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  • 3-yr-old is dying , Airline Refuses to Help so Trump does THIS

    02/09/2016 7:37:47 AM PST · by Blue Turtle · 79 replies
    The private Boeing 727 of real estate tycoon Donald Trump arrived from Los Angeles at LaGuardia Airport Tuesday morning, carrying aboard an Orthodox Jewish child with a rare and still undiagnosed breathing illness.
  • The Classiest Debate Moment That No-One Noticed – Never Leave A Good Man Down

    02/07/2016 8:12:39 AM PST · by Helicondelta · 328 replies
    Few people will talk about this, and fewer will even want to acknowledge it, but what Donald Trump did before the debate even began shows the measure of a real man's worth. Trump and Carson At the beginning of the ABC debate, each of the candidates were being introduced in a specific order. The first name called to the stage was Chris Christie. The applause was loud and lingered through the time when Martha Raddatz called the second candidate Ben Carson. Dr. Carson did not hear his name called (easy to understand why when you listen to the video) and...
  • Trump to Cruz: Nobody Likes You

    12/14/2015 3:36:55 AM PST · by markomalley · 163 replies
    Fiscal Times ^ | 12/14/15 | Rob Garver
    When the school bully starts glowering in your direction, the worst thing you can do is hold up your hands and say, “Please don’t hit me.” It’s a lesson most of us learn in the schoolyard, but one that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz seems to have forgotten.Now, here comes the knuckle sandwich.Cruz, who is making a strong run in Republican presidential primary polling, has done everything he can to put off an inevitable showdown with frontrunner Donald Trump. The reluctance is understandable – Trump’s attacks on other candidates in the race have been devastatingly effective. To avoid them, Cruz has...
  • Cruz doesn't care what George W. Bush thinks of him

    10/20/2015 3:46:46 PM PDT · by VinL · 49 replies
    K5 ^ | 10/20/15 | David Jackson
    Sen. Ted Cruz declined to comment in detail Tuesday on critical comments by George W. Bush, saying the former president is simply sticking up for his brother Jeb. I have great respect for George W. Bush, and was proud to work on his 2000 campaign and in his administration, Cruz said in a statement. Its no surprise that President Bush is supporting his brother and attacking the candidates he believes pose a threat to his campaign. I have no intention of reciprocating. Cruz responded to a Politico report that Bush spoke harshly of Cruz over the weekend, telling a group...
  • CRUZ: We wish Governor Perry, Anita, Griffin, and Sydney the very best in what is certain to be...

    09/11/2015 6:15:35 PM PDT · by Isara · 31 replies ^ | 09/11/15
    CRUZ: We wish Governor Perry, Anita, Griffin, and Sydney the very best in what is certain to be decades of continued service to our Nation HOUSTON, Texas — U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, today released the following statement in response to the announcement that former Texas Gov. Rick Perry has suspended his campaign for President:“Gov. Rick Perry is a friend and a remarkable public servant. He is a proud veteran who bravely served our nation, and he was an extraordinary governor of Texas. As Texas Solicitor General, it was an honor to serve under him.“Because of his principled leadership as...

    06/03/2015 1:24:38 PM PDT · by smoothsailing · 24 replies
    Beitbart ^ | 6-3-2015 | John Nolte
    June 3, 2015CNN POLL: GEORGE W. BUSH MORE POPULAR THAN SINKING BARACK OBAMA John Nolte EXCERPT......Bush’s favorability increase — his first in positive territory since leaving office — is likely due to two things. First, Bush has been nothing but a class act as a former president. He has stayed out of the public eye, except to further the causes like those of America’s wounded warriors. He’s removed himself completely from politics. People appreciate a class act, and Bush has been nothing but.Secondly, Bush’s approval numbers were primarily dragged down by the Iraq War. In hindsight, though, the American people...
  • EXCLUSIVE: Rice Withdraws from Rutgers Commencement

    05/03/2014 5:33:49 AM PDT · by Sub-Driver · 40 replies
    May 3, 2014 8:11 AM EXCLUSIVE: Rice Withdraws from Rutgers Commencement By NRO Staff Former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice is withdrawing from the Rutgers commencement ceremony. Her invitation by the schools board of governors had sparked protests from faculty and students, and now Rice has decided not to speak to avoid creating a distraction. In a statement to be released this morning, Rice says, Commencement should be a time of joyous celebration for the graduates and their families. Rutgers invitation to me to speak has become a distraction for the university community at this very special time. I am...
  • 'Fiscal cliff' deal repeals part of 'Obamacare'

    01/01/2013 9:21:12 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 11 replies
    The Washington Times ^ | January 1, 2013 | Stephen Dinan
    Tucked inside the "fiscal cliff" deal is a provision repealing the CLASS Act, a giant unfunded mandate that was part of President Obama's health care law. The Community Living Assistance Services and Supports program was a priority of the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, Massachusetts Democrat, and was designed to create a program for long-term care for the functionally disabled. Mr. Obama halted the program, saying he couldn't find a way to make it cost-effective. But he had objected when Republicans tried to repeal it outright, saying he wanted to keep it on the books and try to amend it...
  • Madonna strips for Obama, offers profanity-laced endorsement

    09/25/2012 1:31:18 PM PDT · by seanmerc · 35 replies
    The Hill ^ | 25 Sep 12 | Emily Goodin
    Madonna offered a profanity-laced endorsement of President Obama at her concert Monday night, which involved the singer stripping down to her underwear to reveal the president's name written on her body. You all better vote for f---ing Obama okay, she told the crowd at Washington's Verizon center.
  • 'An incredible day for an incredible man' Ron Santo inducted into the National Baseball Hall Of Fame

    07/22/2012 10:01:44 PM PDT · by Beave Meister · 1 replies
    The Chicago Tribune ^ | 7/22/2012 | Phil Rogers
    COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. In one of baseball's sweetest traditions, Stan Musial would play "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" on his harmonica for the so-called seventh-inning stretch of baseball's Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Johnny Bench has stepped in for the 91-year-old Musial, doing a pretty good Harry Caray imitation. On Sunday, in Ron Santo's honor, Bench put on a Cubs jersey before he went to the podium and slipped into character. "Ron would have loved it," Vicki Santo, Ron's widow, said afterward. "He and Johnny were such good friends. He would have thought it was hysterical. He would...
  • Why I Apologized to Sandra Fluke

    03/05/2012 10:29:09 AM PST · by Kaslin · 176 replies
    Rush ^ | March 5, 2012 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: Yeah, I knew it was getting bad. I was watching the media on Saturday, and I said, "You know what? I gotta call myself and cancel and suspend the Two If By Tea advertising." So I called myself to cancel the advertising. I got a busy signal so I couldn't cancel my own company's advertising. So Two If By Tea remains a sponsor of the Rush Limbaugh program and the Excellence in Broadcasting Network. Great to have you here, folks, looking forward to talking with you today as the program unfolds before your very eyes and ears....
  • The Rush Limbaugh LIVE Radio Show Thread - Monday, March 5, 2012

    03/05/2012 8:08:51 AM PST · by IMissPresidentReagan · 539 replies
    The EiB Network ^ | 03/05/2012 | Rush Limbaugh
    AND NOW . . . amidst billowing clouds of fragrant, aromatic first- and second-hand premium cigar smoke. . . it is time for . . . that harmless, lovable little fuzz ball, the highly-trained broadcast specialist, having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have, from behind the golden EIB microphone, firmly ensconced in the prestigious Attila-the-Hun chair at the Limbaugh Institute of Advanced Conservative Studies, serving humanity simply by showing up, and hes not retiring until every American agrees with him, do NOT doubt him, with shrieks of joy at the mere mention of his name...
  • CLASS Act Is Dead, but Obama Won't Repeal It

    02/05/2012 6:57:17 AM PST · by Kaslin · 9 replies ^ | February 5, 2012 | Debra J. Saunders
    It says something about the brazen attitude of American politicians that Congress enacted a measure to create a program that was impossible to implement -- and named it the CLASS Act. CLASS stands for Community Living Assistance Services and Support, a program that was supposed to offer voluntary long-term care insurance to workers who are 18 or older; its initials are about the only classy angle to the scheme. Last February, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told the Senate that the CLASS Act, as written, was "totally unsustainable." In October, Sebelius announced that she could not implement the...
  • House votes to repeal part of 2010 health care law

    02/01/2012 4:52:20 PM PST · by Jet Jaguar · 6 replies
    AP via Breitbart ^ | Feb 1, 2012 | By JIM ABRAMS
    The Republican-led House on Wednesday voted to repeal a financially troubled part of the 2010 health care law that was designed to provide affordable long-term care insurance. The House vote comes months after the Obama administration suspended the Community Living Assistance Services and Support program, known as the CLASS Act. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius in October said she was unable to find a way to make the program financially solvent. Still, the White House has said it does not support repealing the program, under which workers would pay a monthly premium during their careers and collect a...
  • Obama Needs Voter Amnesia

    10/31/2011 8:32:12 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 7 replies ^ | October 31, 2011 | Lurita Doan
    It's becoming clear: Obama thinks American voters are stupid.  Anyone believing Obama's current campaign promises is either gullible or amnesia-prone.   Increasingly, his campaign speeches indicate a rather pitiful and cynical hope that Americans will not remember his earlier promises nor will they recall past decisions by the Obama Administration that have failed so spectacularly.  Obama’s reelection strategy seems dependent upon an ability to fool most of the people one more time.  Obama’s most cynical campaign effort is the oft repeated mantra that some Americans are not “paying their fair share" of taxes. For example, in September 2011, Obama said he...
  • Obama against repeal of CLASS ACT (LMAO!)

    10/17/2011 11:55:02 AM PDT · by GlockThe Vote · 30 replies
    The Hill ^ | 10/17/2011 | Julian Pecquet
    President Obama is against repealing the health law's long-term care CLASS Act and might veto Republican efforts to do so, an administration official tells The Hill, despite the government's announcement Friday that the program was dead in the water. "We do not support repeal," the official said Monday. "Repealing the CLASS Act isn't necessary or productive. What we should be doing is working together to address the long-term care challenges we face in this country." Over the weekend, The Hill has learned, an administration official called CLASS Act advocates to reassure them that Obama is still committed to making the...
  • Half of Obamacare's deficit reduction wiped out

    10/14/2011 6:36:47 PM PDT · by La Lydia · 17 replies
    The Examiner ^ | October 14, 2011 | Phil Klein
    Nearly half of the deficit reduction that Democrats claimed when President Obama signed the national health care law would be wiped away by the administration's recomendation against implementing a doomed long-term care program. As Obamacare's critics noted at the time, Democrats' deficit reduction claims were based on a series of accounting gimmicks. One of the most obvious was the inclusion of the Community Living Assistance and Support Services Act, a program that was slated to collect five years of premiums before paying out any benefits. Though it was unsustainable over time, on paper it produced surpluses during the Congressional Budget...
  • Obama Administration Pulls the Plug on Their Failed Health-Care Ponzi Scheme [Paul Ryan statement]

    10/14/2011 2:36:48 PM PDT · by Hunton Peck · 21 replies
    The Presidents Health-Care Laws House of Cards Begins to Crumble WASHINGTON Today, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin issued the following statement regarding the Obama Administrations decision to discontinue a key component of its health-care law: To hide the true cost of their health-care overhaul, the leaders of the Democratic party loaded it with gimmicks and double-counting. One of the most egregious of these gimmicks involved the CLASS Act, a new long-term care program that was scored as an offset against the ten-year, trillion-dollar cost of the Democrats new law. Independent health care experts warned that the...
  • BREAKING!! Obama's HHS ends controversial program in health reform law (Obamacare dying)

    10/14/2011 1:29:43 PM PDT · by milwguy · 130 replies
    the hill ^ | 10/14/2011 | sam baker
    The Obama administration will not implement a controversial piece of the healthcare reform law, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said Friday. Sebelius said the department will not continue trying to implement the CLASS program, which was intended to provide insurance for long-term care. Republicans charged that the programs financial structure was unsustainable, and Sebelius conceded as much Friday. We have not identified a way to make CLASS work at this time, she wrote on the Huffington Post's website. Sebelius said HHS will suspend implementation of the program. The department recently reassigned the people it had placed in the...
  • More Lies: WH Emails Reveal Major Obamacare Accounting Fraud

    09/15/2011 7:41:01 AM PDT · by Qbert · 31 replies
    Townhall ^ | 9/15/2011 | Guy Benson
    Does the American public have the bandwidth to follow two Solyndra-style White House scandals at once? As maddening as the Solyndra row has been -- and we'll have an update on that story later this morning -- this revelation is probably worse. I reach that conclusion based on the relative scale and consequences of the dueling disgraces' politically-motivated dishonesty. First, a little bit of background to prime the pump: When Democrats entered their full-court press for Obamacare last winter, they made it clear that nothing would stand in their way. Not hostile public opinion, not sound policy interests, not even...
  • THUNE: Another broccoli mandate?

    08/06/2011 6:28:39 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 12 replies
    The Washington Times ^ | August 5, 2011 | Senator John Thune
    When Congress was debating the Obamacare law last year, I raised many concerns about the size and scope of the law and the outrageous amount of new federal taxes and spending it created. Like many people, I also have grown concerned about the laws impact on Americans personal freedoms. My concern stems not only from its controversial mandate that every American buy health insurance, but also from other federal mandates that could follow. In challenging Obamacares individual mandate, the laws critics have pointed out that if Congress can force Americans to buy health insurance, federal power would be nearly unlimited....
  • The CLASS Act Is No Class Act

    02/14/2011 10:50:00 PM PST · by FromLori · 4 replies
    The New American ^ | 2/14/2011 | BOB CONFER
    In the coming months, the Department of Health and Human Services will be ironing out the details of the CLASS Act and submitting information to employers in preparation for enrolling their employees into the voluntary program in 2012. It will probably catch most businesses off guard, for its a provision of ObamaCare unknown to most Americans sadly including the Congressmen who voted for the gargantuan bill. When that happens, you know something is set for failure from the start. CLASS (Community Living Assistance Services and Supports) is the governments first foray into supplemental care for the aged. Its similar...
  • AUDIO, VIDEO: Kevin Cotter condemns anti-gay attacks on opponent Toni Sessoms

    10/26/2010 3:43:17 PM PDT · by Tea Roll · 4 replies
    The (Central Michigan) Morning Sun ^ | 10/25/10 | Mark Ranzenberger
    The Republican candidate for 99th District Michigan House has condemned an independent robocall attacking his Democratic opponent for the fact that she's gay. "A phone call funded by the American Family Association went too far, in condemning the personal life of my opponent," said GOP candidate Kevin Cotter. "This type of behavior disgusts me, and I cannot denounce it strongly enough." A recorded telephone call from a man identifying himself as Gary Glenn, who is the president of the Midland-based American Family Association of Michigan and the chairman of the Campaign for Michigan Families political action committee, was made to...

    10/20/2010 4:48:36 AM PDT · by geraldmcg · 25 replies · 1+ views
    WebToday ^ | 10-20-10 | WebToday
    Hidden in ObamaCare, Section 8002, is a new payroll tax that will hit paychecks of American employees beginning 01/01/2011. It was placed in ObamaCare to make the legislation appear to cost almost $100 billion less than the true cost. Thats according to Ron Greiner of,a national medical insurance expert. The program is called the Community Living Assistance Services and Support Program (ironically dubbed: CLASS Act). Even the Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee (Senator Kent Conrad D-ND) called it, A Ponzi Scheme of the first order, the kind of thing that Bernie Madoff would have been proud of. (Charles...
  • Chuck DeVore concedes US Senate race to Fiorina. His speech is here.....

    06/08/2010 9:56:18 PM PDT · by SmithL · 68 replies · 164+ views
    SFGate: Politics Blog ^ | 6/8/10 | Joe Garofoli, Chronicle Staff Writer
    Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, the conservative Orange County Republican who began running for US Senate in November 2008, just conceded the race. Here's the prepared text of the concession speech of the man we liked to call Chuck D from the OC: My friends, I just completed my telephone call to Carly Fiorina, to congratulate her on her victory this evening. She is our party's nominee. I endorse her. I will support her. I will vote for her. And I call upon all of you to do the same in November. We traveled a long road to get here. When I...
  • 'Designing Women actress Dixie Carter dies at 70; had roots in West Tennessee

    04/11/2010 6:09:18 AM PDT · by GailA · 109 replies · 4,253+ views
    LOS ANGELES -- "Designing Women" actress Dixie Carter, who used her charm and stately beauty in a host of roles on Broadway and television, has died. She was 70. Publicist Steve Rohr, who represents Carter and her husband, actor Hal Holbrook, said Carter died Saturday morning. He would not disclose where she died or the cause of death. Carter and Holbrook lived in the Los Angeles area. "This has been a terrible blow to our family," Holbrook told Entertainment Tonight. Carter was born in McLemoresville, Tenn., north of Jackson, and spent many of her early years in Memphis. In 1960,...
  • Another Secret Budget-Busting Part of Obamacare Comes to Light

    03/27/2010 9:18:20 PM PDT · by Shellybenoit · 11 replies · 818+ views
    The Lid/Fox News ^ | 3/28/10 | The Lid
    The health legislation signed into law last week by President Obama includes a provision called the CLASS Act, which provides long-term care at home. It wasn't part of the debate, and few people know about it today but experts agree that it could well explode the federal budget deficit down the road and your personal budget before that. The Community Living Services and Support (CLASS) Act was designed to assist people who need in-home assistance with basic daily tasks There are a few problems with the plan. First of all the Congress has written the legislation so you are automatically...
  • The not-so-CLASS Act: Another Time Bomb in Health Care Reform [You're In Unless you Opt Out]

    03/27/2010 12:55:55 PM PDT · by freespirited · 25 replies · 1,262+ views
    Washington Times ^ | 03/26/10 | Jeff Birnbaum
    Health reform is many things, but not a class act. The reason: the CLASS Act. The legislation signed into law last week includes a provision called the CLASS Act, which provides long-term care at home. Few know about it, but experts agree it could well explode the federal budget deficit down the road. The Act was designed to assist people who need help with daily tasks and are willing to pay for in-home assistance. ... The problem: The plan, as currently constructed, can't possibly pay for itself over the long run and will blow a hole in the federal budget...
  • Tebow makes news with date to awards show

    12/11/2009 11:18:47 AM PST · by Lucius Cornelius Sulla · 65 replies · 3,741+ views ^ | December 11, 2009 | Staff and wire reports
    University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow didn't take home an award from the The Home Depot ESPNU College Football Awards Thursday night, but he made national news from the red carpet with his date, the young woman he brought on his arm.She was Kelly Faughnan, 20, whom he met the day before. Faughnan had been diagnosed with a brain tumor just before Thanksgiving last year. Before surgery last year, her wish was to go to Disney World during the awards show to get a glimpse of Tebow. Faughnan is from Clifton, Va., according to several news reports.Fox News reported that...
  • NBC: Obama Calls Singer Jessica Simpson Fat

    02/02/2009 12:25:57 AM PST · by chuck_the_tv_out · 192 replies · 54,803+ views
    Newsbusters ^ | February 2, 2009 - 02:45 | Warner Todd Huston
    Apparently, President Barack Obama thought that Jessica Simpson's weight was something he needed to make fun of during his pre-Super Bowl interview with Matt Lauer on NBC Sunday. Seriously. Obama called Jessica Simpson a fatty on national TV. Lauer displayed for the audience the cover of a recent issue of the tabloid entertainment magazine US Weekly that featured the President's wife and daughters and also had an insert photo pushing a story about singer Simpson. As he viewed the cover, Obama decided to smack the singer down for "losing a weight battle."
  • Smyrna woman beat Palin in pageant

    09/08/2008 12:37:40 PM PDT · by Plutarch · 55 replies · 276+ views
    Atlanta Journal Constitution ^ | September 08, 2008 | Dan Chapman
    Smyrnas Maryline Blackburn won the 1984 Miss Alaska beauty pageant. The second runner-up? Sarah Palin, nee Heath the GOPs vice-presidential nominee. My first impression was, Oh my god, shes gorgeous, shell probably be the one who wins, Blackburn, a recording artist, recalled Monday afternoon. Second impression?She had this look about her, this look in her eyes that tells you shes calculating, figuring out How am I going to win this competition, Blackburn said. There was a determination there. And that became evident when she tripped you during the evening gown competition?No, Blackburn laughed. Sarah would never do anything...
  • Palin Impact: Mitchell Asks 'Remember Barack Obama?'

    08/29/2008 11:29:13 AM PDT · by governsleastgovernsbest · 48 replies · 104+ views
    NewsBusters ^ | Mark Finkelstein
    What kind of impact has the Palin pick had on MSM coverage? We've gone from wall-to-wall adoration of last night's speech, toliterally within hoursAndrea Mitchell having to remind viewers of some guy named Barack Obama. Mitchell was kibitzing the choice of Palin with Bloomberg's Margaret Carlson and Time editor Rick Stengel. Not merely did the liberal [see here and here] Stengel praise Palin, he even compared her favorably with . . . Hillary Clinton. And Mitchell closed the segment by acknowledging that Obama had been "overshadowed." RICK STENGEL: She has a very, very appealing story, and one of the things...
  • Harvey Korman Passed Away

    05/29/2008 3:53:18 PM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 101 replies · 355+ views
    Self | May 29, 2008 | PJ-Comix
    Just heard Brian Williams announce on NBC Nightly News that Harvey Korman passed away.
  • Iowa primary smackdown: Mitt miffed by 'personal' attacks on Mormon faith

    12/30/2007 11:56:09 PM PST · by Baladas · 43 replies · 154+ views
    The Salt Lake Tribune ^ | 12/31/2007 | Thomas Burr
    BETTENDORF, Iowa - Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, facing some hints of an anti-Mormon whisper campaign, said Sunday he's irritated but not overly concerned about such "personal" attacks as he makes his final pitch to voters in the early states. Such attacks, especially those focused on his faith in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, could hamper his ability to win the GOP nomination. Romney, however, said Sunday that dirty politics such as an anti-Mormon Christmas card mailed to South Carolina voters are "part of the political process" by some groups or individuals who want to muddy the water....

    12/06/2005 5:44:37 AM PST · by tutstar · 48 replies · 12,182+ views
    FCN ^ | 10/16/2005 | Dan Hicken
    DAN: Before the game on Friday night a nice honor for you, you'll play in San Antonio, Texas in the US Army All-American bowl in January... TIM TEBOW: It's very exciting, we've known for a while but they didn't want us to let anyone know..its a huge honor and I am looking forward to it... DAN: I've heard that you may be making an announcement about your college intentions December 14th... TIM TEBOW: Yes sir, that's when ESPN wants me to do it..and they're doing this series thing too, so we're looking at that...but it's a good possibility we'll announce...
  • Here's What I Like About Ann Romney

    10/02/2007 9:50:19 PM PDT · by Canticle_of_Deborah · 54 replies · 475+ views
    Fox News ^ | October 2, 2007 | Neil Cavuto
    Here's what I like about Ann Romney. She's not a victim. She doesn't act like a victim. Never asks for anyone's pity. Rarely mentions that she has a serious neurological disease at all. She's not a cause. Or a platform. A crusade. Or a cheerleader. She's just Ann. A woman married to the same guy for nearly 40 years, convinced he'd make a good president. You can agree or disagree on that. No disagreeing with her passion. Or commitment. Or selfless campaign style. She's a role model without ever intending to be. Because as she told me on this very...
  • The First Lady Factor

    05/21/2007 5:41:54 PM PDT · by Unmarked Package · 61 replies · 1,720+ views ^ | May 21, 2007 | Linda L.
    Mrs. Ann Romney: Photo from Five Brothers Blog I realize its early in the campaign, but as a wife and a mother, I cannot help but notice that not a lot has been mentioned in the MSM yet about potential First Ladies, and the importance of the role they play in a Presidency. In reality, it is a factor that should be taken as seriously as the candidate himself. Like the President, the First Lady represents us all, and I will be forever appreciative to Laura Bush for returning a more traditional sense or dignity, charm, and graciousness back into...
  • Rumsfeld Reflects on Terrorism During 9/11 Anniversary

    09/11/2006 5:49:22 PM PDT · by SandRat · 5 replies · 325+ views
    WASHINGTON, Sept. 11, 2006 Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld talked about the nature of terrorism as part of Radio Day at the Pentagon today, the fifth anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Sept. 11, 2001, was the greatest loss of American life from a single attack in U.S. history, he said. The death toll that day was nearly 3,000 people in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. But the purpose of terrorism isnt to kill, but to terrorize, Rumsfeld told Charlie Brennan of St. Louis KMOX. Fear causes people to alter their behavior, the secretary said. As free...
  • GAME, SET, CAREER: Agassi's defeat at U.S. Open stirs tearful farewell to adoring crowd

    09/04/2006 6:40:06 AM PDT · by Nevadan · 38 replies · 974+ views
    Las Vegas Review Journal ^ | Sep. 04, 2006 | STEVE CARP
    As the cheers rained down on him from every part of cavernous Arthur Ashe Stadium, the sweat on Andre Agassi's brow gave way to tears. The eyes, which for 20 years had been so piercing, so sharp in pinpointing weaknesses in his opponents for exploitation on the tennis court, grew cloudy with mist. Moments before, the 36-year-old Las Vegan's highly successful career had come to an end Sunday, losing in the third round of the U.S. Open to unheralded Benjamin Becker. The 7-5, 6-7 (4), 6-4, 7-5 defeat closed the book on one of the greatest eras for U.S. men's...
  • First black OU player dies at 67 (Dr. Prentice Gautt)

    03/18/2005 8:22:34 AM PST · by PhiKapMom · 15 replies · 676+ views
    The Oklahoman and Norman Transcript ^ | 18 March 2004 | Bob Hersom
    First black OU player dies at 67 By Bob Hersom The Oklahoman Dr. Prentice Gautt, whose distinguished career included being the first black football player at the University of Oklahoma, died Thursday morning after a brief illness. Gautt, 67, died in Lawrence, Kan., after being hospitalized Monday with flu-like symptoms, his wife, Sandra, told The Associated Press. He was a special assistant to the Big 12 Conference commissioner. Prentice Gautt was truly a great person, OU President David Boren said in a statement, and he will be remembered as one of the most outstanding graduates in the history of...
  • First Lady Laura Bush Attends Fashion Week

    02/05/2005 1:27:48 PM PST · by Shortwave · 2 replies · 718+ views
    The models on the runway included Christie Brinkley, Sheryl Crow, Venus Williams and Paula Abdul, but all of the fashion world's eyes were on First Lady Laura Bush Friday when she attended The Heart Truth show at New York Fashion Week. Article...
  • Con-Man versus Class Act

    10/11/2004 10:28:53 AM PDT · by HawaiianGecko · 9 replies · 1,212+ views
    GeorgeWBush.Com ^ | 11-Oct-2004 | HawaiianGecko
    Has anyone noticed that Kerry seems to brag about having four retired Generals that endorse him? It's kind of like his endorsement from anonymous foreign leaders. There is a psychosis about John Kerry that makes him always try to look better by claiming that people better than Kerry approve of him. He is truly NOT a man that is confident in his abilities. If you think about it, he is NOT a self made man. At least not in the way that Americans believe a self made man is constructed. Kerry's wealth comes from marriage into vast sums of money....
  • Ruthlessly charming Bush runs rings around Kerry

    08/14/2004 6:16:31 AM PDT · by veronica · 104 replies · 3,102+ views
    The Times, Irish Independent ^ | 8-14-04 | Tim Reid
    AMERICA was reintroduced this week to one of its most charming, gifted, relaxed, wily, plainspoken and ruthless politicians: George W Bush, the candidate. If the US president loses his re-election bid on November 2 - a fate that is a real possibility - it will not be because he lacks the skills needed on the stump. Love him or loathe him, the past ten days have reminded voters and political journalists just what an effective campaigner Mr Bush is. As he and John Kerry, his Democratic opponent, have engaged in the first intensive round of election-year combat, sparring with each...
  • Standing-room-only on Bush bus last Saturday ("...Bush is a class act.")

    08/06/2004 4:16:46 AM PDT · by ResistorSister · 36 replies · 2,018+ views
    The Repository (Canton, Ohio) ^ | Friday, August 6, 2004 | G. PATRICK KELLEY
    CANTON The Timken Co. didnt load the dice with the group of workers selected to ride on President Bushs campaign bus. At least two of the Steelworkers chosen have little or no inclination to vote for Bush in November. When Bush came to Ohio on Saturday, his motorcade started in Cleveland and picked up 10 Timken employees in Akron. They talked with the president during the ride to Canton. Timken spokesman Jason Saragian said the companys only role was selecting the employees for the event. Half were salaried and half were union workers. We looked for associates to represent...
  • Vice President's Remarks at President Reagan's Funeral

    06/10/2004 5:12:20 AM PDT · by treeclimber · 34 replies · 418+ views ^ | 6-9-04 | Cheney
    THE VICE PRESIDENT: Mrs. Reagan, members of the President's family, colleagues, distinguished guests, members of the diplomatic corps, fellow citizens:
  • Joe Lieberman Went "Overboard" In Praise For Reagan

    06/09/2004 6:38:02 PM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 64 replies · 224+ views
    Self | June 9, 2004 | PJ-Comix
    Anybody else just now hear Joe Lieberman giving EFFUSIVE praise to Ronald Reagan? I put "overboard" in quotes because from the Democrat's point of view, Lieberman went way too far in his praise of Reagan. Usually the Democrats just say Reagan was a good communicator but Lieberman gave Reagan high marks for standing up for what he believed in. Also gave credit for ending the Cold War. This type of praise is taboo among the liberals.
  • Tiger Woods makes donation to Army foundation

    06/08/2004 5:57:44 AM PDT · by Constitution Day · 22 replies · 654+ views
    Tiger Woods makes donation to Army foundation The Associated Press June 7, 2004 3:37 pm FORT BRAGG, N.C. -- Tiger Woods, who spent a week with the Special Forces at Fort Bragg after competing in the Masters, has donated $50,000 to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, the Army said Monday.Woods spent two days of his April visit training with Army Special Operations Command soldiers. He fired weapons, learned tactics and performed a free-fall parachute jump.In a letter to Lt. Gen. Philip R. Kensinger Jr., commanding general of the command, Woods wrote that his experiences at Fort Bragg showed a...
  • Thurmond's Grandson [Republican Ronald Williams, MD, son of Essie Mae] Breaks Silence

    12/19/2003 6:04:05 PM PST · by GraniteStateConservative · 43 replies · 860+ views
    Associated Press/KIRO-TV ^ | 12-18-03 | Associated Press
    CENTRALIA, Wash. -- Following his mother's lead, a 53-year-old doctor in Onalaska has come forward to talk openly about his heritage as the mixed-race grandson of the late South Carolina Sen. Strom Thurmond, a former segregationist. Dr. Ronald Williams, an emergency room physician at Morton General Hospital, spoke proudly about his grandfather in an interview with The Chronicle of Centralia and said he regrets he wasn't closer to Thurmond. "I can't imagine not being able to claim your own father," Williams told the paper in a copyright story published Wednesday. "It was even hard for us not to acknowledge it,...
  • Maria Shriver Speaking to Republican Women on MSNBC now

    10/03/2003 1:31:22 PM PDT · by rocklobster11 · 185 replies · 229+ views
    MSNBC is apparently showing the Maria Shriver speech in it's entirety. It's pretty good. She is giving a 10 point list of things everyone needs to know about Arnold and why he would make a good governor and leader
  • Coleman Renews Campaign to Earn Senate Seat

    10/30/2002 7:39:07 AM PST · by PhiKapMom · 44 replies · 224+ views
    Coleman for Senate ^ | 30 October 2002 | Coleman for Senate
    Coleman Renews Campaign to Earn Senate Seat"The Future is Now", says Coleman, as he travels from one end of the state to the other SAINT PAUL - Wednesday morning, Norm Coleman renewed his campaign for U.S Senate around Minnesota including rallies in International Falls, Thief River Falls, Owatonna and Saint Paul. Coleman told supporters gathered at the airport that he was determined to earn Minnesotans' vote in the next six days. "The Psalms tell us 'Tears remain for an evening, but joy comes in the morning,'" Coleman said. "We continue to grieve for Paul and Sheila. But I'm certain they...