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  • Madness, from D.C. to Denver (NOW, we can take over Agriculture - or at least TAX IT TO DEATH)

    03/13/2009 9:15:06 AM PDT · by jessduntno · 63 replies · 2,044+ views
    summit daily ^ | March 10 | Liddick
    Have we all suddenly gone mad? Have our wits suddenly deserted us? Has common sense been completely routed from our lives? The indications are not good. In a little-noticed verdict last week, a U.S. District Court of Appeals has decided that the Clean Air Act requires the Environmental Protection Agency to act against farmers who endanger public health by kicking up dust in the course of their business. Expect anti-dust regulations and fines to follow. For those unfamiliar with pastoral activities, allow me to enlighten: I grew up on a farm, and can personally attest that most types of agriculture...
  • Petition to save CFC inhalers (New ozone-friendly asthma medications don't work)

    05/30/2008 7:26:51 PM PDT · by AngieGal · 24 replies · 2,611+ views & FDA ^ | 5/30/08 | AngieGal
    The following petition has 2,200 signatures. Also please file any complaints with the FDA (Medwatch Reporting Form). Here is the link. Find the blue Begin button to the right to start. Text of petition: The FDA, in compliance with the Montreal Protocol, has banned the use of life-saving CFC propellant albuterol asthma rescue inhalers in order to help restore the ozone layer, even though it has been widely acknowledged that these CFC inhaler emissions are too trivial to harm the ozone layer: Leslie Hendeles, University of Florida Professor of Pharmacy and Pediatrics, has noted that CFC inhalers release negligible...
  • One Last Thing, Undecided Voters: Obama Would Regulate CO2 as a Pollutant Under Clean Air Act

    11/03/2008 6:17:38 PM PST · by Delacon · 21 replies · 610+ views
    Red Green and Blue ^ | November 3rd, 2008 | Timothy B. Hurst
    If you haven’t made up your mind who to vote for in tomorrow’s presidential election, I’m not sure that what I am about to tell you will help — but it just might. Both candidates told the web site sciencedebate2008 that they accept the scientific agreement that greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels are changing the Earth’s climate. And both candidates have said they want to cap emissions produced by the burning of those fossil fuels.But only Barack Obama has said he would regulate CO2 as a pollutant under the Clean Air Act.President George W. Bush has declined to curb...
  • Regulating CO2 Under the Clean Air Act—Not the Kind of Change We Have Been Waiting For

    Yesterday, reported that Barack Obama believes that carbon dioxide endangers human health and welfare and thinks it should be regulated using the Clean Air Act. What are the likely outcomes if carbon dioxide is regulated under the Clean Air Act? Regulating carbon dioxide means regulating the activities that emit carbon dioxide. In the United States, 85% of the energy we use comes from sources that emit carbon dioxide—coal, petroleum, and natural gas. Regulating these sources of energy will increase prices to consumers (e.g. electricity and gasoline)and reduce the economic efficiency of the economy, leading to job losses and large...
  • Expert: Clean Air Act Won't Help Global Warming

    09/19/2008 10:53:01 AM PDT · by RightSideNews · 8 replies · 262+ views
    Right Side News ^ | Sept 19, 2008 | Sterling Burnett
    DALLAS (Sept. 19, 2008)- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has no evidence that greenhouse gas emissions are harming the environment, according to comments filed this week by Sterling Burnett, Senior Fellow at the National Center for Policy Analysis. The EPA is considering whether it should be regulating greenhouse gas emissions and whether the Clean Air Act is an effective way to do so. "Using the Clean Air Act to regulate greenhouse gases is not at all what the law was intended to do," Burnett said. "You're seeing a lot of regulation without any results." According to Burnett, laws intended to...
  • 12 states sue EPA on refinery carbon emissions

    08/25/2008 11:46:15 AM PDT · by Zakeet · 29 replies · 338+ views
    Reuters ^ | August 25, 2008
    New York and 11 other states are suing federal environmental regulators over greenhouse gas emissions from oil refineries, the New York attorney general's office said on Monday. The suit, led by New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, charges that the Environmental Protection Agency violated the federal Clean Air Act by refusing to issue standards, known as new source performance standards, for controlling global warming pollution emissions from oil refineries. Note: Other states in the suit are California, Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington. New York City and Washington D.C. also joined in...
  • CHANGE IN THE AIR-federal ban on ozone-depleting CFCs will affect those w/ asthma

    08/14/2008 5:21:35 PM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 11 replies · 239+ views ^ | August 14, 2008
    A federal ban on ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), to conform to the Clean Air Act, is, ironically, affecting 22.9 million people in the United States who suffer from asthma, says Scientific American. Generic inhaled albuterol -- the most commonly prescribed short-acting asthma medication that requires CFCs to propel it into the lungs -- will no longer be legally sold after December 21, 2008. As more patients see their prescriptions change and costs go up -- the reformulated brand-name alternatives can be three times as expensive, raising the cost to about $40 per inhaler -- many question why this ban must begin...
  • The EPA's Attack On The U.S. Economy

    07/11/2008 9:33:58 AM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 19 replies · 157+ views
    GOPUSA ^ | July 11, 2008 | Phil Kerpen
    Opponents of a massive new energy tax and federal bureaucracy breathed a small sigh of relief last month when the Lieberman-Warner climate tax bill went down in flames on the Senate floor, with even 10 Democrats breaking from the party line and saying, in writing, that they would have opposed the bill on final passage. Unfortunately, power-mad bureaucrats at the Environmental Protection Agency are undaunted. Empowered by an activist Supreme Court in the 5-4 Massachusetts v. EPA decision, the EPA is expected today to release a staggering document blueprinting a dizzying array of greenhouse gas regulatory programs under dozens of...
  • GAO: DOD lacks evidence for exemptions

    03/07/2008 2:46:59 PM PST · by NormsRevenge · 4 replies · 183+ views
    AP on Yahoo ^ | 3/7/08 | Erica Werner - ap
    WASHINGTON - The Pentagon hasn't made the case for exemptions from three environmental laws or provided examples of how military operations have been impeded by them, a congressional report said Friday. The Government Accountability Office report came after the Navy lost in court over training exercises it was conducting under an exemption to the Marine Mammal Protection Act. Environmentalists contended that the Navy's use of sonar could harm whales off the Southern California coast, and the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled March 2 that the Navy had to limit the sonar use. In a written response included in...
  • CA: Judge rules Kern County dairy needs air pollution permit (violated Clear Air Act per Judge)

    09/26/2007 8:06:55 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 23 replies · 146+ views
    A Kern County dairy violated the federal Clean Air Act when it built a new plant before obtaining an air permit and complying with the latest air pollution requirements, a federal judge ruled Tuesday. The Center on Race, Poverty & the Environment sued C&R Vanderham Dairy nearly two years ago in U.S. District Court in Fresno, claiming the dairy needed to apply for an air permit before beginning construction. The plaintiffs argued that volatile organic compounds in decomposing dairy manure, livestock feed, and cows' digestive systems contributed to the region's polluted air. The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District...
  • New Climate for Global Energy Policy

    02/02/2007 4:11:37 PM PST · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 3 replies · 468+ views
    Cato Institute ^ | February 2, 2007 | Patrick J. Michaels
    The U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a slim summary today trimming down thousands of pages of its massive overall Fourth Scientific Assessment on global warming, which will be released in May. It is hoped that the "Summary for Policymakers" will be an accurate distillation. Hundreds of scientists have been involved in the review process, and it is safe to say that means hundreds of bored scientists, because there is very little in it that is scientifically new. For example, it will report with increasing certitude that humans are responsible for most of the surface warming that began in...
  • Bay Area air regulators consider ban on wood fires

    02/02/2007 2:21:49 PM PST · by SmithL · 49 replies · 851+ views
    San Francisco Bay area air quality regulators are proposing a mandatory ban on wood fires in fireplaces and stoves when the air is bad. Under the proposed rules, wood fires would be prohibited in the nine-county Bay Area on "Spare the Air" days — when air quality is expected to reach unhealthy levels. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District Board has asked its staff to draft rule options so it can hold hearings on a proposed ban this summer.
  • States will tell Supreme Court feds must act on warming

    11/25/2006 9:06:19 PM PST · by NormsRevenge · 37 replies · 1,035+ views
    LA Times ^ | 11/25/06 | David G. Savage
    WASHINGTON — The polar icecaps are melting, summers growing hotter and hurricanes becoming more powerful, but the Bush administration has insisted it cannot regulate the gases that many believe are responsible. On Wednesday, a coalition of 12 states, led by California and Massachusetts, will try to persuade the Supreme Court that the nation's environmental regulators have the legal authority and responsibility to control greenhouse gas emissions linked to global warming — which many scientists describe as the biggest environmental threat to the planet. It is a rare day when state lawyers travel to Washington hoping to win new powers for...
  • Clean Air Act Cited In Expected [EnvironMENTAL] Lawsuit

    11/04/2006 11:24:27 AM PST · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 5 replies · 397+ views
    Washington Post ^ | November 2, 2006 | Eric M. Weiss
    Two environmental groups say they will sue to stop construction of the intercounty connector, arguing that building the highway would violate sections of the federal Clean Air Act. Environmental Defense and the Maryland chapter of the Sierra Club said the Washington region already fails to meet certain clean-air standards and that building the six-lane, 18-mile highway would increase pollution. The $2.4 billion intercounty connector would link Interstate 270 in Montgomery County with Interstate 95 in Prince George's County. "There are elementary schools and nursing centers close to the ICC, and people who live and work within several hundred yards of...
  • California’s Global Warming Dodge

    09/29/2006 7:05:57 AM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 13 replies · 575+ views
    Cato Institute ^ | September 22, 2006 | Jerry Taylor and Peter Van Doren
    With great fanfare, California is about to pass a law mandating a 25 percent cut in state greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. While AB 32 appears to be a big development at first glance, closer examination reveals that it is little more than a sophisticated political dodge; a convenient vehicle by which politicians can appear to do something about global warming without actually having to do much of anything concrete about it. If past is prologue, environmentalists are in for a big disappointment. AB 32's environmental promise comes due 14 years hence – that is, long after the politicians who...
  • Cap and Sue

    07/12/2006 7:34:14 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 3 replies · 500+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | July 12, 2006 | Wall Street Journal
    One of the great revolutions in environmental policy has been the adoption of the "cap-and-trade" method for controlling air pollution, starting with the 1990 Clean Air Act. The basic idea is to have the government set overall limits and let the market figure out how most efficiently to achieve the goal. And it has been a major success: Over the past 35 years U.S. energy consumption has increased by 48%, and population by 42%, while emissions of the six most common pollutants have decreased by 53%. Yet that achievement is now threatened by federal, state and private lawsuits asking the...
  • Ethanol's Dirty Little Secrets

    07/12/2006 7:56:43 AM PDT · by Jane2005 · 7 replies · 296+ views
    TCS Daily ^ | 7/12/2006 | Tim Carney
    Today's politicians try to justify ethanol's upward pressure on gasoline prices by touting it as a "clean fuel," but that claim is dubious. In fact, ethanol was on the verge of being outlawed by clean air laws in October, 1992, when President George Bush called for exempting ethanol from the Clean Air Act. In the summer of 1991 an eclectic group from the petroleum industry, the ethanol industry, government agencies, and environmental groups all sat down to hammer out new regulations required by the 1990 amendments to the Clean Air Act, setting stricter standards for automobile emissions of Carbon Monoxide...
  • Courting Regulatory Disaster - or Clarity

    07/05/2006 11:33:08 PM PDT · by Lorianne · 3 replies · 509+ views
    Tech Central Station ^ | 06 July 2006 | Roy Spencer
    The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case being brought by a dozen states, several major cities, and environmental groups who want carbon dioxide, widely believed to be contributing to the current global warming trend, to be designated as a pollutant. The plaintiffs are challenging the Environmental Protection Agency's decision in 2003 that carbon dioxide (CO2) is not a pollutant that would come under the regulatory portions of the Clean Air Act. That decision has been upheld by two lower court rulings. A Supreme Court decision siding with the plaintiffs could have wide-ranging consequences, since it would open the...
  • Judges Overturn Bush Bid to Ease Pollution Rules

    03/21/2006 3:49:54 PM PST · by I got the rope · 5 replies · 420+ views
    NY Times ^ | 18 Mar 06 | MICHAEL JANOFSKY
    WASHINGTON, March 17 — A federal appeals court on Friday overturned a clean-air regulation issued by the Bush administration that would have let many power plants, refineries and factories avoid installing costly new pollution controls to help offset any increased emissions caused by repairs and replacements of equipment.
  • CA: Court: State did not meet burden under Clean Air Act

    02/22/2006 10:34:05 PM PST · by NormsRevenge · 4 replies · 274+ views
    AP on Bakersfield Californian ^ | 2/22/06 | AP - Sacramento
    SACRAMENTO (AP) - California violated the Clean Air Act when it decided nine years ago that no regulations were necessary to cut smog-forming compounds in farm and commercial pesticides, a federal judge ruled Wednesday. U.S. District Judge Lawrence Karlton's decision means that lawyers for environmental groups and the state will meet to discuss possible remedies for the pollution. Lawyers for both groups have been ordered to file briefs in 20 days. "The bottom line is that the state should have had regulations in place to have a 20 percent reduction of these emissions in five basins by this year," said...
  • Selling credits has its rewards

    01/17/2006 9:43:09 AM PST · by rellimpank · 4 replies · 227+ views
    Nevada Power Co. can expect to receive $9 million yearly as its share from the sale of sulfur dioxide pollution credits if the coal-fired Mohave Generating Station at Laughlin remains closed. Under the Clean Air Act of 1990, a company that needs to increase its production, and thus increase pollution, can do so if it buys an offset credit from another company that has curtailed air pollution.
  • Ariz. mine closure throws Indians out of work

    01/01/2006 12:28:36 PM PST · by bkwells · 56 replies · 1,132+ views
    San Diego Union Tribune ^ | 1/1/2006 | John M. Broder
    BLACK MESA, Ariz. – The gigantic earthmoving crane sits idle, stilled by a legal, cultural and environmental dispute playing out far from the rich vein of coal beneath the desert of remote northeastern Arizona. Some welcome the idling of the crane, calling it a symbol of the rape of the land and precious water below. Others, mostly American Indians who have come to depend on the high-paying jobs at the mine, are furious. For 35 years, the Black Mesa Mine has produced coal for a power plant in southern Nevada. But the plant suspended operations at the end of December,...
  • Nevada power plant to close after dispute

    12/30/2005 8:01:33 AM PST · by SmithL · 90 replies · 1,526+ views
    AP ^ | 12/30/5
    LAUGHLIN, Nev. - A large coal-fired power plant will close at the end of the year rather than violate a court-ordered deadline to install an estimated $1.1 billion in pollution-control measures. Southern California Edison said Thursday the Mohave Generating Station, at the center of an environmental dispute several years ago, would close. The plant has provided the utility with 7 percent of its electricity, but the company said its 13 million customers would not be immediately affected because of other power sources. Under a 1999 consent decree won by environmental groups, the aging Mohave plant was required to upgrade its...
  • New Laws May Let Power Plants Pollute More

    10/13/2005 6:58:29 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 20 replies · 481+ views
    ap on Yahoo ^ | 10/13/05 | John Heilprin - ap
    WASHINGTON - The Bush administration proposed new regulations Thursday that could allow the nation's dirtiest power plants to release more air pollutants each year — and possibly undercut lawsuits aimed at forcing companies to comply with the Clean Air Act. The proposal follows a June federal court ruling that said power plants can throw more pollutants into the air each year when they modernize to operate for longer hours. It's the latest in a series of attempts by the Environmental Protection Agency to make the nearly 30-year-old Clean Air Act rules for coal-fired power plants more industry-friendly. Some changes were...
  • Green Rules Seen on "Chopping Block" Post-Rita

    09/27/2005 4:57:15 PM PDT · by anymouse · 16 replies · 574+ views
    Reuters ^ | 9/27/05 | Chris Baltimore
    House Republicans on Wednesday will launch a rapid-fire assault against environmental protections on the pretext of helping the U.S. oil and gas industry recover from hurricane damage, environmental groups charge. The House Energy and Commerce Committee and the House Resources Committee are holding separate meetings to finalize legislation on Wednesday, with the aim of combining them into a single energy bill for the full House to debate next week. The resources panel, led by Richard Pombo of California, wants to lift a ban on Florida offshore drilling, promote oil shale and sell a dozen national parks for energy development. "This...
  • CA: Judge gives OK to sue over smog

    04/27/2005 9:11:35 AM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 14 replies · 564+ views
    Bakersfield Californian ^ | 4/27/05 | Sarah Ruby
    Environmental groups have the right to sue state agencies for not controlling pesticide pollution, a federal judge in Sacramento ruled Monday. State air quality agencies violated the federal Clean Air Act,which calls for a 20 percent reduction in smog caused by pesticides between 1990 and 2005, the lawsuit says. The required smog reduction hasn't happened in the San Joaquin Valley, where pesticide-induced smog has increased since 1990. "I'm ecstatic that (the judge) saw it our way," said Teresa DeAnda, an activist from Earlimart whose organization joined four others in the suit. They say the state's approach to pesticide smog pollution...
  • Court finds fault with EPA haze program for parks, wilderness (U.S. Court of Appeals, DC Circuit)

    02/18/2005 7:58:55 PM PST · by NormsRevenge · 3 replies · 575+ views
    Bakersfield Californian ^ | 2/18/05 | John Heilprin - AP
    WASHINGTON (AP) - A federal appeals court on Friday rejected a government-approved program used by five Western states to improve their air quality and visibility in national parks and wilderness areas. Siding with an industry coalition, the court said the states' program was based on Environmental Protection Agency methods that the court, ruling in a case three years ago, had found to be "inconsistent with the Clean Air Act." Friday's decision deals with efforts by Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah and Wyoming to cut sulfur dioxide pollution that contributes to regional haze, particularly at the Grand Canyon. Mike Leavitt, now...

    02/04/2005 11:33:44 AM PST · by FreeMarket1 · 1 replies · 212+ views ^ | Feb 04, 2005 | by staff reports
    CLEAN AIR ACT RUNS INTO TURBULENCE FROM CRITICSFeb 04, 2005 - FreeMarketNews.comby staff reportsCongress is getting ready to debate the Bush Administration’s proposed changes to the Clean Air Act, dubbed the “Clear Skies” initiative. At stake are considerations as to how soon reduced emissions should take effect. The Act has run into considerable opposition and energetic sniping. Critics such as Frank O’Donnell, argue for a time frame closer than the Administration’s 2018 target date, with its stated goal about improved air quality through simplified and less costly regulations The Washington Post reports that O’Donnell, former executive director of an organization...
  • Schwarzenegger, Pataki urge Congress not to weaken state powers (Clean Air Act)

    01/25/2005 4:35:46 PM PST · by NormsRevenge · 1 replies · 228+ views
    Monterey Herald ^ | 1/25/05 | Devlin Barrett - AP
    WASHINGTON - California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and New York Gov. George Pataki are pressing Congress to protect key parts of the Clean Air Act as lawmakers and the Bush administration seek to change the law. The two moderate Republicans on Tuesday urged senators considering updating the act not to reduce the powers states have now to enforce environmental regulations or create tougher state regulations. The governors, who both place great emphasis on their environmental initiatives, wrote to members of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, which will hold a hearing Wednesday to consider changes to the Clean Air Act....
  • Pentagon Is Pressing to Bypass Environmental Laws for War Games and Arms Testing

    12/27/2004 11:56:26 PM PST · by neverdem · 22 replies · 650+ views
    NY Times ^ | December 28, 2004 | FELICITY BARRINGER
    WASHINGTON, Dec. 27 - The Defense Department, which controls 28 million acres of land across the nation that it uses for combat exercises and weapons testing, has been moving on a variety of fronts to reduce requirements that it safeguard the environment on that land. In Congress, the Pentagon has won exemptions in the last two years from parts of the Endangered Species Act and the Marine Mammal Protection Act. It has sought in recent years to exempt military activities, for three years, from compliance with parts of the Clean Air Act. Also, the Pentagon, which controls about 140 of...
  • Ashcroft's farewell praises Justice effort

    12/11/2004 7:46:09 AM PST · by Seattle Conservative · 5 replies · 466+ views
    The Washington Times ^ | 12-11-04 | Jerry Seper
    Attorney General John Ashcroft, in a farewell speech yesterday to Justice Department employees, praised their efforts in deterring terrorism since the September 11 attacks on America,...... -snip- "Al Qaeda has not lost its thirst for American blood. ... We know that terrorists will strike when and if they can. For three years, terrorists have not struck at America because you and people who work with you in this law-enforcement community have not let them," he said. Mr. Ashcroft's tenure as the nation's chief law-enforcement officer has been under constant attack from civil rights groups, other liberal organizations and political opponents...
  • Bad News For Environmentalists - The Air is Cleaner!

    10/14/2004 1:30:01 PM PDT · by Entrepreneur · 10 replies · 646+ views
    The Washington Times ^ | 10/9/04 | William Fay
    Clean little secret By William Fay If all things we normally associate with air pollution grow — a robust economy and more people and workers consuming more energy and driving more vehicles more miles — we should have more air pollution, right? Wrong. Government data since 1970 (the year the Clean Air Act amendment was enacted) clearly paints a portrait of a healthy and growing economy: 42 percent more people and 95 percent more workers using 43 percent more energy, driving 111 percent more vehicles 151 percent more miles and a 175 percent boost in real gross domestic product. And...
  • Citgo reaches $320 million Clean Air Act settlement

    10/06/2004 11:51:17 AM PDT · by Michael Goldsberry · 1 replies · 228+ views
    Houston Chronicle ^ | Associated Press
    WASHINGTON - Citgo Petroleum Corp. will install $320 million in pollution controls at six refineries and pay a $3.6 million fine to settle a federal lawsuit alleging Clean Air Act violations, the Bush administration announced today. The settlement requires Citgo, the nation's No. 4 gas retailer, to reduce yearly emissions of nitrogen oxide by 7,184 tons and sulfur dioxide by 23,250 tons. Both can cause serious respiratory ailments and worsen cases of childhood asthma. The refineries covered in the agreement among the company, the Justice Department, Environmental Protection Agency and four states, represent 5 percent of the nation's refining capacity....
  • Keep congressional SCUM out of the economy!

    10/03/2004 8:09:16 AM PDT · by bryankdonnelly · 4 replies · 3,897+ views
    Myself | 3 Oct. 04 | bryankdonnelly
    "Clean Air Act" causes more problems than it solves. Keep congressional scum out of the economy!
  • {Liberal Author} John Nichols Takes Critical Look at Cheney in Biography

    09/02/2004 5:04:20 AM PDT · by Theodore R. · 4 replies · 395+ views
    Nichols takes critical look at Cheney in biography Associated Press Secret Service agents gave Dick Cheney a code name, "Backseat." In a four-decade career in politics, he has mostly kept a low profile, especially for someone who served as White House chief of staff, member of Congress, corporate CEO and now vice president. For long stretches, he has gone largely unseen, as during his small-town swings in the 2000 presidential campaign and his disappearance to a "secure, undisclosed location" after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks. Cheney's ability — and inclination — to fly below the news media radar has...
  • Local Bars Still Feeling Some Effects of State Smoking Ban(Should waivers be granted?)

    06/10/2004 8:20:25 AM PDT · by fight_truth_decay · 34 replies · 860+ views
    The Saratogian ^ | 06/10/2004 | JEROME BURDI
    SARATOGA SPRINGS -- According to a report conducted for bar owners in the state, the workplace smoking ban enacted last year led to the loss of 2,000 industry jobs and millions of dollars in wages. Ridgewood Economic Associates of New Jersey conducted the study for New York Nightlife Association based in New York City, and the Empire State Restaurant and Tavern Association based in Albany. The report stated that since the state's Clean Indoor Act took effect on July 24 banning smoking in all workplaces, $28.5 million in wages and salary payments and $37 million in gross state product were...
  • Clearing the Air

    04/20/2004 11:22:04 AM PDT · by neverdem · 14 replies · 3,282+ views
    NY Times ^ | April 20, 2004 | DAVID BROOKS
    The journalist has the ultimate power, a cynic once said, the power to choose whom to be co-opted by. That temptation is never greater than when you are writing about environmental policy. You can go to the environmental groups and get one set of facts. Or you can go to the industry groups and get an entirely different set of facts. Both sides have long histories of exaggeration and distortion, and there's no other realm of public policy in which it is so hard to find honest brokers, capable of offering a balanced perspective. Nonetheless, over the past couple of...
  • Oil, gas prices take a sudden tumble

    04/01/2004 2:05:47 PM PST · by Steven W. · 126 replies · 413+ views
    CNBC ^ | 4/1/04
    The Administration’s talk of suspending clean air rules in three states drops crude oil and wholesale gasoline prices. Markets move slightly higher as the Dow Jones average is shuffled. Have gasoline prices peaked? Maybe. But the fact is oil and wholesale gasoline prices dropped abruptly this afternoon as the Bush Administration said it was considering suspending clean air rules for three states -- California, New York and Connecticut. The comments by Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham before a Congressional hearing today knocked crude oil prices down nearly 4.1% to $34.30 and wholesale gasoline futures to $1.07, down 5.5%. Crude ended the...
  • Feinstein Asks EPA to Waive Rule on Fuel [MTBE]

    01/29/2004 12:39:28 PM PST · by ambrose · 38 replies · 231+ views
    LA Times ^ | 1.29.04 | LA Times
    Feinstein Asks EPA to Waive Rule on Fuel The agency may drop some gasoline additive regulations in New Hampshire; the same is sought for California. By Elizabeth Douglass, Times Staff Writer Sen. Dianne Feinstein on Wednesday called for the Environmental Protection Agency to waive some federal gasoline rules for California after the EPA proposed dropping certain pollution restrictions for gas sold in New Hampshire. The EPA last week proposed that fuel producers in New Hampshire could make reformulated gasoline without adding in an "oxygenate," such as ethanol or MTBE, as required under the federal Clean Air Act.
  • U.S. appeals court blocks changes to Clean Air Act

    12/25/2003 1:06:03 AM PST · by JohnHuang2 · 6 replies · 130+ views
    Washington Times ^ | Thursday, Christmas Day, 2003
    <p>A federal appeals court yesterday blocked a Bush administration change to the Clean Air Act from going into effect, in a challenge from state attorneys general and cities that argued the new rule would harm the environment and public health.</p>
  • Court blocks Bush changes to Clean Air Act

    12/24/2003 10:17:03 AM PST · by SierraWasp · 53 replies · 164+ views
    CBS ^ | 12/24/03 | Tim Rostan
    12:59PM Court blocks Bush changes to Clean Air Act by Tim Rostan CHICAGO (CBS.MW) -- A federal appeals court has temporarily blocked the Bush administration's planned revisions to the Clean Air Act. Critics have argued that revisions to the legislation, which was passed in 1963 and revised several times since, would undercut air-quality protections by allowing increased pollution. The challenge to the administration's revisions was initiated by state attorneys general.
  • Clean air debate needs clear talk

    12/23/2003 10:32:22 AM PST · by Holly_P · 3 replies · 137+ views
    Atlanta Journal-Constitution ^ | 12/23/03 | Jim Wooten
    In some of the 317 counties in 30 states that are out of compliance with Clean Air Act standards, motorists could park every single vehicle and manufacturers could shut down every single plant -- and the air still wouldn't pass federal muster. Why? Air moves. A local solution, even with a dramatic change in the way people live and conduct commerce, may have little or no impact on air quality compliance. "We end up with a system in which the only way to clean up the air is to sue their neighbors," said Environmental Protection Agency administrator Michael Leavitt in...
  • States and Cities Challenge EPA Air Pollution Rules

    10/27/2003 12:13:15 PM PST · by Tumbleweed_Connection · 7 replies · 138+ views
    Whichita Eagle ^ | 10/27/03 | John Heilprin
    WASHINGTON - Twelve states and several cities sued the Environmental Protection Agency on Monday to try to block the Bush administration's changes to the Clean Air Act. EPA's new rule makes it easier to upgrade utilities, refineries and other industrial facilities without installing additional pollution controls. The rule, which was proposed last December and signed by EPA's administrator in August, was made final on Monday. It will take effect in two months, and states have up to three years to comply. EPA said in a statement it does not believe this rule will result in significant changes in emissions and...
  • Bush keeps up 'Clear Skies' pressure

    09/16/2003 10:59:56 PM PDT · by JohnHuang2 · 2 replies · 187+ views
    Washington Times ^ | Wednesday, September 17, 2003 | By Bill Sammon
    <p>President Bush yesterday for the second day in a row called on Congress to reduce air pollution at a time when Democrats are stepping up their criticism of the president's environmental record.</p> <p>Mr. Bush met with utility officials in the White House, urging them to lobby lawmakers to pass his "Clear Skies" initiative, which he said would harness market forces to cut air pollution by 70 percent.</p>
  • Clean air, jobs can co-exist, Bush says

    09/15/2003 11:11:51 PM PDT · by JohnHuang2 · 190+ views
    Washington Times ^ | Tuesday, September 16, 2003 | By Bill Sammon
    <p>MONROE, Mich. - President Bush insisted yesterday that pollution regulations can be simplified without increasing emissions or slashing jobs - even at aging coal-fired power plants.</p> <p>"When we talk about environmental policy in this Bush administration, we not only talk about clean air, we talk about jobs," he told workers at the Detroit Edison Monroe Power Plant. "I believe we can do both."</p>
  • CA: Bill Lockyer sues the EPA over the Clean Air Act

    02/27/2003 8:40:01 PM PST · by NormsRevenge · 7 replies · 348+ views
    SJ Mercury News ^ | 2/27/03 | Marilee Enge
    <p>In the latest volley in the escalating battle between California and the Bush Administration on environmental issues, Attorney General Bill Lockyer sued the EPA Thursday, claiming recent changes to the Clean Air Act would dramatically increase smog in the state.</p>
  • President eases Clean Air rules (Hillary - "Bush Attacking Clean Air Act")

    11/23/2002 12:24:50 PM PST · by Tumbleweed_Connection · 17 replies · 217+ views
    Gannett News Service ^ | 11/23/02 | ERIN KELLY and JOHN MACHACEK
    <p>The Bush administration Friday finalized a plan to ease clean air regulations to allow polluting power plants to get bigger without having to get cleaner -- a move environmentalists and Northeast officials say threatens public health.</p> <p>"This is bad news for anyone who breathes," said Carl Pope, the Sierra Club's executive director.</p>
  • Bush Administration to Release New Pollution Rules

    11/22/2002 9:02:08 AM PST · by Lassiter · 1 replies · 277+ views
    Reuters via Yahoo! News ^ | Thu Nov 21, 7:26 PM ET
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Bush administration will release new rules on Friday to give older coal-fired power plants more leeway to avoid costly maintenance to reduce emissions, congressional sources said on Thursday. The Environmental Protection Agency will release its long-awaited "new source review" guidelines on Friday, said Chris Miller, a staffer on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. EPA spokesman Joe Martyak declined to comment on the timing for the release of the new rules. Existing rules require U.S. utilities and refineries to invest in state-of-the-art pollution controls if a plant undergoes a major expansion or modification. But the...
  • Intended Consequences: Natural Process v. Environmental Arrogance

    08/20/2002 9:09:04 AM PDT · by madfly · 82 replies · 1,624+ views
    The Sierra Times ^ | 8-19-02 | Sean Finnegan
    Intended Consequences: Natural Process v. Environmental Arrogance By Sean FinneganPublished 08. 19. 02 at 18:58 Sierra Time Sean Finnegan, who reported regularly from Klamath Falls for The Sierra Times, will be providing exclusive coverage of the Sawgrass Rebellion - the convoy headed toward Florida. As expected, The Sierra Times will provide regular coverage of this event. Finnegan begins his series on the battles in the Western States.DISPATCHES:· In the early morning of October 18, 1998, fire destroyed five buildings and four ski lifts in Vail, Colorado. Two days later an underground terrorist group known as the Earth Liberation Front...