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Keyword: coldfusion

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  • Rossi's NASA Test Fails to Launch (E-Cat)

    02/10/2012 4:47:33 PM PST · by Johnny B. · 92 replies
    New Energy Times ^ | 2/10/2012 | Steven B. Krivit
    Andrea Rossi, an Italian man who claims to have invented a practical low-energy nuclear reaction device, will not have his device tested and evaluated by NASA. In the past year, Rossi has had mixed success in gaining support at two NASA laboratories: Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va., and Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala.
  • MIT suggests new physical model for condensed matter

    02/09/2012 8:49:53 PM PST · by Kevmo · 39 replies and Vortex-L ^ | Feb 8 2012 | David Ledin
    [Vo]: MIT suggest new physical model for condensed matter The Vorts have some great comments about this theory. David ledin Tue, 07 Feb 2012 07:40:12 -0800 MIT suggest new physical model for condensed matter to explain many observations of anomalies in condensed matter systems. they named Fleischmann , Pons and Piantelli but not rossi . ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mark Iverson-ZeroPoint Tue, 07 Feb 2012 10:07:44 -0800 The key phrase in the abstract is: "In the resulting model, there appears a new term in which nuclear transitions are coupled to lattice vibrations." I wonder if Hagelstein has been reading...
  • More Respectability for LENR: Now to be Discussed at CERN Colloquium

    02/08/2012 9:15:58 PM PST · by Kevmo · 19 replies
    e-cat world ^ | February 9, 2012 | e-catworld
    More Respectability for LENR: Now to be Discussed at CERN Colloquium February 9, 2012 Shortly after NASA’s web site has featured a video promoting LENR as a possible future energy solution, we now find that CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research) is providing a forum for the subject at a colloquium to be held on March 22 entitled, “Overview of Theoretical and Experimental Progress in Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR)” The description about the event reads as follows: An overview will be given on the main progress made –since March 1989- through experimental/theoretical studies on thermal/nuclear anomalies observed...
  • Swartz and Hagelstein Publish Data in Response to Krivit’s Reporting

    02/06/2012 10:34:51 PM PST · by Kevmo · 12 replies · 1+ views
    ECat World ^ | Feb 5 2012 | Frank Acland Swartz and Hagelstein Publish Data in Response to Steven B. Krivit’s Reporting of JET Energy Cold Fusion February 5, 2012 Cold Fusion Times (owned and operated by Mitchell Swartz) has produced a lengthy response to reporting by Steven B. Krivit of New Energy Times who has criticized Swartz for posting what he (Krivit) considers “misleading” information on a personal web site about the recent cold fusion demonstration at MIT. The response states that Swartz and Hagelstein have decided to publish a portion of the data collected in the class in order to rebut the analysis of Krivit, including the...
  • NASA Publicly Reveals LENR Research

    02/02/2012 9:15:01 PM PST · by Kevmo · 25 replies
    NASA has Applied for a LENR Patent The National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA the US government’s space agency has apparently filed a patent application for a low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) energy source. Joe Zawodny a Senior Research Scientist at the agency’s Langley Research Center made that revelation in a blog entry dated January 14. Zawodny is the scientist seen in what appears to be an official NASA video promoting what is described as “NASA’s method for Enhancement of Surface Plasmon Polaritrons to Initiate and Sustain LENR in Metal Hydride Solutions a clean nuclear energy for your...

    02/01/2012 12:29:38 PM PST · by Widdy · 20 replies
    January 30-31, 2012 - Cambridge, MA. - As part of the IAP Course on COLD FUSION at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dr. Mitchell Swartz, JET Energy, and Prof. Peter Hagelstein demonstrated cold fusion openly for scientists and engineers. The demonstration was a two day part of the detailed, yet overview, seven day course run by Prof. Hagelstein and Dr. Swartz, and followed the first open demonstrations of cold fusion at MIT in 2003. This JET Energy NANOR(TM) demonstrated a significant energy gain greater than 10, much larger than the previous open demonstration. This exhibition is also remarkable because it...
  • Resonances: Coupling between electronic states and vibrational modes (phonons)...

    01/25/2012 10:01:16 PM PST · by Kevmo · 28 replies
    Vortex-L ^ | Wed, 25 Jan 2012 13:28:21 | Mark Iverson
    [Vo]:Resonances: Coupling between electronic states and vibrational modes (phonons)... Mark Iverson-ZeroPoint Wed, 25 Jan 2012 13:28:21 -0800 FYI: The presence of excess heat, and [near] lack of high-E particles/photons from LENR reactions would require coupling the large amount of E into the lattice vibrations (phonon modes) instead of into gammas (photons) or particles (neutrons and subsequently, dead grad-students). The article below looked into the energy-transfer (coupling) process in photosynthesis. They discovered that the coupling between electronic states and vibrational modes is greatly enhanced when they hit the light-harvesting complexes of algae with a 2-color (wavelength) photon spectroscopy. How does...
  • Defkalion offers testing of cold fusion reactors

    01/24/2012 6:53:19 PM PST · by Kevmo · 34 replies
    Ny Teknik ^ | Jan 23 2012 | Mats Lewan
    The Greek company Defkalion has invited scientific and business organizations to test the core technology in its forthcoming energy products. The products are based on LENR – Low Energy Nuclear Reactions. In a press release on January 23, Defkalion has invited "internationally recognized and reputable scientific and business organizations" from now and two months ahead, to do independent testing with their own instruments on the reactors used in the Defkalion's forthcoming energy device, "Hyperion" . The apparatus is according to Defkalion based on "Chemically Assisted Low Energy Nuclear Reactions caused by Nickel and Hydrogen Nuclei", a technology supposedly developed by...
  • University of Bologna Terminates Relationship With Rossi

    01/24/2012 4:21:51 AM PST · by Johnny B. · 20 replies
    New Energy Times ^ | 1/24/2012 | Steven B. Krivit
    Andrea Rossi, an Italian man who claims to have invented a practical low-energy nuclear reaction device, lost an ideal opportunity to have his device tested and evaluated by a prestigious University for lack of funds. Last summer, Rossi said he had started a research contract with the University of Bologna to allow its researchers to study his “Energy Catalyzer.” But that never happened. Today, Dario Braga, director of scientific research at the University told New Energy Times that the University waited long enough. It terminated the contract because Rossi did not fulfill his agreement to make the first progress payment....
  • Rossi E-Cat Destined For Underwriters Laboratory

    01/17/2012 8:10:03 PM PST · by Kevmo · 37 replies · 2+ views
    New Energy and Fuel ^ | January 17, 2012 | Brian Westenhaus
    Rossi E-Cat Destined For Underwriters Laboratory January 17, 2012 | 6 Comments Andrea Rossi, the inventor and energy behind the E-Cat was interviewed by Gary Hendershot and Sterling Allan for the Smart Scarecrow Show last Saturday the 14th of January 2012. The headline remark was Mr. Rossi has sent prototypes to the Underwriters Laboratories (UL). As best can be determined, that remark is in the past tense. The customary view is the UL accepts products destined for sale in the final form, which is a fact. However, the UL also offers governmental units assistance in establishing reasoned law, regulation...
  • Rossi Changes Plan Regarding Refueling of E-Cats

    01/14/2012 2:50:38 AM PST · by count-your-change · 37 replies
    E-Cat World ^ | 1-12-2012 | admin
    In an interesting and somewhat surprising move, Andrea Rossi now says that the home-based E-Cats he is planning to launch can be refueled by the customer. Rossi was asked by a reader of his blog how often and by whom the E-Cats would be recharged. Rossi replied: ” 1- Yes, every 6 months the domestic E-Cat will have to be refilled. 2- the refilling operation will be made by the Customer himself or by his usual plumber, or installer. It will be a very simple operation.” (emphasis added) The big change here is that previously, Rossi has always said that...
  • The E-Cat: Real or Surreal?

    01/13/2012 6:44:49 PM PST · by dila813 · 16 replies
    Forbes ^ | 1/08/2012 | Mark Gibbs
    In my last post I commented (once again) upon Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat cold fusion system and at the end of the posting I asked readers to vote on whether they thought (believed) that the device would perform as claimed (i.e. that it will be shown to produce significantly more energy than is required to start and maintain its operation). Over the following eight days more than 1,160 of you voted (an impressive 5% of readers!) and as of today, Sunday, January 8th, at 12:30PM PST, the results are:
  • NASA Publicly Reveals LENR Research

    01/12/2012 8:58:28 PM PST · by Kevmo · 113 replies · 1+ views
    Cold Fusion News ^ | Jan 12 2012 | admin
    Cold Fusion NewsNews about Cold Fusion Energy, Rossi E-Cat & LENR NASA Publicly Reveals LENR ResearchJanuary 12, 2012 Tweet The National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA has announced that it is working to develop a low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) or cold fusion power source. The agency has posted a video online that features a senior research scientist discussing LENR and explaining how it works. The scientist is Dr. Joseph Zawodny a Senior Research Scientist at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Virginia near Washington DC.Joseph Zawodny courtesy NASA “It has demonstrated ability to produce excess amounts of energy...
  • Method for Enhancement of Surface Plasmon Polarities to Initiate & Sustain LENR (NASA)

    01/12/2012 10:03:30 AM PST · by Normandy · 25 replies
    Youtube ^ | Jan 11, 2012 | NASA
    This is a video produced by NASA explaining that NASA is doing research in LENR/Cold Fusion -- In the video, Dr. Joseph Zawodny sees a future where LENR devices could power homes and the modern world. Competition to Rossi's E-Cat?
  • Celani, Piantelli Geneva LENR Presentations

    01/09/2012 8:37:40 PM PST · by Kevmo · 113 replies
    ECat News ^ | January 9, 2012 | Roy Viriglio
    Celani, Piantelli Geneva LENR Presentations January 9, 2012 Francesco Celani is a colourful and respected character in the evolving LENR scene. An experienced nuclear physicist, it was he who tried to sneek a peek at the radiation spectra during the January 2011 eCat demo before Rossi stopped him. An offer to test the eCat in order to settle the mud surrounding it was refused by the inventor who pointed out that such a move would only benefit competitors . Celani has not been idle and recently reported success working with Ni H reactions. It appears that his efforts do...
  • Progress in Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (Cold Fusion/LENR/LANR)

    01/09/2012 5:33:28 AM PST · by Wonder Warthog · 47 replies
    22passi ^ | 09 Jan 2012 | Francesco Celani
    On March 23, 1989, the international scientific environment, and not only that, was deeply surprised because of the abrupt announcement by two Scientists, one of them at world-class level (M. Fleischmann), that they had detected measurable, and unexplainable, excess energy after prolonged electrolysis of Heavy Water using Palladium (Pd) rods as cathode. Such a phenomenon, that cannot be ascribed to usual chemistry or physics reactions, was improperly given the odd name “cold fusion”, remembering similarities with the “muon-catalysed fusion” predicted (1952) by A. Sacharov and measured (1956) by L. Alvarez (Nobel Laureates): both fusion were realised at room temperatures and...
  • 2012: The Year of Cold Fusion?

    01/02/2012 8:30:42 AM PST · by Kevmo · 43 replies
    Forbes ^ | 12/31/2011 | Mark Gibbs
    2012: The Year of Cold Fusion? If this topic is new to you, the really short summary is that the E-Cat is a Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) or “cold fusion” device that generates large amounts of heat for a miniscule cost. I first wrote about the E-Cat and its implications in my Backspin column in Network World back in October and then again a couple of weeks later here in my Forbes Technobable blog. Since then I have covered various aspects of the topic ... here’s the list: ------------------------ Why so many postings on this topic? Simple …...
  • “Aussie Guy E-Cat” Claims he Has Fleischmann-Pons Effect Devices Working

    12/26/2011 10:45:07 PM PST · by Kevmo · 185 replies · 4+ views
    ECat World ^ | December 26, 2011 | Frank Acland
    New Cold Fusion Success Claim: “Aussie Guy E-Cat” Says he Has Fleischmann-Pons Effect Devices Working December 26, 2011 A very interesting discussion is taking place on Vortex-l, the online email discussion list for cold fusion, where a poster nicknamed “Aussie Guy E-Cat” is sharing information about Fleischmann-Pons Experiment (FPE) devices he has obtained from an Asian source, and which he plans to use to commercialize and demonstrate that Fleischmann and Pons were correct in their cold fusion claims. In the discussion thread Aussie Guy writes: The 2 cells were obtained from an Asian source. They are on loan for...
  • Royal Dutch Shell’s Interest Indicates Major Shift for LENR

    12/22/2011 12:14:56 PM PST · by Kevmo · 18 replies
    New Energy Times ^ | December 16, 2011 | Steven B. Krivit
    Shell’s Interest Indicates Major Shift for LENR Posted on December 16, 2011 by Steven B. Krivit Shell’s Interest Indicates Major Shift for LENR Royal Dutch Shell, plc, one of the largest energy companies in the world, is interested in exploring low-energy nuclear reaction research as a possible game-changer in the energy business. Two Shell scientists, Anitha Sarkar and Gilles Buchs, with the backing of the Shell GameChanger program, are looking for opportunities to work actively with LENR experts, according to a brief introduction the researchers prepared. Edward Beardsworth, a venture capitalist at Jane Capital Partners in San Francisco, introduced the...
  • Theoretical Feasibility of Cold Fusion According to the BSM Supergravitation Unified Theory

    12/22/2011 3:47:53 AM PST · by Kevmo · 30 replies · 4+ views ^ | Mon, 19 Dec 2011 | Stoyan Sarg Sargoytchev
    Theoretical Feasibility of Cold Fusion According to the BSM Supergravitation Unified Theory Mon, 19 Dec 2011 New monograph is available on Cold Fusion. 26 pages excerpted Author: Stoyan Sarg Sargoytchev, York Univeristy, Toronto, Canada Source: Discussion: PDF: Abstract: Advances in the field of cold fusion and the recent success of the nickel and hydrogen exothermal reaction, in which the energy release cannot be explained by a chemical process, need a deeper understanding of the nuclear reactions and, more particularly, the possibility for modification of the Coulomb barrier. The current theoretical understanding based on high temperature fusion does...