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  • WAR GAMES US sends special forces to RUSSIAN BORDER as Nato is poised to strike back ...

    01/04/2017 7:41:19 AM PST · by RummyChick · 41 replies
    thesun ^ | 1/4/17 | hodge
    PRESIDENT Obama has deployed US special forces troops along Lithuania’s border with “aggressive” Russia. Tensions between Washington and the Kremlin have reached Cold War levels amid reports Vladimir Putin is deploying nuke-ready missiles in the Russian province of Kaliningrad – which borders Poland, Belarus and Lithuania.
  • How Putin Ignited a Civil War in Ukraine

    07/05/2015 3:24:27 AM PDT · by elhombrelibre · 12 replies
    NEWSWEEK ^ | 4 Jul 15 | Alina Polyakova
    The war in eastern Ukraine is a Kremlin-manufactured conflict. The arrival of "little green men" in Crimea in February 2014 transformed the conflict from a domestic altercation between citizens and their government to an international crisis. Russian President Vladimir Putin publicly acknowledged in a government-sponsored documentary that he carefully planned and orchestrated the military takeover of the Crimean peninsula. No such admissions have been made about the war in the Donbas. From the outbreak of fighting in the east, the official Kremlin narrative has framed the Ukrainian crisis as a civil war between the Ukrainian government and pro-Russian separatists. In...
  • The struggle for Ukraine is more serious than ISIS

    07/05/2015 6:16:58 AM PDT · by elhombrelibre · 14 replies
    NEW YORK POST ^ | 5 Jul 15 | Diane Francis
    KIEV — Vladimir Putin continues to chip away at Ukraine while the west just watches. In the past year, Ukraine has lost 9% of its territory, 1.3 million people have fled Russian-occupied regions, 6,200 people have died and 30,000 have been wounded. On July 17, one year ago, Russian missiles blew up a Malaysian plane over Ukraine, killing 298 passengers on board, a war crime barely mentioned. Ukraine’s economy has been damaged and the country’s payments on debts, due to years of exorbitant Russian gas prices, are the same as defense costs. Russia’s aggression is at bay because, in the...
  • "Hillary is the worst option": How Moscow sees American politics

    05/04/2015 7:59:43 PM PDT · by Paid_Russian_Troll · 18 replies
    vox ^ | May 5, 2015 | Max Fisher
    Everyone in Moscow tells you that if you want to understand Russia's foreign policy and its view of its place the world, the person you need to talk to is Fyodor Lukyanov. Lukyanov is the chair of Russia's Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, as well as the editor-in-chief of the journal Russia in Global Affairs, which are something like the Russian equivalents of America's Council on Foreign Relations and Foreign Affairs — though the Russian versions are considered much closer to the state and its worldview.
  • "America has a simple ideology": how one of Russia's top US experts tries to explain America

    05/04/2015 7:55:50 PM PDT · by Paid_Russian_Troll · 30 replies
    vox ^ | May 5, 2015 | Max Fisher
    The United States comes up constantly when you talk to Russians about their country's place in the world. But the conversations tend to go a lot differently than many Americans might expect. In the US, the common view is that Russians feel aggrieved by the loss of the Soviet Union and all the respect that came with being a global superpower. Russia's acts of aggression in Europe, in this telling, are all about challenging the American-led order as a way to prove Russia's might and importance. This aggression is wildly popular among Russians, many Americans believe, because it makes them...
  • What Putin learned when the Berlin Wall fell

    11/15/2014 8:07:53 AM PST · by Tailgunner Joe · 12 replies ^ | November 14, 2014
    This year, several Russian lawmakers called for an investigation against Mr. Gorbachev, charging him with having caused the collapse of the Soviet Union. To accuse someone of having brought about the end of a state responsible for the murder of millions, the imprisonment of tens of millions and the oppression of hundreds of millions is a bit like accusing someone of having brought down Nazism. But the people who run post-Soviet Russia don’t see it that way. Mr. Putin saw a regime – the regime he served – unwilling to maintain power by force. Unlike the Chinese communists, who in...
  • Not Your Father’s Cold War

    03/19/2014 8:39:16 AM PDT · by Sherman Logan · 17 replies
    National Review Online ^ | March 19, 2014 | Jonah Goldberg
    The West has forgotten the foreign-policy lessons that predate 1945. Will everyone please stop talking about a new Cold War? However badly things work out between Russia and the United States and the West, a new Cold War isn’t in the cards because Russia today isn’t the Soviet Union. Sure, there are similarities. We are in a diplomatic and geostrategic conflict with Russia, which was the heart of the old Soviet Union. Also, Russia wants much of the real estate that belonged to the Soviet Union before it collapsed. And Vladimir Putin is a former KGB colonel who now waxes...
  • State TV says Russia could turn US to 'radioactive ash'

    03/16/2014 3:09:27 PM PDT · by markomalley · 109 replies
    AFP ^ | 3/16/2014 | Stuart Williams
    A leading anchor on Russian state television on Sunday described Russia as the only country capable of turning the United States into "radioactive ash", in an incendiary comment at the height of tensions over the Crimea referendum. "Russia is the only country in the world realistically capable of turning the United States into radioactive ash," anchor Dmitry Kiselyov said on his weekly news show on state-controlled Rossiya 1 television. Kiselyov made the comment to support his argument that the United States and President Barack Obama were living in fear of Russia led by President Vladimir Putin amid the Ukraine crisis....
  • Obama & Putin - Trapped In Macho Game Of “Chicken” Over Ukraine - Whole World Could Pay The Price

    03/08/2014 12:25:04 PM PST · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 35 replies
    Freedom Outpost ^ | March 6, 2014 | Michael Snyder
    The U.S. government and the Russian government have both been forced into positions where neither one of them can afford to back down. If Barack Obama backs down, he will be greatly criticized for being "weak" and for having been beaten by Vladimir Putin once again. If Putin backs down, he will be greatly criticized for being "weak" and for abandoning the Russians that live in Crimea. In essence, Obama and Putin find themselves trapped in a macho game of "chicken" and critics on both sides stand ready to pounce on the one who backs down. But this is not...
  • Donor to Groups Devoted to Reducing U.S. Nuclear Stockpile Receives Scientific Achievement Award

    02/03/2014 7:24:12 PM PST · by FreeAtlanta · 16 replies
    FREEBEACON.COM ^ | February 3, 2014 5:34 pm | Washington Free Beacon Staff
    A donor to a Democratic representative and a number of groups devoted to reducing the U.S. nuclear stockpile received a prestigious White House award for scientific achievement on Monday. Article Link: Donor to Groups Devoted to Reducing U.S. Nuclear Stockpile Receives Scientific Achievement Award | Washington Free Beacon ( with Article Posting Assistant: (
  • 7 Reasons That Russia Is Not The Soviet Union

    01/21/2014 1:48:31 AM PST · by cunning_fish · 105 replies
    Forbes ^ | 12/31/2013 | Mark Adomanis
    National Review published a rather overheated piece the other day that contained an entertaining line: “Russia has become the Soviet Union with a better suit”. The idea that Russia is fundamentally the same as the Soviet Union is a popular one, particularly on the political right where “Soviet” has for decades served as a synonym for “bad.” Barely a day goes by without someone bemoaning Putin’s “Soviet” character or the “neo-Soviet” policies that Russia pursues in its part of the world. However this idea is deeply mistaken and extremely misleading, and can only be held by deliberately ignoring a huge...
  • Snowden agrees to asylum in Venezuela: top lawmaker

    07/09/2013 7:46:47 AM PDT · by Perdogg · 59 replies
    breitbart ^ | july 9, 2013
    US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden, who has been holed up in a Moscow airport for more than two weeks, has agreed to an offer of political asylum from Venezuela, a top pro-Kremlin lawmaker said on Tuesday.
  • Egyptian Magazine: Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrates Obama Administration

    01/07/2013 5:38:33 PM PST · by wesagain · 30 replies ^ | Jan 4, 2013 | John Rossomando
    An Egyptian magazine claims that six American Islamist activists who work with the Obama administration are Muslim Brotherhood operatives who enjoy strong influence over U.S. policy. The Dec. 22 story published in Egypt's Rose El-Youssef magazine (read an IPT translation here) suggests the six turned the White House "from a position hostile to Islamic groups and organizations in the world to the largest and most important supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood." The story is largely unsourced, but its publication is considered significant in raising the issue to Egyptian readers. The six named people include: Arif Alikhan, assistant secretary of Homeland...
  • Obama, Gates, Napolitano must stop disarming America (Vanity)

    01/17/2011 3:41:45 AM PST · by Wiz · 7 replies
    various | 2011 Jan 16
    The Obama administration, especially DOD secretary Robert Gates and DHS secretary Janet Napolitano has been attempting to disarm America by cutting the most important portions of the national budget and increasing threat of national security, in terms of a new era of Cold War against China, and against war on terror as well as illegal immigrants crossing the Mexican border, while the Obama administration has been trying to spend tax payers' money on unwanted Obamacare. In 2010 December, photos of China's stealth fighter prototype J-20 during taxi flight test appeared on websites in China, assumed to be leaked by unknown...
  • Top Russian spy defects after betraying ring in U.S.

    11/11/2010 4:32:14 PM PST · by combat_boots · 16 replies
    Al-Reuters (Link Only....Yahoo) ^ | 12 Nov 2010 | Thomas Grove
    (Link only.) Perhaps the biggest catch since the Cold War, or so the article says. Head of US deep cover.
  • Muslim soldier says, “God did not give legitimacy to any war the U.S. Army…”

    08/31/2010 7:10:24 AM PDT · by jmaroneps37 · 32 replies ^ | August 30, 2010 | Kevin “Coach” Collins
    In March when the coward Adam Gadahn called for Muslims serving in our Armed forces to follow “Brother Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood murderer, at least one Muslim soldier may have taken his words to heart. On August 23, 20 year old Pfc. Naser Abdo, an infantryman assigned to the 101st Airborne Division, decided that although his unit was deploying to fight in Afghanistan he was not going. Instead his is now claiming Contentious Objector (C.O.) status. Contentious Objector requirements The Department of Defense allows Contentious Objector status to be granted to soldiers who object to “war in any form.”...
  • Spy swap puts halt to fact finding

    07/14/2010 7:37:04 AM PDT · by COUNTrecount · 18 replies
    Washington Times ^ | Tuesday, July 13, 2010 | By Bill Gertz
    The Obama administration's rapid release of 10 Russian intelligence officers removed the prospect of a public trial revealing embarrassing facts about Russian influence operations, like the targeting of a key Democratic Party financier close to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. Current and former national security officials critical of the speedy exchange with Moscow also said trading the 10 spies for four Russians less than two weeks after their arrest also limited U.S. counterspies from learning important details of Russian espionage and influence operations. Questions about the handling of the case were raised Tuesday during a closed-door briefing of the...
  • Analysis: Arrests show U.S.-Russia spies' covert war lives on

    06/29/2010 6:47:20 AM PDT · by Tailgunner Joe · 7 replies ^ | June 29, 2010
    "In Moscow, they will be angry," former KGB Colonel and British double agent Oleg Gordievsky told Reuters. "'How much of the information we got was planted by the FBI -- that's what they'll be wondering in Moscow Center," said Robert Ayers, a former U.S. intelligence officer. Saying the alleged spy group had recruited political sources and gathered information for the Russian government, U.S. authorities have charged 11 individuals with carrying out deep-cover work to learn about U.S. economic and foreign policy and intelligence and the world gold market. Russia's Foreign Ministry called the allegations baseless and said it was regrettable...
  • DOJ: 10 alleged Russian intel officers arrested

    06/28/2010 1:14:47 PM PDT · by Justaham · 167 replies
    <p>WASHINGTON — Ten Russian intelligence officers have been arrested for allegedly serving as illegal agents of the Russian government in the United States, the Justice Department announced Monday.</p>
  • Russia Invites Ukraine to Join Ex - Soviet Security Bloc

    05/18/2010 11:09:30 PM PDT · by ErnstStavroBlofeld · 9 replies · 314+ views
    NY Times ^ | 5/18/2010 | Reuters via NY Times
    Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Tuesday invited Ukraine to join a security bloc of former Soviet republics, a step that would draw Ukraine closer into Moscow's embrace. Ukraine has forged warm ties with its former Soviet masters since the February election of President Viktor Yanukovich as president. Yanukovich, an ex-mechanic from the Russian-leaning east of the country, frequently speaks Russian at public events. Former Ukrainian president Viktor Yushchenko shunned Russia and attempted to take his country into NATO, despite considerable public opposition. NATO members put Ukrainian membership on the back burner in 2008. Medvedev, on his first state visit to...
  • Iran Risking Multi-Front War

    05/15/2010 7:45:11 PM PDT · by ErnstStavroBlofeld · 12 replies · 634+ views
    The Diplomat ^ | 5/13/2010 | By Meir Javedanfar
    The idea that nuclear weapons will usher in an era of peace and security for the Islamic Republic is likely to prove to be nothing short of an illusion—even if Ayatollah Khamenei’s regime succeeds in averting a military strike against its nuclear installations before it reaches its military goals for its nuclear programme. History has shown that there are many countries against the idea of a powerful Islamic Republic. In 1979, the newly born Islamic Republic of Iran was armed to the teeth with sophisticated US military technology that had been purchased by the Shah, making it a regional military...
  • Obama's nuclear-free vision mired in debate

    01/04/2010 9:54:38 AM PST · by BradtotheBone · 8 replies · 626+ views
    LA Times ^ | January 4, 2010 | Paul Richter
    Reporting from Washington - President Obama's ambitious plan to begin phasing out nuclear weapons has run up against powerful resistance from officials in the Pentagon and other U.S. agencies, posing a threat to one of his most important foreign policy initiatives. Obama laid out his vision of a nuclear-free world in a speech in Prague, Czech Republic, last April, pledging that the U.S. would take dramatic steps to lead the way. Nine months later, the administration is locked in internal debate over a top-secret policy blueprint for shrinking the U.S. nuclear arsenal and reducing the role of such weapons in...
  • Obama's vision of nuclear-free world drawing fire - Obama finds resistence on removing nukes

    12/31/2009 9:12:48 AM PST · by a fool in paradise · 47 replies · 2,245+ views
    Houston Chronicle ^ | Dec. 29, 2009, 9:00AM | By PAUL RICHTER McClatchy Tribune
    ...Obama's ambitious plan to begin phasing out nuclear weapons has run up against powerful resistance from officials in the Pentagon and other U.S. agencies, posing a threat to one of his most important foreign policy initiatives. Obama laid out his vision of a nuclear-free world in a speech in Prague in April, vowing the U.S. would take dramatic steps to lead the way. Eight months later, the administration is locked in internal debate... Officials in the Pentagon and elsewhere have pushed back against administration proposals to cut the number of weapons and narrow their mission.... The debate represents another collision...
  • U.S. to stop counting new missiles in Russia

    12/01/2009 11:55:46 AM PST · by Thunder90 · 24 replies · 1,436+ views
    Washington Times ^ | 12/1/2009 | Nicholas Kralev
    The United States is about to lose a key arms-control tool from the closing days of the Cold War -- the right to station American observers in Russia to count the long-range missiles leaving its assembly line. The end of full-time, on-site access will likely ignite complaints in Congress, with insiders from both parties arguing over whether the George W. Bush or the Obama administration is responsible.
  • COLD WAR II: What happened to the fall of communism?

    09/10/2009 1:02:16 PM PDT · by Tailgunner Joe · 19 replies · 1,682+ views ^ | September 9, 2009 | Toby Westerman
    Events were not supposed to have turned out this way: Stalin is making a comeback in Russia, the Chinese Communist Party controls capitalism in China, Venezuela — once a friend of the United States — is now a neo-Marxist state, and Latin America itself is dominated by communist or far left regimes. When the Berlin Wall was destroyed by jubilant West Berlin youth, the nightmare was believed to be over. The communist true believers, however, are again a threat to humanity — even within the U.S. government. It is a story gets little coverage in the centralized media. Instead of...
  • Obama: We have reset U.S.-Russia relations

    07/06/2009 9:32:59 AM PDT · by Sub-Driver · 66 replies · 1,892+ views
    Obama: We have reset U.S.-Russia relations @ 12:18 pm by Jeremy P. Jacobs President Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev touted the results of the first day of their summit in Moscow at a press conference on Monday. Both presidents complimented the others' "business-like" approach to the summit and both appeared pleased with the agreements that came out of the first day. Obama said at the beginning at that shortly after taking office they "resolved to reset U.S.-Russian relations." "Today, after less than six months," he went on, "we have done exactly that." In particular, Obama touted the summit's agreements...
  • A New Cold War? - Western-hemispheric maneuvers.

    12/08/2008 6:54:00 PM PST · by neverdem · 7 replies · 530+ views
    National Review Online ^ | December 08, 2008 | An NRO Symposium
    December 08, 2008, 4:00 a.m. A New Cold War?Western-hemispheric maneuvers. An NRO Symposium What does Russia docking in the Panama Canal this weekend mean? What should the Obama administration be thinking about it? National Review Online asked a group of Russian experts. David Satter The visits of Russian ships to Venezuela and the Panama Canal are part of a campaign of escalating Russian pressure — a campaign designed to prevent Ukraine and Georgia from being admitted into NATO. The inclusion of these two former Soviet republics in NATO does not threaten Russia militarily, but in the eyes of Russian...
  • Crisis will help us regain power - Russia's Communists

    11/30/2008 1:13:02 PM PST · by DaveTesla · 17 replies · 691+ views
    Reuters ^ | 11/29/2008 | Reuters
    MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia's Communists expect the global financial crisis will cause social unrest and help them challenge for power, the party's leader said on Saturday. Gennady Zyuganov told the party's annual congress the Communists should make maximum use of the growing public discontent caused by the economic downturn to try to restore their political strength. "The wind of history is blowing in our sails again ... At this time of crisis the world of imperialism is starting to die. We are standing on the threshold of political and social shifts," Zyuganov said in a 2-hour speech opening the congress....
  • RUSSIA: Dimitri Medvedev raises spectre of new Cold War

    08/27/2008 12:05:40 PM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 37 replies · 252+ views
    The Times (UK) ^ | August 26, 2008 | James Hider in Akhalgori, Georgia
    Russia put the West on alert for a new Cold War that the Kremlin is ready to fight, its President said yesterday. President Medvedev set tensions soaring when he recognised the independence of two breakaway republics inside Georgia. “We are not afraid of anything, including the prospect of a Cold War,” he said. Hours earlier he had ordered his Foreign Ministry to start establishing diplomatic ties with the secessionist regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. The move brought instant condemnation from the United States, Britain, France, Germany and other Western countries. President Bush appealed to the Kremlin to “reconsider this...
  • US warship docks in Georgia port

    08/24/2008 12:30:15 AM PDT · by Ramzi Al Kaboom · 118 replies · 913+ views
    BBC ^ | Sunday August 24 2008
    Us warship arrives in Georgia
  • It’s Not a Cold War -- It just sounds like one.

    08/21/2008 4:59:05 PM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 2 replies · 125+ views
    National Review ^ | August 20, 2008 8:00 AM | Frederick W. Kagan
    The most grotesque aspect of Russia’s aggression in Georgia is the repeated Russian claim that Georgia poses a threat to Russia and its citizens. In language harking back to the Orwellian rhetoric of the Cold War, all Russian troops are “peacekeepers” and all Georgian forces are “diversionaries” and “terrorists.” Russian troops are now openly occupying Georgian territory on the grounds that law and order in Georgia has collapsed. Of course it has. Russian tanks and airplanes crushed it underfoot. Moscow bemoans the absence of “legitimate political leadership” in Georgian territories like Gori even as its troops occupy Gori without the...
  • Don't Barack for Georgia .... (blaming the victim)

    08/12/2008 9:27:32 AM PDT · by IrishMike · 13 replies · 247+ views
    Herald Sun ^ | Andrew Bolt | August 13, 2008
    WE have just had a lesson in how the next president of the US would react to a real menace to the world's peace. Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain were set a test with Russia's invasion of Georgia. The results? Be terrified that Obama leads in the polls. Russia has driven deep into Georgia on the excuse of defending separatists in the Georgian territory of South Ossetia - a pro-Russian statelet that Georgia has tried to bring back under its control. But the truth is Georgia is being punished for its sins against Russian pride and power. Those...
  • Georgia: The First Shot in a New Cold War

    08/11/2008 11:23:26 PM PDT · by neverdem · 24 replies · 174+ views
    American Thinker ^ | August 12, 2008 | Lance Fairchok
    The more things change, the more they stay the same. In a replay of classic Soviet interventions from the cold war, using the flimsiest of contrived pretexts, Russia came to the rescue of a supposedly beleaguered minority in South Ossetia, a sparsely populated mountainous region and unimportant to Russian national security. Unimportant, but for the fact that Georgia, in which this afflicted minority resides, is a West-leaning democratic nation and US ally with aspirations of joining NATO. It is also a strategic conduit for oil from the surrounding region to the Black Sea and Europe. In this larger context, we...
  • New Cold War: Mapping 6 Hotspots in the U.S.-Russian Arms Race ( 2008 Cold War II?)

    07/10/2008 11:51:05 PM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 14 replies · 248+ views
    Popular Mechanics ^ | July 2008 issue. | Joe Pappalardo
    Despite renewed friction between Russia and the United States, the specter of open conflict has faded since the days of the Cold War. However, equipment designed by the two nations remains on opposite sides of 21st-century battlefields. This isn't surprising: America is the top vendor of major conventional weapons, and Russia ranks number two. Both countries share a legacy of making military equipment to counter the other's capabilities and a long history of parlaying arms sales into geopolitical influence. These deals, sanctioned by both national governments, are extensions of foreign policy. A resurgent Russia wants cash and international influence, while...
  • Gorbachev Decries Presidential Candidates' 'Cold War'-Style Military Spending Plans

    07/10/2008 10:20:14 AM PDT · by Tailgunner Joe · 10 replies · 114+ views ^ | July 8, 2008 | Glenn Kessler
    Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev today called on U.S. presidential candidates to develop alternatives to the use of military power, decrying what he called "increasingly visible signs of the militarization of politics and thinking in the modern world ... even though the military route again and again leads to a dead-end." Writing in the the Russian government daily Rossiiskaya Gazeta, Gorbachev said the Bush administration has shown a tendency to "seek to address these problems primarily through threats and pressure. Will the candidates develop an alternative approach to these most crucial problems? This is now the main question." RIA Novosti,...
  • The Chinese People's Liberation Army and Space Warfare

    01/10/2008 8:06:37 PM PST · by Wiz · 13 replies · 159+ views
    American Enterprise Institute ^ | 2007 Oct 17 | Larry M. Wortzel
    Space warfare will be an integrated part of battle planning by the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) in any future conflict. One of the major proponents of integrated space power for the PLA, Major General Cai Fengzhen, believes that "control of portions of outer space is a natural extension of other forms of territorial control," such as sea or air control.[1] More seriously, because of American superiority in space, China's military theorists treat the United States as the most likely opponent in that domain of war. The head of the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command, Lieutenant General Kevin...
  • Putin hands baton to himself

    10/03/2007 12:52:21 PM PDT · by Tailgunner Joe · 3 replies · 302+ views ^ | October 1, 2007 | Neil Buckley
    Vladimir Putin has finally solved the intrigue of who will be Russia’s most powerful man should he obey the constitution and stand down as president next year. He will. The president’s address to Monday’s congress of the dominant United Russia party appeared to be handwritten, in large script in a spiral-bound notebook, and Mr Putin scribbled changes up to the last moment. But his speech, met with jubilation in the sunlit atrium of a conference centre near the Kremlin, carried the clear message that he intends to remain Russia’s key decision maker for years to come. Less clear is in...
  • Breaking: Putin dissolves Russian government.

    09/12/2007 3:59:24 AM PDT · by Pistolshot · 202 replies · 9,833+ views
    Fox News ^ | 9/16/07 | Foxnews
    Nothing but an announcement on Fox at this time.
  • RAF jets scrambled to intercept Russian planes

    07/19/2007 9:04:53 AM PDT · by pacelvi · 60 replies · 4,089+ views
    Telegraph ^ | 7/19/2007 | Telegraph
    RAF jets scrambled to intercept Russian planes By Sally Peck and agencies Last Updated: 7:54am BST 19/07/2007 Two RAF fighter jets were scrambled on Tuesday to intercept two Russian planes on course for British airspace, it emerged yesterday. The incident marked the latest escalation of tensions in the standoff between London and Moscow. As Moscow hesitated in its response to Britain's expulsion of four Russian diplomats, two Tornado fighters raced to meet the Tu95 "Bear" bombers that had been dispatched from their base near the northern port city of Murmansk in the Arctic Circle. The planes turned back before they...

    01/23/2007 3:54:47 PM PST · by nuconvert · 40 replies · 1,177+ views
    menewsline ^ | 1 - 23 - 07
    RUSSIA COMPLETES SAM DELIVERY TO IRAN MOSCOW [MENL] -- Russia has confirmed the completion of anti-aircraft deliveries to Iran. A senior Russian official asserted that Moscow delivered all 29 TOR-M1 mobile, short-range surface-to-air missile systems to Iran in late December 2006. The official confirmed a previous statement by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov, who reported that the deliveries to Iran had been completed. "Russia has fulfilled its contract obligations and fully completed deliveries of TOR-M1 air defense systems to Iran," Sergei Chemezov, the director of the state arms export agency Rosoboronexport, said on Tuesday. "The systems were delivered in late...
  • U.S.-Russia chill revives Cold War memories

    05/01/2006 3:26:24 PM PDT · by lizol · 21 replies · 432+ views
    Reuters via Yahoo! News ^ | Monday May 1, 2006
    U.S.-Russia chill revives Cold War memories MOSCOW (Reuters) - Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev won a Nobel Peace Prize for helping thaw relations between Moscow and Washington. Now he is warning that the two countries could slide into a new Cold War. After over a decade when the relationship between Moscow and Washington was nearly always upbeat, the mood in the two capitals has turned "sour", according to one Western diplomat. The adversarial attitudes of the Cold War have been resurfacing everywhere from the statements of politicians to the views of people on the streets and the choice of villains...
  • Russia, US slipping into familiar 'chill'? (Call it cold war II, the sequel)

    04/17/2006 9:08:56 AM PDT · by Wiz · 67 replies · 929+ views
    MOSCOW - Call it cold war II, the sequel. An intensifying shouting match between the US and Russia has stirred fears that the two former adversaries could be drifting back to a familiar ideologically charged rivalry. Most experts play down the new mood as a worrisome "chill," and some suggest that a change in leadership - slated for 2008 in both countries - might reverse the slide in mutual ties. But many Russians, who have watched as Western influence has thrust decisively into the former Soviet heartland since the USSR's 1991 demise, see it in darker, more visceral tones. The...
  • Russia, United States Increasingly at Odds (Cold War reloaded)

    04/04/2006 11:12:26 AM PDT · by Wiz · 23 replies · 690+ views
    Associated Press via Yahoo! News ^ | 2006 Apr 5 | Judith Ingram
    MOSCOW - Like an aging couple, Russia and the United States seem to spend more time squabbling over what divides them than building on their shared interests. Whether it's Iran, the Palestinian militant group Hamas or democracy movements in former Soviet republics, Moscow and Washington increasingly find themselves staring warily at one another across the fence. The Cold War is long over, but questions remain: Will Russia and the United States learn to live with their differences? Or will they get so wound up in recriminations that they can't move forward on the issues where they should find common ground?...
  • Skip St. Petersburg, Mr. Bush (G8 Summit)

    03/07/2006 10:23:30 PM PST · by RWR8189 · 9 replies · 544+ views
    Washington Post ^ | March 8, 2006 | Anne Applebaum
    Close your eyes and say it out loud: "G-8." Let the two syllables run across your tongue again: "gee-eight." What images drift into your brain?If you are like most Americans, I suspect that this simple psychological experiment will produce something like, "stuffy statesmen, boring meeting, prepackaged conclusions." Or maybe, "screaming protesters, riot police, prepackaged slogans." Or even, "turn the page and read something else."~SNIP~Perhaps you think it ridiculous to sound so apocalyptic about a meeting that most Americans find too boring to read about. But don't listen to me, listen to Andrei Illarionov, an economic adviser to Putin before he...
  • Beijing Rejects Pentagon Report(ya, China is not a military rival and I am a Sasquatch)

    02/07/2006 6:04:21 AM PST · by TigerLikesRooster · 16 replies · 397+ views
    LA Times ^ | 02/07/06 | ALEXA OLESEN
    Beijing Rejects Pentagon Report By ALEXA OLESEN, Associated Press Writer BEIJING -- China said Tuesday it has formally complained to Washington over a Pentagon report that calls China a potential military threat, and the foreign ministry accused the United States of trying to mislead public opinion. The report, released Friday, expressed concerns about Beijing's rising military spending to project power beyond China's borders. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Kong Quan said the report made "groundless accusations regarding the normal national defense development in China, interferes with China's domestic affairs and plays up the theory of the Chinese military threat, thereby misleading...
  • Putin Stands By Tough NGO Bill [Russia - Crackdown on NGOs]

    11/25/2005 7:48:29 PM PST · by REactor · 6 replies · 379+ views
    The Moscow Times ^ | November 25, 2005 | Anatoly Medetsky
    President Vladimir Putin on Thursday responded to worries of a looming crackdown on nongovernmental organizations by insisting that foreign funding of any political activity in Russia must come under state control. But Putin, making his first public remarks about a contentious NGO bill that the State Duma approved in a first reading Wednesday, also stressed that the legislation must not damage civil society. The bill in its current version would, among other things, require NGOs to reregister with the Justice Ministry and empower authorities to check that NGOs do not use foreign grants to finance political activities. Foreign NGOs have...
  • China counts on Russia's further participation in nuclear project

    11/26/2005 11:28:08 AM PST · by mym · 19 replies · 479+ views
    RIA Novosti ^ | 17:36 | 26/ 11/ 2005 | Alexei Yefimov
    LIANYUNGANG (China), November 26 (RIA Novosti, Alexei Yefimov) - China expects Russia to build the third and fourth energy units of the Tianwan nuclear power station. "We would like to see Russia continue its participation [in the project]," Wang Jianhua, the first secretary of the Chinese Communist Party Lianyungang city committee, said. He stressed that Russian technology used in building the first two power units had proven excellent. "The decision on building units 3 and 4 will be made by the central authorities of course," Wang Jianhua added. The first unit is to go online in early 2006, while the...
  • Russia, China looking to form 'NATO of the East'?

    10/25/2005 3:03:24 PM PDT · by Tailgunner Joe · 13 replies · 591+ views
    Christian Science Monitor ^ | October 26, 2005 | Fred Weir
    MOSCOW – Russia and China could take a step closer to forming a Eurasian military confederacy to rival NATO at a Moscow meeting of the six-member Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Wednesday, experts say. The group, which started in 2001 with limited goals of promoting cooperation in former Soviet Central Asia, has evolved rapidly toward a regional security bloc and could soon induct new members such as India, Pakistan, and Iran. One initiative that core members Russia and China agree on, experts say, is to squeeze US influence - which peaked after 9/11 - out of the SCO's neighborhood. "Four years...
  • Defections reveal extent of China's espionage operations

    10/15/2005 7:19:08 AM PDT · by Wiz · 32 replies · 1,277+ views
    Jane's Intelligence Review ^ | 2005 Oct 11 | John Hill
    "China is the biggest [espionage] threat to the US today," David Szady, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) head of counterintelligence, told The Wall Street Journal on 10 August. It is a concern fuelled by a number of Chinese defectors in recent months who claim Beijing is engaged in large-scale intelligence-gathering operations overseas. Chen Yonglin, the first secretary of the Chinese Consulate General in Sydney, Australia, defected on 4 June. Chen told Australian authorities that Beijing had been overseeing a network of more than 1,000 spies and informers in Australia. These claims were mirrored in Canada in July when...
  • Beijing devoted to weakening 'enemy' U.S., defector says

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    The Washington Times ^ | June 27, 2005 | Bill Gertz
    The Washington Beijing devoted to weakening 'enemy' U.S., defector saysBy Bill GertzTHE WASHINGTON TIMESPublished June 27, 2005 China's communist leaders view the United States as their main enemy and are working in Asia and around the world to undermine U.S. alliances, said a former Chinese diplomat.     Chen Yonglin, until recently a senior political officer at the Chinese Consulate in Sydney, Australia, said in an interview that China also is engaged in large-scale intelligence-gathering activities in the United States that, in the past, netted large amounts of confidential U.S. government documents from agents.     "The United States is considered by...