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  • Open Note To Askel5 from Laz

    09/26/2012 6:42:06 AM PDT · by Lazamataz · 294 replies
    9/26/2012 | By Laz A. Mataz
    Dear Askel5, For many years, I thought you were a bit of a nut. A very INTELLIGENT nut, but a nut nonetheless. Your constant harping about Gramscian politics was, to my mind, weird a little paranoid. It turns out you were one hundred percent right. The move to destroy America has been very below-the-surface, highly organized, and extremely effective ... and the model has been, indeed, Antonio Gramsci's.From the work Notes on Saul Alinsky and Neo-Marxism: Remember that the primary influence for Obama's strategy comes from Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals." With that in mind..."Alinsky's tactics were based, not on...
  • What Has Obama Learned? (What A Question)

    09/26/2012 5:22:42 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 13 replies ^ | September 26, 2012 | Jonah Goldberg
    The Oval Office isn't the place to learn on the job. That was the line from both Hillary Clinton and John McCain in 2008. In fairness, that's always the argument the more experienced candidate uses against the less experienced candidate (just ask Mitt Romney). But Barack Obama seemed a special case, easily among the least experienced major-party nominees in U.S. history. A Pew poll in August 2008 found that the biggest concern voters had with Obama fell under the category of "personal abilities and experience." In a "change" year, Americans swallowed those concerns and voted for the change candidate. Four...
  • School: Sorry About Hammer & Sickle (HS Marching Band Commemorates Communist Revolution)

    09/25/2012 5:26:24 PM PDT · by Dallas59 · 45 replies
    Fox News ^ | 9/25/2012 | Todd Starnes
    A Pennsylvania school district has apologized and made significant changes to a high school marching band’s halftime show that commemorated the Russian Revolution with red flags, military-style outfits and giant hammers and sickles. The New Oxford High School Marching band’s show will no longer be called “St. Petersburg: 1917″ and the performance will no longer include the hammers and sickles, according to a statement from Rebecca Harbaugh, the superintendent for the Conewago Valley School District.
  • Its Obamas Turn To Release Some Documents

    09/25/2012 11:55:53 AM PDT · by opentalk · 28 replies
    CBS local ^ | September 25, 2012 | Scott Paulson
    Last Friday, GOP presidential challenger Mitt Romney disclosed his tax returns and health records. In particular, the release of the tax information was a pleasant surprise released without pre-announcement or fanfare. Romney gave information that dates back to 1990 which ought to close Harry Reids mouth for a time would be absolutely wonderful if the right would get such a disclosed-documentary surprise from President Barack Obama. ...What are Americans on the left afraid of learning about Obama? Simple curiosity would demand that Obamas academic records be released let alone really wanting to know about the past of the man...
  • Politicized, Militarized Homeland Security Department Unveils New Panzer Division

    09/25/2012 4:04:42 AM PDT · by Reaganite Republican · 109 replies
    Reaganite Republican ^ | September 25, 2012 | Reaganite Republican
    This to go along with it's 1.2 BILLION rounds of ammo  (22 lead slugs for each-and-every Republican) and armored checkpoint booths... nothing to worry about, tho! To the list of recent unsettling developments at DHS and other federal agencies -such as FEMA camp expansions, massive DHS ammo buys, a creepy new biometric surveillance system just being rolled-out by the FBI, and drones buzzing our backyards with cameras- we can now add the appearance across the country of not just heavily-armored military grade Humvees, but 'GLS' armored personnel carriers (APC's) such as in the picture above- 2500 of them to be...
  • Chvez accused of election dirty tricks

    09/25/2012 2:35:43 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 8 replies
    Financial Times ^ | September 24, 2012 | Benedict Mander in Caracas
    Shortly after Venezuelan television stations began a live broadcast of a major opposition rally this month, coverage was cut and replaced with images of President Hugo Chvez looking jovial and fatherly as he visited young children at school. It was one of the populist leaders infamous chain broadcasts, in which all regular programming on public access television and radio is suspended so that he can trumpet the achievements of his Bolivarian revolution, often for hours on end. ...Mr Chvez has been in power for more than 13 years and the opposition sees this years poll due to take place...
  • Former union boss at Occupy event: Our goal is to overthrow the capitalist system ..

    09/24/2012 5:54:33 AM PDT · by Texas Fossil · 21 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | 1:16 AM 08/20/2012 | Matthew Boyle
    Former Amalgamated Transit Union local 689 president Mike Golash, now an Occupy movement organizer, was caught on tape Sunday revealing his political goals: overthrowing capitalism in the United States and instituting a communist government.
  • Tyranny Of The Mob

    09/23/2012 8:40:17 AM PDT · by Starman417 · 4 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 09-22-12 | Skookum
    Stalin Creates Famine And Havoc By Seizing The Harvest For Redistribution, Seven Million Ukrainians Starved To Death[/caption] Romney committed a major gaffe when he figured 47% of our people are on the dole and will never vote for him. Indeed, I think he has made a major mistake; a mistake that hardly registers in comparison to the ongoing gong show of the Obama administration. However, when we consider the number of working Socialists, Communists, union drones, academics, sycophantic college students, and celebrity voters; we have a demographic far larger than Obama needs for a majority. When we analyze this...
  • Valerie Jarrett's 1996 Speech on Collectivism

    09/22/2012 2:08:59 PM PDT · by lurk · 8 replies
    Weekly Standard Blog ^ | Sept. 21, 2012 | Daniel Halper
    The never before seen video was just uploaded to YouTube today. "In 1996, Valerie Jarrett addressed the National Association for the Education of Young Children where she said it does take a village to raise a child but asked, what happens when the village is in chaos. Remarks come full circle with attacks on Michael Jordan. Source: South Carolina Educational Television Network," states the description of the video on YouTube. In the speech Jarrett describes an America with some kids growing up in "war-like conditions." She says, "And yet, these kids are expected to compete with my daughter and with...
  • Granma journalist takes refuge in Miami [latest of 4 Cuban defections]

    09/22/2012 4:56:00 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 4 replies
    Miami Herald ^ | September 21, 2012
    The news editor of the official Cuban daily newspaper Granma defected a week ago during a business trip to Mexico and is now living in Miami. Mairelys Cuevas Gmez, 27, traveled to Mexico authorized by the papers executive editor and with the full knowledge of other Cuban officials and the elite in charge of the government media, according to a report published on the website Caf Fuerte. Cuevas defection is a new blow to the regimes news and propaganda operation. In recent months, at least four other members of the Cuban media also decided to ask for asylum in the...
  • Fallacy Of Redistribution Has Grave Economic Impact

    09/20/2012 11:16:07 AM PDT · by Mier · 9 replies
    IBD Editorials ^ | 09/19/2012 03:59 PM ET | THOMAS SOWELL
    The recently discovered tape on which Barack Obama said back in 1998 that he believes in redistribution is not really news. He said the same thing to Joe the Plumber four years ago. But the tape's surfacing may serve a useful purpose if it gets people to thinking about the consequences of redistribution. Those who talk glibly about redistribution often act as if people are just inert objects that can be placed here and there, like pieces on a chess board, to carry out some grand design. But if human beings have their own responses to government policies, then we...
  • It is Obama, not Romney, who dislikes America

    09/20/2012 9:00:30 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 2 replies
    Hot Air ^ | September 20, 2012 | Howard Portnoy
    In the opening of a column in Thursdays Washington Post, liberal commentator E. J. Dionne shares an anecdote. The most incisive reaction to Mitt Romneys disparaging comments about 47 percent of us, he writes, came from a conservative friend who emailed: If I were you, Id wonder why Romney hates America so much. As debating strategies go, this tactic is pretty weak. Dionne is citing as support for his argument one anonymous voice out of a vast chorus of opponents that he claims agrees with him. Actually, Dionne doesnt fully agree with his source. He goes on to suggest that...
  • Frank Marshall Davis, Jr.?

    09/20/2012 12:37:22 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 35 replies
    American Thinker ^ | September 20, 2012 | Jeff Lipkes
    In Laughter and Forgetting, novelist Milan Kudera describes a photo taken of the leaders of the Czech Communist Party on a balcony in Prague. In the original picture, Vladimir Clementis stands next to Prime Minister Klement Gottwald. But after Clementis was purged from the Party, he was airbrushed out of the photo. However, he had given his hat to Gottwald, and in the new photo, widely reproduced, it sits on the PM's head. This is all that remains of Clementis. In a photo on Barack Obama's Facebook page, his mother Ann Dunham stands with her father in what looks like...
  • 1995 Obama: The Entire History of America Is Towards Concentration of Power and Oppression

    09/19/2012 1:51:33 PM PDT · by nhwingut · 9 replies
    The Blaze ^ | 09/19/2012 | Jason Howerton
    Both presidential nominees are facing more scrutiny for statements they have made in the past as the 2012 election is now less than two months away. Just this week, GOP nominee Mitt Romney faced criticism for his now infamous 47 percent remarks, while President Barack Obama fought to downplay a 1998 video in which he voiced his support for redistribution. And while some Obamas remarks from his past have gotten a lot of media attention, others have seemingly slipped under the radar. One of the videos that apparently went unnoticed is an unearthed clip from 1995, which originally surfaced sometime...
  • Spanish Communist leader Santiago Carrillo dies

    09/18/2012 3:14:29 PM PDT · by iowamark · 20 replies
    London Telegraph ^ | 9/18/2012 | Reuters
    Santiago Carrillo, the veteran Communist leader who was Spain's last surviving public figure to have taken an active part in the civil war, has died aged 97, family sources have said... In 1936 he joined the army to defend the Republic from a military revolt which turned into a bloody civil war lasting almost three years and ended up installing Franco as dictator. Carrillo, by now a Communist, was named a public order official in a defence committee set up in Madrid in November that year just as rebel troops were approaching the capital and the Republican government had fled...
  • The Naked Communist

    09/17/2012 4:23:23 PM PDT · by MacNaughton · 5 replies
    The Naked Communist ^ | 1958 | Willard Cleon Skousen
    The thread theme of COMMUNIST GOALS has been referenced many times on FR. Thanks to Freepers forest - 3/30/2002, and 56newblog - 7/172012 for previously presenting this topic. It is a history lesson which is not taught in U.S. public education. It is worthy of reposting for those coming late to the party. No slight intended, but the under 40 population is least likely to be familiar with this list of goals.
  • Re-branding Guevara: Che the Butcher

    09/17/2012 6:54:39 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 32 replies
    National Review Online ^ | September 17, 2012 | John Fund
    The stern photo of revolutionary Che Guevara taken by Alberto Korda in 1960 is one of the most reproduced images on the planet, appearing on posters, flags, postcards, T-shirts, and even bikinis. Sadly, the ubiquitous appearances of Che hailed today usually by his first name only demonstrate the near-total failure to educate people about the blood-soaked cruelty he really represented. But there are, thankfully, some limits to the use of Ches famous image if people complain. A recent e-mail sent by the Environmental Protection Agency to mark Hispanic Heritage Month included Kordas image of Che along with...
  • Cuban ingenuity in iPhone age [work around a 50-year embargo and an anemic, centrally planned eco]

    09/16/2012 6:30:01 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 33 replies
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | September 13, 2012 | Elien Blue Becque
    When my iPhone slipped from the back of the tank and into the toilet,I snatched it out immediately. Though at first all seemed fine, it soon switched off and remained unresponsive. "It's toast," was the verdict from Grant,an Apple store Genius. "We don't deem it really,like, worth it to replace the inner components of the shell of a broken phone. I'll throw that guy away and get you a brand new one."........I was about to leave on a trip to Cuba, where my phone wasn't going to work anyway. So I thanked him and left. .....On my second day in...
  • LA SHERIFF: FEDS INTERVIEW CALIF. FILMMAKER (9/11 - "The Religion of Peace" Strikes Again?)

    09/15/2012 8:06:34 AM PDT · by broken_arrow1 · 21 replies
    Associated Press ^ | Sept. 15, 2012 | AP
    LOS ANGELES (AP) -- A Southern California filmmaker linked to an anti-Islamic movie inflaming protests across the Middle East was interviewed by federal probation officers at a Los Angeles sheriff's station but was not arrested or detained, authorities said early Saturday. Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, 55, was interviewed at the station in his hometown of Cerritos, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Don Walker said. Federal officials have said they were investigating the activities of Nakoula, who has been convicted of financial crimes. If the probation department determines Nakoula violated terms of his release, a judge could send him back to prison.
  • EPA: Staff-wide Che Guevara email an inadvertent error

    09/14/2012 1:05:35 PM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 52 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | September 14, 2012 | Caroline May
    Environmental Protection Agency staff opened their inboxes Thursday to find an agency-wide Hispanic Heritage Month email featuring a prominent picture of Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara, and largely plagiarized from the website According to the EPA, the email which heralded the beginning Hispanic Heritage Month on Saturday and offered cultural details about Hispanics was an accident and the employee responsible has apologized. The email was drafted and sent by an individual employee, and without official clearance. Shortly after sending the email in question the individual apologized to her colleagues for the inadvertent error, an EPA spokesman emailed TheDC...
  • Naval expert: Ships shown during Democratic convention tribute to veterans were Russian

    09/11/2012 10:51:32 PM PDT · by iowamark · 56 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | Sept. 12, 2012 | David Martosko
    The Democratic National Conventions final night included a stirring tribute to Americas veterans from a retired naval four-star admiral, complete with a backdrop of jets flying over a row of proud warships. But convention organizers may soon regret it. Norman Polmar, author of The Naval Institute Guide to the Soviet Navy and other military handbooks, told the Navy Times on Tuesday that the ships were Russian vessels. The ships are definitely Russian, Polmar told the military newspaper. Theres no question of that in my mind. The ships depicted in the Democrats backdrop had radar designs that the U.S. fleet doesnt...
  • "A" Is for Agitation: Radical Chicago Teachers on Parade

    09/12/2012 1:10:47 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 7 replies ^ | September 12, 2012 | Michelle Malkin
    Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis walks, talks and barks like a rootsy Occupy Wall Street activist. But this Big Labor loudmouth who's leading the abandonment of nearly 400,000 schoolchildren in the Windy City is just another power-grabbing union fat cat. Instead of academic excellence, she rails about "social justice." Instead of accountability, she fumes about "profits" and curses merit pay. Lewis has marched with the Occu-clowns denouncing capitalism and promoting "socialism (as) the alternative." She raves: "Occupy Wall Street and the whole concept of the 99 percent is an extraordinarily important movement." And she earned praise as a "fist-in-the-air,...
  • Tea Party Rally at Joe Biden Event in S.W. Ohio

    09/09/2012 7:28:01 PM PDT · by timestax · 87 replies
    September 9, 2012 | timestax
    Vice President Biden rolled into Milford, Ohio, Sunday,September 9, to speak at public Milford High School to a crowd of about 200 Democrats in the school cafeteria. The TEA PARTY was there to meet him, and his followers.
  • New York Post AD Exposes Obama's 'Real Father'

    09/11/2012 5:43:30 AM PDT · by opentalk · 27 replies
    wnd ^ | Septembe 10, 2012 | Jerome R. Corsi
    After rejection by USA Today, Washington Post, New York TimesThe New York Post has accepted a full-page ad declaring Barack Obamas real biological father is the late Communist Party activist Frank Marshall Davis, not the Kenyan Barack Hussein Obama. Filmmaker Joel Gilbert makes the case in his full-length documentary Dreams from My Real Father: A Story of Reds and Deception. The ad will run in the Posts New York City, national and international editions Tuesday and Sunday. Convincing the newspaper to accept the full-page ad required Gilbert to go personally to the Posts main editorial office in Manhattan. It took...
  • The Hispanics That Democrats Love to Hate [they have not politically assimilated]

    09/10/2012 1:34:58 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 8 replies
    Front Page Magazine ^ | September 10, 2012 | Humberto Fontova
    My Hispanic can beat up your Hispanic! pretty much captured the convention kick-offs. Republicans chose Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, a Cuban-American, to introduce Mitt Romney, reported the AP. Democrats picked Mayor Julian Castro of San Antonio, a Mexican American, as keynote speaker. Both are considered rising stars. Ah! But what fun the Republicans missed. Given the eras political correctness, politics in the U.S. get pretty boring nowadays. No present-day politician or their slick consultants could possibly publicize whats forthcoming in this article. So please stick around, because I belong to neither profession. Most immigrants arrive in America poor (especially...
  • Venezuela opposition scuttles rally due to violence fears

    09/10/2012 12:57:59 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 6 replies
    Miami Herald ^ | September 9, 2012 | JIM WYSS
    CARACAS -- With less than a month to go before Venezuelas presidential elections, the opposition said it was forced to keep its candidate, Henrique Capriles, from attending a rally Sunday because of fears that pro-government forces posed a threat. Capriles campaign chief, Armando Briquet, said that an event planned for the La Pastora neighborhood, a longtime government stronghold that is part of greater Caracas, had to be called off amid reports that there were armed supporters of President Hugo Chvez who were bent on stopping the rally. Briquet said that photos and video of the disturbances showing members of the...
  • Obama's Communist Party Endorsement

    09/09/2012 11:57:37 PM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 5 replies
    The American Thinker ^ | September 10, 2012 | Daren Jonescu
    .........>>>Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and many others, died for a most precious human right, the right to vote. Now, the same racists who denied Black voters ballot rights in the 1960s are trying to keep voters from the polls in 2012.In the old days, they called it a "poll tax." They rode at night and wore white sheets. Today, they wear expensive suits. But they still steal elections by cutting off early voting, by imposing photo ID requirements that poor voters can't afford. It's called "voter suppression." It will take a fight to defeat these dirty tricks. Voter suppression...
  • Biography: Ahmad Shah Massoud

    09/11/2006 10:39:32 PM PDT · by HAL9000 · 50 replies · 3,423+ views ^ | September 12, 2006 | Farzana
    Ahmed Shah Masood (c. 1953September 9, 2001) (variant transliterations include Ahmad, Massoud, etc.) was a Kabul University engineering student turned Afghan military leader who played a leading role in driving the Soviet army out of Afghanistan, earning him the nickname Lion of Panjshir. Various transliterations include: Ahmad / Ahmed / Akhmad / Achmad, Shah / Schah / Chah, Massoud / Massud / Massood / Masud. Ahmad Shah Massoud was born 10.06.1332 (01.09.1953)[2] in Jangalak[3]/ Panjsher[5]as son of police commander Dost Mohammad Khan. At the age of five, he started grammar school at Bazarak and stayed there until second grade....
  • Chavez ally: Twitter account seized, recovered [said opposition posted rumors of coup underway]

    09/09/2012 11:30:06 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 2 replies
    Miami Herald ^ | September 9, 2012 | JORGE RUEDA
    CARACAS, Venezuela -- Venezuela's National Assembly president said his Twitter account was taken over on Saturday in an online attack that unleashed a series of bogus messages saying a coup was under way. Diosdado Cabello, a close ally of President Hugo Chavez, said on state television that his account has been blocked to prevent more false messages, and later said he had recovered control of the account. "Our Twitter account was hacked by the Venezuelan right. We're sure of it," Cabello said, according to the state news agency. An initial out-of-the-ordinary message on the account Saturday had said that factions...
  • Obama Administration Expands ATFs Power to Seize Property

    09/08/2012 2:49:47 PM PDT · by DogByte6RER · 73 replies ^ | 09.07.2012 | S.H. Blannelberry
    Obama Administration Expands ATFs Power to Seize Property As part of a one-year trial run, the Department of Justice has granted the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives the power to to seize and administratively forfeit property allegedly involved in controlled substance offenses, which is almost tantamount to saying that on the mere suspicion that one is doing something illegal, the ATF can snatch ones firearms and property. The Washington Times, among other publications, have explained the implications of this new DoJ decree: Its a dangerous extension of the civil-forfeiture doctrine, a surreal legal fiction in which the seized...
  • Transformers 2 (Obama wants to "fundamentally transform" America)

    09/07/2012 6:02:11 PM PDT · by Innovative · 9 replies
    Wall Street Journal ^ | Sept. 6, 2012 | WSJ Editorial Board
    For all the spin and deception of politics, sooner or later every politician reveals his true purposes. For Barack Obama, one of those moments came when he declared shortly before the 2008 election that "We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America." Above all else, the President who asked voters for a second term Thursday night sees himself as destined to transform America according to his own progressive dreams. To our mind, two events amid hundreds stand out as defining President Obama's first term. The first is his go-for-broke pursuit of progressive social legislation instead...
  • Movie on Cristeros War Exposes Mexican Govt.'s Anti-Christian Campaign

    06/10/2012 12:39:05 PM PDT · by IbJensen · 34 replies
    The New American ^ | 6/8/2012 | William F. Jasper
    Viva Cristo Rey! (Long Live Christ the King.) That was the rallying cry for millions of Mexicans during the second and third decades of the 20th century, as revolutionary governments, modeled after the Bolshevik regime in Russia, unleashed round after round of persecution and terror throughout Mexico. For Greater Glory, the newly released epic film starring Andy Garcia and Eva Longoria, provides a stirring introduction to the Cristero War, or Cristiada (1926-1929), a heroic chapter of Mexicos history that, until now, has been almost virtually unknown in the United States (as well as in Mexico, where the government has suppressed...
  • Feds Seek Prison Time For Obama "Hope" Artist

    09/05/2012 9:40:41 PM PDT · by Dajjal · 26 replies
    The Smoking Gun ^ | Sept. 5, 2012 | unknown
    Feds Seek Prison Time For Obama "Hope" Artist Prosecutors want Shepard Fairey sentencing to serve as a warning SEPTEMBER 5--Federal prosecutors want Shepard Fairey, the artist who created the Barack Obama Hope poster, to serve time in prison following his misdemeanor conviction for destroying and fabricating documents in connection with a civil lawsuit over the iconic campaign image. In advance of Fridays scheduled sentencing of Fairey in U.S. District Court in Manhattan, the Department of Justice has filed a memorandum arguing that a prison term for the 42-year-old artist would be appropriate. However, prosecutors did not specify how long Fairey...
  • How the Democrats are implementing the Communists plan to destroy America

    09/05/2012 10:25:47 AM PDT · by jmaroneps37 · 5 replies ^ | SEPTEMBER 5TH, 2012 | Derrick Hollenbeck, staff writer
    Will Rogers, a famous Democrat, used to say All I know is what I read in the papers. What he meant was he made his decisions about the meaning of current events based on what he read and heard in his everyday life. This week we are seeing the Democratic National Convention. They are telling us what they stand for and what they plan for our future. I have read the Communists plan for destroying America and my sense of what has gone on over the past fifty years tells me the Democrats have been working to implement it. See...
  • The Democratic Party's Godless Platform

    09/05/2012 9:09:21 AM PDT · by Unam Sanctam · 18 replies
    Catholic Online ^ | 9/5/2012 | Andrew M. Greenwell, Esq.
    All reference to God has been removed from the 2012 Democratic platform. This a curiosity indeed: how the Democratic party claims a warrant to lead a "nation under God," and a nation whose foundational document refers to the "Laws of Nature and Nature's God," when the natural law and the name of God have apparently become so abhorrent to it. ... According to The Blaze, the 2004 platform for the Democratic party contained seven references to God, the 2008 platform retained one mention, and the 2012 platform apparently intends to banish God altogether.
  • DNC: "Government is the only thing we all belong to."

    09/05/2012 4:18:51 AM PDT · by Positive · 59 replies
    Youtube ^ | 09052012 | Self
    Yes, this DNC video, played during the convention, said we all belong to the government. Out of the mouths of fools often comes what they really think.
  • Obama Long Close Connection to Bill Ayers Father: Obama Slogan 'Forward' - Marxist Communist Roots

    09/04/2012 4:47:42 PM PDT · by maggiesnotebook · 26 replies
    Maggie's Notebook ^ | 9-4-12 | Maggie@MaggiesNotebook
    Remember Obama saying Domestic Terrorist, Weatherman Bill Ayers, was "just a guy in the neighborhood?" Even the most ardent Obama supporter can't swallow that almost four years after his reign began. They might ignore it, but they know it's a big "effing" deal, as the current Vice President of the United States might say. The following points to the incontrovertible truth that Obama's 2012 campaign slogan "Forward," is a Socialist, Marxist, Communist mantra used for at least, close to 100 years. A very close relationship between Bill Ayers' father, Tom Ayers to Obama mentor Frank Marshall Davis is revealed, with...
  • Barack Obama's attempt to lobotomize America

    09/04/2012 1:17:50 PM PDT · by tselatysr · 7 replies
    Tea Party Tribune ^ | 2012-09-03 12:32:38 | James Mullen
    At a time when the country was feeling poorly, Barack Obama came to America's door selling his "snake oil socialism." He slathered us with pretty words, promised miraculous healing, and sold us on Dr. Obama's magic elixir. Unfortunately, Dr. Obama's prescription was nothing more than massive doses of government with orders to relinquish our American penchant for liberty. He administered it all by force-feeding the country unhealthy daily doses of Karl Marx's indoctrination. Never a day passed that he didn't counsel us to abandon the Founding Principles of our nation and slip quietly into his collectivist, mega-government ideology.Now, at election...
  • Voter ID opponents are hypocrites

    09/04/2012 6:50:14 AM PDT · by Edmunds mom · 14 replies ^ | 9/3/2012 | Scott Walter
    Proponents of voter ID laws mostly conservatives justify the measures as safeguards to voting. Opponents on the Left may not believe that claim, but at least voter ID supporters explicitly argue that democratic voting procedures are sacrosanct, deserving respect and protection. Meanwhile, there are Americans who are ambivalent, to say the least, about democratic voting rights, but theyre not on the conservative side. To find them, you need only look to the New York Times op-ed pages, where columnist Thomas Friedman sighs with longing at the great advantages enjoyed by Chinas one-party autocracy over our one-party democracy, because...
  • Cuba's Health Care Utopia Crumbles

    09/04/2012 6:25:13 AM PDT · by rrstar96 · 28 replies
    Liberal socialistic politicians consistently promise utopia and deliver misery. One way they do this is by pointing to successful programs in socialist nations as models for American problems. Cubas wonderful universal health care program has been one of these models for decades. But now it seems this program sometimes touted as better than our own medical system is now in shambles and facing more financial cuts. Raul Castro is even attempting to educate the population of the need to economize the countrys failing health care system. He has run a series of ads that have a common theme...
  • Frank Marshall Davis and the Subversion of the Democratic Party

    09/03/2012 11:56:37 PM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 21 replies
    The American Thinker ^ | September 4, 2012 | Paul Kengor
    A curious specter will be hovering over the Democratic convention this week. It is the ghost of Frank Marshall Davis, Communist Party USA member 47544 and mentor to a young Barack Obama. .....Frank Marshall Davis's politics were so radical, and so pro-Soviet, that the Democrats who ran the Senate in 1956 summoned him to Washington to testify on his pro-Soviet activities. Even more remarkable, the FBI placed him on the federal government's Security Index, meaning that if a war broke out between the United States and the Soviet Union, Obama's mentor could have been placed under immediate arrest. I've noted...
  • MSNBC's Harris-Perry Snaps: "I Am Sick Of The Idea That Being Wealthy Is Risky"

    09/03/2012 5:45:54 AM PDT · by SkyPilot · 54 replies
    Politico and MSNBC ^ | 2 Seo 12 | Melissa Harris-Perry
    VIDEO HERE What is riskier than living poor in America? Seriously! What in the world is riskier than being a poor person in America? I live in a neighborhood where people are shot on my street corner. I live in a neighborhood where people have to figure out how to get their kid into school because maybe it will be a good school and maybe it wont. I am sick of the idea that being wealthy is risky. No. There is a huge safety net that whenever you fail will catch you and catch you and catch you. Being...
  • Obama: Love Him. Hate Him. You Haven't a Clue.

    09/03/2012 3:37:52 AM PDT · by Flotsam_Jetsome · 53 replies
    American Thinker ^ | September 3, 2012 | J.T. Hatter
    Who Is Barack Obama? Obama's early training began with his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, herself a leftist who married a communist Muslim, Barack Obama, Sr., whom she admired greatly (and met in a Russian language class). She moved on to Obama's stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian Muslim, whom she divorced when he espoused an appreciation for capitalism and openly rejected communism. Stanley Ann sent Obama back to Hawaii to live with his grandparents to get him away from Soetoro's influence. His grandparents, leftists to the core, put him in Punahou School, which was a hotbed of anti-colonialism and anti-Americanism. Obama's...
  • Remember Katanga!

    08/11/2003 6:48:14 AM PDT · by Tailgunner Joe · 14 replies · 900+ views
    David W. Neuendorf ^ | 1995 | David W. Neuendorf
    Fifty years ago today, the life work of Alger Hiss came to fruition. Hiss, a US State Department official, served the United Nations as its acting Secretary General during its founding conference in the spring of 1945. On October 24, 1945 the United Nations Charter became effective as a majority of the countries that had signed it ratified their signatures. Several years later, Hiss went to a federal penitentiary for committing perjury when testifying that he was not a Soviet agent. His personal career was over, but his most important work, the United Nations, lived on. Globalists everywhere are today...
  • The Intellectuals and Socialism (learn what motivates Obama and his socialist administration)

    09/02/2012 10:03:31 AM PDT · by dennisw · 16 replies
    Vaclav Klaus website ^ | 2005 | Vaclav Klaus the President of the Czech Republic
    This is a very good guide for figuring out what our present day crop of liberal, leftists, socialist, Marxist intellectuals are up to and what motivates them.This was written by Vaclav Klaus the President of the Czech Republic Intellectuals and Socialism: As Seen from a Post-Communist Country Situated in Predominantly Post-Democratic EuropeEnglish Pages, 22.8.20051. I take it for granted that this audience knows the slightly provocative (because mercilessly generalizing) but very powerful and important, now already 56 years old article The Intellectuals and Socialism. This audience certainly knows as well that it was written by F. von Hayek...
  • We Can't Wait Initiative (vanity?)

    09/01/2012 7:27:50 AM PDT · by EBH · 7 replies ^ | 9/1/12 | White House Administration
    Over the past several weeks I have been posting about the latest White House Press Releases highlighting the implementation of the, "We Can't Wait Initiative," of President 0bama. This morning, as I was heading over to check out the latest Press Releases, I came across this website. This fancy beautiful website about the Initiative. While not much on here surprised me, much may surprise you. My biggest surprise though was the video that is on this government website. President 0bama is no longer hiding the wispy threads to his plans. Instead, in this video he clearly outlines the actions he...
  • Volunteer For Auschwitz Among Polish War Heroes Buried In Mass Grave By Poland's Communist Regime

    Man who volunteered for Auschwitz among war heroes Poland searching for in mass grave WARSAW, Poland - It could hardly have been a riskier mission: infiltrate Auschwitz to chronicle Nazi atrocities. Witold Pilecki survived nearly three years as an inmate in the death camp, managing to smuggle out word of executions before making a daring escape. But the Polish resistance hero was crushed by the post-war communist regime tried on trumped-up charges and executed. Six decades on, Poland hopes Pilecki's remains will be identified among the entangled skeletons and shattered skulls of resistance fighters being excavated from a mass...
  • The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression (free downloads)

    08/30/2012 9:23:43 AM PDT · by Perseverando · 14 replies
    Harvard University Press ^ | August 30, 2012 | From the website
    Already famous throughout Europe, this international bestseller plumbs recently opened archives in the former Soviet bloc to reveal the actual, practical accomplishments of Communism around the world: terror, torture, famine, mass deportations, and massacres. Astonishing in the sheer detail it amasses, the book is the first comprehensive attempt to catalogue and analyze the crimes of Communism over seventy years. "Revolutions, like trees, must be judged by their fruit," Ignazio Silone wrote, and this is the standard the authors apply to the Communist experiencein the China of "the Great Helmsman," Kim Il Sungs Korea, Vietnam under "Uncle Ho" and Cuba under...
  • THE NEO-LENINISTS: People of color: Obama's useful idiots

    08/30/2012 8:00:16 AM PDT · by Perseverando · 2 replies
    WND ^ | August 27, 2012 | Mychal Massie
    Exclusive: Mychal Massie makes prediction about nation should BHO win re-election Liberals are a dishonest, disingenuous lot and none more so than left-wing wacko minions who subscribe to a variant form of Neo-Leninism. What I find particularly insulting about them is their intellectual dishonesty when it comes to dealing with persons such as myself. Im speaking of both the ruling elite and their minions the next level down. Out of their mouths they pretend to espouse concern for the individual (especially if the individual is a person of color and/or from some third-world pissoir). But, while these persons are the...
  • Venezuelas Chvez faces new election threat a run of calamities

    08/30/2012 2:24:42 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 11 replies
    The Miami Herald ^ | August 29, 2012 | JIM WYSS
    .........Chvezs days of discontent started Aug. 15 when a vital bridge connecting Caracas to eastern Venezuela collapsed. Four days later, gangs at the Yare I penitentiary confronted each other with guns and explosives leaving 26 dead, including a visiting family member. It was an embarrassment for an administration that has declared prison security one of its top concerns but has been unable to staunch the bleeding. During the first half of this year, 304 inmates have been killed and 572 have been injured, according to the Inter-AmericanCommission onHumanRights, which called on the government to step up efforts to disarm prisoners....