The following essay explains why the story is newsworthy. While TV talking heads hammer the public hour after hour with repetitious chatter about Clinton's pardons and gossipy allegations of "theft" of White House goods, the far more serious Bush/Moon story remains invisible to TV audiences. In order to unravel the mystery, let's look at Moon's history and stated agenda and explore...
  • The Republicans Control Everything

    05/12/2003 1:34:09 PM PDT · by iwantmycountryback · 162 replies · 1,291+ views
    So many people have been coerced into mistakenly believing that Bush is their savior. It is US against the Republicans AND a large segment of the American people. A 2004 election does not encourage me into thinking that the Democrats could upset Bushs wagon. After robbery in broad daylight of election 2000, the Democrats would have to force their way into the White House, even if they were elected in 2004. We hear about voting machines that can be rigged with no paper trail. Are the Democrats making a stink about this? No! In my opinion, the democrats will be...
  • Concerns About Egg Whites to Delay Start of Radar Tests

    02/22/2003 8:30:49 AM PST · by Osage Orange · 5 replies · 274+ views
    The Daily Oklahoman ^ | 2003-02-21 | The oklahoman
    Concerns about egg whites to delay start of radar tests 2003-02-21 The Oklahoman Lingering concerns over the use of powdered egg whites in a series of chemical and biological tests in Canadian, Grady and McClain counties have led the U.S. Army and the federal Environmental Protection Agency to delay the start of the project, officials confirmed Thursday. The tests, which will use crop dusters to drop egg whites and four other substances believed to mock chemical or biological agents, were scheduled to begin Monday. Concerns about allergic reactions to the egg whites, many raised by residents during meetings last week...
  • Unusually long contrail has some worried

    12/07/2002 1:51:22 PM PST · by Willie Green · 19 replies · 317+ views
    The Wichita Eagle ^ | Saturday, November 30, 2002 | Beccy Tanner
    For education and discussion only. Not for commercial use. An unusually long contrail running east to west across the horizon this morning had some people concerned, but officials said it was a normal aircraft phenomenon. "Contrails spread out like this many times," said Eric Schminke, a National Weather Service meteorologist in Wichita. What happens, he said, is that as some planes cruise in altitudes of 35,000 to 38,000 feet high, particularly in colder weather, their contrails can be pushed along and spread out by the jet stream, which can sometimes average 110 to 125 knots. "That happens a lot," Schminke...
  • Jet Trails Above Fueling Weather Changes Below, Researchers Say

    08/08/2002 12:16:18 PM PDT · by joesnuffy · 12 replies · 444+ views
    Chicago Tribune ^ | Aug 8, 2002 | Ronald Kotulak
    By Ronald Kotulak Tribune science reporter August 8, 2002 Fluffy rows of cirrus clouds created by the increasing number of jet contrails can sometimes fill half the sky and may significantly affect ground temperatures, according to a report in Thursday's issue of the British science journal Nature. Using a unique opportunity to study the effect of contrails on temperature after all commercial planes were grounded for three days after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, a team of researchers found that clouds spawned by jets lower peak daytime temperatures and raise the lowest nighttime readings. Such temperature changes could have a...