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  • Conservatives for Obama? (Thomas Sowell)

    07/07/2008 7:36:22 PM PDT · by jazusamo · 136 replies · 642+ views
    Jewish World Review ^ | July 8, 2008 | Thomas Sowell
    A number of friends of mine have commented on an odd phenomenon that they have observed — conservative Republicans they know who are saying that they are going to vote for Barack Obama. It seemed at first to be an isolated fluke, perhaps signifying only that my friends know some strange conservatives. But apparently columnist Robert Novak has encountered the same phenomenon and has coined the term "Obamacons" to describe the conservatives for Senator Obama. Now the San Francisco Chronicle has run a feature article, titled "Some Influential Conservatives Spurn GOP and Endorse Obama." In it they quote various conservatives...
  • McCain To Base: I'm Just Not That Into You

    06/30/2008 8:03:23 AM PDT · by Bill Dupray · 34 replies · 100+ views
    The Patriot Room ^ | June 30, 2008 | Because I'm Right
    You see, the problem is McCain really doesn’t like us. To a large degree he’s bought into the moonbat caricature of conservatives, thinking we’re bigots and yahoos who lack hearts. But he’s figured out a way to deal with us. He’s going to throw us some red meat during the campaign; he’ll give us some lip service when he has to and once he placates us enough that we vote him into office, he’s stubbornly going to go right back to what he wants to do. You can do that sort of thing and keep a clear conscience when you’re...
  • Conservatives warm to McCain on the law (judicial appointments)

    06/28/2008 4:16:59 PM PDT · by Clintonfatigued · 46 replies · 72+ views
    The Politicio ^ | June 28, 2008 | Ben Adler
    A factor that weighs heavily in McCain’s favor is his Senate record. Judicial issues haven’t been his trademark, but he has consistently supported conservative Supreme Court nominees. In 1987 he spoke on behalf of embattled Reagan Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork, saying he supported him “without any hesitation.” In recent years McCain has voted for every one of Bush’s judicial nominees. “He voted for Alito and Roberts despite the fact that he had to know they would vote to strike down McCain-Feingold,” said Levey. “That addresses the concern that he might not appoint strict constructionist judges who are more likely...
  • McCain fights for conservative support (Conservative activists say that's a big problem)

    06/27/2008 6:34:20 PM PDT · by Libloather · 130 replies · 118+ views
    CNN ^ | 6/27/08 | Dana Bash
    McCain fights for conservative supportFrom Dana Bash CNN Correspondent (CNN) -- Sen. John McCain took his "Straight Talk" straight to conservatives Thursday night as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee looked to shore up support from the party's base. At a Cincinnati, Ohio, town hall meeting, McCain talked in depth about a bevy of issues, from Iraq to taxes. He reiterated his proposal for a gas tax holiday to help Americans deal with soaring prices at the pump. He spoke for more than an hour but never mentioned issues that social conservatives skeptical of McCain want to hear about: his opposition...
  • It doesn't matter how you feel about McCain. The fate of Western Civilization is in the balance.

    06/23/2008 8:51:30 AM PDT · by thinkingIsPresuppositional · 209 replies · 869+ views
    Modern Conservative ^ | June 23, 2008 | Rene Guerra
    When Losing Isn’t Affordable November and The War on IslamofascismBy Rene Guerra Unambiguous success in Iraq and unequivocal victory in the rest of the global war on Islamofascism is not a choice; we don’t have any other alternative, for it is a matter of our very survival. It is not a matter of “prestige” or any other hubristic notion; it is about our own hide, particularly when America faces the grim prospect of Barack Hussein Obama becoming the next president of the United States of America. The term “Unambiguous Success in Iraq”, cited in the above opening paragraph, is deemed...
  • Dragged Kicking and Screaming, Tancredo Will Pull Lever for McCain

    06/10/2008 5:41:41 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 64 replies · 103+ views
    ABC News ^ | June 10, 2008 | Jake Tapper
    Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., has reluctantly come to the conclusion that he will have to vote for Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., whose immigration reform bill Tancredo blasted as amnesty. "Sometimes I say to myself, 'Can I really do this?'" Tancredo said of voting for McCain, according to the Rocky Mountain News. "And then you listen to Obama or Hillary and say, 'Yeah, I have to.'" At a debate last October Tancredo sounded less sure of such an idea. "You know, I've said I don't know how many times, that I am absolutely tired and sick and tired of being forced...
  • McCain wooing conservatives in low-key way

    06/09/2008 12:56:27 PM PDT · by pissant · 72 replies · 112+ views
    UPI ^ | 6/9/08 | staff
    McCain's campaign says it's ramped up efforts to rally Christian conservatives behind the presumptive Republican U.S. presidential nominee. The campaign to get conservatives to the polls in 18 battleground states is low-key -- e-mailed messages and briefings of conservative leaders before McCain, R-Ariz., delivers key speeches, The New York Times reported Monday. McCain's wooing of the conservative vote must be balanced against his appeal moderates and independents, political analysts said. "Because the Republican brand name is less popular and the conservative base is restive, McCain has special needs to reach out to independent and moderate voters, but, of course, he...
  • Are Conservatives Dead or Resting?

    06/08/2008 6:37:34 AM PDT · by vietvet67 · 128 replies · 193+ views
    American Thinker ^ | June 08, 2008 | Christopher Chantrill
    The first boss I ever had, in 1968, was a Nixon-hater. A Democrat from upstate New York, he kept a coffee mug emblazoned with a Nixon $3 bill, and he could recite the litany of Nixon's red-baiting campaigns. First there was Jerry Voorhees in 1946, then there was Alger Hiss and the pumpkin papers. Then there was Helen Gahagan Douglas in 1950. You can imagine that I was surprised when Nixon won the presidency that November. We learned later that Richard Nixon's victory over Hubert Humphrey in 1968 was the first victory of Nixon's "southern strategy," a deliberate attempt to...
  • Message to the GOP: Obama is not the problem

    06/06/2008 12:00:18 PM PDT · by StilettoRaksha · 115 replies · 91+ views
    The Hill ^ | 05-22-08 | Richard Viguerie
    Halloween has come early this year: Republicans have forgotten how to run without scare tactics. This year it’s Illinois Sen. Barack Obama’s turn as the Democratic goblin, with House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) as the witch on a broomstick. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) is the vampire slayer and ghostbuster who will save us from the creatures of the night. These fear tactics didn’t work in the three special House elections this year, and they’re not going to work in November. Are we supposed to be scared of Democrats as big spenders? The Bush administration and congressional Republicans topped Democratic...
  • Are Conservatives Cutting off Their Noses to Spite Their Faces?

    05/30/2008 1:42:51 PM PDT · by vietvet67 · 211 replies · 3,883+ views
    American Thinker ^ | May 30, 2008 | Bookworm
    Perhaps because I'm a neocon, and not a dyed-in-the-wool, native-born conservative, I look at John McCain, with all his flaws, and still think that he's a pretty darn good candidate for our time. More importantly, I think that Obama is a very dangerous candidate precisely because of the time in which we live. I therefore find disturbing the number of conservative purists who insist that they're going to teach John McCain -- and everyone else, dammit! -- a lesson, either by sitting out the election or by throwing their vote away on a third party candidate. This is a kind...
  • Conservative’s Dilemma

    05/24/2008 2:23:37 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 55 replies · 120+ views
    Townhall ^ | May 24, 2008
    What does the road ahead look like now that McCain has the Republican nomination sewn up? Obama is going to end up the Democrat nominee unless Hillary can get enough dirt to bury him. Either way McCain has a pretty good shot at winning in November. Obama and Hillary have shown themselves to be too liberal for most of the country while McCain has appealed to middle. In the end most Republicans will vote for McCain because they do not want Obama or Hillary in the White House. The Independents and moderate Democrats will more than likely vote for McCain...
  • There’s Too Much at Stake for Conservatives to Shrug Like Atlas

    05/19/2008 5:35:51 AM PDT · by Dukes Travels · 169 replies · 149+ views
    North Star Writers Group ^ | May 19, 2008 | Nathaniel Shockey
    Conservatives don’t love John McCain, but unless they’re considering abandoning their cause with Atlas Shrugged proportions, there’s no way in hell they’ll vote for Barack Obama. Sometimes, things have to get worse before they get better. And with that idea in mind, the conservative movement really is America’s crutch. The most specific example is economics, as conservatives constantly preach lower taxes and greater individual freedom. One would think that the Bush tax cuts, which have yielded continued economic growth (yes, our economy is growing, despite the lies you keep hearing), and the burgeoning economy during the Reagan Administration would provide...
  • Stop Griping Conservatives, This is It

    05/15/2008 5:32:52 AM PDT · by libstripper · 46 replies · 130+ views ^ | May 15, 2008 | Peter J. Wirs
    As promised, this is it. We delivered. The future of the Republican Party is now available for your inspection, by clicking on This is the public "beta" version of GOP onDemand,™ the gateway to your constitutional right to guide and instruct your Republican Party. You, the loyal readers of are the very first to see, to critique, to interact with GOP onDemand.™ Please note, various pages are still under construction, and features still must be added. But that's because we want, and need, your input as to what you think Republicans want to see on GOP onDemand.™ If...
  • All Republican Leaders Must Resign

    05/14/2008 2:31:52 PM PDT · by ovrtaxt · 96 replies · 134+ views ^ | Wed May 14 2008 | Richard Viguerie
    All Republican leaders must resign Written by Viguerie on Wed May 14 11:48:26 -0400 2008 Republican leaders in the White House, the Congress, and the Republican National Committee and its affiliates, along with most Republican leaders at the state level, have failed – or outright betrayed – the conservative voters who put them in their positions.The result is that the party’s “brand” has become a negative, to an extent greater than in the Watergate era, perhaps worse than in the days of Herbert Hoover. The number of new Republican voters is flat while Democratic voter registration is skyrocketing.Contributions to GOP...
  • For President: None of the Above!

    05/12/2008 6:43:43 PM PDT · by tueffelhunden · 176 replies · 291+ views ^ | 05/07/2008 | Joseph Farah
    It's probably no secret to anyone who reads my column regularly that I will not be voting for either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton for president. But I also will not be voting for John McCain. I could tell you all the reasons and have expressed them already in a number of columns in recent months. But this time, I'll let someone with whom I seldom agree express them for me. His name is Jonathan Chait, a senior editor at The New Republic. Here's what he wrote in that magazine: "Even though it is in the public record, McCain's voting...
  • Disrespected Conservatives: Only Yourselves to Blame

    05/12/2008 5:13:18 AM PDT · by Invisigoth · 64 replies · 107+ views
    North Star Writers Group ^ | May 12, 2008 | Dan Calabrese
    My friend and colleague David Karki is about as devoted to the United States Constitution, along with its principles of limited government, as anyone I’ve ever known. And unlike the Ron Paul types who have tumbled from this perch headlong into international isolationism, Dave still recognizes and respects the blessing of American exceptionalism and our need to maintain a strong international presence – including in Iraq, where he steadfastly supports American victory. Now that’s what I call a real conservative. So why is David Karki OK with the prospect of Barack Obama becoming the 44th president of the United States?...
  • Conservative Have Bailed: Now What?

    05/12/2008 5:16:14 AM PDT · by Invisigoth · 36 replies · 68+ views
    North Star Writers Group ^ | May 12, 2008 | David Karki
    In my last column, I argued that conservatives must leave the Republican Party. That wasn't a conclusion I came to lightly, nor did I enjoy doing so. But I think we must, for three reasons: • First, because I think a debacle is pretty much inevitable. The GOP has no money thanks to its alienating of its base. Congressional candidates have already been told it's every candidate for himself, and the one guy with enough of a bully pulpit to turn this around, Sen. John McCain, steadfastly refuses to do so, instead pre-emptively surrendering to liberals. • Second, so that...
  • McCain faces doubts among Republican conservatives

    05/11/2008 4:13:06 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 156 replies · 344+ views
    AFP on Yahoo ^ | 5/11/08 | Charlotte Raab
    WASHINGTON (AFP) - While John McCain is practically assured the Republican presidential nomination, many party members are having a hard time accepting him -- and showing it with symbolic votes against him in primary contests. The Republican nomination battle has been all but decided for over two months. Still, some Republicans used the April 22 Pennsylvania primary and last week's votes in Indiana and North Carolina to register their unhappiness with the de facto victor. Some vote for libertarian Texan Ron Paul, who has refused to quit the race and has racked up more than one million votes, according to...
  • Why I Will Not Support McCain

    05/11/2008 10:34:05 AM PDT · by AmericaTalks · 204 replies · 198+ views
    America Talks ^ | 5/11/08 | David Zublick
    If I had any doubts about whether to vote for John McCain in this year's presidential election, those doubts were laid to rest this past week when McCain sat down for an interview with Fox News host Bill O'Reilly. McCain solidified for me the fact that he is not a true conservative and not worthy of my support. McCain proved that on some of the most crucial issues, he will let down a base of constituents that are looking for answers. O'Reilly addressed the question of rising gasoline prices. Anyone with a brain in their head knows that only two...
  • McCain Apparently Calculates He Can Win Without Conservatives

    05/10/2008 5:00:57 PM PDT · by pinochet · 257 replies · 274+ views
    May 11, 2008 | pinochet
    McCain has recently been making efforts to reach out to all sorts of people not traditionally associated with the GOP. He appeared on the View, the Daily Show, before black civil rights activists in Alabama, etc. When is he going to make a serious effort to reach out to conservatives? How about promising to appoint strict constructionist judges? How about re-assurances on gun ownership rights? What about reducing the out-of-control spending of this administation? Does he take conservative support for granted? Does he even want them? Maybe he sees that Obama and his kooky spiritual advisor have totally freaked most...
  • GOP voters still dissing John McCain

    05/09/2008 3:32:20 AM PDT · by Man50D · 132 replies · 318+ views ^ | May 9, 2008 | Jonathan Martin
    It's hard not to notice: In each of the last three Republican primaries, roughly a quarter of the vote went to someone other than John McCain. Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee got a combined 27 percent of the vote in Pennsylvania last month, long after the GOP nomination had been settled in McCain's favor. On Tuesday, Paul, Huckabee and Mitt Romney received a combined 23 percent in Indiana. Alan Keyes, Huckabee, Paul and "No Preference" took 26 percent in North Carolina. On the surface, it would seem that McCain, the party's presumptive nominee, still has some distance to go in...
  • The Republican's Real Problem in a Nutshell

    05/09/2008 5:51:33 AM PDT · by Keyes2000mt · 124 replies · 721+ views
    Tonwhall ^ | 05/09/2008 | John Hawkins
    It goes without saying that the GOP is taking a dreadful thrashing right now. Conservatives are unmotivated, Democrats are obliterating Republicans in the fundraising arena, and the GOP's poll numbers have dropped off a cliff. George Bush, the face of the Republican Party, has an approval rating of 30% and according to Rasmussen Reports, one of the best polling agencies in the business, 41.4% of Americans consider themselves to be Democrats while only 31.4% say they are Republicans. Worse yet, voters trust the Democrats more than Republicans on the economy, government ethics, the war in Iraq, health care, Social Security,...
  • Conservatives: Time to Abandon the Republican Ship

    05/09/2008 5:02:52 AM PDT · by Invisigoth · 251 replies · 252+ views
    North Star Writers Group ^ | May 9, 2008 | David Karki
    Sen. John McCain as the Republican presidential candidate doing everything he can to show how liberal he is, to the point where it's very difficult to find any significant difference between him and the two Democratic candidates. Speaker Nancy Pelosi running roughshod over House appropriation rules, trade agreements signed in good faith, and doing everything else in her power to run out the clock on this year until, presumably, a newly inaugurated President Obama or Hillary can sign everything President Bush would veto. And last, but certainly most, a Republican Party that has gone completely supine and offers no opposition...
  • McCain seeks to quash fears on the right

    05/06/2008 3:51:26 PM PDT · by RDTF · 56 replies · 125+ views
    Financial Times via Drudge Report ^ | May 6, 2008 | Andrew Ward
    John McCain promised on Tuesday to nominate conservative judges to the Supreme Court and for other judicial vacancies, seeking to quash doubts among some Republicans about his conservative credentials. -snip-
  • How Hillary Will Lead America into Hell ( Excellent Read! )

    05/03/2008 6:37:26 AM PDT · by kellynla · 55 replies · 512+ views ^ | May 02, 2008 | David Kupelian
    As November's election nears, some otherwise right-thinking conservatives and Christians, unhappy with GOP presidential candidate John McCain, have concluded America would actually be better off in the long run with Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama in the White House for the next four years. They recount all of McCain's personal and policy sins. They say, at least if Clinton or Obama is elected, Republicans will unite in opposition to the new president's wacko policies. But if McCain becomes president and champions bad policies, they argue, Republicans in Congress will be paralyzed, unable to oppose effectively any wrongheaded initiatives championed by...
  • It's Time for Conservatives to Dump the GOP!

    05/02/2008 8:53:16 PM PDT · by John Leland 1789 · 26 replies · 66+ views
    Preacher Helps ^ | May 1, 2008 | Dr. Don Boys
    It’s Time for Conservatives to Dump the GOP! Don Boys, Ph.D. It is time for Christians and Conservatives (not always the same) to run from the Republican Party as if their hair is on fire. How much longer will principled people pretend that the GOP takes a principled stand? Some background: Every member of my family in West Virginia was a Democrat, but when I turned 18, I wanted to vote for Ike, so I registered as a Republican and have generally voted for them most of my life—until recently. When I was administrator of a large Christian school in...
  • Conservatives Coming Together For McCain: Why?

    05/01/2008 11:26:22 AM PDT · by GulfBreeze · 121 replies · 94+ views
    Texas Conservative Review ^ | April 30, 2008 | Gary Polland
      Conservatives Coming Together For McCain: Why? Recent polling indicates that the GOP is uniting behind our nominee, John McCain, that's the good news. Why are conservatives coming home? First and foremost are the key issues. McCain can be trusted on national security given his background, experience and judgment, especially compared to the Democratic options. Second, McCain has been reliable in judicial appointments and has made clear he will appoint "judges who ... faithfully apply the law as written..." Third, McCain has a good pro-life record, except for stem cell funding. Fourth, McCain is tough on earmarks and runaway...
  • Will the Right Sit It Out?

    04/30/2008 10:21:11 AM PDT · by Free ThinkerNY · 164 replies · 101+ views ^ | April 29, 2008 | Patrick J. Buchanan
    By Patrick J. Buchanan Tuesday, April 29, 2008 If John McCain wins the presidency, his comeback -- after the bankrupt debacle his campaign had become in the summer of 2007 with his backing of the amnesty bill -- will be the stuff of legend. And as nominee, he is entitled to conduct his own campaign and be cut slack by a party whose brand name is now Enron. That said, McCain seems to have decided to win by love-bombing the Big Media and putting miles between himself and the base. Consider his "Forgotten Places" tour of last week. It began...
  • Conservatives' Unease With McCain

    04/28/2008 4:47:45 AM PDT · by Dukes Travels · 28 replies · 50+ views
    North Star Writers Group ^ | April 28, 2008 | David Karki
    In the space of one day, Sen. John McCain put on clear display for all to see the reason why so many conservatives are so unhappy with his candidacy, and why most of them will vote against the Democratic nominee rather than for McCain, presuming they can find it in themselves to pull that lever at all. McCain first disingenuously criticized the Bush Administration's response to Hurricane Katrina, in so doing cementing the liberal shibboleths that have come to be the “truth” on the subject. Not once did he mention the dereliction of Mayor Ray Nagin and Gov. Kathleen Blanco,...
  • Why conservatives should support Hillary Clinton for President

    04/25/2008 12:59:01 AM PDT · by Imperial Warrior · 87 replies · 305+ views
    If someone told me in the 1990's that I, an outspoken and vehement opponent of the Clintons would now be endorsing Hillary Clinton for President of the United States, I would have laughed in their face at the absolute absurdity of the notion. But here I am now, a staunch conservative, joining conservatives Ann Coulter and Bill Cunningham among others in endorsing Hillary Rodham Clinton for President. How could this be? As absurd as the notion that I would someday endorse Hillary Clinton for President over the Republican nominee is the equally absurd notion that barely a decade after one...
  • McCain overcomes rank-and-file concerns

    04/20/2008 11:29:46 AM PDT · by The_Republican · 69 replies · 127+ views
    Politico ^ | April 20th, 2008 | DAVID PAUL KUHN
    Although John McCain's candidacy is still viewed with suspicion by many conservative leaders, polling suggests he has overcome the concerns of rank-and-file conservatives: McCain isn't viewed more unfavorably by conservative voters today than George W. Bush was at this point in the 2000 election cycle.In the latest CBS News/New York Times poll, 18 percent of conservatives said they have an unfavorable view of McCain. The same percentage expressed an unfavorable view of Bush in CBS News polls conducted in March and April of 2000; higher percentages of conservatives held unfavorable views of Bob Dole and George H.W. Bush at similar...
  • Here's the Beef: Conservatives' Problems With John McCain

    04/16/2008 8:55:21 AM PDT · by lilylangtree · 193 replies · 164+ views
    Conservative ^ | 4-16-08 | Richard Viguerie
    John McCain is a hero for his service in Vietnam. Most conservatives would be thrilled to support him, if only he would give them reason to. Why is it that conservatives have such a hard time lining up behind John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee for president? Is it, as some liberals suggest, just "pique" -- that we didn't get our way, and now we're throwing a tantrum? Or are the differences between McCain and conservatives very real, very serious matters that go to the heart of the principles of conservatism? The truth is that the differences with McCain are...
  • McCain's Right Flank Still Vulnerable

    04/15/2008 12:10:58 PM PDT · by EternalVigilance · 140 replies · 97+ views
    Campaigns and Elections ^ | 04/15/08 | Rob Capriccioso
    At a time when the top two Democratic presidential candidates are caught up squabbling about who's less bitter than whom, GOP insiders say Sen. John McCain's campaign is quietly prepping itself for non-Democratic bumps in the general election road. Those bumps are likely to come in the form of third party candidates like Alan Keyes and former Rep. Bob Barr. The aggressive former House Republican, turned Libertarian, Bob Barr is making rumbles about running for president under the Libertarian Party banner. Beloved by some members of the GOP because of his ties to President Ronald Reagan and his leading role...
  • McCain urged to flee from Log Cabin Republicans

    04/15/2008 12:21:05 PM PDT · by fweingart · 35 replies · 121+ views
    One News Now ^ | 4/15/2008 | Jim Brown
    Conservative activist Peter LaBarbera is urging GOP presidential nominee John McCain to cancel his plans to meet with leaders of the homosexual activist group known as the Log Cabin Republicans. Although Senator McCain (R-Arizona) did not address the Log Cabin Republicans convention in San Diego over the weekend, he did send California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as his surrogate to address the event. CBS News chief political consultant Mark Ambinder, associate editor of, reports that McCain plans to meet soon with executives of the Log Cabin Republicans. LaBarbera, founder of the website Republicans for Family Values, says McCain should dump...

    04/14/2008 6:38:18 AM PDT · by rface · 63 replies · 458+ views
    AP ^ | 4.14.08 | LIBBY QUAID
    The independent label sticks to John McCain because he antagonizes fellow Republicans and likes to work with Democrats. But a different label applies to his actual record: conservative. The likely Republican presidential nominee is much more conservative than voters appear to realize. McCain leans to the right on issue after issue, not just on the Iraq war but also on abortion, gay rights, gun control and other issues that matter to his party's social conservatives. The four-term Arizona senator, a longtime member of the Armed Services Committee, criticized the earlier handling of the war but has been a crucial ally...
  • Conservative: Romney 'unacceptable' as VP

    04/07/2008 3:09:59 PM PDT · by Berlin_Freeper · 85 replies · 105+ views
    UPI ^ | April 06 2008 | United Press International
    WASHINGTON, April 6 (UPI) -- A group of conservatives has taken out an ad urging presumptive Republican U.S. presidential nominee John McCain not to tap Mitt Romney as his running mate. Paul Weyrich, co-founder of the Moral Majority, who once endorsed Romney, is among those calling on McCain to look beyond Romney, his former rival and past governor of Massachusetts, the Los Angeles Times reported. SNIP- In a newspaper ad, conservatives said Romney is "utterly unacceptable" as a vice presidential pick. The ad questions Romney's commitment to fight abortion and gay rights. "To be clear, we all welcome anyone who...

    04/05/2008 3:02:51 PM PDT · by camerakid400 · 205 replies · 423+ views
    NBC NEWS ^ | APRIL 5 08
    From NBC/NJ's Carrie Dann and Adam Aigner-Treworgy NBC and National Journal have learned that former presidential candidate Fred Thompson is visiting GOP nominee John McCain at McCain's Arizona cabin in Sedona this weekend.
  • Barr bid could hurt McCain

    04/03/2008 11:33:40 AM PDT · by 300magnum · 112 replies · 270+ views
    The Washington Times ^ | April 3, 2008 | Stephen Dinan and Ralph Z. Hallow
    Can a conservative former congressman who helped impeach President Clinton, is a board member of the National Rifle Association and has done contract work with the ACLU dent Sen. John McCain's presidential bid? That's exactly what Mr. McCain would face if Bob Barr, the former Republican who joined the Libertarian Party two years ago, wins his adopted party's presidential nomination. "Barr obviously is dangerous. At least he negates any possible Nader benefit," said David Norcross, a New Jersey member of the Republican National Committee and its Rules Committee chairman, arguing Mr. Barr would hurt Republicans at least as much as...
  • McCain's VP dilemma: Appeal to moderates, or conservatives?

    04/03/2008 2:41:18 PM PDT · by kingattax · 28 replies · 72+ views
    Jerusalem Post ^ | Apr 3, 2008
    While the Democratic candidates continue to pummel each other on the campaign trail, Arizona Senator John McCain's clear path to the Republican nomination means he can turn his attention to lofty matters such as choosing his running mate - and pondering the dilemma that confronts him. McCain has succeeded in becoming the last Republican candidate standing based largely on his reputation as a "maverick" who has been willing to take risks by bucking his own party on issues such as global warming and torture and reach across the aisle to get things done. Though that persona has won him support...
  • McCain Has Yet to Win Over Key Conservatives

    04/02/2008 10:53:54 AM PDT · by calcowgirl · 26 replies · 156+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | April 2, 2008 | ELIZABETH HOLMES
    On the campaign trail last week, Sen. John McCain declared at least three times that the Republican Party is "united." But is it? Some prominent conservatives say they remain disenchanted with the party's likely nominee. Sen. McCain isn't doing enough to persuade them of his conservative credentials, they say, or win them over to his side. Although the sentiment among conservative leaders is that they will vote for Sen. McCain come November, they aren't thrilled about the prospect. "I hear a good deal of rumbling from conservatives," said Alfred Regnery, publisher of the conservative American Spectator magazine. Mr. Regnery said...
  • When will McCain be Cushioned by Conservatives?

    03/28/2008 8:56:04 PM PDT · by Marc Tumin · 39 replies · 1,022+ views
    Human Events ^ | March 28, 2008 | John Gizzi
    Numerous conservatives throughout the country have called me to say that while they may have supported candidates other than John McCain for the Republican nomination, they would now like to campaign for the Arizonan -- if for no other reason than the thought of “President Obama” or “President Clinton 44” gives them nightmares! The stumbling block for them is that John McCain, so far, is not sending out signals that he welcomes conservatives who were not with him from the start. In his recent trip to the Middle East, the certain GOP nominee was accompanied by Sens. Lindsay Graham (R.-SC)...
  • Loss of Hastert Seat is Proof Conservatives Are Prepared to Sit Out This Year

    03/26/2008 4:45:52 AM PDT · by ovrtaxt · 115 replies · 1,597+ views ^ | 3-11-08 | Richard Viguerie
    Mar 11 2008 Loss of Hastert Seat is Proof Conservatives Are Prepared to Sit Out This Year …It’s a wakeup call for John McCain… By Richard A. Viguerie Republicans’ loss of the House seat held for two decades by former Speaker Dennis Hastert is proof that conservatives are prepared to sit out the 2008 elections. Instead of contributing and volunteering, conservatives are closing their checkbooks and staying home.  Liberals and Democrats are enthusiastic to a degree not seen in decades, and grassroots conservatives are sitting on their hands. This is a wakeup call for John McCain.  Since securing the nomination,...
  • The Question McCain Needs to Answer (for Conservatives)

    03/27/2008 9:58:07 AM PDT · by rightinthemiddle · 81 replies · 770+ views
    National Ledger ^ | Mar 26, 2008 | Randall H. Nunn
    Many Republicans—this writer included—are not happy with the thought of Senator John McCain as their presidential nominee. Many of these same Republicans are not happy with the Republican Party’s drift toward big government and away from conservative principles. Instead of capitalizing on their control of both houses of Congress and the White House and ushering in decades of Republican control of the government, the administration has missed opportunity after opportunity to show real leadership and make government our servant rather than our master. And Senator McCain promises more of the same, with even more of a tilt to the left....
  • Medved: Right Has Embraced McCain

    03/25/2008 5:17:27 PM PDT · by HEY4QDEMS · 153 replies · 2,136+ views
    Newsmax ^ | 03/24/2008 | Ken Timmerman
    John McCain has already succeeded in winning over the conservative base despite all the media hype to the contrary, says nationally syndicated talk show host Michael Medved. In an exclusive interview with Newsmax, Medved said he believed the entire story about the breach between McCain and the conservative movement was “media hype,” projected by the mainstream liberal-leaning media and by certain talk show hosts on the right. “The MSM emphasized the alleged split because it was a story line that weakened Republicans and suggested a crippled Republican candidate,” the popular conservative radio host said. On the right were individuals “so...
  • Republicans should focus on the right, not Wright

    03/24/2008 5:39:36 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 18 replies · 1,077+ views ^ | March 24, 2008 | Star Parker
    Hillary Rodham Clinton has reason to be a happy camper. Over recent days, for the first time in months, she has moved significantly ahead of Barack Obama in Gallup's national polling. And, defying Milton Friedman's famous dictum that there is no such thing as a free lunch, she's made these gains at no cost. Clinton has remained quietly on the sidelines, smirking like a Cheshire cat, as Republican commentators have done all her work for her. They've dragged out the tapes of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and have helped sully what everyone thought was Obama's picture-perfect and Teflon-coated image. Why,...
  • The Conservative Case for McCain

    03/15/2008 7:42:38 AM PDT · by rellimpank · 55 replies · 1,794+ views
    WSJ Online ^ | 15 mar 08 | MARK SANFORD
    Last week, I asked David Walker, the U.S. comptroller general, why he is quitting his job to travel the country on a "fiscal wake-up tour." His answer: Because we have only five to 10 years to address the federal government's looming shortfalls before we're faced with a fiscal crisis. In about a decade, the twin forces of demographics and compound interest will leave few options for solving the fiscal mess Washington has created. By then, our options will all be ugly. We could make draconian spending cuts, or impose large tax increases that will undermine our economy in the competitive...
  • From the Right, He Looks Too Blue Think real conservatives will vote for John McCain? Don't count on

    03/09/2008 8:04:22 PM PDT · by AllseeingEye33 · 238 replies · 3,539+ views
    Washington Post ^ | March 9, 2008 | Brent Bozell
    From the Right, He Looks Too Blue Think real conservatives will vote for John McCain? Don't count on it. By L. Brent Bozell Sunday, March 9, 2008; B01 The conservative talk-show community? Don't mind them -- they're irrelevant. This message from John McCain surrogates and other members of the political class is filling the airwaves and op-ed pages. In the Wall Street Journal, Weekly Standard Executive Editor Fred Barnes recently wrote that McCain needn't worry that conservatives are uncomfortable with his candidacy, because "while they love to grumble and grouse, conservatives tend to be loyal Republicans who wind up voting...
  • The McCain Imperative

    03/09/2008 5:47:10 PM PDT · by jdm · 106 replies · 1,486+ views
    Powerline ^ | March 09, 2008 | Staff
    L. Brent Bozell argues in the Washington Post that John McCain should not count on “real conservatives” voting for him. I don’t know the extent to which conservatives will work and vote for McCain in November, but Bozell inadvertently proves that conservatives should support the Senator lavishly and, within reason, unconditionally. Much of Bozell’s piece consists of a skewed, self-serving political history of the post-Reagan years, about which more in a moment. Having shown to his satisfaction that conservatives have regularly supported “moderate” Republican nominees only to experience betrayal, Bozell provides his list of things conservatives should call on...
  • The Time Is Now

    03/09/2008 12:56:30 AM PST · by MartinaMisc · 13 replies · 401+ views
    Human Events ^ | 3/9/08 | D. R. Tucker
    The outcome of the 2008 election will let us know whether the old-school concepts of duty, honor, bravery, sacrifice, integrity and honor still mean anything in today’s society. In order words, if John McCain loses, we’ll know that slick marketing and soft words have become more important than character and substance. It’s a shame that American political decisions are so subjective and emotional—because by any objective, logical standard, McCain is far more qualified to be President than either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. McCain is superior to Obama and Clinton in terms of experience and intellect; he will be a...
  • McCain REASSURES conservatives in New Orleans

    03/07/2008 1:55:23 PM PST · by rface · 89 replies · 568+ views
    The New Orleans Times-Pic. ^ | Friday March 07, 2008 | Bruce Nolan and Coleman Warner
    U.S. Sen. John McCain sought support among conservative true believers here Friday, reaching to enlist them in his campaign just days after securing the Republican presidential nomination. "We've got to get our base moving again," he told a meeting of the Council for National Policy at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. The Arizona senator on Tuesday effectively secured the nomination without the support of conservatism's biggest voices, like Focus on the Family leader James Dobson, and talk radio host Rush Limbaugh. McCain sketched himself as one of them: an anti-abortion candidate who would defend traditional marriage curtail federal spending support strict-constructionist...