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  • Barack Obama urges end to tax subsidies for Big Oil

    04/30/2011 3:00:26 PM PDT · by ColdOne · 31 replies · 1+ views
    Politico ^ | 4/30/11 | MJ LEE
    “When oil companies are making huge profits and you’re struggling at the pump, and we’re scouring the federal budget for spending we can afford to do without, these tax giveaways aren’t right,” Obama said Saturday. “They aren’t
  • Three Vietnamese (Roman Catholic) priests running for election to Communist ruling body

    04/28/2011 3:36:23 AM PDT · by Gamecock · 14 replies
    Catholic Culture ^ | 27 April 11
    Three Catholic priests are candidates for election to the Vietnamese national assembly, the “highest organ of state power” under the nation’s constitution. The candidacy of the three priests has prompted criticism among Vietnamese Catholics, in light of the clear Church policy against political activity by priests, and also in light of these priests’ clear support for the Communist government. Father Tran Manh Cuong and Father Le Ngoc Hoan, of the dioceses of Ban Me Thout and Bui Chu, respectively, are already members of the current 12th national assembly; they are running now for membership in the 13th assembly, which will...
  • Obama Chose To Worship On Easter At a Radical Church

    04/25/2011 9:43:05 AM PDT · by HorowitzianConservative · 34 replies
    David Horowitz's NewsReal Blog ^ | April 25, 2011 | Joseph Klein
    President Obama and the first family attended Easter services at the Shiloh Baptist Church in Washington, D.C.  As the mainstream press made sure to point out, this church was founded in 1863 by freed slaves. MSNBC proclaimed: Obama attends Easter service at historic church: The first family enters Shiloh Baptist Church to a round of applause It would be such a heart-warming picture of religious devotion except that the mainstream press neglected to mention a couple of things about the church which Obama chose for his Easter worship. The Shiloh Baptist Church hosted an anti-Israel hate fest in 2009 at the...
  • Bloomberg Criticizes Trump Over Birther Issue

    04/24/2011 12:02:34 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 41 replies
    The Wall Street Journal ^ | April 24, 2011 | Brody Mullins
    New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he won’t run for president in 2012 and declined to endorse the potential candidacy of Donald Trump, one of his constituents. Speaking on “Fox News Sunday,” Mr. Bloomberg called Mr. Trump a friend and “New York icon.” But he criticized the idea of questioning whether President Barack Obama was born in the U.S., an issue that Mr. Trump has pressed. “The president was born here,” Mr. Bloomberg said. “I think the Republicans are making a terrible mistake in making this a big issue.” Mr. Bloomberg said that if Republicans don’t address larger issues...
  • Mayor Bloomberg to Donald Trump, birthers: U.S. can't afford to waste more time on conspiracy theory

    04/24/2011 12:54:21 PM PDT · by jimbo123 · 56 replies
    NY Daily News ^ | 4/24/11 | KATIE NELSON
    Mayor Bloomberg scolded Donald Trump Sunday, saying the "New York icon" and his fellow Republicans need to let the "birther" issue die and "focus on the main issues." "Look, anyone can run for president if you're 35 and you're an American citizen and born here," Bloomberg said. "The President was born here."
  • Obama: "I Remember What It Was Like Pumping Gas"

    04/06/2011 7:23:44 PM PDT · by Nachum · 61 replies
    Real Clear Politics ^ | 6/6/11 | staff
    President Obama, speaking to Al Sharpton's organization, says he is not "out of touch." "I remember that," Obama added. "I'm just going to be honest with you. There's not much we can do next week or two weeks from now," Obama said earlier today about gas prices.
  • Obama - the Greatest (Most Effective) President

    03/26/2011 4:53:00 AM PDT · by The Big Boo · 61 replies
    The Big Boo
    Obama has clearly been the greatest (most effective) President in the history of the nation. Many take his seeming incompetence as a flaw instead of a means to his larger ends. The evidence: 1. Basic economic annihilation of the U.S. economy and the drowning of the Federal Government in permanent and unsustainable debt. Status: COMPLETED 2. Working with the Muslim Brotherhood to establish rule in all Islamic Countries. Status: UNDERWAY, PROSPECT of TOTAL SUCCESS. 3. Creation of local brigades (union/student/progessive) to transform "days of rage" into permanent revolutionary action, intimidate all opponents. Status: UNDERWAY, PROSPECT of TOTAL SUCCESS. 4. Neuter...
  • Obama takes time to honor 100th anniv of "Triangle Shirtwaist Factory" fire

    03/24/2011 3:31:50 PM PDT · by Nachum · 31 replies
    The White House ^ | 3/24/11 | The White House
    Presidential Proclamation--100th Anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire On March 25, 1911, a fire spread through the cramped floors of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in lower Manhattan. Flames spread quickly through the 8th, 9th, and 10th floors -- overcrowded, littered with cloth scraps, and containing few buckets of water to douse the flames -- giving the factory workers there little time to escape. When the panicked workers tried to flee, they encountered locked doors and broken fire escapes, and were trapped by long tables and bulky machines. As bystanders watched in horror, young workers began jumping out of the...
  • White House wants new copyright law crackdown

    03/15/2011 11:19:06 AM PDT · by maggief · 77 replies · 1+ views
    cnet ^ | March 15, 2011 | Declan McCullagh
    The White House today proposed sweeping revisions to U.S. copyright law, including making "illegal streaming" of audio or video a federal felony and allowing FBI agents to wiretap suspected infringers. In a 20-page white paper (PDF), the Obama administration called on the U.S. Congress to fix "deficiencies that could hinder enforcement" of intellectual property laws. The report was prepared by Victoria Espinel, the first Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator who received Senate confirmation in December 2009, and represents a broad tightening of many forms of intellectual property law including ones that deal with counterfeit pharmaceuticals and overseas royalties for copyright holders.
  • Secret WH memo: Why aren’t any high schools asking Obama to speak at commencement this year?

    03/08/2011 7:29:49 AM PST · by mandaladon · 42 replies
    Hot Air ^ | 7 Mar 2011 | Allahpundit
    Is there any sadder testament to the fading magic of Hopenchange than this? Reading it, I actually felt sorry for the guy. Any high school principals out there in the HA audience have time to throw together an application and reassure The One that kids still love him? And by “love him,” I mean “will happily sit through a speech/photo op in lieu of having to go to class.” The competition was extended from the February 25 deadline until Friday, March 11 after few schools met the original application deadline. CBS News has learned a White House Communications Office internal...
  • Anti Obama song

    03/01/2011 5:20:17 AM PST · by Captain PJ · 11 replies
    You tube ^ | unknown | Unknown
    Anti-Obama song. Have not seen this on FR. Sorry if this is a repeat post, I just thought it was worth a look.
  • Protesters decry conservative desert retreat (rally was organized by liberal group Common Cause)

    01/30/2011 8:44:33 PM PST · by NormsRevenge · 34 replies
    Yahoo ^ | 1/30/11 | Troy Anderson
    RANCHO MIRAGE, California (Reuters) – About 1,000 chanting protesters rallied on Sunday outside a California resort where conservative lawmakers and business executives met for a political strategy session hosted by billionaires Charles and David Koch. About two dozen police officers in riot gear lined up in front of the Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa in the upscale desert town of Rancho Mirage to keep the protesters away from the gated entrance. ... Another group, some dressed in hazardous material suits, tried to encircle the resort with yellow caution tape in a symbolic effort to "quarantine" the meeting, but they...
  • Anti-Communist bunny banned in China

    01/28/2011 9:38:33 AM PST · by FromLori · 13 replies
    Sky News ^ | 1/28/2011 | Staff
    As China gears up for the Year of the Rabbit, the nation's Communist authorities have censored a bunny cartoon with political overtones. The Chinese New Year - which falls this year on February 3 - is the country's biggest holiday. Families come together for several days of feasting and gift-giving. But, this year, a New Year-themed cartoon posted on a popular Chinese website seems to have rankled officials. Censors have deleted the video, in an apparent reaction to its biting political satire. The three-minute animation begins with rabbit babies being poisoned, a blatant reference to a recent toxic milk scandal...
  • Polish board game recalls communist hardship

    01/25/2011 11:12:21 AM PST · by DemforBush · 14 replies
    AP via Yahoo ^ | 1/25/11 | MONIKA SCISLOWSKA
    WARSAW, Poland – You won't get to build hotels or collect rent in a new Polish board game reminiscent of Monopoly. In fact, you may be lucky even to get a pair of shoes. Poland's state-run National Remembrance Institute has created the new game — called "Kolejka," which means queue or line — to help young Poles understand the hardships of life under communism...
  • Jesse Jackson calls for a “Radical Reordering” of American Economy

    12/28/2010 3:35:33 AM PST · by Pacothecat · 23 replies · 3+ views
    Jesse Jackson calls for a “Radical Reordering” of American Economy
  • US Rep. Conyers reimburses for son's vehicle use ($5,682 for government-leased Cadillac Escalade)

    12/24/2010 4:16:33 PM PST · by Libloather · 40 replies · 14+ views
    Yahoo ^ | 12/23/10
    US Rep. Conyers reimburses for son's vehicle useUS Rep. Conyers reimburses $5,682 for son's unofficial use of government Escalade in Detroit On Thursday December 23, 2010, 12:54 pm EST DETROIT (AP) -- Taxpayers have been repaid for the time Detroit Congressman John Conyers' son spent using a government vehicle. The U.S. Treasury Department was reimbursed $5,682, the House Judiciary chair said in a statement Wednesday. Conyers said the amount was based on the daily use of the Cadillac Escalade by his 20-year-old son, John Conyers III, over the Thanksgiving holiday. He announced that his son used the sport utility vehicle...
  • WikiLeaks: British Police Arrest Assange

    12/07/2010 2:58:27 AM PST · by bd476 · 98 replies · 1+ views
    Sky News ^ | December 7, 2010 | Andy Winter, Sky News Online
    WikiLeaks: British Police Arrest Assange WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been arrested by British police over sexual assault claims in Sweden, according to Sky sources. A fresh European arrest warrant has been received by Mr Assange's lawyer - as anger grows in the US over the latest leaked embassy cables by the whistleblowing website. Sky sources have said officers from Scotland Yard detained the 39-year-old Australian at around 9.30am. Labelling the move as a "political stunt", Mr Assange's solicitor Mark Stephens said his client wants to find out what allegations he faces so he can clear his name. Two...
  • Labour leader Ed Miliband admits 'I'm a socialist and I am not embarrassed'

    11/26/2010 2:02:11 PM PST · by Nachum · 12 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 11/27/10 | Daily Mail Reporter
    Labour leader Ed Miliband today declared 'I am a socialist' and revealed he was tempted to join the violent student protests but was 'doing something else'. Mr Miliband said that although he did not condone violence, the demonstrations were fuelled by 'justified' anger about tuition fee rises. And he indicated that he was open in future to talking to those protesting on the streets, with marches and other protests set to continue. And, speaking to the Radio 5, he took the bold step for a modern Labour leader of embracing the socialist leanings of the party's pre-Tony Blair era.
  • Gene Robinson: "Why don't the Democrats fight back?"

    11/11/2010 11:01:59 PM PST · by Senator Goldwater · 56 replies
    The Washington Post ^ | 12 November 2010 | Eugene Robinson
    "Why don't they fight back?" That's the question I've been hearing from the Democratic Party's stunned and dispirited base. Everywhere I go, supporters of President Obama and his agenda ask me why so many Democrats in Washington don't stand up for what they say they believe. I confess that I don't have a good answer. What I can say with confidence, however, is that the White House and Democrats in Congress ignore these grumblings at their peril. Call it polarization, call it conviction, call it whatever you like: These are not wishy-washy times. If you don't stand for something, you...
  • Dana Milbank: Bill O'Reilly wants my head

    11/10/2010 8:49:37 AM PST · by Senator Goldwater · 28 replies
    The Washington Post ^ | 10 November 2010 | Dana Milbank
    On Thursday night, O'Reilly asked, as part of a show that would be seen by 5.5 million people: "Does sharia law say we can behead Dana Milbank?" He then added, "That was a joke." The next night, O'Reilly read a complaint from one of his viewers, Heidi Haverlock of Cleveland, who said: "I thought the joke about whether sharia law would allow the beheading of the Washington Post guy was completely inappropriate." O'Reilly replied: "Well, let me break this to you gently, Heidi. If Dana Milbank did in Iran what he does in Washington, he'd be hummus." O'Reilly's on-air fantasizing...
  • Olbermann suspended indefinitedly by MSNBC

    11/05/2010 11:29:56 AM PDT · by Senator Goldwater · 66 replies
    The Washington Post ^ | November 5, 2010 | Emi Kolawole
    Keith Olbermann has been suspended indefinitely from MSNBC for making campaign contributions to three Democrats. Phil Griffin, president of MSNBC: I became aware of Keith's political contributions late last night. Mindful of NBC News policy and standards, I have suspended him indefinitely without pay. Read the MSNBC policy on campaign donations. * * * * MSNBC host Keith Olberman made campaign contributions to Democrats, one of whom appeared on his program, "Countdown with Keith Olbermann." Olbermann donated the maximum allowable amount to failed Democratic Senate candidate Jack Conway in Kentucky and Reps. Raul Grijalva and Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona. Olbermann...
  • Chavez Orders Seizure of Venezuela Steelmaker

    11/01/2010 3:59:53 AM PDT · by FreeAtlanta · 32 replies
    New York Times ^ | 11/01/2010 | Andrew Ross Sorkin
    President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela ordered the expropriation of the country's largest privately owned steel producer Sunday, the latest in a series of takeovers that has raised concerns among business leaders...The president said the seizure of Siderurgica del Turbio, or Sidetur, is part of his strategy to transform Venezuela into a socialist state, frpa
  • Obama’s Radical Past

    10/12/2010 5:05:38 AM PDT · by radioone · 24 replies
    National Review ^ | 10-12-10 | Stanley Kurtz
    On the afternoon of April 1, 1983, Barack Obama, then a senior at Columbia University, made his way into the Great Hall of Manhattan’s Cooper Union to attend a “Socialist Scholars Conference.” There Obama discovered his vocation as a community organizer, as well as a political program to guide him throughout his life. The conference itself was not a secret, but it held a secret, for it was there that a demoralized and frustrated socialist movement largely set aside strategies of nationalization and turned increasingly to local organizing as a way around the Reagan presidency — and its own spotty...
  • Dem Rep: Quoting the Constitution Is ‘Some Sort of Revolutionary Plan’ by Extreme Republican

    10/02/2010 8:37:30 PM PDT · by Jay777 · 29 replies
    The Blaze ^ | 1 Oct 2010 | Pam Key
    Listen to this insane woman who is actually a part of writing laws for us. Jan Schakowsky thinks Republicans are extreme because they quote ancient texts like the Constitution. The tea party is full of cranks because they actually think the founders meant something when adding the tenth amendment and that insanity of insanities….they believe that free people can actually govern themselves. Hear it for yourself.
  • Chris Coons: Volunteer for Liberation Theology (He's just what Delaware needs in Washington)

    09/20/2010 5:07:16 AM PDT · by IbJensen · 22 replies · 1+ views
    American Spectator ^ | September 20, 2010 | Jeffrey Lord
    Here we go again. Chris Coons, the freshly minted Democrat selected as Tea Party favorite and Republican nominee Christine O'Donnell's opponent in the Delaware U.S. Senate race traveled to Africa in the 1980s -- emerging as a committed leftist after volunteering for an organization supporting Black Liberation Theology. The controversial religious philosophy espoused by radical left-wing activist James Cone and President Obama's one-time spiritual mentor the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Black Liberation Theology is an off-shoot of liberation theology, a Marxist-driven interpretation of Christianity. And the liberal media -- alarmed at O'Donnell's success and busily running all manner off stories designed...
  • Delaware Senate Race: O'Donnell Opponent Chris Coons Restricts Access To Records Just Like Obama

    09/15/2010 10:12:31 PM PDT · by csd · 54 replies ^ | September 15, 2010 | FreewillOffering
    The media is fawning all over Chris Coons right now. The are just as ready to anoint him to the US Senate today as they were to anoint Mike Castle yesterday. Yet what do we really know about Chris Coons. While everyone is busy micro- investigating Christine O'Donnell we hear little about Coons-other than how lucky he is and how he will win. Well, I don't know much about Chris Coons either. But a little checking brings up a disturbing trait he has in common with Obama. It seems that Chris Coons likes to restrict or hinder access to public...
  • Coons took 'bearded Marxist' turn (Dem Delaware Senate Candidate)

    09/15/2010 7:37:26 PM PDT · by Red Steel · 50 replies
    Politico ^ | 5/3/10 10:52 PM EDT | ALEX ISENSTADT
    An article Democrat Chris Coons wrote for his college newspaper may not go over so well in corporation-friendly Delaware, where he already faces an uphill battle for Vice President Joe Biden’s old Senate seat. The title? “Chris Coons: The Making of a Bearded Marxist.” In the article, Coons, then 21 years old and about to graduate from Amherst College, chronicled his transformation from a sheltered, conservative-minded college student who had worked for former GOP Delaware Sen. William Roth and had campaigned for Ronald Reagan in 1980 into a cynical young adult who was distrustful of American power and willing to...
  • Few white voters upset about Obama victory despite lingering racism

    09/13/2010 10:08:51 AM PDT · by decimon · 25 replies
    University of Florida ^ | September 13, 2010 | Unknown
    GAINESVILLE, Fla. --- Racism may be less of a factor in politics than other realms of life, according to a new University of Florida study, which found few white voters in Florida to be upset by the presidential candidacy of a black man, and many to be proud of it. To assess attitudes among white voters in a southern state about Barack Obama's historic election to the presidency, two UF political scientists analyzed results from four statewide telephone surveys -- each involving between 449 and 829 respondents – conducted in the fall of 2008 and spring of 2009. Their study...
  • Obama pushing for 'culture transformation'

    09/09/2010 5:24:16 AM PDT · by IbJensen · 19 replies
    One News Now ^ | September 9, 2010 | Russ Jones
    A pro-family leader says despite President Obama's low approval ratings, he shows no sign of detouring from his message promoting big-government solutions. At a rally in Milwaukee on Monday, Obama said rebuilding 150,000 miles of road, working on 4,000 miles of rail track, and restoring 150 miles of runways would create new jobs for Americans. "We want to change the way Washington spends your tax dollars," said the president. "We want to reform the way we fund and maintain our infrastructure to focus less on wasteful earmarks and outdated formulas, and we want competition and innovation that gives us the...
  • Kagan Nomination Debate LIVE

    08/03/2010 11:20:24 AM PDT · by Dubya-M-DeesWent2SyriaStupid! · 19 replies · 16+ views
    C-Span ^ | C-Span
    On now Watch it LIVE
  • Rep. Pete Stark:(PRICELESS)”The Federal Government Can Do Most Anything In This Country”

    08/02/2010 4:54:37 PM PDT · by Biggirl · 21 replies · 8+ views ^ | August 2, 2010 | annem040359
    This is PRICELESS. Why is it that people out in CA elect over and over again Representative Pete Stark? (D/CA). What he said about the USA Constitution, which makes me wonder if we are even in the next couple of years if we will EVEN have a United States of America. At the rate things are going with the take over of the auto, health, energy, and financial industries we could very much be on our way to having what national radio talk radio show host Mark Levin calls a “soft tyranny”. The skids have been greased. Give the lady...
  • email from Michelle: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRESIDENT OBAMA (add your name to his birthday card)

    07/27/2010 5:10:35 PM PDT · by doug from upland · 15 replies · 3+ views
    I was thrilled to get this email today from the woman to whom we laughingly refer as "First Lady." Friend -- (Maybe she thought I was Sinclair, Rezco, or Blago) Every year, our family tries to come up with a fun way to wish Barack a happy birthday. (How does impeachment sound?) And this August 4th, when he turns 49, I have something new in mind. (A flight to Kenya to visit his birthplace?) This has been a big -- and hectic -- year for him. After signing the Affordable Care Act and Wall Street reform into law -- and...
  • Newsmaker Shirley Sherrod to Address Black Journalists at Annual Convention in San Diego

    07/27/2010 2:16:04 PM PDT · by kristinn · 26 replies
    PR Newswire ^ | Tuesday, July 27, 2010
    Newsmaker Shirley Sherrod is set to appear before thousands of journalists on Thursday, July 29 at the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) Annual Convention in San Diego, Calif. Sherrod has made headlines over the past two weeks for her forced resignation from the U.S. Department of Agriculture after conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart posted video excerpts of Sherrod's address at a March 2010 NAACP event on his website. The NAACP initially condemned her remarks and U.S. government officials called on her to resign. Upon review of the unedited video in context, the NAACP, White House officials, and Tom Vilsack, the...
  • Saint Shirley Sherrod: Shut Down for Good of the Country

    07/22/2010 6:57:33 AM PDT · by kristinn · 352 replies · 9+ views
    Thursday, July 22, 2010 | Kristinn
    Former USDA official Shirley Sherrod, who claims she was falsely smeared as a racist while she herself falsely smears Republicans and Fox News as racists, said this morning that she would like to see, the website that made her famous, shut down for the good of the country.CNN's American Morning reported on Sherrod's demand:She said if Breitbart's site were shut down, "That would be a great thing, because I don't see how that advances us in this country ... at a time when we should be trying to look at how we can make space for all of us...
  • Shirley Sherrod blasts Fox News as racist

    07/21/2010 9:15:49 AM PDT · by maggief · 104 replies · 1+ views
    Washington Post ^ | July 21, 2010 | Greg Sargent
    EXCERPT "I think they should but they won't. They intended exactly what they did. "They were looking for the result they got yesterday," she said of Fox. "I am just a pawn. I was just here. They are after a bigger thing, they would love to take us back to where we were many years ago. Back to where black people were looking down, not looking white folks in the face, not being able to compete for a job out there and not be a whole person."
  • Shirley Sherrod Becomes Obama Political Problem

    07/21/2010 10:12:45 AM PDT · by maggief · 65 replies · 1+ views
    NPR ^ | July 21, 2010 | Frank James
    As soon as much of the available evidence suggested that Shirley Sherrod had become the victim of a rush to judgment by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, it became clear President Barack Obama had a mushrooming political problem on his hands. Sherrod went from being the villain of the piece to a figure drawing great empathy from millions, not the least of which was conservative talk show host Glen Beck. And among those who were most closely watching the president’s handling of affair were important members of the president’s base, people he could ill afford to alienate: African Americans and liberals....
  • Ex-prosecutor: Obama's Kenyan activities may be 'criminal' (Logan Act Violation)

    07/16/2010 12:39:42 AM PDT · by Red Steel · 17 replies · 1+ views
    wnd ^ | July 15, 2010 11:45 pm Eastern
    McCarthy says Obama's foreign dealings as senator possibly illegal In a new best-selling book connecting Islam and Obama-style socialism, a former top terrorism prosecutor chides the national media for failing to investigate Barack Obama's "borderline criminal" activities in Kenya as a U.S. senator. Andrew C. McCarthy, the former U.S. attorney who investigated the American embassy bombing in Nairobi, Kenya, charges that Obama interfered in Kenya's internal politics possibly in violation of the Logan Act. The centuries-old law bars Americans who are "without authority of the United States" from conducting relations "with any foreign government ... in relation to any disputes...
  • Obama to call for comprehensive immigration bill at American University

    07/01/2010 8:27:45 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 61 replies · 2+ views
    Washington Post ^ | 07/01/2010 | Anne E. Kornblut and Michael Savage
    With immigration stories dominating headlines nearly every week, President Obama is delivering a speech Thursday morning that will frame the issue on his own terms -- calling for comprehensive legislation and the importance of keeping the border secure. But he is not expected to announce any new policy during the 10:45 a.m. address to an audience of 250 religious, business, labor, and community leaders and law enforcement and elected officials at American University, administration officials said. Nor is the Justice Department going to announce its decision on a lawsuit in Arizona, where a new law makes it easier for police...
  • Is Obama out to destroy America? (vanity)

    06/18/2010 8:48:52 AM PDT · by Ancient Drive · 55 replies · 1,176+ views
    This guy is the most anti american president ever. What the heck is he doing? everything he does is detrimental to our Nation. He should be brought up on treason charges.
  • Obama besieged by worsening problems on many fronts

    06/16/2010 5:21:39 AM PDT · by libstripper · 56 replies · 1,083+ views ^ | June 15, 2010 | Margaret Talev, Jonathan S. Landay, & David Lightman
    WASHINGTON — As a candidate for president, Barack Obama saw President George W. Bush's missteps in the Gulf Coast, war policy and the economy as easy targets for criticism. Now Obama is being dogged by variations on the same themes, his judgment under the microscope of public scrutiny and his options for action limited. To be sure, it's still early in his presidency, and much history remains to be made before he faces re-election. However, the worsening trials he faces today may combine into a fateful crossroads of his time in office.
  • Wallis: How Christian Is Tea Party Libertarianism?

    06/05/2010 6:04:48 AM PDT · by Christian_Capitalist · 85 replies · 968+ views
    Jim Wallis announced last week his desire to start a “dialogue” on this question: “Just how Christian is the Tea Party Movement—and the Libertarian political philosophy that lies behind it?”Of course, Wallis isn’t suggesting that the movement be judged by whether it is explicitly Christian, but rather, by how it measures up to what Wallis refers to as “biblical ethics.”This is a perfectly reasonable question for a Christian to ask of any political movement. And as it happens, I agree with some of Wallis’s points. Still, Wallis’s attempt at an answer doesn’t inspire confidence that he’s thinking clearly about the...
  • (Obama's) Killing The Drilling

    06/04/2010 7:08:42 PM PDT · by raptor22 · 63 replies · 1,353+ views ^ | June 4, 2010 | Investor's Business Daily staff
    The Economy: As if the latest measly numbers on our jobless recovery weren't bad enough, along comes the administration to pile disaster upon disaster by slapping a six-month ban on deep-water drilling. When President Obama visited Louisiana on May 1, he talked about the possibility that the oil gushing from BP's Deepwater Horizon well could "jeopardize the livelihoods of thousands of Americans who call this place home." Now the administration's response could jeopardize the livelihoods of tens of thousands more. In a letter sent to Obama on Wednesday, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal challenged the president's decision to suspend deepwater drilling...
  • The President's Memorial Daze

    05/28/2010 7:22:41 PM PDT · by raptor22 · 23 replies · 1,511+ views ^ | May 28, 2010 | Investor's Business Daily Sraff
    Leadership: Our commander in chief was to miss the wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery to go on vacation. Other presidents have missed it, but never at wartime. All presidents deserve a vacation, and no president is ever off the clock. But we are at war, and Memorial Day at Arlington has special significance even in peacetime. Those who defend President Obama's decision to take time off were not so understanding whenever President George W. Bush spent time at his Crawford, Texas, ranch. Obama was to be in his old Chicago-area stomping grounds, and those who attacked Bush for taking...
  • America's Nuclear Surrender

    05/04/2010 5:57:10 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 29 replies · 1,087+ views ^ | May 4, 2010 | INVESTORS BUSINESS DAILY Staff
    Defense: The administration proudly reveals a state secret to our enemies before a U.N. conference on nuclear nonproliferation. It wants to lead by example on disarmament, but Iran and North Korea aren't following. Not since the 1928 Kellogg-Briand Pact that sought to outlaw war as an instrument of national policy has there been such a stunning display of dangerous naivete. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton disclosed U.S. nuclear secrets to the U.N. conference while proudly proclaiming it showed America is sending "a clear, unmistakable signal" that this nation is committed to nuclear disarmament. Kellogg-Briand laid the groundwork for Munich in...
  • Obama Announces U.S. Military Secrets to the World

    05/22/2010 10:00:41 AM PDT · by SonOfDarkSkies · 167 replies · 9,802+ views ^ | 5/21/2010
    <p>President Obama has decided to pre-announce to the world once-secret American ballistic missile tests and satellite launches.</p>
  • Kagan, Obama, and the Harvard Legacy of Literary Fraud

    05/12/2010 10:40:42 PM PDT · by neverdem · 37 replies · 2,729+ views
    American Thinker ^ | May 13, 2010 | Jack Cashill
    When Barack Obama’s two faculty mentors at Harvard Law got in trouble for plagiarism, they were rescued by Dean Elena Kagan. In 1989, Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe hired first-year Harvard law student Barack Obama as his research assistant.  After Obama was elected president, Tribe would gush, "His stunning combination of analytical brilliance and personal charisma, openness and maturity, vision and pragmatism, was unmistakable from my very first encounter." Obama had one other prominent mentor among the Harvard faculty, Professor Charles Ogletree, an African American.  In the run-up to the election, Ogletree would enthuse, "I'm so excited about this candidacy...
  • Caption Harry Reid

    05/12/2010 6:34:48 AM PDT · by reaganrevolutionin2010 · 13 replies · 481+ views
    Daylife Photos ^ | 5/5/10 | staff

    04/17/2010 3:29:37 PM PDT · by SWAMPSNIPER · 63 replies · 2,582+ views
    self | April 17, 2010 | swampniper
    These are the halfwits passing out commie literature at the St. Augustine Tea Party. The tall one was really good at looking away from the camera.
  • Danny Glover arrested at demo against France's Sodexo (SEIU's Stern too)

    04/16/2010 7:29:27 PM PDT · by csvset · 30 replies · 778+ views
    France24 ^ | 17 April 2010 | Wire
    US actor Danny Glover and 11 others were arrested Friday at a protest outside the US headquarters of French company Sodexo, which workers accuse of union-bashing and poor working conditions. Glover was taken away in handcuffs along with the outgoing head of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Andy Stern, former Sodexo canteen cashier Terry Shelley and several others, after crossing a police line outside the US offices of the food services firm. The action brought together hourly-paid workers, students, and even union representatives from Britain and France who sought to show support for US workers like Shelley, who said...
  • Justice Stephens Leaves Behind Legacy Of Judicial Activism

    04/16/2010 3:44:45 PM PDT · by marktwain · 8 replies · 352+ views ^ | 15 April, 2010 | GREGORY SULLIVAN
    The announcement of Justice John Paul Stevens that he will retire at the end of this term brings to an end a long and destructive judicial career. Mr. Stevens started in the 1970s as an idiosyncratic moderate conservative and became, over the ensuing decades, an aggressive judicial supremacist and policymaker. Though an intelligent and very cordial man, Mr. Stevens’ opinions are among the most disgraceful in the entire history of the Court. Mr. Stevens is a classic example of a jurist who “evolves”: in other words, he moved from legitimate methods of interpretation of statutes and the Constitution to simply...