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  • Coyote Caravan Coming to Help Progressive Left Take Trump Down

    04/03/2018 11:36:33 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 13 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 04/03/18 | Judi McLeod
    The caravan is coming to contribute to the progressive left’s obsessive mission to take down President Donald Trump. If you believe that a caravan of more than 1,000 people, now making its way through Mexico towards the U.S. border, sprang up from nowhere overnight, then you would also believe that former President Barack Obama had the best interest of America at heart when his administration allowed an influx of unattended minors into into the U.S. back in 2014. Caravans have been part of the immigration picture for some time now, including before the election of President Donald Trump. The MSM...
  • Police: Woman mauled by coyote, left 'drenched in blood' ( Pittsburgh )

    03/21/2018 6:08:48 AM PDT · by george76 · 58 replies
    kwtx ^ | Mar 20, 2018
    BROOKVILLE, Pa. Authorities are on the hunt for a possibly rabid coyote that mauled a Pennsylvania woman, leaving her badly wounded and "drenched in blood." Brookville borough police say a night shift employee of an assisted living community was attacked ... Brookville Police Chief Vince Markle says the woman was "drenched in blood" and required over 20 stitches and a rabies vaccination. He says the woman may also need reconstructive surgery. Brookville is about 80 miles northeast of Pittsburgh.
  • Coyote Rescued After Wandering Around With jar Stuck on its Head (Video)

    02/06/2018 4:16:40 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 36 replies
    NBC Bay Area ^ | FEBRUARY 6, 2018
    A coyote seen wandering with a plastic jar stuck over its head has been rescued and freed from the container. Volunteers in California had been trying to trap the elusive animal for ten days, according to KTXL. "She was unable to eat," said Greg Grimm of Gold Country Wildlife Rescue in Auburn. "We believe she may have had limited amounts, very small amounts, of water because she was witnessed taking her whole head and putting it underwater in a stream." It was during a Monday morning search in the Auburn Lake Trails area that volunteers finally got the opportunity to...
  • Coyote that charged hunter in Chiricahuas had rabies

    01/21/2018 4:02:28 AM PST · by SandRat · 9 replies
    WILLCOX — The coyote that charged a bow hunter in the Chiricahuas has tested positive for rabies. The attack occurred at 6 p.m., Jan. 13, on a trail in Green Canyon, according Mark Hart, with the Arizona Game and Fish Department. “A hunter just down from a tree stand was charged by a coyote with teeth bared,” he told the Range News. “He struck it with his bow to fend off the attack, then shot the coyote with an arrow when it was down.” Just prior to the attack, the coyote may have attacked a calf, “but was then rushed...
  • VIDEO: Tiny toothless Chihuahua takes on coyote in Pasco County

    12/28/2017 6:42:37 AM PST · by BenLurkin · 22 replies
    As the sun set last Thursday evening, Paco noticed an unwanted visitor. But instead of running away, the tiny Chihuahua ran towards the potentially-deadly carnivore — an adult coyote. Jones caught it all on a video security system. “I noticed Paco wasn’t in the room. As I walk out of the room, I come around the shed here and he’s got his hair all up, he’s all upset and I come around the corner and I see a big ole coyote,” said Jones. When Jones checked his recordings he found video of Paco taking on the coyote. “He actually, literally,...
  • Coyote Attacks 3-Year-Old on Front Porch of Washington Home

    12/04/2017 4:08:09 PM PST · by BenLurkin · 58 replies
    Families in a Washington state community have noticed an uptick in coyote sightings lately. Within a 24-hour span, the city of Snoqualmie received seven reports of coyotes in the area—including an attack on a 3-year-old girl while she was on her porch, according to KCPQ. Douglas Lucas says his daughter was attacked by a coyote who came up to the front porch of their home and pounced on the child on Thursday. “It bite me,” said 3-year-old Sophia about her encounter with a coyote. The little girl was outside with her father on the front porch of their home. Lucas was up on...
  • Coyote Survives 20-Mile Ride Embedded in Car's Grille

    09/13/2017 1:35:59 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 16 replies
    A coyote with all the luck of Wile E. tried to scamper across a road in Alberta, Canada, ahead of a speeding car. It didn't make it. The driver, Georgie Knox recounted last week's incident on Facebook. She was driving to work when she "heard a crunch" and thought the unfortunate animal was goner. But at a stoplight near her workplace, a construction worker informed Knox that there was in fact a coyote "embedded in my car."
  • Watch this Incredible Coyote shot with a 9mm Tracer

    07/14/2017 5:35:26 AM PDT · by w1n1 · 12 replies
    Am Shooting Journal ^ | 7/14/2017 | T Wells
    When this coyote came into the call, he was expecting an easy meal. Instead he got a 9mm tracer to the head. After missing an easy shot at a standing coyote, these hunters are able to capitalize on a second opportunity. Tim Wells is at it again in this awesome video, only this time he’s behind the camera instead of the bow. Tim has a long history of making amazing archery shots, but a 9mm tracer to a coyote’s head is pretty cool too. If you're bummed out because all your local hunting seasons are closed, re-check your regulations book....
  • Hair-raising video shows stealthy coyote follow doctor into his office in South Carolina

    02/22/2017 7:27:59 PM PST · by Leaning Right · 38 replies
    Yahoo ^ | February 21, 2017 | AVIANNE TAN
    A security camera recently captured the hair-raising moment a coyote stealthily followed a doctor into his office in South Carolina. The doctor -- Steven Poletti, an orthopedic surgeon -- said the harrowing incident happened early in the morning on Feb. 15 while he was walking into work at the Southeastern Spine Institute in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Poletti had no idea a coyote was behind him until they were both inside the building, he told ABC News today.
  • Coyote hunters converge on Wytheville (VA) for predator killing tournament

    01/18/2017 8:29:37 AM PST · by Perseverando · 36 replies
    Roanoke Times ^ | January 15, 2017 | Jacob Demmitt
    WYTHEVILLE — Wayne and Roger Shaw, of Illinois, pulled into town on Sunday with 19 dead coyotes piled in the back of their truck and blood running down the bumper from their nine-hour drive. It was a good haul, but not enough to win the “most kills” award at the first ever Eastern U.S. Predator Calling Championship. That honor went to Jeremy Brown and Mike Burgess, of Maryland. They rolled in with 31 foxes in a basket on the tailgate. “People are really weirded out by it,” Brown said. “They see this driving down the road, and we get a...
  • Oregon Mom Pranks Husband Making Him Think She Adopted Coyote

    12/09/2016 2:23:55 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 63 replies
    That’s one way to keep a marriage fresh. An Oregon mom scared the daylights out of her husband when she began texting him about a poor, little lost dog that she had taken in – only it wasn’t a dog. Kayla Eby, a preschool teacher in Seaside, Oregon, texted her husband a photo of a "dog" – which was actually a coyote – and said it was the holiday blessing they were looking for: after all, they were in the market for a dog. Thorough the magic of Photoshop (provided by her friends), she made it appear as though the...
  • Bobcat and Coyote at Ranch, October 9th, 2016

    10/29/2016 5:15:12 AM PDT · by marktwain · 28 replies
    Gun Watch ^ | 24 October, 2016 | Dean Weingarten
    That is a good sized bobcat and a small coyote.  The confrontation took place at my ranch at 0918 on October 9th, 2016, according to the game camera. This shows the coyote 12 minutes earlier.  I suspect she sensed the bobcat at that time, but it did not show up on the camera. I keep the water running to attract wildlife.  The water hole is about 10 yards from the pistol range backstop. Deserts do not support a tremendous biomass, so wildlife is much less common than in many other areas.  I do not have livestock, and have no...
  • Controlling Coyote population on your Land - Sky way

    09/20/2016 6:47:17 AM PDT · by w1n1 · 13 replies
    Am Shooting Journal ^ | 9/20/2016 | J Hines
    With coyote populations rapidly increasing, coyote hunters are taking to the skies to get the job done in less than 30 minutes. When packs of coyotes infiltrate your area and present a clear threat to livestock and local wildlife, it's time to get serious about thinning them out quickly. Watch as this coyote hunter takes to the skies to do some population control from a chopper. Whether you're taking out coyotes from a chopper or shooting them in a hay field, having the right weapon will help make all the difference. If you're hunting coyotes in close proximity, using a...
  • Boy and Coyote Pup - What a howling good time

    09/12/2016 4:56:55 AM PDT · by w1n1 · 3 replies
    Cal Sportsman ^ | 9/12/2016 | S Morstan
    You never know when you’ll make a new friend. This young man met his coyote buddy, and they started bonding the best way Coyotes know how: They started howling together! That little pup seems to be in good hands with this guy, they both look pretty happy. I wonder where that pup is, now? Set back into a wildlife habitat, or sticking close with his new two-legged buddy? See the video here.
  • Milton Man Chases Coyote To Save Small Dog

    05/25/2016 7:11:21 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 49 replies
    CBS Local ^ | May 23, 2016 | Jim Smith
    A Milton man chased down a coyote to help save his family’s dog from a potentially deadly attack. Early Saturday morning, the small dog named Cally was outside in her backyard when a coyote attacked her and opened gaping wounds. The coyote then ran away with Cally still in its mouth. Ryan Labbe says his father then chased down the coyote and saved his pet’s life. “It attacked her first in the abdomen,” Ryan said. “But she managed to get away somehow. Then it attacked her again and went right for her neck, picked her up and ran down the...
  • Police Rescue Hikers Cornered by Coyote

    05/23/2016 11:57:33 AM PDT · by nickcarraway · 86 replies
    NBC Bay Area ^ | 5/22/16
    Police rescued two people Sunday morning after a coyote cornered the pair as they were hiking in a Burlingame park with their dogs. At 9:07 a.m., officers responded to a report of a coyote threatening hikers and their dogs at Mills Canyon Park, located on Adeline Drive, according to police. The hikers were walking on trails inside the park when they stumbled on the coyote. At one point, the hikers became cornered by the coyote, which seemed to be interested in the dogs. Officers arrived at the scene and were able to scare off the coyote. The officers then safely...
  • How well do you know about Coyote?

    05/23/2016 8:36:06 AM PDT · by w1n1 · 49 replies
    Cal Sportsman ^ | 5/23/2016 | D Born
    I’m a big fan of coyotes. I enjoy seeing them, hearing them and hunting them. I think the reason I like them so much is that I’ve always had a lot of respect for a underdog, which the coyote surely is compared to its more media divisive cousin the wolf, or other charismatic megafauna like the bear. Similar to Rodney Dangerfield, coyotes “don’t get no respect.” Unlike wolves there are no national groups crying for their protection, no one is pleading their case on the steps of the capital. In spite of this, coyotes are without a doubt one of...
  • Man Protects Family from Coyote

    05/18/2016 6:55:34 AM PDT · by w1n1 · 43 replies
    Cal Sportsman ^ | 5/18/2016 | M Reeber
    This coyote chose the wrong family to mess with. Coyotes are ruthless, aggressive and just don’t know their place in the food chain. After this coyote continued to threaten this man’s children and pets, he decided to take matters into his own hands to avoid a potential coyote attack. Watch this hunter set a local coyote straight after it threatened his family.
  • Coyote enters Laguna Beach home and snatches pet Chihuahua, owners say

    11/29/2015 9:39:34 AM PST · by BenLurkin · 134 replies
    L A Times ^ | Jeremiah Dobruck
    John Fischer, who lives in the 500 block of Oak Street with his wife, said the couple's three Chihuahuas started barking about 7:45 p.m. Fischer, who was in the kitchen, didn't think much of the noise. The dogs were in the bedroom with his week-old granddaughter, and he assumed they were reacting to a visitor they were expecting. But as he left the kitchen, Fischer glimpsed something running out of the bedroom and into the yard. It was a coyote, and it was carrying something. ... Fischer had enough time to see the animal had seized Eloise, an 8-year-old Chihuahua....

    11/06/2015 2:01:29 PM PST · by NYer · 53 replies
    Atlas Obscura ^ | November 4, 2015 | TAO TAO HOLMES
    Wild canine hybrids lurk in our midst. (Photo: WikiCommons/Public Domain)Have you heard any wolves howling in the northeast recently? Most likely not, since there aren’t any of them left. But if you heard one 150 years ago, this is probably the English translation of her cries: “I have literally no dating options left in my species … Any wolves out there? Anyone!” Nope.Wolves in eastern North America, whose populations steadily dwindled due to deforestation and hunting, had no choice but to settle for coyotes. Interspecies dating is a wonderful thing, but for a wolf, the larger and handsomer of the two canines, a...