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Keyword: columbusday

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  • Goodbye, Columbus

    10/14/2014 10:03:05 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 21 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | October 14, 2014 | Pat Buchanan
    In 1492, "Columbus sailed the ocean blue" and discovered the New World. And Oct. 12 was once a celebrated holiday in America. School children in the earliest grades knew the date and the names of the ships on which Columbus and his crew had sailed: the Nina, the Pinta, the Santa Maria. They knew his voyage had been financed by Queen Isabella of Spain, after the Genoese Admiral of the Ocean Sea had been turned down by other monarchs of Europe. Oct. 12, 1492, was considered a momentous and wonderful day in world history: the discovery of America -- by...
  • Obama’s Columbus Day Proclamation: History ‘Marred’ with ‘Violence, Disease, and Deprivation

    10/13/2014 1:32:17 PM PDT · by Nachum · 53 replies
    Cybercast News Service ^ | 10/13/14 | Penny Starr
    In a presidential action issued on Friday, proclaiming Oct. 13 as Columbus Day, President Barack Obama noted that a “new history” launched by Italian explorer Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the new world included the history of American Indians, which he said is “marred with long and shameful chapters of violence, disease, and deprivation.” “In a new world, a history was written,” said Obama’s proclamation, required by a 1934 Congressional Joint Resolution. “It tells the story of an idea – that all women and men are created equal – and a people´s struggle to fulfill it. “And it is a history...
  • In Defense of Columbus Day

    10/13/2014 6:26:15 PM PDT · by dignitasnews · 6 replies
    Dignitas News Service ^ | October 13, 2014 | Paul M Winters
    As we enjoy another Columbus Day, it provides us an opportunity to witness the bonfire of dysfunction in our society, for those who call for its eradication as well as those few who are brave (or foolish) enough to come to its defense. Amidst the rabble of Progressives malcontents using the occasion to exercise their anti-Americanism, Caucasian-hating left-wing minorities masking their own racism with calls of "social justice" and the hand-wringing white liberals happily joining the chorus to prove their dedication to ending "white privilege," I will join the ranks of the brave and foolish in offering why Christopher Columbus deserves the...
  • Indigenous Peoples’ Day Is Offensive to Indigenous People

    10/13/2014 10:43:36 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 24 replies
    National Review ^ | 10/13/2014 | Tim Cavanaugh
    It was either Francis Parkman or Frederick Jackson Turner or the composer of the theme from F Troop who first laid down an essential truth about the American experience: In the end, Paleface and Redskin both turn chicken. Now the same white male power structure that made Black History Month the shortest month in the calendar and sabotaged the Susan B. Anthony dollar by making it indistinguishable from a quarter is at it again. And the oppression is coming from the supposedly sympathetic, progressive side: The city of Seattle, Washington, has designated an “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” on the second Monday...
  • Why Columbus Sailed - An interview about Christopher Columbus and religious motivations-journey

    10/13/2014 9:59:24 AM PDT · by Salvation · 39 replies
    KnightsofCoumbus.org ^ | 5/24/2014 | Alton Pelowski
    Why Columbus Sailed   5/24/2014   An interview about Christopher Columbus and the religious motivations for his journeyby Alton Pelowski   When the Knights of Columbus was founded 130 years ago, their namesake, Christopher Columbus, was a symbol of the idea that there is no contradiction in being a Catholic and an American. In recent decades, however, Columbus has become a figure of controversy, leaving conflicting opinions about his legacy.In recent decades, however, Columbus has become a figure of controversy, leaving conflicting opinions about his legacy.Carol Delaney, a cultural anthropologist and long-time professor at Stanford University, had little knowledge...
  • Give Seattle Back to the Indians

    10/12/2014 10:35:59 PM PDT · by Abakumov · 56 replies
    Radix News ^ | October 13, 2014 | Editorial
    If the people of Seattle hate Christopher Columbus so much, they should take steps to reverse his “crimes,” starting with their own city. Last Monday the Seattle City Council unanimously passed a resolution declaring the second Monday of October Indigenous People’s Day.... Socialist councilmember Kshama Sawant, indigenous to Pune, India, was more forthcoming about the measure’s explicitly anti-Columbus content. She said they pressed for having Indigenous People’s Day on the same day as Columbus Day to draw attention to the fact that the Genoan explorer “played such a pivotal role in the worst genocide humankind has ever known.” She scoffed...
  • Seattle Says Goodbye to 'Columbus Day'

    10/12/2014 9:09:00 AM PDT · by Texas Eagle · 59 replies
    breitbart.com ^ | Oct. 11, 2014 | Susan Berry
    The Seattle City Council has voted unanimously to celebrate “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” on the same day as Columbus Day, the federally recognized holiday, reports the Associated Press (AP). According to the AP report, the resolution that passed on Monday declares “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” the second Monday of October and intends to honor the contributions and culture of Native Americans and the indigenous community in Seattle. Supporters of the action said it will recognize the rich history of people who have inhabited the area for hundreds of years. "This action will allow us to bring into current present day our valuable...
  • Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day!

    10/12/2014 4:42:19 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 41 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | October 12, 2014 | Derek Hunter
    Tomorrow used to be called Columbus Day, but no more. Thanks to Seattle, it’s now “Indigenous Peoples’ Day!” Sound stupid? That’s only because it is. This week the city council of Seattle voted unanimously to rename the day—within the city only; Columbus Day as we know it is a federal holiday—because, like with everything these days, some whiny people found a way to be offended by something that doesn’t really affect them at all and demand their grievance be addressed. Progressive governments such as Seattle’s eagerly cave if the crying crowd has a non-white face in front of it. In...
  • Dems in Race Against Reality on Economy, History and Healthcare

    10/09/2014 6:02:54 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 5 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | October 9, 2014 | John Ransom
    Hot news: The Dems are in a race against reality. Which Dems and which reality will win are the only questions. Unfortunately this is a multiple-choice question and all of the answers are correct. A, B, C, or all of the above work just as well. Let’s start with the question (A) about the Federal Reserve Bank (Dem), interest rates and the economy. Yesterday was a great day in the market because easy money is here to stay…and least for a little while. And as long as interest rates stay low, the market goes up…at least for a little while.There...
  • Seattle Changes Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day

    10/06/2014 11:46:32 PM PDT · by Citizen Zed · 26 replies
    time ^ | 10-6-2014 | Nolan Feeney
    Columbus Day will now be known as Indigenous Peoples’ Day in Seattle. The Seattle City Council on Monday unanimously approved the re-designation, which acknowledges that Native Americans were living in North America well before Christopher Columbus “discovered America” in the 15th century, Reuters reports. The change, which will go into effect before the Oct. 13 holiday this year, marks the second major city in the U.S. to officially re-designate the day, after Minneapolis’ vote in April.
  • Goodbye, Columbus: Seattle commission wants name stricken from holiday

    09/01/2014 10:00:44 AM PDT · by NKP_Vet · 75 replies
    http://blog.seattlepi.com ^ | August 29, 2014 | Joel Connelly
    <p>The Seattle Human Rights Commission is doubling down on its effort to purge Columbus Day from its list of city celebrations, and have it replaced in the Emerald City with “Indigenous Peoples’ Day.”</p> <p>“WHEREAS, the Commission recognizes that the celebration of Christopher Columbus and his alleged 1492 discovery of the lands that would later become known as the Americas works to celebrate an era of colonization and dispossession of indigenous peoples’ homelands, as well as the decimation of entire groups of indigenous peoples from North and South America.”</p>
  • Shutdown ruins American Indian protest at Alcatraz

    10/14/2013 9:52:54 PM PDT · by Tailgunner Joe · 11 replies
    sfgate.com ^ | October 14, 2013 | Carolyn Jones
    The federal government shutdown claimed another casualty Monday - the annual American Indian ceremony on Alcatraz in protest of Columbus Day. Indian activists and their supporters could not take the morning ferry to Alcatraz, as they've done since the mid-1980s, for prayers, songs, dancing and speeches because the island - part of the National Park Service - is closed. Instead, they gathered at Pier 33, from where they usually depart, and marched to Washington Square Park in North Beach, heart of the city's Italian heritage and Columbus Day festivities, then headed for Coit Tower to protest by the Christopher Columbus...
  • Spiritual Foundation of Christopher Columbus

    10/14/2013 8:28:50 PM PDT · by ReformationFan · 3 replies
    You Tube ^ | Dave Stotts
    In honor of Columbus Day, enjoy this clip from Drive Thru History.
  • Greenfield: Goodbye Columbus, Goodbye America

    10/14/2013 4:48:41 AM PDT · by Louis Foxwell · 25 replies
    Daniel Greenfield @ the Sultan Knish blog ^ | Sunday, October 13, 2013 | Daniel Greenfield
    Sunday, October 13, 2013 Goodbye Columbus, Goodbye America Posted by Daniel Greenfield @ the Sultan Knish blog Columbus may have outfoxed the Spanish court and his rivals, but he is falling victim to the court of political correctness. The explorer who discovered America has become controversial because the very idea of America has become controversial. There are counter-historical claims put forward by Muslim and Chinese scholars claiming that they discovered America first. And there are mobs of fake indigenous activists on every campus to whom the old Italian is as much of a villain as the bearded Uncle Sam. Columbus...
  • Columbus Day myths and legends

    10/13/2013 11:15:20 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 32 replies
    Hot Air.com ^ | October 13, 2013 | JAZZ SHAW
    Since the Beltway occupants are mostly taking a day off from the Shutdownpalooza, perhaps we can do likewise, at least for a little while. Tomorrow is one of the more frequently debated of the federal holidays – Columbus Day – and Christopher Wanjek assembled some of the most common misconceptions about Christopher Columbus himself. I thought I might open these up for discussion – as well as the “controversy” over the holiday itself – because I wasn’t even familiar with a couple of them. His first myth is that “Columbus set out to prove the world was round.” After scratching...
  • Columbus Meets Indigenous People

    01/25/2013 10:07:34 AM PST · by Academiadotorg · 27 replies
    Accuracy in Academia ^ | January 25, 2013 | Deborah Lambert
    Poor old Chris Columbus. Generations of schoolchildren were taught to praise his exploits, which – after all – included the discovery of America, according to The College Fix. But lately things have taken an ugly turn—and his reputation has suffered irreparable damage, thanks to a claque of revisionist historians who have slowly but surely knocked him off his pedestal. The latest blow to Columbus’s heroic status came from Arizona State University, Tempe, which decided to change Columbus Day to Indigenous People Day. The switch was apparently long overdue, since enlightened souls in the city of Berkeley had launched the first...
  • Obama: Columbus Day a Time to ‘Reflect on Tragic Burdens Tribal Communities Bore’

    10/09/2012 9:24:53 AM PDT · by IbJensen · 58 replies
    CNS News ^ | 10/8/2012 | Penny Star
    CNSNews.com) – In his presidential proclamation recognizing Columbus Day issued last week, President Barack Obama said the holiday was a day to “celebrate our heritage as people born of many histories and traditions” and a time to “reflect on the tragic burdens tribal communities bore” since the explorer arrived on the North American continent in 1492. “Today, we recall the courage and the innovative spirit that carried Christopher Columbus and his crew from a Spanish port to North America, and we celebrate our heritage as a people born of many histories and traditions,” the Oct. 5 proclamation says. “When the...
  • Professor mocks Columbus Day with list of ‘15 most overrated White people’

    10/08/2012 6:17:20 PM PDT · by oliverdarcy · 122 replies
    A prominent Ivy-League professor denounced Columbus Day and mocked those who celebrate it by releasing a list of individuals he deems are the “15 most overrated white people” on Monday. Marc Lamont Hill, Associate Professor of English Education at Columbia University, wrote that the holiday is one of America’s “most bizarre cultural rituals” and that he finds it perplexing people “continue to praise the vicious conquistador as a hero.” “To honor the true spirit of Columbus Day, I have created my own list of overrated white people,” he wrote in his article published on the Huffington Post. The list includes...
  • Occupy anti colonial anti capitalist “[snip] Columbus” march results in 22 arrests

    10/08/2012 5:51:02 PM PDT · by massmike · 24 replies
    <p>Police arrested 22 people during an ‘anti colonial, anti capitalist” “F–k Columbus Day” march in San Francisco.</p> <p>As they marched, they vandalized cars, slashing the tires of one car and breaking the window of another. They also smashed a Starbucks window. About 15 minutes into the march, they began to throw flares and bags of paint with rocks in them at the police who were accompanying the march.</p>
  • Massachusetts Principal Takes Aim at Fall Holidays, Says They're Insensitive

    10/15/2011 4:57:51 PM PDT · by Sub-Driver · 49 replies · 1+ views
    Massachusetts Principal Takes Aim at Fall Holidays, Says They're Insensitive Published October 15, 2011 | FoxNews.com An elementary school principal in Massachusetts has banned fall holidays, saying they’re insensitive, MyFoxBoston reported Friday. Somerville principal: Fall holidays are insensitive: MyFoxBOSTON.com Anne Foley, the principal at Kennedy School in Somerville, Mass., sent an email to teachers warning them about celebrating Thanksgiving, the Boston Herald reported. "When we were young we might have been able to claim ignorance of the atrocities that Christopher Columbus committed against the indigenous peoples," Kennedy School Principal Anne Foley wrote. "We can no longer do so. For many...
  • Fun takes a holiday in Somerville

    10/14/2011 12:13:42 AM PDT · by ConservativeStatement · 16 replies
    Boston Herald ^ | October 14, 2011 | Jessica Heslam
    A Somerville principal has opened fire on cherished American holidays, blasting legendary explorer Christopher Columbus for “atrocities” and saying “we need to be careful” about celebrating Thanksgiving in a scathing email to teachers — who are already under orders not to let the kids dress up for Halloween. “When we were young we might have been able to claim ignorance of the atrocities that Christopher Columbus committed against the indigenous peoples,” wrote Kennedy School Principal Anne Foley. “We can no longer do so. For many of us and our students celebrating this particular person is an insult and a slight...
  • Remembering Christopher Columbus: The Biggest Mass Murderer In History (puke)

    10/10/2011 3:46:14 PM PDT · by EveningStar · 57 replies
    Hip-Hop Wired ^ | October 11, 2010 | Ice Pick Slim
    KKKolumbus no hero: He's a murderer who caused the genocide of the Indigenous people! “It has been said of the Spanish Conquistadors, that first they fell on their knees, and then they fell on the aborigines.” Eric Williams - Columbus to Castro. Annually, on the 2nd Monday of each October, most of the United Snakes of Amerikkka celebrate the anniversary of when Cristoforo Colombo discovered that the planet wasn't as flat as all of Europe then thought.  At the same time, many so-called Indians across the U.S. publicly protest the holiday, demanding that it be renamed ‘Indigenous American Day'.
  • What If Columbus Had NOT Discovered America?

    10/10/2011 3:36:57 PM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 48 replies
    Self | October 20, 2011 | PJ-Comix
    Okay, today is Columbus Day observed (real Columbus Day comes in 2 days) and normally I just look at it as a low level holiday in which banks and post offices are closed. However, today I got to thinking: What if Columbus had not discovered America? I don't mean if he tried and failed. What if he never bothered in the first place? He could quite easily have given up on attempting to put together such an expedition. It would have been quite easy to have given up the attempt. One interesting thing is that 1492 was the very first...
  • THE SAVAGE NATION!!!!!! 10-10-11

    10/10/2011 3:02:23 PM PDT · by dynachrome · 39 replies
    www.michaelsavage.wnd.com ^ | 10-10-11 | Dr. Michael Savage
  • Columbus Day worth marking

    10/10/2011 1:29:18 PM PDT · by massmike · 12 replies
    bostonherald.com ^ | 10/10/2011 | Jennifer C. Braceras
    Take a moment to find out what your children know about the man we purport to honor today. Many will express contempt. Ask why, and they will explain earnestly that Columbus was a barbarian/villain/murderer who brought disease/slavery/environmental ruin to the peaceful indigenous peoples of the Americas. It is far easier — and politically correct — to portray Columbus as villain, so as to undermine the very concept of exceptionalism. What should kids know about this Italian navigator who, under the patronage of Spain, set off to chart new routes to Asia? They should know that he was a visionary —...
  • EDITORIAL: Celebrate America on Columbus Day

    10/07/2011 6:16:06 PM PDT · by jazusamo · 6 replies
    The Washington Times ^ | October 7, 2011 | Editorial
    There’s no reason to apologize for being the greatest nation on EarthOver 100 years ago, Columbus Day was known as Discovery Day. President Benjamin Harrison’s Discovery Day proclamation in October 1892 asked the people of the country to “cease from toil and devote themselves to such exercises as may best express honor to the discoverer, and their appreciation of the great achievements of the four completed centuries of American life.” The holiday honored the spirit of the occasion more than the man who made it happen. The holiday did not glorify Christopher Columbus, but all he made possible and what...
  • Remembering Why Columbus Day Matters

    10/08/2010 5:02:15 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 24 replies
    IBD Editorials ^ | October 8, 2010 | ROSARIO A. IACONIS
    Christopher Columbus lives. Indeed, contrary to the assertions of radical revisionists, the Admiral of the Ocean Sea matters. For it was Columbus' epic discovery of a vast terra incognita that began the Age of Exploration — and sparked the bold voyages of his fellow Italian navigators: Giovanni da Verrazzano, Giovanni Caboto (John Cabot) and Amerigo Vespucci. A contemporary of Leonardo da Vinci, Cristoforo Colombo hailed from the land John Milton called "the seat of civilization and the hospitable domicile of every species of erudition." And as an exemplar of the Italian Renaissance, Columbus brought with him the reborn fruits of...
  • Christopher Columbus: A Latter-Day Saint Perspective (LDS Caucus)

    10/11/2010 9:07:18 PM PDT · by Ripliancum · 8 replies
    From the Book of Mormon, we read: 1 Nephi 13: 10 And it came to pass that I looked and beheld many waters; and they divided the Gentiles from the seed of my brethren. 11 And it came to pass that the angel said unto me: Behold the wrath of God is upon the seed of thy brethren. 12 And I looked and beheld a man among the Gentiles, who was separated from the seed of my brethren by the many waters; and I beheld the Spirit of God, that it came down and wrought upon the man; and he...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 10-11-10 ("Why do we still celebrate Columbus day?")

    10/11/2010 7:37:34 PM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 62 replies
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | October 11, 2010 | DUmmies and PJ-Comix
    For at least the past 30 years, the Left has slammed Christopher Columbus like clockwork on or around Columbus Day so much that it has already become a tiresome cliché. The DUmmies have followed this tradition this year as could be expected. Hey, DUmmies! There is absolutely nothing original about slamming Columbus around Columbus Day but that hasn't stopped the DUmmies as you can see in this THREAD, "Why do we still celebrate Columbus day?" YAWN! So let us now watch the DUmmies recycle the same old hackneyed slams against Columbus in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your...
  • From the Archives: http://www.ayn-rand.info/cth--1594-Columbus_Day_In_Praise_of_Exploitation.aspx

    10/11/2010 12:50:07 PM PDT · by Ed Hudgins · 6 replies
    The Atlas Society - The Center for Objectivism ^ | October 10, 2005 | Edward Hudgins
    Many critics argue that Christopher Columbus gave us a devil's bargain. In October 1492 that Italian explorer, working for Spain, opened America to his fellow Europeans. The result: we got a prosperous New World by impoverishing, enslaving and murdering the natives who were already here. But this view fails to distinguish between two types of exploitation—one over other humans and the other over nature: the former which should be expunged from our moral codes and civilized society, the latter which is the essence of morality and civilization. The former form of exploitation was suffered especially by the tens of millions...
  • 'Gay History Month' - being pushed in schools.

    10/27/2009 11:23:57 AM PDT · by massmike · 59 replies · 1,853+ views
    massresistance.org ^ | 10/27/2009 | n/a
    October is 'Gay History Month' - being pushed in schools. Radical "history" includes founders of modern porn movement. It's another one of those things that most parents don't even know is happening. And school officials like it that way. Barack Obama declared June to be "Gay Pride Month." April is reserved for the homosexual "Day of Silence" in public schools. But for the last dozen years the homosexual movement has pushed October as "Gay History Month" as an "educational" experience for schoolchildren across America, including encouraging kids to "come out". And this year is as strong as ever. It's yet...
  • EDITORIAL: The American journey

    10/12/2009 7:33:20 PM PDT · by runninglips · 5 replies · 375+ views
    In the 19th century, Christopher Columbus was regarded as one of the most heroic and significant figures of his or any age. The "Admiral of the Ocean Seas" was celebrated throughout the Americas as a visionary who braved the unknown on a mission of discovery that created a New World. Our national capitol district was named in his honor because he opened the door to a new era of freedom that America represents.
  • From the Archives: Columbus Day: In Praise of Exploitation

    10/12/2009 11:45:15 AM PDT · by Ed Hudgins · 5 replies · 356+ views
    The Atlas Society - The Center for Objectivism ^ | October 10, 2005 | Edward Hudgins
    Many critics argue that Christopher Columbus gave us a devil's bargain. In October 1492 that Italian explorer, working for Spain, opened America to his fellow Europeans. The result: we got a prosperous New World by impoverishing, enslaving and murdering the natives who were already here. But this view fails to distinguish between two types of exploitation—one over other humans and the other over nature: the former which should be expunged from our moral codes and civilized society, the latter which is the essence of morality and civilization. The former form of exploitation was suffered especially by the tens of millions...
  • A Columbus Day Warning

    10/12/2009 8:30:59 AM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 33 replies · 929+ views
    Vanity ^ | 10-12-09 | Dick Bachert
    An exchange Sunday with my eldest son got me to thinking (a rare feat, indeed). He asked if tomorrow was a holiday. I responded that it’s Columbus Day. Sensitive and bright guy that he is, he came back – half joking -- with “Don’t you mean Oppression of Indigenous Peoples Day?” He and I have debated the matter of the government’s treatment of the American Indian many times. He takes the position that we badly mistreated these original and mostly warrior inhabitants of what we now call America. I agree with him that, sadly, by violating treaties, marching them off...
  • Are Government Workers That Take Columbus Day Off Racists?

    10/12/2009 6:28:35 AM PDT · by tonyome · 16 replies · 734+ views
    With the far left and their media allies engaging in their usual Columbus bashing today, I was wondering if all of the government employees taking the day off today are racists. After all, Christopher Columbus was directly responsible for the death of all of the indigineous people in the America's since 1492. All you SEIU people - get back to work.
  • Socialist American Indians Dissed Homeless, Capitalist Christopher Columbus

    10/12/2009 4:35:21 AM PDT · by joeclarke · 8 replies · 1,043+ views
    JoeClarke.Net ^ | 10/12/2009 | JoeClarke.Net
    In fourteen hundred ninety-two. Columbus sailed the ocean blue. The native American Indian tribes in Christopher Columbus's time were probably less socialist than they are today - dominated by so many Indian Affairs bureaus, state programs, and other governmental agencies which help (overregulate) every aspect of Indian life, so much so that their culture is not so much now perceived as brave, self sufficient warriors as much as politically correct dependents on Big Gov, who have been blessed with gambling enterprises, and who object to the franchising of Indian logos adopted by sports teams, especially those evil Cleveland Indians...
  • The American Journey: Columbus Day celebrates our ever-new beginning

    10/11/2009 2:49:51 PM PDT · by Abakumov · 4 replies · 474+ views
    The Washington Times ^ | October 12, 2009 | Editorial
    Each generation must renew the sense of discovery that is at the core of what it means to be American. We are all on a voyage to a new world, but there is no guarantee it will be a better one. Preserving the vision of America as the shining city on a hill requires the same boldness as Columbus, and the same willingness to take action. In these days when schools teach that our national heroes are villains, when a president gains international recognition for apologizing for the country, when climate change fanatics tell us we must halt our journey...
  • A Darker Side of Columbus Emerges in US Classrooms

    10/11/2009 8:18:44 AM PDT · by reaganaut1 · 83 replies · 2,402+ views
    Associated Press ^ | October 11, 2009
    TAMPA, Fla. (AP) -- Jeffrey Kolowith's kindergarten students read a poem about Christopher Columbus, take a journey to the New World on three paper ships and place the explorer's picture on a timeline through history. Kolowith's students learn about the explorer's significance -- though they also come away with a more nuanced picture of Columbus than the noble discoverer often portrayed in pop culture and legend. ''I talk about the situation where he didn't even realize where he was,'' Kolowith said. ''And we talked about how he was very, very mean, very bossy.'' Columbus' stature in U.S. classrooms has declined...
  • The State Worker: California union will discover its clout on Columbus Day

    10/08/2009 7:48:48 AM PDT · by SmithL · 14 replies · 1,125+ views
    SacBee: State Worker ^ | 10/8/9 | Jon Ortiz
    We'll see on Monday how much pull the state's biggest public employee's union has - with its own members. The fight over whether Columbus Day remains a paid holiday for state workers "has become the hill that our union is willing to die on," said Angela Morales, a job steward for Service Employees International Union Local 1000. Yvonne Walker, president of the local, has told the 95,000 employees she represents to treat Monday as a paid day off. It's not, says Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's Department of Personnel Administration. On Tuesday, DPA's Julie Chapman fired off a letter to the union...
  • Bye Bye, Columbus Day

    04/22/2009 9:48:31 AM PDT · by AJKauf · 46 replies · 800+ views
    Pajamas Media ^ | April 22 | Travis Rowley
    Several weeks ago the Brown University faculty ratified a student petition demanding that the university abandon its recognition of Columbus Day. The directive was enacted by Brown’s Native American student group, whose spokesmen defend their activism by pointing out the atrocities committed by Christopher Columbus and his men upon the indigenous people of the newly discovered continent. Some have suggested that the holiday be renamed Indigenous Day, but for now Brown has decided to settle for Fall Weekend — a weekend in which Brown students and professors will still enjoy a Monday off from work. Now that Brown University has...
  • Brown University Kills 'Columbus Day' for 'Fall Weekend'

    04/08/2009 7:57:43 PM PDT · by Free ThinkerNY · 22 replies · 769+ views
    foxnews; AP ^ | April 8, 2009
    "Fall Weekend" will be taking the place of the holiday formerly known as "Columbus Day" at Brown University this fall. The faculty of the Ivy League university voted at a meeting Tuesday to establish a new academic and administrative holiday in October called "Fall Weekend" that coincides with Columbus Day, but that doesn't bear the name of the explorer. Hundreds of Brown students had asked the Providence, R.I. school to stop observing Columbus Day, saying Christopher Columbus's violent treatment of Native Americans he encountered was inconsistent with Brown's values.
  • Columbus Day Protest Subdued

    10/12/2008 1:12:11 PM PDT · by americanophile · 5 replies · 545+ views
    Channel 7 - Denver News ^ | October 11, 2008 | Tyler Lopez
    DENVER -- With signs reading "Don't Celebrate Genocide," "Don't Celebrate Racism," and "The Americas' First Terrorist," the preview to the annual Columbus Day parade seemed to have the same passion that lead to conflicts in previous years. But 2008 was the year without arrests. In stark contrast to a warm, sunny 2007 when fake blood and 83 arrests ruled the day, Saturday's chilly, misty event was much less confrontational. "They both have freedom of speech to express their views and that's what we allowed and that's what happened," said Det. Sharon Hahn, spokeswoman for the Denver Police Department. Police had...
  • The Crimes of Christopher Columbus

    10/11/2004 4:44:09 PM PDT · by Coleus · 118 replies · 21,425+ views
    The Crimes of Christopher Columbus Dinesh D'Souza Multiculturalism is presented by its advocates in the schools and universities as a benign alternative to monoculturalism. Historian Peter Stearns insists that the multicultural debate "is between those who think there are special marvelous features about the Western tradition that students should be exposed to, and others who feel it's much more important for students to have a sense of the way the larger world has developed." This is the unmistakable appeal of multiculturalism: it is obviously better to study many cultures rather than a single culture, to have diverse points of...
  • Famed explorer unfairly maligned

    10/08/2007 10:56:50 AM PDT · by Graybeard58 · 28 replies · 1,248+ views
    Waterbury-Republican American ^ | October 7, 2007 | Editorial
    Few men are more revered by Italian-Americans than Christopher Columbus. But as the Order of the Sons of Italy notes, the politically correct have transformed him from "a skilled sea captain and deeply religious man" to a "bloodthirsty, gold-hungry slave trader who destroyed the Garden of Eden civilizations." They also claim he was complicit in "the genocide" of Indians through the introduction of infectious diseases. Balderdash. As author/columnist Michael Medved writes, Indians and Europeans were guilty of savagery but "none of the warfare (including an Indian attack in 1675 that succeeded in butchering a full one-fourth of the white population...
  • Clueless About Columbus

    10/08/2007 10:11:47 AM PDT · by William Tell 2 · 47 replies · 942+ views
    The Bulletin ^ | 10/05/2007 | Michael P Tremoglie
    Columbus Day was originally celebrated Oct. 12, the day Christopher Columbus landed in the New World, but it is currently celebrated the second Monday in October. However, in some quarters, "celebrate" is not the appropriate term. Since about 1992, Columbus Day has been not only a celebration by Italian-Americans, but a day of protests by some - not all - Native Americans and by those who describe themselves as "multiculturalists." It is important to note who these "multiculturalists" are: people who think Western civilization is an evil culture. They want to portray the European/American culture as uniquely causing death and...
  • Protesters vow to stop Columbus Day Parade

    10/02/2007 6:48:42 AM PDT · by TornadoAlley3 · 17 replies · 159+ views
    denverpost.com ^ | 10/01/07 | Mike McPhee
    On the 100th anniversary of the Columbus Day Parade through downtown Denver this Saturday, American Indian protesters are planning to stop the parade in its tracks. "The leaders in last year's parade were people dressed up as members of the Third Cavalry. That was the unit who fought in the Sand Creek Massacre. It has nothing to do with Italian heritage," said Glenn Spagnuolo, one of the protest organizers who spoke at a rally this morning at Denver's City and County Building. He referred to the bloody 1864 Sand Creek raid by Colorado militiamen, in which 160 Cheyenne and Arapaho...
  • Columbus Day Under Fire (to be replaced by "Indigenous Day")

    03/03/2007 4:29:59 PM PST · by CedarDave · 60 replies · 1,048+ views
    The Albuquerque Journal ^ | March 3, 2007 | Journal Staff
    A [NM] House committee has approved two measures that would replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Day. Rep. Irvin Harrison, D-Gallup, who introduced both a bill (HB 1200) and a nonbinding memorial (HM 27), noted that nearly 200,000 Indian people live in New Mexico and said Indigenous Day "would be the perfect way to honor their contributions, accomplishments, history and culture." Native students at the University of New Mexico Law School asked Harrison to sponsor the legislation. Many Native Americans have campaigned for Columbus Day to be dropped as a state holiday because it honors Christopher Columbus and is seen as...
  • WARD CHURCHILL: IDIOT (his 9th Amendment rights trump your 1st Amendment rights)

    01/20/2007 12:24:30 PM PST · by Jean S · 21 replies · 1,284+ views
    AM620 Radio - Wisconsin/YouTube ^ | 1/18/07 | Charlie Sykes
    THURSDAY, Jan. 18, 2007, 8:07 p.m. WARD CHURCHILL: IDIOT OK, that's not exactly news. But watch this video where Churchill, fraud, bigot, and 9/11 apologist... as he explains why we should deny First Amendment rights to people who want to march in a Columbus Day parade. (And keep in mind how often he and his supporters have invoked free speech to justify his own appearances on university campuses.) The depth of his ignorance is matched only by his arrogance:Click on link to view video.
  • Exploring Christopher Columbus--Was he a great man or a racist oppressor?

    10/09/2006 7:30:56 AM PDT · by SJackson · 47 replies · 6,707+ views
    FrontPageMagazine.com ^ | October 9, 2006 | Tom Purcell
    "Dad, why does America celebrate Columbus Day?" "Well, Billy, in 1492, Christopher Columbus sailed from Europe to America and founded the very first settlement in the New World. His arrival marks the beginning of America as we know it." "But didn't he discover America by accident, dad?" "Columbus believed the Earth was a sphere. He thought he could reach the Far East by setting off on a westward course. Though he stumbled upon what is now the Bahamas by accident, he was still a great explorer and a great man, Billy." "A great man, dad, or a racist oppressor?" "Pardon...
  • Campers to protest Columbus Day parade: AIM, others won't seek permits to pitch tents near Capitol

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    Rocky Mountain News ^ | October 3, 2006 | Lou Kilzer
    Campers to protest Columbus Day parade AIM; others won't seek permits to pitch tents near Capitol By Lou Kilzer, Rocky Mountain News October 3, 2006 The American Indian Movement and other activist groups plan to camp at Denver's Civic Center without permits this weekend to protest Saturday's Columbus Day parade. They say they don't need a permit from "an occupying power" to use their own land. State and Denver police said Monday they see things otherwise. If the protesters choose to occupy Veterans Park next to the Capitol as planned, State Patrol officers will remove them, said Department of Public...