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  • For American political consultants abroad, Manafort a cautionary tale

    11/01/2017 7:00:40 AM PDT · by Jagermonster · 7 replies
    The Christian Science Monitor ^ | October 31, 2017 | Linda Feldmann and Francine Kiefer - Staff Writers
    PUTTING IT IN PERSPECTIVE   Monday's indictment of Paul Manafort, to which he and an associate have pleaded not guilty, has reverberated throughout the specialized world of US political consultants working in foreign countries. WASHINGTON—The indictment of Paul Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign manager, has sent shock waves through Washington – and through the world of American political consultants who work in foreign elections. It is a world of talented political operatives from both parties who demonstrate skill in the American arena, and then parlay that into at-times lucrative opportunities abroad. Some work primarily to help ideological brethren and, in...
  • So Many Problems to Solve (VA)...Trump Should Immediately Engage Some Management Consulting Firms

    11/11/2016 3:41:48 PM PST · by Stayfree · 28 replies
    Self | November 11, 2016 | Stayfree
    Trump has so many problems to resolve that he should address very quickly, I think he should contact all of the major management consulting firms and tell them to draft proposals to evaluate each of them individually. For instance, have 3 of them draft a proposal to evaluate and make recommendations as to how to improve the VA. Have economists and the major tax accounting firms draft proposals on tax policy. Find management consulting firms who are qualified to draft proposals on immigration control and reform. You get the point...stop relying upon political strategists to determine policy (which is fraught...
  • ‘There’s Nothing Better Than a Scared, Rich Candidate’

    09/09/2016 1:25:26 PM PDT · by Jeff Chandler · 21 replies
    The Atlantic ^ | OCTOBER 2016 ISSUE | Molly Ball
    [snip]At the presidential level, Hillary Clinton’s push for the Democratic nomination was nearly derailed by a candidate whose campaign manager was a comic-book-store owner with no experience in elections outside of Vermont. And while Clinton’s staff-heavy operation ultimately prevailed, her worst showings came in caucuses—the sort of contests where on-the-ground organizing is supposed to make the biggest difference. Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, is a field-organizing specialist. On the Republican side, the most expensive and professional presidential campaigns proved remarkably ineffective. Ted Cruz’s campaign paid almost $6 million to a state-of-the-art analytics firm that touted its slicing and dicing of...
  • The Republican Industrial Complex Has Turned Missteps Into Millions [Consultant enrichment detailed]

    07/17/2016 7:48:09 AM PDT · by · 9 replies
    Praxis ^ | 7/14/2016 | Matthew Sheffield
    Steve Jobs, the late co-founder of Apple, was famously criticized for his ability to convince others to believe anything he said through a combination of hyperbole and bravado. One Apple employee called the effect a “reality distortion field” in 1981 and the term persisted ever since. It’s quite clear by now that conservative philanthropists and grassroots donors have been living in a reality distortion field as well, the creation of a cadre of political consultants who have failed repeatedly at their jobs and yet manage not only to survive but thrive. The ineffectiveness of television advertising and junk mail at...
  • Who Pays For “Diversity”?

    05/26/2016 8:53:32 AM PDT · by Academiadotorg · 9 replies
    Accuracy in Academia ^ | May 26, 2016 | Malcolm A. Kline
    While The Donald hits the hustings talking, yea, bellowing, about the jobs America has lost, academia has actually added to its payrolls, but kept mum about who is picking up the tab. "The number of jobs in higher education expanded in 2016 at the highest growth rate for the first quarter in three years," according to Higher Ed Two emerging professions servicing the academic community are Title IX advisers and diversity consultants. The former show university employees how not to run afoul of the federal law which was originally intended to bar discrimination by gender that has morphed into...
  • The GOPe Wants You To Crawl Back Under a Rock

    01/21/2016 11:29:29 AM PST · by Behind the Blue Wall · 26 replies
    Breitbart ^ | January 20, 2016 | Breitbart TV
    Without getting into the odious profanity that Rick Wilson spewed the other night that has rightly been excised from the pages of Free Republic, he said something else that I think bears repeating, because it encapsulates the incredible disdain and hatred that the GOP consultant class feels towards the Republican base. "[The people who] think Donald Trump is the greatest thing, oh, it`s something . . . They`re not real and political players. These are not people who matter in the overall course of humanity."
  • Trump Campaign Manager Derides Consultant Class: ‘It Drives Them Crazy’ They Have No Say...

    08/24/2015 9:32:43 AM PDT · by E. Pluribus Unum · 35 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 08/24/2015 | Robert Wilde
    Sunday night Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager, Corey Lewandowski, lambasted the GOP establishment consultant class, when he joined Breitbart’s senior political investigative reporter Matthew Boyle on Breitbart News Sunday on Sirius XM Patriot radio, channel 125. Lewandowski explained that what most infuriates the establishment consultants is they don’t have any say in Trump’s campaign or platform. “It drives them crazy. They want to say ‘I’ve run a campaign in the past. Pay me for my knowledge. I’ve been involved with previously failed presidential campaigns,’” he said. With Trump “That’s not how his campaign works,” added Lewandowski. “We don’t want these consultants...
  • Money-saving consultants have cost SEPTA $2.8 million, invoices show

    04/23/2015 9:12:49 AM PDT · by Olog-hai · 7 replies
    Philadelphia Inquirer ^ | Thursday, April 23, 2015, 1:08 AM | Paul Nussbaum
    Looking for ways to save money, SEPTA has paid about $2.8 million to a Boston-based consulting firm, including payments of more than $500 an hour to some specialists. In the process, FTI Consulting Inc. has used 24 of its staffers, some of whom have collected more from SEPTA than the transit agency’s highest-paid official, general manager Joseph Casey, who makes $273,000 a year. The meter is still running, with additional payments expected to continue through the end of the year. SEPTA hired FTI in February 2013 through a no-bid contract to help the transit agency reduce legal costs arising from...
  • Any Freeper IT independent consultants?

    10/25/2014 4:58:03 PM PDT · by taxcontrol · 30 replies
    None ^ | 25 Oct 2014 | Self
    So my company had a downsize / RIF / layoff and my group got hit. Sad news but hey, it happens. Now I am looking at being an independent IT consultant. Since I have always been an employee, I was wondering if there were any words of wisdom from the Freeper community.
  • Uh-oh: GOP candidates still showering money on incompetent beltway consultants

    03/18/2014 5:37:34 PM PDT · by Bratch · 10 replies
    Conservatives4Palin ^ | March 18 2014 | Doug Brady
    Via Politico: Ten of the consulting firms that formed the core of the push to elect Mitt Romney — reaping a combined $1 billion in the process — have survived a tea party assault and are again among the highest-grossing and best-positioned players in Republican politics.The firms and their consultants have been paid more than $19.6 million for 2014 campaign work through January, according to a POLITICO analysis. They’ve also cemented relationships with some of the GOP’s rising stars, setting up the firms for even bigger paydays headed into the fall, when costly advertising and mail campaigns begin, and for a 2016...
  • It’s a Very Merry Christmas for Washington’s Parasite Class

    12/24/2013 8:23:47 AM PST · by Kaslin · 22 replies ^ | December 24, 2013 | Daniel J. Mitchell
    Last year, while writing about the sleazy and self-serving behavior at the IRS, I came up with a Theorem that explains day-to-day behavior in Washington. It might not be as pithy as Mitchell’s Law, and it doesn’t contain an important policy prescription like Mitchell’s Golden Rule, but it could be the motto of the federal government. Simply stated, government is a racket that benefits the DC political elite by taking money from average people in America I realize this is an unhappy topic to be discussing during the Christmas season, but the American people need to realize that they are...
  • Troika consultancies: A multi-million euro business beyond scrutiny (EU ‘bailouts’)

    12/22/2013 2:15:24 AM PST · by Olog-hai · 1 replies
    EU Observer ^ | 16.12.13 @ 09:23 | Valentina Pop
    Alvarez and Marsal, BlackRock, Oliver Wyman, Pimco: The names mean nothing to the average European, but the financial consultancies have played a central role in all the eurozone bailouts and have so far invoiced taxpayers in Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain over €80 million. Their “independent” expertise is used by the “troika” of international lenders—the European Central Bank (ECB), the European Commission and the International Monetary Fund (IMF)—to decide how much countries or banks need to prevent a default. They are often hired without a public tender, posing questions on transparency and accountability. […] The end result is a...
  • Sens. Rubio and Paul grapple with a hurricane named Ted (political consultants "share")

    10/23/2013 4:47:39 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 22 replies
    The Hill ^ | October 23, 2013 | Alexander Bolton
    Sens. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Rand Paul (R-Ky.) are seeking to stay relevant in the debate over ObamaCare, but they might as well be shouting in a hurricane. A hurricane named Ted. During this month’s fiscal standoff, Sen. Ted Cruz attracted the most attention of any possible White House hopeful on Capitol Hill. GOP strategists say Cruz, a freshman Republican from Texas, has seized the role of Tea Party standard-bearer, giving him an edge with conservative activists. The grassroots army Cruz built over the last few months could help him in Iowa and other primary battlegrounds if he decides to...
  • C. Edmund Wright: GOP Needs 'Reality'-based Consultants

    03/22/2013 5:49:41 AM PDT · by Servant of the Cross · 61 replies
    Newsmax ^ | 3/20/2013 | Bill Hoffman
    The Republican Party must oust its longtime consultants and replace them with advisers who come from a world of “reality," noted political columnist and author C. Edmund Wright. “It’s not just Karl Rove [who] has certainly been, for about 12 or 13 years, the face of the establishment messaging machine," Wright — author of “WTF?: How Karl Rove and the Establishment Lost ... Again" — said on Newsmax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show." "This is a group [of consultants] that called Newt Gingrich the devil and then turned around and called Obama a nice guy and they thought they could...
  • Autopsy 2012: Blame the Consultants? CPAC headliners urge GOP to rethink how it uses paid “experts.”

    03/18/2013 7:05:27 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 20 replies
    National Review ^ | 03/18/2013 | John Fund
    For as long as he’s been president, Barack Obama, has been the top target for attack at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington. D.C. But this year, there may have been a close second: the Republican political-consultant class, which many CPAC attendees blame for the party’s poor 2012 showing. Newt Gingrich bashed them for being “out of step,” Sarah Palin called on activists to “furlough the consultants,” pollster Kellyanne Conway railed against a “staff infection,” and Brent Bozell, head of the Media Research Center, told me that “the last thing we want is for the anti-conservative professional class...
  • The secret reason the GOP is divided

    03/15/2013 6:12:51 AM PDT · by rightwingintelligentsia · 39 replies
    FoxNews ^ | March 14, 2013 | Juan Williams
    What if the contest over the future of the GOP is not between Tea Party ideologues and moderate establishment-types? What if the real contest is between Republicans who care about winning elections and profiteers who care about making consulting fees off the political process?
  • Who's getting rich off of GOP defeat?

    11/29/2012 8:30:02 AM PST · by Qbert · 13 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 11/29/2012 | Rosslyn Smith
    Eric Erickson at Red State  has been tracing the web of ownership and (conflict of?) interests among the various Republican consulting operations, the 527s and staff at the RNC, NRCC, NRSC, etc. It is complex, but here is a sample. TargetPoint Consulting and WWP Strategies, two groups connected to Alexander and Katie Packer Gage, both received money from the Romney Campaign wherein Katie Packer Gage served as deputy campaign manager while also serving as a partner at WWP Strategies. Katie Packer Gage's husband, Alexander, is the CEO and founder of TargetPoint Consulting, which got money both from the Romney campaign...
  • Pat Caddell: Republican 'Consultant-Lobbyist-Establishment' Complex Responsible For Romney Defeat

    11/24/2012 10:47:25 AM PST · by Bratch · 97 replies
    Big Government ^ | 24 Nov 2012 | Tony Lee
    Speaking at The David Horowitz Freedom Center's "Restoration Weekend" in Florida on November 16, Pat Caddell indicted what he called the Republican "consultant-lobbyist-establishment" complex for losing a presidential campaign in 2012 President Barack Obama had no business winning. “No presidential campaign should be run by consultants,” Caddell said. “They should be run by people who are committed to the candidate and not into making big money.” Caddell said “Republicans never attempted to put a frame around the national election” because “the people who run the messaging in the Republican party and their consultants refused to do it.” Caddell, the former...
  • Romney’s campaign consultants were incompetent, in it for the money

    11/10/2012 8:12:14 PM PST · by Bratch · 27 replies
    Conservatives4Palin ^ | November 10 2012 | Doug Brady
    In too many posts to count, I’ve argued that the reason Romney was the overwhelming choice of the Washington campaign consultant class since the day after McCain lost in 2008 was that he was their dream candidate. He possessed the two qualities most prized by this insular population of political parasites who occupy the D.C. beltway: An enormous amount of money and an equally enormous dearth of core convictions. For this reason, they correctly recognized Romney as someone who could easily be fleeced for a virtually limitless amount of money. He’d shower them with tens of millions of dollars in return for their sage “advice” on...
  • GOP Consultants Palin on Paul Ryan

    08/15/2012 10:38:33 AM PDT · by Bratch · 7 replies
    RedState ^ | August 15, 2012 | Erick Erickson
    Palin (verb w obj.) pay • lîn To pile on a Vice Presidential nominee and blame him/her for defeat so political consultants do not have to accept any responsibility. There have been a number of stories out over the past few days from Republican political consultants on background claiming the GOP is now screwed because Paul Ryan is the Vice Presidential nominee.There is an underlying kernel of truth in their concerns. For seventy-two hours now, the GOP has talked about Medicare, not the failing economy. Several of the consultants I have talked to express a deep concern, based on...