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  • The Fine Tuning of the Universe

    02/12/2006 4:35:53 AM PST · by AmericaUnited · 125 replies · 1,807+ views
    AISH ^ | 2-20-2000 | Rabbi Mordechai Steinman with Dr. Gerald Schroeder
    The Fine Tuning of the Universe by Rabbi Mordechai Steinman with Dr. Gerald Schroeder An amazing array of scientists are bewildered by the design of the universe and admit a possibility of a designer. According to growing numbers of scientists, the laws and constants of nature are so "finely-tuned," and so many "coincidences" have occurred to allow for the possibility of life, the universe must have come into existence through intentional planning and intelligence.In fact, this "fine-tuning" is so pronounced, and the "coincidences" are so numerous, many scientists have come to espouse The Anthropic Principle, which contends that the universe...
  • Creation evangelist derides evolution as ‘dumbest’ theory [Kent Hovind Alert!]

    12/17/2005 3:58:48 AM PST · by PatrickHenry · 2,128 replies · 37,347+ views
    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Post ^ | 17 December 2005 | Kayla Bunge
    A former high school science teacher turned creation science evangelist told an audience at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee last Tuesday that evolution is the “dumbest and most dangerous theory on planet Earth.” Kent Hovind, founder of Creation Science Evangelism, presented “Creation or Evolution … Which Has More Merit?” to a standing-room only audience in the Union Ballroom on Dec. 6. The event was sponsored by the Apologetics Association, the organization that brought Baptist minister Tim Wilkins to UWM to speak about homosexuality in October. No debate challengers Members of the Apologetics Association (AA) contacted biology, chemistry and geology professors at...
  • RATE research reveals remarkable results—a fatal blow to billions of years (Evolution loses)

    11/08/2005 10:29:43 AM PST · by DaveLoneRanger · 127 replies · 1,844+ views
    Answers in Genesis ^ | November 7, 2005 | Dr. Jason Lisle
    This past weekend I had the privilege of attending the “Thousands ... not Billions” conference where the results of the RATE (Radioisotopes and the age of the earth) project were presented. The RATE project (a joint research initiative between the Institute for Creation Research, and the Creation Research Society) has carefully investigated the method of radioisotope dating: a method that allegedly shows rocks to be millions or billions of years old. Of course, the biblical text indicates a much more recent creation—a fact confirmed by RATE researcher and Hebrew scholar Dr. Steven Boyd. So it is exciting (but not surprising)...
  • There is no proof that we evolved from apes. Period

    12/15/2005 9:10:41 AM PST · by flevit · 543 replies · 10,494+ views
    the Sunday Telegraph ^ | 9/11/05 | Vij Sodera
    Simon Schama appears to have little understanding of biology (Opinion, September 4). With an ostrich mindset that tries to ignore reality, pseudo-scientists continue in the vain hope that if they shout loud and long enough they can perpetuate the fairy story and bad science that is evolution. You don't have to be a religious fundamentalist to question evolution theory - you just have to have an open and enquiring mind and not be afraid of challenging dogma. But you must be able to discern and dodge the effusion of evolutionary landmines that are bluster and non sequiturs. No one denies...
  • Paleocene dinosaurs and the reinforcement syndrome (Creation vs. Evolution)

    11/24/2005 8:36:05 PM PST · by DaveLoneRanger · 15 replies · 1,013+ views
    Answers in Genesis ^ | Michael J. Oard
    Paleocene dinosaurs and the reinforcement syndrome by Michael J. Oard Evolutionary scientists have proclaimed for years that the dinosaurs died out at the end of the Cretaceous, exactly 65 million years ago. This date has been considered one of the evolutionary facts of nature. Since dinosaur fossils have been unearthed on all continents, the timing suggests a global change in the environment, or catastrophe. The extinction of the dinosaurs is a great mystery of paleontology, and there have been dozens of hypotheses for its cause.1 During the past two decades, however, most scientists have come to believe the extinction was...
  • The Intrinsic Evil of Evolutionary Humanism

    11/15/2005 7:11:30 AM PST · by FerdieMurphy · 85 replies · 1,741+ views
    Sierra Times ^ | 11/15/2005 | Linda Kimball
    In 1920, Winston Churchill spoke of a group of Enlightenment conspirators who had produced a system of morals and philosophy "as malevolent as Christianity was benevolent, which, if not arrested would shatter irretrievably all that Christianity has rendered possible." He observed that this malignant worldview "has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the 19th century. This worldwide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality has been steadily growing." (Zionism versus Bolshevism) This malevolent system of warped morals and anti-human philosophy entered into...
  • A column about Kansas Science Standards

    11/14/2005 8:06:26 AM PST · by Exigence · 280 replies · 3,162+ views ^ | November 14, 2005 | State Board Chairman Steve Abrams, DVM
    A column about Kansas Science StandardsMonday, November 14, 2005 By Steve Abrams, chairman, Kansas State Board of Education Evolution. Creation. Intelligent Design. Is there any truth or facts that can come out of what has been bandied about in the media in the last few days? Let me first comment a little about what my critics claim. Some of my critics claim it is nothing short of trying to insert the supernatural into the Science classroom. Others claim I am trying to insert creation into the Science classroom via the backdoor. A few claim that I know nothing about science...
  • Intelligent Design Grounded in Science

    11/13/2005 6:07:54 AM PST · by NYer · 621 replies · 5,854+ views
    CBN ^ | November 2005 | By Gailon Totheroh – SEATTLE, Washington - The Dover, Pennsylvania school board is on trial in the state capitol. Their crime? They wanted to tell high school students once a year that evolution is only a theory. They also wanted to mention an alternate theory: Intelligent Design, or ID. That was too much for some parents. They sued, claiming ID is religious and therefore illegal in school. The judge will decide the case in the next few weeks.So is ID really just religion in disguise? Do both biology and astronomy support ID? And who are these people promoting ID?To answer those questions,...